Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 H O T B U Y R E V I E W

Happy New Years Eve! It's become a little tradition to do our sum up of the years Hotbuys, and even though I did monthly Hotbuys Review instead of the We Wear Hotbuys posts, I still got AudreyHepburn. and Miloshki involved to pick out our favourite 10 of the Hotbuys this year! It was a tough job, I think we could have each picked twice as many, I know I had a hard time picking out my absolute favourites, when November was so good for me^ We got some great new styles and ideas this year in our 110 Hotbuys, and I loved trying new things out as well as having some of the 'old' added to the mix - we hope you had a great year with the Hotbuys too, and that you have a great evening tonight =D

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S P A R K L E W A N D 1 2
1 Hotbuys Inspired Saddle Bag 2 Hotbuys Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress 3 Hotbuys Yellow Sandals 4 Hotbuys Gucci Inspired Silk Pants 5 Hotbuys Wool Trench Coat 6 Hotbuys Snakeskin Split Skirt 7 Hotbuys Balmain Inspired Leather Boots 8 Hotbuys Ruffled Satin Shirt 9 Hotbuys Cropped Flared Pants
10 Hotbuys Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules

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A U D R E Y H E P B U R N .

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O V E R A L L T O P 5
Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress | Proenza Schouler Inspired Mules | Wool Trench Coat | Balmain Inspired Leather Boots | Cropped Flared Pants

Dotted explosion

The final feature of 2018 - a dotted artsy explosion in this styling from the_chuba! I love the orange and red combination of the dresses, it's such a fun combination of the rope-style dress beneath with the sheer red dotted dress on top, that's such a great idea for the pieces! The dresses are styled casually with the pom pom sweater, but I think it works. I love the chunky rock 'n roll style of the boots, it's a nice contrast, and the denim backpack is a cute addition =)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y P R A D A | Tribute Review

