Friday, 30 September 2016

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Pleat Midi Skirt

Ahh the final HB of September - this is one that I know a few of us have been waiting for! This is the Pleat Midi Skirt from It Girls and it costs 23SD's, and for this one the expense is worth it! It's a great style, design and colour, we here at The Stardoll Lookbook agree that it's the piece to have from this month's set of Hotbuys =D
I kinda just went with first instincts for this piece, but I have so many different ideas - the options are so wide and varied for this piece, I really don't think you could go wrong by buying it =D And vote in the poll too:

Green and blue

Great cool colours in this street styling from lacky_girl.. today! I really love these trousers, the cropped fit and pattern are both super cool and this look helps highlight that even more. The floral shirt is a perfect fit as the flowers are the same colours as the trouser pattern. The DIY jacket is great too, the sheer sleeves let you see the detailing below and the denim vest keeps the blue theme going. Love the street boots and then glamour with the Chanel bag - such an awesome overall look =D

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #81

The end of September and the latest Challenge post! This is the Clean Angles Purse from Bizou, and it's a reasonably recent Plaza addition, coming out just in May. I'm a huge fan of orange for bags, and this is the first time I'm styling this one - it's not a neglected piece from my closet, it just only got purchased after the challenge had started^ Anyway, I love the elegant box style the bag has, and those golden plates at the handle too, those are awesome and I decided to match my shoes with them! I loved these brown-y taupe colours with the bag and they really compliment and let the bag shine too =D

Autumn gold

Spot on for the autumnal season from federerexpress! This skirt is a huge hit for the season and this look is so complimentary for it. I love the pairing with the green sweater, it really draws out the paler tones in the skirt, but at the same time the reds are really highlighted with the use of the maroon clutch - I also love the creativity of pairing it with a golden chain to make it a cute cross body piece^ The gold is also continued in the shoes too, I love it =)

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Last week we got a brand new release of Antidote - not a collection or store that usually bothers me too much, I've never made that many purchases in the past, but I decided I'd give this one a go even if I arrived quite late at the store^ Let's get on and have a look inside:
Highlights This release brought us two new floors pretty packed with items. Alike a few of the recent releases, there is a pretty good range available, but I kinda do get a running theme vibe ... I don't have a word to describe it but a lot of the pieces run on the same sort of general style. As I mentioned, I'm not typically an Antidote person but I thought I should make an effort anyway as I found so many awesome styles to feature!
Accessories There are quite a few accessory pieces to choose from, mostly in shoes really. Initially I didn't pay much attention to the pairs on offer, because out of everything I didn't really see them as appealing or that I would wear them. There's a focus on black and zippered heels, the Black Leather Antidote Heels and Knee High Black Leather Antidote Heels. The one different pair are the Lipstick Red Thigh Highs, I didn't like these on my doll so much initially, but I gave them some though and had they still been available I definitely would have given them a go! Little else in the accessories category, there are a couple of bags and a necklace but I don't think they're much to write home about.
Clothing The range of clothing in this release is pretty wide, although I feel a general style vibe, there are a good variety of pieces that would work in a lot of different style situations and could be styled into your own way quite well. There are quite a lot of black pieces in the release, which I think were the most popular as they sold out pretty quickly! Huge focus on the Antidote Off Shoulder Coat, High Slit Black Skirt and Fabric On Fabric Long Top which are all very versatile pieces, I can see why you'd want them! Then there are numerous pieces on the grey-neutral-hued scale which are mainly found on the second floor of the store, and I do feel like these are pretty good pieces - so this is like the Space Inspired Dress, Bra Tshirt Crop Top, Grey Leather Dress and Grey Antidote Space Dress. I for one particularly like the Grey Leather Dress, the offshoulder style is awesome and I love the general fit and the colour, the only part I umm-ed a little at was the zipper from the skirt hem, it just isn't a style that suits me so much, but I look forward to seeing others work it well! There are two other dresses which really stood out to me too, the Antidote Dress Coat (it's the beige one^) and the Antidote Mystery Dress which don't seem to fit quite so much but are definitely more in my style remit than anything else! They have great oversized shapes but still fit the doll well and they are pieces I can see working well all through the year and not just in one style or season.
Prices The price range for this release is 27 to 95SD's, but there are only a handful of items at the higher end of the scale. The release is an SS-only one unfortunately, so it does provide some limitations.
Styled Outfits After getting to the store a little late, there wasn't everything to choose from. This didn't matter to me too much because there were still some great choices. Firstly the Antidote Mystery Dress which I styled pretty minimally all in white. The golden accents on the jeans really influenced my shoe and earring choice. And secondly I bought the Suspender High Waist Pants. I really wanted to make use of the suspender feature, but as soon as I tried this purple striped sweater on with them I knew I had to go with that combination. I love the tone of these trousers with purple and the contrasting stripes, and this bag was also a good fit - so glad it gets a wear after styling it in the current challenge!
Features And next up a lot of features^ I've seen a really good range of the items being worn, which I think is great! Firstly aby400 who has also styled the Antidote Mystery Dress in an all white manner. These trousers are another great fit for the dress, but I also love the silver heels and bag plus the metallic modern sunglasses, good choices^
Then Golda89 with the Fabric On Fabric Long Top choosing to add a cool folded skirt beneath to continue the fabric effect. The silver detailing has also been continued in the bag, an excellent choice for the top, and the rims of the sunglasses. Very gothic-cool with this one I'd say!
Another quite dark look, this time from natusia_182 but going bright with those Lipstick Red Thigh Highs in this perfect styling for them! They suit this split skirt well and with the black clothing they really do leap from the screen. Love the bag use and the pink lip too, some good choices made =)
Something a little lighter next in this styling of the Grey Antidote Space Dress from MeLolitka. I think it looks great worn as a top over these leather-styled trousers. The accessories are a perfect fit with the blue tones, the bag and shoes match so well, and the silver bangle is a nice minimal addition =D
And more dark looks! This is Violessa styling the Striped Faux Fur Dress. I love the creativity and using it as a sweater with these culottes and suspenders, the pair are a good fit =D The accessories keep the look and feel of the clothing but also add nicely to the style - the boots with laces undone are spot on!
And last but not least Funopler, also choosing the Suspender High Waist Pants and actually making use of the suspenders! This structured top is a good fit and the navy tone is complimentary to that of the trousers. The scarf is great too, it really fills the space nicely, adding more style but also a little colour with the blue and purple splashes =)

