Monday, 30 April 2018

A P R I L 2018 | Hotbuys Review

As soon as I saw the advertising for these APRIL Hotbuys, I was impressed! Some really cool styles that we've not had before on Stardoll in the Plaza and some awesome current colours and trends being taken into consideration - I only hope the prices won't break the bank! I kinda think there's a little of something for everyone with this set of HB's and I'm excited to have some of these pieces in my wardrobe =D

Purple Drop Earrings - These are the sweetest earrings, the amethyst stones are so pretty and they are just beautifully delicate, however the big issue with them is they are almost too delicate - these are possibly the tiniest earrings I've ever seen! You see in the advertising that they're really only just visible on the model, that really is the size they are, and I think it's a little off-putting, why spend money on something pretty but that you can't see adding anything to a look, so a bit disappointing =/ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Aviator Purple Sunglasses - Now these are cool! Gotta love lavender, and I love the overall design of these sunglasses, the frames are merely a nose-grip, which I love and gives such a light feeling to them, and that translates when worn too, they look super light on the doll. I don't know what else to say, these are just a great HB! Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Pleated Dress - Another very cool Hotbuy in this dress, I have so much love for it's quirky cool design and it's amazing lavender colour! The fit and shape are beautiful, the dress has such a flattering fit too^ It's such a unique piece, with the hem line, the half belt, cool collar and draping - this one stands out and I think its popularity will last a long time =) It Girls 36SD's
Velvet Tote - Still getting our navy fix with this sweet little bag, I wouldn't call it a tote though, it's much more of a bucket bag, and it's got the cutest size to it - so perfect for the style and deep colour of it! Velvet is still good this month and I think this will fit well with other pieces we've had previously. I also love the braided handle it adds such a nice touch! Pretty 'N Love 20SD's
Butterfly Scarf - I knew I wouldn't like this Hotbuy from the release of the advertising, it's just not a piece that fits with my style. I think the physical design of the piece is nice, but it's a little young for my taste, and I also know that I don't wear a lot of decorative scarves like this, so for me, this one is a 'miss'. Bizou 13SD's
Yellow Striped Bag - I really thought I would like this bag, but I'm not so sure now that it's in my doll's hand, literally^ It's a fun piece, the mix of colours is different and the striped handle is very cool, but I'm just not sure about how often I'd go out of my way to wear it. It is also quite expensive for a small clutch bag in comparison to other prices in the Plaza. RIO 20SD's
White Shirt Skirt - I love the folded-tied-origami style of this piece, but when I first tried it on I was a little unsure of the style, the way the ties sit, they're right on the hips so accentuate the size of the hips, making them look bigger. Although I do like the light skirting, the asymmetrical hem and the chiffon material. I did buy this skirt, so I'll work on some good ways to help balance out the hip-issue^ It Girls 22SD's
Lace Yellow Top - This is another piece that I knew wouldn't be for me - I do love yellow, don't get me wrong, but this crochet-style of piece is one I haven't gotten a lot of wear of in the past. I think the design is nice, I like the different strapping and the cut of the neckline, but it just doesn't fit my style preferences. And actually, this shade of yellow didn't work out so well with my dolls skin tone! RIO 18SD's
Yellow Sandals - I was disappointed we had to wait almost until the end of the month to get to the shoes! These yellow strappy sandals are the perfect summer heel, with a thin heel with good height and delicate strapping in a crossed pattern around the foot. I'm always up for more yellow shoes so these ones are perfect for me - although the shade of yellow does blend in just a little to my dolls foot, but they will suit anyone without a tanned skin tone well =D Bizou 17SD's
Proenza Schouler Inspired Mule - And lastly, the most anticipated shoe ever, these sure lived up to expectations! We all love a mule, lets not beat around the bush, and these being white, with a pointed toe, and a kitten-heel-height and a sweet bow across the foot ... what's not to love! These look amazing on the doll and will suit so many different styles, which I've seen in the looks I've spotted so far with these shoes! I am so excited to style these up =) Evil Panda 18SD's

