Thursday, 30 November 2017

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | D&G Inspired Leaf Headband

And here we are, the final day of November and the final HB of the month! It's the D&G Inspired Leaf Headband coming from the RIO store and costing 13SD's - not too bad I'd say. It does bare similarity to a previous HB headband we've had, also D&G Inspired, but personally I prefer this one - it has a really good size in ratio to the head of the doll, so it fits on quite nicely and the colours are beautiful and autumnal, I love the touches of gold to the piece as well!
The one different thing about this piece is that it's a Beauty Parlor one, so you can resize and re-angle it to your hearts content^ Which I think will definitely make it more appealing to the creative of you guys who want to turn it into something else! I was even more pleased with the colours of it once I had it on and had a great time working with eyeshadows for the my look, even though you can't tell in this picture! And as always, vote in the poll:

All there

Another look with these awesome trousers^ This feature is from hankipankidoni and I just loved this cool and a little over the top styling with these very cool trousers =) The outfit has a basic base, using white and frills on both the socks and the shirt which I just love, and also uses white in the pearl necklaces which definitely stand out. The boucle style top over the shirt catches your eye, and fits the look quite well, which I never would have expected! I'm also loving the rest of the accessories, from the patent nude heels to the beret, dark glasses and red lips =D

Bag It Up Challenge #222

The final bag challenge post of the month - featuring the Hotbuys Suede Bag With Tassels from It Girls, a Hotbuy from last autumn that I think still has potential for in this autumn (even though it's pretty much winter now=P). I definitely channeled that autumn vibe in my outfit, and love the green shade of the bag as it's perfect to fit with a range of brown tones but also denim! I loved it with the blue of these jeans a lot, but also with the deep brown of the boots and the light brown of this sweater, so I just mashed it all together ... I think if I'd styled two outfits one would have focused on the pairing with jeans and the other with the browns, but overall I'd say this isn't all that bad! I'll probably try and get this bag out again soon in the coming spring season =)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Silk Cold Shoulder Top # W E S T Y L E I T

Just a couple more cool pink-based We Style It posts to come! Today this one features the Silk Cold Shoulder Top from Bizou which came out at the start of the year and although a few people wore it back then, I feel like it's largely been forgotten! It has a nice style, in a pretty pale colour and a cold shoulder design with a loose long sleeve - I like it^ However as Miloshki pointed out when styling this piece, it almost perfectly matches her doll's skin tone, whereas my tan doll has more of a contrast with this shirt, so I think that might be the off putting thing for paler dolls - looking a little naked when wearing it =D
Anyway, past the colour, I like this piece and found it alright to style. We've bone got brown tones in the looks, with the skirt being just a little brown but a lot of colours and that's the great thing about the shirt - it works well with a colourful fun piece like this! My favourite choice is definitely these gold earrings, I think they work really well with the top and the overall style =) So brown with my look but I've gone full on with trousers, I just really like the combination of brown and pink together, and these pieces fitted. And I even went with a darker leather brown bag too, but again I think it works really nicely with the clothes, as do the boots, they're minimal but work with the look and the season.
I think this top is worth a try, and it's an SC piece so you won't be too out of pocket if you do purchase it to try out! 

Earring me up

Earrings galore! Over the past week these very cool StarDesign perspex styled earrings made by AvrilkaTH13 have been all the rage - and it's clear (no pun intended^) why as they're awesome =D They're a little pricey, but trends don't always come cheaply. I've spotted quite a few people wearing these and they all just look great! Firstly on the left is SakuraDream, going light and feminine pairing the earrings with this ruffled shirt and matching ruffle hem trousers - the earrings sure do shine with the lighter coloured clothing and I love the peachy pink lip colour used too. In the insert is AvrilkaTH13 with the earrings too, again with another great beauty styling. And on the right is Lanature going for a much darker look, again really selling the earrings well and making them look so much more edgy. I also like this darker lip in the beauty styling too. One thing I find interesting is that all 3 have gone for shorter hairstyles with the earrings - while I'm sure long styles look fab too, the slicked back hair really highlights the earrings in the look!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Knitted Degrade Sweater