Ballgown skirt

How pretty and ballgown like is this look from AvrilkaTH13 today?!?! I adore the ballgown skirt, it looks awesome and I think it's been styled so well and modernised nicely. The purple top and ruffled sleeves are a great fit and lilac is a great colour for the style. The belted accessories stand out and totally make this look, I love the contrast of the yellow against lilac and the golden and furry additions are perfect and so creative =D

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Velvet Ankle Boots

Almost at the end of September, but this isn't the last HB^ These are the Velvet Ankle Boots costing 16SD's from Fallen Angel. They're a bit of a classic for autumn and winter and they're super versatile so an easy piece to style into so many different looks. Their print is subtle but works a treat, I think, and I really quite like the overall shape and design of them =)
Clearly skirts and dresses are the way to go with these^ I found so many prints and patterns and bright colours that worked well for these boots, it was tricky to just choose one piece! I can easily see I'll get a lot of wear out of them in the upcoming seasons =D And remember to vote too:


Super sweet and sleek today from missiwantitall! I love this suited look in a neutral feel, it's amazing what a great match these two unrelated pieces are together, I especially love the high white-trimmed split in the skirt and matching deep V of the jacket, they're perfection together! Accessories are great too, love the bow, it adds a pretty retro feel and the shoes fit seamlessly into the style =D

Monday, 26 September 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #80

I cannot believe this is bag number 80! That's crazy ... also crazy is how many bags I have left, I didn't anticipate that it would be quite this big a challenge! So this is the YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag from the most recent Saint Laurent release. I didn't even style this piece in my review, and actually I don't think I've seen anyone go for it, and now after a few months (ok, several) of not thinking about it I'm wondering why?! I think it's a great piece, in a popular style and a fab bright colour. Plus it has a golden chain and details - I'm all for it now^ I stuck with the golden theme for my clothing choosing this fringed dress, I think the two are a great fit. And I couldn't resist these bright red heels, what more a perfect combination?! I love this one, it's a winner =D

