Friday, 31 August 2018

A U G U S T 2018 | Hotbuys Review

And here we are at the end of August with another fabulous set of Hotbuys! There's a lot of Gucci going on this month which I find fun and I really am loving this choice. I especially am liking the glimpses of red spread throughout the pieces, it really ties things together nicely - and I'm somewhat glad there is no swimwear included =D

Gucci Inspired T Shirt - Where do I even begin with how great this tee is?! It's such a cute piece and a current one, therefore great to have included with this months HB's! The fit is really nice, it's folded at the hem and is slightly cropped, and I really like the larger and longer sleeves, they looks great. The colour is cream and I think it's perfect for the season right now =) Bizou 19SD's
Swarovski Inspired Earrings - I think these look like pretty cute earrings, hoops are my favourite style and these ones are unique in their design. From afar it looks like eye detailing at the top, some writing within the hoop and a lip print on the bottom, I didn't realise until zooming in super close that they say 'Bite Me' which I'm not such a fan of, but it's so small that it's not something I'll notice when wearing them. The colours look good though, they definitely pop and I think these will work nicely in many looks^ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Gucci Inspired Ophidia Bag - Our first bag of this month, a cross body piece with a fantastic texture to the body of the piece, I really love that! The colours are very cute, I adore the cream, denim and red combination, and the gold zips are such great detailing =) It's just such a sweet piece, and has a great overall size and design, I'm excited about this one! Fallen Angel 24SD's
Cut-out Skirt - A midi skirt! And a red one at that, I think it's pretty perfect for autumnal stylings and it's definitely a unique piece with the cutout over the thigh - it definitely stands out. I like the fit, I think it looks good on the doll, and the cutout works very nicely. I've not seen too many people style it, but I think maybe it just needs a little time - I like it at least! It Girls 22SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Boots - Our first pair of shoes, versatile black booties - they're pretty good and tick the boxes! These look like such a classic piece, I think very good for winter based stylings. The pointed toe is appealing, as is the sock-boot style, but maybe they could be a little taller. I spent a while styling these up, and did find the height a little restricting - still a good pair of boots though =D Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Gucci Inspired Sunglasses - These are very cool sunglasses, I love the red ombre down the lens and the round style, it's a bit of a classic. The frames are super cool and typical Gucci in green with a red mid-portion. I also like the delicate metal-work across the top of the lenses, I think it looks good and they're a pretty cool piece^ RIO 16SD's
Embroidered Cotton Blouse - Such a cute blouse, I really like this piece! It's cream, so not the typical white-collared shirt that is probably in place in your wardrobe. It's not a tight fit, and it's got a slight crop to it, so will look good with high-waisted pieces. I love the coloured bow design at the neck, I think it looks cute, although I'm sure there are people who'd prefer the piece without. Bizou 23SD's
Gucci Inspired Jogging Pants - I have to say this is the first HB this month that I've not been so fond of - jogging bottoms are just not my thing! I don't mind the colour of the printing on the piece, it's just the overall idea of the jogging style. I still think they'll be hugely popular though! It Girls 23SD's
Eclipse Sneakers - I'm a little on the fence about these shoes, I think they could look great in a range of stylings and I really like the colour combinations on them, especially the nude/pink tone, but I just find they look quite bulky and large on my doll. So I'm still a little unsure whether or not to get these! Original Future 19SD's
Gucci Inspired Bow Bag - And the final piece, although it was only brought out yesterday, I really like this one already, ending on a high this month! I love the tricolour ribbon handle and bow, it looks classic and it works well with the tones of the rest of the piece. I love the green over the top flap ad the gold detailing definitely stands out. I'm super excited to style this one up =) Pretty 'N Love 25SD's


Everyone's all about the Gucci Inspired T Shirt, I've already posted some other features with it and I've already styled it up for 1 Piece 1 Week myself! This look from LyVio is no exception to the other cool styles I've featured^ I adore the use of the orange tones in the bottom of the look, the glittery jumpsuit and the tulle skirt are great together and are fab tones against this tee. Completely loving the red accessories, this belt bag is perfection for the tee =D

Next up millaxx wears the Gucci Inspired Ophidia Bag in this cool navy and denim look, I really love it for the simplicity yet obvious chic-ness^ The denim panels on the bag work beautifully with these jeans, the white shirt with the cream panel and the red truly pops out with the sunglasses, minimal yet effective =D

More red pops in our third look, bottega wearing the very cool Cut-out Skirt! I think it looks so cute and also very wearable in this styling, especially with this denim jacket, the colours are great together! The other reds are also pretty great, I think this is a fantastic look for these shoes, they definitely look appealing to me now =)

And the final feature, MissGucciIcon. styling up the Gucci Inspired Jogging Pants, and while this look is super cool and very nice, these trousers are still not for me^ I like the overall beige/brown feel to the look, it works really well, and I really love the Gucci socks on the feet too, as well as paired with these checkered heels, that works very well!


