Saturday, 30 September 2017


Another shoe Styled Outfit post today, and these have been on my to-do list for such a long time - the Faux Fur Loafers from Gucci which were brought out last December - I styled them way back then, but haven't really worked with them since, but a lot of others have and I've been feeling inspired to give these a go! I think these are great for autumn with their general style and their pink and red colours to their print, which I was very inspired by in my looks as you'll see^
I took a bit of time to get used to styling these shoes, so I think my first look is a little experimental and I'm not sure it works, but I liked the idea of adding a heel to the shoe and also using this fringed dress. I really like the idea of it, but maybe not actually for these loafers?! Oh well, I do love my bag choice for the shoes and the outfit though, this Prada piece is just right and is the style I had envisaged in my mind =) The second look is getting there with working, these cropped trousers are great for the shoes, the shorter length shows them off well and it's just the right amount of ankle^ Adding a black jacket influenced me to use more reds in the rest of my look. This bag came naturally, and again I love it with the loafers, I wanna go with this again and maybe a dress rather than this slightly casual look! And lastly, my favourite outfit! I totally didn't realise these were the same trousers I'd styled the shoes with before until looking back, but clearly my mind is in the same place with these shoes. But man I just love this styling! This is very much autumn into winter with the oversized coat, but also the burgundy vest underneath - a little daring for me, but I think the style works. And for this third time, I think I was spot on with the bag choice ... I'm quite impressed with myself about that!

Let me know what you think of these stylings and if you have a favourite item that you think I should style, just let me know! Be sure to comment and 'react' to this post below =)

Prada Inspired Shoulder Bag, Tributes Gallery | Hotbuys Reds Puzzle Bag, Velvet Orchid | Mini Tiffin Bag, PEARLS

Belting up

This look is a good end-of-summer style I think, and it's brought to us by the natural beauty _najka. today =) I'll start with the natural beauty, because this look emanates it, with just a little makeup added and it goes a long way! The full white style is right up my street, although is something I haven't worn much lately. I love the little detailing on the sleeves and the fitted leg of the trousers, and this look is spot on that it doesn't need much else added to it. The belting is genius, love the black and white stripes and the little ruffle in the middle and the tiny purses - it just works so well, I love this minimal creativity =D

Friday, 29 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Mini Aviator Sunglasses

Ahh here it is, our final September HB! These are the Mini Aviator Sunglasses from Original Future priced at 12SD's, which I think it pretty reasonable for the piece. I found in the advertising, these didn't really stand out amongst the other HBs on offer this month, sure they are quite stylish and they look minimal enough to be versatile, but I don't see them as stand out pieces. I like the metallic frame, I think that brings a nice touch to them so we'll see how they get on!
These were an easy style, I thought, I had an idea from the outset so that definitely helped, but you can see they work in a range of styles and with different colours from our looks (although black seems to be a good safe choice^). I think these might be worth having, but if you have several other similar pairs there's probably not a need to add these to your collection. And remember to vote in the poll too:

Red rock

Very cool and current with this rock-chick styling brought to you by tolady - this is one doll to follow, so many impressive looks lately! This stood out and pulled a lot of different trends into one. Loved the laced-up trousers, I think these are something that don't suit everyone but they look awesome here, and also the 'band' tee style, again a piece that won't always work but this look is just right for it! The further reds added in the accessories are perfect and are just right for the styling, as are the beret and over-shoulder jacket =D

Bag It Up Challenge #198

It's been a while since I've done a good duo of bags! These two are perfect together as they're both from the Zuhair Murad Tribute that we had waaay back in December 2014 (I totally didn't think it was this long ago until I just checked!) I really haven't given either of these bags much/any love, I find them tricky to style and still did to an extent when putting these looks together. Firstly is the Nude Diamond Clutch which is very much gold and not nude^ I like the idea of this piece, we all know I'm a fan of gold, and this one has good colour, a nice neat design and some good details, but something about it has just made me avoid it for such a long time. I did find it tricky to pick out good clothing for this look but I think these cool striped and glittered trousers are a good answer! I like this look for a more casual use of this bag, but I think there must be some better options out there - I really don't see people style this piece, and I'd love to see more! And then the second piece is the Pearls Pochette, a piece I'd sort of forgotten I had (oops) and really don't like all that much. It's an ok piece but it's not something I will use again and I plan to sell it soon^ I umm-d and ahh-d with this styling trying to decide if I wanted to go silver with the pattern or gold with the tassel - clearly silver won on this one and I really love the overall styling but I don't think it would matter if the bag were there or not! Even though it's not great for the bag, this look definitely makes my mind up about selling it!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Patent Cream Court Heels

