Thursday, 31 December 2015

We wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Week 5 (ish)

I know it's not Sunday - but today is the last day of the calendar, and it's gone so fast! But I wanted to post now because soon we'll get the chance to buy the items again and I wanted to ensure we styled these ones in case it would help you make a decision to buy something while you had the chance!
I really liked these last 4 Hotbuys, they just seemed quite wearable pieces and things that I would happily wear, and I don't think I could pick a favourite between them. The coat and trousers are particularly versatile and I think they will be clear favourites from the whole month for a lot of people. And compared to some other weeks I think these have all been good, even though it's been a short week^ Prices for these ranged from 15 to 30SD's, but it's really just the great coat at the high end of the scale - I think it can be agreed that it is worth the price =)
We've styled 3 of the pieces in looks for you to vote in, and they're each pretty different so it could be a tricky choice to make, but I know I'm excited to style the pieces I didn't do for this post^

Winter glamour

What a glittery and glamourous look from gkmktk! It feels like I've been seeing so much more of this giant glittered Sparkling Silver Clutch since I featured it in my Bag It Up Challenge, but I love this because I'm liking the clutch so much more now =) Anyway I really like this styling of it, especially with the matching silver details on the Embellished Collar Top and good colour matches from the fur, a great combination^ 

Bag It Up Challenge #12

It's so close to New Years now^ And the last bags of the challenge for 2015 (have no fear, there is a lot to come from this challenge in 2016) are this little trio from the latest Voile release^ So this is the The Softest Evening Bag (15SD), the Ebony Minaudiere (13SD) and the Ruby Red Clutch (12SD), all small and delicate bags from the latest release. I've featured quite a few people wearing the bags from this release and so I'm glad it's my turn now. Gone with my classic colours, but hey, it works!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I N S P I R E D B Y S A I N T L A U R E N T | Tribute Review

Monday brought us a brand new Tribute, Inspired By Saint Laurent, which is set to be the last of these stores for this season! I think the homepage ad describes the store very well and is a very attractive look for the release, that marble draws me in completely and makes me wanna look at more, so lets go on and do that^
For me this collection has the same vibe that the past Saint Laurent collection had, I like this and like the ties it gives the releases. The style is very similar to the last release, although that's more down to the original designer and Saint Laurent than Stardoll itself^ Anyway, the collection has a heavy black and dark influence along with some pretty short skirts, but this all fits with Saint Laurent really.
I'm gonna get right in and start with the accessories. The collection is pretty shoe-intense. They're all black and heeled and there's strappy as well as boots. Personally I like the boots more, particularly the Black Chains Heels with their pointed toe. There's a selection of 4 bags, two red and two black with one being a Royalty only piece. I love the two red ones - the YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag and the YSL Inspired Velvet clutch, although I think the versatility is greater in the YSL Inspired Handbag. All 3 have the same 15SD pricetag. Also in accessories is a rather nice belt (YSL Inspired Thin Belt), however there is a lack of jewellery. I didn't notice this at first however a necklace or earrings may have been a nice addition.
In clothing, there is mostly skirt/dress pieces which have the typical style prints that I feel like I've come to expect from these collections, like the Zebra Sequin V Dress, the The Lipstick Dress and the Guitar Turtleneck Dress. The latter of the two which have shapes I love. There's also the Saint Laurent dresses which I feel like we know, that we have some familiarity with, like the Mini Strapped Flower Dress, the YSL Inspired Rock Dress and particularly the YSL Inspired Preppy Dress. Leather features a lot as it has with past Saint Laurent releases, there's dresses and jackets but I quite like the skirts, both the Higher Than High Waist Skirt and the Zipper Leather Skirt. Other than skirts and dresses, there's also one great pair of trousers, the YSL Inspired Suit Pants. For tops, there's the very nice Black White Off Shoulder Crop, something I need to come up with bottom halves to pair it with before I buy, and then the eye-catching Red Dot Crop Top. And there are quite a few outerwear pieces. The Dark Metallic Coat stood out immediately in this collection, it's got great texture and style and I can see it being styled in so many ways - I think it's my favourite piece of this collection. But what also stood out to me in the outerwear was the Patched YSL Inspired Jeans Coat. Now I'm not feeling a huge deal of versatility, but the shape is good and it's somehow catching my eye in a positive light. I haven't purchased it yet, but from the features below I think I could be buying it quite soon^ I'd love to hear your opinions on this piece!
Prices for this Tribute release range from 11 to 35SD's with really only a couple of items above the middle point of that. I actually found the majority of this release very well priced and I didn't find any prices put me off making purchases at all, so I was pretty pleased about that and would be happy to consider other items when I take another look at the store.
And my looks! I managed to keep my spending to a minimum and didn't end up buying all too much. I'm keeping the bags for my challenge post, but here are my clothing looks:
Firstly the Red Dot Crop Top, probably one of the most easily likeable pieces in the collection. It's pretty neutral with the lack of leathery/bikery feel, but it stands out nicely against other tops like it with the bright colour and the polka dots. Anyways I love it paired with black, it's an easy match although I think it could work well in other ways. I like it with both the skirt and trousers, but I'd like to see it work well with jeans too^
The Higher Than High Waist Skirt is definitely not in my usual category of clothing really. It's quite a lot on the leather front and quite short, so not really my usual style but I wanted to give it a bit of a go. I put together 3 looks and did think it was a little difficult to achieve 3 totally different styles - and without high boots in all 3^ Don't know if I have a favourite, but I do like seeing the bright pink of my second look.
And the final two pieces I purchased. The Dark Metallic Coat was a complete no brainer for me to buy. It was easy to style in this all black look, but I also look forward to styling it with lighter brighter colours. And then the YSL Inspired Suit Pants, and it was also super easy to style these in a black look too, and again I look forward to styling them in other ways too, but at this time an all-black look is perfect for their shape and style.
And lastly the features. Firstly two which are completely working the Patched YSL Inspired Jeans Coat to perfection in different styles. GMonster is the first in a denim-centric look with patched boyfriend jeans (LE) and the two suit each other well. Also loving the red hair, super crazy but super cool^
And secondly Miloshki, going for a much more minimalistic look with this Nelly Cowl Neck Dress, and I think the grey is a good match for the different denims of the coat. Love the high end accessorising with the Chanel Perfume Bottle Handbag