The penultimate HB today - the Knitted Degrade Sweater from Original Future costing 19SD's. I like the dip-dye colour effect, it works nicely on this sweater and I think it's a trend we've been yet to try in the Plaza. I've tried a few on in RL and I quite like them, so I'm happy to have this nude toned one for my doll! I was quite happy once I tried this on, as the fit of the sweater is really nice on the doll, it's flattering and I like that it's more fitted than loose which I think works for the style of it =)
Definitely a cute sweater that I plan to wear a lot this winter, I think it just needs a little time in my wardrobe to figure out what pieces and colours work best with it as it sure was tricky^ Don't let the colour put you off buying it though, it has great potential and I'm excited to work with it more! And as always, vote in the poll:


I love this cute and feminine styling today from pradavsversace - those pearls stand out and really make a beautiful look! The clothing may be minimal but the cream colour is a popular one ands the pieces are trendy at the moment. The accessories have had all the focus and it pays off - I like the use of the chain paired with the clutch and addition of the pearl at the top, it makes such an individual piece than catches your eye. And lets not forget the beauty look - I love the earrings and also the hair clasp, they work beautifully with the outfit and the overall beauty look =D

Bag It Up Challenge #221

Bag challenge time! This bag is the YSL Studded Purse from Saint Laurent which I bought quite a few years ago but really haven't put any focus on at all and I think it's because the bag kinda looks black, but at the same time it's kinda not and has almost a green tone to it so I've never quite known what to wear with it. I really like the little studs on it though, I think they're a really nice style feature of the piece. I tried to work with some polka dots to try and emphasise the studs on the bag, but that didn't work out, so I decided to try an almost party look which I actually am quite happy with =) I love the glittered skirting with the bag, I like the two together, and so I continued with glitter in the shoes, I'm quite happy with this and don't think it's over the top considering I kept super minimal on the black coat and polo. Overall I'd definitely use this bag again, but I do think it's one I'd need to think about and try out a lot of different combinations to see what worked out well.

