Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #97

And todays challenge post features my final bag from the Royalty Pucci collection which unfortunately has now been removed from the Plaza! This is the Pucci Tassel Shoulder Bag, and alike the other bags from this specific collection, it's a piece I haven't really thought about styling before, but actually I think it's been the easiest of the set to put into a look and I really like what I've come up with for it =D I like the contrast against the bright yellow and golden belt and shoes but the matching with the sweater despite a little mismatch in the black tones. I think this is definitely a piece I'm excited to give a go in some more stylings, and this one showed me how easy it was to pair with items in my wardrobe!


Looking glamorous and ready for the party season in this look from marina495! It's very classic glamour orientated, especially with the beauty look and sweet bobbed hair and bright red lip, I totally love this as an eye-catching point of the look. The brocade looks amazing in this look, but I also like the creativity in the shirt, combining a blouse and then a laced piece to look like a continuing of the brocade, totally perfect^ 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

M R . | Styled Outfits

Also a little while ago, but better late than never, we got a new Mr. release, or more, the guys got a Mr. release! It wasn't something I wanted to review, but there are definitely pieces included that can work for both the guys and girls =D I picked two of my favourites to purchase and style and I hope you enjoy working some of the other pieces into your closets too girls^ So first up is the Suede Patch Overshirt, which I really took more as a jacket, perfect for autumn or spring I think. These tan/neutral striped trousers definitely seemed a good fit in terms of colour and I really like how the style has turned out. The stripes definitely have a presence so I stuck minimal on the shirt and the bag, but I think all the pieces work out nicely with each other. Secondly the Cashmere Melange Turtleneck, which is one of the most versatile pieces of the release. I went for something pretty basic with jeans and a coat but going in a winter direction with the heavier coat and choosing boots. This is a pretty different style for me, but I really like the outcome =D

Good culotte

I do love a good culotte styling, as we all know, and this one from federerexpress fits the bill exactly! The outfit also uses a great pinstripe jumpsuit underneath, and the two pieces fit together really nicely, a smart match^ And the rest of the look is super smart too with the chiffon neckscarf and neat handbag, very good choices! Also love the sunglasses, the lighter colour of the frames definitely suit the style. Hair and beauty also spot on, those lips are fab =D

Monday, 28 November 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #96

It's been a little while since the last challenge post - and since then the challenge has reached it's 1yr anniversary, which is a little crazy! Almost 100bags styled in a year, crazy, and there's a lot more to come, hopefully I will finish before the challenge reaches 2yrs old^^ Anyway this next piece, alike the last pieces, is from the Royalty store and is the Pucci Suede Handbag. I've had this piece since the collection was released and I've either styled it once or I haven't at all, and I don't see many people working with this piece either, so some fresh air for this fringing! It's not the most ideal of bags, I do find it very large and if it were half the size I know it would get more use, but I do like the tan colour despite it not being a colour I wear often. So I decided to highlight it with all these nude tones and I think it's done the job^ Love it with this coat though, I definitely want to try them both out with more things together =D

Silver shiney

Suuuper duper casual today, but I love this combination from the_chuba! What stood out to me was the use of the It Girls Miu Miu Inspired Silver Sneakers, they look awesome and are perfectly styled in this look. The ripped jeans and leather jacket style is one which will work everytime, but I like the addition of the oversized top, it works well, as do the jacket in hand along with the printed scarf and rose sunglasses, they're a good style-fit together. Also very much loving the big hair look, totally perfect in this outfit =D

Sunday, 27 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Designer Woven Handbag

Now the final HB of the weekend and of the month - it's been a strange set this time, a lot of clustering of the pieces! So this is the Designer Woven Handbag coming from the It Girls store and costing 20SD's, yep it's a little pricey for a bag this size but I think we've all seen the prices rising for the HBs in the past month so this isn't anything new unfortunately. I quite like the piece nevertheless, the colour is definitely one that can stand out and the style is good, I love bags with the two chains so I look forward to getting this one styled for both this post and for the challenge!
Super pretty stylings with this one, I think it has a great versatility and a good potential for some awesome outfits =D I don't know how you guys will pick for the poll, definitely a hard call:

