Wednesday, 31 October 2018

O C T O B E R 2018 | Hotbuys Review

This month sure went quickly! I have to say while I really quite liked the look of these Hotbuys when I first saw the collection, I didn't actually find myself loving them so much once they were released. I love the use of designer inspiration for the pieces, but this month maybe it wasn't so much for me - I do like a couple of the pieces though, so not a completely spend-free month for the HB's!!!


Balenciaga Inspired Socks - I think it's been a while since we had some socks on the HB's, and most people generally like to wear socks, whether with trainers or heels, so I think these are a good addition - they're just not something for me! They do fit well and the design is nice and minimal, but I just don't wear socks on my doll really^ Original Future 12SD's
Fendi Inspired Skirt - This is a pretty cute miniskirt, I like the twist to the tartan style, using the pink tones and the sheeny texture, gotta love some stand out sheen! I like the contrasting waistband too. It fits the doll very nicely, and overall is a pretty good piece - it might be nice in the party season I'm thinking =) It Girls 22SD's
Fendi Inspired Oversized Jacket - I really quite liked the look of this blazer in the advertising, it looked a good size of oversized-ness and looked to be a versatile piece. The colour is really nice, as is the overall shape of the piece, however the fit on the doll is somewhat restricting - the collar and neckline is adjusted to work perfectly as it is styled in the advertising, so it looks too wide when worn with smaller items of clothing beneath. For me this put me off purchasing, which is a shame as it could be a cute piece to add to my wardrobe! Bizou 24SD's
Fendi Inspired Handbag - So this one is a definitely 'love' for me! What a cute handbag to add to my collection^ The burgundy brown tone of the main body of the bag is perfect for autumn, I also love the colour contrast with the bright blue, it really pops and stands out as an individual piece. The scalloping around the edge of the flap looks lovely, and I also love the furry handle too, such a great piece and worth the money too^ Bizou 24SD's
Prada Inspired Ankle Boots - These laced platform are really nicely designed, and I like how slim fitting they are on the foot. I also like the yellow detailing, it really pops^ However I'm not so much into platform shoes, or very high heels, so the style isn't so much for me - but I do think they look like good shoes =) It Girls 18SD's
Fendi Inspired Oversized Sweater - I loved the idea of this sweater, it's a nice street style piece and I also really like the colours, the Fendi logo and the overall design, however the shape is what puts me off. In the advertising, it looked like a solid piece, although it's a little disappointing when trying it on and the neck is really quite wide. These comments have been noted by many others as well, so I don't think this one is as popular as hoped =/ Fallen Angel 23SD's
Cat Eye Sunglasses - These are pretty cute - and also fit with the theme of the previous two pieces with their yellow lenses which I just love! We've had some yellow sunglasses before, but these have a distinctive shape to them and are in the popular small style, they just look really good on the doll =) They seem to be pretty versatile too and as an accessory, will work throughout all seasons^ It Girls 14SD's
Balmain Inspired Leather Boots - These boots! I love these boots^ They're very much an 'in' piece right now in terms of overall style. They're black, which is versatile and classic and easy to style in many looks. They have a nice minimal pointed toe and the thin heel is great. They have a super high height up the leg and have a great tight fit to the leg - which means they'll be an easy piece to wear under trousers. I'm excited about these =D RIO 23SD's
Balmain Inspired Sequin Mini Dress - A party piece for our penultimate HB this month, this dress is super fun! I love sequins and glitter, they sure make a piece stand out. This is a mini dress with long sleeves and the deep V is filled with a meshed section - which I didn't think would work when I first saw it, but once I saw it on the doll, I didn't mind it so much. I think the dress does look pretty good, the sparkle looks great, I'm just not convinced on how much I would wear it, what do you guys think?! Velvet Orchid 33SD's

YSL Inspired Box Bag - This was definitely one of the pieces I was excited about initially, it's such a cute and different piece! I like the chocolate brown colour, it's something we don't have a lot of in accessories so it's good to add to the collection, and of course I'm attracted to the gold detailing, I like the band around the top and the YSL logo. I also like the tassels, they're definitely super cute^ Bizou 26SD's

