Saturday, 30 November 2013

Stardesigns =)

Ok, so I feel really bad not posting until now because I was sent these designs at least a month ago, could be two maybe? Sorrrrryyyy! I'm writing now because I am in desperate need of a 30second dance party (with myself obvs) and thought I could write this, have my party and then get back to studying (yeah I know, a Saturday night!)
So these designs were sent to me by Lindsay12346 - she has a mini collection of 4 different ones and she sent me two of them, I think out of the 4 these images and colours are my favourite =) 
Each design costs 12SD's, which is pretty much the norm for designs these days, so it's good price - plus the designs are intricately detailed, so you're getting a lot for your money! 
So now onto my stylings:
For me, both of them were just asking to be styled with trousers - no idea why, but that's the first vibe I got! The shape of the tee is easy to work into trousers or a skirt and jackets fit ontop easily, so it's not much of a challenge coming up with clothes that will work! But then you have colours to consider. For the pink I stuck to black and white clothing as pink is bright, but I did veer off the track a little with the heels, which I really love! For the purple I brought out it's grey tones more with the trousers and paired it with an on trend draped-over-the-shoulders cardigan. Simple shoes and bag with this one I felt completed it =) 
I have tried to go for more winter based looks, but they would also suit a summer style with shorts easily!

Sorry it's so short and probably not that great a post - my brain is melting and I'm falling asleep!!!

Love K xxx

And Today I Wore

I really really really don't want to study right now! Too stressed and tired to motivate myself into doing so, even though I know I have a ton of stuff to get through - so I'm blogging instead! 
Wearing this quick look today - love these leather looking skinnies, I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, so I'm glad to put them to use. Paired them with classic black accessories in the shoes(which are to die for!), clutch and sunglasses, then added a colour pop with the magenta cape. This was a piece I was unsure about buying as I thought it seemed a bit too girly/childlike with the hearts, but it's growing on me =)   
I'm not sure I like it as much as a lot of the other outfits I've worn, but I've not been photographing them so I feel like I need something to remember just how I dressed at this time. So that next year I'll look back and wonder what in the world I was doing wearing these pieces together - I look at the stuff I wore this time last year for the 63 Day Challenge and often wonder where my mind was at!

1. Silver Corner Shades, Chanel
2. Heart Print Knit Cape, PnL
3. Martie Clutch, Nelly.com
4. Criosette Pants, Nelly.com
5. Iris Shoes, Nelly.com

Friday, 29 November 2013


Uni has been draining me, and unfortunately it will until the 20th of December! But I'm taking a break for the first time today (yes, really, and it's after 10:30pm!) and posting about the amazing new Tress Up we've just been given by SD in the plaza! 
The two floors give us a huge variety of styles to choose from, all one colour this time, so no odd looking dip dyes at least! Most are roughly shoulder length and down styles, which I love as it's how I wear my hair in RL =) 
I love so many - I actually bought like 13 of them! Yes, it came with a rather hefty price tag, but I've found I really haven't been buying much around SD recently, so it kinda makes it ok =) And I've been wearing different hairstyles a lot recently, which you'll have seen if you've visited my page - this is quite new for me as I used to be very set on wearing my dolls hair in one style for ages and only changing it slightly, but now I think I've caught some sort of 'change it up' bug!
The prices are all in SD's and range from 13 to 18 SD's - really not too bad if you ask me, though if you're on a tight budget it could be hard to choose your fave's from all the options!
Right now I'm wearing the "Blondinella" hair, and I really really love this one - it reminds me of my own hair so much, so I felt it a good one to start out with:
 {I'm trying to get back into effects, need something pretty to stop my brain melting anymore!}
 But all the other ones I purchased look pretty good too, here's 3 more of the ones I bought:
So with these new releases I feel Stardoll really has covered the whole hair market, there really is something for everyone =D 
Can't wait to see all these new styles worn around the site =)

Love K xxx

Thursday, 28 November 2013


I saw Catching Fire twice over the release weekend, addicted, can't wait for more, haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack or film score (I'm one of those crazies who loves film scores, can't explain it!) since, this is in my top plays list:
Recently I've been addicted to listening to YouTube artists, haven't found any covers of this, have seriously contemplated making one if only I had a decent microphone!

Love xxx

P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one who isn't quite sure what to do with themselves for the next year until Mockingjay Part 1 is release?!?!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

And Today I Wore

This is the outfit that I put together this morning to wear - I'm trying to transition into more season appropriate clothing, it's very much almost winter now, I think with my small absence I've missed autumn, so my doll has been in pretty summery clothing still! Hopefully I'll get the transition down this week!
I bought these trousers months ago in the bazaar and I'm so glad I've finally gotten around to styling them =) I wanted to go with navy/dark colours for the rest of the look, and I think I partially achieved this with the jacket, which I wore quite a lot last winter, so it's nice to dust it off again! Paired with a simple white vest and heels, then accessorised with a basic black bag, I think it's pretty effective! 
I ended up putting on a red lip, not sure I like this too much, but I think it's nice to have a little colour in there - also chose a different hairstyle, this is one I wore for a long time like a year ago maybe? There will be pics here somewhere, but they'll be buried in the depths of the old posts!

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Love K xxx

{P.S. is it just me, or do you see a bit of Anne Hathaway in my dolls face?}

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Sorry I've been so absent, time has really gotten away from me! These past two weeks have been such a blur they've gone by so quickly! And last Friday I was part of the team organising our Halloween party - I've never been so stressed or panicked in my life, but it turns out I'm pretty productive under high levels of stress, I pretty much did all the decorating by myself while the others watched me freak out! The stress coupled with my lack of knowledge of drink (I am 20, in the UK you can drink from 18 - just wanted to clarify!) led to a very interesting night - it was the best fun I've had in a long time, lets just say my memory is a tad blurred on the whole thing, but me and my friend eventually left when I literally fell asleep standing up and kinda toppled into our lecturer (yes, lecturers come to our parties too!) - I spoke some french with a guy outside after this, I didn't know what he was saying, but I was delighted to put my minimal french to use (apparently he said I had great legs and wanted to kiss me, but I was completely oblivious!) --- overall I had a great time! But it discounted that whole weekend so I had to work extra hard this past week to make up for it, hopefully this week will be a little easier and I'll get daily posts to you guys!

Sorry for the rant, just needed to explain my little disappearance from the blogging community!

Hope you all had a great Halloween and are all now looking forward to Christmas seeing as it's November!