Spotted this one early on in the month, Mery.- wearing the Pleated Dress in a very cool and styled Parisian outfit! I was quite sure this needed to be a stand out piece worn on it's own, but this look shows how well it goes with a lot of different pieces - I love this grey-ish over shoulder jacket and these cool gingham-strapped sandals, they both look great with the dress, as does the yellow Dior bag!
Next up from dm2udm2u styling the White Shirt Skirt which I think looks so chic and completely opposite to the casual vibes I thought it might attract! It looks so good layered with this jumpsuit, what a great idea, the two pieces work together nicely in terms of colour and design. Loving the accessories with the purple hints in the earrings and bag^
And also wearing the White Shirt Skirt is nadeen_nadz making it look quite different in this totally different styling! It's still a layered look, and the skirt looks god over these white jeans, the colours make the shirt part of the skirt really stand out. I like the use of blacks in the look, from the stripes and mesh of the tops to the strapping of the shoes, it all looks great =)
Styling the shoes in these last few features, janetteLow wears the Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules in a cool flouncy feminine styling =) Love the frilled socks with the shoes, it's a sweet style, and the cropped white trousers such a great choice for the shoes. The top combination stands out too, the pearl detailing is beautiful!
And finally millaxx, also in the Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules but also with the Velvet Tote in this casual city-styling. Adore these rolled jeans with both pieces, they're perfect to show off each of the HB's, the roll gives a good ankle for highlighting the shoe while the colour works well with the velveteen of the bag. Love the white blouse and the chiffon belting - super light, stylish but also casual!


And lastly, my stylings! I loved working with these pieces, still a fan of navy but loving this infusion of lavender into my wardrobe^ The Aviator Purple Sunglasses have proven their worth, they're so versatile and easy to wear with so many styles and colours - I'm excited to have these! And naturally I was very colour-themed with the pieces wearing matching looks that I think are cute^ These pieces all have a summery feel to them and I think they will last well over the next several months =)

Red out

How adorable is this styling from sarah_1980?!?! I love the use of the Fairisle-knitted vest from the recent Runway release (will be review this week!), it looks so stylish and it works so well with the polka dot frilled skirt, it's a style of combination that I really like! The frilled blouson sleeves add a feminine and light touch, it's perfect, as do the mules which are the perfect shoe choice in this look! The red Gucci belt bag suits the fit of the sweater well and I love the pop of gold in the earrings - overall a stunning combination =D

Sunday, 29 April 2018

9 T O 5 | Styled Outfit

Somewhat a celebration of exploration in the recent release of 9 To 5 in the Plaza, highlighting the outdoors and adventurous roles that women can have in their careers - while there wasn't a whole lot to review, there was certainly one piece that caught my eye for styling, the White Explorer Shirt, and so that's what this post is today! I started styling this up and very quickly realised that 'it's a white shirt, not much can go wrong!' and it's true, white shirts are so easy to style and fit with so many pieces that are already in our wardrobes, there's probably a million ways to wear one! I chose 3 slightly different styles for my looks: skirt, smart, and casual and I think it works well in showing off some of the versatility of the shirt. Firstly I love the design of it, it's got a nice snug fit to the body, so makes it an easily tucked-in piece, and I also love the sleeve length and the neckline. It worked perfectly with this tuille midi skirt, the light colours make this a nice summer styling and the white of the shirt means there's plenty of accessories to choose from - I love these beige and brown tones, the bag pops out for sure! In my second styling I went for smart straight-leg trousers, smart heels and my favourite white bag, this is great for office-wear, even though none of our dolls ever need to go to one^ The shirt fitted nicely with so many pairs of the trousers I have, so it's a good one to include in your collection! And finally, pairing jeans with the shirt, again, so many pairs of jeans worked with this, but this time around I liked the slightly darker denim and the cropped length, paired with trainers, for a really casual theme to the look. I struggled a little with a jacket, I felt like it needed one, but this shirt isn't the easiest to pair with outerwear - in the end I've gone for holding the yellow leather piece, which adds a little spring to the look and makes it a tad less plain.
Overall I'm really happy with this shirt, and happy to add it to my extensive white shirt collection!


