Saturday, 28 April 2012


Sorry for all the non fashion posts from me today! I should be back on it soon, and I do have lots of cool looks to show you, but this is just to introduce our new Media Partners!
Firstly we have Stardoll's Appearance which is run by the lovely Lindsey. The blog has regular posts about loads of different topics, and there are lots of writers, so I find you never get bored!
Then we have Nymph Attire, which is run by A_Horror, I absolutely love this blog, it's not really your regular stardoll fashion blog, which is great! She posts lots of super cool things like makeup and looks and puts lots of detail in her posts, it's definitely worth a follow!
Our final new Media Partner is Elegant Risque, run by ExtravaganceSD. They are opening this week, and are having a party:
They plan on posting about lots of things, including fashion and gossip! The party will definitely be worth stopping by at if you can - there's a chance of winning SD's by becoming a follower, I mean who isn't tempted?!?!

That's all for now! We are still looking for more so do still apply =D
Love K xxx

Raffle Results!

Heya, so here's the results of the raffle!
I entered everyone who commented into a table, each with a number, and a check to see you were a follower, the only person who wasn't, was DesignerSecrets, so sorry, you couldn't be entered!

Then I used a random number generator to chose a number between 2 and 14:

Congratulations ChuFu!!! Please contact me on Stardoll and I'll arrange for you to get your prize =D

The next raffle will be at 100 followers, with the prize being a graphic(or few!) as well as SD's!

Love K xxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Raffle Update =D

The raffle is now closed, I'll announce the winner tomorrow, as it's pretty late(11pm) and I've been studying all day - it would be far too easy to make a mistake!


When? 27th April 2012
Pretty much the best words to describe this suite are "to die for"! I love everything about it, it's a perfect mix a different styles, showing her personality, stylishness and giving her doll an amazing first impression.
Her main wardrobe room has a very retro glam feel - it fits perfectly with her dolls current styling!
She has most of her other rooms open and styled too - I love the different shades of pink in this one, keeping it girly in a trendy and not over the top way.
Overall, she's clearly put so much effort into her suite, it's definitely worth you guys checking it out!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Who? SashaRova
When? 23rd April 2012
What? White Blouse
Grey Ruched Waist Skirt
Boxy Blazer
Nude Peep Toes
Navy Belt
Faux Fur Collar
Feathered Headband

Style: She has a very chic trendy style, and she has put together this combination really well. My favourite part is the Faux Fur collar - just to die for!(in my books anyway!) 
P.S. I LOVE her beach suite - do go and check it out!

Monday, 23 April 2012


When? 21st April 2012(yes, still a massive backlog of looks!)
What? Orange Ruffled Sweater
Black Leggings
Gold Snake Belt 
Magenta Clutch
HotBuys Black Ankle Boots

Style: I love this combination of clashing colours, each is in perfect proportion, so neither outshines the other - great mix!


When? 19th April 2012
Her suite is pretty minimalistic (not gonna lie, it's probably my favourite style of suite!), and she's kept it looking chic with a few stylish items - emphasis on the "less is more" here. Her suite has all her rooms open, each with different qualities, one of my favourites is the bathroom (below), it's not something you see in all suites, and sometimes I think it doesn't look that great, but this girl has done such a good job keeping it looking simple but with a few elegant touches!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bright Red Lips

Style Feature: Bright Red Lips
Ok, so I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest, it's this really cool site where you basically have your own page to 'pin' images you like, and they can be of anything at all! You can also Follow people, like on Twitter or liking on Facebook, and you get updates on their pinned images, people can follow you too![Note: You must have a Facebook or Twitter account to apply to get an account there] 
But anyway, I was searching make-up looks, and bright red lips kept popping up, as they had on Stardoll while I was doll-browsing!
It's clear from all 5 of these fantastic looks, that going for black an white clothing and accessories is the way to go when sporting red lips, and I think I would completely agree with that. The basic coloured clothing really makes the lips 'pop' and stand out in a crowd.
The lips look great with a gloss or a matte effect, I think it's up to you which you prefer on your medoll. And I love what Jainijain has done, and worn the colour centrally on her lips - it looks fab, and really suites her facial features. This wont suit everyone, so again is another one for you to experiment with on your dolls!
Overall red lips are always in style - never be afraid to experiment with how you wear it!