And here is our second Tribute of the season - it's Prada! This is our first time receiving a Prada Tribute, it's super fun getting something new to try out =) I love the advertising, it's stylish yet minimal and the pieces are clear, I love the colours - they're bold and current and make the advertisement stands out!
Highlights The store has 2 floors with 8 looks which is about average for a new Tribute these days. The interior has futuristic vibes, which is a little reflected in the clothing which I think works very nicely, and the bright colours really do catch your eye and draw your attention in all directions in the store.
Accessories There are a reasonable mix of accessories in the store, it's not just shoes and bags, there are extras too. I do quite like the shoes in this one, the Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals in Pink and Orange are super cool, they remind me of an older LE pair that we've had, but these bold colours make them stand out in the store. There are also some gold shoes, the Prada Inspired Decolette Pump, and while I typically love gold the style of these isn't so much for me - they have a rounded toe and tie at the ankle, which I don't think looks so good on my doll. Lastly some boots, which I quite like, the Prada Inspired Tronchetti Booties which are true winter chunky boots in a platform style. These are black laced with green and blue detailing. And then also the Prada Inspired Drawstring Booties which are super interesting, I love the idea and how it's worked out in Stardoll, they look good on the doll and I think will be a fun piece to style.
Not so many bags in the release, just 2 and both are orange based, but no complaints from me about that, I love adding orange to outfits! The Prada Inspired Bags are a set with a larger orange piece and smaller pink one, it's a style that I really love working with and I've done on my own, so a set together works out nicely for me. I also love the padded design element to these pieces. And secondly there is the Prada Inspired Saffiano Bag Robot, which is a structured piece with cute detailing. Then there are some extra pieces. The Prada Inspired Sunglasses seem to have gone down a hit, I've spotted so many people wearing these! They're a smaller style of lens with cool bar detailing across the top, they definitely stand out from other pairs. And there are socks, the Prada Inspired Socks in Orange and Black, socks have become a bit of a wardrobe staple, so these will no doubt be worn for many years to come - and they're pretty easy to include in outfits!
Clothing My first impressions of the collection is that it's quite based on dresses and skirted pieces, in fact not a single pair of trousers or shorts to be seen! There are 7 dresses in the store, with 3 of these being in the sheer category, the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal and Black, and also the Prada Inspired Tulle Dress which is black with a fun bright embroidery design over it. These are great layering pieces, and the extra colours add a playful touch to them - I have seen so many amazing looks with all 3 of these already! So there are 4 'real' dresses, which can be worn as such, and these are pretty nice pieces in a range of styles - the Prada Inspired Tulle Printed Dress is a fun blue-based floral piece, I love neck and sleeve design of this and the midi length, it looks super classy on the doll, the Embellished Dress Ensemble is also floral, but on the pink theme with orange flowers, which I really quite like. It's also a midi piece, but made so by it's layered black tulle. Lastly there are 2 neon pieces, the Prada Inspired Turtleneck Dress in orange with a sporty vibe to it, and the Prada Inspired Neon Fringe Dress which is in a green, I love the idea and style of this one, but the green is just not for me, it's a pretty specific colour to pull off =)
Then there are a couple of co-ord sets to style. Firstly the Cropped Sleeved Jacket and Belted Wrap Skirt which are in a more minimal beige tone and style - these are pretty cute pieces and will work well separately too, I'm particularly drawn to the Jacket as I really like the flat neckline and the larger sleeves. Secondly there is the Prada Inspired Gathered Skirt which can be worn with either the Prada Inspired Strapless Top or the Prada Inspired Cropped Top, both of which are almost identical to each other, the Cropped Top has a little more structure to it and also the Prada logo triangle on the front. The skirt is super pretty, it's high waisted and knee length with a casual vibe to it. And lastly one of the best pieces in the collection in my opinion, the Prada Inspired Printed Coat - isn't it just so cool?! I love the oversized fit, and the black base with the flashes of colour is just perfect for the trends and styles I'm feeling right now. It's definitely a stand out piece for your wardrobe and I do think it has the potential for a lot of wear!
Prices This releases ranges from 12 to 35SD's - I do think in this one that the bags are pretty pricey, they're at the top end of the price range. Nothing is SS or Royalty only, the only time limit is that the store will probably only be around for approximately a month.
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few pieces from the store, and I really think I'll be back for a second round of purchases looking at the dresses! Firstly the Prada Inspired Tronchetti Booties, maybe an unusual choice for me, but I loved the green and blue sections on these even though the heel is super chunky. Those tones gave me my colour choices for the look, and these sheeny trousers are a great fit for the tone! In the second look I've used both the Prada Inspired Sunglasses and Prada Inspired Printed Coat, I did try a few different clothing items with this coat and found a few that I liked the look of, but ultimately chose these boots for their texture and colour. I kept the rest super simple but I love this teal Chanel bag as it's a great colour match for one of the flashes of colour on the coat. And finally using the Prada Inspired Bags and the Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals Orange, the pieces are perfect together, and this dress just came to the front of my wardrobe by chance and I just LOVE it! The dress is perfect with the larger of the bags, those colours are perfection. The pink of the smaller bag and the orange of the shoes are just the right contrasting pieces for the outfit. I really am so pleased with this combination, I don't want to take it off my doll^
Features And here are the features! I've shown a few in the daily features posts already as I found so many great looks but here are more =) First up is Evathia styling the Prada Inspired Printed Coat which I just love, and also the Prada Inspired Sunglasses. The coat is for sure a focal piece for a look so I love that it's been added to minimally with the black trousers and boots. The orange bag is small and the perfect pop of colour against the orange at the shoulder of the jacket^
Secondly we have DollaTella wearing the Cropped Sleeved Jacket which looks cute and matching with this skirt - I really like this pairing more than the original with the higher waist and more shapely cut, I think it works really well. The belting adds shape and detail and the white base along with sock pairings and shoes works well to make the look light and highlight the featured piece =)
In this look pilo7 makes great use of neon with the Prada Inspired Neon Fringe Dress, isn't it perfect with this paillette piece?! The bright green works with this mix of colours, it's unexpected but together the pieces work with an advantage. I like them layered with jeans, it makes the look a little more casual, and the blue accessories all look stunning!
Now there are 2 looks making use of the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal, firstly TasminS who also uses the Prada Inspired Gathered Skirt and Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals Pink. I thought this was such a fun mix with colours and matching textures - the white blouse and yellow straps look to be very close to the skirt texture and the colours are a beautiful fit with the Prada. A really cute combination^
And also with the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal, i-D. styling up with more green shades! The teal looks good with the green, these pieces are minimal yet fitting. The accessories are cool in this one, the black belting and the black strapped shoes are classic touches and I like the use of this new 'Champagne' bag =)
In this styling -Lady_Sweet- wears the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Black along with the Prada Inspired Socks Black and Prada Inspired Drawstring Booties. The layering of these dresses is great, it makes both pieces much more wearable and they both look super smart. The accessorising is simple but very effective in this styling =D
And finally a styling from leiona_-, wearing the Prada Inspired Tulle Printed Dress and Prada Inspired Socks Black. The florals on the dress look great with the blacks of the jacket and the socks. I love the accessory choices, the blue heels are a good contrast to the black but work perfectly with the dress print and again the pop of orange stands out very nicely - a great casual way to wear these pieces!

