Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #91

I actually finished a graphic last night! Woot woot, although I actually started it like 2 months ago, for me that's an achievement, maybe I'll start another today =) But I really like this outfit =D
Jewelled Blouse, Pretty 'n Love
LE Patchwork Jeans, LE
Swing Coat, Decades

Mega Sequin Purse, LE
Pink Platforms, Sonia Rykiel

Sports luxe

I still like the 'Sports Luxe' trend, it's been going around for a couple of years now, and for me it doesn't get old at all, and it doesn't for DieDunkleMaid either - I really love this look! I keep seeing both the shirt and jeans being worn terribly and it makes me want to pull my hair out, so it was a relief to see a great styling - most people didn't pair the pieces together and for me the accessories really make the look, I am a particular fan of the shoes and bag =)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #90

Both of these pieces kinda stumped me in the styling department when thinking about how to use them - so why not use them together, not sure if it's one of my better ideas, but I kinda like how it turned out!
Faux Feather Dress, Voile Holiday Boutique
Rose Embroidered Skirt, Giambattista Valli

Basic Pumps, Nelly

Minimal florals

Featuring one of our guest writers today because I loved the outfit - BeautifulOval! So simple, and the bright pinks immediately catch my eyes, plus those shoes are fab! The whole thing reminds me of peony flowers, which I see EVERYWHERE these days, it seems like they're all over the magazines and blogs which I read, it's nice to get a little taste of them on Stardoll from just this simple yet effective styling =)

Sorry there haven't been many features lately, but I've been trawling around the site looking at close to 300 suites a day and really nothing is catching my eye to feature =(

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #89

Catching up on so many YouTube videos and television programmes - it's great! Need to start thinking about my holiday next week though =D
Western Denim Shirt, Ralph Lauren
Leggings, RIO
Hearts Denim Jacket, Pretty 'n Love

Chain Pocketbook, Archive
PPQ SS13 Platforms, PPQ

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #88

Had full intentions of posting this yesterday, sorry! Will probably post another challenge post later tonight =) 
Sequin Graphic Frock, Chanel
White Mushroom Skirt, Archive

LE Logo Hot Yellow Thin Belt, LE
Casablanca Heels, Special Offer

Monday, 26 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #87

Like this outfit a whole lot less than the last, really not feeling it at all =/ 
V Neck Tank, It Girls
True Blue Denim, John Galliano Kids
Silk Tailored Blazer, Archive

Skull Necklace, Nelly
See All Caryall, Antidote
Black Holiday Sandals, It Girls

As some of you will know, I'm a bit of a crazy Dance Moms fan, and I absolutely LOVE Maddie in Sia's video for Chandelier:

Style Diaries #9

Who? Joanna Hillman
Known For? A fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar
{Photos = pinterest.com}
What Do I Like About Her Style? She completes looks incredibly well, I am pretty much in love with all of her accessories! Plus on my look for images I couldn't help but notice her amazing coats and jackets, recently I've become very much a coat person, honestly don't know where it came from, but I'm into coats a lot now! Apologies for this very looong upcoming image!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #86

Still very much on the fence with these shorts, I keep seeing this sort of style all over the place on blogs and fashion sites and magazines, but translated into Stardoll ... still not sure =/ Opinions?
Black Mariniere Pull, BASICS
Cropped Black Trousers, Decades

Double Chanel Purses, Chanel
Clear Shoes, Sonia Rykiel

Beauty Snaps

An LE get together - BALMAIN Overflow

Finally styling looks from the last LE collection which came out in April (you can read my review HERE) - and it was a bit of a Balmain slap in the face! I love the Balmain collection it's based on and more would have been soooo amazing, but anyway, here's what I've put together - enjoy =D 
Thought and opinions? LET ME KNOW! Blogs thrive on comments and just because we can post a couple of times a day here doesn't mean that we don't need motivation to keep going!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beauty Snaps

Wear My Closet Challenge #85

Just got such a pretty pair of heels in Topshop, can't wait to wear! Been looking to style this bag for ages and I kinda love it in this look =)
Cozy Home Sweater, It Girls
Silver Couture Trousers, Giambattista Valli

Paris Bag, Young Hollywood
Snow White Heels, Voile Holiday Boutique


Beautiful gold and white combination from ChristinaKisa - I think it's a great styling with the gold accents and not typically something I'd go for, so I love seeing others using it so well! Flowing skirts are very popular right now around the site, and this one definitely caught my eye among the ones I've seen. Plus I love the hair with this look, it clears the neck perfectly for those large earrings, which again aren't typically my taste but I love them here and would probably consider them in the future =)

Friday, 23 May 2014


Such a beautiful evening look from Miver - I don't think I've seen this dress and I'm now kinda in love with it! And the look really goes the whole way, with perfect shoes and bag for the dress, along with pretty nude nails and a fabulous necklace! Plus the makeup looks great - those pink lips are a perfect standout and the eye makeup is so complementary to the eye colour, love it soooo much =D

Subcouture Stylings

So Subcouture came out wayyyyy back at the end of March and now finally is my Styled Outfits post! Definitely far far too late, but I still wanna do it because I said I would =) I had actually done this all yesterday and then my computer decided to crash before I could save what I'd done, so I had to do it all again - searched for close to 2 hours for the real version of the trousers, but had no luck - found some similar ones but nothing identical - anyone know? So I included 3 stylings of these for you =)

Beauty Snaps

Snapped Today

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #84

Fiddled with the blog a little, may or may not have accidentally deleted the buttons at the side in my poor HTML attempts so had to make some new ones, they're all still there though =)
Tartan Wool Skirt, Callie's Picks
Blue Skinny Pants, Ralph Lauren
Stock Jacket, Nelly

PPQ AW13 Slingbacks, PPQ

Falling for interior design

{Sorry about the dreadful image quality - I'm on my home PC and although the photoshop version is like 3 ahead of what I have on my laptop, I can't seem to use the same editting and saving setting, v. v. v. annoying!}

Absolutely had to feature this wonderful suite which belongs to Arki. - look how much effort has gone into changing it from a simple and almost kinda strange interior to a bedroom that frankly we're all jealous of, I mean just look at that closet that she created herself =O Just amazing! Some of her other suite rooms are pretty fabulous as well so I suggest you head over to her suite and give her some recognition for that hard work!!! =D 

Legs long coat

I love this look featuring such a quirky jacket from funnybeach - I think it's amazing with the white lace detailed dress! Platforms would never be a failure in a look like this and I love the addition of the sunnies. Also think that bright lip works to perfection with the little red accents from the coat - fab look overall!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

R E S O R T 2 0 1 4

Dizzying heights trousers It Girls
Navy jkt w straps It Girls
Birds of paradise dress  Bonjour Bizou
 Lime satchel  PPQ
White point heels  Pretty n' Love
Gold & Ivory necklace Opera Passes Epiphany

Wear My Closet Challenge #83 ~ Cannes

If I were in Cannes right now, these would be the maxi dresses that I'd be donning - another post with multiple looks, but you'd get bored of seeing 4 separate maxi dress based posts so why not lump them all together in one =) I also just went and had a hair cut, it's been a year since my last one, got like 6 inches chopped off!
And in an attempt to do more beauty parlor related things, I've also included the makeup looks which I used - fear not, this probs wont last long, we all know I'm pretty bad at makeup and the likes!
Draped Couture Perfection Dress, Special Offer
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Tribute Dress, Couture Tribute
Orange Gather Gown, Stardoll And The City
Chanel Tribute Wedding Dress, Chanel

Cluster Necklace, DKNY
Adonis Heels, Bizou
Hotbuys Golden Resort Purse, Hot Buys
DKNY Orange Shoulder Bag, DKNY
Gold Block Heels, Riviera
HotBuys HiTech Heels, Original Future

Beauty Snaps

HotBuys Galore!

So I'd been saving up numerous pieces to style while I've been studying, and here are two of the Hotbuys which were released - I've also included the RL versions of these, both of which I really love! The pieces were both shown in menswear shows, which I think really brings about the idea of versatility onto the site, enjoy!
This blazer was 18SD from It Girls and came out in April (April 5th actually, I've been waiting to style it since then!) - I did show two featured looks with this piece here with both looks choosing skirts and bare legs, so I have opted to style with jeans =) First look went for matching colours, which made the red stripe really stand out against the white jeans and black accessories, and for the second look I ventured a little outside the box and chose jeans (love this boyfriend style pair, I might actually do a whole post on them!) along with black accessories. Seemed to be finding hats a necessity with this jacket, guess they work well and I love both of these!
This shirt is a May release and cost 15SD, I've seen a couple of looks around the site, but haven't featured any - I choose trousers/jeans for this piece again, skirts could look really nice, but would definitely require some thought to look great! I ended up styling a pair of jeans, a print and a simple black pair of trousers, and I think all actually work with this shirt. For me, because it is pretty long, you really need heels, but that's just my opinion and how I've dressed my doll!