Monday, 27 November 2017

B I Z O U | Release Review

Two reviews in one day - that sure is a treat to the blog! Now Bizou, which is a pretty general store in the Plaza and I think that this release fits that quite well. The advert gives a city vibe with the background and also the style of clothing on the dolls, not sure it really sells the whole collection to me, but it's a store I know I'll always find something in!
Highlights This release is the regular size of release, and I think it's better than what the advertisement sells it as on the homepage. And it also has a male piece, which is a thoughtful addition. Overall I think the store has some great pieces in there, but as a whole it's not the best release.
Accessories There are 7 accessory pieces in this release and it's a pretty good range (*One pair of shoes is on the next page, but they're on the mannequin!). There are two pairs of shoes, neither of which really rate for me in terms of what I'm looking for in shoes - the T Strap Gold Heels which while I like gold, I know I don't get on well with t-straps so they're not a shoe for me, and then the Oxford Lace Up Boots, again a shoe style I know doesn't suit me. However the two bags on offer really do impress me! The Gold Bubble Detail Crossbody and Side Frill Handbag both are really sold to me^ I love their elegant and minimal styles, I think they've been made well and they look pretty good on the doll too, I can't see any negatives about them =) Then there's also the Red Western Inspired Belt which is a nice minimal piece, the Big Warm Cream Cashmere Scarf which looks pretty snug, and also the B Locket Necklace which I just can't like, it looks a little too garish for me! But for me the bags alone save the accessories!
Clothing Now the clothing, which is definitely better than the accessories. And alike in the Fallen Angel release (reviewed this morning!) there are a couple of pieces that are the same item but in different colours: there's the Rouched Zip Dress in Black and Red, a piece I don't really like, I don't think the style looks good on my doll and I don't really like any of its features. Then there's the Striped Princess Shoulder Knit in Red and Cream, these didn't stand out to me in the store, I found myself easily looking over them, but they could make good basics for layering. And lastly, the piece I like best of these, the Side Lace Up Denim in Blue and Black - these make a great pair of jeans for the present time. They're high waisted with a flattering shape, have a straight leg that suits the doll well and an interesting asymmetrical ripped hem with some lacing detail - I think they're great! So now on to the rest of the store. There are two shirts, both pretty smart looking, the High Neck Paris Stripe Sweater and the Ruffle Sleeve Crispy Blouse. I like both of them, I think they look good on the doll and they have minimal, versatile styles and designs to work with - I've seen a lot of others wear them too, so I think they are coming up pretty popular! Now personally I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the collection, there's a few bottom halves and some outerwear, and sure the Fur Trimmed Classic Coat looks nice, but it's not really a versatile piece to style and I don't think it's something a lot of members would wear.
Prices So the collection is priced between 9 and 21SD's, which I think is pretty decent. There are a couple of SC pieces in the store, and there are also a couple of pieces which are SS/Royalty only.
Styled Outfits I loved styling these pieces! First up are the Side Lace Up Black Pants which I'm really really liking. I tried to style them in a kind of smart way, choosing a fitted blazer and shirt, a style which I think works nicely for the jeans, although they'll be great in casual stylings too. Love the pink boots with them as well, and it definitely attracts your eye to the hem of the jeans. The second outfit is filled with a few pieces, the Ruffle Sleeve Crispy Blouse, Gold Bubble Detail Crossbody and Side Frill Handbag pairing the bags together which I really quite like the look of. I kept the look very minimal choosing black cropped jeans and slouched boots, a style which I think works nicely with the bag. The look is smart and I think will look good with some outerwear for winter, I just wanted to show off the shirt for now^ And the final styling is with the High Neck Paris Stripe Sweater, and I struggled a little with this as I kept choosing jackets and coats that covered the piece up too much, but I think this loose one works alright. I chose something a little more dressed up with these wide-leg trousers and I like it with the top. The stripes have a silver colour to them, so I used that in my accessories and I think the shoes work out particularly well, I really like their inclusion in this look!
Features Now onto the features - the first one is from jjgangstevenjj wearing the Ruffle Sleeve Crispy Blouse in this cool layered look. I love the ruffles paired with the flashes of red, and the printing on the skirt along with the pleats on the belt and skirt - against the dark colours the white shirt definitely pops. I also love the hat and mesh veil too, the style looks great with the shirt and overall outfit!
This look is casual and quite fun from android18 wearing both the Ruffle Sleeve Crispy Blouse and the Side Lace Up Denims which look cute together. The bright green shoes paired with the red bejewelled bag are great together and they really pop with the bright blue of the denim - it's definitely an unusual combination but it stands out and looks pretty cute =)
And then something super warm for winter from neon.swift wearing the Big Warm Cream Cashmere Scarf. This is a classic chic winter styling and the scarf is perfect with this overcoat, I just love the combination^ I like the muted black of the clothes beneath with the cream of the top layers, and the extra long sleeves of the shirt. The bag is another classic style, and what I also love are these shoes with the gingham toe, such a great wear for them =D


Hello dollies, how was your weekend, hope it was relaxing.
Today's fit is a classy John Galliano inspired look. Honestly I'm totally in love with it, the suite is very high- fashion - street stylish and the bag is a perfect match to it. The chain is also a nice little detail. The ankle boots fit to everything and I'm totally in love with them ! xoxo mr.famous.com

jacket: john galliano tribute // pants: john galliano tribute // chain: mr // shoes: ri // bag: magdalenadior 

Pulled pink

A minimal style with a cool-girl vibe to start the week coming to you from millaxx =) It was the use of this skirt, the Pink Suede Mini Skirt from the recent Pretty 'N Love release that really attracted me to this look - I love it paired with the oversized knitwear, and surprisingly I think the huge colour contrast of the black and the pink looks pretty good. And I like the overall loose fit of the outfit, included the boots which have a slight slouched feel - the accessories look good overall, and I love those sunglasses!