Denim blue

Denim is fab, and it is in this look from Uplooad too^ This almost a little strange denim romper suit is a funny piece with the long vest attached too, but I think this styling gives it a really awesome chance! I love it with the blue onepiece below, it adds a nice touch and style to the piece. The blue theme is perfectly continued in the shoes, and I love the contrast with the black bag to match the hat and framed glasses =)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

Our next HB is out today - the Vegan Leather Moto Jacket from Velvet Orchid. This piece costs 24SD's, so on the more expensive side but it's one of the focus items this month so I'd say that could be expected. It's definitely a different piece with the pink-hued metallic colour but I think that will make for some interesting looks and styles =D
We all seem to have gone quite different directions with this one, where I view it as more a feminine styled piece, others have gone for a more rock 'n roll vibe to their styles, it's good to get different ideas thrown around and hopefully we can convince you it's a good piece to buy! And you can vote in our poll too:

Astrological printing

Something stylistically different today from Demit1996! I really quite liked this combination, using the baggy masculine style trousers with a more delicate styled kimono. I quite like the additions of the astrological images this time round, at first I wasn't sure of the piece, but it suits this overall style very well^ Also love the accessorising, it's minimal yet effective, while really adding some glamour =D

Saturday, 24 September 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This week brought the next installment of Callie's Picks to the Plaza and it was very aptly themed 'Fashion Week Wonders' which I think is perfect for the time^ And I think it's just what we were needing in the Plaza =D
Two floors filled with fashionable, on-trend, and wanted pieces for us to choose from this time! I think there's a great range in the floors in both styles and number of items from each clothing category, I really think this release caters fairly wide =D I'm very fortunate to have quite a few of the pieces that I would want already from this collection, so I didn't find myself wanting to purchase a huge amount of items this time. I decided to compose this one a little differently this time to see if it was something I liked or not - let me know what you think in the comments!
Accessories The first thing I notice is the huge amount of Tribute pieces in the accessories this time around, that's awesome and gives you a chance to get some of the popular pieces^ So in shoes there are a whopping 10 pairs available, that must be some sort of record! And they come in a range of heel heights, styles and colours too. I kind of immediately go to the boots and booties in this release, with the Black Pleather Tall Boots really standing out in the collection - I bought the Gucci pair a few years back in the Bazaar but I'm glad they're here because I think they deserve a lot more love than they have had, so I look forward to seeing what people do with them =) Then there's also the Silver Cutout Victorian Boots which stand out to me, the shape is quite quirky but in a stylish way that could look great in stylings, so I'm glad to be able to get these! In the heels category my eyes immediately go to the Dior White Couture Heels, again another piece I have, but they are awesome, I think people have been definitely wanting them for a while! The Tribute theme continues well into the bags, with the Silver Baguette (Fendi), Valentino Bow Purse (Valentino), Chanel Box Handbag (Chanel) and the Interlock Fendi Tote (Fendi). These are all great pieces, perfect for Fashion Week stylings I think! There's a couple of extra things in the accessories too, like the White Bunny Shades, Chanel Headphones, Gucci Pendant Necklace and the Hide My Face Hat.
Dresses There are a good amount of dresses in this release, again with an emphasis on the Tribute pieces with 4 of the 5 choices from Tribute stores! The non-Tribute piece, the Faux Feathers Corset Dress looks pretty cool and I don't think I've ever seen anyone style it before. It has a great fit and I think the colours are fab and will work great with a number of other pieces! And then the Tribute items, with both the Hidden Corset Bodice Dress and Clover Applique Gown from Dior and then also the Mini Strapped Flower Dress (this was super recent I think!) and the Starburst Slip Dress (for all those Sonia Rykiel lovers^). There is a reasonable choice of styles and colours between these pieces, and the olden-day SR fan in me really wants me to repurchase the Starburst Slip Dress even though I'm unlikely to wear it!
Tophalves So this covers both the tops and shirts and also the outerwear pieces in the release. There are some amazing inclusions in the tops with this release, and although I'm someone who has them already, it's a great opportunity for them to be bought again, and here I'm all about the White Cape Top, Neoprene Bodysuit and Clean Cut Shirt - what a fab bunch of great items for you^ I for one wear the Neoprene Bodysuit at least once a week so it's one piece that's worth the money! With outerwear there is a good variety of pieces, the Boardwalk Jacket is an older piece that will no doubt be popular with both its style and colours, while there are also newer pieces like the Dark Metallic Coat and Striped Cashmere Shawl. Both are pieces I've owned and since sold as I wasn't a fan of styling them, but maybe some of you guys will get good use of them!
Bottomhalves Not so many pieces in this category, but there are definitely winners in the midi skirt choices available! The Lilac Pleated Skirt has been popular and very wanted for quite a while for a lot of people, so this will no doubt make people happy because it's got great potential for so many looks! Then there's also the Fashion Jog Skirt - I'm very on the fence about this, I quite like the style but not so much how it sits low on the hips of the doll, but then again I've seen some good styles with it ... just not sure it's right for me ... convince me please!
Prices These range from 5 to 60SD's, which is huge, but it's literally only one Tribute bag at that price (definitely not ideal!) and most things are pretty reasonable and on track with previous releases. Nothing is SS or Royalty only and there are a couple of SC pieces on offer - so that's always good^
Features First up, the Boardwalk Jacket, which I've seen on so many dolls, in two different styles. This one is from LediGaga12 who wears it as a focal point to the look. I love the grey trousers and the addition of tassels as they really reinvent the jacket and make it look like a different piece. Classic white accessories stand out really nicely against the colours in the jacket =D
Also wearing the Boardwalk Jacket is ThePerpetua, who also styles the White Bunny Shades and the Detailed Pink Socks. I love the different positioning of the jacket, it shows off the long sleeves and the pretty collar of the piece below, and I think it looks great with the miniskirt too^ The socks really tie together with it sure to the slight pink hue which goes well with the same tone in the jacket =D
And then lastly Isabella8103 styling the Lilac Pleated Skirt. The colours stand out beautifully in this cosy yet stylish look. I love the long sleeved grey sweater with the skirt, they're a super match and they grey compliments the pastel tones nicely. It's been super styled up with a jewelled bag, some big shades and awesome matching heels =)