So Long 2018

2018 was a good year. Lots of great things happened in my life. If I think of Stardoll, then this year wasn't that great, though. This was my most unactive year here in ages. But maybe that's good thing. Not time to be online so much because of other life! Anyways, I'm welcoming 2019 with a dramatic look full of stars and flowy fabrics. I think there isn't a more appropriate time to use this LE body than on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year everyone! 

Billowing blue

A sleek and fun styling today in royal blue from France25! I really love this billowing and pleated blue blouse, it's fun on it's own but it's been creatively styled as a layering piece in this outfit and it works well, the shape is highlighted by the black pieces and it ties in very well with the floaty belting that has been added. The blue shoes are a good fit, and I adore these checked trousers, they're a really nice piece in the outfit and also remind me that I should style them. Also hair and beauty on point in this look, really love it =D

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Lens Flare

I can't believe this is my last look of the year?! Where has the time gone? I've chosen to finish the year my favourite piece from the new Prada tribute - this coat. 

The print completely reminds me of a lens flare, picking up my favourite pops of colour - orange and turquoise. Nothing like walking around like a human instagram filter. 

I was going to just style the coat, but I've given the suggestion of a dress with a few graphic pieces. This combo of the Evil Panda ruffle sleeved jacket and YSL skirt is one I've used before, but it's too good not to use again!

And now to make the age old, unfortunate joke - see you next year!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Prada Inspired Printed Coat | Inspired by Prada Tribute
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Panda Ruffle Jacket Woman | Evil Panda
High Slit Skirt | Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
Fendi Inspired Orange Bag | Fendi Tribute
Mint Couture Heels | Dior Couture Tribute

Peach in Prada

More Prada! There really were too many features for the Review so I'm delighted to share this look from cinderela23barb with you as todays featured styling =) I love orange, so orange all over works perfectly for me! The dress has a sporty vibe to it, and the rest of the pieces fit well by mostly being in the new release as well. This orange Gucci mini bag is a good fit, the colour is a perfect match and it fits the styling seamlessly. I also love the dark hairstyle and the beauty look, it's perfect =D