F A L L E N A N G E L | Release Review

Another long ago release, but better late than never, right? I still wanted to post about this Fallen Angel release because I think it's a pretty good one^ The advert sells the store as it is and gives dark sultry vibes from the doll - it's minimal but I think it works out alright for the store.
Highlights The collection was the usual size for this type of store release, no complaints there, and everything fits with the vibe of the store well, all the colours, designs and styles, so I think it's a pretty decent one overall. The mix of styles is ok, and I think most people should find something that works for them and their own style ideas.
Accessories The number of accessories is right for the collection, but I didn't find myself particularly drawn to them or found them anything special to purchase. There are 3 pairs of shoes, the Blood Red Velvet Heels (these are alright, but I have some very similar ones already!), the Patent Lace Booties and the Sherling Lined Suede Platforms. There is just one bag, and while I like the circle style on bags, I'm not so fond of this one, the Roaring 20s Box Bag. And then lastly is a necklace, which I think people will buy as it's an SC piece, the Floral Applique Decoration Necklace, it's just not my style at all!
Clothing I definitely prefer the clothing to the accessories, so much more wearable for me! There are several pieces where the same item comes in two colours, which make up most of the collection: the Asymmetrical Lace Blouse in Black and Red, a pretty sheer piece with a very long hem down one side, personal choice? I like the black version best! Then the Lace Trumpet Sleeve Body in Black and Silver, this is a cute choice, I like the lace printing on this and the overall design of the piece, it'll be an easy one to wear with trousers or skirts ontop, and I like both colours, they both look good! Thirdly the Romantic Dress in Black and Red, personally this isn't a piece I'd wear, but the black colour has a classic look to it and it has some fabulous sleeves. Next the Silver Ring Detail Top in Black and Red, again another piece I wouldn't wear, but I think this item will be good for layering in looks, so it might be one to keep an eye on - I definitely prefer the black over the red on this one too. And lastly my favourite - the Black and Red Velvet Jumpsuit, which is such an elegant and trendy piece. Love velvet, it's popular right now and has been in past party seasons so I think it will be in the future too, and I love the shape of the jumpsuit, I definitely see great potential in this! And then the final two pieces of the release, two skirts, the Studded Ruffles Skirt and the Magical Red Detail Lace Skirt. Initially I just liked the first piece, but I'm totally sold on the second skirt too after the feature below! They're both midi styles and have their own unique touches, like the ruffles and then the lace styled printing. They're individual pieces that really do stand out in this release!
Prices The release ranges from 13 to 21SD's which is alright. There are two SS only pieces in the release, but I don't find them as key items in the collection, so no-one is missing out really, which is good.
Styled Outfits I've just bought a couple of pieces so far, but after finding these features I think I'll be back for more soon! But I'm gonna start by saying I really like how my looks turned out! Firstly the Studded Ruffles Skirt, in this autumn/winter look. I found it a little tricky to put all the focus on the ruffles, so I don't know how well I'm selling the skirt on its own, but I like the combination I've gone for using the deep browns and green tones I think they do work well with the black of the skirt. The knit in white keeps the look light and I think that draws a little attention to the bag I've gone for which I think is perfect in this styling. And secondly the Black Velvet Jumpsuit - I was quite undecided on whether to dress it in a warmer style or go for a party look, in the end the warm won out and I absolutely adore this blazer against the velvet of the trousers - that's the good thing about this jumpsuit, so easy to style just as trousers! I went with deeper reds for the accessories but kept it reasonably minimal to let the velvet have the focus and I think it works =)
Features Quite a few people were wearing this release really nicely, so that was very pleasing =) Firstly lulluplix wearing the Asymmetrical Lace Blouse in this very cool chic outfit - I love the use of the extra lace piece at the back as it makes the piece seem more complete and it works well with the outfit. The white trousers are a classic against the black, and I like the cinching of the waist with this belt and bag combination - adding the pearls and flower are cute and it definitely catches your attention =D
Secondly is LyVio wearing the Lace Trumpet Sleeve Body, and I think it's a perfect styling for the piece, the trousers fit well with the body and with the vibe of it too - this definitely helps convince that this piece is a versatile one! The accessories are minimal yet fitting with the overall style, as is the makeup look^
And last but not least, the look I mentioned before - kelzsprouse_1 wearing the Magical Red Detail Lace Skirt. It looks perfect with this checked blazer, that was a surprise and I absolutely love it! And I love the Chanel accessories, both the booties and bag in black work nicely with the outfit and stand out without taking too much attention from the lace printing on the skirt, love it!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Prada Inspired Faux Fur Bag

