Friday, 31 July 2015

Menswear | S T Y L E D O U T F I T S

Since I featured GlossyMiss1 a little while back I can't stop thinking about menswear, and since then there have been numerous posts on the blog, both in features and in the Guest Writer posts, so I've finally gotten around to my turn - a Styled Outfits post with 3 menswear pieces, 2 of which were already on the blog but I wanted to include anyway.
Firstly the Denim Styled Shirt - I'm a bit of a weirdo in that I quite like double-denim, so that's what I ended up going for with this look of the DKNY jeans. I added the Chloe Inspired Sweater and this tiny Voile clutch to add some sort of almost-glamour, however kept it very casual with some simple flats.
My second look features the Independence Shirt (it is still in the Plaza, I just can't for the life of me find the link, sorry!), and I wanted to stick to one of the primary colours on the shirt for the rest of my look. The red seemed obvious once I saw this Balmain blazer sitting in my closet! Totally simple with the black jeans and heels because I think the shirt and the blazer do plenty of talking themselves!
My final look, which may be cheating a little because it's mostly covered, but uses the Multi Color Sweater. I do love the colours in it, but these PPQ trousers and this navy velvet-style jacket seemed like too good a match with it to pass up, so it did end up mostly covered, oh wel, I still like it, maybe I'll repeat an attempt at this one in the future^

Strike The Tones

Bizou Round Pilot Sunnies and Silk Tapered Trousers, DKNY Big Black Wool Scarf, Strike a Pose Charcoal Streetstyle Overcoat and Comfy Sweater Light, Young Hollywood Mary Kate Box Purse and Ashley Bag, Tingeling CĂ©line Shoes

Feathered skirt

Such a stylish evening glamour look from TATTOON for todays feature - it totally makes me forget that the feathered skirt is actually a dress (it was in this summers Couture Tribute release). Anyways, I love it worn as a skirt and I think the shirt and belt style it perfectly into one. The blazer also a great addition. The basic shoes also a good choice - plus some bonus points for having red toenails^

Thursday, 30 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Gold Tassel Necklace

The last Hotbuy of July, it seems to have passed so quickly! It's the Gold Tassel Necklace, costing 11SD's from Original Future - take a look at how we've done:
And now the poll, as usual it will be open for a couple of days =)

Cinched skirt

GMonster is always on form, and it's true again with this look! The skirt stood out to me and I wanted it immediately! It's actually a the skirts of a LV-styled feminine dress which we can only get from the Bazaar now (it's an It Girls piece), but I feel like it could be worth the search^ Anyway, loved the skirt and the pinstripes are perfect, plus not an easy look to pull off. The PPQ Mules look amazing, I'm gonna need to start wearing them with skirts. The shape of the top is also good, I think it really works with the skirt shaping and the horizontal stripes are definitely doing it with those pinstripes on the skirt^

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

D O T | Release Review

An amazing beauty release on Monday in the form of a new Dot collection - it's called Bronze, and that homepage ad has totally sold the collection to me, and that was without even seeing it. It might have been good to have a few dolls there wearing the products, but the colour tones alone really do it for me^
So there are basically 5 shades for us - and each comes in lipstick, lip pencil, eyeshadow, shadestick, eye liner liquid and pencil, both mascaras, eyebrow pencil and blush - phew, what a list! But hey, I'm sure we need ALL those products =D
I just posted about dark lips not working on my doll, but these shades are perfect! I haven't done a lot of looking around to find features, so I'll just be using pictures of the products on my own doll - I'm sure most of you will find one of the colours to work because they're just that versatile! On a side note to that, I did buy the Nude Beige Blush because it didn't look too bad when I tried it, but giving it a go again hasn't worked out for me - so definitely try the blush shades a couple of times before getting one I'd say! I bought all the lipsticks, yep and I'm definitely not ashamed to admit it^ I love all the shades and have included two down below. For me the Burgundy Brown was perfect as it's super close to one of my favourites, the Cream Burgundy from Sephora. I also adore the Nude Beige - as you can see below it's super similar to my natural lip colour but adds a little matte effect. I'm totally going to be using this all the time I'm feeling! As fpr eyes - I've gotten into the shadesticks a lot - so I purchased two, the Mocca and the Milk Chocolate both which I think work with my eyes alright. The Nude Beige was just too pale, I can't see it at all on my skin. But I find, for whatever reason, I like the shadesticks more than the eyeshadows - I mean they're the same colours and the shadows are 3SD cheaper ... but I'm too attached, haha! Now what I wish for is these colours with a tad of shimmer, not too much, just like the tiniest amount - it seems I'll never be pleased, but don't get me wrong, I seriously do love this release!
I didn't purchase any of the eyeliners or eyebrow pencils or mascaras, right now I don't feel like I'll use them, but I do think, if the colours are good for you, that the liquid liners would be a good investment to make because they're only 4SD each^

Anyway, what do you guys think of this release? Winner in your books too? Let me know in comments!