Dark denim

Perfection for winter in this styling from mileycoolgirl25! This is a fab look for the A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt from Bizou, it's become the perfect winter piece in the styling and it goes so well with the oversized knitwear. I really like the continuation with the black in the look going with thick tights and wedges, I definitely don't think it's too much of the dark tone^ Love the hair and beauty look too, sleek but natural =D

Saturday, 26 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Stone Washed Mom Jeans

Hotbuy number 2 of the weekend - the Stone Washed Mom Jeans! These are from It Girls and cost 23SD's. Considering we do have quite a few very similar pairs, in terms of style and colour, in the plaza right now, I don't necessarily think these were an essential piece for the Hotbuys this month, and they're certainly not the cheapest of the bunch! Nevertheless, we style them anyway, but if you don't want to spend the money there are definitely alternatives for you^
We've both gone pretty casual with these, but I liked including the lighter denim in a more wintery styled look, maybe that's something I'll try more this year - it's definitely winter now! And vote in the poll too:

Yellow tint

Looking a little summery in yellow today from twittersred! I really love this sweater and had to show this styling with it, it definitely stands out =) Casual jeans are great with the piece, I especially love the extra casual-ness added from the tied sweater around the waist - but it's been super glammed up since then! The heels and glittered socks are perfect and quite adorable, plus love the Fendi bag chosen =D

Friday, 25 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Camouflage Bomber

And the start of another HB filled weekend! This is the Camouflage Bomber from Original Future costing 25SD's, a little pricey but I think the style and print are fairly popular and I don't see the price putting off many people, it's definitely a current piece. I'm not sure of my opinion on this one, it's definitely got something there but I'm not sure if it's me, I look forward to giving it a fair shot though =D
I love both the looks, I think we make the jacket seem quite wearable, I'm definitely excited to see other users' take on the piece in their own styles! Plus vote in the poll as usual:

Layer tones

Cool and casual and perfectly wintery in todays feature from yulissahermosa! I love the layering put together in this style with the gradient from darker through lighter greys and then to white at the hem and the ends of the oversized sleeves. Love the black boots providing a contrast against the clothing but also fit in with the darker hairstyle. I really liked the beauty look on this one, the hairstyle is super sleek and trendy and I love the addition of the little clasps, very sweet and versatile^ 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

