Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I've had the shirt sitting out to style for a few months, and now getting around to it! The Ripped Denim Shirt is from Bizou and costs 15SD's - I'm still on the fence about cropped shirts, but I wanted to give this one a go to style some transition outfits from the summer into autumn.
At first I did think it might be a little tricky because I'd been putting it off for so long, but I found quite a few items that worked with the shirt, and a surprising number of skirts and dresses!
My first look uses these freebie FB trousers, and the high-waisted style is perfect for the hem of the shirt. I kept the accessories super glam with silver heels and a silver detailed bucket bag.
My second look includes the Minimalist Jersey Dress, and I think it's fit works quite nicely with that of the shirt. Love making this dress a little more rock and roll so used my typical jacket and these ankle boots - looking at it now I wish I'd chosen a bag!
The final look is the most still attached to summer, but I really love using this Alice+Olivia skirt, and it works with the shirt^ Paired it with these DKNY shoes, a combination I've worn before, but it's one I know looks decent. I quite like the addition of the Melbourne Minimalism blazer to this look.
I actually came up with a few more looks and have worn them on my doll the past few days so you may have seen some others on my doll too =)

So what do you guys think of this shirt? Maybe you want to make a purchase? And which of my looks did you like best - let me know in comments!

Shiny leather

Mia1435 has styled this Callie's Picks Autumn Gold Skirt to perfection - and in a totally different style to I'd imagine the skirt being worn! It looks awesome with this Tommy Hilfiger sweater and these MSW 15 Thigh High Patent Boots - I'd not really considered them before, but I'm starting to think they're a contender now^ Accessorising is cute, the earrings are a perfect match for the sweater and the clutch definitely is a different choice. I also adore the hair - such a great job!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Beauty Look 4

Looking at more lip combinations and some sort of slightly odd pink shaded eye came out in the process - yes or no? Opinion in comments! xxx

Burgundy autumn

Perfect for autumn with this burgundy based look from cocange108! The striped and unique-shaped skirt is perfect in the colour, and it works awfully nicely with that trench! The white shirt gives it a casual feel, but it's brought back to formal with the gloves, very delicate heels and the small clutch bag (bonus points for that LE keychain, love it so much!) And how could the dog not get a Balmain accessory too ... !

Monday, 28 September 2015

Callie's Picks Styled Outfits

As promised, todays post is my Styled Outfits from the Callie's Picks release last week =) As I mentioned then, I did spend quite a bit of money there so I have quite a few items to show in looks - let's get started!
My first piece is the Satin Turtleneck, an item I mentioned I hadn't seen before - anyone know the original release store? Anyways, I love this top, and wore it in my look for Saturday's We Wear Hotbuys post as well^ I love it with the classic colours of black and beige in my second two looks, but a pop of colour is always welcome =) I do think I've covered the shirt up a little too much to show it off very well, but you can see it has a high, but a tad loose, neck and long sleeves. It also tucks tightly to the figure at the waist but has some length after this point - a unique shape I haven't seen and now love^
Next the Fringe Trousers, which I really enjoyed styling. I focused on pairing them with different coats, and chose 3 pretty different ones! I adore the Houndstooth Knit Coat, and loved combining the two with their share of fringing^ I have been aiming to do a specific Styled Outfits post for it for a little while, so maybe I'll get around to it now I've styled it here! My second look made use of the Military Peplum Parka, another piece I haven't styled, and I like the use of the fur detailing at the hood and its distance from the fringing so the two work alright I think. This was definitely my more tomboy sort of look, and I found it a little difficult to accessorise, so maybe not something I'll use a lot in the future. The final pairing is another on the green spectrum, using the Emerald Maxi Cardigan, I love the tie details on this piece and I think it works with the fringing on the trousers.
This final set is a bit of a compilation of the rest of the clothing I bought from the release just to make sure I included it all! The first look really combines the 100 Million Denim Shirt rather than making it a standout item, which shows how easily a piece like this can slip into your wardrobe! The second look features both the Puffy Crew Neck Tee and the Autumn Gold Skirt, I love this look so much and it's got a very neutral feel to it so could be an easy go-to look for when inspiration fails to arrive^ The final item I purchased was the Double Button Coat, and I styled it very minimally going with a detail in the pattern of the jeans. I think it works in a more work-wear style like this very well.

So that's my looks, boy that took me a while to put together! What do you guys think of the looks, any you like in particular? Please please do let me know in comments!!!


