Friday, 30 November 2018

N O V E M B E R 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Another month, another set of Hotbuys! I'm so stoked about this set of pieces for November - the advertising really sold these pieces to me, from the styling to the colours and choice of pieces, just perfect for me =) I think they're pretty spot on with trends and with the season and I'm looking forward to working with some of these^ So far it doesn't seem like there will be December Hotbuys, so this may be the last review until 2019!

Ozzy Wool Shirt - First up, a twist on a classic shirt, it's tan! I really like this as something totally different to choose in my wardrobe. It's a smart piece buttoned right up to the neck and it has a great fitted fit on the doll, pretty perfect for the season if I do say so myself =) While for sure it is to match the Wide Trousers I do think it has a reasonable versatility about it too. Bizou 21SD's
Stilleto Ankle Boots - I'm a little unsure what to think about these, they aren't what I was expecting, I'm not sure if I like them or not! The beige colour makes them quite wearable, they'll work with a lot of different styles but I think it's the shape that's making me unsure. The toe is quite square, and they have quite a tight fit on the foot but then a super skinny heel - I don't think they suit my doll well, but they look amazing in one of the features below, so maybe I will still be convinced! Pretty 'N Love 18SD's
Monile Bag - Ok this bag is amazing! It's minimal yet very stylish in shape and the design of the golden metal clasp, it looks super expensive (luckily it's not)^ The clutch style is great for this season, and the tan colour is making a very good come-back too. I think this works well with this set of Hotbuys for the colour - tan is usually something I struggle with in accessories, but I'm excited about this one =) It Girls 19SD's
Wide Trousers - So maybe you have seen my 1 Week 1 Piece post styling up these trousers, you will have gathered I very much love these =) These are a pretty classic style of trousers, they are fitted at the waist but have a very nice wide leg with a pleat down the front - super smart, and the tan colour makes them fairly versatile as I've found out! Everyone is really loving these, I can't count how many people I've seen style them in completely different looks, a great investment if you ask me^ Bizou 19SD's
Wool Trench Coat - This is the epitome of a great winter coat, I'm stoked to style this! The oversized fit is great, I love layering a lot and this will be great for that. I also love the colour, the brown definitely stands out, and the subtle checks definitely make it that little bit different from other pieces. I think it looks great on the doll and I'm looking forward to seeing others styling it through the winter too =) Bizou 30SD's
Stone Tricolor Necklace - Some jewellery next with this piece. It's a super delicate necklace on gold chains, of course immediate bonus points from me for that^ I like the 3 chains to it and the different stones, I think it works and looks realistically like something someone would wear. The stones are nice tones and I think will look great layered with a V-neck. RIO 16SD's
Ruffled Satin Shirt - This is a piece I was really looking forward too, it's such a beautiful satin shirt and I adore the green colour! It definitely wont be everyone's cup of tea, in fact I haven't seen anyone else style it yet, but I think it's so cute. I love the mini scalloped trimming to it and the styling of the open collar, and I think it looks great on the doll - it will be fab in the springtime! It Girls 22SD's
Lace-Up Boots - A second pair of boots, I'm definitely more on board with these than the first pair! I love that they're white, I don't think I have any quite like this, white with a pointed toe and a nice ankle height. They're definitely unique with the lace up front and the lacing around the top, it looks great on the doll. Ankle boots are so easy to wear so I don't see it being tricky to style these, but again I haven't really seen anyone wear these yet. Original Future 18SD's
Snakeskin Split Skirt - What I have seen people wear is this skirt! A snake print midi to add to out collections and it's a great one =D It has a double slit on the front, so great for showing off your winter boots, and the colour of the print is a perfect neutral one. Really a versatile piece, or as versatile as snake print gets! I've been wearing my leopard midi a lot still, so I'm looking forward to getting the same wear out of this one =) RIO 23SD's
Throw On Blazer - And the final Hotbuy, a second coat and something a little more neutral than the first. This over shoulder style will always be a popular one, and in this light colour I think it will work well for a range of styles and be quite wearable all year round. The tone looks a little pink on it's own, but as soon as I started pairing it with other colours it definitely came across with other undertones. It looks good on the doll and is a solid end to the month^ Pretty 'N Love 27SD's

In this first feature Andre1396 makes use of both the Ozzy Wool Shirt and the Wide Trousers - see, they were just made for each other^ I love them with this leopard print jacket, the tones are perfect for each other. The boots fit well with the theme, and I love how the burgundy of the bag looks, it stands out well but doesn't draw all the attention from the HBs =)
Our second feature, millaxx, really sells me the Stilleto Ankle Boots, they just look amazing in this styling and it makes me wonder why I doubt them - I just think I can't replicate anything this good! They look fab with the jeans, the roll up is perfect for them, and the sweater is a perfect colour match for them =) Love the intricate golden jewellery too^
And finally Jacquemus wearing the Snakeskin Split Skirt and looking hot! This skirt is just so versatile =) I like the black and white tones with the skirt, the print stands out well against them. I also loved the use of pink in the look, it's fab^ The bag and the lip gloss colour are perfect choices for this styling!

And finally my own stylings, as usual, I try to style the pieces that aren't included in the features, and I sure packed a lot into these! First up the Stone Tricolor Necklace and the Ruffled Satin Shirt, the V of the shirt is a good place for the necklace. I stuck pretty minimal, but wanted my accessories to match the shirt colour - which was harder than I thought it would be! These shoes are an ok match, but not perfect, and I couldn't find a bag, so that will be my next challenge =) Secondly the Monile Bag which I just love so much! I found a lot of different pieces that worked with it, but went with a classic with this leopard midi, the bag pops but also matches just nicely =) The knit is a good piece to work with both items, and I chose these shoes for their golden ankle strap - I really like this look! And finally wearing both the Wool Trench Coat and the Lace-Up Boots in another white-based styling but I really like it - the coat stands out against the pale base, and the boots pop from the cropped length of the trousers. I'm excited to wear both of these pieces again!

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Orange accent

A super stylish outfit from Jacquemus today wearing all of the current favourites that are around! Everything pieces together very well, from the use of these amazing tan trousers, to the tucked printed sweater - the colours work very nicely together, and the orange is highlighted in the waist height of the trousers, plus pairs perfectly with the handbag. The black blazer, boots and lips are a bold choice, but actually I think it works to tie everything up very well - the blazer shape is super smart and I like the vibe it adds to the styling =D

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Release Review

The next latest release in the Plaza - Velvet Orchid! This store can be quite hit or miss for me in terms of styles, but from the advertising I think it looks interesting with a mix of colours and designs. I'm looking forward to seeing what the whole store includes^
Highlights The release is the usual size for this type of store. The theme seems to be pretty mixed, with a range of colours and styles - somewhat different to the usual Velvet Orchid releases, but I quite like it, it gives me options =)
Accessories There are a mix of pieces available, but mostly shoes and bags. There are boots, flats and heels in the shoe category, which is a very good range - I'm immediately drawn to the Leather Sock Boots. These are a great winter boot and I wish I could have included them in this months Plaza Picks post! They look great on the doll too, a classic style that I think will last well. The Velvet Black Loafers also look pretty good, the shape is unique and then sheen really catches your eye. I also very much like the look of the Chain Stiletto Shoes, they look very smart, and a bonus in SC's =) The Croc Leather Fannypack looks to be a popular piece, the belt-bag trend is still going strong and this one stands out in the pack.
Clothing So the clothes are quite different to the previous releases - there's a mix of styles and colours, so I think there might be a little something for everyone in this release. There are lights, darks, casual and smart pieces. The dresses aren't so much my thing, but I love the look of the Silver Tuxedo Dress, it's a style of blazer dress that's been modernised, I love the metallic colour, but I don't find the fit flattering enough for me. There are also a couple of one-pieces/jumpsuits, the Velvet Jumpsuit in navy is super cool, but not so much a versatile piece, whereas the Cutout Crepe Bodysuit is super versatile and will make some cool winter stylings I think. There are quite a few shirts in the release. The Floral Print Organza Blouse is super pretty, I like the black outlining, but the sheer fabric makes the pattern a little difficult to see. The Ruffle Pink Top is also very pretty, it looks like it would be much more suited to Pretty 'N Love! The fit is great and the design is very unique. The Hammered Silk Satin Top, and paired with the Huddersfield Pants are a sporty set - I like the Top, but not so much the Pants with their jogger-style. There are a lot of other trousers on offer though, I like the Satin Trimmed Pants in a beautiful burgundy with a straight leg fit, and the Panelled High Rise Jeans are a cool denim style, with a super tight waist and a loose leg - the design on these is pretty cool and unique, you'll stand out for sure in them!
Prices The prices range from 11 to 23SD's, and there are a couple of pieces in SC's. Nothing is SS or Royalty limited. I think the prices are ok for the pieces =)
Styled Outfits I bought a few pieces, although I definitely think I need some perfecting with them! First up the Two Tone Wool Trench Coat, in navy it's a little different to the outerwear I usually go for - but I went all navy for this one, although I think it makes my doll look a little short so I need to work on colour combinations for it. Secondly the Hammered Silk Satin Top in quite a different styling for me, this red skirt is a good fit for the styling and I like the use of black accessories as something to draw the eye to different parts of the look. And finally the Leather Sock Boots which I've found work with many pieces, naturally I chose my current favourite skirt, the leather of the boots really pops out against the silk nicely - I'm so pleased with these =)
Features There are a number of features to share with this release^ First up we have 3Siostry styling the Chain Stiletto Shoes in a very classy way - the all black look with detailed belt is perfect for the shoe style and they really pop at the hem of the tan overcoat, I love it!
Next up we have Marta32222 styling the Floral Print Organza Blouse which works well layered with this black base as it lets the floral design really stand out and be visual - the orange tones in the pattern look great and pop with the bold use of accessories =D
This look from Marta-43 styling up the Croc Leather Fannypack is minimal yet effective, I love it! It stands out against the matte base of the tee and trousers and I like the layered of the belts together, it works well against the stripe beneath it. Plus that neck bow is super extra^
In the fourth feature, Mia1435 makes use of both the Hammered Silk Satin Top and the Velvet Black Loafers together in a look that reminds me a little of Michael Jackson, it's the hat for sure! I like these tied trousers with both the pieces, I think they work well for the styles, and the red socks and lip addition are very nice =)
And finally, millaxx wearing many pieces - the Floral Print Organza BlousePanelled High Rise Jeans, the Triangle Bra, and Croc Leather Fannypack - everything looks great together! I think they work out and there's not a single piece pulling all the attention. These shoes are great with the styling, perfect with the Bag for sure!

Suite Style

Today's suite room from NazliDMR looks just like a museum, isn't it great?! I love it for sure =) The concrete interior is a great place for such a design, it gives a neutral base with some interesting shapes which have been used greatly in this room. The artwork on the walls celebrates women, which I really like as a touch. The statues, art pieces, and plants have been arranged well on the concrete plinths and I love the mix of stones and metallics with the greenery, the design really pops out and draws me into the suite =D

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Styled Outfits

Finally getting around to my Subcouture styled outfits! These clothes were released a few weeks ago and now everyone's had some time to think about the pieces and how they want to style them - I've been looking forward to wearing my new pieces, but already regretting not getting a few things, which is typical!
I found these pieces very quick to style, which is good, it means I'll be able to come up with more looks for them in the future. First up is the Aurora Leather Coat Gia Inspired, styled with more leather, I like the design on these trousers and the ruching on the boots paired with the texture on the coat. I think this piece for sure looks good in all black stylings, but still a little challenge to make sure all the pieces in the look stand out. Secondly the Oversized Padded Jacket - definitely a fun piece to style! I'm not sure why I picked out red striped to pair with it, but I like the look of the styling, the red sure catches your eye , and I like the contrast of the light trousers with the heavier jacket.
And the third styling, with the third jacket I bought, the Faux Fur Nya Coat which just seems so amazing, I love how snug it is and the oversizing of the design - I think it will have great use over the winter season! I love it paired with these darker tones, they make the white and the texture really stand out and it gets good use of florals in winter^ And finally wearing the Aurora Jewel Pants Gia Inspired which were my 'whim' purchase and I'm looking forward to trying out more styles. For now I've gone a little outside my usual style, but I love the look of this glittered sheer top with the trousers, I think it works out pretty well. I've paired a simple coat which helps balance the sheer and added matching accessories and I think overall it works out well to highlight the trousers very nicely =D

Dotty for dots

Red is a great seasonal colour in this feature from isabella8103 today! This dress is what attracted me to the look for sure - it's a Hotbuy from the summer and being sheer it's a tricky one to style, but I quite enjoyed the challenge when I wore it and this looks fab too^ The light denim looks good beneath, the red dots are highlighted nicely against it. The cami top beneath is also a perfect piece, it covers the doll nicely and doesn't detract from the dress. The red accessories of course pull your eyes in all directions, I love the shoe combination and the earrings used =)

Musings on Carpet

From high-key drama to low-lying inspiration - this floral print seriously reminds me of a carpet. 

I'm not mad at it though - the colours suggest that it's a carpet with a certain class. 
Maybe it's from your rich great aunt's parlour, or a once-fabulous, but now down-on-its-luck hotel lobby. Maybe even a mid-range airport lounge. 

After that, any other thoughts I had on this look are not important. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
HotBuys Vetements Inspired Floral Dress | Velvet Orchid
Tube Skirt Purple | Velvet Orchid
Prada Inspired Tortoise Sunglasses | Royalty 
Hoop Earrings | Nelly.com
Brown Leather Belt | Riviera
Chestnut Shoulder Bag | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Voyage Big Bag | Hot Buys Weekly
High Knee Boots | Rio
Blue Satin Iridescent Pumps | Callie's Picks

Monday, 26 November 2018

2014 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

W I N T E R 2 0 1 4
And here we are at the Winter 2014 Tributes! In this season we had 4 releases, so many stores and styles to choose from, Zuhair Murad, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger. I have to say,  while there is a range of styles and new designers, these aren't my favourites and aren't too memorable, really the Chanel is the one that sticks in my mind but more for being classic that it being a stand out collection - so today I'll just be talking about the Chanel store^

Alike the previous years Winter Chanel Tribute, it's the bags that definitely still stand out for me in this 2014 Chanel release - they're pretty cute and iconic styles of recent years. Looking back at the collection now, there are definitely clothing pieces that I like the look of - you know, styles change and what we like and don't like is completely different to 4 years ago, so I'm on the hunt for a few things, but I'm also glad I've kept a hold of a few things to give a fresh chance at! A couple of these items have been re-released in Callie's Picks stores, but I'd love for a few more of them to be in the Plaza again =)
And a feature to share, Marina495 wearing the Striped Cashmere Shawl in this very pretty neutral styling - totally my thing^ The tones of it really pop against the creamier/golder base pieces and also the neutral accessories. The simple styling really makes the piece pop and catch your eye!

Dear denim

Today's feature from DiaryOfDreams really sells me these slightly odd but very wanted pair of trousers which recently came out in Callie's Picks! I kinda looked at them and thought I could maybe squeeze one look out of them but wasn't sure about much else, but I love this styling, the denim is unexpectedly awesome with them! The shirt has a good amount of detail to balance out the minimal design of the trousers (which look very good tucked into those ankle booties^), and I like the balance of the one-shoulder jacket with the big clutch bag under the opposite arm. Plus the denim hat too, it works out very nicely =)

Sunday, 25 November 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Hotbuys Wide Trousers

For me it was obvious what this months 'piece' would be to style up - the Hotbuys Wide Trousers from Bizou! Just about everyone has them and I've seen them styled in so many different ways. I loved them from first sight anyway, but they've really lived up to my expectations! I don't make a habit of styling up the Hotbuys before the review, but I did it back in August with the Gucci Inspired T-Shirt and loved it, so think this will work just fine =)
 Snakeprinting style is still alive and strong
The tones of the snakeprint pieces we've had recently just play very well to the tone of these trousers, they all just work out very nicely! The trousers work very well with both darker and lighter based prints which give you a totally different vibe to the look. The light will be perfect for spring, while the dark is what I want to wear at the moment.
The more sweaters the better!
So last month one set of looks was also 'Sweater Weather' but it's still here - and these trousers fit it equally well as the last! I found these to be versatile when it came to both shape and colour, I love the striped design but also the oversizing equally as much - the yellow sure gives it a pop! Booties are great here for warmth, and I have to say I've gone all out on the accessories ... bags, hat, sunglasses, you name it!
Keeping toasty in the winter weather
Jackets and thick knits are winning pieces for winter, and the beige-y/brown tones are great right now and will be in the future as they're pretty classic. This pair of looks really combines the last two, the leopard print tone works perfectly with the trousers and I adore the touches of burgundy, while the thick beige knit just looks super snug - but still stylish paired with heels =)

Finnish Streetstyle

This Marimekko bag in different colour, puffer jacket and black cropped pants. You see that SO often in Helsinki streets. I don't have any complaints, though. I think it looks really good. So that is why I chose to wear something similar today, too. It is puffer jacket season, after all! -5 degrees in here today. 

Suite Style

Another super stylish suite to feature today - this one is from *starrr* and looks stunning, I wanna live there mysefl =D I think it's a great use of the interior itself, it's a reasonably neutral one but with some great features, I for one love the colour of the wall panelling and I think that works very nicely with the colour scheme of the rest of the decor. The seating all fits in nicely and I love the bright pops of the artwork and the rug. I also very much like that lighting, the modern style fits in surprisingly well^ And of course I love the cat on the sofa =)

Saturday, 24 November 2018

V I N Y L | Styled Outfits

Another release that happened while I was away wad new VINYL! It's not entirely my thing, but usually there are a couple of versatile pieces that will work for most styles - this time I've picked up two! I loved the neutral tone of the NABOO Sweater with it's frill-designed sleeves, it looks like a great autumn/winter piece, bringing flair to something that might otherwise be very minimal. In my stylings I found it easy to choose pieces to work with it, I love a neutral base and both this skirt and these cool trousers fit the bill but adding a little something special. The colour of the trousers sure pops, and I luckily found a perfectly matching bag, it looks great! And adding the Snakeskin Mules isn't too much I think, I like the continuity of the pattern^ And then it really pops out in the final look by choosing white and cream tones - I love the shoes with this cream coat particularly, it's a combination I'll definitely be taking into the spring and in next autumn I'm sure!

Like a Fine Wine

I'm pretty sure this is my 150th feature? I can't believe how quickly it's come around. My style has evolved, changed and matured hopefully, indeed, like a fine wine. 

Or maybe I've just got more dramatic. It's probably that. Thank goodness for this oversized Valentino inspired coat then. 

I decided to lean in to the dark 30s film star quality and accessorised with a mysteriously-widowed-so-young veil. I also decided to add that lovely burgundy to bring warmth to the centre of the look. Her heart's not cold, just three sizes too small. 

My favourite thing about this coat is that you can't see my doll's hands, giving me the perfect opportunity to use the new Strike a Pose gloves. The vibe of this coat isn't exactly versatile, but being able to customise her gestures is endlessly funny to me. This particular pose makes me think of begging at the altar of the gods of fashion asking 'Please, sir. Can I have some more?'

Ingredients | You Will Need
Valentino Inspired Oversized Coat | Voile
Beyonce Met Gala Headpiece | Museum Mile
Black Crystal Earring | Nelly.com
Red Leather Gloves | Strike a Pose
Black Subcouture Belt | Subcouture
Byredo Inspired Handbag | Runway
HotBuys Balmain Inspired Leather Boots | Rio

Cool and casual

What a cool mixed outfit today from miss.privacy! I love the combination of very casual pieces paired with contrasting styles, it all comes together so well! The leather trouser and jacket combination caught my eye at first, and of course there's a little regret there that I didn't get these trousers in the Subcouture last week =( But nevermind, I can admire them in this styling! I love the floral booties with the leather, the colours pop and look great with the other accessories, especially these earrings. The grey hooded sweatshirt looks pretty cool with the smart jacket - a cool idea to try out =D 

B L A C K F R I D A Y | The Stardoll Lookbook Sale Guide

This 'Black Friday' weekend brings us a Plaza sale! 50% off a selection of stores - last year there were clothes for sale, this year it's a small selection of Decor and Beauty stores to choose from and I think there are some great bargains to be had =) There's no date on the offer, but I think we should assume it will last the whole weekend, but don't delay if you want to pick something up as you never know when the offer will be gone^ I'm focusing on Decor with my choices, as I'm not good with jewellery, but there are many pages of earrings, necklaces and more available, Epiphany definitely stands out to me for sure!

There are so many great lighting pieces to be had, and this time I'm drawn to the floor lamps as these ones are typically a little more pricey than the table lamps - these picks have bright colours which will attract attention to any suite room!
Red Sophisticated Lamp, Fashion Furniture, 12SD's 6SD's
Girandola Lamp, Fantasy Hotel, 14SD's 7SD's
Seating is another piece that comes at a cost, but can be super beautiful and a focal point of a room - there are great designs to choose from, but I'm looking at fun versatile stripes and then something a little cosy in these choices =)
Striped Linen Sofa, Fantasy Hotel, 26SD's 13SD's
Velvet Crimson Sofa, Fallen Angel Decor 18SD's 9SD's
'The rest' as such, there are many great smaller items, including artwork, but these pink and gold themed pieces are my last picks because they're super stunning! Gold is my favourite accent in a room, and I'm sure many of you also like it, and many of you have your own favourite - for me gold is easy to work with^
Papavero Painting, Pretty 'N Love Decor, 13SD's 7SD's
Tornado Round Table, Pretty 'N Love Decor, 14SD's 7SD's
Pink Velvet Retro Chair, Popshop, 16SD's 8SD's

Friday, 23 November 2018

B Y M A L I N A | Release Review

Ok, another release that was a few weeks ago, but only getting to posting now - another 2 floors of By Malina! This is super exciting, it's still a pretty new store in the Plaza and I really liked the last release so I'm delighted for new pieces to try out =D
Highlights So while the first release was summer themed, this one is perfect for the winter party season with dark gem tones and fun designs! There are two floors and the release size is good - there aren't any new accessories with this release though, those are the same as the previous release, but I don't mind this, the clothing is good enough for me =)
Clothing The collection is really split into 3 themes, with re-colours available across the board: emeralds, pinks and black&white, which I really like, I feel like it works very nicely together. Black and white pieces are classic and will work in many looks, especially the By Malina Black Pants which are a skinny fit and a simple design, they will work well with many looks. Also in black are a few dresses, I like the style of the Carminie Mini Dress Black, which also comes in Green - the long sleeves are very nice and the lace detailing is intricate. I also like the sheer panelling at the neckline and on the sleeves, I think the style will be very sweet layered in the winter^ There are two pieces in white, the Saana Shirt which is similar to a dress with a long length, smart collar and cinched waist, which looks really great, and then also the Alice Blouse which has super feminine details, with a small collar, cutout details, frills and lace panels - I think both will be very easy to style up! While we're on the topic of tops, you can get the Rachel Blouse in Black or Pine Green - the lace details are clearer in the Green, but both look great, and they're very much paired with the Carminie Mini Dress in terms of style. The final dress to discuss is the Nora Dress Pine Green, a style you will recognise from the free pastel blue one we had in the spring and from the burgundy one we got in a Royalty release a few years ago - it's a cute style, I like it in the green! There are a pair of co-ords, the Erin Blazer in Pine Green and Aubergine, then the matching Gloria Pants also in Pine Green and Aubergine and I think they just look divine =D The sheeny texture looks great and I love the pinstripe-esque look. I've not seen anyone wear either of the colours yet, I'm not 100% convinced how well they'll fair in terms of being versatile, but I'm willing to try it out! And of course I cannot forget the Pam Faux Fur Coat which is adorable in pastel pink and looks super snug, a great piece for the winter season, and reminding us that pink can work at this time of year too^
Prices The release ranges from 17 to 29SD's, a small range with a higher bottom price, but remember it's just clothing and no accessories. The pieces aren't SS or Royalty limited, which is good too!
Styled Outfits I had a great time putting together these looks, such fun and easy pieces to work with^ I've styled the Pam Faux Fur Coat in a very 'typical me' way - neutral trousers and a pink sweater - I struggled a little with choosing a bag, but really I don't think the look necessarily needs one! Then I've worn the Alice Blouse with fancy denim, I think the pieces pair together very nicely, and I'm highlighting the blouse even more with the white accessories. These pieces have feminine touches which work well with the blouse =) And finally the Gloria Pants Pine Green in the most wintery styling of the set - I did resize these a little for a slightly better fit and I think that makes them a better pair of trousers^ The colour works well with this sweater, I didn't really intend to go for all green,  but it works! I accessorised with black, pointed heels seemed a must, and I like the chunky hoops in the styling too =D
Features As I was away when this store was released, I didn't have a chance to do my usual search for features, but I did come across one - this awesome look from margaridalopes2! This look features the Pam Faux Fur Coat which stands out against the white clothing in the look, doesn't this blouse look fantastic?! The design really stands out and pairs well with the femininity of the coat. I love the minimal accessories, the perspex heels and the light glasses with the great lip colour!