Here is the next HB and I can't believe there are still more to do, I feel like I've styled loads of HBs this month! This is the Prada Inspired Faux Fur Bag from Fallen Angel and costing us 24SD's and I think that price is totally worth it! Since my trip earlier this month I've been feeling bags so much, so this is a perfect HB for me! I love the furry texture to the whole piece, and I love that it's over-shoulder, I think it makes it an easily wearable piece. The colour is also fantastic, it fits with the other HBs this month and is pretty seasonal for this winter =D
I love our looks! We styled this bag super speedily, which I take as a sign that this is a fantastic HB! Red is an easy match for this bag and it works well, I went for pink, but I think orange will look great with the bag too and I can't wait to try it out =) And vote in the poll too:

Silver sleek

Simple and chic with a casual touch for this Sunday feature from the_chuba! I loved the use of the cropped and well-designed denim against the smart-ness of the style of the coat, and I also love the added back-piece, the split is cool and really brings something to the overall look. The slouched loose deep-v wrap top is great, I think it looks fantastic in this outfit and suits both the jeans and coat really well. Accessories pretty spot on too, love the long cross-body, the strappy heels and the sunglasses; effortless chic^

Bag It Up Challenge #220

Here is the next challenge post - featuring the Ivory Structured Handbag from the Givenchy Tribute a long long time ago! This has to be one of the oldest bags in my bag collection having been released during the 2011 Tribute season. I liked it a lot initially, and I have had some use out of it in the first few years of having it, but it's definitely slipped down my rankings more recently. I think it's the size and design of the hold of the handle that makes me not like it so much, it's a little bulky and awkward and that has put me off in the past. But here I am styling it today, and I had fun while doing so! I knew I wanted to go with pinks for the bag, it was just finding the right one, I love the tonal contrast between the bright coat and the paler lighter bag, it's definitely what I was going for. Then it was down to finding the rest of the clothes - I was at least feeling like I wanted a skirt so that cuts down the options a little, and this one fitted really well, as did this top with the pastel colours. Yes, I feel like a yummy ice cream selection, however I think this style is cool and works out quite nicely for my doll =D

