Thursday, 30 April 2020

Country chic

Such a pretty Spring styling to share today from Elrry - so much love for all these green tones! I found this blouse a little tricky to style with the combination of the colour and the overall cut of the piece, but I think it looks great with these jeans and the belt, the light wash is perfect and the belt makes a perfect divide. The shoes are also a nice touch of colour. I love the prairie style of the accessories, the hat looks beautiful and the bag combination is sweet and looks great with the outfit - the pearl details are a nice finishing touch =D

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

At the end of 'Week 2 of VINYL' we were surprised with a second release of It Girls:Recoloured as I like to call it, this was great! This release was all about the bold colours and neon (which I think you can see from the features^) and really covered a lot of older items including Tributes and Hotbuys - plus the prices were very fair, I think that helped a lot with making many purchases! So first up the features, this look is from sarah_1980 styling the Balenciaga Inspired Bag, Balenciaga Inspired Hood Acid Green, alongside the Balenciaga Inspired Pantashoes from the previous release - what a combination! Neon isn't usually my thing, but I think it really works here - the combination is just right and the green is nicely balanced, it somehow works well against this bright bubble coat. The white shirt tails and cuffs really make a good balance to the look. I like the accessorising with the sunglasses, and the fringe hairstyle is perfect for the style^
And then we also have GirlEwelina who also styles up the Balenciaga Inspired Bag, which I love worn paired with the original yellow one, it's such a cute idea and one which used to be super popular. The colours are fantastic against this rainbow blazer, what an amazing piece - it sure can't be easy to style and this outfit is amazing with it! The jeans give a more muted touch while the shoes add some more fun!
I really liked a lot of the recolours in this release, like the Sleeveless Black Turtleneck, it's such a classic and wearable style so it's great to have it in black now too (the original is white). I didn't style up everything I bought, so there's a few more fun recolours in my wardrobe. First up the Hotbuys Vinyl Couture Boots Neon Silver, which I was just recently talking about wanting the original red ones, so this is pretty perfect for me! I love the silver through the mesh section of this skirt, I think the pieces work really nicely together to highlight the features of each. Kept the rest of the look simple with a matching sweater and bag, super effective, but just lacking the perfect earrings. Second we have the Cream Puf Silk Puff Blouse, which is in such a beautiful neutral classic tone in comparison to the original purple, for me this makes it much more a wearable piece. I found it really easy to find matching trousers, I love these ones with a super similar colour but a matte effect to balance the sheen, and accessorising was simple with metallic pieces. And lastly the Balenciaga Inspired Boots White, I wear the original black pair all the time, they're really one of my most worn pairs, so this is another perfect addition to my wardrobe^ I had so many ideas for these that it was a little overwhelming, I was trying to fit too much into the look for sure! In the end a simple midi skirt and top with gold details in the look is perfect for the boots, they look great and I'm really excited to style these more =D

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Baby in blue

What a classy and stylish outfit today from GirlEwelina! When I first saw this I was like 'what dress is that layered under the skirt?!' - I also have this voluminous blue skirting piece and it's a tough one to style - this look ticks all the boxes for it! It's layered up with quite a few pieces, the blue tulle pieces with the golden design are one, and then there is a sheer black sleeveless dress ontop, what a cool comination to have alone, then to pair it with the skirt - perfection! The accessorising is very fitting, I love the silver belting in particular^

