Sunday, 29 September 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's that time again, we've just a couple of days left to find the trophy for September and get the prize for this month - the Max My Teddy Coat which is a perfect trendy Autumn/Winter piece. And it seems everyone is loving it, within even just a few days at the start of the month, I'd seen at least 10 looks already featuring this piece! The design is very nice, the graphic has been made well and the style is definitely a popular one. I have a couple of features to share to show off the different ideas for this piece. First up Bianca.Vos who goes for an all neutral styling in such a classic and chic way! Neutrals always look pretty fab, and I love the pieces added to this look. The chunky polo gives a warm touch, and I love the fabric of the skirting, the lengths and layers are perfect! The black and gold details are also great to the look, everything has been very thoughtfully put together =D  
Next we have sarah_1980 choosing something a little more casual but equally perfect for the piece. I love the use of the checked print, the big size of the squares really works with the oversizing of the coat, and I also like the wide-leg style of the trousers. The light top and trainers keep the look light, it would work out well for Spring too I'd think. And the orange bag is the perfect pop of colour, I really love it^
And finally for my styling - it was tough to stick away from an all nude/neutral styling, there are many options in that category for sure! I highlighted other brown tones in my styling, I love this darker polo with the colour of the coat, I think it's a great combination, and the colour is perfect with the use of this bag too^ I went for something a little fun on the trousers, these have a little brown in them, so I think they do work out ok - the light base lightens up the whole look, and the print is a nice add to the mix. I really love this styling and I'm excited to wear the coat more!


You can maybe guess where I got the inspiration for this look – the new Joker film is premiering soon and I've seen the trailer everywhere the last few weeks! I could never have guessed how versatile this collar would be when I found it a few years ago from StarBazaar. I think it looks fabulous here with the dark, autumnal tones and sleek hairstyle! 

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Limited Edition SHOES SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

Myself and Miloshki had such a fabulous time with some of the shoes from the latest LE release - who doesn't love some fun shoes?! We've styled them two pairs of them, and despite doing it completely independently I think we've gone for something quite similar overall =P First up the Stiletto Shoes which are the chunky wooden heel pair which don't suit their name: we've picked up light tones with darker accessories, and that works so well to really highlight the shoes in the looks. While I've chosen a wide skirt, the same width is added in Miloshki's look with the width of the coat, I think it's super effective^ And we both add a little mystique with the use of the sunglasses and hat - we've shown a nice variety while sticking to a similar style vibe, which I really like^
And secondly the Crystal Shoes, which we've unintentionally styled with the same blazer, but I love that - we've created two totally different looks despite using the same blazer, it's fab^ Miloshki ventures a little towards casual with the jeans, I think the blue socks are a great addition, they work out surprisingly well and I think the colour is a really good one. The blue is balanced out with the nudes on top and with the bag. The red lip is the perfect touch to go with the jewels on the shoes. For my styling I've also added some burgundy for the jewels, but in the bag, glasses and this delicate belt. I stayed pretty 'classic me' with the clothing, but I think it works out nicely as these shoes really can be the star of the show, they're just fabulous and I'm stoked to wear them more =D

Blood Orange

(Blood Orange...pfff...she's so pretentious)

I think of that meme every time I pull out this Limited Edition maxi-vest. I've actually attempted to sell this several times, but it turns out that it makes a pretty sweet scarf. 

The jury is out on this week's Antidote release - I actually really liked it, but then again, I have an addiction to buying coats and this release scratched that itch in a big way. This Burberry-inspired one is my favourite of them all. You can interpret it so many ways, but I've gone for a more casual take with some brighter colours to heighten the contrasting black and white. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Burberry Inspired Coat | Antidote
Knot Bicolor Dress | Pet a Porter
Orange Maxi Vest | Limited Edition
Sk8er Beanie | Callie's Picks
Square Brooch Earring Left | Epiphany
Snapshot Bag Black | Nelly.com
White Heeled Mules | The JetSet

Thursday, 26 September 2019


So, turning up all the random stuff into scarf and wearing it.