One-t, nine-t, bull-t, me

Coco Hat - Decades
Le Long Black Silk Scarf - LE
Lace Sculpted Dress - LE
Net Victorian Blouse - Velvet Orchid
Velvet Bow Handbag - Tingeling Halloween Couture
Studded YSL Inspired Wedges - YSL Tribute



Clinging to the summer with this fruity style from ThePerpetua! I still love featuring this bright dress when I see it styled, and it's amazing to see how different one piece can look! I adore the addition of the yellow long sleeved top and the wide leg trousers, they're both awesome pieces and they really make the colours and design of the dress pop! The accessories are pretty perfect, the bag has great yellow complimentary tones but I like the blue contrast, and the pointed flats are fab^

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Pink Velvet Choker

This HB was originally scheduled earlier in the month but we only got it this week^ This is the Pink Velvet Choker from Evil Panda and it costs 12SD's, maybe a tad expensive for being a small piece, but I think there's a big enough market for chokers on Stardoll that people will purchase it, being pink is a bonus for me^
I really love this piece with dresses, when I was looking at items I found that so many different ones looked great with just a simple addition of this HB^ There's a whole lot of pink focus in our looks too, but I love that! And remember to vote in the poll for your favourite:

Friday, 23 September 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #79

Next challenge post today, this time featuring the Fendi-inspired Monster Backpack from the Mr store. I've given this one a few attempts before but they've been quite half heartened, I struggled a little this time around too and I kinda wanted to choose something colourful but everytime I did the colours took away some attention from the bag, so I stuck with a classic - black! I'm sure I've worn this outfit before too, but I liked a little difference with the grey trainers, and I think when looking at the look my eyes really do go to the blue decor of the bag^


Super dressed up street style today from sarvat in this feature^ The use of this ruffled skirt really stood out to me and I think it makes a great focal point to the look. The wrap vest is awesome and the direction of the wrap really draws your attention to the waist which is narrowed by the skirt and the cinched belt. The slight sheer trim of the vest stood out to me and compliments the ripped sheer tights very well and I think it ties the look together nicely^ Love the pointed heels too, the blue is great for the overall look =D