Next we have Amorosa....., styling the Zig Zag Leather Pants, something I could never style but they look so good here! They're great with the light airy blouse but I also love them with the heavier fur too, a great combination^
Now two looks with the Dark Metallic Coat, the first is bey22304 keeping it light with white trousers. What I loved was the belt decor, it looks so intricate and detailed over the heavy coat and the block colours of the top and trousers.
And then lacky_girl.., going for a look like me in all black but it has a totally different feel due to the shades. There's also same splashes of grey in there with the blazer and hat which really help make a difference to the coat.
A look which I'm rather fond of next from seleniu, styling the Mini Strapped Flower Dress. This solves the problem of it being pretty low cut at the chest and makes it look a much more respectable dress, something some people would look for. The additions and accessories are also great, a perfect new years eve look too I'd say!
A light and bright penultimate look from Cold_iceberg. styling the Off Shoulder Faux Fur. It didn't really appeal to me much, and this look is definitely in it's favour as it works incredibly well with white. Perfect accessorising with this outfit too^
And finally, something a little more minimal in this styling from missiwantitall using the High Slim Tassle Heels in an all black look featuring an old Saint Laurent blazer. I love that I know it's Saint Laurent without needing and frills or in-your-face pieces, it's great! And oh, one of her suite rooms has an adorable display of YSL/Saint Laurent bags, it's worth taking a look =D

So what did you guys think of this collection? A good one? And alllll the looks too?!? Let me know in comments =)

Winter blues

A great winter street-styling by mel0407 in this post! I love these Miu Miu inspired trousers with their great ankle details and I never know the perfect shoes for them, but it looks like casual trainers work well =D They are a good addition with the rest pf the clothing and that coat looks great with the trousers. Also love the little backpack, I think it was a great bag to choose for this look. Looking forward to seeing more from this doll^

