Monday, 31 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #89

My third and final LE duo in todays challenge post^ These pieces are both from fairly recent collections. First the Beaded Chain Clutch which came out back in May. It's got a good size and I love gold, but I think the print was maybe a little offputting for me, I like my gold plain and shiney^^ Anyway I didn't really find it tricky to work into a look and I love how the print stands out against the green of the harem trousers - definitely a solid autumn winter styling for me! And secondly the Studded LE Bag which was in the February release this year, again it has a good shape, style and the colour is black, it really shouldn't be tricky or hard to wear, but somehow ... it is! Nevertheless I like what I came up with for it, a little summer into autumn, but I would wear orange any time of year^ The details on the bag definitely stand out by choosing quite flat blacks for the clothing, if you get what I mean, and I think this really works in the bags favour!


As a lover of trousers I am therefore a lover of this look from Mh91^ These trousers are super awesome, the blue, almost metallic, print is super cool and I think very suitable for this autumn winter season! Love them with these ankle boots too, a perfect footwear choice. The leather jacket and knitted sweater are great layering choices and I think the slightly casual style works well for the trousers - great styling =D

Sunday, 30 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Multi Fringe Vest

I can't believe it's the final October HB, and probably the most anticipated one! This is the Multi Fringe Vest from Original Future and it's priced at 30SD's. I really thought it would be more expensive, it's definitely a feature piece of this months collection and going by the prices of the other items, but I'm pretty pleased about that! The colours are great for the season and the style is super on trend, I love the oversized feel of it too =D
A range for you to vote between this time =) I have quite a few more ideas for this one, so you'll definitely see more of this coat from me!

Shining leather

Super shiny street styling for Sunday from Uplooad today^ I love the contrast between this light loose pink top and the black shining leather, but I think they work quite well together, especially with the fishnet tights and the netting on the cap, that really helps tie the look up. Those Gucci boots are pretty awesome and they're a fab fit with the oversized shoulder bag. My favourite addition is the pink choker, it's perfect for the colours in the look and the overall style =D

Saturday, 29 October 2016

R I O | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Brand new RIO came to our plaza a little while back, and I wanted to think a bit before deciding to do a post on the release because a lot of the pieces really just aren't for me! After some thought I did end up purchasing a few items that I thought I could work with and I'm pleased with the outcome, but first off, a couple of quick features! I love this styling from aby400 wearing the Striped Flamenco Ruffled Shirt in this cute autumn styling, I love it with the mustard skirt, the colours and patterns are complimentary and with that print on the skirt the two look like they belong together! Earrings and lipstick are total perfection^
And then secondly from ThePerpetua styling the Green Flare Top, the Mini Faux Leather Bag, and the Oversized Green Circles earrings, and I think this dress was made to fit this collection to a 'T', shades and style are all perfect! Love the black polo as it really works well as a base to let the green stand out, plus some awesome footwear in there too, big thumbs up =)
And next my styles! I really took to the accessories in this release, I think they're stylish and fairly easy to wear in comparison to the clothing choices and I found myself thinking they'd be pieces I could wear in current outfits fine. So firstly I also bought the Oversized Green Circles earrings, and I really liked the golden frames for them which is what stood out to me and I used that for accents in my look with the belt and the shoes. I liked the all black look for this because I wanted the green to really have a clear place in the outfit and I think it does^ And then I also chose the Wide Golden Heels, definitely a theme with the gold for me^ Culottes were my one and only thought process when it came to these shoes to show off that gold band and I love this look, so good to get this sweater into some stylings^ Think this is a real 'autumn pleaser' of an outfit =D

Let me know what you guys think of the store, the features, and my looks in the comments below!

Michelin Man

It's not my usual style, but out of a lack of recent inspiration, I've been trying to style some of the pieces I don't really use or I've been unsure of. 

Sometimes, the best way to reinvigorate something is to resize it. For me, resizing this SNTA Jacket larger and the wide leg trousers a touch smaller already makes me much happier with them on my doll's body. 

All I need to do now is to learn to pair more colours together instead of just with black eh?