We had a new Antidote release a little while back, I missed it by being at work and a non-SS, but I'm not that bothered, the only item I would have purchased is this one styled by Aby400! The Hello Darling Top is pretty adorable I think, and it looks awesome paired with this bright and stylish skirt and a hot leather jacket - those patent heels are also a perfect match^

Sunday, 27 September 2015

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | BW Blazer

Now finally the last hotbuy of September, and maybe the most anticipated? So this is the BW Blazer from Bizou costing 20SD, and I know I was for sure looking forward to getting my hands on this!
Now the poll, as usual, it'll be open a few days so be sure to pick your favourite:


Courinne always looks great, and this outfit is no exception. She rocked a lacy delicate styled skirt in her last feature too, it's clearly something that just works and stands out I think! I love the dress worn as a skirt like this and it suits the D&G tee as well as the blanket wrap. On it's own, the colour of the wrap isn't my favourite, but it works super well with this outfit. Dior for accessorising is always gonna be a winner!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Tirol Boots

Getting close to the end of the September hotbuys now, this penultimate release is the Tirol Boots from Fallen Angel costing 15SD's - definitely not what I was expecting when I saw them in the Plaza, but worth a shot anyway because I think they could look amazing with the right styling:
And the poll:

Leopard grey

I really like this look with the MSW Pleated Satin Dress from CandyStarSmile4. I wasn't sold on this dress at all when the store was released, but this look sells it now! It's a perfect fit with the leopard print perspex coat along with the white accessories. And the simple hair and makeup are very effective with the overall style, such a good job, super impressed^

Friday, 25 September 2015

B I Z O U | Release Review

Today the Plaza brought another new release, the 'September Essentials' Bizou collection, which is a great idea. The homepage ad is cute and really works for this store, however I'm not sure how autumn-like it is, considering September is autumn! But anyways, onto the store:
So there's a good mix with this release, although as a Septmeber collection, and advertised as that, I'd expect some slightly warmer clothing with deeper colours. Now there are some burgundies in there, but there's also summer florals in the Floral Garden Dress, and nautical Mediterranean styled clothes in the Crisp Culottes and the Striped Sateen Jumpsuit. So although these pieces aren't all that bad, I don't really view the collection as being well selected. So burgundy - it does feature in a few pieces in this release, my favourite being the Burgundy Tie Vest (and it does look pretty decent with the Crisp Culottes actually!), which I think suits being on it's own, or with a top or shirt paired underneath. I quite like the style of the Alexa Full Skirt Dress, but right now it's not something I see myself styling all that much. The final piece I do really like, and I think it is the most versatile item of the release, is the Washed Denim Shirt - the shape is pretty unique for Stardoll shirts and the washed effect is that little bit darker, so good for a colder season in my opinion!
I wasn't impressed much by the accessories, which seems a common theme for me lately. The Snake Print Clogs and the Snake Printed Clutch are both pretty nice, but for me it's a 'maybe later' or 'maybe in the sale', and not something I find myself wanting to purchase immediately.
Finally the prices - they range from 7 to 18SD's, with a couple of SC pieces available, but they weren't items which stood out to me. Not bad prices, but could be a little more pocket-friendly for the nonSS members, however I think you can make the most by thinking carefully about your purchases =D
I've purchased just two items so far, the Washed Denim Shirt and the Burgundy Tie Vest, and I've put together a few looks with these just with my first impressions of them:
I'm super happy with these quick looks I came up with, especially the combination of the Burgundy Tie Vest with the Beckham Faux Fur Coat (It Girls) - gonna need to use this more^
Finally a quick feature, Isabella8103 showing the summery Striped Sateen Jumpsuit can look totally awesome:


MissDollyTiara makes these leather shorts look amazing and super stylish! They're not something I've thought of, not a knee-length version definitely, but I think they look great. The look has been lightened up with a loose shirt and the platinum blonde hair, but I love the darker accessories and those Valentino shoes are just perfect =D

