Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #51

A double feature for this post and two more Voile pieces for you to check out =D These are both still available in the plaza although aren't shown on the store, are so a bit of a hidden treasure! Firstly the Bemini Clutch, and I love the lilac and turquoise colour combination, perfect for one of my favourite faux furs^ There were a few looks for this one, but I really like it with a whole lot of other purple based items. And then secondly the Rubens Clutch (costing only 62SC!) in a navy all over look. I kept it light with some white which also pulls out the pale colours in the bag. Yeah so a pair of more wintery styled looks I think, but also trying out some new hair, this style is growing on me, what do you think?

Pretty in Paris

Pretty and stylish in this Paris themed room from Unattainable. - the way the interior has been styled is pretty amazing and is definitely worth checking out! This is a fabulously fashionable furry coat, but it's been dressed down super well with these jeans, yet kept high-end with heels and clutch and some stunning jewellery. Also love the hair in this one, it's pretty great and I'm wanting it in a blonde or light brunette now^

Monday, 30 May 2016

My Beauty Look 9

Totally feeling this quite bright-eyed makeup look today, and I totally went there on the lashes^ Clothing-wise I went for light and tried to choose a few similar shades as I'd gone for in the eyes.

A | Rosy Brown Shadestick, DOT
D | Eyeshadow No3, Sephora
E | Mascara Volume Black, Sephora (Alternative)
F | White Collection Eyepencil, DOT
G | Dim Grey Shadestick, DOT

Delicate pink

A delicate futuristic look from HollySumner in this feature. I loved all that pink in the accessories, especially the modern vibe rose-lens sunglasses, those are pretty perfect! But it was the use of the delicate pink trench coat that I really thought made the look. Plus a perspex skirt has been placed beneath, only adding to the modern feel of the look. The hair totally works in the benefit of the look too =D

Sunday, 29 May 2016


It's been a few weeks since a good old Styled Outfits post and this time I chose the Evil Panda Suspender Leather Skirt. This piece really struck me as an autumn winter piece back when it was released, so with this post I tried to veer away from those looks and make sure I could wear it in spring and summer styles too^ I think it's been fairly successful with that. I've had a huge focus on white (is that even really a surprise?!) but it works well with the piece and I like the different styles of tops and shirts that I've gone with across the board. The jackets are both cute pieces too, I have to say it was tricky finding outerwear that I really liked with this skirt, maybe that's something I could work on in the future. Shoes were fairly easy to work with this skirt, and I love that I got those trainers in there too with my first look =)

Let me know what you think of this skirt and my looks in the comments below!

Red flare

A bright flash of red in this look from fame.lady.GaGa. today. I really love this skirt, so it's great seeing it worn again in a creative way. The coat looks great and the style works well with the skirt to show it off. Love the boots, they're pretty great with the skirt, and the red is continued in the Museum Mile 1986 JPG Sweater. The hairstyle looks tucked in at the collar, pretty stylish with that beauty look too^