First up for the features is Jacquemus wearing the Fendi Inspired Skirt which definitely stands out in the styling against the white shirt and boot combination. I love the sheen it has, it makes the look just seem a little something extra^ Love the earrings and red lip in the outfit as well =)
Second up we have Mia1435 making use of the Fendi Inspired Oversized Jacket and showing it can look good in outfits other than with the sweater as well^ Paired with this amazing pink dazzling skirt and the pink furry stole, the feminine tones in the jacket really stand out and it looks a little less grey. Some fab accessorising here too, and the makeup look!
And thirdly is frankieiz12 wearing the Cat Eye Sunglasses which have definitely grown more popular towards the end of the month =) The colour is fantastic against this dress, the black frame works well with it and the coloured lenses are really highlighted. The minimal styling works well to highlight what accessories are there in the look =D

And lastly my own stylings! I didn't end up buying as much this month as I thought I would - good for the SD balance I suppose^ Firstly the Balmain Inspired Leather Boots which are super high and work well when you want to wear a blazer as a dress like this one! The leather of the boots looks great, I like the slight give around the knees and ankles that it has, plus they're super tight fitting on the leg, so will work well under trousers too =) Secondly the Cat Eye Sunglasses which have been such a fun accessory to style, they work well with so many different pieces! Today I've gone all out on the yellow tones with this sweater and the bag, choosing black for the trousers and boots to balance for the frames and I really like how it works. And finally the Fendi Inspired Handbag, which I'm actually yet to see anyone else work with for stylings. I really like this one, and used the little blue details to choose my trousers. It did take a while for this look to come together, but I'm pleased with the outcome, love this pink coat with the browny-burgundy colour of the leather =D

Delicate darling

A super cute and angelic combination of white pieces today from MissSierr - isn't this just beautiful?! I love the quirky layering of the jeans with the maxi dress, an unusual choice, but actually it looks really good and I like the contrast of clean lines with the ripped hem denim. And layering on the top half too, the sleeves are a beautiful addition and I like the effect that the chain top has above the bustier line of the dress, it's a super interesting feature and the silver fits well with the bag^

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Flared check

Yet another fantastic look with this menswear blazer, today coming to you from FaintingSpells! The black base to this piece is a popular one, but I love these flares used in the look, they definitely attract attention to the styling. I also love the chiffon cuffs of the top beneath, that's such a thoughtful detail to include^ The accessories are fabulous, the patent shine to the shoes and the bag really catch your eye and make you look =D

Change of Heart

Although it will be Halloween tomorrow, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a random Valentines Day look instead. 

I couldn't think of anything I wanted to dress up as this year (mostly because scary isn't my vibe) so I decided to take my same inspiration from last year, the Queen of Hearts, but interpret it in a totally different way. No crowns, no gowns, but the same self-absorption and need for validation as before (clock the applause sign and poor beheaded mannequin in the background for context)! 

I can't take full credit for this genius suit combination (one's a freebie, one's a hotbuy and yet, they match so well!) as Sparklewand12 spotted their matching potential ages ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I love the shape of the blazer with the tiny weeny peek of torso.

Maybe I can get away with being the Knave of Hearts who steals the Queen's tarts, seeing as this suit has a more masculine vibe and the hands-in-pocket pose is definitely a measure of mischief and sheepishness in one.

Of course now the question will be, what will your doll be for Halloween?

Ingredients | You Will Need
Special Royalty Black Embroidered Tuxedo Jacket | Special Offer
HotBuys Embroidered Boot Cuts | Rio
Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Red | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Dark Metallic Coat | Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Patch Heart | Evil Panda

Monday, 29 October 2018

Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This cute styling by brigitte64 really reminded me that I should get another wear out of my Inspired By Balenciaga Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest this year! I loved all the blue in brigitte64's look, the denim skirt is the cutest piece to pair with this knitwear^ I also really like the trainers in the look, they fit the styling perfectly. The makeup look is super pretty too, the blush is very cute! In my styling I have also stuck with blue, but use these sheeny cream trousers to break up the colour, for me, that works. The blue accessories match the tone of the knitwear really well, but for a layering top I've picked a darker tone and I think the light really pops with that =D