Friday, 28 December 2018

M R | Styled By You / / Style By Me

A winter menswear release in Mr. to give something new to the guys to wear - and it's really quite focussed on the winter knitwear which makes it fun and memorable =) The female dolls have still found a way to make the pieces work for them, so tonight I'm sharing a couple of features and some of my stylings with the release.
First up Jacquemus is styling the Crew Neck Jumper with 'Calvin Klein' text across the front. I love this piece, it was the first to stand out to me in the store and this styling is super cute for it. The collared shirt with a loose hem looks great under the sweater and the hoops and short hairstyle highlight this very well. I love the sheeny checked skirt, it's a fun mix to the printing. The white booties are a great addition against the shirt and I love the bold choice of the orange bag - really a cute and current styling =)
Secondly midnightmonkey6 wears the Gucci Inspired Jacquard Cardigan which is a long piece with a deep V neckline and a striped pattern - the red and green look festive even though the printing isn't necessarily so, so it should be wearable year round. I love these looser black lounge trousers with the cardigan, the long lengths of each piece suit each other well. The white base is minimal yet brightens the look as do the trainers. I adore these red square sunglasses, they're very stylish and fitting with the look^ 
So I've just bought the Crew Neck Jumper as I was really inspired by Jacquemus's styling, which is far better than either of mine! I've chosen the red and purple/blue tones from the sweater to pick my pairings, I love the sweater with both of these pairs of trousers and it works well with both light and dark accessories - the white booties especially^ For me this is definitely a fun layering piece to have, and will work well throughout the winter seasons.

Velvet queen

Woot woot, a party-ready outfit for New Years! This look from Mia1435 is ready to roll^ I love the layering of this brand new Prada piece (review coming soon^) with the velvet jumpsuit - the sheer fabric of the dress lets the texture and shape of the jumpsuit still stand out and the colourful detailing on the dress really pops out, it's perfect really =D The gloves look super fancy, I love their inclusion. The bag is the perfect glamorous touch and I also love the earring along with the makeup look =)