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


It's Tuesday and as promised, some Styled Outfits with the Beige Patent Boots from MM Fashion. At first I was a little concerned I wouldn't manage it because I did struggle initially to get good pieces to work with them, but I got into a flow and I think all 3 of these looks really did work out in the end!
The best colours which worked for me were clearly browns, beiges and white, which I think both compliment and work well with the boots themselves. The darker tones from the first look definitely make the eye go to the paler colours drawing the eye to the boots themselves, but I also love the skirt-boots combination. Loved that I got a jeans look in there with the boots - most jeans are just a little too baggy on the leg to look nicely tucked into the boots but this Denim&Supply Ralph Lauren pair were perfect^ I really like the final look with the dress, and the slits really work well to help show more of the boots off, and the colour is similar but different enough to make each stand out.
I'm not sure if I could pick a favourite, I like them all for different reasons, but let me know what you think of the boots and my looks in the comments below =D

Suite Style

Both a great look and suite room in this feature from MissSierr today! The outfit looks great pairing white with glitter and shimmer with the accessories and the jacket, I really love it as a twist on the white minimal that I adore so much =) And the room is looking pretty fine itself^ It's split nicely with a little perspective off the back through the curtains and there's plenty going on in the foreground too. I really like these long tables, and this sofa and fur seat combination is a great one and completely catches my attention. I also very much like the wood stairs and decor pieces at the bottom, a very nice touch^

Monday, 28 December 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #11

And Christmas is over! Just New Years to come now =D This 11th bag of the challenge is the Bronze Clutch from Voile and is a pretty retro little thing. I purchased it for it's low cost of 104StarCoins, but I didn't really have any styling plans for it =( I've seen a couple of dolls wearing it here or there, but not too many - I'm thinking most people are a little like me with it? Anyway, I steered away from going with a full-on retro look but stuck with some tans and couldn't resist these boots which I've never worn either (an old HB from It Girls):

Beige florals

Florals made winter-ish with this look from aby400! I love the pairing of this floral dress with the trench coat, the coat very much helps transform the pattern into working with winter. And it's a great unique pattern, I've not see it before on the site^ Accessorising was minimal but matching and both bag and shoes were good choices. Also love the minimal beauty look with those glasses, and that hairstyle - they all work nicely with the overall look =)

Sunday, 27 December 2015

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Week 4

Wow, so it's been Christmas now, I can't believe it! Hope all of you had a good one too and are looking forward to New Years now =) So we've also now had another 7 Hotbuys for the calendar so lets take a look at them and some looks we've put together:
This week has seemed a little better than the last few, and I liked quite a few pieces on offer - doesn't necessarily mean I bought them! The dress at the start of the week is truly divine and angelic, it was too pretty for me to turn away. Lots of red after that, the dress is pretty, and I might purchase it later, but for me it seems a slightly less wearable piece for the price. I do quite like the checked pattern from the pieces after and I think they make some pretty good looks on the Guest Writers down below. But I do also think the week ended on a high with today's delicate collar, it's simple but with enough detail to make it stand out well in a look.
The prices ranged from 14 to 38SD's, with quite a few hefty price tags thrown in there. It does seem to be increasing as the weeks go on, and I don't necessarily think all the prices are right for the items. I do think if some prices were cheaper I would have bought more of the pieces this week.
So lots of looks to vote between with this week and we're all styling different pieces of the week, so it might be hard to choose a favourite. In terms of looks I think this might be my Guests' favourite week? Anyway, the poll:

Patent boots

Todays feature is misiacz14, standing out styling this Callie's Picks Polka Dot Sheer Blouse with a flowing skirt of a dress. What also stood out is the accessorising, with some pretty pinky earrings and these MM Fashion Beige Patent Boots - I pretty much hadn't noticed these until this outfit, and they came out last January! So this look inspired me to buy them and Tuesday's content will be my styled outfits with them =D Also, that beauty look is really very beautiful, minimal with lipstick always works^

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Going Grey Gracefully

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! 
We've had something of a cold snap in the UK after one of the mildest Decembers on record, and with all this Christmas cheer, I've started to crack out a few more wintery outfits. I just can't leave this Chanel release alone - this over shoulder coat is probably my next favourite piece after the tee I styled earlier in the week. 
On a second point, we had a wonderful Tress-up release with a bevy of glamorous hairdos! I've fallen deeply in love with the Ines Side Braid as pictured below.

