Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tingeling Halloween Couture Styled Outfits

Happy halloween! Today's post is my Styled Outfits from the recent Tingeling Halloween Couture release - I bought a few pieces and will no doubt buy more, but here's what I've put together so far:
Firstly the awesome Deep Velvet Trousers, and I think I kinda went towards a pink/purple theme a little because I wear too much black and white! I do feel like I could have done better with these looks, but I do quite like the first floral blazer with the trousers and the shape it gives to the doll, I also like the white faux fur as quite a contrast to them. The trousers are pretty similar to a free pair that I got some time ago though, and I've worn them a lot so can tell these will get wear and will be fairly versatile.
And secondly the Faux Fox Vest - and I love these looks! Now I featured this in a grey based look in my review post, so I've kinda gone either side with black and white, and the vest suits both very well! The white look is much more summer styled, but I love the vest with these PPQ Wide White Trousers. I also love it in my more winter based second look, the pairing of the knit seems like a great idea but I kept it fashionable with Dior - I just really love this look^

So now that there's been time to mull the store over, what are you guys' thoughts and opinions? And on my looks, which do you like best? Let me know in comments!

Layered nudes

Now I styled this Runway Dries Van Noten Inspired Dress in last weekends post, but I love what Isabella8103 has done with it a lot more! It looks great with this nude jumpsuit beneath it with all those details, and they really help the detailing on the dress stand out in a positive light. It's a tricky piece to get spot on, but this hits the nail on the head =) Also that beauty look is stunning, a closer look was essential^


Hi everyone! I'm Ola a.k.a JasnaKasia the new contributor for The Stardoll Lookbook . 

Sweater- Musuem Mile 
Vest-Callie's Picks 
Belt-Fendi Tribute 
Draped Moto Jacket- Subcouture 

Halloween Fun

Warm Black Shrug - Endangered Species 
Black Sheer Shirt - RIO
Shiny Patente Trousers - MSW
Tigh High Patent Boots - MSW
Buckle Clutch - Voile

Happy Halloween


Friday, 30 October 2015

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Faux Fur Wrap

Here we are, the final October Hotbuys! This is the Faux Fur Wrap from It Girls costing 16SD's. I loved it on first sight, so I've been looking forward to it for a while =D
And the poll:

Bright flowers

This bright look from zeynepmira9963 really stood out this week! The bright yellow draws your eye to this well put together look - it's such a great styling of the new Pleated Structured Skirt as the brown and yellow work fairly seamlessly! The flowers really break up the heavy black of the jacket too. And the accessorising is awesome, the shoes are a great match for the skirt, as is the bag, but I just love the hat - great choice =D

Thursday, 29 October 2015


I've been meaning to get around to this post for a while and now I finally have! The Houndstooth Knit Coat costs 17SD's and was released in Fallen Angel a year ago, and I sort of didn't take awareness of it for a while, but since the summer it's really stood out to me more to include in looks.
I felt like white and black were obvious choices for this piece given it's extensive patterning of white and black - and for me that's the way to go right now although in the spring I think some pastels could look lovely. Not so sure on my first look, it was a bit tossed together and not thought about - whereas I love the second and third looks! I think it's the addition of the scarves, they break up the piece a little and add a nice touch. The coat goes with both wide leg and skinny trousers, but it also looks stunning with those Jet Set Boots, so I wanna be repeating that! My favourite look is therefore definitely the third one - but which is yours? Let me know in comments =D


So glad someone used this Green World Shawl, and it's biabay15! The comfortable look of the shawl contrasts nicely with the leathers of the trousers and the boots - which are a good combination. The soft look of the poloneck is a nice midzone between the leather and the knit. Also love that bag - it's a perfect fit in style, texture and colour so great job overall =D

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Callie's Picks | L O O K B O O K

