Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Total tan

I love both beige and yellow tones as well as gold details - this outfit from MissDark1990 ticks all of those boxes! I love the oversized pieces, like the wider legs of the trousers paired with this overcoat, and I think the mix of colours works, sure it's unconventional but it helped to draw me into the look. Of course the gold details cannot be missed, these hoops look great with a shorter hairstyle, and love how this clutch has been styled into a shoulder bag, that's a super cool way to wear it^ Also really like the black shoes, the wooden heel is fitting, but the black adds just the right amount of dark to the styling =)

Monday, 30 March 2020

M A R C H 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

It's the end of March already, I think this has been a very quick month, and now things are slowing down a little more with all of the happenings in the world. We got our HB's alike in February with two windows released throughout the month with 1 male and 2 female looks to enjoy - I for one love the look and vibes of these looks already!

This months pieces are all based on Isabel Marant, I love this so much and I for sure think we need more like this in the Plaza. These pieces are all branded as The JetSet, which is typically an SS-only store, however these pieces are available for all members, which is great^ I love the blue theme which runs throughout, firstly quite delicately in the prints on the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse (The JetSet, 21SD's) and the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots (The JetSet, 16SD's) which were among the first pieces we got. The blue really pops on the white base of the pieces and I love the mixing with the burgundy, it's something different, eye catching and super stylish. Our second drop had another amazing top, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck (The JetSet, 21SD's), I'm loving this great choice of blouses to choose from, it's fantastic for the Plaza! The pattern on this one is just stunning, the mix of colours is beautiful and I love the overall design and the collar - I'm glad it looks just like the real one, I totally wish I had it in RL now^ I also adore our second pair of boots, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots (The JetSet, 15SD's) which are pretty much a wardrobe staple in classic black, I love the calf-height, the fabric body of the boot and then the sheeny pointed-cap on the toe, they just look so sleek and great on the doll =)

This is a great Spring transition look from singiel styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse. The floral details really pop out against the printing on the bag, it's such a fun accessory to choose^ I wasn't sure how black would pair with this piece with the focus on blue in the details, but the trousers look good and I love the smart vibes they bring. Super cool styling overall!
Next up we have france25 styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck, I just found this look so inspiring for the piece! The white segments really pop with the silk light trousers, and I adore the ruffling cuffs added to the sleeves, they're perfect for the style of the piece! The belting is a stylish addition, the colour of the piece is perfect, and I love the sleek makeup styling, such a great look for the top =)
And lastly millaxx wearing the HotBuys IsabelMarant High Waist Denim which really pops against the other colours in the look - I love the slimming around the calf with the chunky black patent boots, super cool! The white shirt lightens the look and I love the chunky oversizing of the sweater against the fit of the trousers. Also that bag - I didn't want it before, and now I really do^

And time for my looks, first up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots, which I've not seen anyone else style yet, I love the retro vibes they have to the style. I love this blue overcoat with the colour of the printing on the boots, it's a great match. To keep the focus on that I've gone super simple with white pieces for the rest of the look. I think these boots will also look great with some sweet Spring/Summer dresses^ Next up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots, these are so easy to style, they'll work very well with many styles and pieces, I kept it fun with some leopard print. This a look typical for me, and I'm sure these will work well with everyones 'typical' look. I think these will work very nicely in Autumn/Winter stylings. And finally the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck which I just love so much! There are so many colours in the blouse to choose to accent in a look, I went with these burgundy trousers which I think are a great fit with the colour and cut of the blouse. The green on this bag isn't too bad a fit with that on the blouse, I love it against the red and it works with the black and gold details too. Love this set of stylings so much =D