I T G I R L S | Release Review

And the final release that happened while I was away, which was like 2 weeks ago, but nevermind - It Girls! I do love a good It Girls release, there are always some great pieces to be had! The homepage ad is minimal but I think it's effective in showing off a few of the pieces but the background colour definitely gives a little idea of some of the colours available =D
Highlights This release has the usual one floor of items. I don't see a clear theme, other than being stylish pieces, but there are quite a few metallic based items in the store which I think stand out very nicely. Doesn't so much fit the winter season with all the pieces, but overall I really like this one =)
Accessories There is a small selection of accessories with focus on bags and shoes, but also includes the Blush Contrast Fedora which I think is a nice addition amongst the others. I really like both pairs of shoes on offer, the Miu Miu Inspired Silver Sneakers offer a great casual feel to the collection as a whole, I think they'll be great come spring but I do love their metallic colouring! And also the Leather Sock Ankle Boots, which I think are just kinda perfect^ They're very on trend with their style and cool pointed toe, and I think they're just what we've been needing on the boot front of things in the plaza, hopefully they will make a lot of people happy! Then there are 3 bags, 2 blush coloured, the Aerin Velvet Clutch and Blush Round Handbag and rounded off with the stand-out blue JW Inspired Bag. It's hard to pick a favourite from these, but I look forward to giving them all a go for my challenge eventually!
Clothing The clothing is definitely the huge focus with this release, and I'm pretty impressed overall with it! I'm gonna start with the metallics because they really do draw your attention immediately upon seeing the store. There's a range of items, but skirts definitely hold the majority - there's the Velvet Marilyn Dress in a pretty muted green-y tone, then the bright and light Pleated Rose Midi Skirt followed by the Rose Gold Mini Skirt which is a beautiful bronze colour with a matching top, the Rose Gold Metallic Top. I really like the range of colours in these pieces as they really do give you a lot of options for styles. Then there's also a little in the way of prints, obviously the Velvet Paisley Jacket and Pants which I really like for the colour and the velvet material - I've seen a lot of both of these pieces around suites, so they definitely seem popular! The rest of the clothing is a bit of a mix between tophalves and bottomhalves. With the tophalves there are mostly long sleeved pieces, which I like for this season as I've been enjoying longer sleeves for a while now. I bought quite a few pieces, my favourites include the Fuzzy Contrast Edge Sweater and Trumpet Sleeve Turtleneck, the first is great at standing out in a crowd with the bright colour but it seems a little more spring/summer than winter, and the second is minimal but definitely a piece not to be forgotten! Pieces which also stand out definitely include the Frills and Stripes Shirt and Ruffled Denim Shirt. Both of these have really great shapes which make them individual pieces and looks with them really have caught my eye so far. For the bottomhalves there seems to be a focus on denim, which is a bit different for the overall store release, but I quite like the offerings we have! There's the Vintage Stone Washed Denims in a classic high waist cropped leg style with a good colouring, and then the slightly more interesting Two Tone Kick Flare Jeans, which are also slightly high waisted and cropped but the colouring is pretty cool with a brighter blue on the top half and a deeper tone from the knee down, with an interesting shape from there too - I like this slightly different style and I think it definitely makes them an attractive item to purchase for their difference.
Prices The store ranges from 17 to 27SD's with a few SC items on offer too. I do think this is a little on the expensive side compared to previous It Girls releases, however in considering the release and what's on offer I don't think it's something I'd complain about or let me get put off purchasing items over because this release is definitely one of the better ones we've seen recently.
Styled Outfits I bought so many pieces from this store that my looks could have had a whole post to themselves, but I was hard on myself and made myself just go for 3 looks (plus I've already posted another at What I Wore On Stardoll)! So firstly I squeezed 3 pieces into this look, the Trumpet Sleeve Turtleneck, Vintage Stone Washed Denims and Leather Sock Ankle Boots. I just loved how these three pieces fitted together, and even though the jeans are much more casual, I liked them in there anyway. I glammed it up a little with this fur coat and a neck tie, but loved the green tone with the navy. In the middle I again wore the Leather Sock Ankle Boots but this time went with the other jeans, the Two Tone Kick Flare Jeans ... the look seems very un-me, but I quite like it! Went with a navy polo to balance the blue against the oversize black jacket but it pairs well with the boots and the bag I picked, I'm surprisingly happy with this odd choice^ And lastly, couldn't resist this pairing, the Velvet Paisley Pants and Jacket! Went with the usual black polo and totally amped up the velvet and the beautiful red colour with a matching clutch and platforms ... I don't think it needs any more description! 
Features Next up are the features! I've seen a lot of looks with these pieces so it was tricky to narrow it down. Firstly HannahCool1232 with the Pleated Rose Midi Skirt in this sweet feminine style which is very pretty. The top is a good choice keeping the look light but also seasonal for warmth and I also like the addition of the fur for that reason. The pointed heels are perfect for the skirt and I love the rose accessories of the glasses and the Dior, perfectly glam!
Next up two stylings from Heneda, both are amazing and I had to give a place to each of them! Firstly styling the Fuzzy Contrast Edge Sweater in this great blue look. Yellow and blue are a great combination and this look fits right on in, the skirt is a fab pairing, and I like the use of the polo and the shirt tails too. Accessories are spot on with the furry keychain and the earrings. I like the black heels with the look, they fit with the colouring on the skirt and they give a classic hint to the outfit.
And secondly styling the Rose Gold Metallic Top in this very glamorous style. I love it layered over the all white base, I think it's a very effective way to wear the piece for the current season. The top has been matched to the shoes while the other silver accessories exude the overall glitzy feel to the style =D
And lastly bey22304 wearing the Frills And Stripes Shirt in a very smart, yet stylish, way. I love the pairing of the blue with the black trousers, plus their shape with the high waist and crop leg suits the shirt well. Accessories are spot on with this chunky buckle belt and matching black handbag. My favourite part of the ankle boots and socks, totally on trend and working it for this look! 