Saturday, 25 November 2017

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Well it sure has been some time! This Antidote collection came out on the 3rd of the month, as I was leaving for 2 weeks away for work - so no time to post about this release until now! It's been a while since our last Antidote release, and while it's not my favourite limited store, I think it can be alright. The homepage add tells me the store is quite street style and also dark with the models both wearing black pieces - so there could be some good versatility there! 
Highlights The release has two floors, and pretty full floors at that too! They really are packed with different pieces and I do think the theme follows through everything pretty well while giving a range of styles to suit a range of people. I think it looks pretty decent overall - and it sold out pretty fast too, which is a sign of a good release =D
Accessories There is quite a small accessories selection in this release. There are two pairs of shoes, both boots, the Boots For Walking in a cobalt shiny blue which makes them stand out well in the collection, and the Navy Balenciaga Inspired Boots which are a more casual style. Initially I wasn't sure I'd want either, but after browsing the whole collection a few times I decided to give the blue a chance! There are also two bags in the release - the Off The Chain Crossbody Bag and the Fold Over Striped Galore Bag. Both are focused on black, white and blue colourings, but I definitely prefer the folded clutch piece as it seems a little more fashion-forward than the casual cross body. That's it for accessories, so I feel like we're missing a belt, hat and a piece or two of jewellery, but maybe those have made way for a closer focus on the clothing!
Clothing So this release has an incredible amount of clothing, it really impressed me! Firstly dresses, which do hold a reasonable focus in the store, and there are six of them, three short and three long. The short dresses do seem a little more casual, the Twill Waterfall Sleeve Mini, Faux Corset Silk Dress and Layered TShirt Dress. All are black or grey pieces and what I like about them is that they aren't too skimpy, they're pretty covering given their short length and I think would make good pieces for winter stylings. However it's the longer dresses that catch my eye - the McQueen Inspired Net Knit Dress, Slip Slip Dress and the Deep Plunge Ruffle Dress which is bold in a blue colour and I love it! These longer styles are somewhat more risque, with low necklines, sheer and mesh materials and cutouts, but I still think they are attractive pieces and they look pretty darn good on the doll^ There are also six tops in the collection in a range of styles, covering pretty much anything we could want - there's a smaller piece in the Bow Wow Cropped Top in a pretty design, smart in the Off Shoulder Asymmetrical Shirt which is dreamy and I can see how it sold out so quickly, something edgy in the Cut Out Tight Body which I hadn't really noticed until writing this review, but I think it looks pretty good. Then there are the warmer sweater based pieces, the Checked Out Shirt Sweater, which has the shirt loose at the bottom of the sweater, a style I like but I really don't like the checks on the sweater, and then the two matching Antidote Knit Loose Sweater and Antidote White Loose Knit, which are nice pieces with a slight oversized shape I just wish the bodies were a little more cropped as I knew I would find the lengths a little awkward to style. Outerwear next, and there are five items, including the male piece (because it fits the female doll just fine) and there's a real mix in there. There's a couple of denim pieces, seeming more autumn focused than winter, the Vetements Inspired Denim Jacket which is a neat piece and quite snug on the doll, then the Patch Work Denim Cape and I have tried patchwork pieces previously and know I don't get on with them, but I also don't really like this one as it looks very square on the shoulders and I don't think that's such a good style for me at least. Then the warmer pieces, firstly the Velvet Gold Bomber, which I didn't really consider much at first, but probably because I was shopping on the app and not trying things on, because I love it on my doll now, oh well, I'll have some Bazaar shopping once it's sellable! Then two puffa-styled jackets and I include the male piece, Faux Fur Trimmed Bomber, because I think it looks good on the female doll (another 'if only I'd known!' case), and then also the Pinned Black Down Puffer, which I think has been hugely popular although I've not