Sunday, 27 May 2012


When? 27th May 2012
So I chose to feature tianna2344 because of that really pretty dress she's wearing. At first I saw it and was like "Cute, which store is that from?", and then I realised it's not from a store at all - she made it in StarDesign hair! I mean how crazy and creative is that! 
It looks stylish and chic, and it really suits her doll - I love it!

Tianna2344 has really taken StarDesign hair to the next level, which I think is amazing and shows she's just bursting with creativity - I can't wait to visit her suite again in the future to see if she has made any other designs!

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Recently on Stardoll the most common thing I do is search in the StarBazaar - I have always loved this, as you can find some great bargains, which means you can try out new styles at relatively cheap prices. But in this past week I've noticed an increasing amount of the Chanel tribute items being sold. Now whether it's just the search criteria I'm entering, I don't feel I can ignore this increasing trend of Chanel in the StarBazaar!
It's shoes that I've seen the most, and the prices range from 20-100SD's - if you can get them at the lower end of the scale, that's great!
I really like all 3 of these pairs of shoes and I think they're very versatile and can pretty much be worn with anything and will still look great!
The RL versions look really cute as well, Stardoll have replicated them pretty decently I'd say.
  I love wearing the shoes with other Chanel items, I think it gives a 'whole look' concept, which when right, looks great:
Chanel Clogs paired with Chanel White Mini Dress.
But they also look good as a stand-alone Chanel item:
Paired with printed trousers, a slouched sweater and accessories.
For me, it's easier to pair the clog-style shoes with the other Chanel items and the court shoes with everyday clothes, as generally they are more everyday shoes.

Do you have a favourite look with some Chanel shoes? Post in the comments and you may be featured here!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


When? 22nd May 2012
What? Leopard Print Cross Tee
Barely Mint Trousers
Slouched Olive Parka
Ankle Socks
Black Platforms
Round Shades
Black 'Doctor' Bag
Style: Her look is quite high-fashion crossed with street and grunge! I think the combination works nicely together, and I think the StarDesign Tee works really well here.

New Media Partners

Heya, just want to let you know about our 2 new Media Partners which were added this past weekend =)

They are a pretty new blog, and they post about all sorts of things to do with Stardoll, but mainly fashion and beauty. The owner, Lavivaa is from Germany, so she's not posting in her first language - I think she does an amazing job with her English though! The posts are thoughtful and she's clearly one her research before writing them. With the style posts, she also posts about original things, which is great - it definitely gives you a reason to check out her blog!

The second media partner is Street High Fashion
This is run by MandaMichalka, and has been open since last November, I'm surprised I haven't found it before! The blog is all about Stardoll fashion, and they post about many things from members looks to trends, new stores, tips and makeovers. The blog has a couple of different writers, which is good as it adds some diversity to the types of things posted about and the style of writing. My favourite recent post of theirs has to be the one about Sonia Rykiel!

So that's it for now, we have Media Partner applications open all the time, so if you have a blog that you think would fit well with this one, feel free to apply!
Love K xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Something To Look Out For ...

So this is another Polish-blog post, and it's about my two favourite Polish style blogs. I've been following these for 4 or 5 months now, and I love seeing the amazing styles and looks that are shown in both of these!

Both of these have a pretty similar basis: several writers who post their daily looks. What I like about them, is that every person posting puts a ton of effort into each of their looks, and how the look is portrayed in the post. Also, every single person who posts has an amazing sense of style!
They are both definitely worth some of your time!

Something To Look Out For ...

About 4 or 5 months ago, I found myself in the Polish blogs of Stardoll blogging world, now I don't speak Polish, so I have to use Google Translate, but that hasn't affected me looking at some stunning graphics and coming across some amazing magazines, which is what I'm posting about right now. This is a spoiler for Rouge Magazine's next issue:
The graphic is simply stunning, I honestly can't wait for the release of the issue!
This is only their second issue, so I think it would be great if some of my lovely followers went and supported them =D


Who? -Paranoid
When? 20th May 2012
What? White Collared Shirt
Black Detailed Tee
Barely Mint Trousers
Green Blazer
Green Wedges
Kooky Printed Bag
Pearl Necklace
Grey Hat
Clear Glasses
Style: Her look is quirky yet cool, her colour combinations are great, mainly focusing on greens, and using the barely mint trousers to pull the other green items together. She's broken it up a little by adding a red patterned bag. Overall a great look!