Saturday, 28 May 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Brand new Bizou on Friday, which was unexpected I think! But it's a perfect summer release with those bright colours and the homepage advert really sells it well! Plus looking awesome with those natural beauty looks =D
So there was the usual one floor of items and it's really packed well with goodies^ There's a couple of menswear pieces, with the Two Tone Slim Shirt really fitting in with the style of the rest of the items available for us girls. Your focus is drawn right in as soon as you see the store with the bright yellow tones in fashionable styles, and I really love it.
Accessories are pretty good with this release, in fact everything really holds its own place in the store and it's quite easy to purchase everything as nothing is too similar but all fits together nicely. I love both the Burgundy Dior Inspired Bag and the Clean Angles Purse which looks very Sophie Hulme, they both have great shapes and colours and so far have worked well when I've tried them - so look forward to those eventually in the Bag It Up Challenge! The shoes are also great with two different styles going in the denim-blue Blue Suede Stilettos and the fabulously bright Silk Knot Mules. I've been loving mules so these are a great addition to my collection^
Then there's the clothing - with so many great pieces to choose from! My eyes really were torn with what to look at first with this release because there are some wonderful things to be had. With dresses, there's a few to choose from, but I found myself going with a classic first, the Crisp White Fitted Dress - the shape is flattering as is the length and overall style, and it's a versatile piece that I can see working in many different looks. If you're wanting something more on the cute side, then you'll have to go with the DG Inspired Daisy Dress which has the perfect summer feel to it. In bottomhalves I found quite a few pieces I knew I had to have - the first being the Fendi Inspired Print Skirt, and it's so incredible we've gotten this on Stardoll, feeling very lucky! More Fendi like this please Stardoll^^^ Anyways, I also really love the French Riviera Trousers, they do look very similar to a few other pairs that have been released to the Plaza, but I don't feel like I can have too many pairs of trousers like these and I'll happily dress them up or down in a variety of styles. Then there's a few tops to be had, although I didn't feel myself loving these as much as other pieces. The Stella McCartney Inspired Top is super pretty with the delicate green floral print and I think it could look amazing in the right outfit. Then there's the Perfectly Styled Cardie in a lovely neutral stone colour which I think is just right for it as a piece. A few years ago this would have been right up my street, but I'm not so sure I'd enjoy styling it so much now as my style and loves have changed a lot - I'm sure someone will do it justice though! Lastly there's also bikini separates on offer, the Cannes Bikini Top and Bottoms, the latter being available in coins. I love the frilled off shoulder style and think this will be a pretty popular piece to style.
Prices for this release range between 7 and 20SD's and I think most pieces have been priced well for their style and what they are, no complaints there - but the cost quickly adds up when you buy a lot like I did, oops =D
Now my styled outfits - I was super excited to make these! Firstly I've gone with the Crisp White Fitted Dress paired with the Silk Knot Mules. The blue of the top I've added and the orange really work nicely against each other and the white keeps a neutral feel - couldn't resist adding this blazer! Then I've gone for the Fendi Inspired Print Skirt in another neutral style choosing this bow blouse and white heels (these are from the latest Museum Mile release). A bright bag was definitely needed, and orange is a good summer choice. In my final (very summery) look I've worn the Cannes Bikini Top - this typically isn't my style but I think this top warrants it and I've really worn it as a top rather than part of a bikini. I love it with these fringed PPQ jeans and the yellow of the accessories, a great beach look =D
And finally a few quick features! Firstly Crystal_Harris going with the Chic Two Tone Earrings in a very chic and two-tone look overall. I really love this styling and I really think the earrings stand out well, plus the beauty look is super complimentary^
Then two looks with the Cannes Bikini Top. Firstly miver, going with a denim style and summery accessories in the laced sandals and a cute nautical bag along with some hot shades. I love the lip colour and the hair choice, both really work with the style of the top.
And then secondly singiel, choosing a blue focus in her skirted look. The shades of blue work nicely and the heels make it a very pretty feminine look overall. A neutral beauty style works perfectly here =D

Coral flash

I love this spring ready look from Marta-43 today! The coral is a great colour to go with, I think it's a fantastic styling of the skirt, and a pretty unique standout one at that. It really suits the black menswear knit and the overcoat (still one of my favourite pieces^), but the accessorising is what holds my attention =D The coral is still there in the little keychain, but it's just the right amount and doesn't overwhelm or anything. Love the vintage style shoes along with the frames. Plus that hair is pretty amazing!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #50

We've reached 50! And there's still like a hundred to go, it seems ridiculous to have so many bags, but I'm still up for this challenge =D So as I said in this afternoons feature, tonights challenge post is my take on the Siri Bag from Nelly, which I think was still available until recently so should be no bother to find in the bazaar. I bought this as a piece to challenge me to style it, then never really did, but I'm sort of glad I waited as I really think I've found the right combination of pieces to wear it with for my style! It has a rather Cleopatra feel to it I think, not sure what it is, maybe the gem colours, but I quite like the feel and I've gone with blue for my look rather than the others - although maybe the turquoise could be next^


A pretty yet edgy look in this feature today from natusia_182! I was particularly drawn to the use of the bag, the Siri Bag from Nelly which will be in tonights challenge post, and I love it here! It works surprisingly well with the jewel coloured deep-V bomber jacket and I totally a combination I'd wanna work with. The look is kept to the minimal side with the black culottes and boots which totally sell the other pieces. Jewellery and beauty is also totally on point =D

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #49

Gonna get few a few more of these posts soon - so many bags to show! This bag is from The Jet Set and is the Postcard Purse and it costs 12SD's. I've never styled this little delicate piece before and I definitely did find it a challenge. I loved it with these pale colours and really enjoyed seeing this oversized blazer with the whole look =D

