Saturday, 5 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Layered Lace Tshirt Dress

Our first clothing item of this months Hotbuys, the Layered Lace Tshirt Dress, from It Girls costing 25SD's. This is a casual yet cute piece in a pretty pink colour and I'm quite excited to style it. It is maybe a little expensive, I think 18 would have been an appropriate price, but I'm a little over complaining about the rising prices! The pink is super sweet and suits my doll very nicely but it's definitely a spring summer piece and doesn't have quite so much versatility as other items do.
This was a fun piece to work with, even though I covered it up a lot, I think the skirting is the best part to it and a lot of people will like that, plus I couldn't resist all that pink! We've all had the same process with pink added to all of our looks =D And vote in the poll, though I think it will be a tough choice:

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