Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Burnt Sienna

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Lace layers

I spotted this look a couple of days ago but didn't have time to snap a picture, so glad Anshes was still wearing it when I went back! I adore this coat for a start, it's gonna look good whatever the look, but I think those layers really make it! The colours have been picked very well and it's a surprising combination that does stick out in my mind. I also adore the accessories and the makeup look, that eyeshadow has been applied so well - wanna come do mine? =P 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hotbuys Vinyl Handbag | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

I fell in love with the Hotbuys Vinyl Handbag as soon as I'd seen it! I haven't had a chance to style mine, but some other fab dolls have!
Green has been a common theme with it, but Marbum has made the bag stand out on it's own with a monochrome outfit but sporing some fab green-feels with her eye makeup! Green is not my usual colour, but this bag and these looks really change everything for me =D

T R E S S U P | Release Review

New Tress Up came to the Plaza yesterday, although I was too busy to come online, I've checked it out this morning to give the new styles a go on my doll! I love the homepage ad and I think it really sells some of the styles, particularly the Sienna Up Do =D
The celebrity theme for the floors is great, and I think a lot of people really love this as their hair styles have shown popular in StarDesign. From the spoilers and the advert I saw a lot of pieces and was like 'Oooh, I love that! That would be perfect with XYZ style of clothing/piece of clothing!' However when I tried things on I wasn't getting the same vibe =( Pieces just weren't sitting right on my head and some of them just seemed a little big for my features, not sure if anyone else feels like this? So I was disappointed to find that the Sienna Up Do didn't work for me at all!
I felt prices were a little more on the expensive side with this release, ranging from 18 to 28SD's with most at 20-22SD's, if you run on a budget I don't think this is the ideal release really! I mean I get it, they're celebrity styles so they come with a price, it's just not an accessible price for everyone. There are also some beards with the collection for the guys or gals who wants them, I personally amn't a fan, just don't like the look of them!
Anyway, I did end up getting one style that worked for me and I think I could wear throughout the summer with some cute looks^ 

I think these two look great in their chosen styles, plus those colours look great not only with the hair but also with their skin tones, perfect styling I'd say!

Opinions on this release? Love it or not? Discuss in the comments =)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Going basic(s).

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Monday, 20 April 2015

You'll find me in the shallows.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015


Alike Tayler18, I also bought the Hotbuys Vinyl Bouquet Coat, however I'm yet to style mine! Loved this look though, I think it sells the coat in a great way and would make me want to buy it if I hadn't already (it is a little pricey if you're on a budget though!). I think it works with all black perfectly, but the bustier and knee length skirt give a nice change from a typical dress or trousers like I probably would have gone for. Plus, another fab beauty look this weekend!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What a babe

Snapped this first look by princessa_love3, reloaded to get a beauty shot and wham, new outfit already! Loved them both so couldn't help the feature of two looks, and I'm glad the beauty remained the same in the two - that lip colour is like perfect and the eye makeup looks beautiful, what a babe! Plus the hair choice is excellent, I'm finding more and more that hair can help make or break an outfit! Anyway, loved the first look particualrly from the polo neck sweater and the chain necklaces along with the jewelled clutch, great combination. And with the second look all those piece are wonderful together, I've never seen anyone use that bag but wow does this make me want it! This is one doll who is fast becoming my Stardoll style crush^^

Saturday, 11 April 2015

And Today I Wore

Been a little while since a post - my last one actually, had hoped some of my Guest Writers would step up in a very busy week for me, but I guess not! (Hint, may indeed be looking for a few new fresh faces!) I bought these Givenchy trousers in the Bazaar last week and now getting around to styling them, kinda love this look as it feels so much lighter and getting into the warmer season now =) And I also love this hairstyle which I won this week from JosephinaA, it's so lovely and perfect for me I think!

Monday, 6 April 2015

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Release Review

I found myself very pleasantly surprised with this Original Future release this week - there are numerous versatile pieces that I found myself buying and I can't wait to style them up for you guys!
There is a good range of pieces and I think the style of some does seem a little more girly/feminine than previous releases from here have been in terms of the dresses and skirts. The accessories don't really appeal to me this time around, there's just nothing I like really! Quite a few of the pieces do probably have an acquired taste, although I do think that a few pieces really are for everyone, namely the Oversize White Top at 11SD which will fit a huge variety of individual styles and different types of outfit.
Prices range from 5 to 16SD's which is pretty reasonable I think - I purchased 4 or 5 items in the end, so the total didn't add up to too much. 
The two dresses I bought, the Fluffy Minidress and the Minimalist Jersey Dress are pieces which I can see myself wearing for a long time, and I styled them both fairly simply without too many additions:
I also purchased the Branded Tee and the 80s Denim Skirt which are pieces I'd relate more to summer - I can't wait to style the skirt more, I have quite a few other ideas so I can see another post about it once we're into the summer months, but right now I love it with this sweater =)