Thursday, 27 December 2018

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Release Review

Another release that was a little while ago, a new Windows On The World! This one is themed on Portugal which I think is super fun and something different for the Plaza, which is why I always find these releases interesting. The advertising looks bright and pretty so I'm excited to see what this store holds for us =)
Highlights There are 2 floors in this release with 12 looks, a pretty large number I'd say! There's also a male look included in that number. As you will probably have assumed, the pieces are all from Portuguese designers. 
Accessories There aren't too many accessories, just shoes and bags available in this release. The Silver Platforms are a pretty standard silver shoe - if you don't have any already then these will maybe fill a hole in your wardrobe, but I have quite a few pairs and am happy with what I have. The Pink Fur Platforms are pretty sweet, we don't have anything like these and they're pretty fun. I think they'll work in a range of outfits and I think these will work across all seasons, definitely a piece to consider! There are 2 bags, identical apart from colour, the Three Clutch Bags and Three Clutch Bags Pink - the first being orange, silver and black, the second being pink, orange and silver. I really like the design of the pieces on the hoops, it looks cool and is unique for the Plaza. I can see these will work well re-sized and re-positioned as clutch bags, I think they should be reasonably popular =) 
Clothing The release has quite a bit of clothing in a range of styles and colours, I think there's a very nice selection in this one and I'm pleased with it =) When you first open the store it's the glamorous dresses and glitzy pieces that really stand out. The Chiffon Palm Dress is a bright pink piece, which looks super fun for the summer, and my eye is also drawn to the Chrystal Beaded Jumpsuit and Feather Cape, are these just not beautiful! They can definitely be described as something special, while I'm not sure how often you could wear something like this, they're definitely well-designed and great pieces in this release. I also really like the sequin-styled pieces, the Multicoloured Sweater with  deep V and a silver trim, and the Multicoloured Beaded Skirt with a silver waist band and a sheer trim on the midi-length hem - I love the Skirt a lot, it looks good on and I think will be perfect for winter stylings =) Something else that's a little special is the Carlos Gil Inspired Puff Jacket, it's a beautiful green velvet puffa jacket, which looks fantastic, a great street-style staple! The rest of the pieces are a little more minimal and less flashy, so maybe a little more wearable. The paired Luis Carvalho Inspired Transparent Shirt and Leather Skirt are a cute set. The Shirt has a looser fit, but the Skirt paired with it gives a more fitted shape. The other pieces I want to mention include the Long Sleeved Blue Shirt, which is super minimal with a great design. It's fitted but not tight, has a very nice collar shaping and extra long cuffs, a style which is loved by many. The colour is versatile and so easy to style, I hope many love this one as I do. And then lastly the Denim Jacket Dark Blue which is cropped and loose with a silver trim and an interesting collar shape - it's suited to a thick poloneck design, but with some creativity will work in other ways.
Prices The release ranges between 14 and 33SD's, which is fine and about the regular range for a store like this. Nothing is in SC's, and nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Outfits I don't think I've gone too crazy with my purchases, I'm happy with these 3 pieces and their stylings =) Firstly the Carlos Gil Inspired Puff Jacket which I've styled all out with the green! The trousers are a nice match with the jacket, I think they do work out together. I stuck with black shoes and bag to remain a little neutral, then these fun red Gucci glasses to finish it off^ Secondly the Long Sleeved Blue Shirt which I've styled smartly with a host of blue pieces, I think it's perfect in this styling with the trousers and blazer and the light blue accessories pop out with the shirt. And finally the Denim Jacket Dark Blue, which does seem more black than blue, and while the neckline might be problematic for some, with it being winter I'm happy to style it up with thick knitwear! The silver jeans work with the trim of the blazer and I loved adding some fun accessories like these glasses and the fuzzy boots =D
Features Next for the features! Firstly a couple with the Carlos Gil Inspired Puff Jacket, this one is from kikinha_25, styling up smartly with black pieces and pairing skirting with trousers, which looks great! I like the texture of the velvety jacket against the detailed lace of the skirting and the shiny leather of the boots - something simple but effective =)
Secondly also with the Carlos Gil Inspired Puff Jacket, Mh91 also pairs with trousers, but I love these as the geometric style of print has the perfect teal tone to match the jacket! The style is really kept wintery with the use of these leather boots, they look good against the texture of the jacket, and I also love the sunglasses, they're a cute finishing touch!
Then we have Andre1396 styling the Luis Carvalho Inspired Cape Belt which is a perfect colour-match for these trousers, a great way of making new pieces work with your current wardrobe^ I love it's billowing style with these fitted trousers and the pale blue shirt is a great fit too. The floral booties add a print of interest and I love the teal bag, super sweet use of this piece^
In the next styling millaxx makes use of the Long Sleeved Blue Shirt and is all set for winter! The blue is great with this suede grey of the skirt and the black leather of the jacket, it really pops and is highlighted in the look. The style also stands out with the long cuffs, collar and the loose tuck. I like this combination of black and blue, it totally works =)
And the final feature of the post, Lady_Lilly wearing the Luis Carvalho Inspired Transparent Shirt and the Pink Fur Platforms, which are just adorable! They look stunning with these sparkling tights, I just love that^ And they match with the belt bag perfectly, it looks great. The polka dot blazer is a sweet piece and the wide neckline lets the shirt stand out!

Tons of tulle

What a fun outfit, a great twist to denim and tulle for winter, today from hopesolobeauty! And it's fitting with the revisit to the 2016 Winter Tributes using this ruffled tulle top, it looks fabulous paired with all of these pieces. I love the layering of the tulle skirting over the jeans, it looks like a fun combination and it works perfectly with both of these pieces. The sheeny tights look very smart and I love the heels, they're another smart addition^ The red belt and orange bag are great pops of colour in the styling too =)

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

2016 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

W I N T E R 2 0 1 6
And the final Tributes Revisited of the Winter season for this year, back 2 years to 2016 - these releases still feel fresh in my mind and I can't believe it's been 2 years since their releases! We had 4 Tributes this year, Gucci, Balmain, D&G and Chanel, so a pretty good mix of styles with typical brands in there that we've seen before from Tributes. While I have quite a few pieces from both the Balmain and D&G releases, the Gucci and Chanel really are where my heart lies in this set of releases!