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Following up from my last Styled Outfit at the start of the month I wanted to continue on the sandal theme this time styling the Adidas Inspired Sandals from VINYL. I wasn't a huge fan of these initially, but after seeing a lot of stylings with them, I really wanted to give them a go myself!
I tried to give a few different styles a go with these sandals to see what I liked best and what I wasn't so sure of with them. Firstly I went pretty minimal with just this leather-style maxi dress, making use of the split to show off the shoes. I think it's ok, but this isn't my favourite look for them^ Secondly my most casual styling, giving some blue jeans a go and I really like the contrast between the blue and the black of the sandals. Tried to pull this one into autumn a bit with this sweater. I like this outfit, but my favourite is the last one! I adore the combination of the sandals with this black mini skirt, something about it just makes me go 'yes!' and want to wear it a lot! I stuck minimal using this black polo but added a little colour with a bag, I think it works out nicely for all the pieces included!

So what do you guys think of these sandals? A good choice or not? Let me know in comments =D

Blue delicates

Another great styling with this lacy maxi skirt this time from Funopler! I love the pairing with a blue focus as it really pulls the grey tones out in the skirt which pair so nicely with the casual waist sweater. The shite shirt dress is a cool choice and adds a light bright feeling to the look. The floral blue bag is a cool choice and I think it works perfectly^ Also really like the beauty choices, minimal works well with this styling and the hair is perfect to show off the outfit while looking awesome itself!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Hooray for a brand new Bizou release - it feels so long since we've had one and I'm quite a fan of the store^ The blue of the advert is very eye catching and really draws your attention, and I think the colour of the clothing on the models is both complimentary to the blue and stands out on it's own^
So we got the regular one floor release for this store, and this time the pieces will get you set for the autumn season - there's everything you need there in some fabulous colours and designs!
There's a small range of accessories, but it includes a little of everything. I think the shoes, the Nude Gold Silver Detail Heels are great, they definitely stand out as a top-pick for the store. They're fairly neutral but have a cool studded detail and a buckle around the ankle so definitely have a slightly edgy feel to them. I also really like the bag with the store, the Suede Tassel And Patch Shoulder Bag. It has a great colour for autumn and the style is very cool, I love getting to try out different shapes like this shoulder-slung piece^ And then there's jewellery - for me the Emerald Ruby Sapphire Gold Necklace reminds me of Christmas, it looks like a tree or a gingerbread house or something, which is a tad offputting for jewellery. On the other hand I love the look of the Emerald Ruby Sapphire Gold Earrings, I think the smaller size really works in this design's favour =D
Next up the clothing. There are a good range of autumnal colours and items to choose from, although maybe I'd like to have seen a few more outerwear inclusions^ Anyway, there is one outerwear piece, the Printed Blue Shawl Collar Jacket, which I really quite like. It reminds me of some of the older Plaza pieces in the cool oversized shape which has a masculine feel about it. The colour looks really attractive to me, and I can see it being used as a focal point in a lot of looks. There are 4 dresses on offer in the store in different colours and styles, although most sit just above the knee, which is a length I quite like for autumn. I love the colour of the Silk Dotted Burgundy Dress, although the shape isn't so flattering on my doll - which was something I struggled with in all of the dresses, they don't seem to fit me quite how I'd want them to. I do think my favourite is the Cut Out Dress in the cool brown colour, it's definitely something I'd quite like to experiment with. And then there are skirts available too, these are probably my favourite part of the store! There are 3 pieces in different colours and designs. Firstly the maxi Long Pleated Silk Skirt which looks super pretty and feminine and I can see it working well either being dressed up or down. Then the midi length Block Color Laser Cut Skirt with contrasting blue tones and a cool full-skirted feel, this is my favourite piece of the release^ And a close second favourite, the slightly shorter A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt which really bring a modern vibe to denim skirts. The colour is light enough so the piece will also work well all year round and it has a great overall design. Now usually I'm a huge fan of trousers, I love wearing them and styling new pairs, although this time I wasn't hugely impressed by the Straight Leg Front Pleat Pants. I don't think they're a flattering pair of trousers even though the colour is a good versatile one, the shape really lets them down in my opinion unfortunately! There are quite a few tops and sweaters to choose to match with the bottomhalves, and again there are a good mix of colours and styles. The first one which really stood out to me was the brown Cut Out Cardigan (totally not a cardigan!), with the cool patterning which I think could stand out very nicely in looks - plus it's in SC's! It's a little shapeless in the body fit, but I think I could work around that feature. I also like the look of the two more feminine styles, the Trumpet Sleeve Cream Blouse and Puff Sleeve High Neck Blouse. Right now I'm leaning more towards the Cream choice for the long sleeves, while I think the Puff Sleeve option would be perfect for the spring, especially with it's fresh pink tone.
Prices for this floor range from 8 to 19SD's with most items somewhere in the middle there. I think items are priced pretty well for what they are and for the store overall. There are a couple of SC items too, and nothing is limited to SS/Royalty members only.
I decided to focus on these two skirts for my styled outfits - the Block Color Laser Cut Skirt and the A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt. Both pieces are great and pretty different and I liked coming up with colour contrasting styles for each piece in a minimal way to let them shine in the look. With the Block Color Laser Cut Skirt I kept to darker tones with this top and I think going with black accessories too let the blue pattern really pop out, which I like because the patterning is fab^ And then with the A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt I went the opposite way and chose white to let the blue stand out clearly. I loved pairing it with this second white skirt to really get a layered effect. The blue shoes were a cute addition I couldn't resist and I liked choosing a silver bag to match those silver buttons =D
And now a couple of fabulous features^ Firstly is karoliss12 who has gone with the Long Pleated Silk Skirt, and has styled it in great complimentary colours. The greens are great and work so well with the pink, and this top is the perfect choice, it's got hint of the pink in it but the other colours pull through just enough - perfect!
And then Mh91 who has blown me away with this styling of the A Line Buttoned Denim Skirt! The denim underlay is a good addition to change the skirt up a little and makes it a good cold-weather-piece, but it was the orange that really stood out^ Orange goes so well with denim and this print really makes you look. The accessories are perfect, the boots are great and I love the sunglasses and small orange clutch bag =D