And here's our penultimate Hotbuy - the Patent Cream Court Heels which are just amazing and dreamy and look so good! They come from Pretty 'N Love and are priced at 14SD's which is totally worth it for them =D The colour is neutral and fitting for a range of styles and the heels have a popular pointed toe but I also like that the pointed shape is replicated at the front, I think this looks good and will be flattering on the foot^
These shoes are popular already and are such an easy piece to style, I think they have gone down really well on Stardoll and if you don't get them you're sure to miss out! There's clearly a theme of cream pairings with our outfits, but from the pink you see that other colours do work well. They're a versatile shoe that is welcomed into my wardrobe with ease =D And as usual, vote in the poll:


Sleek and cool and making modern style with this years MSW pieces is Mia1435 =) I love the Japanese vibe behind the styling of the Red Gown In Silk and I think it really shows versatility in the piece. The belt is a perfect match in colour and style and I love the use of the black leather top. The sleeves add a squareness to the shoulders and the texture goes with the skirt well, plus that little collar is sweet^ The shoes fit well and don't add or detract from the styling. Also loving the slick hairstyle and cool makeup look!

Laying the Table

I bought this The Jestset dress in a fit of sleep deprivation recently. It wasn't until the following day, after I'd had some good rest, that I realised how much it looks like a Christmas tablecloth.  

However, the more I look at this dress, the more I love it! It's the perfect canvass for some of the wilder accessories I have, but have been too stumped to style. 

There have been a couple of brilliant features of this Alberta Ferretti belt by AvrilkaTH13 already, all so good that I was compelled to buy it. The details are incredible and its heavy weight breaks up the slightly...overbearing print of the dress. Full credit must go to Lulluplix for the scarf accent styled with the belt, which they styled in this feature perfectly. One of my favourite looks for a while! I had to give it a go myself and I think it adds some necessary depth and texture contrast here.

I was really feeling my beauty look today too - I don't ever put much effort into my doll's make up or utilise Beauty Parlour accessories enough - these Subcouture earrings are my favourite pair hands down, but I forget I've even got them sometimes! As the rest of this look is clearly so low-key and neutral (ha) I decided to go for a high-drama-warm-wet-look-ish shadow with glitter and defined lashes too.

Ingredients / You Will Need
 Porcelain Bolw Gown | The Jetset
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Burgundy Pinstripe Scarf | Bonjour Bizou
YH Black and Pearl Handbag | Young Hollywood
High Heeled Slim Boots | Nelly.com
Alberta Ferretti Belt | Stardesign by AvrilkaTH13
Heavy Crystal Earrings | Subcouture

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Pom Pom Rose Earrings

So this next Hotbuy came out last week when I was away and now is my chance to post about it, or them, the Pom Pom Rose Earrings from RIO costing 11SD's and again these come individually, once you buy one you automatically get the other, awesome^^ These are cute earrings and fit really well with the rest of this months Hotbuys. I really like these as they are detailed enough without being too over the top and I think the size is really nice on the doll =)
I had fun styling these earrings, and they were pretty easy, even for someone like me who doesn't do jewellery all that much voluntarily, so that should encourage some of you to give these a go! I think they'll work well with a lot of different colours and styles, we just seem to have gravitated towards other red pieces^ Vote in the poll as usual:

Shrouded in shawls

This is exactly the sort of look I'm ready for right now, and it's coming to you from millaxx today - we're really into the autumn now! These Reds were popular last year and they're still hanging around this year to everyone's pleasure so we can pull out all our previous favourites, especially these culottes =) I love the selection of shawls used in this look, the colours stand out nicely and despite the heavy layering still looks super stylish. Love the accessories too, the cross body bag with its small size fits the outfit well and the colour of the shoes is perfect to stand out as well!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #197

An oldie today, the Hot Buys Bag from RIO which came out in June 2009 that I've had for as long as I can remember! This must be one of the earliest Hotbuys that I bought and still have, and I really still love it. I've attempted to wear it a couple of times more recently and I think I've had some successes, but this one definitely comes out on top^ I wore this co-ord recently but it just goes so well with this bag too that I couldn't resist - this is a winning combination for sure =) Love all of the shades of pink, I think it makes an attractive look that generally goes down well. The fur is great with the range of colours from the bag to all those involved in the clothing, I'm super glad this is a piece that has lasted well in my wardrobe!