For my stylings I went for the pieces that weren't in the features, and I think I really love this set of looks, they work together pretty well! Firstly the Embroidered Cotton Blouse which I styled up in a very expected way with these high-waisted burgundy trousers, but I love the overall look, it's exactly how I'd wear this blouse in RL^ I think the tan accessories work really nicely with this blouse as well, which I'm super excited about as I never wear tan accessories enough given how many I own^ Secondly the Balenciaga Inspired Boots, which I did find a little tricky, because the BB logo always looked too glam for the more casual pieces I tried out, hence the un-casual and very sparkly dress, but it works! This is the perfect show-off outfit, and I think will be great in the party-season of December^ And finally the Swarovski Inspired Earrings which maybe blend into my hairstyle a little, but you can still see the pop of red and that's the direction I took. Again these never looked quite right with my more casual pieces that I tried, so this ended up with a red glamorous maxi^ Not sure it's my favourite look, but I think it works for the piece for sure!

Dressing up

A super sleek and glamorous outfit from CuteDolla today^ I love this built up draped dressing in the outfit, it looks cool and the colours work well to let the features stand out, particularly in the bodicing and the sleeves. But it's the beauty look that really stood out - just see how amazing it looks! The pink is stand out and eye catching and just looks stunning, I love the shapes around the eyes paired with the silver frames, they're completely made into the beauty look. And the lips too, I love the middle stripe of pink, totally transforming!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Suite Style

Today another cool suite styling, from FREIHEIT1993 making a cool office-suite^ I love an office, they can be so creative in their design and this one sure is. Love the cement wall used instead of the original one, it adds a modern feel to the classic wooden floor and wall base and gives a good background for all the artwork, it looks so cool! Love the table and chair design in the middle, they look good and suit the room - the decor works around them really well =)

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

And finally writing about our latest Young Hollywood release from a few weeks ago! We knew this one would be coming, and think most people guessed it would be based on the Teen Choice Awards - I don't really keep up with the events to know what was worn, but from the pink in the advertising I'd say 'good things'!
Highlights This is the typical one floor release for Young Hollywood and contains the same number of looks as the previous Teen Choice release, which was actually the last time I did a full review of a Young Hollywood store! There's also a male look this time, but if you don't like pink then there's not much to go with!
Accessories It feels a little silly having an accessories section when there are only two pairs of shoes to talk about! There were no bags or extra pieces in this release, I do think it might benefit from some jewellery^ I do like the shoes, the Cami Heels are a neutral pink strapped sandal with a super thin, almost kitten-height heel. I can see these being very easy to wear and will work with a lot of styles and colours. Then there are the Madeleine Platforms, a black velvety pair of strapped platforms - I'm not the biggest fan of platform shoes, but these have a nice design and look good on, so I'd say if you were going to buy some, these are a nice choice to go for!
Clothing And the selection of clothing! There are 5 looks, 4 of which are co-ord sets and the 5th is a dress - which I'll start with. I'm not so much a fan of the Cami Dress, in fact there are still quite a few pieces of it left in the Plaza. I think it's the overall fit of the piece, it doesn't seem too flattering on the doll with the wideset straps on the shoulders, and overall it makes the doll look a lot wider and bigger than she actually is. I do like the colour, and the idea of the piece, but it's just not looking quite right as it is. The rest of the pieces in this store however, I do quite like and I do think have been made in a much better way =)