Citrus cool

If someone is gonna rock this bag, it's this gal^ Heneda looks stunning as always and this look blows our little poll way out of the water! I love it combined with this orange maxi, which is actually a PPQ dress and looks much better like this as a skirt, and who would have thought a chunky knit would be the ideal partner?! Not me - ugh I'm wishing I'd though of something like this =D The accessories are good too, from the bracelet and earrings to the sweet head tie - such a great job!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


 I have this coat on my wardrobe since its release and I never wore it! I made this look inspired by what the celebrities wear when they are trying to hide from the paparazzi!!
Cap - Original Future
Necklace/belt - Decades
Top - Callie's Picks
Coat - Fallen Angel
Belt - Rio
Jeans - Callie's Picks
Tote - Callie's Picks
Sandals - LE

M U S E U M M I L E | Styled Suite

Monday came with a brand new Museum Mile release entitled 100 Years of Style - I loved the spoilers but was disappointed with the prospect of yet another limited store release. Lucky for us, this time round wasn't limited and the prices are pretty good too! I'm a huge huge fan of the artwork and am so glad I was able to purchase the pieces I wanted, not gonna lie, that was pretty much all of the paintings^ I've not had a good think about how I want to use everything yet, but I thought I'd share some initial inspirations for two of the pieces. Firstly is the 1926 Tamara De Lempicka Picture which is filled with hidden deep golden tones and some lovely browny dusk shades, there's so much to see in it! I focused on dark metallics with the use of this seat and kept the other pieces pretty minimal and to a small number - but I really quite like it as a focal corner to the room!
And then the 1956 Vicente Romero Redondo Picture, I really focused on the gold frame but also the lack of darker shades in the painting and so didn't want to add many to the room. I love this gold couch and some small details really work for it.
So these most definitely aren't final, but I'm happy with them as a start!

What did you guys think of this release and the artworks available? And my rooms - like what I've done so far? Let me know in comments =D

Denim overlay

Last week brought us the latest Antidote release and it sold out in approximately 2 mins! So it was never gonna be in the books for me, but it was for Fashion__Victim who has styled the Belted Denim Shirt Dress in a very pretty and unique way! I think it looks quite different being worn with a floaty white skirt and shirt underneath, they transform it so well! And the accessorising is on the same theme with these rather nice booties and huge Antidote Bright White Foldover Bag =D

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | D&G Inspired Jeans

Phew, finally at the last Hotbuy, and there's still a week left in May, maybe a little too clustered with the releases this month! These are the D&G Inspired Jeans from the It Girls store and they cost 18SD's, which is maybe a little on the higher price range for a pair of jeans. The jewel details give them a unique touch, but I'm not so sure the blue denim is for me. I always go back and forth but generally prefer black or something a lot paler, but let's see how we got on^
Have to say, actually, that after putting them on I find myself happier with the colour than the details! Very interesting I think, and so our poll:

Black and blue

A sleek chic look today from lacky_girl.. in this very nice black and blue combination! Not two colours which typically are worn together, but this combination is very complimentary to them both. I love seeing this sweater getting worn plus in a non-winter look, I think it suits this skirt and leather leather jacket well. The blue aspects are continued in the socks (amazing with these boots^) and the earrings - I have these and totally need to wear them more often!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #48

It feels so long since one of these posts! This bag is from the Fever release two summers ago and is the Gozo Pouch Purse. I really very much bought it on a whim as it wasn't too expensive (I only paid 5SD) and it seemed like an easy enough piece to work with ... oh how wrong I was as I only styled it for this first time specifically for this post^ I actually enjoyed getting to use it and liked working with the gold detailing. I had contemplated selling it, but actually I think I want to give it another chance =D

Snake print mini

Who knew simple beige skinnies could be awesome?! This look from Mia1435 totally sells them and really does them some serious style-justice! I love them paired with this classic white and black combination (they're totally pieces I would choose), but I think it's the accessorising and beauty that really makes this look a winner =) The clutch combination is genius, especially going for the snake print, it's perfect and these shoes, albeit simple, work so well with their duo toning. Plus lets sit and admire that beauty look - I need some makeup lessons pronto!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Silk And Lace Top

This is the penultimate May Hotbuy! This Silk and Lace Top is from Pretty 'N Love and costs 16SD's. I'm happy to admit that this one isn't really my style at all, and is definitely one of my least favourite Hotbuys for a long time, the shape and style just isn't me but I'm giving it a go anyway. I'm sure it suits someone out there, but it is maybe a little pricey for what it is in my opinion.
Yeah, so it's not the ideal top, and we've both covered up quite a bit - I'm really interested to hear your thoughts and opinions about this piece in the comments! And our poll:

Chanel metallics

A pretty yet masculine look from bey22304 today! I'm going to start on those shoes - I'm in love with them, and they're Chanel Tribute and I don't think I've ever noticed them before, completely a loss for me! They work well with the colour of this sweater and the colour is highlighted by the use of the white trousers and black coat. Also a nice minimal use of accessories with this small cross body. Such a great outfit =D

Saturday, 21 May 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Last week brought our regular instalment of Callie's Picks, this time themed Easy Breezy, which I totally feel like should have Beautiful, Covergirl! afterwards! It's got a summer flair to it which is retained in the homepage ad, and I really love the makeup, which fits the bill exactly I'd say =D
Two floors to choose from this time and I really do feel the theme in most of the pieces and looks in the store, which is something I really like. There's one male outfit available, which doesn't entirely fit in really, but at least it's something, right? Or maybe not! Anyway plenty to choose from in different styles and items.
Accessories don't stand out to me too much but what is good is that there is a huge range of different shoes to be had, there really aren't any pair too similar to another so I'm sure most people could find something they like. I like the Gladiator Sandals best, I used to have these a long time ago but have since sold them, they are very much a reminder of my teen years and I loved sandals like these. They're styled with dresses here but would easily work with jeans or shorts. Of the bags I'd love to see more pieces like the Cross Body Bag, that style is in and I think it's done well on Stardoll in the past^
And now swiftly moving onto the clothing, the best bit =D There are several amazing pieces released in this collection, I feel lucky to get a hold of them! Firstly the dresses and I don't think any of us can ignore the Printed Maxi Dress or the Sparse Gems Maxi, two amazing pieces in one release is so great! I love the shades and shapes of each and think they are perfect pieces for re-release into the world. Then on the shorter side there's also the Striped Shirt Dress - another fab piece with a lovely style, it's a little sheer but I think that can be worked around in stylings of it. In the skirts there's a hugely talked about piece, the Rustle Of Wind Skirt which was a hugely desired piece a while back, I'm not sure, is it the same now? Anyway, people will be pleased to see this one as it's a pretty classic item. And if you're looking for a shorter bottom-half, then I really quite like the Stonewashed Hotpants, something I don't typically wear but I quite like how they're presented in store and their fit on my doll, so that was a nice surprise. And there's a very nice pair of trousers available too - the Casual Silk Pants, which sit pretty low but have a current loose feel with a cropped leg. The colour is awesome too, I think that blue can really work out well^ Moving onto the tops, and there's some more great pieces here. If you're into something more girly and Tributes, then there's the Chiffon Tank Tunic, or for a print in a summer style there's the Ruffle Shoulder Crop Top with the popular cold-shoulder design, and a last mention is something that's been on my wishlist for a few years at least, the Grey LS! It's a fantastic basic piece for your closet and although I don't think I'll wear it a lot now, I know it will get some serious use come autumn and winter! Then there's outerwear too in the Hearts Denim Jacket, which I would buy if I didn't own it already^ It's a pretty sweet piece to have in, it works with many styles and has a nice relaxed fit, I think it could be a surprise popular one from this release =D 
Prices for this release are ranged between 7 to 22SD's, with most items below the higher end of the range. I'm pretty happy about the prices and think you can get some good items for what they are!
My styled outfits now^ Firstly two pieces which I've done a little more with. On the left I've styled the Grey LS and I knew immediately I wanted a print with it, these trousers call for purple so much and so I've really gone done that route and adore this cute outfit! Then on the right I've gone with the Striped Shirt Dress - it's sheer all over so I've used some of the Underneath Stardoll pieces for modesty protection, but this tan coat helps too, and I actually am pleased with this combination^ It's quite autumnal and I think I'd wear this again come that time of year =)
Then there's these two stunning dresses which deserve the limelight to themselves in outfits, so that's what I've gone with, just adding shoes for a finishing touch! The Printed Maxi Dress looks good with these silver shoes, but I'm definitely going to experiment with some colours here along with a few more accessories. Then the Sparse Gems Maxi which I went with a similar shade of pink heels. The length really covers most of the shoes so you don't need to choose anything fancy, but could go for a more focal point bag to style it up a little more.

