Wednesday, 31 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Nine

Day Nine Featured Item: Designed By sparklewand12 Star Design Jeans
I love deep reds and they really have taken a step into the light for this season, so it's great to style them for today =)
Yes I know there's a horrible line down the left leg - I can't fix that unfortunately, it wasn't there when I designed them, and it's not there when they're just chilling in my suite, but there it is when I wear them, grrr!
Anyway, I wanted to pair them in a lighter way so chose a white faux fur jacket - I love this combination, and I think it's great for winter.
I forgot to add a bag, but most will match this outfit as I think it's a fairly simple style to match to =)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Eight

Day Eight Featured Item: Denim Exposed Shoulder Top
 I really love this shirt, and although it's a much more summer item, I wanted to see it combined in a warmer manner. I can't wait to style it with some floral skinnies in the spring though!
Yes I chose black again - I do promise I'll try and break this habit! 
But I really like wearing denim with black, I think the two look good together, and I think the denim really stands out. I know the jacket covers a lot of the shirt, but it RL if I wore that and walked down the street, the jacket wouldn't be that closed(that is the vision anyways ...)

P.S. I am sooo much in love with this new hair - I think it's perfect, fits my style nicely and is almost exactly what I've been looking for out of a Stardoll hair =D

Wearing SuperTrash Girls

So now I've been browsing for members wearing the SuperTrash Girls clothes, I found this quite challenging, as I've seen many people say that they like this store, but I haven't seen many wearing its items!

I love this styling because of the subtlety of the SuperTrash items used. I think the oversized coat also adds a wintery feeling to the look. There's really not much to say apart from that I love it =D

This is a super edgy-street styling of the SuperTrash leggings, it's not something I'd dress on my doll, but I do like the style and combination of items used to create the look. I like that it's not in a wintery style, because i automatically saw them as the perfect winter leggings! It's good to get variance =)

Monday, 29 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Seven

Day Seven Featured Item: Leopard Face Shirt
This is one of the more child-oriented pieces from the Gaultier store and I wanted to try and style it in a fashionable, non-youth manner =)
I really wanted the white and the leopard to stand out, so went for the obvious choice of black! I love this combination as I think it can make any shirt/tee look instantly more grown up/fashionable(which was also my aim last time I wore it!). To me it is my perfect winter combination =)

Sorry it's such a quick post, but I've had a busy day in classes and a busy night ahead studying!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pretty n Love

So as there is currently a 50% sale in Pretty n Love(PnL), so I thought I would show you some of my top picks from the store to buy while things are at a lower(and sometimes more reasonable!) price =) 

Soft White Top = 9 5 SD's
Button Up Lace Shirt = 68 34 SC's
Ocean Lace Blouse = 8 4 SD's

For me, PnL is one of the best stores for getting girly styled tops in pale and pastel colours, these 3 are my top choices from the store. The first two work perfectly with either a skirt or jeans then a jacket on top, and the 3rd looks great with a formal pair of trousers or a skirt - it doesn't work so well with a jacket so is a more summer shirt, but you can always keep it for next year!

Floral Headband = 38 19 SC's
Westerly Headband = 25 13 SC's
Silver Shimmer Heels = 5 3 SD's

Accessories are always great to stock up on, especially because they are pretty inexpensive and can often be invaluable to stylings =) These 3 I've chosen are just the basic essentials that I wouldn't want to be without, but there are many other great pairs of shoes in PnL too. You can honestly never have too many floral headbands! Yes, they may be sooo spring-like, but they can look great whatever the season, and at no more than a small handful of SC's, it's too much of an opportunity to pass up!

Black Bloomers = 6 3 SD's
Peach Lace Shorts = 73 37 SC's

These black shorts are one of the best pieces that I have ever bought on Stardoll - no exaggeration at all! They look great in literally whatever style you wear them with! With a blouse, tee, vest, tights, no tights, jacket - the list is quite endless. Even at 6 SD's they are a bargain, so for 3 SD's it's literally a freebie =) The peach shorts can be a bit of a hit and miss - they are more summery, and I haven't tried to style a winter outfit with them yet, but they're always something you can have in your closet to try with later.