I've decided to go grey for the season too. With my granny glasses, I feel very distinguished, but I think the quirkiness of the hairstyle and graphic eyeliner stop this veering towards frumpy.
Grey can be a little tricky to pull off - always best to stick to cool tones to avoid clashing. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Over Shoulder Chanel Coat | Chanel Tribute
Grey Knit Turtleneck | Apres Ski
Military Pleats Skirt | Bonjour Bizou
Hot Buys Faux Fur Wrap | It Girls
White Large Clutch | Nelly.com
Sparkly Silver Socks | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Silvery Lace Up Boots | Chanel Tribute
Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses | The Jetset

Christmas Gift-O-Meter Styled Outfits

So the start of this week brought the Christmas Gift-O-Meter - spend 200SD's in the Plaza and you can earn yourself all the gifts. Of course there's 10 different increments until this 200SD point, so you can get a reward for spending just 15SD which I think is a pretty good deal. And there's still plenty of time to get involved, with it not closing until the 4th of January^ Luckily for me (and I'm sure many of you) the Chanel Tribute came out the same day, and so purchasing items from there along with a couple of Hotbuys helped my Meter fill right up. So I've decided to style some of the pieces for you guys today!
My first look styles my favourite piece from the Meter, the Over Shouler Suit Jacket (not my spelling mistake, this one's on Stardoll^) available when spending 40SD's which is a pretty good bargain. I could have done a whole post on just this piece but for my one look I stuck with classic white and then used  this blue Hotbuys top to combine with the shades. Love this silver bag with it too and glad I'm getting more use out of it since my challenge post on it =) My second look is super casual with the Ripped Fashion Jeans available at a spending of 25SD's, another pretty good catch. I liked the idea of going over the top with rips and so chose this denim jacket for a double-denim look. Kept the rest simple with a white shirt and trainers. And I finally styled the Gigi Vanity Gown which is the last step on the Meter available at a spend of 200SD. This was a piece I wasn't all that bothered about really, it's a very lovely dress but the cut-out style isn't the perfect one for me, for this gown is pretty revealing. I fixed that up with a base-layer and this Chanel Chained Sweater to give a pretty skirt look and I'm glad that I still can get use from this dress because I think this works out pretty nicely for it^

Let me know what you think of the gifts and my looks in the comments below! And once again, merry Christmas =D 

Green knit grey hair

What a great, very Sia-esque look from lacky_girl.. in todays feature! The grey locks stood out initially, but the red lips helped draw my eye down to an awesome outfit^ Green isn't a typical colour for me but this is a great combination and an especially good use for this knitted shawl (Endangered Species) and it goes well with the other greens and the stark whites of the (awfully nice fitting) trousers and these loafers, who doesn't love a good loafer-look?! Also great accessorising with that gold chain belt =)

Friday, 25 December 2015


I hope everyone has had, and continues to have a lovely day *kisses*
Now please enjoy our brand new blog header =)

Hot Hot Buys Monochrome Vest | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

Merry Christmas! Today's feature is two great stylings of the Hot Hot Buys Monochrome Vest from this years calendar, and don't fret, you will have the chance to purchase it again from the calendar if you missed it first time around! I love the contrasting looks from Facebook_Freak7 and Katyana-472 with the vest pretty different with the black and the white^ I think it matched the Valentino heels perfectly in the first look, but also the Fendi keychain in the second in terms of colour. I haven't really thought about how I want to wear this piece yet, so this definitely opens me to more possibilities for it =D  

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #10

Happy Christmas Eve^^ This next bag is the Silver Foil Tote from It Girls and costs 10SD's. It's a pretty large bag, which does make it difficult  to combine well into looks I think and is what puts a lot of people off it. I don't think I've worn it before and I haven't featured many (if any) looks on the blog with it. I really quite love this combination, totally digging the green shoes, and I should wear them more often as well as the bag!
Hope you guys have a great evening =D

Suite Style [C H R I S T M A S] | Tassels and fur

Happy Christmas Eve! Another Christmas suite in this post, but also a great winter look from missiwantitall =D The room has the perfect backdrop and looks warm and wintery with that rug and the armchair and tree. The tree is sparsely decorated compared to yesterdays feature, but I think this minimal look works for it. And the outfit looks fabulous, I particularly noticed the combination of this skirt and these Balmain Knitted Heels!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