More cute stylings with the recent The Jet Set release, this time from Isabella8103 and I'm absolutely loving these lavender culottes with the heart printed sweater, the most adorable combination ever!!! The colours of the hearts are absolutely perfectly toned to match the trousers, and I also love the layering of the patterned shirt beneath, it works nicely and suits the overall style. The shoes, bag and glasses are perfect fits with the pastel and purple theme to the look - the black definitely stands out as a contrast, but I don't think it's too much, I think it works and ties in pretty well with the details on the sweater and top. Plus the bob hairstyle is a great addition!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Geek Out

This weeks' Runway release was a bit of a shoulder shrug for me, but for some reason, I'm very taken with this sweater vest.

IRL, I am a complete disaster, so this kind of look speaks to me. It says 'it's okay Miloshki, Alexander McQueen says this is cool now, you'll be fine.' (or maybe that's just me whispering to myself, who truly knows?) Admittedly, I've pushed the geeky agenda with this look with the puffy jacket, glasses and slightly frumpy jeans. The quirky bags and 'fashion-y' shoes stop this from descending into a full blown costume. I hope.

Speaking of, get these HotBuys shoes while you still can. They were absolutely worth waiting all month for.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Alexander McQueen Inspired Sweater | Runway
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Rolled Up Blue Jeans | The JetSet
Femdem Jacket | Museum Mile
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Fendi Inspired Purses | Subcouture
HotBuys Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules | Evil Panda

Silver street

So I didn't write about the recent Original Future release, because it wasn't really for me, but ajenkam is a perfect advert for the release with this outfit! I love the use of the light blues in the look, they make it seem spring-like and nautical, especially with the stripes. The jeans and trainers have a casual design, which works well with the stand-out silver shoulder duffle bag - it won't work in all outfit styles, but this one is good for it =D Also loving the perspex glasses, they're not over the top but add a nice touch to the style!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Double Straps Nude Maxi | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Shortly after I purchased this Double Straps Nude Maxi from The Jet Set in the 40% Plaza sale a few weeks ago, I spotted Marbum wearing it and I knew it was the perfect opportunity for a Styled By You / / Styled By Me! I love the colour of this dress against both out dolls tanned-toned skin, I think it stands out really nicely and you can see the clear gradient of the colour on the dress which I didn't really notice in store. In Marbum's look I loved the use of it layered over jeans, it adds such a casual vibe to the piece, yet the accessories speak another story, with the golden heels and the cool drop-earring, very fancy^ With my look I went a little mixed on the styles - I think the heels definitely speak glamour, and I love the tone of them against the dress, it works and I'd wear the combination again =) But the bag and leather jacket speak more casual tones for the look, I think both work out well and the jacket is such a cool piece for any outfit! But these two styling both tell that straw-style bags are a definite winner with this dress =D

Burgundy babe

I loved wearing my black and white florals with these smart green trousers, and SoMillie looks great pairing them with burgundy florals! I love this blouse with the trousers, it has a good fit and the colours are perfect with the green. Using burgundies in the accessories too isn't overwhelming, the styles all fit together perfectly, I wish I had those shoes so I could also wear them with the trousers^

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Suite Style

Suite time - and something bright and fresh, perfect for the spring-summer season, coming to you from frankieiz12! In fact, all of the rooms in this suite look amazing, but this is just one, so you should take a look at the others as well =D I love the use of block white, in the sofa, the chair, stairs, side-table and shelving, it gives the room a great base which has been played on well with the addition of the wooden tables in the middle and all of the decor and textiles piece - the sofa is wonderfully layered with cushions! The use of plants is also great, they've been dispersed nicely through the room =)

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Print mix

Summer is coming soon in this styling from the_chuba making layering a summer sport too^ This look uses a lot of lighter based pieces, colour and material, to layer up - and I love it! These trousers look great resized, the cropped length is lovely and makes them much more wearable, and I love the look of the printing with the stripes of the split long shirt, it's light and works really nicely. Both pieces look good with the coat too. And I love the accessories, the gold accents look nice, the shoe snake-print is definitely not too much in the mix with things, I love that the outfit looks good with a flat shoe^