Colour cutouts

I know I've featured a look with these (awesome) trousers before, but I couldn't help feature another, this time by chupaslady! I just love these trousers, I don't have any other description than love! The shape and fit is great and the colour panels are fab - look, they even work perfectly with my favourite style of boots^^ They work well with this leather jacket and the look has been lightened up by this casual grey tee and glamorised by the white Chanel bag, a great all round style =D

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

M M F A S H I O N | Release Review

Again, this store came out a while back, but this is the first chance I've got to post about this latest MM Fashion release! These releases can be quite hit or miss, but usually there are a few great items included that I find myself not able to live without!! The homepage ad looks pretty stylish, and maybe a little summery^
Highlights So we got two floor with this release of MM Fashion, the same we got the last time, but more than the previous 1 floor releases from this store. The theme is definitely summer fashion with a bright and light feel to the pieces and not really winter-style in sight! I don't mind this so much, but I'm happy for the challenge to get the pieces working in the current season. There is also a look for the guys, but I don't see it as anything too special.
Accessories There are a few choices on the accessories front, but it's quite a minimal range - two of shoes, bags and jewellery. The shoes come in fab glamorous colours, the Sequin Covered Pumps in a great blue and the Gold Knot Heels which are more of a sandal style. I'm quite tempted by the blue, but I'm happy to think about that one for a while before making my mind up. With the bags you can either go cross-body with the MM Signature Crossbody Bag in a great bright red or the MM Signature Handbag in a sweet blush pink. I love the colours of both of them, I think they really do stand out as great pieces from the entire collection. Then with the jewellery, I love the hooped sort of theme with the two pieces, the Double Hoop Earrings and the Gold Pleated Silver Choker (which doesn't look silver at all ... or fit the name!) and I really like both, but then again they're both gold so that's probably a given!
Clothing And next up the clothing! So the first floor contains a lot of lighter colours with a focus on pale pink, I like pink so this suits me just fine^ The focal point of this floor is definitely the Kendall Inspired Feather Cropped Top and Pastel Pink Trousers, which are definitely quite the style statement and I have to say I've not seen anyone go for these yet. I purchased the top and I plan on putting that into a look on What I Wore On Stardoll quite soon, but I think the trousers might be one step too much for me! Also on the floor is the Frills And Lace Playsuit which has great colour and lace detail but I think I'd rather it was a pair of shorts and a top as separates for the wearability factor, the Color Block Swimsuit, and the matching Crisscross Blouse and Asymmetrical Striped Skirt. I really quite like the Crisscross Blouse best of this floor, the colour is sweet and I really like the neat detailing across the top half along with the sleeve length and hem style and I look forward to getting this piece out in the spring! The second floor is much more blue with a nautical style focus, and I found a lot of pieces really grabbing my attention on this floor. There's not so much one focal look as there are three with this floor, the Cut Out Halter Dress, Polka Dot Bow Dress and the Flared Jumpsuit - with the last of the three being my favourite of them. Now this piece looks completely different in the store to when you put it on and zoom in - in the store it almost looks like a palm-print on a minimal scale, but pop it on and do a little zoom ... it's pinstriped, and just about a completely different colour! I think the stripes look really great, so it would be good if they were clearer, but it doesn't bother me all that much. The shape of the piece is fab, love the sleeves and the cool knotted pieces across the middle, I think it'll be perfect for next summer! That's not all from the floor though, there are three other looks and I really struggled not to buy everything! The Trumpet Sleeved Striped Sweater fits in with the jumpsuit style somewhat and I actually find myself loving it, I really like the contrast of the sleeves and the body with the colours chosen, and I think they work really nicely together. This is definitely one of the pieces which is a lot more useful all year round and isn't so much limited to spring or summer. Then there are two skirt+top combinations on offer, the Notted Cropped Top with the Off White Asymmetrical Skirt and the Asymmetrical Bow Top with the A Line Stripe Skirt and they're very beach/pier styles to wear I think, although the Asymmetrical Bow Top is very glamorous and sheen-y with the tone and material used, not so fitting with the collection but still a great piece^ 
Prices This release ranged from 10 to 25SD's, with some SC items and a couple of pieces as SS/Royalty only. I think this is pretty good for prices, with just a couple of items above 20SD's, I think it's pretty affordable - unless you buy a lot like I did, then the cost adds up quickly!
Styled Outfits I was quite excited to get to these, I did end up buying quite a lot and I really wanted to stick with my 'trying something different' mood too! So firstly the Asymmetrical Bow Top, I love the blue and I kinda wanted to go all out with it but I didn't have anything quite the right shade, so this black style is what came out instead, but I still really like it! I tried to keep a slightly glamorous feel while adding the slouched casual feel trousers - the slicked back hair definitely helped! Then the look in the middle with the Trumpet Sleeved Striped Sweater, definitely the 'surprise' choice for me as I think a lot of you wouldn't regard it as my style, but I loved working with it and keeping up the stripes with these trousers, the pair are a fab fit together! Stayed pretty minimal with the rest of the accessories too, but love the yellow belt there^ And the last look, styling the Off White Asymmetrical Skirt in a light winter-ish styled look. I really wanted to get something brighter in the mix and this look fills that quota^ I really liked using boots with the skirt and these beige ones are the perfect choice. Stayed super minimal, but I think it's really effective for the skirt, showing off the shape and the stripes =D