As promised in my latest It Girls review, here are my Styled Outfits with the Snake Suede Shoes! I had a lot of fun putting these looks together, and especially love their pairing with tan or beige colours because they are perfect matches! In my first look I added some more snake print too, and I think the pair of items work together well with the use of minimal clothing items. I wasn't sure how they would look with black, so in my 3rd look I just about went all out with it^ I think they work quite well with the trousers, not so sure about the rest of the outfit, but you guys can let me know what you think! My favourite look is definitely in the middle there. The shoes look great with both the skirt and jacket and I broke up the colour with a white shirt, a classic look that isn't just black or white for me, bonus^^

Suite Style [C H R I S T M A S]

We're so close to Christmas now - and celebrating with this a very festive suite from xCookie! For me gold is the best colour of Christmas, however this silver theme is working very well, especially themed around this sofa. The soft furnishings on it are just arranged so well - come do my suite pretty please?!?! The tree looks great, but I also like that you could replace it with something else to make the room work perfectly with other seasons of the year =D

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Don't Change the Chan(n)el

I don't know what I should be more excited about this week - the new Chanel Tribute or the new Gift-o-meter? 
I managed to spend so much on the Chanel Tribute that I actually unlocked all the gifts at once. I could have put a look together four or five different ways, but I settled on this:

I think the Coco Made Me Tee is probably my favourite piece from the whole collection. It's casual, but not too slouchy. I particularly love that tucked in detail along the bottom hem. My gut reaction was to put this with the Gift-o-Meter Roses Skirt as well, but I wanted to play with the casual/dressed up contrast a little more. Not to mention, grey and hot pink is one of my favourite combos, nor should an opportunity to crack out my favourite heels be overlooked.
As for the Over Shouler Suit Jacket (I'm guessing that's a typo...sigh) I will use this over and over and over and over and over....

Ingredient / You Will Need:
Coco Made Me Tee | Chanel Tribute
Knit Maxi Dress | Velvet Orchid
Over Shoulder Suit Jacket | Special Offer Gift-o-Meter
Double Chanel Purses | Chanel Tribute
Rosa PVC Stilettos | Riviera
Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses | The Jetset