Monday, 27 April 2020

B I Z O U | Haul + Styled Outfits

I had recently styled up the Satin Blouse from Bizou and when making my purchase of it I noticed quite a few other items I wanted to give a go in styling Spring looks for - so I made a little of a Bizou 'haul' and styled up the items today!
First up the Zebra Skirt which is a super fun piece, I like the draping and the length, the green colour definitely makes it a unique piece, I'm not sure I've seen many people choosing to style this one. I wanted to try and style it with some other green, but I don't have anything that's quite the right shade, so I'm on the lookout for that in the Plaza or Bazaar! But I love this look anyway, all the white really makes the green pattern pop. This is such a cute look for Spring, I wish I had it in RL to wear^ Then we have the Cherry Blouse, which from afar the pattern doesn't really come across as cherries, but it's pretty cute, I like the ruffle details. I picked super basic trousers, the darker colour really lets the light blouse stand out, and I balanced that with light shoes too. I did struggle a little with accessories, but I think this belt and the bag are a cute pairing, the bag is definitely a great fit with the trousers. And finally the Lace Shirt, which I see more as a cardigan, but a very cute piece with the delicate detailing all over it. I love the round neck and just the slight unbuttoning into a small V. I think I tried on just about every bottomhalf in my wardrobe with this piece, it was a little tricky with the pattern to find something perfect, but in the end I'm really pleased with the all-white look I've gone for. The lack of patterning in the pieces lets the detail really stand out in the styling - I've even gone all out and added earrings, they look so cute in the look, a perfect finishing touch =D

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 8

Wow, Sunday has rolled around again very quickly - it's time for part 8 of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge! This week I've chosen the Gold Tick Tock Earrings from Epiphany - which are sold individually so there is the option to wear alone, or buy two and style as a pair, which is my preference. I had an idea for these as soon as putting them on, so I based my makeup on a yellow tone to match the gold - which is quite matte in this piece, I also added a little orange and even a little pink shadow to the eye look, although that's a little tricky to see with the thicker mascara used - I really like this for Spring, it's fresh and I think it makes the eyes look brighter.
For the outfits I have so many yellow pieces to choose from! I did try out a couple of stylings with orange pieces, but the yellow looked too good! First up choosing this fun blouse, the collar does mask the earrings a little, but I think they can still be seen ok, I decided to use white pieces in this one, I really loved the vibes of the blouse and jacket together, and these trousers had the perfect waist style to fit with the blouse. I think having all the colour and focal pieces in one section really works well here to draw you in. And for the second look I went all yellow! This is definitely one of my favourite pairings, I just think you can't go too wrong with it. The combination of the poloneck and the short hairstyle works well to highlight the earrings. I added gold in the accessories this time and I think they work very nicely spaced out to balance out the gold in the styling - I particularly like these more matte-effect shoes, a great fit with the earrings =D

Friday, 24 April 2020

H O T B U Y S C A R R Y A L L S T R A W B A G | Styled Outfits

I asked some friends to pick out pieces from my wardrobe for me to style up - here is the first suggestion, the Hotbuys Carry All Straw Bag - this piece came out in the Summer of 2017 and I think I can only think of maybe one time I've worn it since my original styling with it. I think I've kept a hold of it for its unique large size, and a raffia tote is a style that has been repeating in the trends for sure.
In my looks I started with the original sizing, and then decreased the size across the looks. It's definitely easier to style as a smaller piece, but I still really like it as a massive bag! First up styling it quite smartly with this slinky golden dress, I love this colour with the raffia, I think it works really well. I kept a similar tone with the boots too, and I also love them with the bag. The jacket is simple but I think it works well to make this a Spring look over a Summer one. Next up a very casual styling for me, featuring jeans! I don't wear jeans often, but I do think a lighter wash denim like this one works well with the bag. I really liked using these sandals with the straw platform, they also work really well with the bag, and the white on the straps meant I could get away with wearing a white shirt in the look. I like the smarter style of the blazer too to dress up the jeans a little. It's not my favourite, but I'd wear it again for sure! And lastly with the bag at the smallest that I sized it to, my favourite look - all the beige^ I actually got a lot of GB comments about this one, you guys seem to like the beige too. These trousers are a great Spring/Summer piece, so the style matches up nicely with the bag and I kept that theme with the sandals too. I love a matching top, so I couldn't resist this choice, but the dark sunglasses definitely work to help break up the beige a little!

Let me know what you guys think of this bag and the stylings =D

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2019

Looked back at quite a few HB collections this month, and now time to look back to the 2019 HB's! These weren't my favourite initially because there's a lot of bright colours there but in the end I fell for all that orange - how could I not?! Some of these pieces have ended up being some of my most used for sure, like the Silky Orange Sweater, the Versace Inspired Bag and the Versace Inspired Shoes and actually I also styled up the Versace Inspired Pumps recently and loved it^ So today I'm styling the lesser worn pieces of my purchases from this collection, the Yellow Shoulder Bag and the Duchess Satin Skirt:
I think I say this quite a lot, but I love this duo of looks! The white and the bright sunshine colours really ties them together. With the bag, I knew I wanted to include other yellows, and I think the muted tone of these trousers works out very nicely and really works to help highlight the bag in the look. I kept the shoes a muted metallic too and this colour looks great with the metal details on the bag. The white shirt and blazer keep the rest of the look simple - I really like it^ And then with the skirt, which I usually find tricky because I automatically want to pair it with the matching top - I stuck away from that this time! One of the features of the skirt which I think also stops me from styling is the double layer, with the shorter piece on top - I got around that in this styling as the blazer conveniently covers that up and actually I love this combination! I like the oversizing of the top against the slimming of the skirt, I think it really works to help show off the slit and gold chain detail in the skirt. I kept the shoes simple to balance the coat, but added a showy bag - it's a perfect addition, the colour is great with the skirt and it gives some more details to the look. I think these two pieces have turned out great, I need to remember to wear them more often!

Monday, 20 April 2020

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This week brought us a second set of 4 VINYL windows to the Plaza - these were all for females, and overall I thought last weeks releases were a better offering. For me these generally lack a wearability and only a couple of the pieces are what I would say are popular trends at the moment. I did pick up a couple of pieces, but I think you guys generally felt the same as I didn't see many people styling up these items. I did however spot millaxx wearing the Pearl Stone Earrings (4SD's) wearing such a cool look. I love the earrings against this purple fuzzy sweater, it's such a nice contrast and I think the styles are a perfect match! The trousers add a smart vibe to the look and the accessories are classic in black, which goes with pretty much everything - the earrings add a glamorous touch^
And then also Mia1435 styling the Black Mimmi Heels (6SD's) in such a beautiful classic styling! The cropped length of the trousers are perfect to show off the shoes and their slingback design, but they're also a pretty fancy piece with the ruffled waist - also highlighted by the cute top design. Love the slick back hairstyle with the headband, it's totally showing off those fancy accessories =)
And for my stylings - firstly with the accessories, I picked up both the Pearl Stone Earrings (4SD's) and the Black Mimmi Heels (6SD's) and paired them together, I love this styling so much! I think I'm totally getting into wearing earrings so much more, which is great^ I wanted to choose something silver to match the earrings and I think this top is super fancy and just adds all the details, while it's a busy print I don't think it takes away from the earrings at all. The black trousers and heels keep it simple and then a matching bag finished the look - overall I think it's a good one! Then the Gina Blouse (6SD's) which I really loved in the store, but really struggled with styling, I wanted to find a perfect colour match, and I don't think exactly what I want exists in my wardrobe! I somehow tried out this skirt and couldn't believe my luck, the trim section at the bottom is perfect with the top, and I really love the pairing - I did struggle to find good accessories to go with it, so I kept the look pretty simple this time, I'll work on the perfect bag for the next time I wear it =) And finally the Bik Mint Top (7SD's), which is just the previous one but in a mint green - I initially thought I liked the other one more, but after styling I'm leaning to the mint for sure, I found the colour much easier to work with. There are so many options for bottomhalves, I picked out these cute neutral trousers so that I could use a matching mint bag, I love the pairing of it all^ I added blue in the sunglasses as I don't have anything to match mint, but I think it works really nicely, I love this styling!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 7