Neutral nude

A silky and sleek fashion forward outfit for this feature from kalosz4 today and I think it's just dreamy! Love love love the neutral tone to the silk jumpsuit piece and I love how fashionable it looks paired with a long sleeved top, the colours are complementary and the style is perfect^ The accessories look good and have been picked well, the shoes fit nicely with the style and I like how the printed bag looks. The whole beauty style is awesome, love the makeup choices and the hairstyle and the jewellery, just amazing!

Monday, 25 September 2017

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | September 2016

And our next part of the Hotbuys Revisited posts for this month, revisiting last year,2016! This all still feels so recent to me, I remember these Hotbuys and styling them very vividly and it definitely doesn't feel like a whole year has passed. Overall I think these Hotbuys were pretty decent but there was one clear winner coming out of them and that was the Pleat Midi Skirt! I think everyone loved and still loves it, and it's one of those pieces that you just see worn all the time in so many different styles and trends, it's awesome^ So for this post I'm focussing on a couple of other pieces, the Shoulder Rib Midi Dress and the Vintage Star Crossed Jeans:
Okay so I'm clearly trying to cling to summer styles as these are super summery for both the pieces, but I really like them both and like this years take on them! The dress looks good as a skirt too, the split in the leg and the midi length are just perfect for one of my favourite trends right now, and I think the white and lighter denim really help bring the colour out. With the jeans, going with black pieces works well to draw out the star details and I really really like this styling! This cami top has served me well in the short time I've owned it and it's perfect with this highwaisted style. Love the more flashy accessories I've paired in this style, I think it all works so well for these jeans =D

Pearls and patents

Wearing a whole host of our latest Plaza pieces is frankieiz12 today =) This look encompasses so many different and awesome styles in one and somehow they fit together seamlessly - love the use of the white shirt hem and sleeve cuffs with he red stripes, and then the cool combination of the three pairs of shoes, highlighting patent styles along with cool shapes. The jeans are perfect here, the shape and accent of the pearls on them just makes this outfit look the coolest =)

Sunday, 24 September 2017


I absolutely loved putting together these looks for this next Styled Outfits post, focussing on the 9 to 5 Architect Nude Shoes which have been ever so popular this summer! I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late in the season but I think I've gone in a more autumnal direction with my looks to show their versatility - and I love them =D So many others have worn these is posts that I've featured so you should go have a browse for those too!
With my first look I went pretty minimal and these colours work in a complimentary way to the nude - I love the knotted waist of this dress, it gives an interesting hemline and I think it frames the legs and shoes really nicely. The colour is perfect with the shoes and this is definitely a combination I'd wear again. The furry jacket adds more of a colder weather feel and I love the print added with this bag, it totally works out nicely! And secondly, in this probably familiar style as I styled up this skirt recently too, but hey it looks great with the shoes =) This fits right in with popular colours and style choices for autumn with the cream polo and the oranges plus the cool colours in the skirt. I think the hair is a great fit with this outfit too, I'm really pleased with how it looks =D

Navy suit

Sleek and stylish and all set for fashion week attendance is just what I think about this feature from fearstar! I love the colour combinations of the navy pinstripe suit with both the reds in the accessories and the nude in the sweater, such a good idea to layer a knitwear piece underneath this cool shaped top really highlighting its features =) The beauty look is fab too, the eyes stand out clearly and the slick back hairstyle lets the face shine!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #196

Closely approaching the 200 mark, not a whole lot of posts left to go! This next piece is the Subcouture Raf Bag from, you guessed it, Subcouture! This was a fairly recent purchase for me, I got it in the Bazaar a earlier this year And so this is my first opportunity to wear it - I really felt the pressure as I've seen so many people wear this one really nicely! I think I did an ok job, the silver of the trousers is a nice contrast to the bag and makes it stand out, but maybe the black is too dark?! I wanted a more autumnal styling by think I got winter with this one, nevermind^

Printed out

I'm just getting so many girl-boss vibes from this styling brought to you today from tolady! The printing is stunning and eye catching, it's totally not too much in the slightest, I love it and wished I owned at least one of these pieces =) The fits of the pieces is also great and I think they're pretty versatile. Accessories fab too, the bag fits nicely but love the stand out use of red in the shoes and glasses, super pretty and stylish!