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Red or dead

Another great styling with the spring Jet Set release today from send. looking smart and stylish in sleek red and black. I love this shirt combination, the shaping of the two at the shoulders and neckline is very cool, it's interesting and stands out well, and the fit looks great with the paper-bag high waist trousers! And a cool shoe combination of patent pieces, the twisting shape of the black pair highlights the red and I love the meshed socks added. Also loving the bag choice with the fringed earring added as a keychain, so cute^


This is an unusually feminine look for me, but I just couldn't help it - this silky brown shirt was giving me some serious sophisticated vibes. Throw in a hat at a jaunty angle and well, I'm ready for a day at the races. 

This look mostly showcases what you can do once you've got a hang of the resize glitch - I've shrunk the skirt, tilted the hat and rotated two purses to make a Charlotte Olympia style Lucite clutch. If you've never come across the resize glitch before, it's definitely worth learning about as it makes a boring or limited wardrobe suddenly bursting with new possibilities. 

It's a fairly basic principle: choose an item from your wardrobe, resize and/or rotate it in your suite, then drag it close enough to your doll, but not so close that the item automatically 'clips' onto your doll's body. You want to still be able to see the price tag. Drag it as close as you possibly can without making the tag disappear! Let go of the item and it should 'clip' onto your doll but in its newly rotated or resized state. It'll probably take a few tries to get it right, but persevere, for the rewards are life-changing!

Ingredients | You Will Need

Silk Brown Blouse | 9to5
HotBuys Cannes Skirt | HotBuys Weekly
LE Straw Hat | Limited Edition
The Knot Belt | It Girls
HotBuys No5 Purse | Bonjour Bizou
Camel Clutch | Callie's Picks
Malta Clear Stilettos | Riviera

Monday, 23 April 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2017

Coming back to last year's HB's today - a right spring mash-up of pieces! As a whole, not my favourite, the pieces don't entirely seem to fit together in a theme, there's a lot of things going on; stripes and checks and tight and loose fits. I really wanted to love the Some Bunny Sweatshirt, I really tried, but it just doesn't work, in contrast, love the Multi Stripe Midi Skirt, which is fantastic and the style is lasting. This time round I've gone with accessories, the Valentino Inspired Heels and Suede Multi Coloured Handbag, and ended up including the Blood Orange Sunglasses in both looks too:
I love these looks, and didn't mean for them to be so matchy with their warm orange tones but I love these as a set! And also with dresses, didn't intend to choose super similar ones but nude tones work well with all of these accessories! In the first look the ankle length of the skirting works to show off the heels, and also the colour of it allows for boldness in the accessories and other additions - this bag, for one, is my favourite piece to pair with the shoes! The yellow jacket keeps the reds light, which I like. In the second styling I've used both the orange and red stripes from the bag in the shoes and vest respectively and I actually really like it! I tried the look with a selection of darker and red toned shoes, but nothing ever came out quite as good as this combination =D

SETting the stage

Starting our week full with a set of features from pandaribbon in some spring stylings - what a host of trends and cool pieces used in these looks! I loved the use of mixed florals throughout the looks, they go so well with all the variations on stripes, especially the 3rd look, the blue metallic florals with the blue and yellow skirt which is an unbelievably good match! The accessorising on this one is spot on too, love the cuffs on the shoes and the chunky belt^ Also loving the gingham with the stripes in the 4th look, they go well together and the use of denim through the styling is eye catching - those earrings are so stand-out though!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers

Springtime truly has arrived and that is reflected in this months choice of piece - the Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers from Nelly, a light and loose pair of trousers which make great spring summer stylings! They are very much alike culottes, a favourite style of mine, so it makes them fairly easy to wear and their light tone makes them very versatile in terms of matching for colour!
Flirting feminine tones and accessories
Being beige, these trousers are versatile, naturally my first thoughts are to go with pink and feminine styles for them, because the pink tones in the beige really can get highlighted this way =) The fit on the waist makes for some good tucking of shirts and tops, I just love that!
1 | All out with the pink and my favourite sweater, this goes so well with the trousers an I love the shape to the outfit. The length of the trousers is perfect for these ankle-strap shoes too^ Couldn't help the pink accessories, this little quilted bag is the sweetest, perfect colour fit!
2 | Femininity in design and not colour, this broiderie anglaise top is perfect and it's a beautiful fit with the trousers making them feel much lighter. I accessorised with more white and I think it works, love the cut of these shoes and the quilting of the Dior bag with the trousers too.
Being a bag babe, they can make all the difference
I absolutely adored these orangey hues with the trousers, such a great fit, the trousers give great opportunity for showcasing a colour like this because they are so versatile - and they've a great piece for crossbody bags it turns out!
3 | Going glam, this sparkly piece is the sweetest and the neutral colour is perfection with the trousers, it gives you so many options for the rest of the look! I chose to stay neutral with the top and shoes, which lets the bag-trouser combination stand out, then put this burnt orange cardigan ontop - I love it!
4 | This Chloe-style bag is another perfect piece for the trousers, it looks like such an elegant designer combination. I'm so glad I've hung onto this top, because in this look and this set - it's perfect! It has neutral tones but amazing details which work well in this look, the little orangey striping on the sleeves pops and the florals are the cutest design^
Outerwear all over with some dark choices
And darker looks do work too! It was somewhat challenging to pick outerwear that worked just right with the trouser shape, but I think I managed to come out with good choices - I found a few others that worked, but most of the things I had weren't quite right, the length really matters with this one!
5 | I've worn this combination of the trousers and camouflage jacket before, but I couldn't help myself because it's a good pairing! The crop of the jacket is absolutely perfect with the trouser waist-line, and the burgundy details on it provide the other colour for the look - this v-neck vest is pretty great too, love this look =)
6 | And the final look, a little different, a looser longer jacket but I think it works as the material is still light hanging, and the lower fit works with that of the trousers. The glittered details prompted that theme in the accessories - the versatility of the trousers means this works! I love the green and pink and gold glitters, they all work nicely with both the trousers and the jacket!

Lace check

Lace and layers today from Evathia in this cool styling! I think the lace dress and the checked boots are definitely a brave choice, but it works together and both share the spotlight equally in the styling =) I think it works because it's the focus of the look, the white body with voluminous sleeves is the only other addition and it makes a good base for the lace patterning and doesn't impede on the boots. The basic black accessories fit nicely, and don't overwhelm the look - a great job =D