The designs are split evenly between skirts and trousers. The Hanna Top and Skirt are a cute mini-skirt set in white with a detailed fan-design covering both pieces - of which there are still some left in the Plaza! I like the fit of these items, the skirt has a nice small slit on the leg and the top has a great shoulder shape and sleeve length. The Lucy Top and Skirt are the second skirt set, and are much more detailed being covered in a bright floral design (and these are still in the Plaza too^). I like that the skirt is a midi length, which will definitely appeal to some people and I think it's got quite a unique shape. I am more drawn to the Skirt over the Top, so I'm definitely up for styling it individually and not just as a set. But I do love the sets of the trousers, both pieces, together or separately, I just love these items in the store! First up the Maddie Top and Pants which are in the striped, first off I love wearing stripes, and they're also red, what's not to love?! While the bralette style Top isn't usually my thing, I thought I'd give it a go anyway and because it's a perfect piece to wear with the perfect pair of loose fitting Pants that match it! These have such a great fit and I just love them so much on my doll! And I do also love the second set on my doll, the Madeleine Top and Pants - these have such a great fit on the doll, they just look fantastic! And of course they're in a delicate floral on a pale base, they just have me written all over them^ This Top is super cute in particular, I just love the lace and cotton mix and the lace design and the sweet bow, so cute and something just a little enough different for me =D
Prices As this is Young Hollywood, it was a limited release in terms of number, but there are still several items remaining in stock and nothing is SS limited. The prices vary from 50 to 130SD's but most pieces are below 90SD's.
Styled Outfits I had a great time wearing these pieces, and I think they're also pretty good Spring/Summer items so I look forward to next year with them as well =D Firstly the Lucy Skirt, styled ready for autumn in this heavy coat^ It was unintentional, but with the black base to the floral print, it was going to be a given. Love these emerald heels with the skirt though, really lets those greens come through =D Second the Madeleine Top and Pants set, which I didn't mean to style so minimally or just with heels, but can we not agree how great these items are alone?! I liked that these heels were minimal but had a small interesting design so it wasn't too plain - but I have tried the Pants out in other outfits and I find they look great with many things! And finally the Maddie Pants, styled up with all the reds! I'm just so pleased with how these trousers look on the doll, they are pretty versatile too, and I think these will be great through the autumn and winter paired with long sleeved tops like this one, and some fabulous outerwear =)

Features And finishing off with a few features^ First up Mabepa wears the Madeleine Pants individually and they look fantastic! The colour is perfect with this silky sheeny lightweight jacket, the styles look great together. The lace top adds somewhat of a hidden detail but I like it. What I love are the accessories, the darker nude tones look amazing with the floral print, these heels in particular look awesome!
And secondly tlen wears the Maddie Pants also on their own but looking very nice with this folded over silk cream blouse, it's very smart with them! I also like the loose fit of it with the loose fit of the trousers rather than going for a tight piece. The earrings a the perfect accessory and pair well with the colouring of the trousers, completely spot on^

Pleats and purple

Such a great creative styling today from Claudentia! I love this blue and yellow floral skirt completely, and this outfit takes it to a whole new level^ It makes use of more skirts to make the cutest looking top to turn the skirt into a dress, it looks amazing, like it could be an actual dress, I'm blown away =) The belt ties the middle nicely, and I love the yellow accessories of the bag and sunglasses. Also the makeup styling with a purple hue, just beautiful, as are those earrings!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Good in green

This jumpsuit has great life in it, and today it's continued by minaj131! I'm super glad it seems to be a lasting and versatile piece! This look is all about the accessories and they sure do stand out! The bag fits perfectly with the styling and colour of the jumpsuit, but everything else is light and takes on the tone of the trim, the long necklace and huge earrings look fantastic, the necklace is a perfect fit for the neckline and I like this in an outfit^ The sunglasses are such a cool shape and I love the use of the baby blue of the shoes, just a little bit different but still fitting perfectly with the overall style =)

The Home Stretch

And here we are - the last of my scheduled holiday posts. I am returning to the comfort of my own home as we speak. Once this one's over, I can finally start being relevant again. 

This look has been built on the important characteristics of a successful travelling outfit.:

1) Comfy shoes that you can slip on and off, especially if you're flying
2) Layers should you get cold - this shawl is all-encompassing enough that it's probably suitable for an Olsen twin
3) A practical bag for all your papers and passes
4) A large brimmed hat so that no one has to look at you while you take all the free stuff you can get your hands on. A large pair of shades, while cliched (ha) will do the trick too. 
Conversely, you might want everyone's attention, in which case this hat is anachronistically dramatic enough to garner plenty of 'is that...?' glances.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Draped Traveller Scarf | Limited Edition
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
Green Culottes | It Girls
LE Black Fedora Inspired by Saint Laurent | Limited Edition
Balenciaga Inspired Large Earrings | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Sleek Red Handbag | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Patent Sneaker | Nelly.com

Monday, 27 August 2018

L O U I S V U I T T O N B A G S | Styled Outfits

Our recent Louis Vuitton release featured numerous bags, which I then purchased despite not needing any more bags, and after doing a styling post dedicated to LE bags last month, I decided to do a similar thing for these pieces! These were fun to work with, but I think I need to work on versatility as I found myself heading for the 'usual' pieces when putting together the stylings^

This bag is all about the monogramming, so for me it had to be the standout feature in the look which is why I've styled it all up in white - the pieces are not boring though, the pleat in the trousers is super smart and I love the feminine details on this blouse, I think they're a good combination for this bag. I also paired it with it's twin bag from a recent LE release and I like them together^ For the makeup I stayed quite light, but took inspiration from the bag colouring in the browns with the darker smokey tones close to the eye and the mascara is light and lifting.

Another all-brown piece, and I've gone more along the lines of the browns in the clothing choice - I started with the overcoat because I think it matches well to the dark base on the flap of the bag and I liked the feeling of the loose and more shapeless clothing pieces paired with this smart bag - it's a delicate piece and the clothing adds a nice contrast to that. The gold chain played into the accessories, I really like the necklace and the thin strapped sandals I think they work well here. For makeup a darker take on the browns and this time a volume mascara on the lower lashes which is a look I really like^

And finally a little more colour, really, just a little! The pink tone on this bag I found surprisingly tricky to work with as it doesn't quite match most of the pinks that I have, luckily I think it works well with this dusted tone! I tried so many shirts on with this piece before settling for this one, it's not quite white so I think that's what attracted me to it, and the accessories are minimal with the gold belt standing out and pairing with the hardwear on the bag. And pink in the makeup too! I love these deep tones paired with a nude liner, it definitely stands out and also looks extra dramatic without mascara on =D

Pink flight

Love this sweet feminine feathered styling today from supah_dupah! It's all about that layering in all aspects of the outfit^ The feathered shoulder piece fits the colouring and style of this blazer so well, clearly made for each other, and I love that the feminine style hasn't necessarily been continued in the  rest of the look. The trousers provide a good base and look great with the rest of the accessories. Love the layering of the Gucci socks and the pink heels, and the cool pairing of handbags - one of my favourite things to do and these two look fab together! The fuzzy hat is also a pretty sweet way to top off the look =D

Sunday, 26 August 2018

2015 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

S U M M E R 2 0 1 5
In the summer of 2015 we had just 3 Tributes released, Melbourne Minimalism, Balmain and Couture Tribute. So not so much happening on this front, I'm now trying to remember if something else super exciting happened that meant fewer Tributes!! Anyone?! Anyway, there were still a lot of pieces, and in terms of what I still have in my wardrobe, this summer of Tributes was pretty successful as I still have a lot of these pieces and wear some of them all the time!

Melbourne Minimalism was our first Tribute this summer, and somewhat different as it comprised of pieces from a range of Australian designers and not just one in particular. This is good to give us a mix, but what's great is that the pieces don't feel all that different, they fit together well. I really really loved this one and still do, just look at all those white pieces!!! So much versatility in this store and really lasting styles - the most worn pieces are definitely the Pure White Loafers and the Satin Over Shoulder Jacket, that jacket might be my most worn piece ever^
And this Tribute is still popular with you guys too! Bornthiswaay is styling up the sweet Lace Bikini Top, which I think may have been one of the first bralette pieces in the Plaza. The lace detailing and strap design are both super nice and I love that it stands out even though paired with more white pieces!
Secondly Marta-43 wears the Waffle Texture Dress as a skirt and it looks fabulous! And also the Pure White Loafers too^ It has the popular double slit detailing on both sides and a great texture to the skirting, it really stands out against other white pieces in a look!

And our second Tribute was Balmain - now despite being someone who says they don't really wear Balmain, it's not my favourite or go-to brand, it's not one I seek out, I have a huge amount of Balmain pieces from this collection in my wardrobe! So I have plenty of pieces to style up in this post^ At first glances this store was quite a mixed bag with some more 'interesting' or less wearable pieces, but actually sifting through there are great bits in there too. And the store stands out for sure with those pops of colour! The one piece from this collection that I forget is Balmain and always wear are the Chunky Chain Heels, those black and gold heeled sandals, I pull them out all the time, they were such an investment =)

Stripy sleeves

I love the minimalistic touch of this look from FunOpler but the funky twist with the sleeves! This is a little pre-empt to tonight's post looking back at the 2015 Summer Tributes, but this jacket is such a classic and easy to wear piece, it can be transformed into many styles in many ways and this outfit does just that! The stripes look fantastic, I love the mix in colours and the horizontal striped at the neckline, it's eye catching in a subtle way^ Plus loving the accessories, these boots look great with socks and the shimmering earrings stand out perfectly!

Saturday, 25 August 2018

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Our 96th Callie's Picks release last week and a pretty cool theme! I love versatility and getting lots of looks out of one piece, so this idea is right up my street^ The advertising is minimal and shows off the theme of the store, I think it works out nicely - lets see how these 10 looks shape up =)
Highlights The 10 looks are spread over two floors, and while the idea is to show off versatility for the piece, I don't see a huge range of styles for the trousers in these outfits, they all fit into just one or two categories to me. Again this release has a lot of previous Tribute pieces in it too, which is always welcome^ 
Accessories The accessories are really a huge part of the store, there is such a wide range to choose from in terms of not only shoes and bags, but the extra pieces too! So there are 10 bags, one for each look and they're in a reasonable mix of colours and styles - my personal favourites are threefold, the Versace Minaudiere, Pink Lady Dior S and Vinyl Handbag (that green and white Dior clutch!). I think these are great pieces and are ones I do get good use out of^ Of the rest, I think the 100 Percent Bag and Fanny Pack are great additions, they're both quite unique, there's really nothing else like them in the Plaza! There are also 10 pairs of shoes in the store, although I do think they provide a disappointing choice as there's not a lot of range of style - none of them are pairs I would look to to consider buying. I think both of the hats will go down well, the Gianni Medusa Cap is in the classic baker-boy style that has been popular recently, and the Faux Leather Cap is a piece from quite a few years ago now that was hugely popular! The Psychometry Sunglasses are a good classic style of sunglasses and will suit a lot of different styles. And there are a few necklaces, both based on Chanel, the Edinburgh Necklace and the Chunky Chanel Necklace, which I've seen worn a few times recently in very cool ways^
Clothing Of course there is the focus of the release, the CC Charm Patent Pants, but I have to say, these are not for me, they're just not my style - so that leaves me with a whole host of tops and jackets, of which there are many! I already have a couple of these pieces and there are styles I know I like, so my top picks for tops would be the Beaded Silk Blouse, White Rose Couture Top and the Embroidered Corset Top, which are all really cute styles and work well with a lot of other pieces aside from these Patent Pants! I'm also a little tempted by the Bronze Top - while I don't typically go for corset styles, I think this is quite nice and the style and colour works well for my doll. There are also some nice outerwear pieces, I picked up the Polka Dot Blouse (which is totally a blazer!) which so many people have been styling up! I'm also really liking the Blush Suit Blazer which has a great slim fit and the Off Shoulder Faux Fur because who doesn't love some faux fur for autumn and winter?!
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 40SD's, and there are a couple of pieces available in SC's as well. Just a couple of pieces are SS only, so on the whole it's an accessible store!
Styled Outfits So I styled up a mix of new purchases with pieces I already had and have put together somewhat of a strange mix of outfits - no theme whatsoever! First up the Polka Dot Blouse, styled with polka dot trousers and a dotted bag, can never have too many dots^ I like the oversized fit of the piece, I think it brings a lot to an outfit and it really adds all of the detail with those dots! Secondly the Vinyl Handbag, styled up with some surprisingly matching boots! I have no idea where this outfit came from, I think I like it? Maybe? I don't know, but the bag fits ok^ Don't think these flat white pieces are the most flattering though! And lastly the Pink Lady Dior S which gets a lot of wear by me^ Styled up with more white and this perfect pink blazer, this is such a cute styling for summer, especially with the ruffling of the skirt =)

Features Both of these stylings today feature the Polka Dot Blouse! Firstly Elrry also adding in the Versace Minaudiere and the Pink Lady Dior S which look great layered together and with a third piece! And also the White Rose Couture Top with the theme of bold pink running through the look well! I think the polka dots are a good idea thrown in the mix, they give a change of focus from the pink without diverting much attention. Also loving the sunglasses^
And secondly marina495 also going with pink but on the calmer end of the colour spectrum with these dusted rose trousers! The muted tones are a great fit with each other and I like the simple blouse beneath. The red lip is a beautiful pop of colour and the sleek hairstyle is super pretty^

A Little Bit Country

No rock 'n' roll at all. (Osmond jokes...a niche speciality) 

This look is a change of pace from the sophisticate-about-town-ish styles I've tried so far, although I don't seem to be able to stop wearing maxi dresses. They're just so comfy and dramatic.

