Saturday, 31 January 2015

60's: The Golden Age

Hello. I'm back again! Back from the past. Fashion is lost now and me too.

Sunny Bunny Turqoise Diadern,
Decades Vintage Crop Blouse,
It Girls Check Full Skirt, 
DKNY Red Pleather Purse,
RIO Mint Pumps.

S T Y L E D B Y Y O U | Lilca Pleated Skirt

So I saw a fab look on AudreyHepburn. last week featuring this great piece, the Dior Lilac Pleated Skirt - so I asked him to create a couple more looks for this special little feature allowing users to feature their style here on the blog without being a Guest Writer as such - take a look at the outfits and his commentary! 

I | Adding a delicate skirt to a basic sweater is an outfit formula I like, and use - a lot! Nude strappy sandals and the simple clear clutch finish the look.

II | The skirt stands out when you wear nothing but black with it. The handbag with chains plus the earrings give a little 'grunge' for the outfit!

III | Don’t hesitate to replace the jeans with a fancy skirt in your everyday look! I could easily imagine this looks with black skinny jeans, but sometimes it’s better to surprise people and choose the pastel skirt =)

IV | Cosy cruising. This outfit gives me these vintage vibes. The Vivienne Tam silk dress matched really good with the cardigan AND with the skirt. Add petite pumps and you’re good to go.

Friday, 30 January 2015

C O U T U R E W E E K | What I'm Wearing #4

Pulling out an oldie YH dress for this look, it's a piece I truly love wearing it, and honestly it never really needs much to make it look good =) Couture week ended yesterday so this is my last look, but I quite enjoyed this little set, even if it was timed at possibly my busiest week yet and I couldn't give it my full focus!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

C O U T U R E W E E K | What I'm Wearing #3

I'm exhausted - coming up with something great to wear is a little beyond me right now, sorry! Hope this passes^ Love these trousers a lot and enjoy choosing new pieces to wear with them, and I think the blue works quite nicely =) Plus it's a variation on the black clothing I've been wearing, haha!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

C O U T U R E W E E K | What I'm Wearing #2

Definitely don't like this look aas much as yesterdays one, but hey, it can be all trial and error with fashion! Wanted to work with some different textures for this look, but I don't think I got the combination quite right - nor did I get the hair right, but I just couldn't find one that worked perfectly =(

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

C O U T U R E W E E K | What I'm Wearing #1

Gotta love some couture - they may not always be my favourite runway shows, but I often feel like dressing for the occasion! Part 1 of 4
I've been very much into wearing black recently, both on Stardoll and in RL, so for me the theme was an easy one to choose! I actually planned on selling this skirt, but a look on another blog made me keep it, and therefore was responsible for this outfit, haha =) Anyway, I chose a lot of different textures for this look, and I enjoyed playing around with that!

Between lines.

Blouse - It Girls  /  Shirt - Rio  /  Sweater - Basics  /  Trousers - Original Future  /  Bag - Saint Laurent Tribute  /  Bag 2 - Rio  /  
Glasses - Bonjour Bizou  /  Heels - Bonjour Bizou

Suite Style

Another amazing suite from SarahVIP! This is such a super creative way of styling this interior and I really love the thought behind it - particularly with all those windows and views which are something I always struggle with trying to keep looking just plain ok, and these are totally awesome! Love all the furniture chosen as well, everything (as usual) is just great =D

Monday, 26 January 2015

Gathered skirt

Aby400 is always looking good - and this summer orientated look is no exception! I love this skirt, I just haven't gotten around to styling it myself, and I think it looks great with this oversized tee - a style I'm growing to love more, and the accessories are well chosen, particularly that necklace which I love seeing being used in looks =) Fab job!