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 4

Onto the fourth piece of jewellery this weekend for the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time I thought I would choose something super fun and different, the HotBuys Faux Mink Hoop Earrings from It Girls which came out a couple of years ago. They're a piece I've only worn once since their release, but actually they've made some nice looks and are totally worth a chance!
I love this shade of green a lot, but there's not a lot of pieces which match to it exactly, so I've kind of put them all into the first style, haha^ These Gucci trousers are fabulous with these earrings, and they're a smart style so I kept that with the overcoat and the shirt, I think it helps not bring too much attention to them and keep it more spread to include the earrings too. Kept with the green in the matching square-toe heels, and the Dior bag, I love this and it works well with the black and white pieces too. For the second look I was a little more experimental, and limited the green added and I quite like it. It's a lighter style, I really liked the colour of this blazer against the green, I think the two complement each other very nicely. Stuck with white clothing for the base to keep it simple, as I did with the bag too. Then I thought these were a great boot to tie the colours together with the mixed yellow and green colours. It's something quite different, and I'm sure won't be to everyone's tastes, but I think it works out well for me =) The makeup is maybe a little simple, but I had fun layering some different shades, a white base with a little grey and some green on top - it came out quite fresh really^

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Suite Style

This looks like the cosiest beach-side room to be isolated in for sure in Leuce's suite! I love the interior for starters, the orange-hued sky looks beautiful and the flowing sea is super calming. The black wooden floor really calls me, and I love the contrast between the sky and the dark and golden wall colours chose, the geometric print is striking and I don't think it's too busy or crowded at all^ The use of marble and green tones along with gold details looks amazing and works so well with the base of the room and the original interior - love the armchair and the dresser a lot. The decor pieces added look amazing, there's a little something to see in all corners of the room =D

Friday, 27 March 2020

E P I P H A N Y | Styled Outfit

We got a brand new drop of Epiphany into the Plaza this last week (or was it the week before?! Everything is blending into one! There's a big focus on the headbands in this release, which aren't so much my thing to style, but I look forward seeing you guys wearing them. But I did find one piece that I thought looked great, and fitting with my current Wear Dem Jewels Challenge, the Shell Earrings:
I love blue tones with silver jewellery, which took my focus for the makeup look. I layered with a light grey as a base, then added different blue shadows and liner on top - it makes a really cool smokey eye with a difference! With the blue makeup I knew I wanted to continue that in my outfit, so I kept it pretty simple with a navy base and then this light blazer with silver accessories to pair with the earrings. They've got such a pretty style, which I think works well with the brunette hairstyle - they're also very elegant and I think would work really well with a pretty gown or dress^

Thursday, 26 March 2020


What a sleek and cool feature to share today from the always fabulous --kayley! I love the shapes of the pieces used and the feature of cut-out sections on both the matte grey top and the white wide-leg trousers, a great colour contrast, and I think the square framed blazer makes a perfect pairing for the rest of the clothes. The shape is just very cool and current of the overall styling. Loving that this bag is getting some use, the colour is beautiful in the mix^ Also loving the slicked back hair and dramatic eye shadow look!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

P L A Z A P I C K S | Spring Florals

I'm really feeling the Spring vibes lately, so I'm picking my favourite Spring trend of florals to highlight in the Plaza this month! Luckily in the catalogue we can select 'Floral Print' to search by, so this makes the search so easy now, and there are almost 200 items to pick from! I'm really feeling Spring styles with lighter colours and not so many layers of outerwear and sandal-style shoes, which is how I've styled up the two look with my top 2 choices and I'm really delighted with the outcome of them. Be sure to share your favourite floral looks with me too^
**click here to get all the picks in your Plaza dressing room** 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sweet sleeves

Super cool and perfect for Spring styling today from jjgangstevenjj today, what a refreshing styling! I'm never the biggest fan of neon, and this dress has some neon vibes, but I think it's the cool use of layering that makes it work so well. The white frill designs on the dress really pop out with the shirt beneath the dress, the polo style and the amazing puff sleeves are super trendy and the overall pairing has been put together very nicely^ The black details on the dress pop out with the black accessories, I have so much love for the inclusion of these shoes in the styling, totally one of my favourite additions!