Who? Mery.-
When? 19th April 2012

With the two rooms shown here, her suite looks pretty basic, and choosing white walls makes it pretty versatile, as everything goes with white, and any colour you use will stand out! The rest of her suite is fantastic too, she has a great mix of boho and chic. My favourite is how she's styled the Alpine Chalet room above, she's used the space well, but has also kept some of the wonderful views it gives.
P.S. I am also IN LOVE with her style of dressing too, her outfit is just perfect - there's no other word for it! I wouldn't be surprised if you see her as a FeaturedFashionista soon!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


When? 20th April 2012 (bit backlogged with looks!)
What? Mustard Blouse
Blue Belted Blazer
White Trousers
Blue Ankle Socks
Mint Heels
Yellow Headband

Style: Her style is very cute, she's mixed formal Voile clothes with stylish and trendy colours such as mint, mustard and a pale blue, and she's rocking the combination fantastically!


Who: SashaVong
When: 19th April 2012
Her suite is very chic, with a running theme of minimalism and a sleek colour scheme of blacks, whites, and greys, with stylish details. The room above is the main wardrobe room, I love how she's incorporated dimensions into it, by adding the window at the back, making an appearance of depth, and in the room below, it looks great how she's made the appearance of a balcony at the view. Overall, even though it's very simple, it's a fantastic stylish suite, and definitely one that needs praise!
P.S. Double Faux Fur? Definitely something to look out for, could it be the new Double Denim ... ?=D


Woohoo! We have 60 followers - you don't know how excited it made me!
So the raffle is still open, to sign up click on the link at the right side related to the raffle, remember we need at least 15 people to sign up for it to go ahead! It shouldn't be too hard with all 60 followers reading! I'll close the raffle at 7PM GMT 27.04.2012!

Love K xxx

P.S. The prize is currently 60 SD's for SS, or 60SD's worth of gifts of your choice for non-SS - and who knows, if we reach 70 followers, I might up the prize! If not enough people sign up, I will sort something for those who did =D

Friday, 20 April 2012


When? 20th April 2012
What? White Blouse
Bow Tie
WideLeg Black Trousers
Black And White Spotted Jacket
Clock Necklace
Red Hat
Red Ruffled Clutch
Red Platform Heels

Style: She has chosen a very minimalistic look, with emphasis on the selection of red accessories, which is very effective against the black and white bade of the outfit. She's matched everything up well and hasn't gone overboard with items!

Pink Voile Top

Item/Colour: Oversized Gown Top, VOILE, 10SD's
So while browsing some amazing dolls to feature on here, I noticed a recurring item appearing on my screen, the Oversized Gown Top. And what I loved was that every doll I saw was wearing it in a different manner - it shows how versatile it is! It's also right on trend with its' pastel pink colour and slouched appearance - I love it!

Most of the looks are based upon pastel colours and skirts, either midi or maxi, but one individual, Klaise, has gone for a different approach. She's chosen to wear it as a sweater, rather than a top, and with skinny jeans and a collared blouse underneath - it adds a cool casual twist to a pretty dressy item. She's also kept her accessories quite focal, by going for all red, which really complements the top, and doesn't overshadow it!
Overall, I love all of the looks worn and I'd love to see how you readers can wear this top too!


Who? Yukimi
When? 19th April 2012
What? Cavilli Slouched Tee
Moschino Flowing Midi Skirt
Leopard Clutch Bag
DKNY Jewellery
LE Pink Sunnies
Moschino Headband
Polka Dot Heels

Style: She has a very cute Japanese styled look, everything she has picked complements each other well. The colour scheme is quite minimal, but the touches of pink really pull everything together nicely.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Who? kichenn
When? 19th April 2012
 Her suite has a very cool boho feel to it, it's well accessorised, with lots of stylish items, keeping it looking hip and fab! She only has a handful of rooms open, but those which are are designed perfectly. My favourites are pictured here. The library styled room has a bit of a retro feel to it, but still looks modern with certain furnishings. Her dressing room below is kept minimal, showing off a few trendy pieces on a simplistic background. Her outfit is also something to take note on, personally I think it matches her suite style really well, which is exactly what I'm looking to feature here!


When? 19th April 2012
What? Black Jumpsuit
Gold Belt
Skull Embossed Chocker
Nude Clutch
Retro Nude Shades
Basic Black Heels

Style: She has a perfect combination of formal and retro styles, combining items well. She has kept to a minimal colour palate, which looks good, keeping her styling sleek and trendy.