Black and white basics

Such a dreamy minimal style today from Nitielll...... in this great colour-basic look! I'm completely on the culotte band wagon, and this look fits right on in with this creative combination of them with the black and white combination, it's so perfect! They pair with the DKNY sweater well too, the fit of all the clothing is a great mix to wear and is oh so stylish. The accessories are also great, love the pointed heels and small black clutch, huge thumbs up =D

Special Royalty Black Embroidered Tuxedo Jacket | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Sometime in the past week or so, Stardoll released a new Royalty gift, which is always a nice surprise and doesn't happen all that often! This time this was the Special Royalty Black Embroidered Tuxedo Jacket (a bit of a mouthful!) which is pretty much as described in the title and the embroidery looks rather familiar doesn't it?! So I spotted this awesome styling my Marta-43 and knew if had to be featured with the use of the navy and red, they're great matches for the piece and really work in its favour! I gave this one a go too and went all matchy-matchy with the print, I like it! I don't think it's too overwhelming or anything! These red accessories are great against the darker background and fit in nicely with the red embroidery =D

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Gold Linked Choker

So many HBs in a short period of time! Here's the next one, the Gold Linked Choker from RIO and it's priced at 15SD's. I love chokers and I love gold so there's really nothing to have to sell me about this piece because I'm sold from the name alone! I was really excited to get to this one because I enjoyed styling the choker last month and I couldn't wait to get another, plus the design is a little different - the chain link really makes it a unique piece =D
As you can see, it's a hugely versatile piece - we've all gone very different directions with our styles and it works in each look with no bother at all! Plus remember to vote for your favourite in the poll:


Love this fresh burst from aby400 today in the feature! I've seen quite a few people wear this skirt really well, and this look fits right on in with that category^ The skirt looks great with these neutral white and grey colours, in fact I love it with the minimal stripe detail on the bag, and of course the very matching green striped heels! The shirt is a great idea too, pairing the white polo with these loose rolled sleeves is awesome^ Plus great hair choice =)

Monday, 21 November 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #95

Another little duo for tonights challenge post! These pieces are both from the Royalty store in the 'Pucci' release section - the Mint Pucci Belt Bag and the Rose Pucci Belt Bag which are identical in all but colour^ I didn't purchase these pieces initially, I only bought them several months ago this year because I thought they might make an interesting addition to this challenge =D I tried out quite a few different styles with these bags as I was quite convinced I wanted to wear them with jeans ... clearly that didn't work out! For the Mint Pucci Belt Bag I loved it with the lighter knitwear and this all-black-base style seemed to build up around it, but I loved staying casual with the trainers and a very light makeup look. With the Rose Pucci Belt Bag I went feminine with all that pink and the furry coat and I really like it - pink is one of my favourite colours but I do find it quite tricky to wear well, so I'm pleased with this outcome!