Mood: Synchronizing stripes, all black stuff and silver accessories into a look.

Details: Inverted the black flower (Bonjour Bizou) to make up a masking scarf. Outfit includes the striped flamenco ruffle shirt (Rio), ann baggy trousers (Fallen Angel), leather sock ankle boots (IT Girls), Balenciaga inspired large bag (Inspired by Balenciaga tribute), diamond glasses (Inspired by Alexander Wang tribute), mini side bag (Pearls), two belt (Limited Edition). Used the heavy crystal earrings (Subcouture) from parlor as hairclips.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Tweedy Bird

I nearly called this Broad Broad in honour of Nina West and her linebacker shoulders, but I think the element of this coat I want to highlight is the lovely tweed texture rather than....those shoulders. 

Ahhh I kind of love them. But I also like balance, so I've gone for a subtle flare in my cropped trousers to give volume in the bottom half of the look. The long hair also helps to disrupt the long long line of the shoulders without sacrificing on actual volume. 

I have said before that I love tweed, especially tweed coats; I did a whole post on my grandma's tweed coat a good couple of years ago and what it meant to me. She passed away last month so I am drawn more than ever to the textures that make me think of her. I can almost feel this on my cheek. 

Overall I think this has an updated, fashion take on 40s blitz fashion - perhaps it's the sweater vest!

Ingredients | You Will Need

Alexander McQueen Inspired Sweater | Runway
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Checked Oversized Coat | Limited Edition
White T Shirt | The JetSet
Green Culottes | It Girls
YSL Inspired Scarf | MSW
Stitched Fendi Handbag | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Jacquemus Inspired Earrings | Antidote
Silk Pearl Stilettos | Limited  Edition

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Chiffon Drama

It's time for dramatic autumn looks. The shade of this Subcouture Chiffon blouse is just gorgeous, but it is a bit hard to style. I mean, you don't walk around the street everyday with pieces of flowy silk hanging from you! But today I felt like doing so – and added even a bit more drama with the sheer collar and Dior pearls. 

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Sweet Hibiscus

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I love it when there's a Mr. release.

This season treated me to a new Hawaiian shirt in fabulous hot pink and forget-me-not blue. Perfect for the end of summer.

It takes a little jigging about and resizing to take it from completely undone to rogueishly low-cut, but with some long hair and a good coat, no one need know...

Once in-suite, I knew immediately that I wanted to get it to work with this Gucci bag, but hot pink can be really difficult to control, so I needed a solid neutral to go with it. Black was too heavy, white too clinical, cream clashed, so in steps baby pink to soothe my woes. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Pink Flower Shirt | Mr.
Chambray Pedal Pushers | Callie's Picks
Pink Coat | Subcouture
Round Frame Pink Sunglasses | Pretty'n'Love
Moonage Layered Necklace | Velvet Orchid
Classic Industrial Belt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Soft Pink Leather Gloves | Pretty'n'Love
Gucci Inspired Crossbody Bag | Tributes Gallery
Blush Dior Heels | Callie's Picks

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Falling Leaves

Pretty sure I've never styled this dress before? I'm not a summery gown kind of gal as you probably all know by now. But I've never wanted to get rid of it - the print is so pretty and I do appreciate a good floral!

I knew I wanted to style it with a pair of boots for Autumn, but it surprised me how well these ones went. They're normally a bit of a pain thanks to their bagginess, but this dress has handy splits. Continuing the 'unwieldy' theme, the sleeves of this dress are awkward, but with the right amount of resizing and rotating, you can perch a little shoulder slung jacket on there, just in case it gets a bit breezy. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Lily of the Valley Dress | Subcouture
White Crisp Onesid Blazer | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
HotBuys Leaf Earrings | Velvet Orchid
YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag | Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
High White Leather Boots | The JetSet