Happy Sunday everyone - time for the 7th instalment of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge! This time I picked the Long Stone Shaped Earrings from LE which came out a couple of years ago - I have never styled these myself, and the only time I've seen someone wear them was in the feature in the review. So it's time for that to change! When viewing the doll full size the detail does get lost with these earrings, they're really so intricate and pretty when viewing in the Beauty Parlor. The gems are all green based, which is where I took inspiration from for both outfits and the makeup styling - I really love this more natural based makeup look, I layered quite a few different green shades of eyeshadow to put this together, I think it looks great with the brighter blonde hair too^
Both looks are a bit of a halfway point between smart and casual, but these are definitely a more dressy earring than a casual one. I did find the longer length got a little lost when trying to style them with certain pieces - so whilst this butterfly printed overcoat makes them look a little shorter, I love the combination! I think the army green is a good colour pairing. I chose light colours for the clothes beneath, it really makes that butterfly print pop. For the second look I picked this green blouse, I really love it with the earrings! Kept the rest of the look super simple, and maybe a little casual with the loose trousers and the ankle booties, but I think it works =D

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Suite Style

Yet another awesome suite design to share with you today, this time from Aguuniek who has made such a relaxing and neutral living space! I love the bright feeling in the room, the pale wood flooring and the use of a lot of windows, along with the light fabric curtains and the long mirror really add to that - also the light furnishings! The sofa area is super cute, I like the cushions, which helps tie in the cow-print chair. The marble table is super fitting to the overall vibe and I like the decor touches added here and on the sideboard. The planting pieces are great and really add a little balance to the view outside the window^

Friday, 17 April 2020

S A T I N B L O U S E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I spotted this super cute styling from pilo7 this week and just loved the layering combination of the tops - it really highlighted the Satin Blouse from Bizou. This was an Autumn release, but the style is perfect for right now with it's beige colour and fabulous silk texture. The cut of the blouse is really beautiful, it has such a great fit on the doll.
In pilo7's look it was the cool layering that stood out, it's super different the mix the two prints of the tops, but I think it really looks great, the colours are a good fit, and the different styles really make it pop, with the top piece having a more glitzy feel. That works well to make use of the black trousers and shoes in the look, while the little croc bag is a perfect colour fit for the top, I love that combination so much! With my look I knew I wanted a beige tone for the trousers to make it fitting with the blouse, these trousers make a very nice contrast without being too far away from the colour palate - I also really like the wide leg style against the fit design of the blouse, they make a cute combination. I somehow slipped into gold for the accessories without meaning to, it does work well, but I think some red tones would also look great with the blouse details =) Hopefully will see more dolls giving this piece a chance in their stylings soon!

Thursday, 16 April 2020

White lining

I love this outfit from isajapa so much - what a cool smart styling with fantastic vibes and styling choices^ I don't think I've seen very many people styling up this skirt, this is such a great way to wear it - I for one really like the dark polo on the top half, the layering of the silver-lined body on top is super creative, it's so effective! The accessories are great additions, love the bright of the mint bag against the dark skirt, and the white shoes, glasses and earrings styled as hair clips really look great - so many of my favourite pieces combined into one =D

