Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute Review

So yesterday afternoon the new Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute was released - as soon as I knew the next Tribute would be his, I was super exited as he is known for his quite out-there designs(yes, a part of me was secretly hoping for a Madonna cone bra!)
I think the store presentation and quality of the items was very good, I also think they did keep to the original designs well. The collection is based on both the Spring 2012 RTW and also the Spring 2012 Couture(dubbed the Amy Winehouse Tribute) - there is a good mix of both, and also a good variety of styles featured, which makes is easy for everyone to find something they like.
For me, I thought the shoes in general were quite weak, although there are many pairs to choose from. I didn't really find any that suited me or went with the more everyday-chic outfits that I wear(compared to his expresive designs.) however they are quite nice and I'm sure some of you have the perfect style for them! The accessories were my favourite(this seems to be a running theme with me and Tribute stores!), I bought the headbands, glasses and belts as soon as I saw them!
My favourite piece of clothing is the Thespian Chic Blouse for 19SD's:
I think it's a great piece, combining both traditional and modern stylings. It's amazing versatile, I've seen it worn in so many different ways on Stardoll, making it great value for money. At 19SD's, I don't see it as that expensive, and it could easily be a highly valued piece later in time.
Right now I'm loving wearing my blouse with a maxi skirt, but I think it would also look great with some high-waisted skinny jeans and heels.
So what do you think of the collection and do you guys have any favourite pieces?

Something To Look Out For ...

Just a bit of self promotion here(yes, I know, very bad of me!), but I have started a magazine - TREND, and I'd love if you guys went over there and followed! It's not really a typical Stardoll magazine, more like a photographic magazine(so pretty much all graphics and images) - here's the little sneak peek I released recently: 
You can find out more at the blog itself and also apply to be a model(you must be a follower!)

Monday, 25 June 2012


Who? Majuska56
When? 25th June 2012
What? Bright Maxi
Nude Clutch
Nude Sandals
Style: I love the cool, casual summery style that is portrayed. She's kept it really simple and not overaccessorised it. The makeup and hair also look good and really suit the minimalistic style of the outfit!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Something to Look Out For

I have already spoken about Rouge Magazine before, but they've just released their spoiler for the July issue which is set to be released on June 30th! The graphic looks amazing - the outfit is a perfect mix of summer prints and style, so I can't wait for the release!

Neon Brights

Ok, so we all know neon brights have been big on the fashion scene recently - they're everywhere you turn, in magazine spreads, on blogs, on celebrities, the list is endless!
 ^ 3 of my favourite bloggers styling with neon bright colours
 ^ Shot from a spread in Flare
^ Dior summer makeup campaign
Stardoll have also been giving us neons in some of their new releases in the StarPlaza: 
And now the upcoming July Hotbuys are set to follow in the popular trend, here's a small sneak peek right now, but you can clearly see the theme!
My top two pieces from the upcoming Hotbuys are the Sunglasses and the Dip-Dye Blazer:
Typically I choose to wear a focus piece, so I wont go for a full neon outfit(defs far too much for me!) - this is easiest to do with accessories and you can easily pull on a minimalistic outfit and grab neon heels or a bag for your outfit to look super stylish.
Is neon for you? And how do you wear your neon - go all out, or stick to a focus piece?

Welcome Back!

Heya! So welcome back to our lovely new look! I closed the blog just for a wee while there to get it all sorted and looking nice for you! 
So we have some more tabs along the top, there's the usual Media Partners one and also the Past Fashions one, I've now added Magazines - where previously these were at the side, it looks more sleek with them away in a page to themselves! And I've also added something brand new - My Stardoll Pinterest! Sure;y you've all heard of pinterest, well I love it, I'm pretty much addicted, so I decided to make a little page inspired by it for Stardoll! I'll basically just add images that I like or am inspired by, and it will be anything related to Stardoll, so check there soon to see if I've added anything!
Other things which were at the side of the page, are now at the very bottom, so things like the Search Bar, the Translator, the Archive and the Followers.
I'm going to stop using post headers too, and I'm not restricting my posting to just looks and styles that I see on Stardoll, I'll also be posting about style and fashion trends on and off of Stardoll, kind of like what I've been doing recently.

I think that's all I want to say right now =)

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute Review

So yesterday the new Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute store was released on Stardoll:
I think the general store presentation is pretty good, I love the shelves at the side displaying some of the shoes is a good idea - I assume taken from the pics of one of the Nicholas Kirkwood stores on his website[see my post here]. In RL Nicholas Kirkwood is just a shoe designer(and a really fab one at that!), but I like that Stardoll have included clothing and accessories into the Tribute store as well - they may not be inspired by any of his designs, but they are well designed and are all pretty reasonably priced. My two favourite clothing items are the Spider Web Dress and the Pink Sunset Jeans - I can't wait to wear both of these items, out of all the clothing in the store I think they are most 'me', but there really is something for everyone there which is great!
Spider Web Dress with Hotbuys Plastic Basket and Silver Shimmer Heels
Pink Sunset Jeans with Red Metal Heels, Ocean Lace Blouse and Givenchy Bag
 So now onto the shoes - which should have been the main focus of this post really as Nicholas Kirkwood is a shoe designer! I think Stardoll did a great job in recreating the designs from the RL versions, however I didn't feel like many were to my style(a bit unfortunate as I would have been happy to buy every pair that I liked!) I did manage to find a couple of pairs that were perfect for me in one of my favourite shoe styles[see here]and I can't wait to style them.
I also snapped up pretty much all the accessories from the collection too, the bracelets, necklace and sunnies - these are all well priced, you can never be without too many little bits and pieces to help finish off a look!

So what do you guys think of the collection, and what are your favourite items?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Your Stardoll Wardrobe

So I'm sure a lot of you guys, including myself, will find that you have a Stardoll wardrobe jam packed with clothes that you never wear. I normally wear around 15 different outfits, then mix and match with the same items to make some other outfits - I have like 40 pages each of clothing and accessories, I probably don't even use 75% of the items there! So that's why recently I've been a bit addicted to having a 'Cleaning Closet' sale on Stardoll! I do this every few months now as I find I just seem to accumulate clothes that I don't like after buying - which is pretty annoying!
So I sold a lot of items back in March and my closet felt rather light and airy - we're only in June and it already feels claustrophobic and stuffed - so I took the time(at least 2 hours!) and emptied it all into a room and sorted it into type of clothing, then if I wanted each item or not, then if I could sell the things I didn't want - and I managed to come up with almost 200 items that I could sell! It amazed me that I had that many things which I didn't want and my wardrobe still felt at a comfortable size! So I'm now in the first stages of the mammoth task that is selling all the items! It's a bit crazy as I tend to accept the first offer I get, then someone else comes along offering more - the question is, do you keep your word and give it to the first person, or do you allow it to go into bidding so that you get a much larger amount? What would you do?[Let me know in comments!] 
So do you guys like holding your own cleaning closet sales? And whatever your answer is - why? 

This is just a kind of filler post until I get the motivation to write a proper style post again - but while you wait for one of those, check out my Designer Focus posts at The Stardoll Closet!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Anna Sui Tribute Review

So earlier today the second Tribute store of the season was released, and it was Anna Sui!
Overall I think the collection is presented well and I think it represents the Anna Sui Spring 2012 line and her whole brand pretty well.
As a whole, I don't think the collection will suit everyone, and I think there are some pieces that very few people will buy - for me it will be the ones which the patterns have been less well made.
But Stardoll have definitely put a lot of effort into this collection - there are more than 10 pairs of shoes and numerous pairs of socks and stockings which each have their own kooky pattern. Keeping with accessories there are quite a few bags in different styles, I think they are quite nice, but I'm not sure if I want to buy them just yet. I also love the array of headpieces, my favourite being the Sun Hat, but there are so many headbands and accessories to choose from - there will definitely be something for everyone! There are also a variety of necklaces and bracelets, and a very nice collar - which I knew I had to have right away!
 I also knew I had to have the butterfly stockings straight away too - they were one of the items I'd seen in the collection before Stardoll released the store that I thought I'd love!
These are just a few of the pieces I bought, and I have to say I bought more accessories and shoes than clothing items as I think, for me anyway, they go well with items I have, and I think some of the clothes could be hard to wear well without having the full outfit. 
I have heard from some people that they were disappointed with the store because they say that Stardoll didn't stick to the original designs enough, I think I would definitely have to disagree as I think the resemblance of items is as good as the other Tribute stores which have been released.
Overall I am happy with the store, I mean not everything is in my style, but there is something to suite everyone there.

I'm definitely excited to see some Anna Sui looks around Stardoll to feature!

Love K xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Media Partners

Heya, so we are still looking for Media Partners, you can apply at the tabs above and also see who our current Media Partners are. 
I'm also introducing our two newest Media Partners:

SD Model News is my own blog which keeps you up to date on modelling opportunities and who the models are around Stardoll. Several magazine and fashion line owners have commented saying it's good to take a look at models they can use, they say it saves them searching for hours around Stardoll!

 My Looks and Style is also my own blog which is replacing What I Wore On Stardoll - to be honest it's fairly self explanatory, but please do check it out to see how I've portrayed my looks and outfits =)

The Stardoll Closet is a new Stardoll fashion blog from hollyoaksrocks*(which I am also a writer for), it's just started and already has a raffle going, so follow to take part! It's pretty much all about fashion on Stardoll and will feature a variety of different writers with different writing styles.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


When? 9th June 2012
What? Grey Layered Dress
White Knit Top
Silver Belt
Pink Platforms
Mint Ring
Style: Her look seems so natural and graceful, she's kept with simple tones for the clothing then used pastel colours to accessorise with the shoes and the ring. I am in love with the ring too - it's mint and she made it herself! Her makeup is also pretty, stunning and gives her a natural glow.


Who? kaccunia
When? 8th June 2012
What? Long Sleeved Black Top
Gold Print Skirt
Black Court Sandals
Black Chanel Inspired Bag
Gold Collar
Chanel Sunglasses
Style: It's classic style, which I love - especially as it's done well. The style is also continued in the makeup with a red lip, and the blond hair looks sleek and professional, overall a pretty and trendy styling.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Resort 2013

A bit of a different post here, I'm going to post some of my favourite clothing items from some of the Resort 2013 collections that I'd love to see on Stardoll - I'd love for your opinions in the comments and maybe other items from the Resort collections that you'd want to see on Stardoll!
3.1 Phillip Lim - Black Long Sleeved Blouse
3.1 Phillip Lim - Two Tone Heels
3.1 Phillip Lim - Orange Clutch and White Jacket
Burberry Prorsum - Grey Trousers
Burberry Prorsum - Black Belted Trousers, Yellow Bag, Brown Leather Jacket
DKNY - Printed Blouse
Erdem - Blue Floral Printed Suit and Blue Floral Heels
Temperley - Pink Silk Knee Length Skirt
Temperley - Printed Silk Shirt
So that's just a small selection of my favourites that my doll is just dying for - so what about you guys, what would you like to see from the Resort 2013 collections for your dolls?

Love K xxx