This one is all about appreciating the nature of things so I've gone for lots of natural textures - cotton, wicker etc and this muted blue (another theme of this holiday) is very cottage-y romantic to me in this context. Perhaps I'm veering off a bit into costume here, but I like to think that the choker helps to pull it back to the now. 

If this was real life, what you wouldn't be able to see would be the wreckage of a decimated picnic that I'd just devoured...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Blue Maxi Dress | Trails
Off White Inspired Ruffle Top | Inspired by Off-White Tribute 
Floral Straw Hat | Callie's Picks
Velvet Diamond Choker | Young Hollywood
Straw Clutch | Wild Candy
HotBuys Daisy Sunglasses | Bonjour Bizou
White Spring Sandals | Pretty 'n' Love

Bold pinks

Who doesn't love an eye-catching bold pink?! This look from dm2udm2u certainly works well with these flashes of pink! There's such an overall autumnal feeling about this styling, I really love it^ This skirt is super cute, and it's totally not something I've thought about wearing or seen many people wearing, but it gets top marks in this styling, so perfect with this loose-fit sweater, which is one of my favourites! The pink boots and belt-bag are great additions, they fit in but also stand out very nicely and really finish the styling =D

Friday, 24 August 2018

Nighty navy

A super cool way to style up a feminine piece with grunge and street-style vibes from Marta-43 to end the week! I love this delicate white nightgown-style dress, it's super feminine and has a great fit - what a contrast with the rest of the outfit^ The navy pinstripe top is such a fun pairing, I love the shaping and folding of the hem showing off the design of the dress at the waist. The shiny boots are a bold statement, as is the red lip. Loving the delicate golden jewellery too^

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Sailored stripes

A super cool navy and white 'sailor-type' styling today from pialorena making awesome use of stripes! These trousers are a great pair to pull out every now and again and they look amazing in this styling^ The denim jacket is a good solid piece to pair with them, the cropped style works perfectly with the design of the trousers. The white boots and hat are a good balance, and of course I love the additional stripes with this clutch - it's perfect with the trousers =D

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Gucci Inspired T Shirt

So normally, I don't pick such a new piece for these 1 Piece 1 Week posts, but everyone is styling up this Gucci Inspired T Shirt from this months Hotbuys (review at the end of the month!) and so I thought I'd throw my own take on it into the mix! After featuring quite a few looks with this tee I really went into it with the expectation that it would be an easy one to work with, but I sure was wrong! I found this tricky to get out of one style direction with, by the end of it, I found some great items to pair with it, but it was a tough journey to get there. I tried to pair it with pieces that I hadn't seen styled with it, despite my natural instinct being to wear the Balenciaga Green Skirt with it which is the dream pairing =D
Trouser-stylings make the world go around
If I can, I will wear trousers with something, they look awesome and can bring a lot to a look. Neutral tones were the best pairing, no matter how hard I tried to work with denim pieces! The hemming of the tee is perfect for cool tucked looks too. Strappy shoes are awesome with these pieces because they add some glamour to them, the lengths of the trousers are perfect for these^
Summer skirts are still kicking around
I can get the bare legs out for just a little longer - although finding the perfect shorter skirt for this tee was a big challenge! You can never have too much Gucci I think, the first styling says that, but I think it works and of course the gold metalwork sure helps! The stripes on the tee give some options, this rusted red knotted piece is a more bold choice, not sure it's the perfect one but I like it^
Pleats all over the place
These stylings are a little mixed but fit with their common theme of pleats on the pieces, this style looks good with the more minimal design of the tee. Colours are key in these styles, with the orangey-red being very eye-cathing, while the neutral base of the second gives way for fun additions - this cardi with the tee is my favourite pairing, I just need to find more pieces to work with it =)