Middle of a Chain Reaction

Alternatively titled 'Break of Chains, Mother of Turtlenecks'...

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Sometimes you just feel chained to your desk (work or school) and you've got to break out of that funk!

I actually bought this skirt by accident from the new Antidote release, as it's a wee bit shorter than I like. Thank goodness for the oversized coat trend to forgive a multitude of sins.
 Regardless, I loved it with these Runway boots and thought I'd keep the rest simple. 

Ingredients / You Will Need:
Chain Print Mini | Antidote
Leena Tshirt | Miss Sixty
Streetstyle Overcoat | Strike a Pose
Herve Leger Inspired Boots | Runway
Chunky Chain Clutch | Subcouture
(and almost as always...) Tortoiseshell Glasses | The Jetset


Have you forgotten me yet? I took some unplanned time off since my 92-year old grandfather suffered a stroke and later passed away. Then summer arrived.

Velvet Tank Top – Subcouture
Wool Skirt – Bonjour Bizou
Studded Minimal Slides – It Girls
HotBuys Fringe Earrings – Fallen Angels
Shiny Gold Hip Bag – Antidote

Beauty Snaps

Friday, 20 May 2016

M A W I | My Beauty Look | Styled Outfit

I'd sort of forgotten about MAWI until it came out with a new release! These collections are always pretty good and generally there's plenty to purchase. The one thing I'm not sure about it the use of the tigers predominantly in the advert and stores - I don't think they were needed to sell this jewellery and a different theme could have been chosen. But that's all I'll say on the matter.
Silver pieces don't look the best on my dolls skin tone, so I made my focus on the golden hues and love the more rose-gold sort of pieces. I didn't purchase enough to make a whole review from this, so I'm just really going to cover my favourites and give some stylings to what I did buy =D
I adore the bags which are available with this collection, I really think they stand out nicely and make great additions to your wardrobe! I've one with the emerald-tinted Velveteen Elisabeth Sun Ray Handbag in my first look pairing it with white and silver heels so it would really stand out. It's not a piece I can see worn too casually, but I'm gonna try it with some trainers and see how I get on with it^ Then I've styled the Burgundy Leather Box Clutch Bag, which is something I'm so glad to add to my bag collection, it's so great! I love the size and tone, and the jewelled detailing isn't too much. I liked pairing it with these pink tones and it really makes the bag pop out well!
And then I just ended up purchasing one necklace, the Layered Firefly Crystal Necklace, a style which I think really excels in the MAWI releases. I love this one for the rose gold but also the combination of colours. The top piece really has a green metallic aspect to it, which I really like for looks but I also love the small topaz stones along with the lilac - it's a very nice pairing! For my makeup I wanted to play on the darker tones of the necklace and chose a burgundy combination. Originally I'd gone for a tanned lip, but it really wasn't working out with such a bold eye, but I'd try it again with this necklace I think!

What did you guys think of this release? Make any good purchases? Let me know your thoughts in comments =D

Rosey red

You gotta love some red and pink together, don't you? I love this look from aby400 in todays feature. These wine trousers are just kinda fabulous, and they're a great match for those heels, but who would have thought they would look good with this pink blouse?! It has a great pastel shade and I totally want it now =D The look is completed with the pinky coral lip and it looks wonderful =D

Thursday, 19 May 2016

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Dolce Rose Heels

Finally getting close to the end of the May Hotbuys, but I think this is one worth waiting for! These shoes are the Dolce Rose Heels costing 14SD's from Pretty 'N Love. They've got a delicate shape and design and the print is awfully beautiful - you're getting a good deal at the price^
I can see a whole host of looks featuring these shoes, so no doubt they'll be in other posts soon! And the poll:

Navy nothing

Great sporty stylish look from dareczek7! This navy combination is great, and the wonderful thing is that both these pieces were freebies - it doesn't always cost anything to look good^ The pieces are perfect for this sporty set of accessories. The trainers are great with these trousers and also this large clutch, I need to give this a go =D

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Back to black!!

 Another week another look!! This time I am featuring things I didn't even remembered I had like this coat and the boots, brought them up with some of my favorite things, like the turtleneck and the sunglasses!!
Sunglasses - LE
Coat - Callie's Picks
Turtleneck - Fallen Angel
T-Shirt - It Girls
Blazer - Pet-a-porter
Leggings - Basics
Boots - Balmain Tribute