Monday, 30 June 2014

D I O R | Tribute Review

So this afternoon we were treated with the heart stopping Dior Couture Tribute! With this one we weren't sure what it would be, I think we were all expecting Missoni to be honest but hey, I'm not complaining as I'm a huge Dior fan =D Lets take a look then!
This is one huge collection, with 3 floors packed with beautiful and well interpreted Dior couture dresses, along with a cute selection of shoes and a very drool-worthy bundle of bags! One dress (second floor, middle mannequin) is a SS only dress and costs 65 SD, I really love the piece but am currently nonSS, so I've definitely got some thinking to do as to whether it would be worth it, the current summer offer could be a good incentive to make a purchase though for the dress! The rest of the store is priced between 10 and 56 SD, although most pieces are in the 20 to 40 range, not that bad for a Tribute these days, however the quality is right on up there so you really are getting your moneys worth =)
I love the colours of the collection, there's a lot of whites then mixed in with blues, pinks and purples, and it really works, but we should be crediting Raf Simons for that and not Stardoll! There's also a great selection of perfect summer clothing, with mainly dresses and a couple of skirts - the skirts of which would easily fit into many different styles and I can't wait to wear one particular ensemble {my JLaw obsession is still going strong} {photo from POPSUGAR.COM}:
I can see myself easily finding reasons to wear that combination for days on end ... this could be bad for my style! Haha =)

And here's some of the pieces that I bought - it came to just under 400 SD, which is quite a price for just over 10 items, and I really didn't end up buying much of the collection! However there's plenty of time to buy more from the collection, so I'm not in a rush to make any decisions =)
I'm really happy with all of the pieces I bought, as you can see I gravitated towards the more shoe and bag side than clothing, but I think for me shoes are something which can slip into any outfit so I'll get a lot more use out of them, plus who could turn down those bags! I seem to have gone for paler coloured clothing mostly too, which I think is because it's summer and I can't find a reason not to wear white! But those trousers ... perfection! I can't wait to show you more stylings than just what's below!
And now for some features =)
Please let me know what you think of the Tribute release, my review, my stylings and the fabulous dolls that have been featured!

Wear My Closet Challenge #114

Liked this when I styled it, don't like it now, kinda typical how that always happens! Anyway, I've seen the Dior spoilers - no words, just drool ... so so so so amazing, I know it will be pricey but I really can't wait for my doll to be wearing those pieces!
Floral Bustier Top, Bizou
V Waist Trousers, Decades
Hotbuys Belted Coat, RIO

Graphite Handbag, Callie's Picks
Carrie Stilettos, Young Hollywood


Parking Squares Dress- Archive
Black Sheer Shirt- RIO
Biker Cape Jacket- Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute
Multistrap Tie Shoes- RIO

Sunday, 29 June 2014

P L A Z A P I C K S | 8 U N D E R 8

Brand new segment for the blog which will come to you every weekend and will feature my top 'Plaza Picks' for the week and will probably have a certain theme - I think the concept is fairly self-explanatory =) Enjoy! 

Beauty Snaps

Wear My Closet Challenge #113

Apologies, this was meant to be up yesterday, my bad! It's very much a wintery outfit and I should have probably worn it before the end of June, but oh well! My graduation ceremony is this week, so I might not post much from Thursday through Sunday because I'll be a bit busy =)
Barocco Shirt, Young Versace
Blue Spotted Sweater, Bizou
Vintage Denim, Nelly

Sabrine Heels, Nelly

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Gladiator in White Chic...

Hope you like the outfit :)
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Hilmy | emmahunt4 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #112

Please tell me some of you guys have seen the brand new Mockingjay teaser trailer (or whatever they're calling it)?!?! I need some people to freak out over it with, it's like 'be still my beating heart' I'm just all over Peeta/Josh, haha! Anyway, on to Stardoll ... and apologies for lack of posts, my computer is not being very mouse friendly right now and has decided it doesn't like any of the 5 I've been trying to work with, makes doing anything kind of difficult!
Beaded Field Shirt, Ralph Lauren
Chanel Tribute Tweed Pants, Chanel

Striped Espadrilles, Yves Saint Laurent

Thursday, 26 June 2014


I'm actually addicted to this song right now, the beat is just so catchy, if I were out and this came out I would definitely dance (and I'm not a dancing person at all!) - gotta love a bit of Kylie! {Actually I remember featuring a Kylie song in one of my very first ever blog posts at my first blog Stardoll Love which was closed long ago so fortunately you can't check out my terrible fashion sense from 2010!}