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Last week Stardoll told us we would get a new window release every day of the week - this has amounted to 4 windows of new VINYL pieces (which could easily be combined into one floor in the store) and also a Callie's Picks one. I think this is a great idea! I love getting a little something new everyday, it keeps the Plaza super fresh and I'm loving the bright colours of the backgrounds to draw you in! There's great Spring vibes to the new pieces, I'm super happy with this and would be happy to have this style of release again. Also you will see that the prices are a little lower than they would normally be, I also like this touch from Stardoll^
First up sharing you some features - it seems you guys also really like these new pieces! Sarah_1980 has styled the White Shirt Headband (4SD's), High Waist Shorts (125SC's) and Dream Heel Orange (120SC's) - a great combination, I am on the fence about this longer style of shorts for myself, but adore this look with them, the oversized half-tuck sweater is a perfect piece in style and colour and the belt is a great finishing touch there. The shoes add a glamorous vibe with their sparkles and the bag is a good match to them. Also love the earrings, they really glamorous the use of the headband!
Next up we have Mythofsoul who is styling the Spring Flower Tshirt (110SC's) and the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's), these are a cute pairing with a lot of potential pairings, this casual one with the light wash mixed denim is cool and works well for both pieces. I love the addition of the neon, it layers very well with the t-shirt, and the colours of the print really pop well against it^
A little of a darker styling next, Mirage. choosing the LV Blouse (8SD's) in this dramatic styling - it works very nicely with these trousers for a smart fit, and I really like the blue printing against the black. The red in the shirt really pops so well with the accessories, the shoes look great (I'd really thought they weren't for me, now I'm reconsidering!) and the bag is super cute, I think it's the perfect size for a well balanced colour pop in a look =D
Ajenkam also styles up the LV Blouse (8SD's) and also pairs it with the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's) - the top is looking great with denim, I love the combination! The blue printing look great with this wash of denim, and it's super creative to pair ontop of the leather shirt, it really makes those colours stand out. The white shoes are super fresh in the styling, and I love the second use of this little bag, again the perfect size for the look =)
And finally, marta-43 wearing the Acne Shirt Male (6SD's), and while this is designed for the guys, this is an amazing way to show it's versatility - I love this look so much for Spring/Summer! The fabrics are super light, and make for such a cute swimwear coverup, the floral pattern is just peaking through beneath and it looks great. I love the pink added in the accessories, it really stands out, and also love this cool earring combination, the style and colour is perfect for the look!
And finally for my stylings - I picked up quite a few pieces over the week so haven't included everything in the stylings. First up pairing the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's) and Ganni Dress (9SD's), I just love this dress so much, I am super pleased to have this for my doll - the shape and design are beautiful, I love the neckline, and the colour is so spot on for current trends. Really there are many shoe options which would work well for the dress, but the white keeps it light, so I have continued this with the rest of the accessories. I'm also super glad to style up these earrings again, a great style with the dress^ Next up the Dot Top (7SD's) and the Stories Handbag (6SD's) - I am still a little unsure about the top, it's not my favourite piece, but I think it has some potential, I'm just not great at layering! I've worked with a little white cami here which isn't too bad, but I think there will be some better options. I've kept the look simple with white trousers and some blue sunglasses to work with the mint of the bag - again, any accessories would work out well with a white-based styling, I particularly like the mint with the white, but look forward to styling it some other ways too =) And finally a darker styling with the LV Boots (130SC's) - I have to say I do like the darker look release a lot, but I'm not sure the pieces are all my style or how well I would wear them. I chose a skirt to keep it a little Spring-like, and this golden/yellow tone works well against the details on the boots. I kept the rest of the styling dark, but I think beige tones would work well too with this. Love the pairing of this bag with the boots, the textures, colours and styles work together so nicely!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Satin street

I was super unsure of this dress when I first saw it, but I think turkiye is doing a perfect job of selling it to me with this styling! I adore the colour, it's something very different and it really stands out, and the shape is pretty cool too, along with the silky fabric of course which is a top choice this season. The layered look is so good for it, it's super cool with the structured blazer underneath, the white is a really nice pairing, and also balances well with the chunky trainers. The accessories are also amazing in this look, all so different yet working together so well - love the Gucci logo stockings and the huge golden hoops especially^

