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F E B R U A R Y 2019 | Hotbuys Review

And finally, the February Hotbuys Review - on the final day of the month with the final Hotbuy, I'm super impatient and I hate waiting this long, haha! This months offering definitely steps away from previously when February meant a Valentine's theme - I really don't mind either way, but I really didn't know what to think of these pieces at first, definitely some interesting and different styles in the mix. The outfits so seem quite independent to each other, so hopefully one or the other will work for everyone! 

Mykita Sunglasses Black - Normally I'm all over sunglasses, but I'm not so sure about this futuristic pair. A black base is a good start, but I find the lenses a little too quirky for my usual style. I like the shape though, the flat top is nice and they're a very good size overall. So far they've looked pretty awesome on everyone that I've seen wearing them, so it might just be on my doll that I'm unsure of them! Evil Panda 14SD's
Cropped Turtleneck Top - I love a good turtleneck top, but a super cut out one might be a little too much for me! There's not so much 'top' to this one, the cut out shoulder look fab, I love those paired with the long sleeves, but the body on the top stops above the chest, so it's a pretty specific style and it's not really mine. I've not seen so many people go for this piece, but I think the right ideas will look awesome with this. Velvet Orchid 22SD's
Margiela Tabi Boots - I was definitely excited for these boots, are they not just SO COOL?!?! They do live up to my expectations, so that I'm most pleased about! These, at first glance, can just seem like a standard (although expensive) pair of black ankle boots, but the design is totally first class, a traditional recognisable Margiela one^ This style of leather boot was super popular on Stardoll several years ago, so I'm getting all the old time vibes with these and looking forward to wearing them in a current way - I'm excited =) Fallen Angel 26SD's
Tech Jersey Bodysuit - I'm still not on board with neon, so this green piece is really not my thing, but it's ok, I've accepted that^ The fit is great on this body, perfect on the doll and it does have a few nice details that make it stand out, other than the neon! It's just all the colour that puts me off - I'm looking forward to seeing you guys wear it though. Fallen Angel 22SD's
PVC Ariel Pants - I was also pretty excited for these trousers - we all know I'm a trouser fan, so I'll give any pair a real go! These are something a little different with the double-texture. I've gotten more into leather trousers in the past few seasons, and these being a looser pair gives something different to work with, I think these could work out very nicely and I'm looking forward to styling them! Evil Panda 27SD's
Mykita Sunglasses Neon - A second, identical, pair of sunglasses - what makes these worse for me is the neon colour! While I might still consider the black ones, I know these green sunglasses aren't for me. I'm sure some of you guys will rock them though^ Original Future 14SD's
Gucci Inspired Silk Shirt - This shirt is a definite winner - it's so cute! The whole style, design and fit of this piece is great, perfect for right now. I like the loose fit and the tucked front design. The trim in black and white really stands out and seems perfect for accenting colours in stylings. I can see this one will be great for the spring and summer and I'm stoked to see this one styled up =) It Girls 24SD's
Gucci Inspired Belt Bag - I wasn't sure how I would feel about this bag, belt bags are popular styles and this one is classic Gucci with the monogramming on the dark background and with the red and green belt. It looks pretty cute on the doll, it fits the waist well. I'm not sure I'd be able to wear it a lot, but I feel like it's definitely a piece that will grow on me! Bizou 20SD's

High Rise Jeans - It's been quite a few months since we've had jeans in the Hotbuys, they're back with this pair! We've been quite used to getting similar mom-jean pairs in HBs in the past, but these definitely stand out to me with their closer fit on the leg and that really cute waistline detailing^ The wash is light, perfect for spring stylings, as is the hem length, just right for what I like in jeans for this season, so I look forward to getting use out of denim this season =D Pretty 'N Love 19SD's
Gucci Inspired Flashtrek - And our final piece of the month, these will sure be popular! Everyone loves a pair of trainers and these tick so many boxes. They're a little slimmer on the foot than some previous pairs, which I love the idea of, the mesh design looks great and I think they've got some great standout features that sets them apart from other pairs, these are gonna be popular in the coming weeks for sure^ It Girls 21SD's