That's all for now! Love K xxx

63 Day Challenge: Day Six

Day Six Featured Item: Randers Blouse
I think that although this blouse seems summery with the flowers, it can be used successfully in a warmer, winter styled outfit. Hopefully I've managed to show this =)
I chose high-waisted jeans as my ultimate favourite thing to do with a blouse like that in RL is tuck it in! I went for blue rather than black as I wanted to still give it a bit of life rather than being quite dark. I stuck with some trusty black platform boots and then brightened it up a little with a magenta bag - I think this bag has so much potential, but I rarely see people wearing it!

SuperTrash Girls

So the SuperTrash Girls store was opened last week, and I do think it caused a little more happiness among the Stardoll world! It seems to have moved away from the child-like clothing and seems a lot more grown up. I didn't know of the brand before(see when I was a young child Gap Kids and H&M Children was the most exciting thing in the world!) so it was good on a discovery level =)
I think the store is quite good, there are a wide variety of items and styles to choose from, so I'm sure it will be easy to find something for your own taste. I also think it is heading towards a more winter collection with the large coats, long sleeved tops and several pairs of jeans/leggings.
Prices vary from 12 SD's for the bag to 29 SD's for a jacket, but most things are around 22 SD's.
I've only chosen two items to buy so far, but there are a few more I'm considering getting. I chose this blouse because I love blouses so much! This one is pink and has a decent general style to it, then I chose the leggings because of their fun print - they're not necessarily my style, but I do think it would be quite easy and fun to style an outfit with them, so without further ado ...

Yacouba Pants = 19 SD's
These leggings are a fun piece to dress up, the print seems a little aztec, but I think it's a great winter style and I really enjoyed styling them!
I went for a solid winter outfit with the faux fur jacket(I can tell I'll wear it a lot in the winter!), and chose to keep it relatively simple with a DKNY shirt - this is a piece which I have found hard to style, but I think it looks great with the leggings! And again, just a simple pair of boots to finish the look off =)

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Who? lula.l
When? 27th October 2012
What? Black jumpsuit
Sequined Black Jacket
Black Heels
Black Head Wrap
Style: I love this super classy evening wear - it's great to see this jumpsuit styled amazingly! Everything is very fitted so you can see her great shape, and the jacket cuts at the perfect point on the jumpsuit. Accessories are very minimal, but honestly aren't needed as the outfit looks fab without them =)

63 Day Challenge: Day Five

Day Five Featured Item: Lily Shirt
I chose this shirt as I've been yet to style it to a decent standard - for some reason I find it tricky! It might be that it's quite long, but I really don't know =) I know it seems a more spring shirt, but I really wanted to try my best at giving it a more autumn feel.
I decided to try and go for a more split outfit with a light half and a darker half - I think I succeeded, but whether it looks ok or not is another question! I think it looks fine though =) I went for simple leggings and black boots - the shirt is a bit long to work well with a skirt, and I didn't have the right pair of skinnies to wear with it! So for the lights I chose light accessories in the clutch and the hat - this is the first time I've worn the hat(which I received as a gift last week), and I love it's look although I almost feel that it seems a bit too large. I've never seen anyone wear it amazingly, so that would be something to look out for!

Wearing Chloe

So I've been looking for members wearing the Chloe store clothes, and I have to say it was relatively easy - the clothes are pretty popular, especially the emerald trousers - which will be the main focus of the post really!

I love the combination of bright colours! This styling even made me go and buy the sweater because she made it look so good =) The accessories work well with the outfit - the simple brown bag doesn't detract from the colourful clothing at all.

I love this neutral styling with the trousers, the pastel pink of the shirt works nicely with the emerald, and it's light print gives the shirt enough detail not to need lots of accessories. The black shoes and bag look nicely together and match suitable with the tee and trousers.

