Monday, 31 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #47

Deauville Silky Top, It Girls
Pencil Skirt, Pretty 'n Love
Pink Sequin Cardigan, Versus Versace

LE Logo Black Thin Belt, LE
Her Highness Booties, Christian Louboutin

It Girls

So I think it was maybe 2 weeks ago now (maybe? maybe not?) that we got this new bunch of items in It Girls based on some of the best It Girls themselves! I am a huge Olivia Palermo fan, so anything to do with her is gonna be good in my books! 
So here is the whole array of items (there is one dress on the next page too) - which I think are a good mix, there's tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, a bag and a belt, for just one page of items, not too shabby! Prices range from 6SD for a belt to 18SD for a dress, a good range I'd say, especially as the items are very wearable, it wouldn't be too tricky to manage to get them all into different looks (I have to say that sounds like a challenge - one I really don't have time for!). I bought the majority of the items to be honest, I think they're mostly my style and will easily combine with things that I already have:
Very much yet to decide which is my favourite piece of the release, but I am leaning towards that stunning yellow dress - I love it a lot =)
As per, I haven't had time to style any of my pieces yet, but here are some super cool and stylish looks that I spotted around the site a couple of days ago: 

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I think this is a great styling of that lace shirt from sweet-scarlet! I think it makes it a really cute street piece by pairing it with the worn shorts, but definitely keeping it classy with the heels and beautifully intricate clutch bag. I also love the topping off with the deep maroon-y/red colour, looks fab! 


Crisp White Blazer- It Girls
Black Crop Top- Original Future
High Slit Skirt- Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Black Wishbone Thin Belt- Gucci Tribute
Black Varnished Shoes- Apres Ski

I really love styling this skirt because of its unique shape... It's definitely one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #46

Three-Quarter Stripe Top, Decades
Rider Clean Canvas Vero Moda, Nelly
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt, Evil Panda

Hot Buys See Through Purse, Hot Buys
Black Classic Pumps, Chanel

White sleek

Asya2004 stuns in this simple yet beautiful white outfit - love everything about it! White can be tricky to pull off because believe it or not there are different shades of white, so sometimes the items don't quite go together, but they do here =) 

Contest #1 Transparent plastic - Winners

Hello everyone,

At the beginning, I would like to apologize for the delay. Without further ado, the first place in the transparent plastic contest and the prize (50 SD) goes to Jennakorpas. Distinction and the prize (20 SD) goes to bang.frog. To receive stardollars, (if you're a superstar) reserve something for SarahVIP in your starbazaar. If you're not SS, send me by e-mail your wishlist or just simply write me in the comments section. 

Thank you all for participation and congratulations to the winners! 

Here are the details of your voting:


First place (50 SD) - Jennakorpas  

 Distinction (20 SD) - bang.frog

Nelly Review

So sometime in the past couple of weeks this new release of Nelly was placed on our doorsteps:
In my opinion this is one of the weaker Nelly collections, it really just had a lot fewer pieces of interest for me - I'm sure some of you guys will agree with me, but there will be some people out there who love it! 
There's a good mix of clothing and accessories pieces, with prices ranging from 9 to 25 SD's, which really isn't that bad as most items fall in the middle rather than at the top of the range. When the store first came out I picked up only 2 pieces, but I've since bought a couple more - unfortunately I've been yet to style anything:
I honestly thought I'd bought more, but I'm so behind that I just realised they were from the last release - whoops =S
I really loved the jeans as soon as I saw them, I think they're an easy fit into my closet and style. The skirt is definitely not my everyday sort of style, but it reminded me of something I saw a blogger wear once and I just couldn't help but see it in a sports luxe kind of way, so wanted to try and recreate that - had no time so far, but hopefully I'll style it soon - if not for Wear My Closet, then just a regular styled outfit! Just got the shirt recently after featuring it here - just had to get it, will probably end up getting the skirt too =) I'm also really tempted by the two skirts on the second image above, the white one and the black and white patterned one, I think they could make really cute summery outfits, and the pink floral sweater on the first page, that could look great =)

So as per, had no time, I'm very exhausted, it's almost half midnight here and I still have to make my pasta for lunch tomorrow, apologies neighbours if I fall asleep and leave my cooker on and burn down our flats =P Just kidding that won't happen ... !