So this morning new Riviera was released! I think it was well overdue, and the new items bring a fresh style and vibe to the store.
They've gone for bright and neon colours with the store, so it's very on-trend, I also like the shapes of the swimwear, the designers have been adventurous with some of them, definitely a good risk as it really has paid off and given the items an edgy look to them - which will attract all different types of Stardoll buyers.
I selected a few items to buy after looking over each floor just once, and I found that I bought mainly accessories more than swimwear:
I'm having a big silver love right now, and so the silver drop earrings were perfect for me - they also only cost 42StarCoins! The shape is also modern and would suit a high-fashion doll well.
As I already said, neon is a big thing right now, so I knew this would be a good time to stock up on some key pieces, the very first thing I set eyes on was the printed bag - it has used both yellow and green along with leopard print. Green isn't my favourite colour to wear, but I do love yellow! The bag also has a nice shape, and does seem pretty versatile - plus it was only 62StarCoins! 
The next neon piece my eyes were drawn to were the shoes, which pull in 3 trends - neon, perspex and the very popular toe cap, which has been seen all over the runways.
Giambattista Valli
Louis Vuitton
These shoes perfectly encapture all 3 trends well, plus they're pink! They're definitely one of my top buys from the store as a whole, and they only cost you 5StarDollars, which may seem steep compared to the other accessories I've discussed(which are in StarCoins), but it really is a small price to pay for these trendy shoes. I really can't wait to style them into one of my daily looks(here)!
The two sets of bangles were a no-brianer for me, they're cheap(at 41-43StarCoins), trendy, and will suit all styles. I think they'll be easy to style and will help to finish off an outfit quickly if you have little time to create your look.
The final item I bought was the Flor Deep Front Swimsuit at 14StarDollars. I think I liked it due to its unconventional-ness as a swimsuit! It's a more fashion item than something you'd wear in the pool, but still, it's a nice piece. It's quite low cut, so you might need to wear a bikini top or some sort of bra under it, which could look really nice if you chose the right one. The pattern on the swimsuit is fresh and modern, I think it shows the sports-luxe trend well, and the belt goes with it very nicely without detracting from the swimsuit as a whole. It may also look nice with a skirt ontop, which could give a really nice casual city look, or a more formal look - example can be seen below.
Look One - Casual
Look Two - Formal
There are a lot more great pieces in the new collection, so for now I'm off to check out which other items there are that my doll needs in her wardrobe!
Love K xxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Young Hollywood

I find my style changes quite regularly, and I'll find myself looking for differently styled items in the Plaza everyday. One of my favourite places to check out is the Young Hollywood store.

This collection has been out for ages, and I'd say about half of the items are sold out, those are the 'best' ones it would seem, but I don't think I own very many of the sold out items I'd say I own the 'less popular' ones:
These are my five favourite pieces from the store(all unsold), and yes, they can be hard to wear, especially the skirts, but that's what makes them great items! It means that you wont see many people wearing them, in fact I've bearly seen anyone wear either apart from myself!
Chloe Sevigny
I can't see why the "Mary Kate Box Purse"[on the left] isn't sold out! It only costs 40SD's, and the beige colour makes if pretty versatile. It's also in a very cute and trendy 'box' shape.
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
I also think the "Ashley Court Shoes"[seen above] are great too! They probably look best with dresses and skirts, but I have worn them with skinnies - they either looked good, or I looked crazy! But they do look super cool on Ashley with that dress, which was also available but is sold out, as is her bag.

So I was back looking at the Young Hollywood store this afternoon, not looking for anything in particular, but I found two items which aren't sold out, but which I might be interested in buying:
 The clutch bag, which is inspired by Givenchy, has around half left which can be bought, and costs 75SD's - which for a normal bag may seem a bit steep, but I don't think it's that bad for an item which is limited in number.
Givenchy Clutch
The blue trousers are part of an outfit worn by Olivia Palermo, I think as a whole outfit, they look good, and with the right styling they will look amazing, but on their own I'm really not sure. Although on Olivia they look stunning - if only I could pull off that outfit! There are around 75% of them left, and they cost 74SD's - so you'd need to be really commited to buy them I think!
Olivia Palermo
So, that's all for this post!
What I want to know now, is are there any un-sold out items in YH that you love? 
And do you like this segment - would you like to see something similar for the different Stardoll stores?

Lots of love, 
K xxx


Who? Kadet12
When? 20th May 2012
What? Grey Maxi
White Vest
Grey Military Blazer
Variety of Necklaces
Pleather Black Belt
Grey Sports Bag
Round Shades

Style: I love her almost grunge style, and her colour palette works together really nicely. I especially love the "Sports Luxe" element added by the bag, the way she's used it makes me want to go and buy one!


When? 20th March 2012
What? LE Blue Floral Dress
Moschino Skirt
Electric Blue Platforms
Black Bow Belt
Style: Her style is quite kooky and girly, she's chosen a good combination of clothes, and I think all the bright blues work well with both her skin tone and her fab hair colour!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

SashaVong #2

Who? SashaVong
When? 19th May 2012
Ok, so yes I've featured SashaVong's suite before, but as I was browsing today I noticed she'd changed it from being fabulous to being even more fabulous! In general her suite is to die for! It's minimalistic and full of style, there's no clutter and she's used simple items to create something beautiful! She's really inspiring me to makeover my suite, although it will never be as good as hers! 
Oh, and don't you just love her outfit as well! It looks great wearing the faux fur over the Elle jacket!