I love this combination with the shirt - she's not made it the focal point, but has used it as a colour base for her outfit. The burgundy trousers look excellent with the shirt, and the beige/pale brown accessories work great with the neutral colours of the shirt, but also the darker trousers. The shirt isn't one of my favourite pieces of the collection, but I love this styling of it all the same =)

Friday, 26 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Four

Wow I'm posting this rather late, but I've been busy all day! I had a lecture then 2 dissection labs then straight to sports training and then almost straight to a halloween party(which wasn't that good, hence why I've actually had time to post!) - I almost haven't even had time to eat! All I want is a huge piece of cake(although some salt+vinegar pringles wouldn't go a miss either!)

Day Four Featured Item: Black Textured Bead Trim Jacket
Now the aim was to feature this, however I think it might have been overshadowed - I'm too tired to care right now though!
I know, no effect, but again, too tired to care! I think the jacket looks so much more Chanel that Gaultier - but what's the difference really, the label doesn't matter =) I chose to go for more darker colours(mainly because it snowed today here(yes in october!) and I'm defs not in a summery mood today!) with a bright skirt, this is the sort of thing I'd probably wear to a winter event or something. I went for the jewelled bag to play on the jewels on the jacket, and I think the pair work nicely together. I do like the involvement of yellow, but I think it draws attention more than the jacket - which wasn't my plan!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Three

Day Three Featured Item: Hot Buys Chinoise Blazer
I didn't realise how much I wanted/loved this blazer until buying it in the bazaar during the summer months, I wasn't sure if I'd like it, so it was a bit of a risky buy at 30 SD's, but it was worth every dollar! It's one of the easier pieces to style, and although it seems a more spring/summer piece, I am gonna try make it work autumn/winter!
This is a tad more summery than what I wanted to go for, but oh well! I love the trousers with the blazer, I love combining black and navy - no matter what the pro's say, I think it looks alright together! Here is just a small amount of black from the blazer and the shoes, but still =) I chose a pale pink top to go with the flowers on the blazer and to keep it a little upbeat - if I chose dark colours it would look awfully drab I'd fear!

Oh and also experimenting with different hairstyles, I like this one because it's versatile and you can easily add extra pieces to change the whole vibe of the look =)


So this post is about the Chloe store released quite a few days ago now(I'm trying to catch up now as there's another store to write about now too!) I think this is the one that most people would have been looking forward to, as we all know how amazing the Chloe clothes are in RL - I certainly was excited for it, but I at first felt that it wasn't as great as it could have been.
To me the store almost doesn't look "Chloe", if it didn't have the signs, I probably wouldn't guess it was Chloe, and tbh I'd brush the store off and not really bother about it - which to me is slightly worrying!
Prices range from 14 SD's for shorts to 28 SD's for a dress.
I still managed to pick out a few items however, but I don't know entirely how often I plan on wearing them!
The trousers are the best as they're always a good item to have - you guys know how much I love a good pair! Haha =) 
The blouse is quite cute, I think I bought it on the off-chance that I'd want it later more than buying it for right now. And the dress is nice too - it wont need much styling really, but I think it would be a good dress for a New Years outfit on SD or something.

Grey Dot Blouse With Bow Detail = 20 SD's
I think out of all the blouses/tops available in the store that this is the best for versatility, I also don't think it's that expensive.
I went for something really simple to draw attention to the blouse more than other items - it would also look good with a jacket.

That's all for now! I will feature more outfits from the Chloe store in another post =)

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Two

Day Two Featured Item: Striped Puffed Jacket
I bought this coat when the Rykiel Enfant store opened not that long ago, and decided to style it due to lack of stylings of Rykiel Enfant clothing to feature in my post below. This is a perfect winter jacket for your doll - I would be more than happy to wear it for the winters in the years to come as well, and not just this winter. It has a good bright base of colours which provides plenty of styling ideas.
Once starting the styling, I found it easy to come up with something. I wanted to keep the main items basic, so chose black jeans and boots. Then chose pink to have as my bag colour. I think this really stands out as a focal point, but also compliments the jacket with its varying colours. Although the pink is a different bright shade, it still works - which wont always happen as pink is one of those clashy colours!
I also think this outfit really starts putting me(and my doll) into a much more winter look - I've been wearing summer stylings for a bit long now!