First up for the features is rob_sef7 styling the Mykita Sunglasses Black - this look really made me doubt my decision not to buy them, they look so cool! The black really pops in the look, along with the handbag, against the crisp white pieces and the funky green trousers. The glasses look great with the metallic earrings too, a fab pairing^
Secondly we have Marta32222 wearing the PVC Ariel Pants. I love the contrast in textures in the look, between the sheen of the trousers and the frilled blouse and the wrap-around skirted piece on the waist, for me it really made the trousers stand out! The accessories are super cool in this one, the boots are a great fit for the styling, and I love the lightness in the slim gold hoops!
And finally in the features section, Mia1435 wearing the Gucci Inspired Silk Shirt in this super cool smart styling. The shirt for sure stands out against the slim grey trousers and the black leather jacket. Love the golden accents on the bag, and also the glasses, against the shirt, those are super cute and really look great =)

Here are our Guest Writer looks for the month - these guys really impressed me with their creativity for the pieces, they really make everything seem super wearable, which is always a bonus for stylings - not so much for the SD balance! Miloshki has styled the Cropped Turtleneck Top which really pops out against the pink tulle, embracing Villanelle all the way^ The sheer at the top of the dress is perfect to highlight the design of the top and I love the floral additions. Secondly cinderela23barb styles up the Margiela Tabi Boots, which pop out the loose flowy trousers very nicely - the all black look works for them and the sheen stands out with the bag too. Vogue_veronica wears the Gucci Inspired Belt Bag which really impresses as a slung piece rather than worn like a belt. The colours are a perfect match with the floral printing on the dress and I love the touches of red! And finally, AudreyHepburn. styling up the Mykita Sunglasses Black, I like all the floral details in this look, and the jewelled earrings and red lip add a glamorous and eye catching touch - they pull you to the face and the piece is right there too =)
And in contrast to all the creativity above it seems my (unintentional) theme has been beige! Some people might say it's super boring, but I think these 3 looks tie together very nicely with different pieces this month =) First up the Gucci Inspired Silk Shirt in an outfit I really love, I've been wearing it all week! It's all about the texture of these trousers for sure, they are perfect with the shirt, and with the neutral tones of the shirt, I found it easy to accessorise. Secondly the Gucci Inspired Belt Bag, with more Gucci! This shirt was the perfect piece for the bag, the colours all just right together. The neutral trousers let the shirt and bag combination take the spotlight, and I like the little matching flash of red in the shoes, it really livens the look a lot =) And finally the High Rise Jeans in a cool casual mix, the denim really stands out against the light tones and I love getting to use this sweet quilted denim bag, the hue really pops against that of the jeans, and this overcoat is the perfect fit for both of them =D

Burgundy beauty

Burgundy never gets old, ever, and this look is burgundy perfection! Juliette116 styles this colour to perfection and pairs it well =) I like the double burst of the colour, I don't find it too much and I think the tones and textures of the pieces are a good touch together. Love the black base in the shirt and the boots, that's a pretty cool and good balance to add to the styling. The golden accessories really stand out, love the chunky earrings so much! Also really loving this Dior bag, it's fabulous here =D


The only word in 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary that rhymes with word orange is SPORANGE.
A type of fern or similar plant. Exactly what the outfit's print screams of right now.

Mood: Was feeling really light headed. You can call it super-chic-casual-look-for-streets. But never missing on prints! Mixing matching everything and playing around with white-orange-blue tones.
Details: Used cropped turtleneck (Evil Panda), cropped white shirt (Off-White Tribute), white plain crew neck tee (Vinyl) and clean cutout shirt (Cheap Monday) to do a layered detailed top. Resized the Orchids halter dress (Rio) and worked it out as a flowy skirt. Complimented the prints with Orchid vest (Bonjour Bizou). For accessories, had to do pointy orange stretch jersey thigh high boots (Subcouture), a super cute JW inspired bag (IT Girls) and my current favorite white Illesteva Baxter sunglasses (Pretty n Love) along with white belt (Riviera) to hold everything in place. Went overboard with oversized earrings (Glamrus). 