How have you guys enjoyed this release? Styled any good looks with the pieces? xx

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Lacey lingerie

Eyes.. has made a great look from the Midnight Blazer Dress! I love how it looks with her complexion and I think the lacey, lingerie styled clothing is perfect for it. The shoe combination is also cute and is something I would never have thought of, although with this piece I think I might have gone for some black spindly stilettos! It's also a good use of the Bunny Hop Accordion Bag if you've achieved that on the Gift-o-meter =D

B U N N Y H O P | Styled Outfits

So the Bunny Hop event started last week and will continue until the 15th of April. The main event really is the Gift-o-Meter in the StarPlaza which can be filled with spends and goes up to 200SD, earning you a little gift at certain milestones. With new releases such as Original Future (Review and Outfits coming soon - I promise!) and Subcouture, I've found it pretty easy and quick to fill up mine and I now have all the gifts from it - so why not a Styled Outfits post?!?! I always find with freebies from things like this that the quality isn't quite a great as Plaza items and they're never really items I'd want and I end up storing them until I get around to doing a big recycling spree - so this time I want to make an effort with two of the items which I think are worthwhile =D
This Braided Cape (@160SD spend) is pretty fab and a perfect spring item I'd say - I only went for two looks however I could have put together about 5 or 6 easily. The Pucci Print Jeans (styled here), for example, would look amazing with it I think!
Secondly these Acid Wash Jeans (@55SD spend) are great - I love both the shape and the colouring plus they're good for this season and into the summer, I can see more looks coming from them later on in the year!

Take me back in time.

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Easter Church Time

Miss Sixty Fedora Hat
Fallen Angel Roll Neck Jumper
Front Row Bow Tie Detailed Cardy
Film Theory Pune Skirt
DVF Black Foldover DvF Purse
Stardoll And The City Open Toe Stilettos

Saturday, 4 April 2015

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

A little treat for Easter from Stardoll - new Subcouture! This is one which can really appeal to more due to being available to all members and although it's limited, it's just for a limited time and not limited number of pieces - yay =) Also, those models on the homepage ad really look amazing, kinda loving them! Lets get on and take a look:
There's a good selection of pieces with a few more casual-looking items as well which is always good (I love dressing down my SubCouture pieces!) and the colours are pretty neutral with mostly black and whites and tones of pink thrown in there. I like this colour selection as it really holds to minimalism quite well and means I find it easy to get the pieces into my current wardrobe collection =D There's a couple of SS only pieces, that Midnight Blazer Dress is kind of amazing and worth its price tag of 26SD so I really wish I could buy it, but oh well - there will always be the chance when it's sellable in the Bazaar! 
For the rest, the prices range from 7 to 32SD, which is pretty much the same price range as the collections usually are, and I think the prices are fairly reasonable for the pieces and the fact that they are from a somewhat limited collection - so I don't really mind it! I also know from the offset that I won't love every piece there is on offer and that I won't be buying at least half of the collection, so ending up spending over 80SD on only a couple of pieces is ok in my opinion. If you are on a limited budget as well, I think there is a little market for you in these collections in terms of the accessories as they are all lower costing, and compared to previous releases, they're pretty good! My advice would be to try on everything that is in your price range and just choose the best of the bunch that fits into your style and is something you don't already have a similar version of - in this collection I'd go straight for the Black Tie Oxfords if I could only get once piece, plus they look pretty expensive for only 13SD!
So I ended up styling two of the four pieces that I bought, and I definitely tried to go for a different style to my usual sort to give mixing it up a go - definitely think I need work!
 I loved this Ivory Satin Dress at first sight and couldn't wait to get it onto my doll! Went with a more classic look for my first one and think this LE coat works well with it (and those Voile booties are pretty cute, don't think I've actually ever worn them before that's not been in a Styled Outfit post!). For my second one I stepped out of the box and attempted styling it as a shirt, I think the colours work well and it definitely needed the looser trousers rather than tight ones for example. The Chanel shawl is a perfect colour match for the dress I think though =)
Secondly I chose to style the Satin Overcoat (couldn't get the link to this for some reason, but I also bought the matching dress, Satin Slipdress, but I quite like it on it's own with a fab pair of golden-ish heels!) - loving it with trousers, but I'm not sure I like how I've styled it ... I don't know, something just isn't clicking with these looks here!

Anyways, how did you guys enjoy the collection, any good stylings I should check out? xx

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spring mood:

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Spotted this look over the weekend from P.a.M.a and loved it! It's really a very simple, yet nonetheless effective as a stylish outfit. I love the draping effect of tall of the clothing, and I think the shoes were well selected and are a great colour. Overall it's a lovely outfit with perfect finishing - even the makeup and hair work great with the look!