seem anyone wear it yet! And the final category, the bottomhalves, there are four pieces, half jeans and half trousers so a good balance. First the jeans, the High Rise Heart Wash Denim which are in a loose straight leg cropped style, and the Chained Baggy Jeans which do seem to be more of a longer bootcut style, I like the first pair, I think they bring something different to my wardrobe and it's a cut of jeans which I think is quite popular right now, so it's cheaper to let my doll try them than for me to buy a pair in RL! And the trousers, the Belle Of Bottoms Pants and Gathered Waist Check Pants and I really love both pairs but sadly the second pair were sold out when I went to make my purchases, they are really awesome! Both pairs are fab though, they're high waisted, and the Belle Of Bottoms Pants are printed with a pretty print and have a great fit on the doll, loose at the hems yet tightly fitting from the waist to knees, and the Gathered Waist Check Pants are a bit of the opposite being loose, but they're both great styles!
Prices This store ranged from 42 to 109SD's, so the starting point is a little on the high side, but that's due to a lack of smaller accessories pieces I think. But I think the clothes are all reasonably priced for what they are. Everything is SS only as it is Antidote, but nothing is Royalty only.
Styled Outfits And next my looks! All of the purchases I made were on the app, so I didn't try anything before buying - and it was selling out quick, so there was no time for slow decisions. In the end I bought 3 pieces. First up the Belle Of Bottoms Pants, which I really kept very neutral with, choosing the same tones for my accessories. This overcoat really goes well with the print and it really calms the print down a little bit too. I went with a black blouse, bag and shoes too, minimal but overall I think the trousers get the focus of the outfit, which does seem to be their point^ Secondly the Boots For Walking, and again I kept a pretty minimal outfit - I wasn't feeling doing anything too crazy for them! These jeans are a great match as the length is perfect to let the boots still be shown off, the the white colour brings a brightness that catches your eye. The rest of the look is darker for the winter season as I think the white jeans are enough. I love this velvet blue jacket, I think it looks good against the patent texture of the boots and the colours work nicely together =) And finally the High Rise Heart Wash Denim - I think it's been a while since I've embraced true blue denim jeans, and these are a cute addition to my wardrobe with their heart knees, super sweet^ I paired the navy top with the knee patches, but I was really quite liking the idea of the black and blue contrast that I've seen a few bloggers wear so I went full out with that in the boots, bag, belt and jacket - I really quite like this puffa jacket style with the jeans, but I wish it was more matte than patent as I think that would look really great, sigh, oh well^ But I really quite like these jeans, and I've even styled them a second time over at What I Wore On Stardoll, so I think I'll enjoy styling them again in the future.
Features And the features! Naturally looking for features over 2 weeks after the release means fewer people are still wearing the pieces, but I found some great looks =D Firstly dm2udm2u wearing the Fold Over Striped Galore Bag in a bright white look which lets the bag pop! These white culottes are smart and cool, and look great with the jacket and white geometric top, very cool against the folded style of the bag. I like the pop of yellow against the blue of the sunglasses and the section of the bag, it works really well and makes a cool style feature^ Also loving the velveteen boots, they're super cool too!
Then we have Isabella8103 wearing the Velvet Gold Bomber, certainly a piece which needs a stand-out styling and that's what it got in this metallic based look! I love it paired with the silver sheeny trousers, the two pieces are great together. The floral bag is a great choice, standing out and fitting in at the same time. And the earrings and sunglasses are classy and fit well with the overall style =)
And our final feature, Marbum, wearing both the Gathered Waist Check Pants and Bow Wow Cropped Top paired together - it works^ I like the white polo under the top making it more into an autumn/winter styling, it works out and the white colour works to make the red bow pop but also fits with the check lines on the trousers. And red has been used in the shoes and nails, they both really stand out and look good with the look =)