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

A very cute new idea Stardoll has brought to us for 2019 - a monthly Hide&Seek! So we all got January's gift automatically, the Stripe Oversize Shirt Dress, but we had to find the 'Shoe Trophy' during this month to get February's gift - which was the pair of Star Ankle Booties. So far I've found these pieces pretty good, they're both pretty wearable which I'm pleased with, hopefully the rest of the items will follow suit! So today featuring Lawliet. making a super cool styling of the Star Ankle Booties - this all black and lot of leather look is pretty awesome! I find that the boots still manage to stand out against the rest of the black, they really hold their own, but look especially good with the trouser design being slim around the ankle. I love this beaded bag paired with the boots, it's fab^
I have styled up both the Stripe Oversize Shirt Dress to 'catch up' with January, and also the Star Ankle Booties - and hopefully I'll like the future items as much to be able to keep this up each month =) And completely unintentionally I've managed to style the two most contrasting looks ever! These pieces were easy to style, light came easily to the Dress while dark to the Boots^ I found it easy to add accessories to the Dress to really make it something special and different to just wearing it alone - shoe choices were aplenty for it, and really took it to completely different styles from casual to smart which is great. Trousers and these Booties are a total winner, I liked the little details in the blazer and bag to really work with the star detailing on the Booties^

Printing press

I thought this look just epitomised springtime fashion week styling - and comes to you from GirlEwelina! I love the lengths in this one, from the over-knee white skirting to the loose and long printed shirt from By Malina - these pieces aren't your typical match, but I really love how they look together. I'm also very much liking the layering of the silk pink shirt under the blue printed piece, it really stands out and works well with the sleeve pink detailing. The accessories are cool too, from the light gloves, heels and earring to the dark contrast with the bag =)

Powder Puff

The girl that smells like peach lip gloss and Dior perfume.

I'm quite happy with this outfit's color palette, blush and baby pink always calm me down,
they're so aesthetically pleasing and soft.

This crepe coat..... Isn't she gorgeous?! So elegant and I love the slim silhouette :)

And speaking of Dior perfume, Dior is the main brand of accessories for this look, I paired
the classic lady dior bag with these blush matching heels and pearl earrings.

Dior Inspired Pearl Earrings - Voile
Chiffon Bow Scarf - Voile
Blush Lady Dior L - Dior Couture Tribute
Blush Dior Heels - Callie's Picks
Marni Inspired Top - Callie's Picks
Le Oversized Open Crisp Shirt - Limited Edition
50s College Cardigan - Mr.
Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater - Pretty n' Love
Long Crepe Ivory Coat - Pretty n' Love
Melange Wool Trousers - Pearls

xo, Cindy

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | Hotbuys Isabel Jeans

Time for 1 Piece 1 Week now! With the great weather that I've been having, I decided to go full on Spring and a little full on challenge, by choosing the Hotbuys Isabel Jeans from Pretty 'N Love. These came out way back in 2014 when there was a month of Isabel Marant inspired HB's, some great choices in there and I totally want this again^ These trousers were something I bought in the Bazaar a couple of years back and really haven't given a good styling-chance to, so here it is! This really was the definition of challenge, as I really struggled to wear anything other than pink with them as you will see=D
Be funky and fun with feathers and furs
There are many cool outerwear choices and to keep some wintery stylings in the mix, I chose the funky pieces to really add to the effect of the trousers - of course pink and white are the obvious choices for me =) I've gathered quite the boot collection and I like the option to wear boots either over or under the trousers which bring different vibes. Long strap bags and sunglasses were also in tall order with these stylings!
Springtime blazer wearing baby
I also had the opportunity to wear some less-frequently worn blazers too, these pink based pieces fit quite nicely and both bring different vibes. They also can go from casual to smart which I really love. The jeans work nicely with chunky trainers or delicate heels, and do also work with darker tones too - not my favourite, but it is something a little different. Again more sunglasses for cool-girl stylings^ 
Just go real crazy!
Just a 5th look, and this one needed to spotlight to itself because this coat is really a stand out piece! I was hesitant as it does cover a lot of the jeans, but you can still see them a little^ The pink works very nicely with the pinks in the coat, and I used these pink boots again to really highlight the jeans in the styling. The bag is also a crazy choice, but I like the leopard with the pink a lot and it does fit with the coat design. This one won't be for everyone and certainly isn't a daily look, but it's something that little extra =D