Monday, 16 September 2019

N E L L Y | Release Review

As with several previous releases of Nelly, we've gotten another floor! I usually find Nelly pretty good so I'm happy with this arrangement completely^ The advertising looks super fun with all those bright colours =D
Highlights This is the usual size of release, with one floor and 8 outfits, nothing for the guys in this release. There's a focus on the brights but there are also some versatile neutrals included which is great for mixing and matching.
Accessories Personally I prefer the accessories in the first Nelly release this season, the bags really blew me away and these ones really don't live up to that. I do very much like the White Boots, these are pretty awesome in a knee high style with a nice neutral design. There is also the almost obligatory inclusion of some trainers, this time two pairs, the White Sneakers and the Josefina Sneakers which have some cool colours in them, but they're just not something I'm looking to purchase at the moment.
Clothing The clothing pieces are definitely much more attractive than the accessories, there's so much to choose from! I will start with the super fun printed pieces, I really like them all^ The Shirt Dress is the first piece to gain my attention for that fab yellow and orange print of feathers, it's a super smart dress style and the print really adds a bold flair to the design. The fit of the dress is good, and I think it will be great for brighter Autumnal stylings. Also on the same sort of colour scheme is the Sequin Midi, which is just one amazing gold sequinned skirt, it's really quite something! We've not had anything like this before I don't think, and I love a bit of gold, it's quite perfect for me - I know it won't be for everyone, but I think it's been done very tastefully and will work in a lot of styling scenarios. The Juliette Skirt is also a midi, but in the pleated style. It's got a cool teal base with a dainty floral design, I think it suits the Spring/Summer season a little more than right now, so I think I will save this one for next year. And lastly in this category is a (slightly) more neutral piece, the Dotted Top which is in black and cream, I love the tied style at the front, it's got such a current vibe to it and the print is fun, it's not quite animal print, so it's something a little different. I really love this piece a lot, I'm excited to style it up! And now for the more neutral pieces of the collection, I don't like these as much as the printed items, but there's a couple that are great for my style! The Cozy Jacket looks like such a fab design-twist on a great Autumn/Winter coat, I'd love an identical one that isn't off one shoulder so we can vary the design. It's in a neutral white, so perfect for pairing with different colours and I like the slightly more boxy and oversized design while keeping a cropped length in mind. And then I also really love the Cream Sweater, I'm all about the beige! This has such a cute design, it's got a nice fit to it, not too oversized or tight, with rolled sleeves and a front tuck, it's super neat. I also like the round neck design, it's a good piece for transitioning into the Autumn, and of course the colour is very versatile =)
Prices This collection ranges from 9 to 24SD's, which is about average. There are a couple of pieces in SC's and nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Outfits I loved working with this collection, I'm super excited to try more from it! For my looks, first up the Dotted Top which I've loved styling neutrally with black trousers, but cream will work equally well to colour-match to the top. I kept cream shoes and then added a little fun with this printed bag, I kind of like it, something a little different to try and I think it works out to balance the printing across the look. Next up the Shirt Dress, I did worry about accessories for this as I wanted to focus on the yellow tone in the dress, so I didn't have a lot of choice, but these pieces did work out. I kept it neutral with this overcoat, I really like the combination and I think it is great to make the piece seem less Summery. And finally the Cream Sweater and I love this outfit so much! I tried so many skirts with this piece and lots of different ones worked out well, so there are many options for this, but I went for brown tones and I love the outcome. The skirt and belt look great with the tuck design of the sweater, and I kept the shoes neutral with these boots. I even added a necklace, pretty rare for me^ But this one really looks quite perfect with this styling =D
Features And time for features! First up liability with the Cozy Jacket - and while these shoes aren't from this release, the White Sneakers would also be a perfect fit. I love the lilac in this styling, it stands out but also makes a perfect base for the white to stand out against. I love the combination of the open neckline of the shirt with the off shoulder style of the coat, it looks great^ The accessorising is also perfect, love the belt combination and also the printed tights =)
And secondly millaxx wearing the Zip Trousers with all the great Autumnal brown tones, so cute! The trouser shape is really great, and the zip design is shown off with the tuck of the sweater and the open style of the jacket. Love the accessories, the delicate jewellery is super pretty, and contrasts well with the chunkier heels while the bag really ties all of the colours together!