Tees out

I spotted these two t-shirted looks at the weekend and couldn't help but feature them! Every so often I love putting a printed or slogan tee or something on with my regular style just to mix it up a little, and so these two definitely caught my eye. Haily54321 has gone for the style-factor with parisian styled women on her white shirt (from Killah, available through the Bazaar), fitting in nicely with her black Dior trousers and the fabulous jewel selection, while GirlAlmighty666 has gone for the more rock and roll vibe with this Ralph Lauren Sleeveless Tee, and has continued with this throughout the whole look. I particularly love seeing this oversized denim jacket being used, and the lip colour is also a perfect addition =D

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Two Tone Rivet Dress

Last clothing Hotbuy of July today - the Two Tone Rivet Dress from RIO costing an eyewatering 28SD's! Yes it's definitely a pricey one, but we gave it a shot anyway, plus you might want to click the image to view it bigger, had to get all that material in the frame, haha!
And the poll:

Printed blues

This look from janetteLow stood out to me this weekend, I think I love the combination of the blue hued scarf and the denim skirt! The Hotbuys Chiffon Blouse looks great with this denim skirt, and those over-the-knee boots are such a great addition! I adore the scarf, and find this style could be hard to wear, but that isn't shown here at all! Overall working well =)

Deep Lips | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

{images from google search for 'dark lips'}
Lipstick is a beauty item which is fast becoming my favourite in the Beauty Parlor, and I love trying all the different colours on offer in the Plaza. Some are definitely not for me, like the yellows and the greens and blues, but with over 150 lip products in the Plaza, there is most definitely more than one perfect colour for everyone!
I go on about burgundy lips quite a lot I think, and I LOVE a good deep lip colour, but for me they're always a struggle because often these great dark tones don't work with my skin tone - I think I tried one once and was told to stop being a wannabe goth! Which seems a little eccentric, but looking back the black was probably not the best idea with my skin tone. I also think the lips that my doll has just aren't the best for darker colours with the teeth showing.
Dolls which absolutely ROCK the dark lips - black and true deep deep burgundy shades are those with darker skin, and there are so many dolls working the style (not just right now, but all the time - I think I've just not taken so much notice before) that I wanted to give them a feature (also no teeth in any of the lips chosen, I think that's the key!):
Boy do I wish I could work these dark lips with an amazing smokey black eye like these dolls do - I also wanna point out that I seem to have subconsciously picked those who accessorise so well, I'm a tad jealous - great lips? Check. Great eye makeup? Check. Fab accessorising? Check. I totally need to turn my game up^^

Sunday, 26 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Patent Wood Platforms

Another Hotbuy already, plus two more to go! This time it's the Patent Wood Platforms from Bizou costing 14SD's. I love platforms right now, what about you guys? So for me these were fun to style!

Here's the poll, as usual it's open for a couple days, and there's just the two of us this time, I can't decide if it makes the decision on a favourite more easy or difficult for you guys!


Inspired by Valentino's Fall 2015 RTW, Chanel and Olsen. 
Oversized Sweater from Evil Panda, Gathered Black Dress from Stardoll And The City, Archive's Chain Pocketbook+Chanel Chains Handbag

Suit look

Gotta love a white look - and this one from SS-diamond is no exception! Suit looks are all in, in my opinion, right now and this combination is fab. Those shorts look great with the Chanel top and the over the shoulder Melbourne Minimalism jacket is a good match. The bag with the hints of purple works so well, and the shoes definitely top it off particularly with the silver tips on the toes^