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Yesterday Stardoll released their new It Girls selection to the Plaza, and I must say, I'm pretty impressed (like I was with the last It Girls release actually)! And I have to say if this continues, It Girls could easily become one of my top stores in the Plaza {regarding that, I don't think I actually have a favourite store in the Plaza, I just buy the pieces that I want to, regardless of the store they're from}. There are two coin items, with the rest of the items ranging from 4 to 18SD's, which isn't bad but quite a few of the really great items do fall at the upper end of that range. I think the release does contain a few questionable items (that amazingly shaped midi skirt, but with cat print, and the bright bright pink dress) but on the whole pretty much caters for everyone =)
I ended up buying 7 pieces in total, costing under 100 SD, which is fine if you have the money to spare, not so fine if you don't, however It Girls is one of those stores which has had sales of reasonable regularity in the past, so here's hoping!
These stylings literally took me no more than 5 minutes to put together, that's how easily they slipped into my style and choices I had from my wardrobe! And surprise surprise, those adorable Linen Boater Trousers (15 SD) work very nicely with my up-and-coming favourite shoes, the Valentino flats! Don't think I have a favourite piece from the collection yet, but I'm sure you will see more stylings of the clothes in the future! 

Wear My Closet Challenge #111

The end is very much nigh with this challenge, only 9 left after this post, I almost can't quite believe it! This look is another which was submitted a long time ago during one of my GET INVOLVED contests and I really love it =) 
Miranda On Red Carpet, Young Hollywood
High Slit Skirt, Yves Saint Laurent
Hot Buys Cannes Skirt, Hot Buys

Flower Trimmed Heels, Chanel

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Sevigny Blazer- Bonjour Bizou
Blouse Inspired by Balenciaga- Archive
Shutters Miniskirt- Givenchy Tribute
Peach Ombre Tote- Fendi Tribute
Nude Heels-Fendi Tribute


Saint Laurent Slimane Leather Pants On Stardoll leggings are my marmite due to styling them - when they're worn well they can look amazing, but if the styling isn't right they can look down right horrific! I have never worn leggings out in RL for constant fear I'll look like one of those people who I think mustn't have looked in the mirror before they left their homes! However I don't need to worry about that on Stardoll - so for this evenings post I've decided to tackle some looks with the Slimane Leather Pants from the current Saint Laurent release, which cost 18 SD's.
I've really gone for more basic looks with them, not choosing big standout pieces to wear with them because I think leather look leggings are a good enough standout piece on their own! Also ended up staying with very monochromic tones, which was totally unintentional and just seemed to happen that way =) Went with denim for my first look as these are two of my favourite textures so together they're fab, and I went simple with accessories. Decided to get some use out of the LE cardigan for my next look, you can't really choose another print with this piece so a simple tee it was for underneath! Fendi shoes were a perfect choice I thought for this look, I can see Fendi will feature prominently in a lot of my upcoming Styled Outfits posts! For my final look I went for a Breton top - where can you go wrong with one of those?!?! Then I chose this oversized Nelly jacket which I love wearing so much, I know it's much more an autumn/winter piece but I couldn't help myself, that also happened with the Fendi bag in this look =P Also decided to choose my Valentino flats so soon after that Wear My Closet post! 
Let me know what you think of both the leggings and the looks I've together in the comments below please!

Wear My Closet Challenge #110

Working on a bit of a new blog project, could take a long time to sort out and finalise, but I'm hoping it will be all up and ready by the end of the summer =) I also worked a little on my suite, well I added 2 plants, to me that's 'working on it' haha! I've also been working on a FanFic that has been in my head for months =D
Lily Shirt, Bizou
Backstage Trousers, Nelly

Camel Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent
Cream Stilettos, Perfect Day

Summer retro

Adore this quirky summer look from Aby400 this week =) The yellow and blues look great together and give a perfect summery vibe and the print on the sweater is very retro, a theme you can also pick up from that great Fendi bag! The gloves look great and it's a perfect way to wear the bag and show it off in all it's glory^

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Cute look using Strike A Pose from sassyfashion207 - I love the leather look trousers with this white faux fur, I think they're a great cosy combination. The denim keeps the look fresh along with the chain necklace, and you just can't go wrong with a pair of nude heels!

Wear My Closet Challenge #109

I used to wonder quite often why I bought these shoes, I'm not a flats person, I think anyone who has seen my posts can vouch for that, but then I style them after thinking about it, and I'm glad I bought them - I loved this combination when I put it together, but now I'm thinking the shoes could be styled much better, I look forward to doing that soon!
HotBuys Mint Ruffle Jumpsuit, Hot Buys

Mega Necklace, Cheap Monday
Hot Buys See Through Purse, Hot Buys
Stud Peep Toe Ballerinas, Valentino