Beauty Snaps


Styled Black Collared Shirt - Windows of the World
Suede Over Shoulder Biker - IT Girls
Warren Belt - Miss Sixty
Dior Inspired Belt - Fallen Angels
Victoria Belt - IT Girls
Sway A Line Skirt - Callie's Picks
YSL Inspired Handbag - YSL Tribute
Open Toe Lace Bootie - Nelly.com


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

M S W 1 6 S T O R E | Feature Set

Lately we've had a couple of MSW 16 Store releases into the Plaza as usual from the previous years. The first release a few weeks ago doesn't seem to have gone down too well, I really haven't seen anyone wearing the pieces, I guess they're just not what we're interested in right now! Last week we got a new couple of floors added, and I think they were better! I still didn't make many purchases, and I ended up styling them, the MSW Mesh Gold Metallic Pumps over on What I Wore On Stardoll. So this post is a little 'Feature Set' as I've seen a few more dolls enjoying this dose of MSW over the first one^
Firstly is ccaauu1414 choosing the Powder Pink Tuxedo Jacket in this feminine and slightly casual look. I love the pink against the white, it really helps it stand out and also the casual feel from the trainers. Also love the use of this belt-bag which I wore recently in a challenge post, but I kinda like this styling for it more!
Mia1435 is also wearing the Powder Pink Tuxedo Jacket but in a much more dressed up way with these super sparkly trousers in a complimentary nude tone. I love the silver accessories, and I think the neckwear from collar to collar looks amazing and is a great choice for this piece^
Next is millaxx looking oh so glamorous in the Long Knitted Knot Detail Dress. It looks super slinky and well fitting, and the knot design really speaks for the piece without needing to add a huge amount of accessories, the necklaces work great for it filling the neckline =)
And last up, a little something on the accessory front with SarahVIP styling the MSW Silver Metallic Gladiator Heels. This coat is a great fit for them with a perfect length to show off all the strapping up the leg. The use of minimal other clothing is great and lets the piece shine nicely in the look, and the silver is a great contrast to the sunglasses used =D