Monday, 23 March 2020

T R A I L S | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us a brand new TRAILS release, which has been a hit or miss store for me, I often will only buy 1 thing, but this time, the accessories of the release are absolutely amazing! The styles and designs are current and trendy, and I've found them very easy to style up for you today^
First up the Pearl White Bag, which is in the very trendy beaded style, we've had this similar design before in black, but a white or pearlescent one is perfect to add to the Plaza! I kept my look light and this mint colour is great with the beads. White in the rest of the style makes the focus on the mint and bead pairing. It's such an easy to wear style for sure! Secondly the All Around Handbag, which I think was a given for me to purchase for it's white colour. I also love the design, the size is nice and the tie details on the handle are fantastic. I went a little dark on this style with the black polo, but I loved the standout look of the striped trousers - the bag can definitely be described as quite basic, so it can take a fun print to make the look stand out. The white blazer brings the look back for sure, and I think it works pretty nicely =) And finally a pair of shoes, the Slip In Heels which are in a great beige/nude colour making them super versatile. I love the the chunk of the heel and also the square of the toe, I think these will be a winning pair over the Spring/Summer season. I found a lot of sweet dresses which worked well with these, so I look forward to making more stylings, but this time I went with this beige floral piece, as the colour really looks amazing with the shoes. I kept the accessories very fitting with the colour and added gold in the necklace as a little something detailed.

Let me know what you thought of this release and your favourite pieces too!

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 3

Another Sunday - I hope everyone is keeping well - and time for the 3rd piece of this round of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge! This week I've picked the Dior Tribute Tribales Pearl Earrings, which I've had since their release and know for a fact that I have never worn even once. It's super bad because they're such a pretty piece of jewellery. I'm not sure I've seen many others wear these either, but actually I think they were maybe a little discreet in the Plaza because when I was looking back to link the collection, I had a hard time finding which it was! But I'm styling them now, better late than never, right? I really loved putting together these looks, turns out styling pearl earrings is fun which is a good thing as I have quite a few other pairs to wear too. First up I tried to be a little casual, but I think it's worked out very much not casual other than denim is involved, I love these pearl embellished jeans so much and they work out very nicely against a pearl earring. I kept the rest of the look light, and I love the combination of this oversized shirt with the bow neckline with the bow-detailed shoes. A simple white bag and sunglasses completed the look and I think it's a perfect Spring styling, the earrings really pop against the brunette hairstyle and the white shirt. For my second look I went a little fancier - I've been trying to get this dress included in a styling for quite a long time and I've finally done it^ Ok, so it's not exactly styled much, there are just accessories added, but I think this classic style of piece, especially with its silver trim, is perfect to pair with pearl earrings! The shoes, bag and sunglasses all have a more pearlescent vibe to them rather than just being white or silver pieces and for me that totally makes it a spot on style. I'm so glad I finally got to wear the dress, for sure this will be my constant look this week on my doll =) Makeup-wise I've gone with greys and lilacs, I'm not sure why but these are the colours I always think of when thinking of pearls. I added a chunkier mascara this time which gives a little more of a retro vibe, I think somewhere subconsciously I was thinking of the Chanel dress and wanted to make sure the makeup was perfect to go with it, haha!

Saturday, 21 March 2020

A N T I D O T E | Styling Shoes

And next up time to share my shoe stylings from the recent Antidote release! I think I might have become a bit of a shoe addict, perhaps that could be a future challenge or clear out^ Anyway, there were a lot of shoes to pick from in this release and I bought 3 pairs to add to my wardrobe. First up the Suede Heels which I liked for the colour and black design components. I will say I did find them a little tricky to style due to the suede colouring, but I'm really pleased with the final outcome, I think the lighter trousers with the darker tones on top works well and helps balance to show off the shoes. It's a nice styling for Spring combining the light and dark tones with lighter fabrics, I'm especially loving this blazer in the look. Secondly styling the GCDS White Over Knee Heels which I just couldn't resist at all! The looser design around the knee is something to work around, so either tucking in trousers or wearing a shorter length which is what I opted for - I actually found so many mini-dresses which looked awesome with the style of these boots. I chose this sweet floral piece that I haven't worn in such a long time, I think the styles work very nicely together. I accessorised to match the colours in the dress and I think it works very nicely for a minimal styling, I really love it and I can't wait to style these boots again =) And the final pair, the GCDS Champagne Heels which were the first pair I bought, they just looked so classic and I knew I would really regret not buying them! I knew I wanted to choose brown tones for my first styling, and I think this polo is a perfect colour-fit with the shoes. I tried quite a few options for the bottom half, and I loved how the tulle skirting looked, and I think the pink beneath really adds something a little different the brown coloured looks, I'm happy with it^ And accessories to match the theme, I'm pretty happy with this one overall too =D