P.S. 900th post on the blog, can't really believe it!

Caged heels

Great classy black look from P.a.M.a, I keep wanting to buy these heels or similar ones and then I stop myself because I've no idea how to style them, then I see this! Love them in the look, and love seeing a maxi skirt paired with a tee - it's definitely unusual, but it works! Accessories have been chosen well, and I love this hairstyle chosen, it goes nicely =)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Having a ball

Lulluplix is looking so stunning in this skirt and top combination! Plus I love the simple beauty that is behind the look, this is how that hair should be worn =) The top is probably regarded as an unconventional pairing for the beautiful flowing ball-gown-esque skirt, but I like it, and I am very much wearing a skirt (albeit a midi/knee length one) to the upcoming ball that I'm going to =D It definitely doesn't need a whole bunch of accessories or jewellery, the clothing really speaks for itself^


Bit of a shameless plug here, The Stardoll Beauty Spot has started it's summer posting, meaning actual regular posts, maybe not everyday, but a whole handful of times a week! I'm hoping this blog takes off and could have the same success as we have here at The Stardoll Lookbook, so I'd love if you checked it out by clicking on it's header below!

Collared Sunnies

Gotta love this look from our very own Guest Writer, SarahVIP! Couldn't help but feature it myself =) This is exactly the sort of look I want my doll to be rocking allllll the time! Adore the navy paired with black and grey, I think it works perfectly, plus those sunnies in the collar are fab, that's how I usually wear mine in RL! 

Beauty Snaps

A new segment, I'm feeling this will be the regular posts, with special features, reviews etc. spaced out when something crops up that needs a post! 

Wear My Closet Challenge #82

I know this is very much a wintery outfit - however it seems that I have a lot more winter based clothes in my closet, I must have a good 10 or so winter looks that I'll be sporting in these summer months, will just have to persevere! 
I actually have 42 more posts planned out for this challenge, which gives me a bit of an odd number - I have a tiny handful of clothes left in my closet which I'm deeming un-usable for the remainder of this challenge, well most are dresses, which I can't call styling if I just chuck it on and choose shoes and a bag, but we'll see!
Scarf Sweater Dress, Chanel
Faithful Pants, Elizabeth and James

Ilovell Boots, Nelly

Monday, 19 May 2014

A Popular Style

A new MS.TQ collection was released this week, I myself amn't that much of a fan, but one hairstyle has really taken off around the site - lets take a look!
TOP ROW L-R = AnnMason Asya2004 J.Cool.J Mia1435 BOTTOM ROW L-R = Sarah.Parker. SarahVIP Polina_Bast AnaCleta.
I love how you can take just one hairstyle in one colour and make it work and look different in a whole number of different looks! I've been pretty bad with trying out makeup recently, but after snapping all these looks with the hair, I noticed each dolls makeup so much more, and it's great at the individuality between them, it's honestly becoming a bit of an inspiration and my little cogs are turning up there for my dolls makeup looks for the future! Plus I might buy that hair now, I think it would look awesome in a formal setting, but can't wait to try it out in a casual look, may look amazing with some sort of hat or elaborate hair accessory =) 

Ralph Lauren - Chosen Pieces

So back at the start of April we had a new Ralph Lauren release in the Nelly store and I've been saving up the pieces that I bought to style and show you guys! Been a while, but it might make you have another look and you could find something else you like =) 
I ended up buying 6 pieces, mainly accessories actually, which normally I complain about in collections - but this time I was impressed, particularly the nude pumps, gotta love them so much! Can't wait to incorporate the pieces into my regular wardrobe, but for now, here's something:

Wear My Closet Challenge #81

Took a break from everything now that my exams are done - I had plans pretty much for every day since my exams finished at the start of last week and I just never had a chance to sit down and write something! But it's good to take a breather sometimes! 
Denim Shirt, Special Offer
Dotted Blue Collar Blouse, Scotch R'Belle
Patchwork Skinny Jeans, Miss Sixty

Tangerine Ankle Strap Pumps, DKNY

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Laguna scarf LE
Stacy cap
Latte street style top Strike a Pose
Quilted shorts Sonia Rykiel Tribute
Hot buys see through purse Hot Buys
Spring boots It Girls