Wearing Rykiel Enfant

So I've been on the hunt for some wonderful looks with pieces from the Rykiel Enfant store, and I have to say it has been quite a challenge! Very few people are wearing the items compared to items from Junior Gaultier and Chloe - in fact I only managed to find two people wearing the clothing after at least 2 hours searching today!


I like this as she hasn't tried to make the shorts an obvious focal point, she's blended them nicely and not overdone it in any way. I like the addition of the jacket, the short colour picks out a few jacket colours and the two work well together.


She wears a mainly brown based outfit, and it really works with the shorts. She's gone for more neutral earthy tones and broken it up with some black. The look works nicely together and it definitely city chic!

So I'm really thinking that with this lack of looks for me to show you, that Rykiel Enfant is maybe just a little bit too enfant for Stardoll...

That's all for now - will be back later with 63 Day Challenge =)Love K xxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day One

Day One Featured Item: Hot Buys Coat
I just got this coat at the weekend and I love it already[it was a payment for a graphic request I completed, as I'm non-SS I can no longer be paid in SD's, so clothing it is!]. It's a great coat for both Autumn and Spring. It has a fab bright turquoise colour and it's style has been seen so much recently in RL, so I think it's great my medoll can have a coat like this!
I chose a simple white styling, I didn't want to over-complicate things. I added some flair with the shoes, which are a turquoise and red combination - this I feel adds some sass to the outfit and definitely gives it a little edge over plain shoes would.

63 Day Challenge

It's just 9 weeks until christmas! I am so excited, I can't wait to go home from uni for the holidays =D
I also decided, that seeing as The 7 Day LE Shoe Challenge seemed to have gone well, I'd do another challenge! The 63 Day Challenge!
Everyday until christmas, starting right now, I'll post my look - the aim is to style a different item everyday, and it has to be items I haven't styled before, or an item that I'd call a 'basic' (e.g. black skinnies, white vest etc.) - it has to be exciting items that will make a great styling and post =)

I'll be posting day one later on, but let me know what you think of my new venture!

Love K xxx


Who? --Kayley
When? 22nd October 2012
What? Blue Printed Shirt
Blue Printed Trousers
Black Heels
Style: I love the use of the YH 'Suit' set, I rarely see people wear the individual pieces so it's great to see someone wearing both together. The simple styling is perfect, with the print you really don't need any accessories - it speaks for itself!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rykiel Enfant

So, the next Real Brand I'm writing about is Rykiel Enfant - I have to say, at first glance I loved it, it was bright, colourful, playful, everything that Sonia Rykiel is about. However after analysing what pieces to buy, I found myself a bit down hearted as I only managed to pick out a couple of pieces from the store.
The presentation is great, I think it looks inviting and the colours just scream autumn at you! The prices again aren't very purse-friendly, and range from 15 SD's for a skirt or a pair of shorts, to 27 SD's for two dresses and a jacket, with most of the tops around the 20 SD mark. 
I only ended up buying 3 items - but I am thinking of going back for that pair of shorts that I think just about everyone bought! I've seen them on so many dolls these past few days!
After buying them, I was a little dubious that I'd be able to style them, and that I'd bought them 'just to have', but I think they are ok to style, not necessarily easy, but definitely fun to try these bright pinks and orange!

Ballerina Bow Shirt = 26 SD's
I think, out of all the shirts, that this one is the best. I think it's most versatile and most easy to style if you're not wanting a really stand out shirt. It is very child-like, yes I'm pretty sure I had a selection of similar tops when I was a child, but I hope I've shown it can also be worn in a fashionable way.
I went for a wintery black outfit, with the pattern of the top being the stand-out part of the outfit.

Striped Puffed Skirt = 16 SD's
For this one, I chose to feature a look by the beautiful emo-niunia- who has worn this skirt really well, probably better than I could have worn it!
Like I have, she's gone for a base of black to have the skirt as the focal point. I love the addition of the orange shoes, they add extra playfull-ness and break up the outfit, pulling it into the autumn from the winter. Overall a perfect styling of the skirt, even the accessories are working well with it!

That's all for now! I will feature more outfits from the Rykiel Enfant store in another post =)

Love K xxx