Friday, 20 March 2020

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

This past weekend it was time for a new release of Antidote! It's been a little while since our last release, so this one is quite timely. The advertising gives nothing away about the collection, but indicates a typical street-wear style to the pieces.
Highlights This release is just one floor, so is a quite a small one - however I'd say it's pretty good actually, and definitely to my taste with the neutral colour palate! There are 6 looks for girls and 1 for the guys with this one.
Accessories It's a pretty good number of accessories for the size of the collection, my eyes immediately go to all of those shoes! There are 6 pairs, one for each look which must be some sort of record. They're split between heels and boots - I really like both pairs of heels, the Suede Heels are super cute with their black toecap and strap across the foot while having a neutral base, and the GCDS Champagne Heels just look like such a classic piece with a great sheen and a beautiful dark caramel colour. Of the boots I'm very much drawn to one pair in particular, the GCDS White Over Knee Heels, these are kind of fabulous^ I love the colour and the overall design of these, they have a great fit and I like the slouching around the leg. There are a couple of bags in this release, with the dinky trend being fulfilled for sure - I'm a big fan of the GCDS Mini Bag, it's white with gold details, what's not to love?!?!
Clothing With the clothing I think there are a few questionable pieces, and neon is still a feature which I'm not so much a fan of, but I was very happy to be able to pick up a couple of pieces. The first piece I spotted was the GCDS Blue Blazer which I just think is stunning! The colour makes it pop in the store, and I think it's such a great current trend piece to have in the Plaza. I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on the masculine square fit, but I love the colour, the silk fabric, and the overall vibes on the doll - I'm really excited to style it up! I love the neutrals game this release brought, they're such versatile shades that really anyone can work into their style and ideas. The GCDS Dot Jacket is pretty cool, I like the oversizing and frilling at the hem, but it's the quilted style that really jumped out, it looks so great! I think it's fab that there are so many pairs of trousers in this release, I just don't like the style of them for my doll. The final piece that I'm so excited about is the GCDS V Neck Blouse, initially I was a little uncertain about the cropped length, but my love of the colour and the beautiful draping of the piece won out - I am so glad to have this in my wardrobe!
Prices This release ranged from 12 to 70SD's, with most pieces settling quite well in the middle - I didn't find this one too expensive for the pieces we were getting. This release was also available to everyone, with no SS or Royalty limits, which is fantastic^
Styled Outfits I bought quite a lot of things this time around, and as always I went crazy on the shoes, so there will be a separate shoe styling post later, but for now, the rest of my purchases! First up the GCDS V Neck Blouse and I just love this look, I've not taken it off at all^ The colour really pops with the neutral trousers, and the silky style fabric of both really ties them together nicely. I liked adding a little black in the accessories and I think it works well to highlight the top in the look. Also had to add some gold, this necklace fills the neckline very nicely. Second up the GCDS Blue Blazer, which I think I need some more time with to figure out styling something with a little extra structure, but I went for matching textures again on this styling with this silky dress, the light colour works out well with the blue, and then I added even more blue for the accessories - I think these shoes are pretty cute in the styling^ Not my favourite look but not too bad. And lastly the GCDS Mini Bag which was so easy to style, it will look great in so many ways for sure. The golden hue of this dress is perfect for the bag, and I kept the rest of the additions simple, the white blazer keeps a smart look, and the accessories are minimal, again this necklace worked perfectly for the styling, love this look a lot!
Features And for the features, first up is millaxx styling the GCDS Blue Denim Pants in this cool Spring styling, it looks great^ I don't like these shorts for me, but they sure look good on others! They look super sweet with this casual oversized white tee and I love the blazer in the styling. Also loving the snake print mules, they really add an edge to the look =)
And then we have MissDollyTiara wearing both the GCDS BabyBlue Heels and the GCDS Blue Blazer which I love in this dark styling in contrast to the light colours I paired the blue with. The sheen really pops against the matte of the jeans and top, I think these jeans look fantastic here, the light stitching looks great. Also loving the blue glasses added^
And lastly for this post, Jacquemus styling up the GCDS V Neck Blouse and I love this outfit so much! The piece looks great as a layer with the white shirt beneath, the two styles complement each other incredibly well. And the colour looks fab with this leopard print skirt, it's a combination I will definitely be trying out in the future. Accessories look great too, the red bag is the perfect stand-out piece!