R I O | Release Review

Brand new drop from RIO at the end of the week there, as usual a very gold theme around it, which I think looks amazing on the homepage ad, it totally draws the eye and draws me in with all that shimmer and shine!
For me the store disappoints with the green background, but hey, not much I can do about that - plus it's the clothing we're there for! There's a very good mix of pieces with tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpsuits. The same goes for the accessories with the shoes, jewellery and belt, although a bag would have been a good addition too^
There are a couple of pieces which remind me of Hotbuys, particularly the Shiny Sequin Mini Dress (which reminds me of the January 2012 Hotbuys Glitter Dress - click HERE for a picture and review from one of the best on the blogging scene) and the Metallic Shine Platforms (these a very similar to this months Hotbuys Gold Stiletto Sandals and also 3SD's cheaper if that's something that sways you to an item!), and I'm sure the Gold Straps Bodycon is looking familiar too^
Anyway I love some of the individual pieces of clothing, especially the Gold Brocade Shorts. In terms of whole pieces, the Cute Cutout Romper is definitely up there in the ranks. These are two pieces I bought and I will style the Gold Brocade Shorts for you just a little later down the post!
Pricing is fairly as expected for the store, ranging from 6 to 17SD's with most accessories falling under the 10SD mark. There are only two SC items, the Gold Metal Belt (a true bargain at 45SC) and the Gold Fringe Crop Top.
So, we've already seen Larui styling the Metallic Pleat Skirt on Friday, so here are my Styled Outfits for this release:
I went for the opposites with these looks, one black and one white - I kinda love them both, particularly the bags I've chosen for each look. Plus I'm impressed that I got bags in both, accessorising will always be a problem, ha!

Anyways, what did you guys think of the release? And the looks from the items so far? Let me know in comments!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Retro Flares

Todays Hotbuy (and on time!) are the Retro Flares from It Girls costing 15SD's. They're white trousers, and to me there's not much more to love about them, I think we all know my little addiction to white trousers here! So lets see how we did:
I feel like everyone has gone for quite different looks and definitely shows the trousers in a different light, how you guys are going to pick a favourite in the poll here sure could be a challenge! It'll be open until 10pm on the 27th of July, so get voting for your favourite =D

Wide navy

Trousers galore from RituskaRitka which continues in this post - I simply adore these navy wideleg trousers (they're a Facebook Freebie from a while ago - totally wishing I had them, anyone know if you can still get them?)! They suit the red perfectly in the shoes and the small parts on the cropped sweater, plus the red lip^ It's not a huge stand out look, but it works so well and totally worth a feature =)

Friday, 24 July 2015


Such a fab street style look from Mery.- this week - those trousers with the Nelly Sneakers? Such a great combination, wishing I'd worn it! But it was the Ralph Lauren shirt that jumped out to me first - it's for the guys but man it looks great! The leather jacket is perfect ontop and the hairstyle also works perfectly for the style and the way the clothes sit - such a great job!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Fan Clutch + Armani Inspired Purse

I was away for work from the last weekend until today and I didn't get as much downtime as I'd hoped so couldn't compile these posts for the two Hotbuys that were released during that time, but have no fear, here are looks and polls =)
Firstly the Fan Clutch from Bizou released on the 19th of July. This is definitely a different piece, something we've not had before on Stardoll and generally not something I would wear, but it's worth a go and cost 12SD's, so not too much of an expense:
Only two to choose from in the poll, and I don't like my look so much, so I think it'll be an easy win for Lauri^

Secondly we have the Armani Inspired Purse from Fallen Angel released on the 21st of July costing 15SD's and is totally worth that price! I for one love the bag and think it could easily fit into anyone's style:
A great piece here and what I feel are 3 pretty variable looks all based on black - so maybe a tough decision on which to vote for in this poll!

Garden and yellow

Miloshki is just one of those people who always looks amazing - here is some more evidence of that! I love the garden style print on this tee which works so well with the sleeved Melbourne Minimalism shirt that's underneath. The yellow Gucci bag is perfect, now why can't I wear mine as greatly as this?!?! Haha, moving one - accessories are good too, the rings and the PPQ Hair Glitter is a very nice inclusion^ 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bisou, Bisou Menswear

There is the one time when every girl will dress in oversized sleeves of her man's shirt, replacing her night gown for a clean white mens shirt. But what if there comes a time when a girl takes her man's shirt for the world outside the nest? Every single girl is obviously able to catch a colorful, minimalistic Independence Shirt on a fresh new sale in Mr. so there are no worries. What's past is in the past, no more pink Wednesdays. Instead, let's go wear the menswear!