Sunday, 15 September 2019

P L A Z A P I C K S | A U T U M N S H O E S

I was really feeling in the shoe mood when choosing my top Plaza Picks this month, and as I did a Spring feature, I decided to pick out my top footwear choices for the Autumn! I'm really feeling boots at the moment, I'm dying to get back into them with some fun looks, but I did pick out a couple of pairs of heeled shoes that work out well too for my favourite trends this season. Colour is super important, and I'm focusing on the brown tones, ranging from light beige through to dark, with a little glamour thrown into the mix as well =D
*For all the picks in your Plaza Dressing Room, click here*

Safari Uniform

On paper zebra print x2 + blue doesn't sound that good, but turns out it does look good! I love the shape of the blazer, it's boxy and it gives out just the perfect amount of the zebra print underneath it. Large bag, simple heels and some blue earrings and we are ready to go with this smart casual uniform!

Saturday, 14 September 2019

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Super exciting to have a brand new LE release last weekend! We got a little preparation with a top-up offer and the knowledge that it would be LE the day before which is always great^ I love the advertising, the cityscape is super and a great base for styling against and I think the models give a good idea on the mix of styles included. 
Highlights This release is about the regular size for an LE collection, there are two floors offering 8 styles for the girls and two for the guys, with quite a range to choose from. I do have to say I think the accessories quite top the clothes in this one, much stronger which I'm definitely pleased about as I love an accessory^
Accessories There are many pieces to choose from in a range of styles, but glamour is heavily featured. There are 5 pairs of shoes, which is a lot considering the size of the release, and they're all still available to buy, which is pretty good if you didn't manage to log in immediately at the release time. They really offer a good range of styles, but I've totally fallen for the heels on offer. The Crystal Shoes are super glamorous, they're a mule (what's not to love?!) and have a nude base colour and are decorated with a lot of jewels, just that little bit extra^ The colour really is perfect for this seasons trends. Also in the mule style are the Satin Mules, which are a higher heel but very colourful - the green, red, yellow and lavender sound like a mix that shouldn't work, but I really love how they are, it makes for something super interesting! And then the most minimal shoe of the collection, the Stiletto Shoes, which are very much not stiletto's but I love their chunky wooden heel, it's a big selling point for me! The body of the shoe is black and pointed but they also have a delicate white strap across the foot. I think these will look great with so many different styles, and anything from trousers to dresses. 
There are 3 bags in the collection, and they give a pretty good range of styles. Naturally the bright colours of the orange Dior Inspired Bag which is a cute quilted clutch, and the yellow Balenciaga Inspired Bag which is a small crossbody are super eyecatching - they sold out super fast too, so they caught the attention of others too^ These are both great accessories and will really pop in stylings. And there is also the Crystal Clutch (still some left of this one^) which is very sleek with the black and gold colourings, and the jewelled base really makes it snazzy =) There are a lot of other items included in this category too, like the Brown Belt which has such a cool gathered design on one side, the Stone Necklace which has very ethereal vibes with the colours of the stones, and really quite a lot of glam shiny jewellery piece - I'm definitely leaning to the Plexi Earring and the Spike Necklace, they're super detailed and really very nicely designed, they'll really look amazing in outfits^
Clothing I do find the clothing a lot weaker than the accessories in this release, in the end I've actually only bought 2 pieces (a bonus for my purse though^) - however there's a really great mix of styles, with prints and glitz, and minimal and streetstyle all included, which I really like for a collection. The feminine pieces are super cute, and I'd love more of these vibes, like the Collared Top with the big puffed sleeves and elegant broidery, the sparkling Crop Sleeve Top of which my only complaint is the cropped body, and the Satin Pink Trousers which are a super fun suit-style piece, the colour is so beautiful! There are a couple of dresses in the release, I immediately fell in love with