Monday, 23 June 2014

F E N D I | Tribute Review

Just a couple of hours ago the Fendi Tribute was released! I had actually completely forgotten about it over the weekend and only remembered while waiting for Ikea (It came at lunchtime, I've spent the last 4/5 hours building almost everything, my hands are so sore! Also, they claim you need two people to build the stuff, what a lie - I did those bookcases by myself and it was fine!) - anyway, back to Fendi! It was an accessories based release (like the Louboutin last summer) and was filled to the brim with shoes and bags, plus a few little extras, let's take a look =)
I love the presentation of the store, the golden glow just really stands out, it's really not like another store we've had, which is great and makes it memorable. I've become a big shoe person recently, so for me this is like shoe-heaven, however I've come across a lot of people really disappointed and complaining about the store, not just for it's contents, but also the price of them. Prices range from 11SD for some of the jewellery pieces, right up to 60SD for some of the bags, with all of the shoes in the 20/30ish price range, which honestly I expected. I added just the 4 bags I wanted to get to my basket and already the total had soared to 200SD!!! Which was a bit shocking, but I'm just kinda willing to pay it, I love the bags, I'm pretty sure I'll use them (even though the cutting down of the accessories closet hasn't yet happened!), and they're pieces that I feel like in the future I will want, the sort of thing I'll regret not getting now. The belts are quite cute, I'm always on the lookout for new ones as I tend to gravitate towards the same ones all the time, I like the plain one colour ones best, but I did get one of the striped ones. The jewellery is nice, but I never wear jewellery from the beauty parlor and I have a lot of it already, so those are pieces I'm going to pass on for now. The scarves are quite nice, however are my 'on the fence' pieces, alike beauty parlor jewellery, I never wear them and I have numerous ones already. The clutches are nice, but as I'm not quite sure about them I just stuck to one for now, the nude one - I'm feeling I'm going to want to style the blue one soon though, so I may be forking out for that in the next week! Overall I ended up spending about 375SD's, which is a lot for a Tribute, though I only bought 12 items which was maybe around half the store, I can't imagine how much the whole store could cost - I'm not certain anyone would pay that much for everything! {Real Versions = style.com, fendi.com}
So a couple of looks that I've styled with the pieces I've bought - although it's not really styling when I just pick something the accessories go with! I've ended up going for pretty simple looks, however I do think they effectively show off the Fendi pieces =)
And finally a couple of features:
So what did you guys think of the Tribute - yay or nay? =)

Trouble double

Saw two looks from GMonster yesterday and had to feature them both! This is one style icon you want to keep your eyes on, you'll never see the same thing twice and what you see will always, always be stylish! So on the left we have a very fruity exotic ensemble - I love the dress paired with the shirt, keeps it very modern and fresh, plus those socks and sandals - can be hit or miss, but it's perfect here! Then on the right is a very fabulous city chic look - love the black underneath the lace shirt, it works greatly, plus the duck egg blue bag is a perfect addition! Overall great looks as usual =D 

Wear My Closet Challenge #108

And so the wait begins for my Ikea delivery ... they will most definitely come when I'm either eating, making food, or in the toilet =P But I've been sorting out the things I have worn so far for the challenge, and my word it's a lot of clothes!
Basic Black Frilled Shirt, BASICS
White Tulle Ruffle Skirt, Callie's Picks
Modern Moto Jkt, ELLE

Lime Rhinestone Necklace, Riviera
Cuir Desir Heels, Diesel

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Spring florals

Gotta love this look from Vougeia - spotted it this morning, and although it's simple and made from pretty basic yet beautiful pieces, I loved this outfit enough to feature it =) These jeans are perfect for the season, in fact I wish I had a pair in RL, and they work really well with those platforms, shoes I'd never really considered until now. Love the cardi, it's a great piece, and everything looks good with that white tee =) 
I also want to point out the fab hair and absolutely stunning minimally made-up face - overall such a great look!


It has been such a long time since I have written here, but now I am back now that my school year is complete! 
Red Suite Jacket - Pretty n' Love
White Collared Crop Top - Bonjour Bizou
Carolla Skit- Voile Holiday Boutique
Cherry Ribbon Sandals- Moschino Tribute

Wear My Closet Challenge #107

Gonna do a shamless plea - membership ending tomorrow, huge huge sale in my RED room, with tons of things like LE and LE Decor, Subcouture, Tributes and more! Plus, as a special treat I've just added a whole bunch of stuff which I used throughout this challenge that I've decided not to keep! Please please check it out =D *My suite here*
White Dotted Bow-Neck Blouse, MSW
Midnight Purple High Trousers, Special Offer

Circle Sash Belt, LE
PPQ SS13 Heels, PPQ

Sweet suite

Spotted Miss0Jessy's suite today and loved it! This is the perfect sort of minimalism I'd love to have in my suite, it has several items, but isn't crowded and is arranged very nicely, plus there's enough space to have her medoll in the middle and everyone can see what's being worn clearly (something I like to see when looking for people to feature - if the room is clear, I can get a better picture of the fab look!) =) I love the colours chosen, I think the pink and yellow work really well together and surprisingly well with the bright turquoise of the wooden wall!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #106

I really love these shoes, I wish I made myself wear them more!
Sparkle Tube Top, LE
Indigo Pleated Trousers, PPQ

Blue Festive Stiletto's, Voile Holiday Boutique