Thursday, 31 May 2018

M A Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Here we are, the end of another month and another set of HB's - my first opinion on these based on the advertising was that these really aren't my style, but I think that was influenced by the crazy coloured background the models are in, I think it detracts from the individual pieces and really pulled my opinion. So thinking about just the pieces alone, lets see how I got on!

Flower Earrings - These are quite a cute pair of earrings, I like the design and I like the colours, I think they look really nice on the doll - my only qualm about them is that they do look a little plastic-like and that really puts me off them, which is a shame! Rio 14SD's
Pink Silk Top - I do love a good pink piece, but this one just doesn't work out for me. The bold tone is ok for some, but it's not my style, and I think the halter and draping style actually looks a little cheap =/ I didn't like this one in the advertising, and unfortunately that opinion has stayed the same now I've tried it on - not getting the month off to a great start with these two! It Girls 21SD's
Red Belt Bag - This is cute! Definitely the first good HB this month! We all love a belt-bag, these are a hugely popular style and this one is a great addition to what we already have. I love the minimal design of it, it provides some versatility for the piece. Plus the colour, that's one fabulous red, I love it^ Fallen Angel 19SD's
Christian Louboutin Inspired Shoes - I'm not sure what to think about these, on one hand I like the colour and the almost-velvet feel they have to them, but I'm just not sure on this frilled design around the upper foot and ankle, like I really have no idea about it! I don't think it looks the best or most flattering shoe design on my doll, but I need to see someone else wearing them to prove me wrong, so far I've not seen these styled. Pretty 'N Love 20SD's
Flower Green Skirt - Ok but this one, I love! While green isn't the most regular colour to wear or being seen worn by dolls, I think this one is a great piece. Florals are perfect for spring and the boldness of these make it a good summer piece too. It fits the doll really well, I love the length and the slit on the side, it gets a big thumbs up from me =D Bizou 23SD's
Two Tone Clutch - Another sweet bag! This one also has a red tone but I love the whole design of it, with the purple/pink zipper and the golden handle ... like when will gold ever go wrong?! Certainly not here! It's such a unique design and style, it's minimal but individual and I think it will stand out to a lot of people, I'm so excited to style this one^ Evil Panda 20SD's
Crystal Suede Sandals - These are pretty standard heeled strapped sandals. They're black with a red-ish sole and they're covered in crystals, which I think are a little pearl-looking if you look close enough. They look pretty good on the foot of the doll, but I don't think they have a huge wow-factor and might get a little lost. RIO 18SD's
Gucci Inspired Silk Pants - So these don't look like the most flattering pair of trousers, either in the advertising or in the spoilers, but I completely fell for the colour so I wanted to really give them a good chance at working out - and they do! Once in my suite I gave them a little re-size and re-orientation and they sat in a much more flattering way, woohoo^ These are straight-leg in fit with a pretty high waist and I loved styling them so much, completely worth the price =D It Girls 24SD's
Gucci Inspired Bow Jacket - I'm just not on board with this one, it's just not a piece for me. I think the basic blazer of it has a nice shape and the colour and trim look really nice - it's the giant bow that doesn't work for me. It doesn't make it a versatile piece, for me it's a little too large, so unfortunately I'm not singing its praises. It's also a tad expensive for what it is I think. Velvet Orchid 27SD's
Silver Crystal Choker - Choker's never really have stood out to me, so I don't feel any desire to buy this piece. The silver is nice and the design looks fairly delicate with the ring design on the front, but it't not flashy or a stand out piece. Pretty 'N Love 15SD's

LoveMiona2222 wears the Red Belt Bag in this styling, focusing on the reds with both the bag and boots against the neat white shirt and the style-focused shiny black leather trousers. I think it works really nicely, especially with the matte look of the bag against the trousers =)
RiManiKordenty pairs both the Two Tone Clutch and the Flower Green Skirt in this cool and jewel-packed styling. I like the fluorescent green of the long sleeved top, it catches your eye and surprisingly looks good with the bright pink of the florals. I like the whites in the look to break up the colours, it works and looks super glamorous in addition to the silver jewels!
And lastly Mabepa going blue in the Gucci Inspired Silk Pants which I found last minute and so glad I did! Adore the silk floral shirt with these trousers, such an unusual choice but one that works very nicely due to the blue tones in the print! Also love the pops of different colours in the beauty look =)

I loved styling this month's HBs! Of the 10, I bought 5, which I think is a lot considering I didn't feel like they were my style so much. First up the Gucci Inspired Silk Pants, which I found so many different ways to wear! My favourite was with this velveteen cami paired with the navy and blue accessories, I mean this bag is perfection with them! With this slight adjustment to the size and angle, I think they're a great pair of trousers. Secondly the Flower Green Skirt, again which I found quite a few things that worked with it, but went for a simple summer look, playing on the pink flowers for the shoes and the green base of the skirt with the bag. The white top adds a bright touch. Lastly the Two Tone Clutch, which I just think is perfect with this Subcouture shirt which came out last weekend, I love the purple tone with the red, so fresh! These trousers have a nice non-white tone which I think works well with the colours. And of course some matching shoes^

Neutral stripe

Summer-ready in today's feature by marina495! I love neutral tones, I go on about them all the time, but this is another great combination of them^ The pleated skirt is great for warm weather and I love the warmness the neutral colour has to it. Also like the contrast in texture of the skirt with the suede look to the top, it's great^ The striped belt adds a focal point and I like the tie to it with the criss-cross of the top. The bag is another great texture, but I love the minimalism of the sandals to the styling =)

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Floral mess

'Very Parisian-chic' I thought when I first saw this look from nx367 and I really like it for it's use of different patterns than those you see all the time. Love this off-shoulder dress, the lilac tone is perfect for right now and the busy detailing is great - it also looks good with the added neckpiece and the chiffon scarf, it's sweet and provides a good basis for the rest of the accessories. The beret is a natural choice but I'm loving these pointed booties with the socks, the sheerness to them is perfect for the styling =D

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Lilac lime

I love lilac, I love skirt splits, and I love this length, therefore this is an awesome outfit by miss.privacy today! This dress looks fantastic as a skirt, the whole outfit is great for it, the sweater design looks awesome against the lilac and I like the use of a designer bag and then sneakers on the feet! Also loving the decor situation in this room, the green are great, the sofa, lamp and table decor work nicely together and I love the artwork, plus the decor is very complementary to the outfit!

Forget Me Not

I bought a job lot of things from Subcouture, but this forget-me-not blue bag is by far my favourite thing. It's got so many good details - the pierced-through handles, the contrast of tan and clear handles, the simple shape. Gorgeous!

I was originally going to style it to play up the clear lucite handle more, but I changed my mind when I saw how wonderfully it went with these trousers. This gentle shade of blue goes really well with tan as they are almost complimentary colours. I decided to go for transparent details instead with the lucite heels, sheer shirt and earrings. 

And naturally, I've garnished the look with a forget-me-not buttonhole.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Forget Me Not True Love | Suite Shop
Elie Saab Insp Sheer Blouse | Callie's Picks
Pversized Blazer | Pearls
HotBouys Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants | It Girls
Roksanda Blue Bag | Subcouture
Knotted Blue Belt | Riviera
Clear Straps Metallic Heels | Velvet Orchid

Monday, 28 May 2018

And Today I Wore

Wow it sure has been a while since I posted an 'And Today I Wore' post, but that's because I generally put my outfits up on What I Wore On Stardoll that I don't style for a specific post here, but I absolutely loved this one and wanted to share it - plus I've gotten so many compliments in it, I really don't wanna wear something else^ I recently got this pink polka dot dress which has been on my wishlist for 4 years, and it sure lives up to the expectations! I've styled it minimally and focused on the pink with my accessories and makeup styling, I fell out of love with makeup for a little, but loved working with it again recently =D

Ray of sunshine

I love yellow, and so does minaj131 judging from this look! I'm trying to remember if I've ever done an all-yellow look, but this one is super cool and current! I love that it uses some of our latest Hotbuys and these great culottes^ And also brings out this older-style Chanel bag, which still totally has life about it. Also adoring these large hoop earrings ... I wish I wore earrings more often, maybe if I had these I would, so now off to search for them =D

Sunday, 27 May 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

This weekend brought us brand new Subcouture, always exciting for me! The advertising is cool, I love the pink and sparkly unicorn feeling to it, it's attractive and will sure draw people in to buy things^ And at the time of posting, you still have a couple of hours left to make those last purchases!
Highlights So this is the typical Subcouture release of two floors, although this time they are definitely stuffed to the brim with summer styles! I also love that there are 3 completely different male looks to shop from for the male dolls, a huge step up from the usual =) Also really loving the pink-toned marble interior, it's pretty fun^
Accessories When I first looked at the store, the accessories were what caught my eye immediately, and I love that! In addition to the usual bags and shoes, there's not many other accessories to choose from, but I really like the direction taken with what's there. There are 3 bags in the store, two blue, the Buckle Blue Clutch, a round cobalt bag with silver hardwear, and the Roksanda Blue Bag, a square style with quirky handles. Then there is also the Gucci Inspired Pink Heart Clutch, which isn't a clutch at all as it has a silver chain, but it's still a great bright pink sparkly bag! I bought all of them, I really like the styles and I think they fit in well with my bag collection =) There are 4 pairs of shoes, I don't find myself such a big fan of these as I am of the bags, but the Embellished Slingback Pumps are an absolute gem in this release! They've got a minimal yet fantastic design and have looked good with just about everything I've seen =) In terms of the rest, there are just 3 pieces, and while I'm not so much a fan of the belts, I do really love the Orecchini Pendant Earrings which are very glamorous and I adore the emerald colour to them, can't wait to wear these!
Clothing There are 12 looks put together in this store, so a lot of pieces to choose from. There's quite an emphasis of dresses/onepieces, with 7 to pick between in a completely versatile range - something for everyone! The first piece I really quite liked was the Fleamadona Inspired Dress for it's bright fuchsia colour, sheen and glittered V at the body - it's something quite different for me and I know I won't get a lot of wear out of it, but it's something I totally want to try out! The florals also really caught my eye, the Temperly London Inspired Jumpsuit and Balenciaga Inspired Crepe Stretch Dress. I love the fit of both pieces, I think they're fitting well into current trends and styles. I'm also a little tempted by the VictorRolf Inspired Dress, again it's not something I can see myself wearing often, but I think the blue and red design is cute and the bow-collar is adorable, plus the dress fits really nicely on my doll! I was a little disappointed by the bottomhalves on offer, there's a skirt and two pairs of jeans, but they really don't stand out in the collection and the styles don't appeal to me at all. They don't really look like new designs and current styles. There are 4 tops in the store, again in a mix of styles and I really quite like them on the whole. The Morgan Lane Inspired Top was the first one I saw and I think it's the prettiest spring/summer piece with it's strappy peplum design and sweet light navy colour with polka dot design. The Jacquemus Inspired Shirt also jumped out pretty quickly because we all know I love burgundy and this is a perfect match with my favourite burgundy trousers - plus it's a quirky mix with a white shirt, another of my favourite styles^ The Fleamadona Inspired Star Top is pretty cute, but not something I can see myself styling easily, so I'll give that a miss this time, but what I haven't given a miss is the Fleamadona Inspired Pink Shirt, which I was a little unsure of at first, but then I saw a couple of the features below and knew I'd regret it if I didn't get it - I'm so glad I've got it, I loved styling it below! And lastly, something quick about the outerwear, the Jacquemus Inspired Jacket, a beige fitted long blazer, and the Simone Rocha Inspired Jacket which is a black sheer piece - I'm just so undecided about them! I've seen a couple of great looks, but the question is would I be able to pull them off well myself?! I really don't know - luckily there are still a few hours to decide!
Prices This collection ranges from 13 to 31SD's, which I think is great and the top price is a little cheaper than it has been in the last few releases! The limit on this collection was the time, being only available this weekend. A few pieces are SS only, but they're not main components of the collection, so overall it's pretty much available to all.
Styled Outfits And now the fun part - I loved working with the pieces, and attempted to style the pieces that I didn't feature in the below features, I've worked with the other pieces I bought and have included them in some other posts too^ First up the Fleamadona Inspired Dress which really doesn't need much other clothing, right? I'd like to see it styled up a bit more with additional pieces, but I'm not a complicated person, so matching it with the Gucci Inspired Pink Heart Clutch and some fun matching pink shoes is as far as I get with this one, but I think it still looks glamorous^ Secondly the Orecchini Pendant Earrings and Embellished Slingback Pumps in a smarter based styling, love the white shirt against the emerald of the earrings, they really pop and also pair well with the bag too, the black strap of which ties nicely with the shoes - it's a minimal way of wearing the collection this one^ And finally the Roksanda Blue Bag, which I actually also styled already over at What I Wore On Stardoll, I just love this piece a lot and think it really pops in this outfit against the white. The shoes are a great colour match for the bag, and I love this tanned cardigan matching the handle on the bag - I think there are so many options for this piece!
Features First up two looks both with the Fleamadona Inspired Pink Shirt which really pushed me to buy it, Leiona_- and Lawliet.! And both going with gingham styles on the bottom, firstly trousers and then a skirt and I think both pieces of clothing work really well with the shirt. Leiona_- also makes use of the Embellished Slingback Pumps which go nicely with the gingham while Lawliet. adds a light touch with the white tights and shoes =D
Next up wearing the Morgan Lane Inspired Top is millaxx and I think this is the cutest summer outfit! The top stands out and the fit works well with that of the skirt, both pieces are able to share the limelight well^ The accessories are spot on, I think this is almost exactly how I'd love to look in this top =)
Wearing the Simone Rocha Inspired Jacket and trying to convince me on it is miver looking amazing! I think the gathered gloves work particularly well with this piece, these ones are a perfect height on the arm to work with the sleeve of the jacket. While I think it would work well with most pieces underneath, I think it does look particularly good with this neutral dress^
And lastly RiManiKordenty wearing the Jacquemus Inspired Shirt exactly how I plan to wear mine! So so perfect with these trousers! The white and black accessories on the bottomhalf really pop out well against the burgundy and everything chosen is very stylish, from the glasses to the bag, I really like this classical look!

Baby blues

What a mix! Who knew sparkles could be so good with stripes and sneakers^ This styling from janetteLow is pretty awesome, it stands out and really grabs your attention! I think this dress is all kinds of amazing and it's pretty affordable for the style it is, I would never have thought to layer it with this smarter-style striped shirt, it's such a unique idea and the combination works out nicely, especially compared with these blue-toned trainers, they're a great choice for the overall vibe. Plus loving the makeup, it's amazing =D

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Checked Out

I finally caved and gave my doll her brows back. Look how...emotive she is? She mostly just looks sleepy which is a fairly accurate representation of her maker.
Brows aside, I've been waiting to get this Young Hollywood coat out of the bazaar and now that I've got it, I'm pleased as punch. 

I've gone for a generally monochromatic, all-over check look with pops of red, but I can't wait to play up some of the more purple and blue tones in the coat. Fun times ahead! J'aime indeed!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Checked Grey Plum Coat | Young Hollywood
Jaime Melange Tshirt | Bonjour Bizou
Balmain Checked Pants | Young Hollywood
9to5 Artist Beret | 9to5
Red Western Inspired Belt | Bonjour Bizou
Black Satchel Bag | Basics
Classic Patent Boots | Subcouture

Tied toes

Summer brights with this white look from martemei today - I am totally loving this skirt worn as a dress, doesn't it work out so nicely?! It's hardly noticeable that it's not a dress, the style works nicely and I think the tie is placed really well for it, plus I love the addition of this frilled collar, really finishing off the dress. The plastic tied booties are a sweet addition, I really like their contrast with the huge furry earrings^

Friday, 25 May 2018

F A L L E N A N G E L | Styled Outfits

The new Fallen Angel release came out almost 2 weeks ago now - it wasn't all to my style, as is usual for Fallen Angel, but I did manage to pick out a couple of cool pieces that looked pretty versatile and in a style I liked! So a Styled Outfits post instead of a review today.
First up the Semi Sheer Ruffled Cape which I thought was pretty cute, I like the multicoloured metallic-style polka dots covering the piece, that was really the selling point for me. The design is also quite unique. I went very simple, but I think it's not the best way to wear this - I was a little uninspired when styling this whole post really! But I do like the yellow direction with the accessories for it! Secondly the Net Detail Black Dress, which I'm torn about because the design and style should make it a summer piece but it's black! I've layered up and gone for an outerwear and boot combination and I really like it, but it's a tad on the dark side^ Silver booties might help out and I think I'll try that next! Finally the Lace Ankle Boots, which I love the look of but they do make my dolls feet appear rather long, don't you think? Love the pointed toe and the overall style plus the lace though. I decided to stick with the rather quirky style for the look going all out with fringing to add to the lace detail - I really quite like how this one has turned out =D


Modern and edgy styling today with this cool combination from josephvampire =) This pink tee has been around and popular for quite some time, but it's been styled so well and uniquely in this look. I love it over the skirting, the shapes of the two pieces are complementary, and the added sleeves are amazing! Those green oversized sleeves are totally what drew me in to this one^ Also loving the accessories, from the pink sheeny shoes to the red lip and gold earring!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Pluffed pink

How cute is this styling from Isabella8103 going all out for the feminine flounce in this chiffon skirt?! It's actually a dress, but I also contemplated purchasing it for use as a skirt as I think it makes it a much more versatile piece - this styling has me almost convinced^ I absolutely love it with the Girl Power sweatshirt, it's totally the right pairing! The accessories are minimal but fitting, the pinks shine through =D

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | May 2017

Back a year to 2017 taking a look at the HB offerings! I do think there were some questionable choices in this one, but also some pretty decent styles and some surprises - I'm still in awe that I like the Sheer Lace Maxi Dress, it's something I've had good fun styling this past year =) I've also styled up the Balenciaga Inspired Raffia a few times as well. This time I was really wanting to give the High Waist Slim Mom Jeans a chance, but alas, accessories won out and I'm wearing the Canvas Sandals and Selena Ombre Earrings in my stylings:
I had fun with these - more fun than I remember having the first time around! I found them easy to style with new and current pieces, the shoes are a perfect match with these gingham trousers while the earring colours are beautifully paired with the tones on the bodice of the dress. I loved adding to the key combinations in each look - like the extra checks in the first styling, the orange colour is eye-catching and really emphasises the pattern, and also the pink and red accessories against the navy skirting in the second look =)

Red rose

How super stylish this look is from bloom_xx_layla today! The clothing chosen is minimal, but they're pieces of great design, the black trousers and base for the white shirt and blazer just look so chic^ It was the accessories that caught my eye - love these shoes with the look, but the red gets all the attention, those gloves are a great addition to the fabulous bag and DIY-design of the flower on it, which is actually a choker piece! It looks like an amazing up-market piece^ The hair is also pretty amazing, a beautiful style on this doll and with this look =)

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Beauty Snaps

Tickled Pink (And Purple)

So last week was all about delicate gowns, neutrals colours and natural beauty. 

This week is about punch-you-in-the-face colours. 

I'm typically very scared of hot pink because it reminds me of my childhood Barbie phase where I would wear this shade and nothing else. Even this shade of purple is a little...risky because it's just so bright.

So if we can't rely on the palette to bring the fashion, then we've got to rely on the textures and shapes. The fringing is bang-on trend and the glittery elements are a more grown-up, geometric take on sparkle. The structured blazer and skirt elevate the whole look to Business Barbie. Add in a quirky shoe and a turtleneck and we've got just about enough elements to batter any critics into submission...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Balmain Inspired Sweater | Runway
Pink Shoulder Blazer | Bonjour Bizou
Gen Encrusted Skirt | Film Theory
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Pop the Collar Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
Double Chanel Purses | Callie's Picks
Chiara Ferragni Inspired Mules | It Girls
Vionnet Inspired Earrings | The JetSet

Monday, 21 May 2018

V O I L E | Release Review

It feels like ages since our last VOILE release, when I saw it in the Plaza I was super excited, because there's always some great pieces to be had in these releases! The advertising is cool, I love the model choices and also the colours, it's attractive and really sells the collection =)
Highlights This is your typical VOILE release - there's two floors, with a couple of male looks, and they're filled to the brim with glitz and glam and gowns and some designer inspiration! Really loving it, I think this will be popular =)
Accessories Quite a small number of accessories, but a pretty good mix across the store, fitting with a lot of the different dresses on offer. There are 4 pairs of shoes, all of which are strappy-heeled styles, but it looks good and suits the vibe of the store. The Saint Laurent Heels come in both Rose and Black, the Black ones will be super versatile and I bought those immediately, but now I've seen quite a few people wearing the Rose and I think I might be a convert to those^ You can also get the Aquazurra Inspired Fur Sandals in the same pinky tone, but these are furry! Which you really don't notice much until you zoom in, but they look like a super classy fur sandal, if there is such a thing^ And lastly the Slingback Glitter Pumps which are more purple-toned, and I love the overall shape of these from the heel height, the slingback, to the square toe! There are two bags, I love the Glitter Voile Clutch as a sparkling going-out style piece, but it's been the Silver Snake Handbag which has been the standout piece - literally everyone is wearing it! And I've seen it in so many different types of style, it's great! In terms of other items there are a couple of amazing earring sets - the Golden Star Earrings and the Satin Flower Earrings, both pairs are so delicate and beautiful and will definitely stand out in any beauty look =)
Clothing Of course, the store is filled with dresses! There are 10 in a range of lengths and colours and designs, but they're all rather glam and glitz is a focus^ I'm finding myself not so much a fan of the longer pieces, I like the Mermaid Dress best, although it sure is sheer! The sparkles and shimmer on it are great though, maybe one day! Another sheer piece is the Lace Armour Dress, which I think looks amazing, including the cut and fit on the doll, but just a little on the sheer side, maybe I should buy it and investigate some creative ways to wear it^ Of the darker pieces I do quite like the Glitter Shell Dress with it's blacks and blues and silver detailing. It's got a little more of a casual feel to it compared to other pieces in the store, but I think it makes it that little bit more versatile - I think it will be perfect in many autumn and winter stylings =) One style I was quite intrigued by was the sequin/plated design that both the Glitter Purple Dress (the maxi with the slit^) and the Flower Purple Dress have, along with the Glitter Shell Skirt - I think it's cool and pretty retro, while I don't think it would work for my doll all the time, I think there are some people who would look awesome in the style everyday! In addition to that, there's only 1 other skirt, the Rose Wrap Skirt which I love, it's just amazing in colour and glittery-ness! 
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 34SD's, and nothing is limited to SS or Royalty members only, which is great^
Styled Outfits Had fun putting these looks together, I think the pieces fit well into my wardrobe and style =) First up the Rose Wrap Skirt paired with some equally glittery accessories, these were almost made to be worn with this skirt! I think they're perfect^ I did have a little trouble with the skirt length, I think it would be a little easier to wear if it was a little shorter, but that's ok, it is a nice piece as is =) Secondly the accessories, both the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals Black and Glitter Voile Clutch which both stand out against these neutral black trousers in something a little more casual for the bag. I like the floral top in the look, it adds detail which isn't a sparkle^ And finally the Rose Silk Blouse, paired with all the pastel pinks in my closet - I'm kidding, just a little^ I love it with this matching skirt, it makes such a good looking casual dress, and I can see this piece will be great and light feeling in the summer months and with summer stylings!
Features And a couple of features, firstly millaxx rocking the Mermaid Dress looking oh-so-cool and not-so-sheer at all! The accessories are very fitting, minimal and perfect, even the hair and makeup is perfection for this styling ... this is how to do this dress!
And secondly nicki_-_-minaj wearing the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals Rose and Rose Glitter Dress, again, it's a minimal styling with just accessories added and some pastel gloves but they're all perfect for the piece and the necklaces make good use of the dress neckline =)

Beige babe

This coat is having a rejuvenation right now, I've seen so many people styling it this past week and this look from Lady_Lilly is a great addition to that bunch! The layering looks great, and each piece still stands out. I particularly like these trousers with the small split in the pleat in the front, I've never noticed these before and I think they look good especially paired with the Fendi retro heels, a good touch along with the pop of red lip^

Sunday, 20 May 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Checked Crop Trousers

A super recent release this time, the Checked Crop Trousers from Bizou, a very popular piece that have been styled in so many ways already that I hope I can add to with these stylings =) I really thought these were a blue check until around half-way through these stylings and realised it was a black check, oops^
Casual and light for spring and summer stylings
My first thoughts with these trousers is how well they would look in casual based stylings, their colour is pretty versatile so plenty of choices, but with casual I love the neutral feel and I have so many tees and sweaters in that category - plus loving the tucked style with them^
1 | A white tee - where can it go wrong?! And trainers too, I love these with the trousers, I think they're a great choice and lead well into other white pieces being chosen, there's so many casual ones out there to go for.
2 | This cropped sweater was a surprise fit with these trousers, and I love it! It also highlights what I thought was blue in the checks! The checked shoes are a cute it and I adore this navy bag adding more texture^
Suited up smartly is a great look for these trousers!
White shirts are fantastic with these trousers, I have so many that I could wear a different one everyday of the month with the trousers! While it's summer I veered away from the smartest of styles, but still dressed these two looks smartly for the warmer weather.
3 | This cardigan is the sweetest with the trousers, for me it was a must in at least one of these looks, it's great with the light white of the shirt and shoes. The bag is a fun choice, it really pops with the orange and red!
4 | I found this sweet top buried quite far in my wardrobe but it's perfect with these trousers for something different as I can't imagine many of you have seen this piece in a while^ Loved accessorising the look with these shoes and the hanging blazer for a smarter style^
Be bold, be bright, be yellow!
For my last set of stylings I wanted to go bold with colours, I was going to pick two different ones, but both of these yellow looks stood out to me and I couldn't resist, yellow+checks are a winning combination =D
5 | Two of my favourite yellow tops worn together, I couldn't resist, they're so bright, just what I was wanting for this category! Minimal shoes and a bag let the bold features of the tops stand out - and I think some darker colours will look great to make an autumn winter styling with colours and these trousers too.
6 | This is a little casual mixed in with the pastel yellow, but love the shape of this oversized sweater with the fitting trousers. Loving the yellow sandals, those are thumbs up from me^