Friday, 4 August 2017

Olive Green

Sometimes, accidents happen when you're styling a look. I was trying to dig through my wardrobe again, yanking everything out, and I just happened to throw two jackets on top of each other. 

And so this olive-white combo was born. I've never used these Runway trousers before either, which is a shame, because they are a really classy colour. And they match my trusty Balmain clutch perfectly...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Sharp White Cape Blazer | Rio
Oliver Pleather Lapel Jkt | Fallen Angel
McQueen Inspired Layered Necklace | Runway
Felder Felder Inspired Pants | Runway
Fringed Beaded Purse | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
White Satin Stiletto Boots | Inspired by Balmain Tribute

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