the Horse Print Dress, which I know won't be to everyone's tastes, but I've been adoring horse prints, and I've always been wanting them for my doll^ This one has quite a vintage styling with the oversized fit, but the colours are gorgeous, super current and super versatile. I'm also quite tempted by the Satin Dress, the burgundy wine is amazing, perfect for the Autumn/Winter season, and I think it looks amazing on the doll, a really great piece all round, but not so versatile I'd think, so it's a little pricey for the number of wears you might get from it. And the most popular dress is the Crystal Dress, despite the price, I can see why - it's got a fabulous and stand out design, I love the bustier styling and the sparkling lines of the skirting, perfect for some fun layering as I've been seeing on many dolls already.
There are some other cute pieces in the collection. The Orange Cape obviously stands out because of the bold colour, I love the design of the piece on the body, but the long flowing cape isn't so much my thing, but I can tell this is a popular design idea. The Cape Top Green provides the same sort of idea but in a more wearable style, but the colour isn't quite as effective as the orange. The Pleated Leather Shorts are quite nice, I debated about them too long and they were gone before I decided I think I did want them! I like the longer length, the chunky rolled hem and the gathered style of the waist. While leather shorts won't be for everyone and aren't hugely versatile, I think they could be super fun all with a little creativity. And the final piece to mention is the Checked Oversized Coat, another super popular piece because of the neutral colour to the design. It's super square in the shoulders and really makes for a particular style, but it's a super 'in' vibe for this season, and I think there will be some great outfits from it, I'm excited to see them!
Prices This release ranged from 20 to 167SD's, which is just about on par with the previous few releases. As this is LE, it is limited to SS and Royalty members only, and there are a limited amount of each item - but still quite a few things still in store!
Features Again we are putting together a fun styling post to come soon, for now the features! First up FunOpler styling the Pleated Leather Shorts in this very cool neon and black styling, it's super effective for them^The draped top still lets the features of the shorts stand out, and the leather looks good against the softer fabrics. Love these boots with the shorts, really cool^
Then we have juliette116 wearing my favourite dress, the Horse Print Dress, which I love in this styling! The dark accessories look great and really make the dark tones in the print pop out. Love the oversizing of this dark blazer which plays well with that of the dress. The earrings are a super cool addition too, the red is fab!
Next up Opiodes wears the Crystal Dress, the Zebra Jacket Man and the Black Socks in a very cool combination. I love all the shining and the silver, and the skirting of the crystals really pops out. The Chanel style accessories are also super fun, what a fab look =D
Also wearing the Crystal Dress is turkiye who pairs it with the Orange Cape, which looks fab, such a great layering idea, for the whole look and not just these two pieces^ The skirting of the crystals looks great over the orange, a colour that will always make me look, and I love the layering of the extra pieces like this furry coat on the top^
Penultimately, rob_sef7 going for the Checked Oversized Coat and Plexi Earring in a more minimal styling with a perfect base of white. This is great for the checks to really pop against, and it works well. Love the midi skirt styling, it really makes for a smart look with this piece. Accessories are totally perfect and very fitting!
Something a little more sparkly neck, from SoMillie, wearing the Crystal Tiara and the Crop Sleeve Top in a fabulous way - layering it up like this is amazing, it really looks like it's tucked into this fabulous bustier, I totally love that! The sequin pieces are super extra, but work together nicely, and the accessories finish off the styling well, with the tiara piece a perfect addition =D

Out on the Town

There's rather a lot going on in this look, but I knew I had to use this new fringe skirt from Vinyl and the rest sort of...happened. 

The hat is an obvious match of texture, but for some reason I decided to throw in some floral texture. You could argue it's a play on hard and soft? I'm not even sure I knew what I was doing. It's definitely a departure for me - no coat in September? Poor girl is going to catch her death waiting for the bus home like that!

