Friday, 31 May 2013

Trying trainers #4

I really love these printed trousers so I am glad to style them into todays look:
I went for a very casual styling of these converse-inspired trainers (40coins, no store, can be found in search of the Plaza), using one of my favourite pairs of trousers. I kept it summery and light(as the weather is very nice here today!) with a white vest and cute denim jacket - a piece which I styled here last year =)
I also tried a different hairstyle - I love my up-do which I usually wear, but it's nice to try something else!

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Trying trainers #3

Today I chose a very different look to anything I've chosen before:
I styled these trainers from Killah(Plaza, 7SD's). I decided to keep a blue theme and chose the LE jacket, as I don't wear shorts that often I gave them a go and ended up pairing them with this pleather shirt.
Overall I'm quite happy with this different look for me, I think it works reasonably well together!

What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Haul #2

My second haul post! These are items that I bought in the StarBazaar over the past few days and that I'm looking forward to styling:
So far I haven't worn any of the pieces, but I hope to style at least one of them with trainers =)
Both of the dresses are perfect for summer, the maxi will keep my doll cool(in the virtual heat wave of course!) and the cutout one will keep her looking high fashion =) 

I don't like the backdrop I've chosen, but it's only a minor issue =)

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Hotbuys - beach themed

I think we're up to about the 17th week of Weekly Hotbuys, this week we have:
I don't really like this collection at all, it seems quite rushed to me, and I don't really see any current trends featured. 
The 4 items featured on the dolls at the front are very much beach themed, but I'm confused as to where the striped dress fits in, it looks much more wintery to me with its almost fair isle pattern.
I haven't bought anything so far, none of the items are very me, and even in the summer I might just wear a dress, the blue one isn't one that I'd wear.
The one item I'm considering is the leopard tank top, it's not bad in shape, and the blue and green colours are quite nice. 12SD's is a little steep for it, I think if it were 8 or 9 I'd definitely get it, but I think I'll mull it over for a while and then decide =)

What do you guys think of these Hotbuys?

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Trying trainers #2

Went for a very simple look with these orange trainers (40Coins, no store on label, but find in search):
I kinda wanted to wear pink with these, but that soon turned into my favourite white! I really like this minimal look, and I'm not concerned about not wearing heels, this is a good thing =)
It's the sort of thing I can see myself wear in RL.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trying trainers #1

(Or sneakers as you guys in the US call them!)
So recently (well at least for the past few seasons) wearing trainers in a fashionable way has climbed up the ranks, I wear Converse a lot in RL, and have fallen into the "white low-tops and skinnies" category without knowing it really - so I've decided to give it a little try on Stardoll, partly because I always style my doll in heels and partly as inspiration from this fab look by --Kayley:
I really love this look, with the sporty styled trousers and white top with the trainers, plus a cap and the Antidote perspex bag! I always like seeing this sort of look on others, but if I tried it, I'd never be able to pull it off!
So I went to the bazaar and then the plaza to buy myself some trainers, and there is actually a good selection in both places, in the case of the plaza it's just finding the right price, as I've seen one pair priced at under 10SD's and also over 500SD's, which is just a bit ridiculous!
 So I purchased my first trainers in the plaza for 4SD's and they came from Original Future, and here's how I chose to style them:
I focussed on the purple in them, and chose items with a similar base colour, so the navy trousers(Ralph Lauren at Nelly.com) and the slouchy sweater(It Girls), I further added a large purple handbag(RIO, old HB item) - this is a piece I haven't worn in absolutely ages partially, I think, because it's not too easy to style, but I enjoyed pairing it with this sporty-styled look =)

In the plaza there are numerous pairs of trainers to be bought, in different styles and colours and at varying prices, so I'm sure there will be a pair for each of you!

Everyday for the rest of this week I'm going to be trying trainers and showing you the successes (and fails) of my stylings!

Love K xxx

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Pop out the Peplum..

Good Morning everyone haha I was up quiet early so I decided to post  my outfit because I have a busy day and I don't think I would have time to post my outfit so I thought let me get it done early so here is my outfit for today (28/05/2013)
Shell Lasercut Peplum Top - LE
Tank Black - Make Your Mark (Disney) 
Cher Mini Skirt - Young Hollywood
Encrusted Box Clutch - Voile Holiday Boutique 
Black Spine Stilettos - LE
Hope you like this outfit and don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the Blog :)
Hilmy| emmahunt4 
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Raffle Results!