Ingredients / You Will Need
femdem jacket | Museum Mile
Billowing Black Trousers | Callie's Picks
LS Sheer Top | Callie's Picks
Black Rebel Top | Velvet Orchid
Black Turtleneck Sweater | Mr.
Faux Leather Cap | Original Future
Hot Buys Gucci Inspired Square Sunglasses | Pretty 'n' Love
Madisyn Shipman Circle Bag | Young Hollywood
Patent Runway Heels | Runway

Details on blue

Love this smart stylish look today from marina495! This skirt is still a popular one, it's good to see, and I love it so much in this outfit! The blue striped shirt really ties together the blue skirt and the pale fur on top, it's a good fit for both pieces. The details are what really stood out to me though, I simply adore the golden belt-bag, it's awesome tucked in there under the jacket^ And I love the velvet heels and starred socks, cute but stylish and they really fit the look well =D

Friday, 28 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Star Dress

So close to the end of the October HB's, we've just got one more after this one! This is the Star Dress from Fallen Angel and it costs 27SD's - not cheap, but when are HBs these days, eh?!? The dress is pretty cute, the shape is very pretty and I love the length and those bell shaped sleeves. The print is super sweet too, just a little touch of feminine there^
We've all kept this one in a dressed up style but we've all gone different paths, I love the versatility that this piece surprisingly has, those little star colours really give you a lot of options to play with =D And vote in the poll too:

Yellow beige

Another look with this awesome sheer-styled texture shirt, this time from Hannahcool1232 and it's styled in quite a different way =D It's a great fit with these straight leg trousers and the shoulder jacket, the colours are a perfect match. The yellow is a good addition to the look, it stands out in a good way and really catches my eye in a positive light, the pieces have been chosen really well too, there's a lot of yellow that wouldn't have worked or wouldn't have fit together, but this is spot on - great job =)

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #88

Continuing on with the LE theme in this next post and another two bags from releases! First up is the Mega Sequin Purse which came out in the 5th collection many moons ago in 2009 - I only bought it in the past few years in the bazaar though! I love it with other pink and purple tones and totally couldn't decide between these two jackets and therefore combined them in one look, the pink suede looks great with the lilac I think and both work well with the sequins. Overall not the easiest bag to style, but at the same time, this wasn't difficult so I could have given it more of a chance before! And then second up is the fairly recent Phone Included Purse which came out earlier this year. I liked this piece initially but went off of it after trying a few stylings because it just wasn't quite right for me - I'm glad I've gotten to give it another go, I really like it styled into this look and there's a lot of aspects I love, but I don't think the bag adds anything hugely special to it, so I think this is a piece I'll maybe sell once the challenge is over!

Layer leather

Street glamour in todays feature from Shazaib12! This dress is definitely an unusual piece, but I love how it's styled and made to look a little more casual with the cool textured almost sheer long sleeve top underneath, which also solves the cut-out sections of the dress making it much more wearable - perfect^ The accessories are spot on for the look, love the clutch and heels, plus the choker is a great fit for the shirt and the hairstyle =D

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Last week came our (fairly) regular Callie's Picks drop themed Uptown Girls - which I really thought I would love, but not so much appealed to me this time, but that might be because I feel a lot of these items are quite recent to the Plaza for the first time round. It feels you guys feel the same as I didn't find all that many people wearing this collection - one person did stand out clearly and that was ThePerpetua who has made great work with the Olive Polka Dotted Blouse, isn't it a great match with this skirt?! I also cannot get over the additions of the frilled edges at the neck and the sleeves, they're amazing and such a great style creation =D
I did manage to purchase a couple of things, firstly the Olive Polka Dotted Blouse, and I'm sure I could come up with something a little more imaginative, but I quite like it in this classic style and I liked choosing something a little different with these furry shoes^ And then secondly I bought the Shoes Insp By Topshop, partly because I like the style and partly because they were only 110SC's, what a bargain! Anyways, I like them with these culottes (even though you can't see they're culottes ...) and this pale winter styling, it's easy to work with tones like this with the shoes because the soles are a pale tone, I like this difference =D

Blue maroon

What a perfect summer to autumn transition look from Nitielll...... today in this feature! I've not thought about these cool blue trousers since I bought them and this has brought them right to the front of my mind again =D They look fantastic and I love the pairing of this floral oversized jacket, on trend and perfectly matching! The burgundy accents added to are great, the shoes and bag are perfect and a surprise 'love' with the blue. Great hair too^^

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Velvet Ballerina

I can't believe we're getting close to the end of the October Hotbuys! These are the Velvet Ballerina adorable flats costing 17SD's from Fallen Angel. I think these are super cute and definitely a quirky piece to add to your shoe collection. The colour is amazing, burgundy is super popular right now, and the flat style is also very 'in'. Plus I think the ankle strap style will appeal to a lot of people =D
I'm of the opinion that if they're designed as flats they should be worn as flats, but everyone has different ideas - although clearly these shoes look best with other burgundy pieces^ Vote in the poll too, we love seeing what you think:

Nude trending

This look was such a must to feature! Today's feature is from miss_wiolaxx and I am in love with everything about it, I've found it very inspiring^ I love the use of these black culottes with the nude side-split dress, not a combination I would have used due to the colour contrast, but there's not so much black with the use of the nude shawl too, it's pretty perfect^ The accessorising is awesme and very fitting, those metallic booties are so spot on for the style =D

Monday, 24 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #87

This weeks challenge posts are going to be using LE bags that I've bought over the past years! First up in todays post this pair were destined to be shown together really - the North Shore Surf Bag then the Off Into The Sunset Bag which came out in the 13th collection way back in March 2012! I bought both of these bags in the store from the Plaza, so I've had them 4 years and really not made good use of them or very much use of them actually, maybe just once or twice in all that time! For the first look I wanted to use muted neutral tones and this grey sweaters seemed a good choice to let the blue both stand out but also fit in, I love wearing these loose wide leg trousers with the sweater too, a good casual look for the season^ And in my second look I had an orange mindset and ended up settling on these shoes - they work well with the bag but don't draw your attention away from it. I think some people will think I'm crazy with this look as it kinda just looks like a navy skintight bodysuit, but I think the colour looks good with the bag and also love the polo neck and the cool hem of the trousers =D

Chunky mini

Love this pop of purple to brighten up my Monday in this styling from ManiakPupili! I'm always a fan of this purple furry coat and love seeing it in new styling ideas^ It works well with this white polo but I love the black mini skirt for a slight 60s feel, especially like the sheer trim, it's very pretty. The shoe combination is pretty awesome too, the pairs work well together and the purple soles definitely add something interesting to the strapped boots =D

Sunday, 23 October 2016

T I N G E L I N G H A L L O W E E N C O U T U R E | Release Review

It's that time of year again for new halloween themed releases and the end of last week brought us an anticipated one, the Tingeling Halloween Couture release! It's generally a very dressed-up store and so sometimes I only buy a few pieces which I know will work on a more everyday level, lets see how the store got on:
Overview This release is two floors filled with couture-styled pieces perfect for dressing up. The theme is very glamour-infused, most pieces aren't so everyday casual, but I think some of you forward-minded readers could easily wear these pieces all the time! There's also a male look included, but again it's a kind of stock male look for a release, it's nothing too special but it certainly fits the theme fine.
Accessories There's quite the range in the accessories category with this release because as well as the regular items there are also some makeup pieces you can choose from as well, and there are both eye and lip pieces to choose from. The Green Ombre Lips are maybe a little questionable on the wearability, but I love the colour and I think it might entice more people if it was a lipstick rather than a set of lips. Then the eyes, the Snake Eye Makeup Left and Right then the Snake Effect Makeup Left and Right with the first being a closed eye style with a snake patterned liner and the second being more of an eye decor than a makeup look. I think the second look, with the scaled pattern in a pretty green tone is definitely my preference! Then there are the regular accessory pieces, but there's not a huge range really. There are two pairs of shoes, the Snake Effect Heels and the Emerald Booties, and those boots had my heart as soon as I saw them! I love everything about them, the style, design, texture and colour, I think they're fabulous and am very excited to add them to my wardrobe =D Also just one bag to choose from, the Heart Snake Clutch, and while I love the colours and tones, it's not something I'm in a rush to add to my wardrobe. In the rest of the accessories, snakes have a huge feature, the Diamond Snake Bracelet, Serpentine Headpiece, Chunky Serpentine Necklace and Red Hot Chilli Pepper. These are definitely quite stand out pieces, and for me, not so versatile, but they're definitely worth thinking about, because they might fit into your looks really well!
Clothing The immediate stand out in the clothing are definitely all those gowns to choose from! There are 6 to pick from and I think the choice in colours, designs and styles is really great. I'm a huge fan of both metallics and green, so the Gold Scales Gown, Velvet One Shoulder Gown and the Chiffon Beaded Gown are where my eyes go in the store! They've all got amazing shapes and fit on the doll, and they're pieces I can see myself wanting to wear and not just own. There's also red choices too in the Ombre Red Gown and the Meghan Asymetrical Dress, I do quite like the latter as an alternative choice, the little cutout loop is pretty with gold detail and I really like the draping of the material and the way it sits on the body, so I'd definitely count it as a top piece in this release^ There are 3 other dresses included in the release too for those who would rather a mini choice over the gowns and I really think each piece holds its' own in the collection - firstly the bright red Bodycon Dress with a unique halter style and a cool texture, then the Cobra Cocktail Dress in black with an awesome and very couture styled neckline, and lastly the Lace Cocktail Dress with a snake design and a pretty feathered skirt, although this piece seems somewhat familiar, am I remembering something similar from a recent-ish release?! Aside from dresses there are just a few other pieces included in the store. First I'll mention the kinda fabulous suit pairing, the Serpentine Tuxedo Jacket and Pants which have a great fit on the doll (like really great) and a pretty different print to choose, I think the red colouring really helps sell this one^ And then there's also a skirt, which I think might be the favourite of the collection from what I've seen from others, the Pleated Black Midi Skirt which is versatile and perfectly on trend at the moment, it doesn't need much else to deserve a thumbs up =D
Prices This collection is priced from 7 to 45SD's with a couple of pieces as SS or Royalty only and a few SC pieces available too. I think these prices are pretty much spot on - we have to remember it's a 'couture' collection, naturally the prices will be slightly higher and I think they fit the items themselves, so no complaints from me there!
Styled Outfits Just a couple of styled outfits now, so far my purchases have been minimal as there are pieces I want to think about more and see styled by others before I commit to them, but I did purchase my immediate loves in this release! So on the left is the Pleated Black Midi Skirt, something I couldn't pass up! I styled it in a 'typical me' look of all black and used this awesome leather jacket, and used the gold edging to choose a belt and heels, yep, all classic me! Then on the left are the Emerald Booties, and I didn't intend to do two all black styles but it just sort of happened that way - I adore these culottes with the boots, it's a style I'm enjoying trying out and working into different looks. Also added some different texture in with the leather shirt. This is definitely one of my current favourite looks =D
Features I found quite a few looks this weekend with people giving these items a first go! This first feature is lacky_girl.. (who always does well with new releases immediately!) with two pieces, the Pleated Black Midi Skirt and the Emerald Booties in this colourful style. I think the boots and the striped coloured jacket are such a cute match together, and everything works around the pairing well, including the skirt - boots and skirts definitely catch my eye =D
Secondly is marta-43 choosing a bolder piece, the Serpentine Tuxedo Jacket. Definitely a twist to the look not making the print the only one in the style, but those striped trousers are a fantastic match for the jacket. The glam of the bag and the top really shine through too which help the look stand out well!
Lastly we have natusia_182 wearing the Cobra Cocktail Dress in somewhat of a casual style, I really like this different look for the piece! It's a surprise to see the dress work well with jeans but it really impresses me! The rest of the look is pretty classic with black and silver accessories ticking all the right boxes =D

Big prints

Cool and casual printing in this Sunday feature from James69.^ These trousers are always great with their cool colour and high waist style, but they're definitely worn with a twist here. The loose larger style tee is a nice difference for the trousers and the pink colours are good with the navy, but I simply adore the use of this printed scarf as a belt! The printing is in such a beautiful colour which matches so well with the tee and the trousers, it gets a huge thumbs up from me =D

Saturday, 22 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | YSL Inspired Bag

Here's our latest HB, the YSL Inspired Bag from It Girls priced at 26Sd's, maybe a little expensive but it's a designer-inspired bag so I'm alright with that. I've been really looking forward to this piece, I've been getting so much more into bags lately with my Bag It Up Challenge, and this one looks pretty amazing with golden chains and a pretty heart shape =D
I love this piece in a classic all-black look, but we do have an opposite styling going with lighter colours and this awesome trench coat, I think the bag looks particularly good with boots whether light or dark! And you can vote in the poll too:

Winter wear

Another look which I think is perfect for the winter time today from candyapple1212 =D A polo and this awesome black overcoat are both must-haves in a winter look and this one is styled up super well. The jean washed denim stands out nicely, and the silver sandals add some beautiful glamour to the style. The bag is very smart and suits the look well too I think =)

Friday, 21 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #86

Ending the week as per usual with a challenge post! This next bag is a fairly recent one, but one I've been looking forwards to wearing. It's from the recent Runway release and is the Byredo Inspired Handbag which there are actually quite a lot left of in the Plaza actually! This has a perfect seasonal colour of burgundy and I really like both the shape and size of this one, both are decent and pretty wearable so hopefully I'll make the most out of it! I love wearing burgundies with pink, something about the way it stands out against the pale tone just speaks to me, so this combination was a must^ Loved going full on warmer wear too, a sweater and fur were great additions and I've been thoroughly enjoying boots under trousers recently too =D

Printy prints

Wow, print galore in todays feature from laia_fergusson_! I really loved these trousers when they came out (SubCouture back in July) and this look reminds me that I should wear my pair =D I wouldn't typically chose to wear them with another print, but this combination with the jacket is quite spot on! And to add further contrast is the vertical striped Chanel vest, it's cute and against the patterns it actually stands out nicely. Accessorising also pretty good with these chunky boots and gloves and Gucci bag =) 

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Time for another classic styled outfits post and this time I decided to go a little old school and delve into a store we had long ago that some of you might not even have heard of - Jordache! These are the Leopard Print Serpent Skinny jeans [you can search the Jordache brand in the plaza] and they are a pretty average shaped skinny jean but with an oh-so-awesome grey leopard print, and I think it really stands out in a look and in the wardrobe in general!
I really delved into the autumn styles for these looks and chose warmer looks which I really like^ And I didn't intend to stick with black outerwear but it seems to have happened like that, whoops! Anyways, first up something a little on the casual side of things using these black trainers, which I kept casual with this tucked grey tee and paired with this leather jacket. I love combining the furry shoulders with other greys. In the middle look I've gone super warm with this oversized sweater, I really liked trying it out with a coat too. I was pleasantly surprised that the tall boots worked too, and I really like the combination so I'd definitely wear it again^ Lastly probably the most autumn look with the mustard sweater, again I loved trying a coat with this and I really like the outcome, plus love adding the fur vest ontop as a scarf-styled piece.
My overall conclusions are that boots and chunky sweaters and outerwear are good with these jeans =D

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Primary colours

Super bright look from Isabella8103 today! This primary-colour-based look really stands out with the pops of colour, red and blue and definitely colours to catch your eye! I particularly love the red matching booties with the trousers, kinda fashion week fab^ The blue pairing is good too, in this aspect I love the accessorising, those earrings and the bag are really awesome fits for this look. Plus, the beauty look is spot on =D

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

We Wear Hotbuys O C T O B E R | Flower Earrings

Another HB for October, and another accessory - these are the Flower Earrings from It Girls and they cost 12SD's, yep, you read correctly, this is a pretty well priced HB I'd say! I love the pretty pink purple colour they have along with the jewel effect, they really could glam up any look =D
For me, similar tones were essential for a look with these earrings, and that's still my preference but the other looks show you a good range of stylings that these earrings work with =D And vote in our poll too:

Squinting yellow

Little pops of yellow keep summer alive in this look from STACY_ROY today! I love the layering of the skirts, the yellow compliments the denim so well, they're a great pairing! The white polo keeps a neutral style letting the yellow skirt, along with the hat, stand out well^ And the accessories don't stop there, there's been a whole lot piled into this look and I like the use of the silver loafers and the furry Karl keychain, how cute^

Monday, 17 October 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #85

Next Challenge post tonight, and again a little double-act with two pieces combined! This is the Padlock Purse from LE and the SubCouture Clasp Clutch from Subcouture. I've never actually used the LE piece, but I have given the Subcouture clutch a go a few times but I quite like it like this styled as a shoulder bag. Neither should be difficult pieces to work with but I always seem to go 'mmmeeh' when I pass them in my closet looking for pieces so I never use them. Love this overall combination really, I think this is also a great way to wear both this dress and the cropped shirt as each piece compliments by issues with the other^ Let me know what you think in comments!