Saturday, 21 April 2018

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

Brand new Jet Set last week, a great surprise and a great collection to be added to our current Plaza offerings. The advertising is great, I love the filtered colouring to the background and I think it sells a modern and range of styles with the very cool-looking models!
Highlights It's the usual one floor release in this store, but it's absolutely packed with so many looks and styles, it's so exciting^ And there's a look for males in this release as well, but it definitely doesn't stand out so impressive as the female choices. I like the continued use of the same interior throughout the store, it adds a nice continuity and this style is a good base for a lot of clothing themes =)
Accessories There's a great range to choose from, but focussed on bags and shoes as there is no jewellery or other additions with this release, but I don't mind so much. There are 4 pairs of shoes, all on the summery theme. The Snakeskin Sandals and Leather Black Sandals are both strappy styled shoes with lower heel heights, which I like. I do think these shoes look much more impressive when you look at them close up, you really get to see the details, but the Leather Black Sandals are definitely the most versatile of the shoes. Then there are the Glitter Platforms, and despite them being silver I just can't love them because of that chunky heel, for me it's one that doesn't work, and I think the shoes could look great without it. Lastly the Faux Fur Sandals, which are flat and actually pretty cute - again I think they look a lot better close up, the fur looks great and the colour is very fresh. There are 3 bags in the store, and they all have great designs - the Celine Inspired Luggage Bag is a modern striped piece, I love the colours and the take on the classic design. Then the Textile Pouch, yet another piece that needs you to zoom in to see those features - the weaving is great and the tone of colours is great for spring and I love the multicoloured zip tassel. Lastly the Belt Bag (the name doesn't work for the piece at all!) which I think has been a favourite among many for the very cool and designer-themed design - I love the overall style of the piece, the size, the sit on the body, and the colour, everything just works for it and I'm excited to wear it!
Clothing Super impressed with the clothing, everything is just on top form^ There's so much to choose from in a great style! There are 3 dresses, all with a darker base for their design, the black and mesh Crochet Black Tunic, a perfect summer piece with the overall design, great for the beach or pool! The Bodycon Stripes Dress and Crochet Dress are more fashion-based - I love these pieces, the first is a great midi dress for spring and summer and will make a great layering piece as a skirt too, the boldness of the blue is fab too, totally what my wardrobe was missing^ And I adore the colours of the Crochet Dress, the navy skirting is fab and the pretty colours on the top are perfect, I love them and I'm so glad they look great on my doll, love the drilling around the arms too, it's an absolutely amazing piece! I also love the trousers on offer in the store, they're pretty fantastic and current - the Cropped Jeans, a culotte style lavender pair of trousers that are so perfect right now. They fit well with the HBs this month and with my Wearing post! The shape and fit of them is great too. Also in jeans are the Rolled Up Blue Jeans, a high waisted straight leg style of denim in a dark wash, they're a surprise piece for me to like, but it's nice to have something just that little bit different in your wardrobe. And of course I like the black High Waist Trouser! They've got an almost velveteen texture, a paperbag waist and a cropped length, they're a flattering pair of trousers and I think they will look good on everyone! There's such a feminine feel to the tops and I love it, they remind me of a few bloggers that I follow^ The Detailed White Blouse has, quite rightly, been an incredibly popular piece. It's in the trendy broiderie anglaise style which is popular and versatile, the overall design is great, I love the tuck to the hem and the frill of the sleeves - it's a solid summer piece! So is the Cotton Knit with those adorable puffed mesh-design sleeves and the high neck, plus the colour, so versatile and the piece will go with so many light pairs of trousers, shorts or skirts! 
Prices Being The Jet Set, this store is an SS-only one, so there is that limitation, the costs range from 12 to 22SD's, which I think is really reasonable for the great styles on offer - not great when you buy everything, it sure adds up quickly, but I think these are some key spring summer pieces!
Styled Outfits I really did buy almost everything from the store! Today (based on the pieces styled in the features below) I've just gone for the dresses in spring summer looks! First up the Crochet Dress, which could really just be worn on it's own because it's so fabulous^ But I paired it up with this yellow over-shoulder jacket because yellow and navy get a thumbs up from me^ The red shoes add another great pop and fit with the colouring on the top half of the dress. Overall it's simple, but it's a classic style! Secondly the Bodycon Stripes Dress which is such a perfect match for this light jacket, they look awesome together^ White accessories look good for a warmer weather look, but darker ones would also suit the dress, maybe for wearing in the autumn. And lastly the Crochet Black Tunic, which I've layered up with a skirt for a more covered style while still showing the meshing in the hem - I think this works really nicely for making the dress more wearable! It's an easy one to accessorise, and they can really transform the piece for either a day or night look =)
Features And the features! I've already shown a couple on the blog because everyone has been loving this collection, but here are 3 more with a focus on the trousers of the release. First up alma1902 wearing the High Waist Trousers in this cool fashion-based workwear look - I love them with the white shirt and the hanging blazer, but the use of the accessories makes it stand out. These mules are perfect and fit well with the tone of the beret and the bag, which has been uniquely styled with belting for added detail, a great idea^
Secondly France25 wearing the Rolled Up Blue Jeans in this cool rebel-esque look using the fishnet blouse, I think it kinda works! I love the red pop with the boots and at the waist too, it definitely works and makes you stop and look at the outfit. Also loving the chunky belt and bag combination, it works out really nicely for the overall style =)
And finally gagapocker going for a more feminine styling with the Cropped Jeans - I love the lace blouse with them, the styles are great together and they fit nicely on the doll! The sunglasses are a perfect addition, tying in well with the jeans. The shoes are great, they are minimal and suit the outfits style, and also loving the pink tone of the lips, it's a perfect beauty addition!

Spring Forward

It's been so warm! I can't deny it's Spring anymore...

Lilac is the colour of the year and these culottes from the fab JetSet release are lovely and fresh for the season!