Our fortnightly dose of Callie's Picks was released last week, on the theme of fiction - pretty creative and different! In terms of style though, I didn't find much I liked or items that would easily meld into my current wardrobe, so instead of a review I decided to put together a mini Lookbook with the piece I did end up buying, the Cropped Jumpsuit:
Once I got going, I really found it easy to choose pieces to work with the jumpsuit and really ended up styling it more like a pair of culottes (I'd love more of these on Stardoll!) - and I ended up doing 4 looks so you can click on the image to see the full size =)
I did get the typical all black look in there with my first look - I quite like the idea of tights with the jumpsuit, but really struggled choosing shoes which worked well with the combination, so I'll need to try this one again! But this shirt (featured in my Wearing OCTOBER post) suits the jumpsuit well, so I enjoyed getting to wear this combination. Then I really went all out on the colours - green and red are pretty bright compared to some of my styled outfits lately! I've been trying to get this Hotbuys Emerald Green Coat (It Girls) into more look and I'm pretty happy with this, and it goes well with the D&G shirt I've paired beneath. Also glad I'm wearing this Balmain Fire Red Blazer and I'm really pleased with how this outfit came out, especially with the lace and the snake-print bag, definitely a combination I might need to repeat! My final look is sort of a classic for me - love this grouping of the greys, I think they all work well together and stand out against the black - my favourite look of the post I think!

What do you guys think of my looks? And this whole release - did you guys get pieces you liked? Let me know in comments!

Beauty Snaps

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Resort Scarf

Close to the end with Octobers Hotbuys - this is the Resort Scarf from Bizou costing 9SD's, not bad I'd say! I was a little on the side of questioning this piece at first, but once it was in my suite I loved putting it in looks!
And the poll:

Red hearts

A rather valentine look from Cover.S for today's feature. This Antidote skirt was so adorable I couldn't ignore it! It's been styled well with a black base with simple heels, the red on the skirt really does stand out well with the bag too^ The white blazer is a great choice for keeping the look light along with those sunglasses. Plus that hairstyle is a genius choice - great job!

Monday, 26 October 2015

T I N G E L I N G H A L L O W E E N C O U T U R E | Release Review

To celebrate the upcoming halloween this weekend, Stardoll released us a brand new Tingeling Halloween Couture collection! I love these special releases,  I don't think we got one last year and in 2013 it was just a re-release, so this brand new drop is fab! I think the homepage ad gives the store super high expectations as it really does look great =D
So we got two whole floors packed with some rather beautiful gowns and pieces - Stardoll truly went all out with the graphics and designs, because these pieces are amazing and what a lot of us live for on the site! I mean just look at the Halloween Couture Gown or the Wild Ruffled Skirt, as a graphic designer too I know a lot of time and effort went into those detailed items. However the more simple pieces are also stunning, overall I'd say this is just an amazing achievement of a collection!
We had the usual one outfit for guys, but it is couture, and there really aren't couture lines for men, so this is very understandable - the Gothic Floral Tee though would definitely work for girls too with the right styling.
The store has mostly gowns, with a total of 8 to choose from and they're pretty varied as well with a few lighter brighter ones mixed in with those dark, theme appropriate, dresses! If I'm going to pick a favourite for you guys I'd definitely say the Blood Red Velvet Gown, it's a beautiful design and colour and I think it really would suit everyone^ In terms of the other pieces they really do focus on tops to go with the absolutely perfect Deep Velvet Trousers, which are great fitting and super versatile, definitely a highlight of the store. They really do go with everything, and they clearly work with all the tops on offer - I particularly like the Gothic Couture Blouse and can see some great combinations featuring it. And in terms of outerwear, that Faux Fox Vest does look like a fun fashionable piece to style!
The accessories of this collection are truly beautiful, so much detailing has gone into them and I think they really do look perfect to finish off a couture look, I think the bags are my favourite pieces, all three of the ones I've featured above a great, you can never have too many clutches and the burgundy Bejewelled Velvet Clutch is a great shade for the season. The Romantic Ballerina Clutch is such a delicate and pretty piece, totally not on the halloween theme, but I'm so glad it was included! In the spoilers I did really like the 4th bag, the Leather Skull Purse, but when I tried it on it was just a bit large for me really and I didn't feel like it would fit nicely with looks how I would want it unfortunately.
Onto prices - they range from 7 to 36 SD's, with just one item over the 30SD mark. The accessories are all under 14SD's, which is great. There are a couple of SC accessories, but they weren't pieces I found myself lusting after, although it was a good inclusion and their prices are good. Overall the store is prices really well for the style and design of the items, I'm thrilled with the prices really as I think a lot of people, including myself, would have paid more for some of these items!
You'll be able to check out my styled outfits on Saturday (halloween itself, I'm not one to dress up or party, so they won't be crazy!), but for now some features - I saw so many people styling items, and some have slipped the items seamlessly into totally different looks, it's great =D
Eyes.. has styled the Couture Tulle Gown and gone for a masked ball style with the inclusion of the mask and headpiece - those Voile Holiday Boutique shoes are the perfect addition to the look!
Pervuhina has made some creative changes to the Gothic Couture Gown, really helping make it a much more wearable piece! It looks great with the glittered additions and totally sells me the dress^ This dress also is very familiar to the Drastic Cutout Dress from MSW 15, which is currently on sale! 
Miloshki gains another to her pile of features with this fabulous rock look featuring the male Gothic Floral Tee - it's a perfect match with pink and some leather, also with that hair, total perfection from this outfit =)
Finally Fashion.By, another regular, styling the Faux Fox Vest in such an awesome way! It works very well with the grey tones and the white really pops. Also loving those shoes, they're both a good match to the whole look and style as well as the Vest itself, great work!