Thursday, 24 September 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Yesterday came our fortnightly drop of Callie's Picks, with an autumn theme this time. This is definitely welcome in my books because as the weather gets colder, I just wanna dress my doll up warmer and in the perfect fall burgundy's and tan's!
So we got two packed floors this time, and I really believe all the best bits come on that second one! The colours of clothes chosen for the store are perfect and there's a good mix in there for all tastes.
There actually quite a lot of dresses and skirts with this release, but there are some good trousers too - the Fringe Trousers are a fab and fun piece, and their drop-waist sort of style is pretty popular. It's different for me to style but I'm sure I'll love putting together tops and coats with them^ In considering the skirts, the Autumn Gold Skirt is amazing!!! I adore both the colour and the shape, and the difference from usual skirts available just makes me want to style it even more. It goes perfectly with the Satin Turtleneck from the mannequin, which is a lovely piece in it's own right - in fact, I don't recall seeing it before, so love the renewing for it. Also while we're speaking of tops, let's just take a moment to thank Callie for the Puffy Crew Neck Tee - I've been lusting after it for a while and so am overjoyed at it's place here. It's more of a spring piece to me, but I'm sure it works well with autumnal colours too. Sort of in keeping from there - coats! There is a good range, though I want more, a whole coat collection would be perfect =D The Double Button Coat is again another classic, and something I can see being very popular from this release. So the dresses - there are some good pieces available, although I can think of more autumn styles which I think would have been perfect, although I'm not complaining, there are good items in this collection! My favourite dress would be the Stripe Swtr Dress - it's versatile and I can see it going well into winter too.
The accessories were fine, but I didn't feel as large a pull to them as I do the clothing.
Prices range from 4 to 30SD's, with only a few items at either extremity - so overall the prices are acceptable. I ended up purchasing quite a few items and spending almost 100SD (woops!) and you can check out my Styled Outfits post on Monday =D

Suite Style

Loved this suite room by Miver this week and knew to feature it. It's got such a beautiful minimalistic feel to it, and I love the contrasting colours of the blue wall and the red chair and stool - the chair is definitely one of the best bits of that latest LE Decor drop! The colour also works perfectly with the glamour and glitter on the cushions in the middle, plus they tie nicely with the silver lamp. So simple, but everything has been chosen so well!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

And Today I Wore

Trying to cling to the last of summer with this outerwear-less look! I've had this Crossover Cardigan on my little list of things to try out so I finally got around to it with this outfit, focussing on browns and tans, and following that up with my eyemakeup =D 


Well looks like someone has found a great way to wear the Feathered Evening Skirt from the MSW release where I spoke about not quite knowing what to do with it - Isabella8103 has got it down to a point! The skirt looks amazing as a dress and the jacket underneath is just marvellous for it! A Dior bag and some golden heels finish this look perfectly^

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Basic Babe

Pearl Cat Eye Shades - LE
Triple Tassle Necklace - Callie's Picks
Paisley Tunic - Bonjour Bizou
YSL Bowler Bag - YSL
Hung Up Blazer - Callie's Picks
Black Dior Heels - Dior Tribute


M S W 1 5 S T O R E # 2 | Release Review

So at the end of last week we had the treat of a second floor of the MSW 15 Store. The homepage ad fits in with the theme of the last release (my review here), and looks just as chic - now we did get a few eyeshadow looks in the Epiphany Store, but I'm still holding out for a Dot collection or something^
This time the whole floor of clothing definitely has a generally darker feel to it that the last release, a lot less pinks and creams and more of a focus on black and blue, which I don't mind at all. There are mostly dresses on this floor, with the majority of them floor length gowns however each is individual, for example the cut-outs in the Drastic Cutout Dress (very aptly named!) or the pretty draping and straps in the Draped Chiffon Gown, and I definitely find myself preferring these over the shorter dresses, the Cutout Silver Dress, or the Two Tone Zipped Skirt - but that's just personal preference and I'm sure people have enjoyed styling them so far! With the rest of the clothing I'm so pleased that the Satin and Sequins Gown (the one I mentioned before, from Ulyana Sergeenko). And I also like the trousered look - pairing the Shiny Patent Trousers and the Plunge Neckline Top, this shirt is amazing and was a piece I purchased immediately!
Thinking of the accessories, I definitely found myself a little disappointed with them - the Silver Mirror Clutch is great, but I didn't get any vibes from anything else really. The Silver Classic Tote is alright, but I don't really think it needs to be a Royalty piece particularly much. And the shoes just don't fit the bill at all in my opinion.
So Styled Outfits come from my favourite piece, the Plunge Neckline Top, and also one look including the Satin and Sequins Gown just because I couldn't miss it out:
Finally two features, Mia1435 and Miver are both rocking the Plunge Neckline Top to give a few more ideas on what to wear it with:
P.S. Aren't both of these dolls looking absolutely amazing in those lipstick colours?!?!

