Sunday, 30 November 2014

PPQ | Release Review

This week has seen two brand new floors of PPQ released, it's been a while since we've had new things in here I think, so I'm glad to see some fresh pieces! I also love the ads I've seen on the homepage, they're super stylish and have a modern twist to them, making the brand very appealing in my mind =D
For me, this collection has a wintery feel to it, I've been relating lilacs to christmas and winter so much more recently, and this fills that void on Stardoll! There's also a hefty amount of whites and sheen-y sort of tones to be had, along with PPQ's usual fill of leather-look clothing! Not a fan of the accessories at all this time, but I'm not that fussed about it, I kinda just am happy with liking the clothing this time around! Plus I love the little floral infusion there is - yeah, I'd say I'm pleasantly surprised by this release (PPQ never really does much for me, it's just kinda always been there)!
Prices range from 4 to 30SD's. I think the accessories are really well priced alike the past few PPQ releases, and the clothes are about the prices I'd expect really, with the coats sitting higher in the range, but I really do like these ones, so I have been more than happy to purchase two of them - the Lavender Alpaca Coat and the White Alpaca Coat and I look forward to showing you my looks for them both later in this post. I also loved some of the tops in this collection, for some reason I just find them a little more versatile and to my taste more than they have in past releases.
So now onto some features - I love how AliceVel has styled her Lavender Alpaca Coat with a great pair of tailored trousers and that floral peek-a-boo top, the colours of it really work with the jacket and they both have a similar theme and pair together particularly well.
AudreyHepburn. has styled the White Alpaca Coat in such a glamourous look! I love how it looks with the teal coloured accessories and the beautiful jewelled decor at the neckline!
Finally tigre89 has gone for the Lavender Satin Romper in a look with quite the retro feel to it - I also love playing it slightly differently and wearing it as a shirt with the trousers, it looks great!
So now onto what I've done with the pieces I've bought from the store! I ended up getting 4 pieces, the two coats I previously mentioned, and also the Satin Lace Trim Blouse (a bit different for me, but I was really feeling it for this winter season!) and the Floral Satin Blouse (which feels like it could be super versatile) - I am still contemplating the Floral Satin Jumpsuit, so I'd love to see some looks from you guys to help me make up my mind =)
P.S. Sorry about the image quality, all the features and styled pics were done on my laptop, and it doesn't seem to have the same good quality as the desktop does, which I used for the store pics =/ 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Suite Style

Loved this suite look from Crystal-Castles that I spotted today, and I find it really makes the most of such a simple room and interior. I love the Chanel cabinet in the corner, for me it really gives the whole room a Chanel vibe without needing to splash luxurious items all over it, I think it's great! The shelves at the end of the bed are also well used, and all the little details have clearly been thought out, it looks fab =D I also love the outfit, simple and greatly effective in the room!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday | S A L E T I M E

Tons and tons of great deals to be had in the plaza this weekend, it's definitely worth taking a little time and sifting through everything and making some purchases on classics for your wardrobe and the coming winter if you're a little tight on the pennies and you could make some great savings!

Callie's Picks | S T Y L E D O U T F I T

A bit of a different post - I was tempted to do a review, but I thought I would do a short one and then combine it with a Styled Outfits post seeing as I just wanna chill out after a very long week and I haven't done one in soooo long!
We're all set for winter with this latest drop in Callie's Picks, and there's some fab items in there, particularly in the range of shoes and accessories available! I do think most of the pieces have quite a retro sort of feel to them, which I amn't that much of a fan of, but I did manage to pick out two coats to purchase: the Black Trench Coat and the Faux Feather Hem Coat, and I'll admit, that feather hem coat is much harder to style that it looks, probably because there's so much to it already, but I gave it a decent shot! 
All black for both of these - seems pretty typical for me around this time of year! It was totally unintentional though^ But I am really loving these looks and I'm hoping to see people around the site being super creative with some of the pieces from this release =D 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I don't know about you ...

But I'm feeling 22!

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Brand new floor of designer gear in SubCouture for us this weekend! I'm pleasantly delighted that it's neither limited nor for SS members only, it's great that we can all get in on these designer-inspired pieces!
This release is Philipp Plein and Burberry inspired, and in my opinion it really is aimed at a specific market on Stardoll - I just don't really fit into it myself! I feel like we've been seeing quite a lot of grunge in the more special releases on Stardoll in the past few years, and for me it is starting to get a little old, but hey, that's just me! 
This collection did have a good range of clothing and accessories, and I did find myself picking up a few of the lesser grunge-styled pieces from the collection - the Tin Bow Dress, for example, I bought and have seen rather a lot of dolls styling it these past couple of days, it's clearly a winner! The bags are pretty versatile with a great range of shapes available - I personally can see the Tough Love Tote a popular choice with it's oversized style, studs and leopard print, and it's price at 18SD's (pretty average for a limited time collection). However for me the most popular piece of the collection would have to be the Chunky Necklace, which is a great bargain at 10SD's - it's versatile, so not only does it fit well with most pieces from this collection, it will easily slip into my wardrobe which is quite the opposite of what we're seeing in this store! 
Overall, a pretty average release - for me, I think the idea of SubCouture is great, but I think the collections could be a little better!

Friday, 21 November 2014

V O I L E | Release Review

Sorry, I started writing this when the release came out but I ran out of time - better late than never!
At the end of the week just there we got a lovely new Voile release to prep us for the upcoming winter season which will be filled with glitzy parties hopefully^ I love the ad banner on the main page, shown above, for me it makes me want to check out the pieces and try everything on!
So there's just one floor to this release, and it's full of dresses with a handful of accessories in typical Voile formal style. Some of the items, particularly the Cherry Satin Jumpsuit, remind me a lot of Voile Holiday Boutique - I'm hoping we'll get a release of that come December! Some of the ballgown-y dresses seem a little unwearable to me, I'm more into versatile pieces and these dresses are quite specific in their style, however they will be perfect for some people =) One dress I do love is the Snowdrop Applique Dress, which has great sparkles along with a lovely shape and length. It is a little pricey for most members at 24SD's, but it would be a great piece to buy if you're just going for one purchase from the collection. 
Wasn't too impressed with the shoes, not sure they're that great, and more accessories would have been fab, that beautiful Spike Crossbody Purse is the best item on the floor and more like it would have been amazing! It's only 11SD's (such a bargain) but is for SS only, I know I'll be buying it as soon as I get a membership again!
Overall I haven't actually bought anything yet and I haven't actually seen much being said about it, so I'm not sure if this was a successful release or not, but I do look forward to buying that bag once I can! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Suite Style

A great interior styling to show you guys today, and this one is from alicevel! It's an amazing moroccan-styled suite room, and I didn't even really recognise the interior until I started moving stuff and really went 'Wow' at how it's been transformed into something so different and unique =) It's fab and you should definitely go and give some compliments!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fallen Angel | S P E E D R E V I E W

Last week we got a new collection of Fallen Angel into our Plaza - I'm quite impressed with this release as I've never paid much attention to Fallen Angel in the past, so it was a pleasant surprise to find myself buying several items from this release! My favorite clothing items have to be the Lanvin Inspired Dress and the Gothic Bedazzled Jeans, which I've been wearing over the weekend:
 The Houndstooth Knit Coat is also great, and I spotted ndende97 wearing it super stylishly:
There were also numerous "Inspired by" pieces, both clothing and shoes, which is great and really making these designer-like pieces much more accessible across the site! This has really made me hopeful for more great releases in the future from this store =)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Bod Mod Horror | Styled By You

Last week for Halloween Stardoll released the Bod Mod Horror store in the Plaza! It's not really my sort of thing at all in the slightest, so I'm not going to review, however one piece did stand out to me - the Demon Jacket, unfortunately it's SS only and costs 26SD's so I haven't been able to purchase it yet, fortunately I've seen some great looks with this piece this weekend:
Both ajenkam and baby_lush11 wear this jacket well and really show different ways in how it can be worn - with the first choosing jeans and a much more relaxed and accessorised look and the second sticking with a classic mono-black look. Both show off the jacket nicely in their own ways and only make me want to buy it more!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

John Lewis Christmas 2014

This doesn't need any words. None at all - just watch!

LE Red

So I missed the latest LE release as I wasn't a SS member, but I honestly don't mind too much - there were a couple of things I would have bought but nothing that I desperately wanted, so that's good I think!
However today I've seen these two great looks featuring LE pieces - Minaj131 wearing that beautiful Valli inspired jacket (one of the pieces I would have bought) and EugenieS styling this modern pinstripe suit, and both have focussed on the stand out colour of red! The first look focuses on red clothing - this jacket is like made to go with the skirt - and the second uses a bag and a great lipstick to make the colour stand out! Love them both =D

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Printed pants

Yet again Marbum blows another look out of the water with this one! These trousers seem like a nightmare to pull off well, but this is one effortless looking look! I love the choosing of the colours to pair with them, the red shirt and blue jacket (it's amazing, I need one!) are great and compliment each other along with the trousers very well. The LE bag also looks good as both a stand out piece and as a good part of the look as a whole =)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Floral Peek-A-Boo

A classic look from --Kayley - I love it so much! An almost full black look could never really go wrong, but the styling of it is awesome! The oversized coat looks perfect with the slim ankle grazers, and the white long sleeves and floral peek-a-boo at the chest are perfect modern styling additions, which look amazing! Heels are perfect, as it seeing a tan bag. Makeup also flawless, loving that lip colour which I'll never be able to pull off!!! 

Monday, 3 November 2014


Wonderful autumn look from Katrian-G this weekend! The skirt just stood out to me and drew me in. I love seeing this blazer worn with a polo neck - I've been thinking about how to wear mine and I feel like this combination really stands out to me, so I can't wait to experiment a little! Accessories are simple and effective, with a basic gold chain and perspex black heels. The hair also looks good and suits the overall feel of the look =)  

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Grey grunge

Love this look today from bornthiswaay - a great stylish grey based look! I've loved ripped jeans for a while, and these low slung ones are fab, they do look great with a cropped sweater - not a look I could wear, but I still love the vibe of it! Adding the Sephora bag to act as an underwear waistband is super creative and is really effective here. Also love the use of the LE bag and the simple black heels - wonderful job!