Who? kama008
When? 19th May 2012
What? White Open Collar Blouse
Slouched Olive Sweater
Over Sized Parka
Distressed Roll Up Jeans
Maroon Floral Bag

Style: It's a perfect fit for grunge, one of my favourite styles to see on people in RL and in SD, but not on myself! It looks really good in this look and suits the facial expression of the doll really well.

Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm sooo sorry!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've been busy finishing my exams(YAY!), and working on my new project - SDModelNews - and also working on my graphics to top up my portfolio. I promise you I will be posting soon, as when I was meant to be studying I was browsing dolls and made a huge list of people I eventually wanted to feature!

Lots of love,
K xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012


Who? t_louise

Louise has been a devoted Stardoll member since 2006, and it really shows that she cares about it from her amazing style and the effort that she's put into her suite. My favourite room is shown here, I love how she's used simple pieces to create a divide and stairs to provide her room with different levels. She's given it style without clutter, and the elegance of her doll is really reflected in her suite as a whole.
As well as mastering a great suite and doll style, she also became a well known wig designer when StarDesign Jewellery was introduced to the site. Her wigs are popular and provide trendy and different hair styles for other members to wear.
She has also shown her talents with the new StarDesign Hair studio, making some amazing hair styles, two of which can be seen below. If you visit her page you can see she's made over 20 different ones, which is just awesome! They styles are well-designed, and look like hair that someone would actually wear (unlike what I've managed to make!) - when StarDesign Hair becomes sellable she will be in very high demand!
Louise is also one of the managers of the Stardoll Royalty Club, where she does a great job helping to keep the club under control and in general just has fun with all the members! 

So, with her great style, her design skills and her friendliness - who could resist announcing t_louise as the first "Whole Package" here on The Stardoll Lookbook!


Who? Alhane
When? 14th May 2012
These are just a few examples of her suite rooms, with her doll incorporated into fantastically thought out and executed scenes. Each room brings a different vibe and story, and each room has been created with as much effort as the next. 
She's done something I, and I think most people on Stardoll, have never seen before, and it honestly deserves our attention. She's not gone for the usual fashions that we we normally go for, or even created her own trend, but she's created a work of art, a masterpiece with her doll, an it's unbelievable.
Her presentation shows many more scenes she has created, all of which are fab, so she's definitely worth a good 20 or 30 minutes of your time!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


When? 13th May 2012
What? White Blouse
White Vest
Lace Scarf
Grey Blazer
Black Velvet Hareem Trousers
Black Platforms
Black Hat
Dark Shades

Style: It's a great mix of fashion, with both chic and street-style coming through, the use of monochrome colours works well, and I think the whole combination looks great. I also love the use of the scarf as a top - very creative!


When? 13th May 2012

Ok, so this post is also slightly different from the usual Stylin' Suites post, but I had to feature this individual room from LadyRock07(the rest of her suite is fab too, but it's already been featured by one of our media partners, here) - I just couldn't believe it when her page loaded and there was Lana Del Rey slap bang in the middle! I absolutely love Lana Del Rey, her voice is breathtaking, and her songs have a great sound.
The picture is made out of many square panels with the different shades on them, it's just unbelievable - it must have taken literally hours, even days to get it looking perfect, and it's pretty much identical to the real picture:
LadyRock07 has also styled the room really nicely around this central piece, it's elegant, modern and simple - the key things I love in a suite! Overall an amazing suite!


Who? Galuya
When? 13th May 2012

Ok, slightly different feature in this post, but 100% worth showing! Everyone has been using the new Stressing Hair feature a lot, and I've seen a mixed bunch quality-wise, and Galuya has come out top of the pack for me!
Style: The hair is perfect, and is something I was looking for to be produced, when Star Design hair is buyable, it's one I would pay a lot for to get! It's sleek and stylish, it's a perfect length as it doesn't cover much of the clothing and you'd be able to wear most necklaces without them being hidden by the hair, or covering the hair. I love the mid-parting, it's super cute and trendy! A great job here, I will definitely post more fab Star Design hairs if I see them!


Who? julexxx
When? 12th May 2012
What? Purple Skinnies
HotBuys Faux Fur Coat
Castle Embroidered Blouse
Black Platforms
Black Clutch
Buckle Belt
White Glasses

Style: I love her coordinated purple look, some would say over-kill, but I say it's great! Everything goes together well and she looks like a true street-style goddess! She really remind me of a girl in a RL fashion blog I read, but I can't put my finger on who! A great job, well done!