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Kors Insp Dress MM |Cargo Bag LE |Heels Fallen Angel |Cap Original future


Diedunklemaid has wowed me again with this look from the weekend (by the time I'm publishing it, it's last weekend now)! Those boots stood out immediately to me, they're not a piece I'd considered before, but they look great =) It's a classic 'winter warmer' look overall, and the makeup, hair and earrings work amazingly to top it all off!

Friday, 23 January 2015

The summer that was rejected

Dress - Nelly.com
Bag - L.E
Heels - Riviera
Earrings - L.E

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Casual Luxe

Ivory Pants GIVENCHY · Shirt YH · Cardi PRETTY N' LOVE · Pearls bag CHANEL · Feathers Heels CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New writer.

Hello everyone,

My name is Amaia and I'm new here! My username is amaia_estebanez. I must say I feel honored to be part of this amazing blog, thanks for the oportunity sparklewand12. As for you, the readers, I hope you like my posts. 

Shawl - Archive / Blazer - It Girls / Bag - Saint Laurent Tribute / Skirt - Voile / Shoes - Voile

Lace overlay

*Apologies for my little break, this past week has been hectic!*
Truly adored this look from courinne this weekend! It's such an amazing way to style that jacket/sweater/pose combination and it's amazing! I love the knitwear combination with the lace overlay of the skirt, and I think it makes a very unconventional great pairing. Perfect accessorising with simple black heels and a belt, plus I really think the hair and makeup adds a little something^

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Strike a Pose, Vogue Vogue

FEMALE Chanel Shades
It Girls Safari Scarf
Strike a Pose Vogue Pose
It Girls Velvet Turtleneck
Chanel Belt
Black Cigarette Pants
Chanel Purse
Valentino Rockstud Pumps

Killah Black Hat
Saint Laurent Plaid Knit Scarf
Mr. Matrix Coat
Chanel Western Chain Bag

Friday, 16 January 2015


Paris Lover Sweater HHB · Leather Trenchcoat CHANEL · Tapestry Velvet Hotshorts ARCHIVE · White Box Logo Purse CHANEL · Silver Shimmer Heels PRETTY N' LOVE

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Maroon jewels

Spotted this look last week from ...cleopatra... and I love the maxi combined with the black jacket, a great look for pastels in the winter! Accessorised with D&G and the two pieces really finish off the look - the nude maxi looks good the the maroon of the bag =) Plus the simple makeup look really suits this sort of style, well done^

Monday, 12 January 2015

Suite Style

A lot of suite features recently - this one is from ashley_1708! It's using one of the Stardoll interiors but has been adapted an made unique through the simple placement of a couple of StarDesign panels, which can really change a room a lot! The furniture choice is what really made this room stick out to me, those green sofas are fab as central focus' for the room and the rest of the items have been chosen and placed with care - it really makes me wanna buy the sofas from the suite shop! Great job =D 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

White out

Love this recent look from GMonster! I've thought about buying this coat from RIO but been waiting a bit, but this look with it is great =) It looks good paired with an all white and silvery outfit, and the other aspect of fur in the bag is a good addition. My favourite part? Including those trainers! They're perfect here^

Saturday, 10 January 2015


Moto Style Vest Dress FALLEN ANGEL· Two Tone Shiny Top BIZOU · McQueen Cage Boots MM · Le Cargo Clutch

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Chic in Dubai

Two Tone Cotton Dress
It Girls String Belt Jacket
Chanel Handbag
Sex and The City Heels