Fashion picnic

How sweet and spring-like is this styling from leiona_-?! I love it so much for so many different features! Recently I have discovered my love for this overcoat, only several years too late, but better late than never, right?! And this look is perfect inspiration for it, I love the similar yet different tones used throughout the look, from the light gold of the pleated skirt, the darker gold of the light knit and then the super dark booties, those really catch your attention! The little details are fab, just look at all that's going on at the belting area^ Love the basket bag too, it's adorable especially with the flowers =)


I feel very..."Scooby Doo, where are you?" right now. It's the silk shirt and neckerchief. Not to mention the colour palette that I'm choosing to call 'the Mystery Machine'.

Truthfully, this is quite a lazy look - the shirt is doing almost all of the work. I've just chosen the accent colours from the print and decided to run with those instead of the perhaps more obvious blue and red tones. Pink and green are just more interesting to me - pink is the hot colour of the moment it would seem. 

I was gunning to do a red shoe, but I much prefer the extending effect of these pink shiny ankle boots - not too dissimilar from the effect in my last look. I'm pretty bad at shoes so if I can  make them blend in, my weird choices don't both me so much!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Flower Aloha Shirt | The JetSet
Rose Couture Trousers | Callie's Picks
Orecchini Pendant Earrings | Subcouture
Perfect Cream Scarf | Limited Edition
Sicily PVC Tote | Subcouture
Pearl Brooch Necklace | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
Pink Metallic Beatnik Boots | Evil Panda

Monday, 25 February 2019

Winter Wardrobe Winners

A brand new quarterly segment today - WARDROBE WINNERS! This is the winter edition, and features my top picks of the pieces I've worn over this winter season =) You can also look out for Spring, Summer and Autumn in the future^ I wanted to just choose 5 for this, but struggled to cut out one from this fab selection, so we have my top 6 winter pieces for this season!

F A U X F U R N Y A C O A T, Subcouture
This Faux Fur Nya Coat from Subcouture has been pretty amazing, I think I've worn it in at least 2 or 3 stylings a month since getting it! The oversized design is a popular one, but I think it's the white colouring that really cemented it in my winter wardrobe as I find white a very easy colour to style - plus it goes so well with so many other colours that there are many options for it =)

A N I M A L P R I N T S K I R T, It Girls
I was unbelievably delighted when this Animal Print Skirt was released in It Girls last year - it's a dream skirt! While initially I thought it would be great for Spring and Summer stylings, it's really surprised me by getting a lot of features in my looks over the winter, talk about versatile! This looks great with boots and is super fun to layer up with sweaters. It will still be great in warmer months, but I'm all for it at the moment =) From these looks I love the accessory versatility with this too^

M C Q U E E N T R O U S E R S B L A C K, Inspired By Alexander McQueen
For a piece that was only released during the winter itself, I sure have worn the Inspired By Alexander McQueen McQueen Trousers Black a lot! These are such a classic pair of trousers, a great shape, beautiful fit on the doll, and of course in easy-to-style black. I love the straight leg design of these and I've found it easy to work with for someone who loved a closer fit on trousers usually. These are super smart looking, but can easily work in a casual way =)

D I O R I N S P I R E D F R O N T P L E A T P A N T S, Inspired By Dior
Ok so another pair of trousers, this time the Dior Inspired Front Pleat Pants from Inspired By Dior, but they're amazing, they're almost the navy equivalent of the McQueen pair and it turns out they were just what I needed across the winter season this year! Blue can be such a fun colour to wear, with many shades of it available and it works well with a range of side-tones too - it can become darker or lighter and give so many options. I like the fitted style of this pair, perfect for a heel or an ankle boot^

N A B O O S W E A T E R, Vinyl
I wouldn't normally go for such a decorative piece in winter, as I don't wanna cover up those sleeves with coats, but the NABOO Sweater from VINYL is super cute and I haven't been able to resist styling it this winter =) It's all about those sleeves and I've managed not to permanently wear a coat so that they can be shown off. I clearly love this with skirts, but I think really there are so many options for it, plus the cream colour makes it easy to pair with a range of colours - versatility is key!

V N E C K J U M P E R O V E R S I Z E D, Bizou
And the final pick which I couldn't cut out from the selection, the V Neck Jumper Oversized from Bizou - I wish I had this is RL so much! It's classic beige, so of course fits with my favourite word - versatile! I like that it's not too oversized, it's got a great loose feel to it, and I love the tuck detailing. It's easy to shrink this one a little to make it more fitted and it works well like that for layering purposes too. This one will definitely see us through the springtime too =D 

Beauty Snaps

Sunday, 24 February 2019

S U B C O U T U R E | Styled Outfits

Finally sharing my Styled Outfits from the recent SubCouture release! I was away for the whole weekend of the release so only had the Friday to make my decisions on which pieces to buy, after having a week away from them and now I'm pretty happy with my decisions and overall I'm super pleased with my stylings =)
First up the Tucked In Blue Shirt, which is pretty similar to a few pieces we've had recently, but I really like the tucking design on this one. The colour is lovely and works well with many others for look, white and navy is a classic choice for me, but it works! Love the pops of brighter blue in the boots and the bag - an easy look to style and one I think I could come up with several variations for. And secondly the PVC Orange Skirt which I've gone for a minimal style for, I think it works for the bold colour and texture. The creamy beige tones work nicely with the little bit of orange, the balance is just right for a more everyday styling.
And now focusing on the accessories, I bought quite a range! In the first styling I've used the PVC Ankle Boots, I like these paired with the black accessories and I focussed on a summer styling with the white and orange. There are so many options for these, there's definitely a good versatility to them - I'm definitely going to try some denim looks with these next time! It's all about the yellow in my second look, featuring the Stretch Jersey Thigh Boots Yellow - I did have a pair of yellow trousers on there too, but even I know when enough is enough^ The green is a nice balance to the yellow, but the yellow accessories are a nice finishing touch. Love these boots with culotte-style trousers, and I look forward to wearing them with more pairs, but also with skirts and dresses. And finally the Stretch Jersey Thigh Boots Orange paired with the Heart Bag, which would work well with the Yellow boots too^ I stuck very minimally for this with a white base, but the pieces definitely have details in them that stand out. The orange glasses fit well with both pieces, and I look forward to wearing this bag with so many different colours!
And finally what might be my favourite look pairing - using my current favourite boots^ Firstly the Tulle Shirt Dress, which initially I wondered how I could wear it in an interesting way, but deciding on these Anna Sui boots was the factor in the final decision, and I love it! The sheer black base gives something extra for the white to stand out against and the boots look awesome with it. Accessories are fitting in black and white, and I like the finishing touch they add. I'm so pleased with this styling, it's a little different to others I've seen with this dress =) Secondly the outfit I've been wearing all week and getting compliments for (thank you^), styling the Balenciaga Inspired Flowy Trousers, I love the waistline on these, it's super cool! I also loved how it looked with this shirt buttoned up too. Of course, the brown version of the boots are perfect for the shirt. Super simple with accessories, love this beige clutch against the shirt and also the black/brown combination =D


I love the contrast between really feminine items, such as this long pearl necklace and red stilettos and masculine, oversized sweatshirt. Streetstyle with a chic twist! Also, red and lilac is one of my ultimate favourite colour combinations. Works pretty well with denim!