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Suite Style

It's been a while since I featured a Suite, and I couldn't resist after seeing this perfect Summer paradise from Lawliet.! The interior comes as a deck with a pool, and here it's been transformed into a beautiful Summer house. The glass keeps it open, and the home-wear pieces are light and fitting, I love the natural-ness of the wooden tables and light fittings paired with the white decking. The outdoor area has been designed well too, love the stairs to add more layers and the dog on the lounger is adorable^

Monday, 16 March 2020

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us a new Original Future release, it's one of my least favourite stores, and this release made no exception to that. I did however pick up one piece which stood out to me in the release - the Brittany Design Turtleneck, which would have been a perfect staple for the winter months. It does make a pretty good layering piece, and as a bonus, it's in SC's, so very affordable!
It's a pretty basic piece, so my looks are quite simple, I found that I was covering it up a lot more than intended to show if off, so I tried to keep the looks more basic. It works in both dark and light outfits, first up I paired it with these wide leg trousers which have quite a similar texture vibe as the top, they really have a lot of detail in them to add to the top. The black jacket keeps it simple, with the wide opening helping show the top. Accessories super simple in silver, but I found that one of the best colours to work with the top. For the second look I tried something a little smart, love the pleat on these white trousers and the matching white blazer keeps the top popping out against the bright colour. I chose a pair of boots I don't think I've ever worn before, but with the grey glitter these seem a good fit for the top, I'm so glad I tried them out! Also a grey bag against the white, and black sunglasses tie in very nicely. I'm super happy with these looks and they really tell me this top will make a good versatile piece^

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 2

Happy Sunday everyone, it's time for the second piece in Round 2 of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time I've picked the PPQ Ruby Earrings from PPQ, which I did style the first time around in the Challenge. The makeup look I've gone for this time is a little similar with the red tones, but I like to think I've done it a little better now^ There's red of course, but I've also included a little orange with a liner, some brown tones and also a little pale pink under the eye. Clothing-wise I also think I've done a better job this time, but styles change so naturally I prefer now compared with 4 years ago. There's a heavy red presence in the looks - I did try out some orange as the earrings do have a little orange in them, but nothing worked as well as the red. First up this fabulous frilled blouse, I liked this design with the extravagant earring pattern, I think it brings all the focus to the top half of the outfit. The rest is very simple with black trousers and boots, but I added a little more red with this bag and some sunglasses. I really like this one^ I also very much love my second look - I chose a classic-me burgundy combination with the trousers and vest, but layered into a Spring styling with this pink overcoat, love these colours together so much! Super simple with matching accessories to finish the styling off. I think it really works, and the open neckline helps to draw the eye to that space and also the earrings. I had contemplated selling these recently, but actually I'm quite glad I kept them!