I really can't believe this Gucci release was 2 years ago, I remember seeing it in the Plaza for the first time to vividly! I really love the bright colours and fun designs and prints in this one, there were so many great pieces from small accessories to main clothing items. I think this one was a popular one at the time too, and a couple of the pieces are still well worn these days and not just by me^ I don't think we've had many re-releases of these pieces in Callie's Picks (but maybe I'm wrong!), and I'm definitely on the hunt for a few to add to my Gucci collection!
And a quick feature from this one, nadeen_nadz styling the Gucci Inspired Denim Skirt in this cute look^ I love the print on the skirt with the combination of the red base and lace overlay, it's super and a great combination! The white blazer adds a light touch while I love the addition of the small Gucci handbag too =)

This is such a fun Chanel release, combining traditional tweed with modern and current designs - and again is one I remember being released so clearly! I love the vibes of this release, it's definitely one of my favourite ones that only became so a while after the release itself, it may not have been my style back then, but I love the pieces now! The tweeds are in fun colours and designs, which makes them more modern and I hope I can encourage more people to style up tweed again^ But if tweed isn't for you there are some great and more minimal designs in this release which was great to have. This one is a solid release for me and I'm still searching the Bazaar for a few pieces =)

Glamorous partying

I mean if this isn't glamour, then what is!? This look from SoMillie is absolutely stunning, how creative and dressed up to the nines! I love gold, so I was immediately attracted to this look, but the tulle skirting is fantastic, the purple hue works well with the gold and it's an eye catching combination. The bustier of the 'dress' is intricate and shimmering, it draws you in to look at all of the details, and I love the mixing of the jewellery too, the necklace and earrings really add to the piece^ I also love the beauty, the lip colour is almost gold too, which I love!

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Designer baby

A day for designer in this styling from Isabella8103, it's fabulous and ready to celebrate Christmas Day! This slinky dress looks fantastic, it's been dressed up perfectly, the brown tones stand out and look so good^ I love the furry wrap around the wrists and the hips, it looks good and highlights the shaping of the dress. I also love the Gucci boots, those are fantastic in the look, I'm annoyed at myself for not buying them! And the Louis Vuitton bag is a great fit too, the tones and prints are perfect for one another. Hair and beauty is also spot on, super sleek =)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We did it guys, it's Christmas! 

I write to you from the recent past as I have scheduled this post for Christmas morning, knowing that I will be slightly preoccupied. Probably eating. Start as you mean to go on amirite? 

I have absolutely no commentary for this look other than it looks kind of Christmassy and that will do at this time of year.

Instead I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas and Festive Season and be done with it!

Ingredients | You Will Need

Alice Olivia Inspired Mini | Runway
LV Inspired Structured Top | Inspired by Louis Vuitton Tribute
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Twisted Huge Hoops | Antidote
Prada Inspired Shoulder Bag | Tributes Gallery
Fishnet Stockings Black | Evil Panda
Knee High Pointy Suede Boots | Royalty

Monday, 24 December 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Tribute Review