Just a doll

Such a trendy and stylish winter outfit today from tlen covering a whole host of current trends! I love the layering used, especially combining the overcoat with the popular checked blazer, it's definitely not hidden too much and you can still see it looking good and holding it's own in the outfit. And the checks look good with the striped trousers, the overcoat really helps that pairing too^ And the accessories are awesome, love the sash belt, it's great and catches your eye. And the reds really make the look pop - from the shoes to the lips, even to the tassel on the doll bag, so great!

B L A C K F R I D A Y | The Stardoll Lookbook Sale Guide

The 'Black Friday' weekend is upon us! I'm sure a lot of us have found some great deals in stores in RL, and Stardoll has also brought us some deals to the Plaza! These offers are running from 24th-26th November and now that it's the weekend, I'm sure many of us are browsing whats on offer. I do have to say I'm feeling quite underwhelmed by the sale as there's not a lot on offer and not a lot of range to go for, but there are some great deals hidden in there so I thought I'd put together a little (and it really is quite little!) 'Sale Guide' to show you The Stardoll Lookbook top picks from the sale =D Enjoy!

Riviera is hosting a 30% off sale in 3 of the floors in the store, it's just the older pieces that are on offer in this deal. And actually if you want to dig through the catalogue, you can find some extra deals of pieces which are there but not in the store, so that's a little bonus! Riviera generally isn't too expensive to start with, so these are pretty good offers if swimwear is your thing^ 
Lemons Satchel 12SD's 8SD's
Gold Block Heels 9SD's 6SD's
Bondi Gold Earrings 6SD's 4SD's

Next up Voile! They have a 20% off sale in 6 of the floors and it's a really good mix of older and newer pieces that are on offer, which is great^ It's also great for the party season which is coming up so you might be able to pick up some great deals on dresses! There really is so much to choose from in this store, and even though 20% might just be 1 or 2SD's, some of the pieces are definitely worth picking up =)
Silk Strap Coat 22SD's 18SD's
Ebony Minaudiere 13SD's 10SD's
Belted Feather Coat 30SD's 24SD's

And a little decor for the third store - this is the only decor store with reductions, and it's 25% off over 4 floors which aren't the newest or oldest releases, so somewhere over a year ago but not super out of date pieces! Alike in Voile, there's a really good range in this sale and a good range of prices too, with larger furniture pieces mixed with smaller decorative items, so something for everyone and a variety of decor styles on offer^
Karl Boutique Armchair 15SD's 11SD's
White Rose Display 11SD's 8SD's
Modern Luxury Table 12SD's 9SD's
Mademoiselle Poster 12SD's 9SD's

Friday, 24 November 2017

Belted Fantasy

This look is something completely different from the ''typical'' fall/winter expectations. I created this look Spring inspired because I miss it so much already, but I think it also fits in every season because its a neutral, simple color. I mixed beige with white and the result is amazing in my mind. Its nothing spectacular but i still like the way it turned out. xoxo Mr.famous.com

blouse: bonjour dizou // safari-belt: tingeling // other belt: voile // pants: ItGirls // gloves: voile // shoes: pretty n' love 

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Missoni Inspired Scarf

Okay, all caught up and back on track with these HB's! This is the Missoni Inspired Scarf from Velvet Orchid and priced at 15SD's, which I think is fair for the piece. The colourings in this scarf remind me of a really cheap one I had and loved as a teenager, I've moved on to thicker ones now, but I think this is a cute style - I particularly like the longer design and slight over shoulder placement of it. It definitely makes it a different piece in our Plaza!
This scarf surprised me with how easy and versatile I found it to be! It fits on the doll well, and looks great with both light and dark colours, as well as with other patterns, this is so awesome^ It really makes it a pleasure to style and I look forward to using it again =D And remember to vote in our poll:

Peachy in pink

A beauty in pastel pink today from marina495 - no it's not strictly a winter look but it makes awesome use of some of our recent Plaza additions! The print on the skirt is a cute pastel based one that suits all the pink styling well, I love the shirt-under-sweater style that's worn, it's cute and also works really nicely with the skirt in terms of style and colour. The pink overcoat is a natural choice, big thumbs up from me on that one, the pink is a beautiful contrast and match to the other pinks in the clothing. Plus the shoes, they're perfect =D

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #219

It's been a few days now, here is the next challenge post! This is the Valentino Cross Body Purse, originally from Valentino, but I got mine in Callie's Picks, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick up in the Bazaar! It's a cute little piece, and actually looking at it now I'm not sure why it's been constantly pushed to the back of the styling queue! The size is really good, it's small so easy to pair with many pieces and it doesn't overtake an outfit with a large size or bold colour. I also love the double strap, I think that's a nice style addition^ I'm really feeling the nudes right now, and with it's slightly muted black colouring, I felt this bag was a good choice to pair with these lighter tones - and I think it works! Plus the gold on the bag helps make it work well. I did also add a dark belt to the look, and that really helps draw it all together^ I know I have styled these trousers a lot, but I think they make a great winning versatile piece that clearly goes with a lot of bags!!

Fendi brown

And also wearing one of our latest Hotbuys today is ceren957! This is another amazing look for these trousers and really shows off more of their potential^ The white shirt is a classic style for the trousers and works well to compliment their style. For me what really stands out is the use of the Fendi accessories, the bag is worn as a crossbody piece and the resizing works well for it, as does using the belt as a strap, what a clever idea!!! It looks amazing =D This leads nicely into the use of black boots, a style which works nicely with trousers, and the golden toned accessories along with the nude lips, all those accessories and extras really are spot on!