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Smart grey

I love the super smart yet stylish vibes in this look from Siumi today - it's inspiring me to wear these grey trousers more as they look fab here! I love the layering of the jackets too, the grey is just subtle but really adds to to the denim, the oversized shape looks great with the style of the trousers. The yellow shirt is eye-catching, and the print really helps it work in the outfit without overwhelming the grey palate. Also loving the accessories, these boots are fantastic!

Friday, 13 March 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | March 2019

It's that time again to look back to the HB's from March 2019, these were a little of a mixed bag, with some different styles on offer - at the time I wasn't so big on the clothing, I much preferred the accessories. Looking back, I'm not so much a fan of my stylings of the pieces back then, but styles change, so all normal! I have worn the LV Party Sunglasses quite a bit, as a layering piece with other pairs, and I've also styled the Balenciaga Inspired Jeans Skirt a few times too. Today I'm going to style up my least worn items, the Balenciaga Inspired Shirt and the LV Inspired Boots:
Ok, I have to say these were a little tricky to style and I totally understand why I've ignored them a little^ But I'm quite pleased with the outcome. First for the Shirt, this was tricky, I wanted to include some matching green, but it's quite a specific shade of green to match with and I have nothing even close, so gold was my focus in the accents but I'm pretty pleased with the matching of the shoes, bag and necklace with the shirt. The black trousers add a neutral touch to really let the shirt pop and I think it works out very nicely =) I couldn't decide if these Booties were pink or red, nevertheless they look goof with both colours but I leaned towards pink this time with a white base, that really lets the boots stand out. I was a little unsure about cuff lengths with these boots because it's really all about the cool shaping around the ankle, I think a midi skirt or dress will work well to show that off, so I'll need to try that next time. But these trousers work out ok I think. Pretty happy with this styling, but think it could be better for these boots for sure!

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Mysterious red

This outfit is simply stunning from AleOrchid, how dramatic and mysterious and it completely draws you in! I for once adore the use of these Strike-A-Pose gloves, I think they're completely spot on in this styling, a great colour match for the maxi skirt and the lipstick^ The cape is perfect around them, and really looks very stylish - I couldn't imagine how this piece would style, and it's fantastic here. The black polo is the perfect bade, and I love the lack matching accessories with their gold details to match those on the cape. The hat gives the dramatic touch, and works wonders for the styling, so much love for this!

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Chill in purple

I'm a big fan of purple stylings, and this one from Opioides goes all out - look at all those tones! I don't even know what to look at first, but I think it's cool that someone has worn these trousers well, I don't like them for me because of the low slung waist but they look great with this longer shirt. The layering with this chiffon off-shoulder cropped top is cool, it really stands out and look fab^ The accessories are also very popping, love the holographic effect of the bag, and the pink of the glasses is eye-catching =D

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 1

Wow it's been a minute since I've done a challenge - the last one took like a million years to do so I was hesitant to start something else that turned into being that long. But I'm doing something different this time, bring back a 4 year old challenge - the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge! I very rarely wear jewellery, and even more rare, wearing Beauty Parlor jewellery, I loved this challenge first time around to get me out of my comfort zone, so come join for round 2 =D I'll be posting this challenge every Sunday until I run out of pieces^
Starting off with earrings, which I have a ridiculously large collection of for someone who doesn't wear them - these are the Epiphany Eye Earrings which you can still pick up in the Plaza, and I've actually styled before when I reviewed the release! They got a little lost in the blonde hairstyle, so I darkened it up and I think the brunette works well with these. I'm totally still feeling the vibe of black clothing with these earrings, but I tried to chose something a bit lighter and ready for Springtime. I love these stylings, and I love the earrings in them^ First up this fun ruffled dress, making it more wearable with the blazer and the boots. I like the more open style at the neck, and I think that helps make the earrings pop a little more along with the darker hair. Love these delicate framed sunglasses in the look too, they're great with the earrings! And then second up more casual with trousers - had to get a little black in there, but I think the gold looks so great with this beige overcoat. The clothing colours are super minimal, but work together and work with gold, which I've added in the accessories to tie in with the earrings - I think this looks like a very nice outcome =) With the makeup I've gone for a lighter look with browns, there's even a little orange and yellow snuck in as well - the one thing I wish I had was gold liner or shadow, that would have been so perfect =D