Monday, 13 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2015

Continuing the theme from last week, I'm looking back at the April 2015 Hotbuys today, which for me are pretty iconic because just look at all that Dior! I love the vibes of this collection a lot and amazingly have 5 pieces in my wardrobe - some I bought at the time and some that I've picked up in the Bazaar. I'm still on the hunt for those red Vinyl Couture Boots (Fallen Angel), I think they'd make some super cool stylings, but they're pretty elusive^ The Vinyl Handbag in the great green envelope style is one of my most worn bags, not just considering this collection or Hotbuys pieces, I really reach for it a lot to include in stylings. And I've actually gotten at least of couple of wears with the Vinyl Bouquet Coat over the years, while it's a little tricky, it looks amazing when in the right look! Today I'm giving the 2Piece Bouquet Gown and the Faux Croc Handbag a try:
I think this is a cute Spring-time set, but my word styling up this dress took a looooong time! I tried quite a few things, the design is definitely tricky to work with, for me the mid section between the two pieces is a little too wide to make it easy to wear the dress as a skirt, and also tricky for re-sizing. Naturally, this has a very large skirting too, which I found tricky to style with outerwear pieces. In the end, I'm pretty happy with what I finally managed to put together, it works out nicely that this blazer has a good colour fit with the printing on the dress and I made it small enough to work well enough as a skirt with a white sweater. I spent a long time trying out different accessory colours to match well with the dress, which has blues, pinks and orange tones - in the end I've picked on white with blue sunglasses, but I think with a little searching, the right orange or pink pieces could also be found. The bag was definitely easier to style, but the blue tone is a tricky one to find some great colour-matches for. These trousers work out quite nicely for me, they used to be one of my most worn pairs so I'm happy to style them again. With the white on the bag that was the obvious colour to use, and it works well against the blue. I love the smart blazer style with this bag - I need to wear that again for sure!

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 6

Time for post number 6 of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time choosing the Gold Bamboo Earrings, mine are from Callie's Picks and are priced in SC's, so should be fairly easy to pick up in the Bazaar if you are interested in them. I'm incredibly surprised at how quickly I was able to style these - I was expecting to struggle a little^ I styled the makeup first, choosing firey tones with oranges, red and even some pink, I really love this look and I think the chunky lashes works well with the heaviness of the earrings. The looks didn't completely match with the makeup, but I think they work very well with the overall beauty styling =)
First up I just adored the chain printing on this blouse against the earrings - I think it's a pretty perfect pairing! I think this is my favourite styling I've put together with this blouse, I think the light trousers really transform the styling in comparison with darker pieces. I kept minimal on the accessories, but highlighting gold, I love the colour match of the bag base to the trousers, I need to remember to repeat that sometime^ Overall, really loving it! And I'm also loving the second styling - super simple with just a dress, but this piece is perfect to wear with golden jewellery =D I did play on the makeup look for the accessories, these shoes and the bag are a great colour pairing, the peachy tone is one we don't have a lot of, and I love that these pair perfectly. The delicate golden bow detail on the shoes is perfect to make them well fitting with the dress. I love this look so much, I haven't taken it off since styling it!

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Suite Style

I love this bright and fresh suite styling today from aninha_girl =) I've never paid much notice to these BASICS wardrobe pieces before, so to me they're 'new' and I think they look awesome, just like a stylish rattan furniture item that I've been seeing all over RL social media^ The mirror with planting and frames, and shelf decor all looks great, the minimal style is perfect here. I also love the rug, it's very fitting as are the rest of the additions to the room, I particularly like this standing mirror over by the window! I love it =D

Friday, 10 April 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled Outfits

Last week ended with another re-coloured release, this time in It Girls featuring several Tribute pieces amongst a few others in a couple of different colours, there's some fabulous additions here! The pieces are pretty fun and really offer a host of styling opportunities with the different colours we have now.
First up the White Satin Dress, which also comes in Black and Pink, I love the texture of this with the blazer, the two are a perfect match and the colours are very complementary to each other. The accessories also have a sheen to them which makes them fit well to the look - simple, but I like it! Next up is the HotBuys Inspired Deer Print Shirt, and I have to say, I think I like the original much more than the blue version - I thought I would like this one too, but the colour is definitely a little tricky to find other blue pieces to match. It works well with white though, I like the relaxed fits of all of the pieces in this look. I added a little black in some of the accessories which works nicely to balance all the components of the top. And finally the Wide Black Trousers which were very easy to work with. I styled them smartly, but they'll easily work in a casual look too. They have a very matte effect to them, which I quite like. I picked out golden detailed accessories which stand out - super simple for a simple piece =)

