Sunday, 31 May 2015

En Pointe

Spotted these two fabulous looks today and grouped them together for the great use of footwear! Eyes.. and mahH1990 have both made fabulous use of black stilettos and each made a Valentino-inspired addition and I think they both look amazing! The rest of the outfits look good too, and I think both girls have pulled off the outfits and pieces to a 't' =D 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Pinks with Givenchy

Such a pretty outfit and makeup look from LadyTiFFANNiE =) I adore these Givenchy trousers and recently purchased a pair in the bazaar and have been trying to come up with a way to wear them - this blows anything I've done out of the water! They work perfectly with that Chanel top (another piece I used to own but sold because I struggled to style it - totally regretting that now!) and the accessories have been chosen very well^

Loose Printed Trouser

Shattered City Trouser BIZOU · Purple One Soulder Top ARCHIVE · Raffia Sunhat MMF · Black Shopper Tote DVF · Barbarella Wedges YSL

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cropped Jacket

A wintery look today from Fashion.By, and I love seeing quite unconventional pieces like these being worn! The jacket is pretty much out of my style zone, but it's nice to see it as a cropped piece with these freebie high-waisted trousers, which I think could be super versatile in many different looks. I also like the dark rust-ish lip that's being worked to perfection there =)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I really liked this look from MUNCHKIN_XD, there wasn't one specific thing which drew me to it, but I just really liked the overall feel! I love the lace white jumpsuit and I think it adds a nice base for the mesh skirt, a piece which I don't see worn well very often, so great job! I love the use of the Dior shoes, another hard to wear item, but again worn fabulously! The trench is a good finishing piece and I adore the hair chosen too^

Monday, 25 May 2015

Mint collar

I loved this quirky look from missiwantitall - I think it's definitely an unusual combination, but an effective one nevertheless! The greens and blues work well, and I think the tee and the bag fit in very nicely with the rest of the pieces. I also love the hairstyle chosen, sometimes hair can really make a look, and in this one that is truly the case! Also think the mint neckline added to the tee is a very nice addition =)

Sunday, 24 May 2015


I missed out on the new LE because I wasn't at a computer, nor am I currently SS, however after a very quick browsing of the store I didn't feel like I'd missed much - but megthecreator proved me wrong! I adore this styling of the Floral Silk Kimono, and although it's simple it really sold me the LE, plus it makes me want that skirt and top. I also thought her beauty look was perfect, that eye makeup again ... need to get good at things like that!

Friday, 22 May 2015


This beauty look originally caught my eye from Bottega, however then I noticed this amazing outfit too - what a great combination between the two! I love the very bold and stand-out burgundy lips, they're fabulous, and the eye makeup has been executed perfectly, it fits not only the face, but also seamlessly with the rest of the makeup and also the outfit. An overall stunning look^

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Colour Pop

Such a burst of bright colours with this look and it's great! I'm not someone to attempt a look like this because it could so easily go wrong, but LadyPopscarllat has pulled it off to a t! I particularly love the white lace top really drawing your eyes to the centre and then letting them spiral off to see all the different colours and pieces included in the look - great job =D 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jewel Brights

A great styling of this top by Aby400 - it's one of those pieces I've considered then never known how to wear it in a chic everyday look like this, and I particularly love the amber jewel tone of it! I also didn't almost recognise the PPQ trousers there, and I think I like this styling of them much more than my own =) And lets take a minute to drool over those shoes ... need to get a pair! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lace and Leather

Again with a simple feature, but I loved this combination from Asya2004 =) This is such a pretty skirt and can be tricky to work right into an outfit, but I love it with this shirt! And this leather jacket is fab, I wish I'd been able to get it as it really swings the feminine look to a cool and edgy direction. Accessories have been well chosen, and I love seeing the nails done too, this is something I always forget about! Great job =D

Monday, 18 May 2015


It may be fairly simple, but this look from ashlee_001 really stood out to me! This blazer has been very much desired by so many people, although I always stuggled with how to style it in a fashionable way so I sold mine, but it looks great in this look with just simple clothing and a few stand-out accessory pieces. The Fendi clutch is great, I have one of these too and have been trying to think out some ways to wear it, but this is so much better, and then the blue belt plays on the blue edging too^ And those sandals are fab, great for summer, tying in with the pink, but also pretty classy all in one =)

T R A N S F O R M | At A Glance

I really haven't mentioned the Transform store much on the blog, I think originally that was because it was released when I was also running my beauty blog (the posts were all transferred here when I closed it, so you can find them at the label) and then I was never much of a fan, in fact I've only mentioned a product once in this post, but since then ... nada! So it really is just a glance at this latest 'contouring' release!
The presentation of the items really impresses me, and I love the magazine style these floors have. I also like that there are some items for guys, albeit a limited selection. It's also good that they have the highlights and shade both together and separate and also for 3 different skin tones, although I think there is a wider range of tones on the site that would love to be catered for, so maybe a next step with the store in the future!
Price-wise the items range from 14 to 24SD's, which I'm kind of on the fence about. If you're SS and selling items in your bazaar regularly, this wouldn't be too much to earn, however I think it's a little pricey for the nonSS's who don't have that option, although if you work on a budget, you'll probably find that this doesn't fit into the 'need' category that much and is more of a 'want'. Plus I'm sure you could find a StarDesign contour mask as well which might work out cheaper (or make one yourself, but I'm useless at StarDesign hair so I wouldn't go near that route!).
As of yet, I haven't bought anything from this release - I'm uncertain about the pieces yet and I'm not sure how much more I'd be getting from my doll if I wore one.
And here is SoulGina absolutely working the release in the appropriate coloured contour for her skin (I think she's just wearing a highlight), and then me - I find they just don't work with my skin tone, I've put on the medium colour in both cases, but I think it's clear that the "Classic" won't work for me at all! The "Highlight" I can just about deal with, but lets not mention "Dewy" or "Shadows"! Haha =)

How have you guys been getting on with this release? I haven't seen much said about it so I really would like to hear everyone's opinions on it, whether you like it or not!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beauty Snaps


Cannot believe my last good old Styled Outfits post was in September! But here's another and I hope to make myself do some more!
I really loved the Hotbuys Eyelet Crochet Top as soon as I'd seen it, but was a little concerned by the amount of flesh which would be on show if I wore it with most trousers/jeans/skirts because there's not a huge variety of high waisted items out there, or at least that I own in my closet. So I wanted to give this top a go to come up with some ways that I could get away with styling it!
I think it works perfectly in a summer look with this pink skirt that came from the Bunny Hop offer earlier this year and it's just about the only skirt that I have that would work with the place it would need to sit, so that's lucky. Shoes were a little challenging as I would have liked pink, but these ones suited the look just fine.
My second look includes these jeans (also from Bunny Hop) which I absolutely adore with the top, I wish I could wear something like this in real life! I went a little biker-esque with the rest of this look, choosing a black over the shoulder jacket and black heels which are a staple everyone should already own!
The final look is a little more autumn or early spring with all the blue, but these trousers had a perfect waist-line for the top and then the blue theme kept rolling with the jacket (Fallen Angel) and shoes.

I think there are plenty more opportunities for this top, but what do you guys think? Like my looks, or think you've got a better one? Show me in comments!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

P P Q S P A C E S A F A R I | Release Review

Missed me? I certainly have! I didn't mean to stop posting altogether, but I had an important deadline at the end of April so I was working towards that and then I just needed a little break from everything - but I'm back, and what better way than with a Release Review =D
The advert on the home page is very reminiscent of the last release I think with the photos of the collection. I quite like this particularly in that it shows us how to style the Runway Hair Glitter - something I looked at in the store and went ... huh? It doesn't work for my doll, but I'm glad to see it does for those in the advert^ And it's only 4SD's, think it could be a popular piece! Anyways, on with the review of the store =)
Anyone who has followed this blog for a long time will know I love white clothing, I'm been through phases of only wearing it and in March 2013 I even did a week long challenge to not wear white! But anyway, this collection is right up my street and I was very excited to start trying things on! So excluding the hair glitter, the accessories are pretty decent, the shoes stand out a lot to me, I love both the Faux Snakeskin Stilettos and the Embellished Pumps and I think the prices are very good too. In the early PPQ collections the shoes have been a bit too much and maybe a bit garish for me, so this is a great improvement!
There are definitely some gems amongst the clothing available (i.e the Sleeveless White Turtleneck) but I also see that not everything will be for everyone - despite my love of white clothing, I did only end up buying a couple of pieces as a lot of things wouldn't work with other clothes I wear or are similar to things I own - I'd love to be shown otherwise though, it'd be great to see someone styling any of these dresses in an amazing everyday chic look!
Prices for the collection ranged from 4 to 25SD's, which is good for a collection like this, with accessories at the lower end and the more stand-out pieces at the top end. I think everyone would easily find something to fit into their price bracket.
So I've done a couple of stylings of the items I bought, however I think these pieces are that versatile that there's hundreds of ways to wear them! <I also bought the Sleeveless White Turtleneck however haven't styled it in this post, maybe an opportunity for later!>
I loved these trousers with blue it would seem! But I think my favourite of the three is the last one - the top and vest combination just kinda worked when I put them together, I'm wearing it *here* right now so you can find out where each piece is from if you're interested in anything =D
And finally for the features, I saw so many great looks with this collection, and here's 6 of them!