Saturday, 20 September 2014

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Release Review

So earlier last week we got a whole new selection of Original Future - and I have to say I was pretty excited about that since recently doing a Plaza Picks post for the store, so now there are more pieces to choose from!
These new pieces fit in really well with the previous items available in the store I think, but do bring a newer feel and I hope will make more people consider Original Future when looking for pieces to buy. There are quite a lot of wilder pieces in this collection which would need quite some consideration before styling them into a great look - like the Original Future Leggings or the Prada Inspired Dress. There are a good range of pieces, and it's nice to have quite a few designer-inspired pieces there too which I think Original Future as a brand has been lacking for appeal.
Prices ranged from 4 to 30 SD's with a couple of pieces in SC's - for me I do think that overall it was a little expensive so that could be quite off-putting for some members and I do think it would make people overlook things as a number of the items aren't really things which you would grab to make a quick outfit.
In the end I only purchased the High Waist Pleather Pants which cost 15SD's - not too bad I don't think seeing as I believe them to be the most wearable and versatile piece of the release. I've managed to put together some looks with them pretty quickly, although I'd love to try them in a much more girly way next time!
And finally for a look by you! Ajenkam has styled the Gold Foil Sweatshirt in a fab way - I love it with those shorts for a different sort of twist to it, and I think it's just made to be worn with that new Everyday Bag from Nelly =)

Friday, 19 September 2014

N E L L Y | Release Review

So today we had a brand new drop of Nelly! It's been a little while since the last one, so a new collection is always refreshing! I love the advertising for this release, as featured above, it's quite urban and this new "Real Brand" branding is great! We got two floors, so lets take a look at them:
The store has an urban/hip feel to it, which is quite nice, albeit not really my personal style - it does however have a decent range of clothing and accessories which I do think will cover everyone's tastes =) Prices range from 9 to 28 SD's, which I do think is a little overpriced for what the items are - but I think if you just take some time looking over the pieces then you'll be able to stretch your SD's as far as they'll go! The collection still has a more summery feel to it, even though we're now into autumn (and it feels like it in my part of the UK - soooo glad I can still say that after the referendum result, I may live in Scotland, but I'm firmly in the 'No Thanks!' side) There is a good range of tops and bottoms - I love the Kayleigh Collar Top and the Twist It Down Tee, along with the Satin Runner Shorts. Despite the fact that they're summer pieces, I'm determined to get a couple of good autumn looks with all of these pieces!
I was pretty disappointed with the accessories as normally I love a lot of the shoes, but this time I ended up just picking up two pairs which I think will easily slide into my current shoe collection and probably get a decent amount of wear.
I ended up spending over 100SD's and purchasing the items below - I think I made some good choices on which pieces not to buy, and overall I'm pretty happy! If I have time I'll do a Styled Outfits post, however my Masters course has started at it's very full on and I'm tired ALLLLLL the time basically, so we'll have to see^ 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Be Yo'self

Yet another amazing Suite from Marbum - I love this one so much, it looks so simple, yet it'sbeen pretty complex to make with those doors, honestly I've no idea how people come up with great ideas just like that! *Please don't copy as that wouldn't be the kind, supportive thing to do!* But this is a bit of a double whammy post - I love love love her outfit too! The skirt and top were pretty much made for each other, but the top has been taken one step further with a little added creativity, it's great! Plus that lip colour AND hairstyle?!?! Just perfection!!!

Cropped and oversized

I loved this look from CleverSell featuring one of the newest Callie's Picks pieces! I've been pondering just how to wear my oversized sweater and stumbling upon this has definitely pushed me into the right direction! I love it with these cropped black trousers and great neon shoes, with the bright colour continuing with those red lips =D Fab choices with this one!