Beauty Snaps

Sunday, 20 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Slinky Dress

And our next HB of the weekend, the Slinky Dress - even just the name makes me want it! It's from Original Future and costs 27SD's, definitely a bit on the steep side for a more minimal piece, but I really quite like this one so I don't mind paying the price so much. Colour is great, and totally different to a lot of other Plaza pieces, so I think it fits in nicely - the shape is the total selling point I'd say though =D
I really find this quite a versatile piece, which surprised me, I think it would work easily in all seasons and we've really focused on current looks but it'll be great come next spring and summer! And vote in the poll too:


This look gets all the check marks from me, I just love it, Uplooad has delivered as always! I wear this burgundy combination quite a lot, the boots and trousers just work out so well together^ I love the addition of the lace trim to the trousers, adds a unique touch to them and the look plus it breaks up the colour in the bottom half of the outfit. Again love this slouched coat, it works in so many looks and I've worn mine a lot recently too. The lace cami is a great match for the trouser trim too. Accessories also quite fab, love the small use of silvers in the choker and the bag =D

Saturday, 19 November 2016

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Cashmere Melange Sweater

Ah our next HB is here and the first of this weekends releases, the Cashmere Melange Sweater from Bizou costing 20SD. This is a fairly minimal piece, but sweaters like this can be key wardrobe staples for the winter season and the colour and shape make it fairly versatile so I really think it is worth the money - lets see if we can convince you with our looks =D
I really like both of our looks, and it does show some versatility in the piece - I found it really easy to work into a lot of different looks so it really does cover a lot of different styles! And vote in the poll too:

Blue Street

Almost a tudor-esque style in todays feature from Mia1435 with that awesome collar! I love that polo, the colour is fab but it's specifically the collar itself which shines in this look paired with the vintage toned floral jacket, what a great pairing! I love that the pale blue has been continued with the faded jeans and the socks plus heels combo, this time round it gets a big thumbs up! Also like the bright red bag with tassel addition, very cute and adds to the outfit =)

Friday, 18 November 2016

V O I L E | Release Review

It was rather a while ago, but this is the first chance I've had to write about this latest VOILE release! Voile is a pretty decent and consistent store so I was excited to see this as a new release and even more excited by the advert - doesn't it just look kinda amazing?!?! I like everything about it, the model, the pieces, the colours, it gives such a good first impression =D
Highlights So this release had the usual two floors for VOILE and they are packed with glamorous eveningwear to choose from. Although the main focus is for the female dolls, there are a couple of male choices so you guys can spruce up your wardrobes for the winter party season too^ I really do feel the 'party season' vibe from this release, it's definitely there in both floors despite the different themes =)
Accessories There are a pretty good offering of accessories with this store, and quite an emphasis on jewellery I'd say. There are 4 pairs of heels to choose from, mostly sandal style pieces but also the chunkier Elie Saab Inspired Tassel Platforms. I love the bright blue colour of the Silk Bow Sandals, and I'm such a sucker for metallics, especially gold like the Opulent Knot Detail Heels which I loved styling below! Just one bag, the Voile Box Clutch, but I'm not too taken by it really. Now the jewellery - 2 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, a bracelet and a very glitzy brooch to pick from, I'm really impressed by the selection. I immediately went for the earrings myself, I love both the Tiffanys Inspired Diamond Earrings and the Peacock Blue Earrings, I think they suit the doll well and are easy enough pieces to work into outfits and really stand out on their accord. The High Collar Necklace is also a pretty standout jewellery piece and I think will be pretty popular from the store.
Clothing As expected, this store is allll about those dresses - and boy is there a great choice! So the first floor focuses on blacks and darker pieces to choose from while the second has a blue focus, which is something I quite like, it's different but super effective I think! Of the darker pieces, my eyes first go to the Pinstripe Lace Bralett Top and Pants, probably because they're not a dress, but I love the pink tone of the stripes as it makes them stand out from similar pieces we've had in the past. The shape of the two pieces is also good and they fit nicely. It's hard to choose favourites from the other pieces on the floor, everything is so unique in its own way, but I do really like the golden glitter of the Gold Glitter Mermaid Dress and the art deco printing of the Gold Velvet Art Gown even if it seems a little unwearable! The Belted Feather Coat is also sure to be a fit, I think it's a piece I'll save until we're deep into the winter and want some cool feathered embellishment to keep us bright eyed^ And more choices on the second floor of the release! The Black Velvet Body and matching Swallow Gala Skirt are immediate eye catchers and draw all the attention I think, plus being separates does make them that bit more appealing as you can work them however you want, for me I think the Black Velvet Body could be a surprise winner from the store. The same goes for the Gold Lame Pleated Body and Skirt, I totally wouldn't complain if this was a one-piece gown, but it's a good bonus that you can work with the pieces individually, the gold totally has me! The minimal pieces on this floor are good too, the Slinky Silk Gown in a beautiful cobalt blue, and the Jersey Mermaid Dress with tied waist and a cool sheer panel, and both are pretty versatile if that's what you're wanting! I'd maybe like some outerwear next time in VOILE, but these pieces will certainly tide me over until then =)
Prices This release ranged from 9 to 35SD's with everything pretty much appropriately priced for what it is. There are a couple of pieces which are SS/Royalty only and there are also a few items in SC's. Not really anything to complain about I think.
Styled Outfits I focused on my favourite accessory pieces for my looks in this post, firstly choosing the Tiffanys Inspired Diamond Earrings with a smokey style dark eye and this pretty light detailed dress, and secondly the Opulent Knot Detail heels and I kinda love this look! I tried out a different style for myself and really like how this turned out. The nude dress is a good base but I definitely enjoyed adding different spruces to make the look a little different, the butterflies and the glittered bag, a piece I'm really happy to wear again after styling it for the first time in the Bag It Up Challenge!