To be honest I'm slightly disappointed that only 40-ish people entered the raffle when there are over 250 followers and we have over 300 views everyday.
With 4 items varying from LE to early DKNY, only 1 is up for grabs today.
I did take into account being a follower, so those who aren't followers weren't included in the numbering, so only 39 qualified, who is the lucky winner?:
Congrats nivea11!!! You have won the LE mint dress - it's reserved right now for you in my bazaar =D

 Love K xx

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Raffle - Win

Remember I had little raffles at the end of each of my exams? Well one individual keeps ignoring me to receive the prize - it's been so long now, that I've decided the prize has been forfeited and I'll be offering you guys something else instead! This time clothing =D
Basically, for every 25 people that sign up, an item will be available to win - 4 items in total means that if 100 people sign up, they can all be won! There are over 250 of you followers, so 100 should be easy!

Requirements? You MUST be a follower - I will be checking up on this, if you're not, then I'm afraid you can't win =/

Ends May 27th 9PM (UK time) - you'll need to buy soon after, my SS ends on the 28th!

Sign up with your Stardoll Username below!

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Leather, Studs and Spikes...

Hello everyone how are you today ? I am pretty good today the sun is shining bright here and the weather is just right, well here is my outfit for today (27/05/2013)
Gold Trim Moto Jacket - LE
Sheer Bilson Top - Young Hollywood
Hotbuys Bikini - Bonjour Bizou 
Black Jeans - StarDesign Jeans Hollyoaksrocks*
LE Logo Chain Bag - LE
Black Spine Stilettos - LE
Hope you like my outfit and don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the blog :)
Hilmy | emmahunt4
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Fashion Icon Week - Round Up

So yesterday was the end of the Fashion Icon Week - a first for The Stardoll Lookbook!
Please let me know what you guys think - any comments appreciated!

I have to say at the start I thought it would be easy, choosing 7 people whose style I admire, but as I got to number 5 and 6 I really struggled to choose from the many people I could think of! 
So for me, I think I will be doing this again in the future, probably before the end of summer as I have over a weeks worth of names I want to feature!

 Love K xxx

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wearing Hotbuys

Looking ahhh-mazing in this weeks Hotbuys skirt - I thought it almost impossible to style this skirt in a casual and fabulous manner at the same time, but I have been proven wrong!
This combination is spot on, pairing the Kenzo styled male sweater with the skirt, you wouldn't think it should work, but hey - it does!

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Grey oh Grey...

Hello everyone sorry again for not posting yesterday I was quiet busy but I have an outfit for today (26/05/2013)
Silver Multi Chain Choker - Chanel  Tribute Store
Glitter Detailed Dress - It Girls
Silver Chink Bracelet - LE
Silver Cross Bracelet - LE
Hotbuys Artistographic Clutch - Hotbuys Weekly
Bow Wedges - Spring Surprise
Hope you liked today's outfit sorry I did not post yesterday :( but I will try from now on to post everyday so don't forget to Rate,Comment and Follow the blog
Hilmy | emmahunt4  
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Fashion Icon Week #7

Who? Olivia Palermo
Known for? Socialite
{All photos = pinterest.com}
I've never watched The City which really brought her to light in the industry, but I enjoy following her style and looks. She just knows how to put a look together, and how to dress for herself. I think I've posted about her before, but I'm not hesitant to do so again - on with the looks!

My favourite style accessory of hers? Mr Butler of course! this little guy is just adorable^^^^^

 Love K xxx
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Saturday, 25 May 2013



What? Crazy 10SD/SC or less sale
When? 2pm TODAY, UK time (Aprrox 2 hours from when I post this!)
Where? My RED room and bazaar - all sections, Clothes, Interior, Jewellery and Hair!

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Fashion Icon Week #6

Who? Taylor Tomasi Hill
Known for? Has worked for Teen Vogue and Marie Claire, now street style extraordinaire
{All Photos = pinterest.com}
 I love her red locks and her fab looks, she can rock anything, be it designer or casual - I don't think everyone will know of her, but she has a great style to admire!
 Sorry for aaalll those photos, I couldn't cut it down anymore (somehow this is the 'revised' selection of pics!) - I love it. I love it all. It's like end of discussion, I need to be her now! Love love love the style so much, and also just how she wears her clothes, they look great and it makes me wanna wear things I wouldn't normally go for!

Final #7 tomorrow!

Love K xxx
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