Friday, 11 August 2017

T R I B U T E S G A L L E R Y | Tribute Review

And this weeks Tribute release was a further addition to the Tributes Gallery store, this time adding bags! I think this is a nice rounding out to the store, but I think it would have been better as one release rather than splitting to two smaller ones. Love the homepage advert, it's a sweet one and I think it shoes off the pieces really well with the shining light and shimmering vibe^
Highlights As I said, this release adds nicely to the store and again, the pieces go well with the store design and I think it looks good for them in terms of selling them. Also have to say I like the presentation of them, e.g. the shoulder bags are displayed with the strap down, but when you select them you get how they look on the doll, I think this is a nice touch and wasn't simply just placing the item on a shelf =)
Accessories Again, it's just an accessories release, so just the one main section to the review, and alike the previous floor there are 4 designers to choose your pieces from. And actually it's not just bags, there's one other piece included, the Chanel Inspired CC Bracelet, which is fine and looks alright on the doll but personally I don't see anything too special about it. Also in Chanel are two quite small pieces, the Inspired Two Crossbody Bag and the Inspired Wool Shoulder Bag, both of which I really like. The colours are quite current and I think will be good for autumn, they're also ones which I think are easy to find clothing matches for. In comparison to a lot of other pieces in the store they do seem a little more muted, but I don't mind this at all! The next designer is Prada, going with a more unisex piece in the Inspired Nylon Backpack which I'm put off of by the large size, I just can't see myself styling it well, and then the smaller more manageable Inspired Shoulder Bag in a bright red with black and gold detailing, a winning set of colours if I ever saw them, and then the Inspired Drawstring Bag. I'm a little on the fence about this one as I really like the design and the intricate detailed pattern but I can't think how to style it - and I've not seen anyone else styling it either! I will need to think about this one! The next designer is Celine, which offers us more minimal colours although not necessarily minimal designs. They're all quite different pieces as well. There's the Inspired Shoulder Bag in a basic grey and a square design which I don't think suits my doll very well, then the more intricately detailed Inspired Tote Bag in cream with cool cutout sections, this is one I'm excited to see on others, just not myself. And lastly the Inspired Classic Crossbody in a bright purple tone, with a good texture and positioning on the body, I just don't like the chunky size for the piece, I think it would appeal to me more as a smaller item. And the final designer is Louis Vuitton and I like the choices made here, not just going for the typically popular LV items that we're all aware of! The Inspired Lock Tassel Bag is probably the most recognisable but it's in a popular pastel pink tone and I like the style of the piece, it sits really nicely and looks well designed. Then there's the very sweet Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag which I love the freshness of - the pink is pretty and the printing makes a nice touch and it is definitely an eye catching piece in store. It sits really well on the doll and works well with clothing in terms of placing - I'm really pleased with this piece. And lastly the Inspired Petit Crossbody which is a really nice size of a piece and the style is pretty much a classic one although it's modernised with the pink colour - looking at it close up the design is super intricate and detailed, I love that effort really has gone into the making of it =D
Prices This release ranges 16 to 35SD's with the majority of the pieces above the 20SD mark. None of the pieces are SS or Royalty only either. I did find the cost added up quickly, alike with the last release, and with just 3 bags in my basket the total was coming close to 70SD, which is costly for just bags.
Styled Outfits The pieces I bought, I found, were actually pretty easy to style and once I'd placed them on my doll I could kinda see a theme or piece I wanted to go with, which is pretty nice =) Firstly the Chanel Inspired Two Crossbody Bag and I went with both the navy and burgundy aspects of it with my top and skirt and I really like the outcome with the paler blue really standing out against the other colours. This coat made a pretty good layer for the look and I think it's right into the summer-autumn transitional style of look that I'm liking for this next month or so. Also loving these navy heels, they're another good fit for the look! Then the Chanel Inspired Wool Shoulder Bag with more navy - but at least I picked different pieces^ I like split of the skirt really drawing attention to the bag, although I think the outfit as a whole could have been better as this polo doesn't really add the best shapeliness to the doll - think the bag, and rest of the accessories, are working though ... and don't my legs look super long?!?! And lastly a bright fun look with the LV Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag which really surprised me as I found I had so many options for it - I could have done a whole post with 6 different stylings for it^ But I went super duper bright with this paired set of pieces and I think the orange-red tone works so well with the pastel pink, and I think it really brings out the bird printing on it as well. A simple white shirt was all this look needed, and I couldn't resist my favourite belt =D
Features And just a few features today - I really haven't seen many dolls wearing the pieces, what do you guys think?! However these looks are pretty awesome! Firstly o397 going with the LV Inspired Petit Crossbody in this very modern and fashion-forward outfit! I think the navy base works well with the black edging and strap of the bag, and I love the slight colour contrast with the pink of the bag and the reds of the dress and boots. Love the belt too, it's a great stylistic touch, and think this look has been thought through really well!
And then one from our always fab miver, going with the LV Inspired Twist Shoulder Bag in this quite cool casual-chic look - I love the contrast of the bag with the sparkly trousers (totally spot on) and then with the plain white tee, it works out quite nicely! The rest of the look is minimal, but you know what? It works out well and it sells the bag ... and also the trousers to me^

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