Mens lace

Singiel is already proving me wrong with this Subcouture by wearing the mens Lace Blazer W Shirt as a fabulous dress! They layered flowing grey jacket works perfectly ontop and I think the colour really helps make the detailing on the menswear really pop out. Accessories are also great and this belt is perfect!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Shakira8000 looked stunning this weekend in a classic number with these black wide trousers. The top, which is actually a dress (from Mortal Kiss) looks amazing - who knew it was amazing as a top^ And I love the blue accessories chosen, the Chanel bag really drew me in and it's not a piece I've seen styled this well so far. Burgundy lip is always a winner in my opinion =D

Monday, 20 July 2015

Sheer - light and airy

The summer LE collection has really been doing the rounds recently and I've seen it being worn a lot more - including in this look from anisa123 =) This look really skims around the sheer issue of the Mint Floral Gown (sadly sold out - although as mentioned in my Meadow Couture Skirt post, there are a few items still available!) with a basics white skirt beneath, and I think it transforms this dress into something easily wearable! The Melbourne Minimalism Chiffon Cardigan is a great choice and keeps the light and airy feel that the dress originally had. Accessories well chosen, the wedges are nice and don't detract from the look and the bag plus necklace add the perfect amount of glam. The hair is also amazing - those flowing locks are really selling me this whole look^

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer rain

Despite the fact Subcouture was a failure in its entirety, the lace blazer is a must-have! Instead of styling the piece as an overcoat, I opted for the Marni inspired top over it. The additional blues brought a subtlety to the outfit. Tick a box, and share your thoughts on the outfit below!

Skirt Inspired By Alexander Wang | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

The recent Callie's Picks store sure came with a surprise release of this Skirt Inspired By Alexander Wang - a coveted piece I'm sure everyone has lusted over even for a little time! These two looks really stood out to me during the week - B-S1997 has gone for a darker look with this black polo (a piece I adore and wear a lot!) but kept it casual with light loose jeans. The bag works well with this style, and the hair was chosen perfectly! FaintingSpells has gone for a slightly more 'formal' look with the piece, choosing a blue trouser and fitted white top (it's a classic this top, I don't think it can go wrong!) along with great heels and a smart white bag to accessorise. The hair also works to perfection with this look - so it seems hair can go in long way in giving additions to looks^

Saturday, 18 July 2015


GlossyMiss1 sported this look last week, and it definitely is simple but what struck me was the use of this Denim Styled Shirt from Mr - I would never have guessed it was for the guys at all! And it's paired in am amazing double-denim combination with these boyfriend jeans. The loafers are a perfect touch, and the little gold detailing gives the look a little glam side, as do the sunglasses. In fact, I loved this so much I bought the shirt and I'm gonna try some looks for a Styled Outfits post for you guys =D

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

A brand new Subcouture collection was released yesterday, which we've known about for a week, so it was very much anticipated. The homepage ad is very modern and bright, with quite a hip hop feeling to it, but it does strike me as something I'm not sure is for me - some people will love it though!
To me the store doesn't give an immediate 'wow' feeling, what does impress me is that only a couple of pieces are SS only - so it's open to everyone which is great! Although some prices might not be accessible to all at least the option to buy is actually there =)
Overall I get a very mix-match vibe from this store because I don't see much flow between looks or a clear theme from the pieces available. Maybe a little futuristic with the metals? I'm not sure - I think I'd prefer a theme really and then I could understand the release a little better.
There's nothing really wrong with the clothes - I think they're well designed and all seemed to have a good fit when I tried them on, however there's not a piece that stands out as the clear winner of the collection. I did end up buying two dresses - the Watermelon Caftan Dress and the Lily Mini Dress, plus I'm currently thinking about the Fraise Print Dress, so that could be added to my wardrobe in the next few hours! Of the non-dresses, I haven't bought anything yet, however the Frayed Star Denim Skirt is looking appealing. I like the print on the two mens pieces (Lace Blazer W Shirt and Lace Trousers), I wish it was on something for the girls too^ I felt the accessories were a little disappointing for my style, nothing really fits in with me or seems all that great to style. I bought the Silver Slimane Heels because I do think I will get a lot of use out of them and they could be worn in any style, I just don't LOVE them a lot at this moment (I very well could be taking that statement back soon though, ha!). The bags did nothing for me, and those eyelashes ... they're just a bit questionable to me, so a definite no purchase there (plus they're 20SD's for one eyelash, 40 for a set seems excessive to me!).
Onto the prices, the range is 10 to 30 SD's, which is alright, it's definitely not the best if you're wanting something for the name but don't necessarily want to fork out a large amount for one of the dresses, which are all at the top end of the pricing. And it's not all that non-SS friendly if you're a fairly new member. I contemplated renewing if the collection was all SS only, but I don't think I would have, because although I did buy items, they wouldn't have been worth topping up over.
So I've actually included Styled Outfits in the post for once - but that's mainly because I'm away on a work trip next week and I don't know when I'll get time to sit at my laptop. So I styled the Lily Mini Dress and included the Silver Slimane Heels and I really love what I came up with, just putting these two looks together made me so pleased I bought this dress, even if the top half isn't entirely my style, I've attempted to solve it in both looks:

What do you guys think of the collection - buy anything you love? And then my looks? Comment below! 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Dotted fringe

Todays feature is someone who has always 'brought it' on the fashion scene - RituskaRitka! I adore this look mainly for those dotted trousers (they're from Bizou and I've searched for them in the Bazaar for a very long time!) and they're stealing the whole look! The creativity comes from the addition of the fringed trousers beneath, giving the dotted piece of perfection an edge. The leather top is a fashionable add, and that accessories have been chosen well (P.S. they were both freebies, they really can go a long way sometimes^). And lets not forget the makeup look - those eyelashes truly drew me in and typically I'd go for eyes or lip, but wow they're both fab on their own and complementary to each other. Overall such an amazing look =)


So I wasn't SS when the last LE collection was released (it really was a while ago!) however when I did become SS, there were still pieces left and I ended up buying the Meadow Couture Skirt - and you can still buy it now for 75SD's in the Plaza. I've worn it once so far but have had it earmarked for a Styled Outfit post seeing as I think it's that little bit trickier to wear, so here it is:
Now I definitely don't see these as perfect looks, they could do with a little more work I think - I'd love to find more jackets or coats which work. My first look includes this Chanel trench coat and I stuck with a basic blouse and these freebie nude heels (these are great and super versatile^) but I would have loved a bag! In my second look I ended up going for this Melbourne Minimalism bodysuit, and I'm surprised that I liked the combination because I thought it would have made the skirt sit too low, but I actually disagree with myself - I think it works! Kept a little metallic theme with the accessories, choosing white/silvery heels and this new Pink Metal Collar Necklace from Callie's picks (although I think it would look best in a different look).

Overall I'm pleased with the skirt, but it will definitely take more than one post for me to get it just right - maybe you guys have some ideas for it too? xx

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Dark, white and - sneakers!

As Fashion Week is almost everywhere these days, no person is able to be not-inspired and ready for the Street Style game! Seeing Menswear and Couture Shows has really inspired my outfits through last week and it's almost impossible to stick all the ideas into one outfit. Street Style from both, male and female has inspired me and motivated me to work on mine as well. Seeing Nelly sneakers in the previous releases pictured a vision of plenty of looks in my head but I went for the one with least tones.


Another day and another feature - you know the drill by now! This time it's another look from MissJimni1990 who, I have to say, is working those Givenchy trousers like a pro^ The little glitter we see peeking at the top adds a nice touch of glam and the Spikes Necklace is also a great addition - it's a popular one right now with a feature yesterday too! 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Braided Chain Bag | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

Todays double feature is themed on the Braided Chain Bag from the recent Nelly drop. I haven't styled mine yet, but both MeLolitka and MissMagda008 are working theirs to perfection! In the first look it blends in perfectly with the very boho-festival feel which particularly comes from the feathered-effect Spikes Necklace and the Kimono. While in the second the colours have been switched a little with the fabulous PPQ Wide White Trousers making the bag stand out front and center against them. The striped top and over the shoulder leather jacket give the look a very overall cool feeling - now just to achieve this when I wear the bag!

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #12

The piece today is the first bracelet of the challenge - the Multi Dome Dynamite Bangle from Mawi which costs just 4SD's, that's a bargain if I've ever seen one! It's also still for sale in the Plaza, so no tricky searching for this one, just click HERE to get it in your dressing room =)
Two pretty contrasting looks with this bracelet - the first darker with detailing from this breton styled top. I love the sleeve length on this one, so I think it suits having the furry vest ontop. I also love the navy heels I chose, despite a lot of people saying black and navy don't go, I disagree and think this works well! My second look is much lighter and fit for the season with this lace detailed dress and denim jacket (in fact, this jacket was one of my early Styled Outfits posts back in 2012!) which is a fab combination for a dressed down but still stylish look =) The gold shoes seemed a must with this bracelet too^

I hadn't really put much thought to this bracelet before now, but I do think I'd make the effort to wear it a little more often - what do you guys think?