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Luxe pink

Such a dreamy styling from --kayley, I had to share so badly! I adore the use of this pink silky skirt, I hadn't really seen it as a piece to style before and now my mind is totally changed about it, it's super beautiful here and looks perfect paired with this sheer cream top. The shapes of the pieces are very nice together and I like the lack of a close fit to the body. The accessories are beautiful and perfectly chosen for the styling, the shoes are totally my favourite and reminds me to style them more. The bag is fitting and I love the use of the bracelets over the sleeves of the top. The slicked hairstyle also really shows off the earrings. So much love for this!

Friday, 6 March 2020

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This was a fun Callie's Picks release for sure - the first one which was curated by members, or more specifically, one member, mfentyx who won a styling contest a little while back on the site. The choices are a lot of older pieces with an older style of graphics, this isn't one I like personally, but there are a couple of winning pieces included for sure! First up a feature, millaxx looking super cool in the Breezy Spotted Skirt which really pops with that bold red^ The black base is perfect to let the spots stand out, the sunglasses and heels are super fitting, and I adore  the use of this bag, I love the printing contrast between the pieces for sure. The red is a great addition, it totally draws you in!
I already owned the pieces that I would have wanted to purchase, so I'm styling them up here anyway. First up the Pink Silk Spot Dress, which I can't get enough of with these pink boots^ I love the idea of a navy coat with this dress, but don't quite have one with the perfect colour match, this one works fine, but it's not perfect. Pink accessories all the way with the rest of the darker style. Just love these polka dots so much! Then secondly the Hot Buys Zip Snake Heels which I have really loved having since they came out over 6 years ago! These shoes are just great, so versatile and easy to work with in many styles, I really urge you to buy them if you haven't yet =D I chose a skirt to shoe off the cool ankle strap design, and the open coat works well for that too. Love adding the snake print to fit the name of the shoes, haha^ The print pops with the basic black pieces and I added a fun silver bag to match too as the shoes have little silver details. Overall a great outfit to show off these shoes!

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Bootcut baby

Another more vintage styling to share with you today from MissDollyTiara - I fell for those pointed kitten heels, what a great piece (they're StarDesign Hair btw^)! I find bootcut jeans are such a 'marmite' piece, you love them or hate them, and on my doll, they're very much not my thing, but they look awesome in this styling, those heels sure do help that! Love the older style of the blazer, I think the design is perfect with the heels, and same with the sweater, the colours are a great pop there and are perfect with the bag, such a great addition in the styling =D

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

R I O | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

RIO releases can be a little hit or miss for me - I've got some great things in the past, but this one isn't so much for me. I did pick up a couple of pieces and I did spot this fabulous styling to feature from Mia1435 with the Pair Flower Skirt. I love this styling so much, it makes light florals work so well in a more Winter-based look! The beige of the flowers is perfect with this coat, I love the combination so much. The darker leaf pattern on the skirt is perfect to bring in black to a look, these sheer tights, the shirt and the other accessories are tied in very nicely. Also really loving the bag in this look, it's just the perfect style =D
And for my stylings, first up the Bow Heels, which I think are such a cute pair of sandals, great for the Summer for sure! I really wanted to show off the details by having a cropped length, and these purple culottes are spot on for that. I loved the look of a smart shirt with the styling, but kept it more on the casual side with this slouched blazer. Couldn't resist this purple bag again, it's such a great piece^ And then I also picked up the Pair Flower Skirt after seeing the above feature, I wasn't so sure about it at first as the blue is quite a specific shade, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance now! I adore this look! The boots are a great fit with the flower printing, and I spent a long time looking for the perfect top, and this one is totally spot on for colour and style with the skirt. It's just so fitting^ I added a black belt for a little contrast, and then this bag seems a pretty sweet fit - I quite like the clash in printing, and I think it's a nice little touch =)