Yellow flare

Yellow can still look great in the winter season, as proven in this styling from Cimbilin today! I love the use of the yellow underneath the mesh shirt, it makes the colour present yet not overwhleming. The other black pieces give a good base and I adore the use of the slung jacket from Voile, it's been a personal favourite lately and I'm glad to see a lot of others using it too! The accessories are great, the pointed booties are perfect and I love the combination of the colour necklace over the studded bag to make a fab new piece =D

Thursday, 17 November 2016

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Last weekend brought us the latest Limited Edition release to the Plaza - on a Saturday no less! (Fret not though, Stardoll have released LE on Saturdays previously). I was still on my way back from my time away so I didn't have the agonising wait that some of you did, although it did mean some things were sold out when I got a look on Sunday. Anyways, enough rambling - I like the minimal homepage advert, I think the black and white effect definitely catch your eye there!
Highlights The store came with 3 floors packed with pieces. I can't identify a clear theme but there are a huge range of items and styles to choose from so it's clear there will be something for everything. One thing there aren't any of are male clothing items, although in recent LE collections they haven't been hugely impressive additions.
Accessories There is quite a range of pieces in the accessory category of the store release, including the usual  shoes, bags an jewellery but also including a few makeup items for both the lips, in the LE Dark Plumpy Lips which look a little like Candice's from this years GBBO, and for the eyes in the Chanel Inspired Red Eye Makeup Left and Right the colour of which is a great rich red which looks very nice on the doll. There are 6 pairs of shoes, mostly in booted heel styles which are great for the current season. I really quite like both the LE Super High Velvet Boots and the LE Burberry Inspired Lace Up Boots and think they could work really well in a lot of boots right now with current trends. There are just 4 bags with the collection, but they offer a good range between them with prints, metallics and denim in the LE Gucci Inspired Lion Bag, LE Falabella Gold Bag and the LE Stella McCartney Denim Bag, and although I really like all of them, I'm not so sure on the wearability of the pieces for me and my style, no doubt many of you guys will be different! The earring choice is super impressive with this release with a lot of choice in terms of separates. My personal choice is for a pair though, the Celine Inspired Hoop Earrings, very current in trend and very easy to style into a lot of looks.
Clothing With the huge range of styles available, there is therefore a lot of clothing in this store to cover! The seemingly best way to split it is by floor where there is some sort of colour divide, the first being paler with army-green and browns being offered, the second with a majority of black darker and sleeker pieces and the final being a little more decorated than the others.
First Floor These pieces were super popular in the release and I was just a little late to get them! The style is quite street, but at the same time the pieces are easily versatile to work into different styles, like the LE Oversized Open Crisp Shirt, LE Faux Crocco Skirt, LE Balenciaga Inspired Sherling Jacket and the LE Vetements Inspired Patch Denim. Although on the store the pieces are dressed up very smartly I can see them working very well much more casually.