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 21 September 2015

E P I P H A N Y | Release Review

Last week we saw a brand new floor of Epiphany which was deemed a MSW collection. I am in love with the homepage ad, it's so glamourous and the whole look of it is excellent with those different effects used, I think it gives the release a high bar to start with^
And this time it's not purely jewellery, but there's also the inclusion of some eyeshadow and lip pieces, which is definitely different! So with my newly finished Wear Dem Jewels Challenge, I feel like this store is perfect for renewing a jewellery collection.
I love that there are both showstopping pieces as well as items which have a more simplistic touch, so there's something for most people - the kinda crazy Layered Sparkling Neck Piece definitely stands front and centre of the release. But the actual graphic skill used to make it is amazing, when you look at it close up it's just stunning! It's a SS only piece, so not something I'll be purchasing, but at the other end of the glam-scale is something I have bought, the Timeless Necklace. This really is, pardon the pun, timeless as it's got a minimal feel yet is a classic piece with the small diamond - I really see it being worn very easily in many different styles. There are pieces in the middle of the two, and I think the Draped Pearls Shoulder Piece could be worn fantastically by many dolls! Lets not forget earrings and I really like both the Diamond Chandelier Earrings and the Art Deco Earrings, both pieces which are beautiful but not too much to go with at least a few different styles on your doll. The Crystal Cluser Cuff is also a pretty nice piece, but right now it's not something I've bought - maybe at closing down time, but I don't see myself wearing it right now.
The makeup pieces really aren't something I'm a fan of, which is definitely a shame because makeup can be great! The eye pieces all have to be bought individually, which could be a little expensive with prices of 5-10SD's per piece and you could make a great eye look with other makeup products available.
The prices range from 4 to 22SD's, which isn't really all that bad for Epiphany or the greatly designed items you are getting! There are a couple of SS only pieces, so that's also something to look out for.

So I bought 3 items in the end, and here are some makeup stylings for the earrings seeing as I'm still in the mood from my latest challenge:
Finally a little feature of Jainijain_ styling the Layered Sparkling Neck Piece to perfection with this incredible makeup look with burgundy lips =D

Army green

Todays look comes from _O_Emma_O_ who has styled this army-green LE skirt to perfection! It's a piece I have totally dismissed in the past, but this summer beach-wear styled look with some street from the leopard booties is perfect for it^ The hair braid is a great touch too =D

Sunday, 20 September 2015

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Tirol Sweater

Another Hotbuy so quickly, and another one that I love! This time the Tirol Sweater from Pretty 'n Love for 15SD's, it's a simple piece but I think it has great styling potential:
This sweater is a perfect autumnal transition piece I think, so could get plenty of wear, and now for the poll:

Beauty Snaps

Saturday, 19 September 2015

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Bows Shoes

Another Hotbuy already, this time the Bows Shoes from Bizou costing 12SD's - they remind me a little of a teal LE pair (I think they were LE anyway!) which came out a looong time ago, so this could be your 'high-street alternative', enough with the rambles, I really love these shoes so on with the styles:
And as usual, the poll, I love seeing everyone vote for their favourite and it really gives a view on the styles that the readers like:

Black Mood

Alexander Wang Inspired Blazer - Callie's Picks
Net Sports Bra - Rio
Dior Inspired Belt - Fallen Angel
Bubble Open Skirt - Voile Holiday Boutique
Faux Shearling Bag - MSW 15
Slashed Heels - Callie's Picks

xxo and have a nice weekend,

Beauty Snaps

Friday, 18 September 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #20

Can't believe that's the end! Definitely took longer than expected, but it was worthwhile to see it out - and it's truly made me pay much more attention to the Beauty Parlor items available along with styling them with looks and makeup!
The last item, a final pair of earrings - the My Date Earrings from Glam 'R Us, originally costing me 6SD's, but currently available in the Bazaar!
Went for glamour with this last look and with the earring name I couldn't not choose the Lupita Gown?! It's not a piece I wear often but the colour is a great match with the earrings. For the makeup I headed a little down the green route but it definitely has some sea hint to it, and I really love it!

I really hope you guys have enjoyed the challenge as much as I have! Let me know what you think in comments^


A bit of a different look today from vincent99 making good use of this Gold Robot Body piece. It's not something I've looked at in the Plaza as I'm not really interested, but this look definitely changed that! It's been used as an underpiece for this open jacket with a paired split skirt and I think it really does stand out. Also love the other gold accessories and those shoes - along with the makeup - have been a great choice, well done!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Tirol Shorts

This next Hotbuy is the pair of Tirol Shorts costing 15SD's from It Girls - pretty cute and looking good with those tights, but how else can we style these shorts:
Definitely shorts which can go either smart or casual - and now for the poll: