Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #176

This look is perfect for summer being light and bright and white and also featuring the Spring Surprises Floral Embroidered Purse - a very old freebie, maybe 5 or so years old! I've probably styled it once in those years, which is a little shaming as it's got nothing too tricky about it! I think it might be the style of the strap, it's long and made to be worn in the hand and I think I therefore found it tricky to wear with skirts and dresses, however this time round I managed to style it over the shoulder and I think it works so much better^ The size is nice, not too large to look nice over the shoulder, and against the white it stands out well. I continued my accessories on the blue/green theme and love the combination of the shoes and the two pairs of sunglasses, they look totally cool =D

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