Very biker with this look from AlexDemone today! These Nelly Trash Boots really drew my eye, I mean they're not something I would style, but I admire that they've been styled super well in this look - they're a perfect fit with the contrasting smart Dior trousers, but the vibe is retained with the detailing on the jacket and the bag. The sunglasses and lipstick are perfect additions - such a great overall look =D

Sunday, 25 October 2015

R U N W A Y | Release Review

Yesterday Stardoll released a brand new store, Runway, inspired by the latest fashion week. It's a fab idea that I think we'd love more often, maybe just not in a limited capactiy! The ad looks super cool, it's different and really stands out, I think the models and composition is perfect for it, so let's go on and take a look at the store: 
It's a pretty small collection, although fairly expected as it is limited in number, with 8 different looks to be had. I think there is a pretty decent variety of styles and types of clothing available, although it is very dress-heavy =) As we already knew, this store was limited and going from the pieces I purchased, there were 400-800 items of each available, which is about on par with other limited releases. I was glad to see that the majority of items were available for everyone with just one SS and one Royalty only pieces available - so it makes it fair and I think sometimes that's all we ask for from Stardoll!
I do think this release represents the RL collections pretty well, although there are probably hundreds of items that would, and I think everything's been well designed from the originals and that everything does look pretty good on the dolls. The colours are fairly muted, although that makes the red toned Lanvin Inspired Drape Dress stand out in a crowd with it's Lanvin Inspired White Heels - I love these shoes so much, a great wardrobe classic^ In terms of the other dresses, I think the Sacai Inspired Dress really stands out in the crowd. The design is good and the pattern really looks great. What also stands out is the Celine look, because it doesn't have a dress instead choosing the Celine Inspired Pants - I'm a goner for trousers, so these were purchased immediately! They are styled well in the store, and look particularly good with the Patent Runway Heels.
Thinking of accessories, the shoes are all great! Aside from the pairs I've already mentioned, I also love the Mouret Inspired Sandals. The shape is unique and the cutout pattern gives them a current and different feel to other similar shoes. I think a bag or two could have fitted in nicely, but overall Im happy how the accessories have been done!
So the prices range from 15 to 110SD's - the shoes are 30 to 45SD's which is pretty much the price limited shoes have cost in the past, and most clothing items are under the 75SD mark, again, the prices which we've definitely seen in the past for other limited collections. I've seen people saying it's too expensive etc. but I think if you take the time to choose wisely, it really doesn't have to be =)
In the end I did purchase a lot of items, mostly shoes really, but I've tried to style everything for you today:
I definitely need to work with these Celine Inspired Pants a little, although I think they suit black and dark brown well, with the third of my looks being my favourite! Will think of some other colour combinations to give a go with them =)
The Sacai Inspired Dress is a piece which I think looks great on it's own and doesn't really need anything added because I really do like all aspects of it, but I gave a few different things a go - the grey of the last coat really does look good with the blue tones of the skirt!
The final look is from this pair which were presented together on the shop floor - the Runway Full Slip and the Dries Van Noten Inspired Dress - I styled looks with them both together and separately, and I really love all 3! These two pieces are both complimentary to each other and can hold their own - with the brown tones suiting earthy neutral colours and the paler slip working well with light and airy. This third look is most definitely one of my all time favourite white looks and I'm super happy with the whole feel from the clothing I chose to the accessories!

What do you guys think of this new release - a good one? And my styled looks, seen any combinations you like? Let me know in comments!


A monochrome style look today from MissSierr, and it totally matches the weather here! I really hadn't paid much attention to this Apres Ski Cloud Marabou Cardigan before, but this look has really converted me to this stylish piece, perfect for the upcoming season, and it's awesome paired with the Casual Sweater from Original Future. Both pieces look great with the simple black hareem trousers and the hair and beauty look is simple yet stunning!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Tricolor Dress

Another Hotbuy for October, it seems we've had quite a break between them this time! This is the Tricolour Dress from It Girls costing 23SD's:
We've each shown off opposite parts of the dress! Had it been summery, I would have shown it all off, I think it'll be perfect for next year^ And the poll:

White out

White combination from the always fabulous minaj131! I've always loved this YH skirt, and it's definitely one of those trickier to style pieces, so seeing it look this great is awesome^ It's a perfect fit with the detailing on both the sheer blouse and the cropped knit underneath it. Accessorising is perfect, those pointed heels are, well, on point, and the sunglasses are a nice touch =D

Friday, 23 October 2015

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Frill Boots

As usual, this was a Thursday Hotbuy but my schedule means it's a Friday post! These are the Frill Boots from Pretty 'n Love and cost 12SD, definitely a different style, but here's our looks:
I don't think these are all as bad as I've seen some people say - so I was the only one to have them on full display! And the poll:

Pink lips

Ending this week of features with on from EugenieS - it's another wonderful styling of this Callie's Picks Ice Pink Robe, this piece works so well with this skirt! The accessorising is fab, that yellow over the shoulder looks great - I've attempted adding yellow to looks but I'm not very good yet, this look is like #yellowgoals. And that beauty look is perfect, those lips ... I wanna look this good in that lipstick! Lets also not forget the eyemakeup, it's pretty hot too^

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Golden vamp

A formal almost vamp-esque feel to this feature, from pervuhina. The shirt really stood out to me and drew me to this look. From there you see the gold necklace stand out and that brought me to the well chosen golden accessories. The shape of the trousers are a good choice for this shirt too. What also stood out is the slicked back hairstyle and the dark eye makeup - great job!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

E N D A N G E R E D S P E C I E S | Release Review

On Monday Stardoll released a new store, Endangered Species, which I think we had been expecting for a little while although it definitely wasn't what I was expecting the store to be at all! I was thinking animals, like we've had before, but in my opinion this is better! So let's check out the release =)
It's a fairly intimate collection with just this one floor and this small number of items, but I don't find myself disappointed with the lack of a wide variety of pieces or choice. There is also a male choice in this release, which is good, although the Green World Shawl could definitely work for anyone. Within the rest of the clothing there's a pretty even split with a few dresses, skirts and top halves however I would have loved some trousers as a great print could look awesome on them!
There are two outerwear items available - both pretty versatile in black! I think I prefer the Warm Black Shrug over the Tied Autumn Shawl just for the fringe aspects for this season. Although I haven't purchased either yet I do think I would consider both if they were on sale. Elsewhere in single colour pieces I think that the Pleated Structure Skirt really stands out - it was the first piece that caught my eye when I opened the store. It's got pretty decent versatility and the overall style makes it a pretty basic staple. The colour is pretty nice and fits in well with the season, so is definitely a winner for this collection! Moving onto dresses, I didn't feel the need to purchase either or the Tropical Silk Jumpsuit. I love Giant Panda's, they're one of my favourite animals, but to me the Abstract Panda Dress just doesn't hit it unfortunately.
In looking at the print based items, the Tortoise Print Thigh Highs and the Tortoise Print Top are both super cool, I love the print on the items particularly the boots, but in considering ease of styling, then I'm not so sure. Which brings me onto the other accessories - I love the Tortoise Print Heels a lot, they are pretty high but the colouring is just perfect.
So the prices for this store range from 10 to 19SD's, with the Interior also for sale for 30SD. I feel like the prices for some items do seem quite high for what they are and how they have been designed, but that might just be opinion. In the end I purchased only two items and it was still almost 30SD's, so yes maybe a little on the pricier side.
I styled the Pleated Structured Skirt for you here, and I do feel some sort of repetitiveness between my looks, but brown only goes with so much - I'm sure I'll get more adventurous with it over time!
I'm also working on my brand new computer, a Mac instead of a Windows like I'm used to so it's a little different - please bear with me as it definitely takes longer for me to work with photoshop without my usual shortcuts etc.!

So what do you guys think of this store - got anything you love wearing now? Let me know in comments!


A very French style look from B-S1997 with this striped sweater - it's got a great shape and overall design to it, bonus points for sure! Plus it's good with a skirt. Loved the inclusion of this Evil Panda Red Studded Backback and especially with the paired Fendi furry keychains which stand out clearly in this look. The beauty choices are simple and effective, so it really works well^

Sheer & Ruffles

Net Victorian Blouse - Velvet Orchid
Wide Patent Belt - Subcouture
Ruffle Buds Skirt - YSL
Demi Olympia Clutch - Young Hollywood
Strappy Heels - Just Cavalli Tribute


Tuesday, 20 October 2015


This Quilted Metallic Jacket has been sitting in on of my 'style' rooms for a very long time waiting for me to finally put together this post - and hey, I've gotten around to it! It's from Velvet Orchid and costs 18SD's which is about average for a jacket. I also think I've happened to include it in a few outfits recently, so I've been getting my moneys worth. The colour is also great, it's kinda bronzed gold and is pretty on trend - I love it's ability to work with neutral colours and those really are what I've focussed on when putting together these outfits.
My first look is all neutral, with these DKNY white trousers and a chunky knit sweater - the jacket is already showing versatility, getting a sweater underneath is a huge bonus when wanting to style winter looks! The colour of the jacket and sweater definitely have similarities, but I do feel they are complimentary. I also used white in my second look, but from the shirt. This might be a little too contrasty I think now that I'm writing this, but I think the overall pairing of these hareem trousers and the jacket works superbly^ I'm not so sure of my final look - the top works well, I like the style, shape and colour, but the trousers aren't as good with the jacket. So dark bottoms are perhaps not the way to go with this piece, but it was worth giving them a try =)

What do you guys think of the jacket and my looks? Let me know in comments!

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 19 October 2015

My Beauty Look 6

Although this shadestick is called grey, I love the violet hues it comes with. This look can be a lot up close, but from afar I love the effect!

Simple pinks

Pretty in pink today from TATTOON^ I love the simplicity of the look, and this feathered skirt (it's actually a dress) is a perfect focal point for the look. Choosing basic items like a neutral tee as well as neutral accessories and a beauty look really work in the overall advantage, and it made this stand out to me to feature! Well done =D

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Subcouture Styled Outfits

Todays post is my new Subcouture styled outfits as said. I ended up buying a lot of pieces from the store so there's a lot for me to pick and choose from for this post, so let's get going!
Firstly the Tailored Black Jumpsuit, something which I found trouble with getting variety in my looks, so this pic is a little 'how many other black items can I style with a black item'! I had another look but it was just another black jacket combination! Whoops! Anyways, love it with a tad more covering of the chest, it's a little revealing but I think I fixed that with a selection of tops. Also included a pairing of it with the Draped Zebra Shawl as these pieces are great for each other^ 
Next some accessory based looks! My first includes both the Classic Patent Boots and the Zipped Hip Bag, and I just thought immediately that these would look good in this combination. Love the little ankle showing between the culottes and the boots, and the bag has such a Chanel feel to it, great autumn look I'm thinking, and a jacket could transform it to a winter one. Next I focused on the Subcouture Striped Booties, a piece I didn't touch upon in my review but now adore^ Wanted to pair them with both white and black trousers and so I did just that. My first look is based on lighter colours and is still summery, also chose a bag combination of the Patent Vanity Case and the Subcouture Clasp Clutch and I think the orange adds a nice bright touch. The second with the shoes is my favourite of this set, just love this smart look sooooo much!!! The loose trousers are a change from the tight white ones, but I kept it lighter with the DKNY shirt, this Hotbuys coat seemed like a perfect match and somehow I thought silver looked good for an accessory - super pleased =D
And finally my looks for the 'body' pieces of the collection. First the Second Skin Body Light, which I paired with browns and beige, although it works very nicely with pinks too^ Then the Second Skin Body, again paired on the more brown scale,  but I particularly love the contrast of colours with the Chloe Inspired Sweater. Finally the Sheer Jersey Tank, which I went with black for and a pretty sporty look. It really is sheer so I needed to wear something beneath but I don't believe it takes anything from the shirt. Also loving it with those Balmain trousers - a different look for them and me, but I should try them out more often in outfits!

So what do you guys think of these looks and this release? Find items you loved and have had a great time styling? Let me know in comments!