Periwinkle peach

Ok it's not an autumnal look but this styling from mery.- was too good to pass up! I love the whole vibe of the styling, the periwinkle wrap skirting is beautiful and has been styled very nicely with this white shirt and the over-shoulder jacket, a great trio^ The accessories really stood out to me, love the layering gold necklaces and the gingham sandals, super cute! Of course the peach lip colour looks great and I love that it's paired with the same colour on the nails - super fun =D

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Cozy Pattern Sweater # W E S T Y L E I T

We are loving getting back into WE STYLE IT posts - today featuring the Cozy Pattern Sweater a piece from our newest LE release =D
AudreyHepburn. styles up the piece first, working with a beige based asymmetrical skirt that looks super cute with the longer length of the sweater. I also like the bag in this look, that was something I definitely struggled with - finding a bag of just the right colour for the sweater and this one looks to be perfect! The sheerness of the tights also works well, they're not too dark to overpower the tones in the sweater, the black boots are just right. Also I really like these sunglasses^
For my styling I've gone for velveteen trousers, texture-wise I think this works really nicely with the sweater. These beige heels are a good fit for the colour of the patterning on the sweater, as are the sunglasses - I definitely like this combination of accessories! As I mentioned, I found a bag really tricky to pick out, I tried so many different combinations. This one came out the best of what I had, but definitely not the best piece for the sweater.
I don't think this sweater is as versatile as I thought it might be, but I hope I'll be able to work with it again this season to try another styling =)

Grunge Glam

Halloween week! To celebrate, I'm wearing a very rock-chic look. Going full with the rock theme is not my thing, so I did the look as rock as I could! This Tingeling jacket is a great piece, I love the red tone that is near orange, plus it's the perfect match with my lipstick! How are you dressing up for Halloween? 

Nifty neon

A bright styling for Sunday today from uky99 going for neon tones! Neon can be tricky to style up right, but I think it's been done really well in this look =) The fluffy long sleeved top is a cute piece, and the colour is perfect with the bands on these leather trousers - the leather is a great fit for neon I think! The pink gives a nice balance to the look and I think it works out perfectly, both the jacket and the bag fit nicely, and the gold clasp on the bag ties in well with the gold hoop earrings^

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Catch a Tan

There's not a lot of thought behind this look today. The new LE Decor inspired me to give my suite a little shake up and I thought a nice tan look would suit it. 

I was going to keep it monochromatic but I liked this belt a lot on the coat so I brought in some more black. This bag is just the bottom of a pretty'n'love bag with flowers. I think it works very well as a chic clutch in this scenario. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Sleeveless White Turtleneck | PPQ of Mayfair
Midi Dress | Nelly.com
Leather Trench Coat | Subcouture
Stripe White Black Belt | Vinyl
Raven Gloves | Bod Mod
Hot Buys Carro Armato Boots | Original Future
Bring Me Flowers Tote | Pretty'n'Love

Hills and valleys

A super cute and natural themed styling from aby400 today - these jeans with a view are super cute! I was attracted to the look by the use of the menswear blazer, I think it fits the style and vibe of the doll really well and it looks great with the greens on the jeans. The accessories add such a contrasting glamorous feel to the outfit, I adore these golden pointed heels and the matching gold earrings along with the glossy lip and the dark sunglasses - a spot on style =D 

Friday, 26 October 2018

I T G I R L S | Release Review

It Girls is definitely one of my top stores, so I'm excited to have a new release for the autumn from them! The advertising looks super fun, I love the pink-hued background and I think the models look fab and are showing off some great styles from the release =)
Highlights This release is a regular size one-floor release for the store with 18 pieces available to choose from. It's very much themed on current trends and colours for the season - animal print is a popular choice and we're getting a little more than just leopard, which I love^
Accessories Some super fun accessories in the range with this release. There are two pairs of boots, but for me the High Heel Ankle Boots are the superior pair, the heel height is perfect as is the height up the ankle - of course the tanned snake print catches my eye. It's something we've definitely been lacking in the Plaza which is super popular in street style right now and I'm pleased we have these boots now! I also love the Faux Fur Bucket Bag, it's the only bag in the release, and again it's a bit of a trend piece that I'm not sure will be timeless, but it's fun for right now =) I love the tone of the yellow, it's definitely a pop of colour for looks. The Studded Belt is another cute piece, I think it will be super versatile.
Clothing The yellow pieces in the clothing sure do stand out! There are 4 of them - the Checked Miniskirt, On The Shoulders Yellow Sweater, Yellow Turtleneck Jumper and Frill Top. For me the latter two really pop out, while the Frill Top looks like it will be great in summer, the darker tone is a good one, and for my doll anyway, works well with the skintone. This dark shade also makes it work ok with darker pieces like blacks - I think this one will pick up some more popularity in the next spring and summer season, while the Yellow Turtleneck Jumper is great for now! Love the colour and the shape of it, plus the half-tuck, that's a super cute styling detail =D Of course animal print is the next feature of the clothing, with 3 pieces available in leopard and snake print - two skirts, the Animal Print Skirt in leopard which is pretty much a Stardoll version of the very popular Realisation Par one which is stunning, and then the Snake Print Midi Skirt, which is in snake print and a more muted black and white colouring which possibly might make it an easier piece to wear. I really like both pieces, I don't have a favourite and I'm excited to style them =) Then lastly is the Snake Print Shirt, which is cropped into a tuck style, has an unbuttoned V neck and cute rolled sleeves. I like the brown-based colouring for this piece, it looks like it will be pretty versatile for this season and I think it's a good staple to have in terms of animal printed pieces!
Prices The release ranges from 9 to 20SD's which I think is pretty good, there are also a couple of pieces to be had in SC's. And nothing is SS or Royalty only =D
Styled Outfits I loved working with these new pieces, I say that every time, but I really do love styling fresh items^ Again I've styled up the pieces I bought that aren't featured in the features below. First up the Frill Top and the Faux Fur Bucket Bag - this bag really works well with most looks to be honest, super fun to style^ I chose minimal black trousers for this look, I attempted some different colours, but nothing was quite right while the black added a smarter touch to the styling, and the other yellow accessories really tie the look together. Secondly the Yellow Turtleneck Jumper and High Heel Ankle Boots and I just love this outfit so much! Ok, the skirt makes it a little more summer to autumn than autumn to winter, but I just love the combination so much! The yellow works well with the boots and they really pop out with their darker tone and the length of the leg on show, super pleased with this and will definitely wear again! And finally the Snake Print Midi Skirt in a much darker styling than the first two looks, and definitely works into winter. The use of black in the rest of the look really highlights the printing on the skirt which I love, I think there's a lot of options for this piece in stylings like this^ 
Features And now for the features =D First we have Isabella8103 wearing the Animal Print Skirt in this very animal-based ensemble! I don't think it's too much at all, and even with the other prints, the skirt still attracts all of the attention. Love the belting combination, I think that works really nicely to split the top and skirt and the rest of the accessories are working it too - particularly loving the deep lip colour =D
Next up we have miss.privacy wearing the Snake Print Shirt as a layering piece which you can just see under the coat. It works really nicely in this look, the black base makes the browns pop and even the shirt still pops against the tone of the coat. Love the accessories in this one too, the boots are the perfect choice and those earrings are eye catching!
Thirdly is aby400 wearing the It Girls Bucket Hat in this perfect autumnal styling =D The hairstyle is perfect for the hat, the slickness on the top with the flick at the bottom looks great, and of course I love the clothing. The black base with the polo and trousers works great with the hat and the touches of brown are good for autumn^
And finally ClemenceMoss making use of one of the tweed pieces, the Textured Coat, in this smart styling! The colour of the tweed works well with the black and white shirt and skirt set, it looks super office ready^ I like the use of the quilting on the bag, it adds a Chanel feel to the tweed =) 

Dior bagging

Ok, so a miniskirt isn't too seasonal, but this look from CuteDolla is perfect for the Dior bag creation it has^ The white mini and tied shirt make a good base combination for the accessories used. The shoes are a minimal perspex and the hat is a current choice, but it's the bags that stand out! I love these Dior bags anyway, I wear them a lot individually, but this is super cool for them =) The trio look great together and still stand out as small pieces, the chains linking them are fitting and work well, very cute^

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Graphic White Collar Blouse # W E S T Y L E I T

With some great releases recently, we've found a whole host of fun pieces to style up for WE STYLE IT! Today working with the Graphic White Collar Blouse from Bizou =) I am maybe at a little advantage as I've styled this one up before, so already had some ideas on how I wanted to wear it for a second time - it's a pretty versatile shirt in the autumnal colour-range so I think it shouldn't be too hard for you guys to work with it either^
The navy, red and white colours in this shirt give you options - and these 3 stylings really cover them all, with burgundies, pinks, blues and whites used in them. I love the printing added in the trousers used by AudreyHepburn., I think the combination really works, of course these shoes are also perfect, I'm a little jealous that I don't have them^ The earrings in this look are also pretty fabulous, they work well with the white collar and cuffs. Miloshki goes for lighter tones with this overcoat and the white shirt beneath the blouse. I also love the pink tones from the skirt with the sweater, which the coat splits up very nicely - and of course these boots are fabulous with everything =) For my look I went more minimal than the others but played on the navy of the printing on the blouse, these trousers are a perfect pairing^ I incorporated red with the accessories, I think either dark or light tones work well, but I have more matching dark pieces, this recent HB bag is a great fit with it I think!

Beige bear

Such a cute and cosy look from Marta32222 wearing brand new pieces from Nelly! I love the neutral nude tones together, it's not too much or too blending into the background, the textures really work to prevent that. I like the jacket worn lower with long sleeves, and I love the booties used in the styling^ The red pops are great and super eye catching, they're perfect additions, as is the makeup look =D

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Banana and leopard

More leopard - I'm afraid I don't know when the leopard obsession will stop^ - but this time not from me, from frankieiz12 wearing the Bizou Leopard Trench Coat in this cool styling. The banana shirt is sure different, but I think it stands out and actually the yellow looks good with the print. I like the very deep V of the neckline, it's an attractive feature to the styling and the necklace is well placed there. The velvet trousers are such a cool touch, the texture looks really good against the prints in the outfit. I'm also loving this blossom inspired interior decor, super cute to work with!

Pink Panther

Just when I thought I'd got the seventies out of my system... the pink panther theme tune invades my head for actual days. If you've never watched the 70s cartoon, you're missing out on some serious aesthetic. 

While not the right shade of pink for a pink panther, this look definitely has the 70s woven through it - I think it's the snakeprint? I've said before that I don't like animal print, but I inexplicably love this shirt, especially when it's paired with all this silkiness. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Snake Print Shirt | It Girls
Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat | Subcouture
Pink Silk Trousers | Pearls
Tortoise Sunglasses | Vinyl
Tortoise Print Earrings | Endangered Species
Chanel Style Betl | Callie's Picks
Louis Vuitton Inspired Snake Bag |  Limited Edition
Stacked Summer Heels | Archive

Monday, 22 October 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Leopard Palazzo Pants

Time for another 1 Piece 1 Week and maybe it's an obvious choice, the Nelly Leopard Palazzo Pants - I'm still so in love with them! I couldn't resist putting together even more stylings for these, so the looks came together very quickly and are only just a few of the ideas I had for them, there are so so many ways to style these. I think their popularity has waned a little with the rest of the members of Stardoll, but they have so much potential! One tip I would have is to make use of resizing with these, the original size isn't what works best for me and these trousers, so I size up or down accordingly - in these outfits I've sized them down =)
It's all about the sweater weather!
For perfect autumn looks - just add knitwear! There are so many pieces that look good with these trousers, whether bright and bold or calm and neutral, there is so much choice. It's fun to play with different shapes, going for an oversized feel or a different neckline. I love boots with the sweater combinations, browns and beiges look great with the colour of the leopard printing - plus accessorising is super fun, sunglasses can still work in the autumn =D
Getting back to the basics with black
It's somewhat of a natural reaction to wear neutral black, white and cream tones with these trousers, they just look good! The black pieces can look super smart with the trousers and really make them work-wear-appropriate - not that our dolls ever need to go to work^ I love the differences in shapes that we can add even with just one colour, the shoulders on the first shirt, the leather stylings in the second jacket and the neat ribbed detail on the third look. Thin heels give a classy feel while boots can add a rock and roll style touch, definitely my favourite new pairing discovery for these trousers! 

Reams of red

A quirky, cool and creative outfit today from fraternite^ I love the mixture of colours, pinks and reds are so fun to wear and the lilac and purple are cute additions to this. I love these trousers as a centre point, the printing adds a little purple, which is why those additions of the one sleeve and the top work very well. I love the second sleeve in red with a wrist frill, it looks great! The leather boots add a slight edge but work very well - I also love the contrast with the soft hairstyle, it looks fab =D

Sunday, 21 October 2018

B A S I C S | Release Review

Apologies, this post was going to come out last Sunday but LE happened instead, but finally my BASICS review! It's been some time since we got a BASICS release and usually there are a few good pieces to be had so I'm excited about this one - the advertising is looking pretty good =D
Highlights So this time round, not every item comes in every colour of the rainbow, so there's some focus with this collection, there's black and white, then a small selection of other tones, I don't mind this either way. There's a mix of styles, so I think everyone will find something that works for them!
Clothing The first floor has a focus on denim, I don't find myself too bothered, while I think it's great to have one style in a range of washes, I don't wear jeans all that much anymore on my doll. The black pairs don't look so much black as an indigo blue but I think these jeans have all been designed very nicely and they do all have a great fit on the doll - but both the Skinny and Mom Jeans are quite cropped though, so beware of that if you like a longer length. I love the choices on the second page though, the Basic Coats are absolutely beautiful! The design is fantastic and the fit on the doll is perfect, these are great autumn/winter staples, and what a plus for them to be available to everyone! I really like all of the colours, but my first picks were definitely the Black and Pink, with Taupe and Grey coming quickly in second place. Such great pieces and the colours for these are perfect^ The Cropped Tops Longsleeved are also pretty cute, love the off-shoulder style and the frill trim on them, I like that there's a Striped one, but am also pretty pleased with the Black, White and Pink for my doll. The Basics Track Pants are a good addition to the store, and I think they come following the success of the Gucci pair in the August Hotbuys! While they're not an item for me, I can see they'll be a popular choice, in particular the Pink as I think these will be super easy to style. Also liking the Cropped Sweatshirts, again a style that I wouldn't typically choose, but I can see the appeal - I've bought the Pink because I think it'll be easy to style but also a fun challenge to work with something different =)
Prices All of the pieces are in SC's - hooray! Such a bonus, but buying several pieces does still add up quickly, so many need a little time to get everything - the prices range from 100 to 250SC's.
Styled Outfits So I've gone with pink in my purchasing choices and I'm super pleased with it, I really like these outfits =D First up the Cropped Sweatshirt Pink, I'm not convinced how I feel about the zipper yet, but I like this outfit with it, it definitely adds a warmer feel with the higher neckline. I love it layered up with the tweed skirt and the neutral jacket, while it's a perfect fit with this bag, I'm so pleased about that! And secondly the Basics Coat Pink which I am just in love with! I had so much fun styling this coat, there are so many options for it and this time I had fun adding tweed to the look, I love this twist of pink for autumn, and the touches of yellow look great^
Features And for the features - first we have millaxx styling up the Basics Coat Grey and looking great =D The layered greys look really great, the touches of black in the look pop out, they're not too overwhelming and the greys really do get the focus. The longline style looks really good with the midi skirt, such a cute styling^
Secondly we have lulluplix styling the Cropped Sweatshirt Taupe and it really pops in this look! It looks really nice against the light wash of the denim and the light of the coat, the dark boots add a really nice contrast. I'm loving the accessories, the belt and the long glamorous earrings look fab in the casual styling =)
And finally with a bright choice, Bianca.Vos going for all the red pieces - the Basics Track Pants Red, Cropped Sweatshirt Red and Basics Coat Red! The pieces look fab together and do each manage to hold their own. Super interesting to combine all of this layering but I think it works, the black leather is a great contrast and really makes the look pop!

Still Time for Roses

I walked past a rose garden few days ago, and saw that all te roses were still full in bloom. I was a bit shocked to notice that, I didn't know they'd last this long! That was my inspiration for this look. It's almost November but that doesn't stop me wearing sunny yellow and colourful roses! Miloshki styled this sweater so beautifully yesterday, so I think I didn't think this post through though haha!