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

T O M M Y H I L F I G E R | Tribute Review

We had a brand new Tribute release yesterday, a new one for the Plaza, Tommy Hilfiger! This was a bit of a surprise as I really wasn't expecting any more Tributes this season, I think we were all kinda hoping for a YH release, although with the awards season coming up I do think we'll get ourselves something then! 
I love the whole presentation of the collection with the solid winter theme for it, I think it suits the collection and fits nicely into the Plaza - however I find the collection a little outside my zone of preferences. It reminds me very much of the Apres Ski store (not that there's something wrong with that, it just isn't somewhere I find a lot of clothing for my doll!) and doesn't really have a lot of super versatile pieces that fit into my style - but hey, that's just my preference, some of you guys may find a ton of pieces that work for you!
The collection has a host of boots and bags in the accessories category, and it does make me see that we were lacking boots like this in the plaza, and the furry liners really make a cute addition - my favourite pairs are the La Paz Winter Boots and the Humboldt Shearling Boots, which I look forward to seeing styled up well!
Clothing-wise, it's a very dress/skirt based collection with a large variety of tops and coats to go with them, which is where I think the best piece of the collection is, the La Paz Knit Sweater! To me it doesn't fit in so well with the rest of the pieces (probably why I like it) and does seem like a versatile piece I could wear all year round. And I do feel like it could be dressed up or down, so a nice little escapade for me^
Prices for the collection range from 12 to 35 SD's, with the accessories at the lower end and all the clothing from the mid-twenties, which I do feel is quite expensive for what some of them are - however this will just be personal opinion.
Overall the collection just wasn't for me, so this probably isn't a great review, but I did buy from it, so I'll feature a couple of looks:


Noticed this look last week and had to feature it - from emusia14goth. It's feeling quite Stardoll retro, and kind of ... 2010 maybe? No idea why I get this vibe, but hey, retro isn't a bad thing in the slightest! The faux fur collar is fab ontop of that coat, and I love the use of the polo and sequin fringed skirt, both fab pieces combining the glitz and glam of the party season along with the necessity for warmth. Those Gucci boots? LOVE - don't need to say anything else about them =D x

Monday, 5 January 2015


This is such a great way of wearing the new Chanel Leather Trenchcoat from fashionngirl. (our current favourite graphics artist who made that amazing header that welcomes you to the blog!) =) Never thought of wearing it like this, but it looks amazing with the olive long cardi underneath with some very complimentary trousers. Plus it's great to see these Dior shoes out and about, I rarely do these days^

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Fourth Of January Two Thousand and Fifteen

Voile Tiffany Top
Chanel Handbag
Fallen Angel Destructured Skirt
Chanel Blazer
Young Hollywood Heels

And Today I Wore

First And Today I Wore of 2015 - excited to see I'm kind of working with my plans from the January Wearing post, and I'm loving these tones, seem to work well on my doll =)

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Another great look from the end of last year today - this time from Miver! Loved this look as soon as I had set my eyes on it, even tough it's not something that would normally catch my attention, the combination and street-style really works! The skirt is worn perfectly I think, and I feel like the rest of the look radiates from it, each piece working individually but also well together. Also love the earring and makeup choice - overall a great look which very much suits the doll =)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Nelly Wonder Pants | Styled By You // Styled By Me

I didn't purchase Wonder Pants these in my first look in the latest Nelly release, but I have purchased them since as I really think they have potential. Seeing this great look from DieDunkleMaid spurred me to style my pair, and that's what I've done for this post! They're available for everyone and cost 17/15SD's - a little less if you picked them up in the recent Plaza sale though =) Haven't seen many people wearing them - so maybe this could be a little challenge for you guys to try? Plus I might feature some great ones on the blog if you leave a pic in the comments below^

Oversized white

Today's feature is from pervuhina, who wore this stylish ensemble at the end of 2014! I love white combinations and the blue looks great as a pop of colour. The wide legged trousers work greatly with the oversized sweater and long shirt and it's a style I hope to try more of myself this year. I also love seeing this hairstyle worn, it looks fab!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wearing | JANUARY

I think we often forget that January is still very much the middle of winter. It's in our nature for after New Year to go for a new vibe and feeling with out looks, but I'm really just getting into my warmer styled outfits this season, and so I'm sharing a few looks or combinations that are still wintery but don't reflect the same year we've just finished! This new "Wearing" segment will come out at the start of every month with some cool new ideas or combinations to try and/or fit into your wardrobe!