M S W 1 7 S T O R E | Feature Set

I found myself not hugely impressed with this latest MSW Store release, which is disappointing as usually I might find at least a couple of decent pieces! So no review or styled outfits from me - instead a Feature Set showing off what some of you guys have been making of these pieces =)
So the first one of the set is mechteld2 going with the Dreamy Gold One Shoulder Top - this is a piece I didn't like the look of in the store, but I have to say this look works out so well for it! The skirt looks great and the use of accessories and glamorous makeup are perfect, such a good job on this one!
Secondly Mia1435 in this ultra-sleek stylish look making use of the Asymterical Pointy Heels, definitely one of the positives of the release! I love the futuristic style tones of this look with the whites and blue, plus the trouser length is awesome for highlighting some shoes, perfect again =)
I think this look from ccaauu1414 with the Gemstone Feather Couture Dress is really something! It's certainly a great look for a dress with lots going on - I really couldn't see how it would work in stylings, but this shows it doesn't need fancy or frilly extras! The jewellery has been picked well, and these shoes are just perfection for the dress ^
And finally, going all out with a big gown is twittersred wearing the Tulle Couture Skirt with the Asymetrical Patent Point Heels - it's awesome! This is the sort of look that the MSW store was made for producing, it's glamorous and full of showing off for the contest! Love the top combination, they're perfect together and with the skirt, it really sells such a fancy piece to a little less fancy style =) 

Friday, 22 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Reds Puzzle Bag

Isn't this next HB just quite the coolest?! I spotted the RL version of the Reds Puzzle Bag online the other day and boy do I really want this piece for myself, but this version, coming from Velvet Orchid and costing just 13SD's will have to do^ Alike others from this month, this HB is a fabulous red. The design of the piece is great and it's nice to have another handheld bag for our dolls to work with - it's won me over already =D
Just look at that versatility we've come up with for this bag - a completely variable range of styles and colour matches, it's just great and I hope we inspire some of you guys with this bag too =D And remember to vote in the poll:

Patent power

This look just highlights the awesomeness of red in the autumnal season and it comes to you from Millaxx^ I love this sweater but always find it pushed aside when I'm looking to style looks, this is just reinvigorating my desire to style it^ It works well with the patent mules, huge style brownie points on that pairing, and also the stylish black mini skirt. I like the design of this piece, it's not too minimal but fits in with the whole look nicely. Also loving the scarf, it totally makes all the difference with this style =)

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | September 2015

Bringing back another instalment of Hotbuys Revisited today, with the 2015 picks from September! I really loved these choices the first time around and I pretty much still do two years on now =) I still own most of these pieces and there are a couple of firm favourites from this release, like the Colonel Coat which holds a dear place in my wardrobe and in that of many others too I'm sure - it's an easy style and a classic piece. But this time round I'm restyling a couple of other pieces, the Tirol Sweater, Bows Shoes and Oklahoma Gown!
I mixed up my styles, with the first look coming across more in the autumn winter style with a focus on black coming from the Bows Shoes which I really like and think that these cropped trousers work well for the shoes - I haven't really worn them much, but this really sells it to me^ Love the blue with the black, I think it works well for the sweater with it's neck-decor. Secondly gone a little more for holding on to summer, this dress makes a great versatile skirt and I love it with loose shirts. The casual style works well for it and white is an easy paring for the colour and print =)

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #195

Next up is the YSL Inspired Bag from It Girls which originally came out almost a year ago - I was in the midst of this challenge so this piece hasn't had a chance at a styling yet since my initial go, I'm excited for it =) I went pretty average with this styling, black and gold will work out every time! I liked the texture combination between the bag, coat and the leather shirt, I think it adds something to the dark tones of the look. My favourite part is by far the shoes, I was unsure of them at first but actually now I really love them in this style and with this bag. The gold is perfect to highlight that on the chain of the bag and they definitely draw in some attention for an otherwise minimal style!


Much more autumn today in this feature styling from rob_sef7 =) I love the mellow yellow feeling from this sweater and I think it looks very styling in this particular look - moreso than it often does. I love it with this maxi tulle hem skirt and the street style that is added in the tights and the patent boots. Especially loving the bag styled like this in the over-shoulder way, I think it looks fabulous and it's a perfect colouring and style for the sweater. Accessories are super trendy, love the earrings, sunglasses and red lip colour =D