Ingredients | You Will Need

Vinyl Fringe Skirt | Vinyl
Dress Inspired by Miu Miu | Callie's Picks
French Cap | It Girls
Faux Bone Earrings | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Plastic Flowers Bag | Callie's Picks
Embellished Lace Slingback Pumps | MSW

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Delighted for an Autumn drop of one of my favourite stores, It Girls! There are always some great pieces to be had in these releases, so even if the advertising doesn't make the release look great to me, I think this is a good 'un overall =) 
Highlights The release is the usual one floor size for It Girls, and it's a pretty wide range of styles, but overall with an Autumnal feel to them - I can see some pretty great pieces already so I'm excited to get into this one!
Accessories There is a big focus on the shoes in this release, specifically the Tabi style of boots, which is pretty good - there are the Camo High Boots in black, the Camo Low Boots Black which is great for options, I personally prefer the tall style, and then also the Camo Low Boots Red for something a little brighter. It's a fab design and I think many are happy to have these. I also really like the other shoes on offer, the Black Toe Boots with their Chanel vibes and the Paneled Suede Pumps which are in nude and have a subtle sparkle all over them. There are also a couple of bag, but it's the Red Bag, designed alike a Chloe piece which really stands out - I love a round bag and the details on this one are pretty good, plus it's a bargain in SC's!
Clothing Super Autumnal vibes from a lot of these pieces, I really love some of the fun pieces with this release along with some absolute classics. I'm not such a fan of the printed pieces or the somewhat edgier pieces, but there's some great items. I'm loving the brown and beige tones for this season, I immediately bought the Brown Turtleneck and the Beige Sweater, which will be super versatile. They both have great fits on the doll being snug and just a little loose respectively. I love a good turtleneck, and also a perfect tuck, so these pieces work perfectly for me. The Cropped Trousers are also a pretty great piece, black culottes can work in so many different styles, I'm passing on this specific pair as I have a few similar ones already, but these are a perfect option with a great high waist and wide leg. The skirt-game in this release is super strong, I love the midi pieces and that midi lengths are still going well^ The Striped Skirt is such a fun option with the split, which makes it still work in these last Summer days. I adore the colour combinations, I'm always a fan of navy and the red stripe is a standout on the piece. I think this will look great with boots, so I'm excited to try it out with different options. And then also the Split Hem Skirt which is fantastic in white - which I still love for this season. I love the design features it has, like the long belt, the cutout at the waist and the little slit at the side, it's definitely a standout minimal piece unlike something we've had before.
Prices This release ranges from 11 to 21SD's which is about right for this sort of store, and there is one piece priced in SC's (and a good one at that!). Nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Outfits These were super quick looks to put together, it's such an easy collection to style! First up the Split Hem Skirt which I've paired minimally with black. I've gone a little biker-chick with all the leather pieces, and I think it really works. I'm excited to try out more boots with this skirt for other Autumn stylings^ Secondly pairing the Brown Turtleneck and the Black Toe Boots together, again adding white to this styling, which really makes the brown and the black pop out - this bag is for sure my favourite thing about the look really tying the pieces together =D And finally the Red Bag, I had so many options for this, so I'm excited to show off it's versatility - this time I picked navy and burgundy, which is such a beautiful combination, the bag still manages to hold its own with these trousers too! Love the gold detail on the belt as that really brings out the handle detail of the bag.
Features And now for the features. Our first is --Kayley who makes fabulous work of the Striped Skirt turning it into a super cool pair of trousers, so creative! The pieces work really nicely together, and I love the use of the green tube top, it looks great with the navy and red of the trousers. Also loving these fabulous sandals, they really catch attention in a styling =)
And then we have millaxx styling the Camo High Boots and French Cap in this super sleek look ready for Autumn with this interior and the velvet! Velvet makes a great contrast to the leather of the boots and the hat, I love that mix of textures. The yellow bag is the perfect bold pop, it makes for the perfect accessory, and I love the colour against the green^

Satin, satin and more satin

One of the days when you feel like dressing up, wayyy too much, the pearl way!