Anyway, here are a handful of outfits with these Nelly pieces that I've seen around the site:
Jelinna wearing Klara Skirt, 14SD's
RockinEllee wears Pattern Skirt, 14SD's
Badscere wears Oh La Top, 15SD'

Friday, 28 March 2014

Cable Knit

So both of these outfits style that cute Cable Knit sweater and they are styled by Beluchiitaa and Bianca.Vos (Whose doll I can no longer find on SD! If you know her please tell me if I've spelt her username wrong or something so I can get a link up!) - this is a new(ish) piece from the latest Bizou release [ok, not that recent, but this is me, it feels like it could have been a couple of days ago =P]. Anyway I love each of these very different stylings, one very casual, cute and feminine, the other a much more high fashion outfit making it look like a super chic piece - who knew this sweater would look great in either style?!
I've been kind of on the fence about it and haven't bought it yet, this is pushing me in the right direction though =)

Calm and Tranquility...

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Hilmy | emmahunt4 

Silver sheen


Sometimes I just want to hide and disapear

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #45

Normally I really amn't someone to show off my doll's midriff, it's not really a style or something that I'm a fan of, however as I was testing out things to wear I just tried this, and surprised myself by really liking it - it's always worth giving something a shot! So I'm excited to share this look with you =) Also coming up in the next week will be my reviews for both the new Nelly and It Girls releases! I know they've been out a while, but I've been excited to do them, so better late than never =)
Black Crop Top, Original Future
Marlin Trousers, Miss Sixty
Tartan Bomber Jacket, Callie's Picks

YSL Bowler Bag, Saint Laurent
Black Rockstud Pumps, Valentino

Capelet spectrum

Opposite ends of the spectrum with these two capelet looks - the first from LadyPopscarllat and the second from KimMimi8 =) I actually took these pics with the intention of separate posts, but then it all just fell into place and I thought it was interesting how each complete look is at opposite ends of the colour spectrum, one dark skinned dark haired beauty and one fair skinned platinum blonde beauty! And they've respectively gone for black and white based outfits - weird how things play out =)
Anyway I love both of their looks, and they've actually both gone for Chanel clutches, totally didn't notice that until I was writing this! 
Fabulous fabulous work =D

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #44

I'm so tired, at uni for 12 hours today - which is why this outfit looks, quite frankly - terrible!!!
Tompkins Square Jacket, Bizou
Hot Buys Floral Dress, Pretty 'n Love

Hot Buys Purse, Bizou
Sneakers, N/A

New Partner

Just a quick welcome post to our latest partner and new blog - Boreads
It comes from the same fabulous duo that brought you that last issue of Fierce - if the blog is even a tenth of the magazine then it's set to be a good 'un =) 
Please check it out, give them a follow and give them out support =D

Street skirt

I don't know why I liked this combination - I just did! So I thought it was worth a snap at ValentinaReal's suite =) I love the skirt, a new piece from Nelly and I look forward to styling it when I have the time to do it, you might not see it for a few months, but it'll get to you! Anyway, enough rambling - I love the use of the gingham shoes, I think it was an unconventional choice, but I like it =) 


Hello everyone! I am pleased to inform you all that I will be a guest writer for this blog! I feel as though I should formally introduce myself, so here I go. My name is Ana, I am fifteen years of age, and I reside in the United States of America. I have been playing on Stardoll since 2010. What I like most about Stardoll is that I have the tools to make wonderful creations. If I were to describe my style, I would describe it as classic, elegant, and aesthetically appealing, even though it may vary at times. 

I will now show you some of my past creations:

I am looking forward to sharing my outfits with you all. :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #43

Another long day - going to need to start taking more food with me to Uni! Haha =) 
White Tie Shirt, Pet-a-porter Clothes Horse
Black Zebra Stripe Skirt, Dior

Circle Sash Belt, LE
PPQ SS13 Platforms, PPQ