Raffle: 60 followers = 60 Stardollars!!!

Hey, so as we approach 60 followers, I thought - why not have a raffle!
All you need to do to enter, is be a follower and comment on this post with your stardoll username! Although I need to least 15 people to enter, otherwise there wouldn't really be much point!
The raffle will close sometime around when we hit the 60 followers mark!
So get entering and tell your friends!

Love K xxx

P.S. When we reach 100 followers there will be another raffle with even bigger prizes!


Who? xxlovexx
When? 19th April 2012
What? LE Bandage Dress
Metallic Belt
Black Trousers
Bright Blue Heels

Style: She has a very classy style, but has really stamped her own mark onto it by placing some fab trousers over a stylish bandage dress.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


When? 18th April 2012 
 Her suite is well styled, it's clear she's spent a lot of time deciding how to decorate - and that's definitely paid off for her! She has a variety of different rooms, which you can see on her page, I've just included some pictures of my favourites here.
Her style is quite minimalistic, with simple, yet effective layouts, and she's put in so much detail, she's really thought of everything!
 It's clear she has an amazing sense of creativity - well done!


Hey, so just another quite update post!
I would like to welcome our newest writer - _StarHelen_, she is the owner of our Media Partner(The Artistic Side Of Stardoll), and she is bringing a new section called TrendSetter, you can see her first post below!
There could be a few more segments to come, so do keep an eye out for them, and I might add a poll so we can get an idea of what you like, you don't like and what you want to see!
I would also like to remind everyone that we do have our feed on your blogger homepages, so you'll know when there's a new post - I use my blogger homepage a lot, I don't know if others do or not, but I thought I'd let you know if you didn't! Just type into your address bar "blogger.com" and once you're logged in, you can see all the blogs you follow with posts they've posted recently - it's a little difficult to explain, so if you don't know what I mean, just check it out yourself and explore!

We are also on the hunt for some Media Partners! I have applied to a few places, but you can also apply to us, to do so, just fill in the form here, and I'll contact you on Stardoll to chat about your blog =)

I think that's all for now - hope you all have a good day!

Love K xxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


When? 17th April 2012
What? White Dress
Pink Floral Coat
Black Tights
Black Bow Heels
Black Skinny Belt
Silver Clutch

Friday, 13 April 2012


When? 13th April 2012
What? Floral Bustier
Mint Mini Skirt
White Blazer
Pastel Ankle Socks
Brown Platforms
Brown Waist Belt

Thursday, 12 April 2012


When? 12th April 2012
What? Neon Zebra Tee
LE Necklace
Black Leggings
Black Platforms
Elle Pink Blazer
LE Earrings

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Who? tlen
When? 11th April 2012
What? Red Blouse
Blue Belted Blazer
Polka Dot Trousers
Black Platforms
Glittered Black Clutch


Who? Roksetka
When? 11th April 2012
What? Black Glittered Jumpsuit
Black Platforms
Black Structured Bag


Who? 19magda96
When? 11th April 2012
What? Lion Vest
Olive Open Jacket
Brown Rolled Trousers
Green Flats
Printed Sack Bag

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hey, I thought it about time to give you some updates with the blog:

Khol has just begun a new segment - "One To Watch", which is a promising one, hopefully providing you readers with even more style inspiration!

I have created a new page, where you can apply for your blog to become Media Partners with us. If successful, you can place out logo on your blog, and we'll put yours here. We already have one - The Artistic Side Of Stardoll - so please check them out and give them a follow!

I've also added a new feature in the sidebar, which is my favourite Stardoll magazines, so please check them out!

That's all for now,
Love K xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2012


 Who? carlie_irem
When? 7th April 2012
What? Silver Ruffled Top
Faded Printed Trousers
White Structured Blazer
Faded Purple Heels


Who? raina_
When? 7th April 2012
What? Beige Tee
Mint Mini
Blue Blazer
Beige Knee Highs
Brown Boots
Beige Ankle Socks
Bright Blue Clutch
Floral Headband


When? 7th April 2012
What? Slouched Sweater
Black Maxi
YH Brown Satchel
HotBuys Body Chain
Brown Belt

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


When? 4th April 2012
What? Tweed Mini
Black Opaque Tights
Black Blazer
Black Clutch
Black Ankle Boots
Black Beanie Hat