Tribute season is here! The first of our Winter 2018 Tributes is Fendi! We've had some Fendi before and it's been pretty good so I was quite excited for this one =) The advertising looks great to me, I love the printing and the colours, the pinky/orangey vibes are fab and just my thing - the models look great overall too^
Highlights This release had 2 floors of 8 looks in total, maybe it seems a little small compared with previous Tribute releases? While I quite like this release, the style is quite geared in one direction, so I don't see loads of pieces that will work for me, however I've seen many compliments about this collection, so it's had a good reception and there are some fun and stylish pieces to work with this season!
Accessories The collection has a great mix of accessories to choose from, which I love =) Shoes, bags and more^ There are 4 pairs of shoes, firstly the Fendi Inspired Orange Pumps which are the individual pair, the colour is amazing, a great orange shade to have, maybe almost a peach. The design on them is unique and looks very retro. Then there are 3 similar pairs, the Fendi Inspired High Sandals in Beige, Blue and Black - which is a good range of tones to choose from, a little something for all outfits in the one style. I really like the strapping on these, and that the height isn't too high. The design on them is super cool too, it definitely stands out, it's worth zooming in on these to see it^ I love the square shape to the toe that all the shoes have, it's a great style addition for a look and it works well in this release. The release has 5 bags - 3 of which are in the popular belt-bag style, which I think people will go crazy for! The Fendi Inspired Belt Bag comes in both White and Orange, two colours which work very nicely for me - that gives both a neutral and a bright option for whatever takes your fancy. The design of these is pretty minimal and true to the original, which also gives an option for DIY customisation, which is fun^ There is also the Fendi Inspired Crossbody Belt Bag which is in an army green tone, but has additional straps and a little neutral pouch attached too. There are also normal handbags, I automatically went for the Fendi Inspired Orange Bag, it's very much my thing! The tone of orange is a little muted, so means a few more styling options than a bold tone. It's handheld and the size is pretty nice, it's also got quite a minimal design which I like. And there is also the Fendi Inspired Peekaboo Bag which is a take on the older piece of similar style, the refreshing of a classic^
Then there are a few extra pieces in the category. There are 2 pairs of glasses, the Fendi Inspired Spotted Glasses which have a clear lens, and the Spotted Mirror Fendi Inspired Sunglasses - I like the choice to have the traditional sunglasses or the clear 'glasses' lens, I think this gives good options for people. They have a cute polka dot design and the shape is very pretty. Then there are also 2 pairs of socks - these will surely go down very well in the Plaza =) The Fendi Inspired Logo Socks which come in both Yellow and White, which is good to have. They do look great with the choice of shoes on offer, and I think people will be able to make good use of them along with the previous Fendi socks that we've had!
Clothing And then the clothing! While it's an autumn/winter release, it does feel a little more summer to autumn than full winter pieces, but I still quite like it and think the pieces could work into a warm wardrobe. There's a lot of sporty pieces too, which I'm not so much a fan of, like the 'thights' I think they're a little odd, and while I tried out cycling shorts a little while ago, I'm not completely on board with them! There are 2 dresses in the release, both of which are quite different to each other, and quite pretty. The Fendi Inspired White Long Sweater Dress is a more casual minimal piece, it has a cute off-shoulder detail and is in a white jersey material. I absolutely love the Fendi Inspired Romb Dress, it's super sheeny and stands out, I love the patterning on it and the layering of the fabric, plus it looks fab on the doll! There are also 2 skirts in the store, first the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt which is a sweet midi pleated piece which has a nice shape. It's pretty minimal, nothing makes it stand out as a Fendi piece, but for me that helps make it more versatile. The colour looks great on the piece and I'm excited to wear it. I'm also excited for the Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt, I think a lot of people will pass on this, but I think it looks good and very wearable - it's also a midi piece but is more fitted with a nice frill detail around the hem.
The Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt also comes with a matching jacket, the Fendi Inspired Short Fur Jacket which is quite cute, I'm a little undecided on buying it though - it looks good on, but I'm not sure about the cropped length and rolled up sleeves, let me know what you guys think! There are quite a few other jackets in the store as well. The Fendi Inspired Faux Fur Bomber is another cropped piece, it's brown with some red detailing, quite cute, but I'm not sure how versatile. The Fendi Inspired Brown Leather Jacket is a twist on a classic leather jacket, with a V neckline and a cinched waist. I really like the colour, but still not sure about the rolled up sleeves. The Fendi Inspired Transparent Leather Jacket is another twist on a classic leather jacket with perspex plastic panelling and a brown trim, it's something a little different but takes a cool style to pull it off^ Then lastly there are two patterned pieces, the Fendi Inspired Phoenix Jacket is a shorter piece with square shoulders and a red and white print on a black base, it's a pretty smart piece. And lastly there is the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat which is a definite favourite of mine, it's a much longer piece and the orange and red diamond print design is on a white fluffy base, super cute^ This one has long sleeves and a classic cut of a coat.
Prices This release ranges from 13 to 37SD's. Nothing is in SC's, nor is anything SS or Royalty-limited, which is good. I suspect the store will be around for approximately 4 weeks, and there will probably be a 'last chance' warning to get the pieces while you can!
Styled Outfits I didn't go too over the top with my purchases, but no doubt as soon as I see the 'Last Chance' warnings I'll be all over it again! I'm really quite pleased with my stylings, I love them for my doll right now^ Firstly the Fendi Inspired Romb Dress, styled with burgundy pieces - the boots and bag really help the print stand out on the dress - I like the pink glasses, they lighten up the accessories and work with the base of the dress. Secondly, the Fendi Inspired Beige Skirt which I am pleased to see work well on it's own without it's paired jacket. I love this length with boots, and this chunky knit is perfect for the winter. The sweater colour and texture works very nicely with the trim on the skirt and the main base colour stands out nicely - this piece is definitely one to give a chance to! And finally the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat and Fendi Inspired Orange Bag - these pieces are a great pair with the orange highlighted in the print on the coat. I kept it minimal with just a white polo and a belt, which cinches the waist. And orange heels of course, these are a great choice for the coat, and I finished off the look with more sunglasses^
Features And so many great features to share with you today! First up -Lady_Sweet- wearing the Fendi Inspired Pattern Fur Coat, but as a skirt and it's so cute^ It works great at a skirt, I love the colours paired with it, especially the yellow knit, and the white fluffy coat really finishes off the clothing nicely =) Accessories are great too, the red bag pops and I love the orange trim on the glasses.
Next up focusing on accessories is cinderela23barb styling the Fendi Inspired Orange Bag in this orange-based look, I love it! The bag manages to pop out against the other orange pieces, it suits the layering really well and I like it with this little quilted piece^
Now we have two looks featuring the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt - this first one is isajapa styling up super minimally and summery fitting with the blue sky interior^ This shirt has a great fit and design to it, it's perfect with the skirt, and the belt really adds a nice shape to the outfit. Also loving these shoes, they're fab!
And secondly with the Fendi Inspired Pliss Brown Skirt is marina495, styling it up more wintery showing it's versatility! It looks good with the black of the coat, which opens a lot of options for it, and I love it with this cute collared blouse. The accessories are perfect with this outfit, the bag is spot on for colour and I love how glamorous it is with the red lip and earrings =)
Marta-43 is wearing a few pieces, the Fendi Inspired Thights and the Fendi Inspired White Belt Bag with a couple of older Fendi items in use too. I really like the combination of the white and brown, I think it gives the opportunity for each colour to pop, the socks work very nicely with the styling and I really like the addition of the brown bag on the belt, it looks great!
In this next styling anaritamiranda also wears some 'thights', the Fendi Inspired Black Thights paired with the Fendi Inspired Logo Socks White and the Fendi Inspired Transparent Leather Jacket. I think the jacket looks great against this smart beige blazer, they're a cool combination, and the black of the shorts and the boots really adds a nice contrast. I also think the bag choice stands out nicely and highlights the brown of the jacket =)
And the final feature, Jacquemus wearing the Fendi Inspired White Belt Bag and the Fendi Inspired Brown Leather Jacket which look great together! I love the idea of black and brown together, so a base of black in this styling works super nicely - I love the shape of these trousers with the look, and the white boots are perfect with the belting =D