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A R C H I V E | Styled Outfits

Last week we were incredibly lucky with the Archive release - all themed on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Many years ago there were a whole range of pieces with their name to them, including a selection of pieces which became 'Rares', a fun branded store aimed at a younger audience, and a brand that they designed themselves, Elizabeth and James. I was around at the time, but for many members these will be new - it's a real treat to have some of these pieces back, and at very affordable prices! I had a couple of the Elizabeth and James pieces before but have since sold them, like the Faithful Pants and the Highland Blouse, and I do still have the Mary-Kate Fur which has previously been released in Callie's Picks. This release has over 7 floors of pieces, so there is a lot to choose from and at all budgets too! I've picked up quite a few pieces to style, and actually I did style everything, but I was very unhappy with my stylings for the Isabella Jacket and the Relaxed James Blazer - it seems grey jackets aren't my thing, but I'll try again another time with them!
First up is the Ashley Yellow Dress, which I think is such a cute piece, really perfect for Summer stylings! The graphic style is older, but for me in this piece it works out well. I love yellow paired with white and I really kept it light and for Summer in my styling, the oversizing of the blazer balances the small size and short length of the dress, and I've kept the accessories basic, but it works for sure =) Next up the Mary-Kate Fur, which is quite a classic really, it's versatile so there are plenty of options for it. I've worn this before, so maybe it's a little unfair to include it, but it's a fun piece to work with. I went a little classy this time with smart trousers, and I loved this sheeny cami top, the pink against the white is something I really like, so I added a little more pink in the shoes and earrings, it really makes something different than classic black or white stylings. And finally the Tall Boots, which are a piece I've really been wanting for a long while, these are awesome boots^ I styled these up a few times before deciding on this look, it's simple, but in the other stylings I was making it too complicated and adding too much so the boots didn't get as much focus, but here they do. The colour is great with other purple shades but also pink, the muted pink hues in this dress are really perfect and I like the length against the height of the boots, it makes such a cute Spring styling! I think the darker bag works well too, it's not coming across as too overwhelming for the dress and balances well with the boots, I wanna wear this combination again for sure =D

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Grey goddess

A super cool and snazzy look today from martapijita299! I love seeing silver getting a focus recently, it really makes a bright and eye-catching look to see while we're indoors and can't enjoy wearing these styles ourselves outside. I love the use of this satin long coat, it looks awesome, and the cold-shoulder styling is amazing! The shoulders have been well filled with pearls, it's such a nice detail to add. The grey trousers look good and I like the jewelled bralette, it works well with the added jewellery. The accessories are spot on, the holographic-style bag looks great and I love the trainers and visor sunglasses style =)

Monday, 6 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2014

Ok, with a shift in things and a little lack of inspiration in some of the releases in the Plaza, I needed to find something else to post about. So I took a look back through the Hotbuys of many years ago and found that I actually had quite a few pieces! So this is April 2014, I really cannot believe this was 6 years ago now. Whilst overall the whole release isn't my style with the chunky boots and ripped tights, I've managed to hold onto both the Striped Blazer (It Girls) and Chains Bag (RIO):
I think I put these looks together a little quickly, they're not my favourite, but I still think these pieces are good ones! The blazer is longer than I remembered it being, which makes it a little trickier to layer with some pieces. I'm really happy these matching red trousers, I like the smarter style of both pieces together. I kept the rest of the look simple, though I'm now wishing I'd tried something a little more snazzy^ I do like these red and black earrings with the look though, however they're a tad hidden in the hairstyle. I think there are plenty of options for this piece for sure! With the bag, I went a little too far with the gold accents, there's something not quite right about the styling. I like the blazer with the wide open neckline with the bag, it definitely brings the attention to the piece, which sits very uniquely on the shoulder. The look needs some more colour so the black of the bag stands out - I think I'll try this one again soon to find some better ways to style it =)

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 5

Another Sunday has rolled around, time for another Wear Dem Jewels post! This week I've picked the Supersize Antidote Hoops from Antidote to style. These came out around 2 years ago and I think I've maybe worn them once if ever. They're a pretty nice pair of earrings, but I'm not so much into silver jewellery, I just prefer gold - so why I bought them is a little of a mystery to me!
But I didn't find them too tricky to work with, and despite their thin-ness, I think they do pretty well in standing out when the tall is at full size, the brunettte hairstyling helps too. First up a little Chanel something, I love the pairing of the earrings with the silver striping across this top - it's a piece I really don't wear often, but I think this pairing it perfect for both items. The rest of the look is super simple in black, but with silver additions in the accessories like this chain clutch and the slingback heels - I really like this look, it's an easy to wear one for sure. And then second I went with something a little jazzy and more fun because we totally need more of that right now^ This skirt is such a fun piece, I actually styled it up last year too, but it's a great pairing for silver - I love it with this bling jacket so much =D The pink polo works well to keep it a little muted, while the silver shoes make a nice finishing touch!
With the makeup, I really love silver with lilac shades, and it turns out I have quite a few purple eyeshadows lurking in my Beauty Parlor - would have loved to style up some more purple outfits, but actually I think the makeup styling has been super versatile for these outfits^

Friday, 3 April 2020

C O U T U R E T R I B U T E | Styled Outfits

One of our latest releases, due to the effects of the pandemic at the moment, is a re-coloured release of Couture Tribute, a release which came out almost 5 years ago now, I can't believe it's been so long! While it's not my favourite of releases, I did pick up a couple of pieces in these new colours/prints to try out.
First up the Pink Minaudiere (this was originally gold, and I still have this^) which I think is pretty cute, I'm happy to have this in my wardrobe. I really quite like it in this retro styling, it's a little different for me, but I think the bag works very nicely with the details on the dress. The white tights, shoes and glasses keep the pink popping out, it's pretty cute^ In the second look I've also included the Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers (originally a white base with red/yellow/blue hearts), the pink in the heart detail works well with the bag. This look is quite 'classic me', the trousers work well to have a black base and the pink coat, along with the shoes work perfectly with the print and the bag - simple yet effective! It's one I'd definitely repeat. And finally with the trousers alone, the blue colour in the print is beautiful and luckily I had some pieces which worked with it well. While the high waist of the trousers is a little difficult to work with, I think the colour pairing wins out with this look! And get me, I even added some earrings. I think I would definitely wear these trousers again, but would lean more to looks like the first rather than the second =)

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

M K I N S P I R E D M E T B A L L E A R R I N G S | Styled Outfits

This past weekend I was very kindly gifted the MK Inspired Met Ball Earrings from Young Hollywood after I complimented them in a styling - so unexpected but the perfect opportunity for a styling in this time of slightly uninspiring releases. I really have never spotted these before, we all know I'm not too great with wearing jewellery, so that's no surprise!
I loved styling up these earrings, I found it so easy which I think was down to their light colour, it's an easy accessory colour to work with. First up I loved the meshing of this dress, it really keeps it light despite being long, and the colour is perfect with the earrings. The rest of the accessories are matching in colour, everything really fits together quite seamlessly, I really like this look^ Second up also focusing on a pale colour by choosing this coat, which opens up a lot of options for clothing, I chose to go with the black lining with the trousers and the red top works with the colouring on the sleeve. I think it's pretty simple but still an effective styling =) And for the final look, which I think might be my favourite, I stumbled across this jumpsuit in my wardrobe and with it's white piping, it makes the perfect piece to wear with these earrings, I love it^ I kept white on the rest of the accessories and I really think it's worked out very nicely - and it's looking a little lounge-wear suitable which works for a lot of us in RL right now too.