Mood: This satin beauty is topping my wardrobe's intimates list at the moment. How soft, how versatile and the perfect shade of blush! It really has a luxury touch to it.

Details: This over sized satin look comprises of satin bralette (Limited Edition), McQueen inspired oversized coat (Alexander McQueen tribute), throwing the wonderstruck dress (Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift) underneath to ruffle it all up, Dior inspired pearl earrings (Voile), Dior inspired headpiece (Limited Edition) used as a necklace, cow gloves (Pretty n love) adding to the pile of satin, faux fur big clutch (Alexander McQueen tribute) and Saint Laurent inspired rose sandals (Voile).

Do you like satin? If you did a look using this bralette, do let me know in my guestbook or comments here below! Would love to check it out!

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 
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Signing off, Veronica

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The End of the Summer

Or as I originally titled this...Legs Eleven. 

I watched the new series of Stranger Things recently and while I wasn't super jazzed by it, I really appreciated how hard it went in on the 80s fashion. The montage with Eleven and Max in the mall was truly excellent. 

This look is essentially the final boss look that Eleven wears, but like.....make it fashion. Not that it wasn't fashion before, I just think the Marc Jacobs bag and winklepicker boots might have been a bit...out of place fighting for the sake of the world...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Banana Print Silk Blouse | Callie's Picks
Sleeveless Polka Dot Polo | Fallen Angel
Safiyaa Inspired Pants | Ramadan Gift-o-Meter
Black Crystal Earrings | Tingeling Couture
Snapshot Bag Black | Nelly.com
Voile Gold Cuff | Voile
Lace Ankle Boots | Fallen Angel

Monday, 9 September 2019

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | September 2018

I say this every time, but I really can't believe these September 2018 pieces were a whole year ago, I don't feel like there's been much of a chance to wear them yet! I have made excellent use of the Inspired Saddle Bag though, it's one of my absolute favourite bags and I love the burgundy colour, the golden details and the saddle design, it's really completely a wonderful piece! One item I'm having some regrets over not having bought are the Gucci Inspired Over The Knee Boots, I was a little on the fence about them, and didn't end up purchasing, but now I kinda want them^ Totally typical! I bought quite a few pieces from this set and really haven't worn much else, so this time I'm styling up four pieces, the Vetements Inspired Floral Dress and Aviator Style Sunglasses together, and then also the Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots and the Cropped Flared Pants:
I think this is a really cute set, they work together really nicely for Autumnal stylings, I'm super pleased about that! Choosing navy for the first styling, and wearing the dress as a top instead, which I think works out quite nicely. It's got a lot of colours in it, so the navy works well as a base, and I like the accents of the tan, which work with the brown florals of the dress, I really love this overall. For the second look it's more classic in black and white with some fun features like the wide flare balancing against the puffed sleeves of the shirt and the cool boots. The bag definitely adds a fun touch too. I'm feeling super ready for the season with these looks!