Second Floor Very sleek with all the black clothing and the texture of the materials on this floor and I really think that will make it stand out in the pack. I very much like the LE Rodarte Inspired Bolero Top and Lace Skirt with a feminine touch through the flowing style materials. The LE Elegant Over The Shoulders Jacket was a very popular piece and sold out very quickly from the store - it's easy to see why though! These styles of jackets are easy to wear and are very popular in a range of outfits, so a classic black style one is sure to be a hit, no matter of the price^ There are quite a few other smart pieces here, like the LE Alexander McQueen Inspired Peplum Coat and the LE Balmain Inspired Cutout Top, I'm excited to see how people work these into their own styles and wardrobes!
Third Floor And the last floor, much more decorated and dress-orientated with the pieces. I'm a real fan of the midi and maxi pieces and definitely found it tough to choose between the LE Dolce Inspired Blush Dress, LE Burberry Layered Cocktail Dress, LE Chloe Inspired Cable Knit Dress, LE MiuMiu Inspired Brocade Skirt and LE Dior Inspired Skirt. And there's a really good selection of outerwear pieces to choose from - the LE D&G Inspired Faux Stole, LE Etro Inspired Faux Sherling Coat, LE Valentino Inspired Field Jacket, and lastly my favourite, the LE Velvet MiuMiu Inspired Jacket which I wish I'd been able to get! I love the furry sleeves and the great magenta colouring to the piece. I really think I could have worked this one out well =D
Prices This collection ranges from 16 to 149SD's, which is pretty much about right for an LE release I'd say, and on par with previous ones. The accessory pieces are reasonably well priced I'd say, especially the makeup choices.
Styled Outfits I went for 3 looks with most of the pieces I chose to get from the store. Firstly the LE Chloe Inspired Scarf, and I stuck with similar-ish tones and went with this paired top and trousers from Marc Jacobs, and I really liked the black jacket to give a little contrast to the green but not a huge amount. The middle look uses the LE Chloe Inspired Cable Knit Dress which I kept neutral with these pale boots and only added a little gold in the necklace. I could have done more in the way of accessorising, but for a first look with this piece, I was happy to leave it as is. And the final look uses the LE Burberry Layered Cocktail Dress, I had a lot of ideas for this one, but I really liked it combined with this jacket because it really lets the clothing beneath shine through and that's what this dress deserves!
Features This has been a super popular collection and it was easy to find some awesome looks featuring the pieces! First up is mecooooooooo styling the LE Alexander McQueen Inspired Chiffon Blouse and LE D&G Inspired Faux Stole in this sweet stylish outfit. The two pieces fit together nicely and the tones are only enhanced with further blush pink pieces^
Next, also embracing pink this time including the hair, is maniakpupili, also wearing the LE D&G Inspired Faux Stole with the LE Elegant Over The Shoulders Jacket but adding in jewellery with the LE Lavish Choker and LE Oversized Ivy Earring Right and Left, super glam additions for a kind of casual styling, I think the grey tee works a treat in letting the other pieces really stand out in the look!
Veering away from pink with the styling from mreninhalinda who has picked the LE Valentino Inspired Field Jacket in this super street styling. I love it paired with the leather-look leggings and meshed top, and choosing a minimal base really lets the metallic vibe of the jacket stand out in the look =)
And lastly Mery.- choosing the LE Balenciaga Inspired Sherling Jacket and LE Alexander Vauthier Inspired Sweater. I love this combination of colours and tones, the pieces are a perfect fit and they've been styled well overall. I really like the purple bag and the use of the beige boots, definitely style points from me on this one!