I N S P I R E D B Y C H A N E L | Tribute Review

Another week and another tribute, this time Chanel! We have had a lot of Chanel tribute releases in the past, so one this season wasn't too unexpected. The homepage ad looks so modern and 'hip', with Cara and Pharrell very much selling it, and the green looking surprisingly nice =D
We got two brand new floors of pieces in this release, which I think feel a little out-of-season in that (very wonderful) Interior with blue skies, but nevermind^ This release was mostly for the girls, but guys can get their hands on the pieces that the Pharrell Pal is styled with the Over Shoulder Chanel Coat a particularly good piece which could easily work for everyone!
So skirts and dresses hold the fort in this one, I love a good pair of trousers, but it in no way takes away from the collection in my opinion. I'll start with the skirts, which I really feel are strong in this collection, I'm not sure I can even pick out a favourite^ My first love was definitely the High Waist Flower Pleather Skirt, which feels unique within the collection and also within my wardrobe. And in contrasting materials, I also love the tweed-styled Chanel Chained Puffy Skirt with it's beautiful shaping. Lastly in contrast in terms of colour, the The Classic Pink Skirt is very pretty and it's light colour definitely makes it stand out. I haven't purchased it yet, but have seen some good outfits with it which may sway me! To go with the skirts is a selection of tops, sweaters and coats. I really liked the matching tweed Chanel Chained Sweater and it will look good with pieces other than the skirt too. Again, also liked the matching The Classic Pink Shirt, it totally doesn't feel 'Chanel' at all, and I love it's addition for that in this release. Another piece that doens't seem so 'Chanel' is the Beige Suede Crop Shirt, an incredibly versatile piece which I see being very popular^ The final piece in this category that very much surprised me was the Ruffles and Lace Body, I hadn't really taken notice of it in the spoilers but it caught my eye in the store and then again in some of the features below, so it's definitely a piece I'm now considering. And lastly in clothing, the dresses! Now so far I haven't purchased any of these, not sure why, but just haven't felt a need - although I'm sure I will before the store closes. I like the Chanel Oversize Knit Dress for it's casual feel and I think it could style in many ways very nicely. And I also like the Chanel Pretty Dress Suit for the classic and typical Chanel style that I know and love. It's not such a versatile piece, but I think it would be worth it all the same.
Now accessories, which there was a pretty good range of. There were a lot of shoes to choose from, with flats, heels and boots all available. I really liked the Chanel Two Toned Loafers in the spoilers, but when it came to trying them on I wasn't feeling them at all, which was a shame because they are very nice shoes. The Knee High Bow Heels were also a pair I loved in the spoilers, but we've had quite similar pieces released in the past, most recently the Hotbuys Bows Shoes, which really just have a few less bows. Now I have worn these a few times recently, so might upgrade to this Chanel version, but not right now. And also bags - I very much liked what was on offer here and ended up purchasing 3 of the 5 (one isn't shown in the store images above) - I'm not going to discuss these much here because I'll be styling them in my Bag It Up Challenge eventually, but the Chanel Tribute Handbag is a perfect classic Chanel piece and the Hot Red Chanel Purse is a modern classic piece which stands out with it's great colour!
Prices of this collection range from 16 to 35SD's. The accessories are all at the lower end of the scale, with most of the clothing in the middle it really is just a couple of individual items which cross the 30SD mark. If you choose well over the pieces you want to buy I don't think it necessarily has to be expensive for you - and with the bonus incentive of the Christmas Gift-O-Meter, you're probably more than likely to spend a tad more. I only bought 6 or 7 items, with 3 of them being bags and I found my total being somewhere in the region of 150-170SD's, which I don't see as that bad for a tribute release!
So my styled outfits from this collection. Firstly two looks with the High Waist Flower Pleather Skirt, which I styled in pretty wintery looks with mostly black. I liked the idea of this Fendi-inspired StarDesign sweater with the texture of the skirt and I think it's something I would wear again. And of course had to choose the MM Fashion Embellished Collar Top for my second look - I think it's perfection with both the skirt and the fur jacket. And how could I not style this skirt with some black boots^^
And secondly the 3 tops that I purchased, and I really seem to have gone pretty themed on the colours, that wasn't intentional! I had a lot of fun styling the Chanel Chained Sweater and could have featured ten looks with it, but in the end settled for a culotte-combination. I have to say the The Classic Pink Shirt look is my least favourite, I was pretty set on styling it with purple and I think that held back its potential, so this is one I'll be trying again. And finally the Beige Suede Crop Shirt in a styling I love with some white high waisted trousers and this SAP overcoat. I really like having put a simple gold chain necklace under the shirt as it helps fill the gape a little^ This is very much a combination I want to wear again soon =)
And lastly for the review - some features! Firstly Bottega, styling a very street-look with the Bubbly Chanel Sweater Jacket with some leather shorts. It's a look I totally wouldn't come up with but I think it looks great. Accessorising has been fab too with those boots and socks^
Next two different looks from GMonster. Totally inspired by this purple look featuring both the The Classic Pink Shirt and Skirt along with the Perfume Bottle Handbag (this is purple done right^). And secondly styling the Chanel Chained Sweater, along with the Chanel Tribute Handbag, in such a glamorous style with glittery pink aspects. I think that hair totally makes everything!
Next a look from one of our favourites, Mery.-, working the Over Shoulder Chanel Coat in a pretty masculine style. I love it paired with this green sweater, it's a combination that works so well for both pieces, and the rest of the look has also come together very nicely!
Another look with the Bubbly Chanel Sweater Jacket, this time from neudelya. It's got a street vibe as well, especially with the hair and hairband which I really like, and with those trainers. But I really like it paired down with denim, I think it works well for this piece^ In fact I liked the trainers so much, I went and purchased them from Original Future *here* =)
And finally two looks for the Ruffles and Lace Body - the first from SasenQQa and the second beteeva_yelena and both going for pretty different styles, which is great to show versatility in this piece. It looks awesome with both trousers and a dress, but both looks have stuck to similar pale colours for these so I think that might be the direction to head in with this piece. Either way, these looks are totally selling the item to me^