Sunday, 8 September 2019

N E L L Y | Release Review

A brand new floor of Nelly came to the Plaza recently, which I am excited about because the last one fell a little flat. This one looks super fun, I'm already loving the mint polka dot and the strap of the bag in the advertising, so I'm hoping for good things^
Highlights This is the usual one floor release for Nelly, and there's a lot packed in with 10 outfits on offer in quite a mix of styles. I don't think the whole floor is great, there's a few questionable items in there, but there are a few pieces mixed in which make this release review-worthy^
Accessories There are plenty of accessories to choose from, which is great. I found the shoes a little underwhelming this time, I don't like the styles on offer for my doll, and I haven't really been seeing anyone styling these either. The bags on the other hand, are pretty awesome, particularly the Snapshot Bag Black and the Snapshot Bag Green which are very much identical to a Marc Jacobs style and they're pretty cute. I like the small size, the crossbody design and the cool straps. I also like the colours, either minimal and classic with Black or choose something a little different with the Green! Then there is also the Jadore Clear Chain bag which is pretty cute with the popular plastic element to it. I'm a little undecided about the CPH Waist Bag, I think the neutral colour is great, but I don't wear a lot of belt bags so I'm not sure it's right for me - I like the overall design of the bag itself though^ The jewellery in this collection is very nice too, I like both the Chain Coin Necklace and the Shell Earrings. Both are gold pieces, and while in current trend designs, are pieces which should be quite lasting in style.
Clothing The clothing is of pretty mixed style, and I'm not a fan of the streetwear styles, however the pieces on the left side are very cute, if not a little more suited to Spring! The green tones are super beautiful, I love the light shade, it's something we've not had a lot of. The Dotted Top is a super smart design, I love the fit and tailoring on the body, along with the V neckline and the slight blouson style to the sleeves - it's so pretty! Also in green is the Mesh Midi Dress which is super cute in gingham. I love a midi style and this fitted piece really looks great. The ruching on the skirting is fun too and definitely adds flair to the piece. Then there are a pair of cute Rompers, in Green and Blue - these are in a popular feminine style with a frilled hem, a bow at the V neckline and a delicate print. Again these are very much Spring/Summer pieces, so will be great for styling next year. The rest of the pieces really don't do much for me, but I think the collection is otherwise strong, especially with the designer-inspired bags. 
Prices This collection ranges from 9 to 25SD's, with only one piece at the top of the range. There are a couple of SC items in the mix too. Nothing is SS or Royalty only limited.
Styled Outfits And for my stylings, which have managed to go all green and pale unintentionally! First up the pairing of the Dotted Top and the Snapshot Bag Black which make a cute contrast - the white dots on both make for plenty of white choices, I stayed a little smart with this skirt, I really like it with the blouse, a total favourite combination^ The shoes aren't a perfect choice, but it was a struggle to find something just right. I think this will be a great shirt for next Spring for sure! Secondly the Mesh Midi Dress, which I've styled up as a skirt, this works really well with a shirt, and I love this combination^ I've accessorising minimally, but there are so many options really - I just couldn't find a bag at all, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect one for this styling! And lastly the Snapshot Bag Green which is a perfect match for the colour of this dress, it's one of my favourites that doesn't get enough love, but now I have the perfect bag to match, it will get more attention^ Shoes were also a bit of a struggle, I don't think I looked for long enough, but chose white to work with the strap on the bag - I think this bag has so much potential, but I've not seen anyone give it a try yet!
Features And now for a couple of features, this one hasn't seemed so popular, but I think some of the pieces will definitely be lasting^ First up anaritamiranda styling the Black Leather Cap and Snapshot Bag Black in such a classic styling, it's totally my thing! The black and white is very effective, the solid blocks of colour make the polka dots really stand out, and the gold detailing on the bag is perfect with these earrings, I love this look =D
And then Andre1396 makes such cool use of the Flower Dot Dress with all of this layering. The dress really stands out well in the look, those pink flowers are adorable in the mix with the dark lace maxi skirting and the casual sweater on the top, it's such a fun mix! The glasses and earring are a super glam contrast thrown in^ 

Burgundy Kiss

Red and deep burgundy, such a dramatic and autumnal match. Just love the tucked in Balenciaga blouse with these trousers, they make a great look together! The fact that the trousers are cropped makes the look not-so-heavy. 

Saturday, 7 September 2019


It's not my usual look, but I thought I'd try something a bit different. 

I rather like pink and red - in theory it shouldn't work, but in practice, I think it looks rather chic. I've also gone for a play of texture in this look, with the tight, sleek dress and blouson glitter sleeves. 

I couldn't choose a bag, but it turned out that this belt bag worked perfectly, in a tonally dissonant kind of way. It's always good to have an element of weird in a look, just to keep in interesting. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Crop Sleeve Top | Limited Edition
Leather Fitted Red Dress | Velvet Orchid
Emerald Earrings | Young Hollywood
Almost Heart Bag | Pretty 'n' Love
Hot Buys Metallic Peach Pumps | Bonjour Bizou