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

P E A R L S | Release Review

Last week brought a perfect autumn drop to the Plaza in the form of a new Pearls floor - super exciting! I love the homepage ad, it epitomises the autumn styles and colours and I think the dolls sell the store really nicely from their looks. Lets get in and see what's in the store!
Highlights The store is just one floor but pretty packed in with pretty and seasonal designs and colours - I really love it from the get go! It's just female pieces this time, but the range of styles means most people will find something that works for them =)
Accessories With just a small store, the small range of accessories works fine for it - they fit the clothing styles and are nice minimal pieces. There are two pairs of shoes, the Pointy Leo Block Heels and the Pointy Tweed Heels - I love the thicker older block design of the heel, it looks super cool especially along with the pointed toe. Also loving the bow on the second pair, but think the leopard print could be an interesting one to work with =) There is just one bag, the Red Classic Top Handle Bag which is a current bag with the scarf-around-the-handle design and the pretty red patent colouring. Also in scarf pieces are the Red Twilly necktie and Scarf Bracelet which are both sweet pieces and I think they'll work out pretty popular from the store. There's a couple of other pieces too, including the French Barret (although it's more of a beret to me) and the Hammered Gold Earrings Left and Right.
Clothing The clothing is just so awesome, it's hard to pick a place to start as there are some many wonders in this release =) It's a minimal collection, with most of the top pieces based around the one pair of trousers, the Ecru High Waisted Denim which are a classic style of trouser with a nice fit and a modern take on an older design, I really like them^ There's a second pair of trousers too, the Wide Leg Gabardine Pants which have a matching top, the Ruffled Gabardine Blouse, and despite their very bright colour I don't find these pieces standing out to me in terms of style. There are 4 minimal-design tops and I think they're all great pieces - the Black Classic Turtle Neck, Ecru Classic Turtle Neck, Tucked In Mens Shirt and the Ribbed Trumpet Sleeved Top. The minimal colours make great base items to work with and the fit of them all on the doll is fab. The turtleneck pieces particularly stand out and I think these will be popular for a long time to come. And lastly those stripes! I love both the Wide Neck Striped Blouse in a fantastic red and then the Striped Tie Waist Skirt - these are awesome pieces and have been seen incredibly popular so far. They do seem more like spring pieces to me, but I'm happy to have them nonetheless!
Prices The prices range from 4 to 14SD's however there are many items available in SC which is totally awesome and makes the store attractive for its affordability =)
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few pieces from the store and I'm excited to work on the rest of the pieces soon too^ First up the Striped Tie Waist Skirt in an all blue styling and I really like it! The navy works nicely with the sky-blue tone and I like the fluted sleeve with the skirt shape. I loved the idea of these boots with the skirt and made use of the rainbow heel for the primary-colour-themed bags - I really like the outcome of the summery style! Secondly the Black Classic Turtle Neck and the Pointy Tweed Heels in such a basic look for these pieces but one that just works out well! The grey is a simple touch and the black trimmings on this lighten up the look. The belt was an easy add and the bag suits the look in terms of style, colour and fringe decor. Both of these pieces were easy styles and I think will be well placed in my wardrobe. Lastly more minimal again, the Ecru Classic Turtle Neck, again an easy piece to style and I kept summery again with the yellow, which compliments the cream top really nicely. Super easy accessories for a pretty flowy styling =)
Features The pieces from this release have been pretty popular, especially the stripes! First up is ajenkam wearing the Wide Neck Stripe Blouse in this cool sexy-casual styling, bringing sultry with the patent mules and a more relaxed style with the white long sleeves and the faded jeans. Also loving the very cool belt style, I think it looks awesome and works well for the shirt =)
Secondly, also in the same shoes and Wide Neck Stripe Blouse is Isabella8103 bringing a lighter style to the shirt with just the addition of lighter jeans, it's amazing what a simple change can do making the shirt look so much brighter! Loving the use of the contrasting pink bag but matching red earrings, sunglasses and tassel on the bag - very sleek for a casual look!
And lastly plantropa styling the Striped Tie Waist Skirt in a cool street look pairing it with sheer and mesh and I think it looks really cool like that! The trainers are a great touch and as well as being super casual look pretty trendy. The hair too, those bows are the sweetest with the tie of the skirt^

Swishy skirts

This is like a good weeks worth of features in one today with these stylings from pandaribbon! I love featuring her looks with the new releases because they're always amazing, but these are equally as good too =D So many bright colours attracting you in and great colour combinations, particularly the orange and green with the star printed tulle skirting - you'd never imagine these colours as a good fit but they really are! And also the pink denim with the feathered skirt, such a cute idea^

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Tailored Track Pants

It seems like it's been a while since our last Hotbuy! This next piece are the Tailored Track Pants from Velvet Orchid costing 19SD's. Now these are quite nice but I don't feel they're all that special of a piece as we've had a similar pair of trousers previously in the Plaza, so not really a stand out HB. They fit the doll nicely and the cut of the leg looks quite smart, so I'm happy to give these a go but I don't think they will be all that popular.
I think we've come up with a really nice range of styles for these trousers, and seeing that definitely makes the piece look somewhat more attractive - I still don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of them but I sure will wear them a few more times^ And remember to vote in our poll too: