Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wooooo Hooooooo!

Thank you guys! Thank you so much - plus we're so close to 300 followers also! This isn't much compared to other blogs but it's you guys who've really helped make the lookbook at least a bit of a success =D

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pretty summer florals - StarDesign Collection

I thought I'd already posted about this, but turns out I haven't! Oops - my bad! So anyway, today I bring you the StarDesign collection by ChuFu(Boris):
It's inspired by Sonia Rykiel's 2013 Resort collection - and I love it! There are 5 items you can buy, priced from 8 to 16 SD's, and you can buy them buy request in his GB =)
I bought the jeans a while ago, and here's my styling of them:
This look was really easy and quick to put together, so they're definitely not a hard piece to style and have clear versatility! I just chose a basic vest top along with platforms and a perspex bag, keeping the look summery, cool, but also trendy!
I love this print, and suggest you head on over to Boris's page to by a piece or two now!

Love K xxx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Girly layers

I really love this layered look from Sweet_Gal11! I love the use of this beige dress - it's a piece from Apres Ski which I bought ages ago and have never worn because I've never been able to get it looking just right - but this look really gives me new hope for styling the dress! I love the choice of the pink sweater, it's great paired with those wedges, and a collared long sleeved shirt adds another trendy touch! I love it!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Review : BEAUTY Magazine

It's not too often I write magazine reviews(I say this all the time! But it's true - the last one I did was at the start of June), but I feel that every so often it wouldn't be that bad! Today I'll be reviewing the brand new issue of BEAUTY Magazine, which hit our shelves last night!
Above is the cover - which looks amazing! There's minimal text, just enough for you to find out the name of the magazine and the issue number, I don't think it needs any more than that! The graphic is simple yet is an effective cover, it fills the whole space nicely and is rather stylish. I like that clothing from Stardoll was used in a custom way, and I think it really advertises that Stardoll clothing can be good! The background is really quite adorable, I love the raspberry and navy colour scheme, I think it works really well with the mint of the jumpsuit. Overall, I think the cover gives a good introduction to the magazine =)
Now normally I would pick about 5 of my favourite pages to show you, but in this case it's hard to get it down that low - there are 100 pages in this magazine!!! That is an incredible amount, and I don't think any other magazine has reached that! It is especially wowing if you also remember that Mini-BEAUTY was just released in TTT Fashion Weekend, so that was more work for Tolya to do - it just shows his dedication and the sheer effort he puts into his projects! So I will show you a whole bunch of my favourite pages below - feel free to skip over the images to read the rest of my review =)
{Images not in any particular order=D Click to enlarge}
So I'll start with the graphics - these were completed by a whole host of graphic designers(including myself) working on pieces for the issue, but Tolya(J.ordan) made the majority of them - and I think it all looks really good together, including pages where graphics of different designers are together, the different styles seem to work nicely =)
There is a whole lot of content in this magazine, much more than we've seen in any other release - there's 2 different interviews, texts on films, books, music, articles on makeup and hair and much more! This really takes it one step up from being called a fashion magazine, I'd almost put it in its own category of style and culture - I really like this mix, and think it could certainly be a popular way to go with magazines.
The overall presentation of the magazine was pretty much excellent! The layout of everything is great, whether it was showing several graphics on a page, the organisation of text, items from Stardoll - it all comes across really well, and it really draws the reader in, and entices to read on!

I really loved the magazine as a whole, and am so glad that I had a small part. My absolute favourite parts? If I really had to choose, I'd say the Covergirl interview section and the Frida Kahlo graphic segment, but really the whole thing was great!

I hope Tolya continues in this venture of BEAUTY and I can't wait to see more from him! Congrats on the fantastic magazine =D

Love K xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

HotBuys Summer Retro: Re-Release Review #2

So literally a month to the day of the first re-release, we have a second Hotbuys Summer Retro Re-Release! Lets take a look at the store and my review =D
We have 2 floors released, like last time, of previously released summer themed Hotbuys, with a huge selection of popular items, from shoes, to bags and necklaces to dresses, lets take a look at the shop floors:
Our second installment brought us a new selection of items from past Hotbuys collection and they seemed heavily based on pinks and purples - I'm not complaining, I love pink, and some of these Hotbuys are definitely going to be loved by the Stardoll masses!
Prices are pretty good in my opinion, ranging from 5SD's for the watch up to 30SD's for a dress, although this is just one item, and most are between 10 and 20SD's. A few of these Hotbuys are pretty wanted, the General Jacket and pink booties for example. I sold my jacket a while back for 600SD's and it was a very quick sale, showing how much people wanted it, so I know that piece will definitely cause some uproar. Other pieces will also cause some bother, the necklaces, for example, I was able to sell a few months ago for 300SD's - to me, that's a ridiculous price to pay, but at that price I was told was a bargain for the pieces.
I have bought about 5 or 6 items from the store so far, and have a handful of others in my wishlist for me to think about at a later time:
(Sorry about the ridiculously bad presentation of what I bought!) These are the pieces that stood out to me most from the store. The pink courts are shoes I've been kinda on the lookout for for a little while so I bought those immediately without a second thought! I bought the two pairs of wedges because I've been incredibly tempted by wedges recently and definitely want to give them a go! The jacket because I used to style it quite nicely back when I owned it, so I'll be happy to do that again, and the dress on a bit of a whim! I quite like the slouched style of it, and the font used for 'darling' is quite cute and has a bit of a romantic feel about it, I can't wait to use it!

Anyway, so enough on my thoughts - what about yours? Let me know in the comments!

Love K xxx

P.S. Congrats on your birth Royal Baby! I was convinced it would be a girl, but as long as he's healthy that's all that matters =)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Something to look out for ...

BEAUTY Magazine is coming tomorrow! Tolya has released this amazing video with a few little spoilers on the blog, and I am also posting it here:

I'd really appreciate it(and I know Tolya would too) if you went and followed the magazine, I had a role in the behind the scenes team, and this magazine is definitely one to watch out for!


Not sure what to do with the safari animal you just bought? Why not wear it like J.ordan! I love this look and think it looks amazing =D

Friday, 19 July 2013

Wearing Louboutin

It's been a couple of days since the Christian Louboutin store was released, so it's time for my Wearing Louboutin post! Let's see some outfits styled with items from the store =)
Today I chose 4 looks to feature - 3 styling shoes, and 1 styling a bag, I'll start from the top =) So ...singstar... has chosen the wedges, these are shoes I love and purchased immediately, and she wears them with a simple skirt and top. I think this really works as it draws you straight to the shoes. Having a plain base really opens up the world of accessories, so she's taken advantage of this and gone for a cute floral clutch and purple sunnies =) I loved the floral arrangement in the background so much that I had to include it! I think it complements the outfit really nicely!
Lula.l has chosen the bright leopard print ankle boots, another pair which I bought, and has styled them as the clear focal point of her look by wearing them with white. I've never really noticed this jacket before, but now I've seen it dressed this fabulously, I kinda want it! The small section of purple on it really complements the shoe colours, and the simple necklace to accessorise works perfectly in minimalistic fashion. 
Mery.- has chosen bow heels to style, this is a pair I haven't bought yet as I was on the fence about them, this styling is almost swaying me to buy them though! This is a much less summer styling, but it still looks fab =) She's chosen the red as a featured colour and worn it with dark trousers and a Miu Miu inspired blouse. The red also is reflected in the bag choice(Chanel Tribute), I think these 2 pieces work together really nicely!
The final outfit comes from LuluCrawford, who's chosen to style a bag rather than shoes, in fact, this was the first styling of one of the bags that I saw! I love the monochrome based base for the look, choosing grey trousers and top, with a white jacket and black heels then matching her lip colour with the red of the bag - a cute and stylish combination! 

I know a lot more of you will have styled items from the store, but this is just a small selection! Let me know what you think of my choices in comments =)

Love K xxx


Yesterday brooches seemed to be the thing to wear! I saw these two fabulous dolls sporting the same adorable feather styled one with pink jewels:
Both of these looks are very different, but both manage to wear that brooch well in their different styles. Tolya(J.ordan) has gone for a street-casual look, wearing jeans and a jacket with an overcoat, and accessorising with Hotbuys shoes and bag along with a hat,the brooch is worn on the overcoat and definitely has a proud place - it's the first thing my eyes went to when I saw this look. It stands out as it doesn't just slip easily into the look by matching with something else, I really like this fact about it! Aga-agata has chosen a fancier look, choosing a sequin skirt and a matching jacket along with geometric print tee. The accessories of this look focus more on the pink so the brooch ties in nicely with them, pink bows on the shoes, pink details in the bag etc. 
I think these two look show the versatility of this brooch, showing it can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your own personal style - I just wish I owned it so I could wear it today!!!

In real life I've always thought brooches were pretty popular, but when searching for some images for this post, they were hard to come by - so maybe I've always been wrong about them!

What do you guys think? Like brooches? Like these outfits? Let me know in comments =)

Love K xxx

Thursday, 18 July 2013

TTT Fashion Weekend: StarDesign Styled Outfits

So, during TTT FW I said I would style the clothes I bought from the StarDesign collections, and here's the post! So I bought two items from those available, one piece from Vibe and one from Acid:
{Sorry about lack of nice fonts, we just got a new computer and I'm yet to install any yet/my dad has forbidden me to even consider pushing the download button on anything!}
So I explained why I bought these pieces during the review posts the collections were mentioned in(here and here) - now for how I styled them!
Firstly, Vibe:
The print is green based on white, so to make it stand out I went for all white outfits, this just seemed natural to me as you really are gonna wear it as the focal piece of an outfit. For the first look I chose a maxi skirt, this piece from Basics has really done me well, I wear it fairly regularly and it fits in easily with a lot of pieces. I chose an LE top to wear with it, I haven't worn it yet on its own as it really needs a jacket as it shows quite a lot of skin, so this was a perfect opportunity! Went for basic white shoes. The second look, I chose to style Killah trousers with the jacket. These were an obvious choice for me as soon as I bought the jacket, and went for my obvious chocie with the top as well. Made a little difference with the shoes I've chosen, which are from Antidote and I recently bought in the StarBazaar for a reasonable price. I like their chunky heel and I think the black works nicely with this look. 

And secondly Acid:
These jeans are really a stand out piece, they commandyuor attention and are clearly going to be worn as a focal item of a look - which is what I have done! In my first look I've gone for something more work/office based, the sort of thing I could imagine some sort of fashion editor might wear, so it's a white shirt, paired with a larger sized bag along with white platforms. I think this look works quite well and is a bit of a different take on these jeans, which may have just been seen as an item for casual purposes =) The second look is my casual look of the two, going for a pale/almost sheer blouse, and choosing pale pink accessories to play on the pink in the print - I really like this styling, and think it seems quite 'everyday' considering the print is anything but everyday!


So that's my stylings for the two pieces I bought at the TTT Fashion Weekend! Hope you enjoyed it =)

Did you guys buy any pieces from the StarDesign collections? If so, how did you style them? Let me know in comments!

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Christian Louboutin Tribute Review

Today the next new Tribute store was released, and it was Christian Louboutin! What a fab store to have released on Stardoll =) Lets get on with the review! The store has two very creatively presented floors filled mainly with fab shoes but also with a small selection of handbags:
The presentation is great, I think it really makes the shoes look appealing. It could have had a more professional feel by being in a sleek store with shiny floors and walls and everything sitting perfectly on glass shelves, but this adds a playful feel to the designer brand. Prices, I feel, are very reasonable, ranging from 11 to 18SD's - I don't feel this is too much at all, it's a Tribute store, we should expect higher than average prices, and considering normal shoes can set us back 8-10SD's, this isn't too much of a shock to the purse!
So far I've purchased 6 pairs of shoes, a bag, and the store carrier bag - it came to just over 100SD's which is actually not bad considering how much I've spent at the other stores! I feel this time I really made wise(ish) choices on choosing which items to purchase as I really feel I went for shoes which I would wear and went for ones which I knew what I would wear them within first sight! Hopefully I'll remember this when I get around to styling them! I do plan on Styled Outfits posts for all the Tribute stores, it's just one of those things on my list that I never quite get around to - I have no excuse though, it's the summer holidays, I have no job, I just chill at home/my flat! Tomorrow I will post write all day!!! So I wont show you which items I bought because you'll be seeing them this week in my Styled Outfit post - that's a promise! =D
So overall I really liked the store, yes, some pairs could have been designed better, but I'm pleased that I was able to choose a handful of pairs from the store.

So opinions on this new Tribute release? Do you guys like it? Which pieces did you buy? Tell me in comments below!

Love K xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Style Diaries #4

Who? Elena Perminova
Known For? Model + wife of media mogul
{Photos = pinterest.com}
What Do I Like About Her Style? She has impecable style and a great way of putting together looks, she also looks amazing in everything she wears!


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This perfect masculine look todays come from --Kayley =) I really like this trendy casual look, and I adore the pairing of heels with it, the bag is also a really nice touch to go with the masculinity and shaplessness of the trousers, shirt and jacket. A very fashion feel is also added with the glasses, and a street feel with the cap. Overall this is a thoughful mix of trends put together!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

TTT Fashion Weekend - Day 3 Releases!

Tonight was the third and final night of the TTT Fashion Weekend!!! I've had a great time being the official partner of the event, and I hope you've enjoyed my reviews! On with the last of the releases =D

#1 Surprise Line - Antagonisme
This line is brought to us by StyleMagazine and is her first venture into Stardesign =) There are 5 different prints to get your hands on in her StarBazaar and they come in a good selection of pieces so you are sure to get the print you like in the right clothing item for you! I've shown my favourite print of the 5 below, I prefer it as it's much more light than the others which are based more on a dark background. I haven't bought any of this collection, and I'm not sure I will as I think they are too expensive for what they are, ranging around the 20SD mark, I wouldn't really want to pay more than 14 for the print as it does seem reasonably simple. Overall it's a nice collection and the prints work well as a line =)

#2 Eamonn Collins
The second release of the night is Eamonn Collins' fashion line brought to us by Eamonn Collins! I love the sleekness of this line, it looks elegant and very clean cut. It also has a very minimalistic feel, which I really love! I feel the small colour scheme really works for the collection and pulls all the pieces together well. I've shown my favourite two pieces below, but it was hard to choose as all of the clothes look great! I really have nothing else to say as all I can do is express my love for this collection and praise for the designer!

#3 X Apparel
The final collection of the Fashion Weekend comes from Jack, his second release of the event! This cute, yet elegant and intimate line is very current and is a very different style from Jacks usual releases and graphics - it's very welcomed I think! The items have been well chosen and look good in the adorable store front(shown above) and also on their virtual 'store', he's even gone a step further and you can download the PSD store for you to enjoy! It's also minimalistic like Eamonn's collection so definitely gets a bit of my love as minimalism is really something in my heart =) This sort of store would be incredibly welcomed also on Stardoll - it's easy to imagine this as an actual store and I can tell people would happily part with their SD's to get a piece of the collection! Fab job =)

#4 Surprise Magazine - Haute
The finale of the weekend was brought to us in the form of a new Haute release from Lindsey =) I was very happy to see this as the surprise finale as I've been looking forward to a new Haute issue - and this certainly did the job! There was a good mix of graphics along with texts on trends and articles, plus the regular little section on the cover star. I am much more interested in the graphics in magazines than articles really, so am so glad they are looking fabulous! I love the choice, the images chosen really fit in with current trends, the models chosen and with the texts(when placed with any text) - I chose my top pages and displayed them below, I love the grey top one and bikini one a lot, they're two refs I had picked out to get around to making eventually! And I really like the cute makeup page, it was a nice addition =) Overall a great job and a fab finale!


So that's my 4 reviews for tonights final releases in TTT Fashion Weekend!!! I was at the party for a little while and everyone had a good time waiting for the releases and listening to some music =)
And that also concludes the TTT Fashion Weekend! I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a great time and there was a fabulous array of talents to be seen =)

I really hope you enjoyed my reviews over the weekend, and you'll be able to see them at any time using the TTT Fashion Weekend label I've added to all related posts =)

Love K xxx