Green is also really energetic for spring - all that new life breaking through. This combination of the two shades is delicate and clean, and with some freshly cut flowers, you might as well be mother nature, if mother nature wore culottes of course. 

Ingredients | You Will Need 

Cropped Jeans | The JetSet
LE Oversized Open Crisp Shirt | Limited Edition
Hobeika Insp Top | Windows on the World
Crossbody Green Bag | Windows on the World
Baroque Shades | Voile
Ankle Strap Platform Sneakers | Original Future
Florist Leaf Twig | 9to5
Florist Daisy 3 | 9to5
Florist Flower Twig 2 | 9to5
Florist Flower 2 | 9to5
Florist Flower 1 | 9to5

Masculine power

A little more of The Jet Set featured before the review tonight - this time denim from 3melekbir_arada! These jeans have looked great in so many looks since their release and this masculine-based style fits right in with them =) The use of all black in the rest of the style makes the blue really pop against the base, and I really liked the masculinity of the squareness of the shoulders on the shirt and the heaviness that the ruched boots had - great boots and they look fab with these jeans! The little gold touches in the belt and earrings are very nice too^

Friday, 20 April 2018

Dear denim 2

More cool stylings with denim, this time paired with delicate styles, coming to you from ajenkam, a style favourite around here^ I love the use of the double waistband of the denim, it's not something I ever thought I'd like, but in this look, it works. It provides the perfect waist height for the tuck of the shirt and I like the contrast between the rips of the denim and the femininity of the broiderie blouse, they've perfect together^ I like the accessorising too, the bag is a perfect fit and the pointed heels stand out nicely, as does the earring, it all looks great together =D

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Pastel perfection

Perfect pastels in today's feature styling from ashleybaby93 making good use of the recent Jet Set release! This look goes all out with the lilac centred around the perfect spring culottes, these sunglasses and golden-bar sandals are an absolute perfect set of accessories, I absolutely adore the combination! Also loving the peachy pink crossbody-bag, it adds just a little of a nice contrast, and the dusty pink lip colour is pretty sweet matching this too. The hairstyle is a great choice, it really highlights the face and the use of lilac in the sunglasses^

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Angelic Anglaise

The first of many features working with the recent Jet Set release (review coming soon!), this one from singiel looking fairly angelic with the broderie anglaise shirt paired with this fitted maxi white skirt - the two look perfect together, the styles and fit of each piece works really nicely. I love the addition of the white bow in the hair, it works with the vibe, and also the pearl-esque earrings, they're fitting with the angelic aura I'm getting

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Pleather glam

A cool sleek style from Uplooad today, going with the pleather and the glossy glam of the orange lipgloss which really attracted me to this style^ The beauty styling is pretty fantastic, with the blush matching the lip really nicely and the smokey black around the eye tying well with the pleather skirting, it looks so good, and has great contrast with the soft smartness of the blue open neck rolled sleeve shirt and the white stockings and heels, fabulous choices made there, and I like the final addition of the floral bag, super nice to see there! 

Pale and Interesting (?)

I went on a massive spree in the plaza this week, but my favourite purchase was this checked coat from The JetSet, which was, of course, not on sale. Naturally. 

I was going to style it with bright colours, but it worked really well with this pale pink double breasted jacket. The one I've styled is from Pearls which is a more fitted, almost cropped step-sibling to the iconic square-cut powder pink jacket from MSW. It really excels when it comes to layering as it'll tuck under a multitude of overcoats yet still giving the impression of being cinched. 

So overall, what we get instead is a pastel-toned seventies moment, if such a thing can be achieved. 

Maybe it's just the neckerchief giving me Scooby-Doo vibes. Jinkies. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Checked Coat | The JetSet
Pink Jacket Woman | Pearls
Pop the Collar Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Yamamato Vintage Inspired Shirt | Windows on the World
 Powder Pink Tuxedo Pants | MSW
Light Pink Glasses | Bonjour Bizou
Perfect Cream Scarf | Limited Edition
Modern CC Clutch | Special Offer
Pure White Loafers | Melbourne Minimalism