Sunday, 5 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 5

Another Sunday has rolled around, time for another Wear Dem Jewels post! This week I've picked the Supersize Antidote Hoops from Antidote to style. These came out around 2 years ago and I think I've maybe worn them once if ever. They're a pretty nice pair of earrings, but I'm not so much into silver jewellery, I just prefer gold - so why I bought them is a little of a mystery to me!
But I didn't find them too tricky to work with, and despite their thin-ness, I think they do pretty well in standing out when the tall is at full size, the brunettte hairstyling helps too. First up a little Chanel something, I love the pairing of the earrings with the silver striping across this top - it's a piece I really don't wear often, but I think this pairing it perfect for both items. The rest of the look is super simple in black, but with silver additions in the accessories like this chain clutch and the slingback heels - I really like this look, it's an easy to wear one for sure. And then second I went with something a little jazzy and more fun because we totally need more of that right now^ This skirt is such a fun piece, I actually styled it up last year too, but it's a great pairing for silver - I love it with this bling jacket so much =D The pink polo works well to keep it a little muted, while the silver shoes make a nice finishing touch!
With the makeup, I really love silver with lilac shades, and it turns out I have quite a few purple eyeshadows lurking in my Beauty Parlor - would have loved to style up some more purple outfits, but actually I think the makeup styling has been super versatile for these outfits^

Friday, 3 April 2020

C O U T U R E T R I B U T E | Styled Outfits

One of our latest releases, due to the effects of the pandemic at the moment, is a re-coloured release of Couture Tribute, a release which came out almost 5 years ago now, I can't believe it's been so long! While it's not my favourite of releases, I did pick up a couple of pieces in these new colours/prints to try out.
First up the Pink Minaudiere (this was originally gold, and I still have this^) which I think is pretty cute, I'm happy to have this in my wardrobe. I really quite like it in this retro styling, it's a little different for me, but I think the bag works very nicely with the details on the dress. The white tights, shoes and glasses keep the pink popping out, it's pretty cute^ In the second look I've also included the Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers (originally a white base with red/yellow/blue hearts), the pink in the heart detail works well with the bag. This look is quite 'classic me', the trousers work well to have a black base and the pink coat, along with the shoes work perfectly with the print and the bag - simple yet effective! It's one I'd definitely repeat. And finally with the trousers alone, the blue colour in the print is beautiful and luckily I had some pieces which worked with it well. While the high waist of the trousers is a little difficult to work with, I think the colour pairing wins out with this look! And get me, I even added some earrings. I think I would definitely wear these trousers again, but would lean more to looks like the first rather than the second =)

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

M K I N S P I R E D M E T B A L L E A R R I N G S | Styled Outfits

This past weekend I was very kindly gifted the MK Inspired Met Ball Earrings from Young Hollywood after I complimented them in a styling - so unexpected but the perfect opportunity for a styling in this time of slightly uninspiring releases. I really have never spotted these before, we all know I'm not too great with wearing jewellery, so that's no surprise!
I loved styling up these earrings, I found it so easy which I think was down to their light colour, it's an easy accessory colour to work with. First up I loved the meshing of this dress, it really keeps it light despite being long, and the colour is perfect with the earrings. The rest of the accessories are matching in colour, everything really fits together quite seamlessly, I really like this look^ Second up also focusing on a pale colour by choosing this coat, which opens up a lot of options for clothing, I chose to go with the black lining with the trousers and the red top works with the colouring on the sleeve. I think it's pretty simple but still an effective styling =) And for the final look, which I think might be my favourite, I stumbled across this jumpsuit in my wardrobe and with it's white piping, it makes the perfect piece to wear with these earrings, I love it^ I kept white on the rest of the accessories and I really think it's worked out very nicely - and it's looking a little lounge-wear suitable which works for a lot of us in RL right now too.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Total tan

I love both beige and yellow tones as well as gold details - this outfit from MissDark1990 ticks all of those boxes! I love the oversized pieces, like the wider legs of the trousers paired with this overcoat, and I think the mix of colours works, sure it's unconventional but it helped to draw me into the look. Of course the gold details cannot be missed, these hoops look great with a shorter hairstyle, and love how this clutch has been styled into a shoulder bag, that's a super cool way to wear it^ Also really like the black shoes, the wooden heel is fitting, but the black adds just the right amount of dark to the styling =)

Monday, 30 March 2020

M A R C H 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

It's the end of March already, I think this has been a very quick month, and now things are slowing down a little more with all of the happenings in the world. We got our HB's alike in February with two windows released throughout the month with 1 male and 2 female looks to enjoy - I for one love the look and vibes of these looks already!

This months pieces are all based on Isabel Marant, I love this so much and I for sure think we need more like this in the Plaza. These pieces are all branded as The JetSet, which is typically an SS-only store, however these pieces are available for all members, which is great^ I love the blue theme which runs throughout, firstly quite delicately in the prints on the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse (The JetSet, 21SD's) and the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots (The JetSet, 16SD's) which were among the first pieces we got. The blue really pops on the white base of the pieces and I love the mixing with the burgundy, it's something different, eye catching and super stylish. Our second drop had another amazing top, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck (The JetSet, 21SD's), I'm loving this great choice of blouses to choose from, it's fantastic for the Plaza! The pattern on this one is just stunning, the mix of colours is beautiful and I love the overall design and the collar - I'm glad it looks just like the real one, I totally wish I had it in RL now^ I also adore our second pair of boots, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots (The JetSet, 15SD's) which are pretty much a wardrobe staple in classic black, I love the calf-height, the fabric body of the boot and then the sheeny pointed-cap on the toe, they just look so sleek and great on the doll =)

This is a great Spring transition look from singiel styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse. The floral details really pop out against the printing on the bag, it's such a fun accessory to choose^ I wasn't sure how black would pair with this piece with the focus on blue in the details, but the trousers look good and I love the smart vibes they bring. Super cool styling overall!
Next up we have france25 styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck, I just found this look so inspiring for the piece! The white segments really pop with the silk light trousers, and I adore the ruffling cuffs added to the sleeves, they're perfect for the style of the piece! The belting is a stylish addition, the colour of the piece is perfect, and I love the sleek makeup styling, such a great look for the top =)
And lastly millaxx wearing the HotBuys IsabelMarant High Waist Denim which really pops against the other colours in the look - I love the slimming around the calf with the chunky black patent boots, super cool! The white shirt lightens the look and I love the chunky oversizing of the sweater against the fit of the trousers. Also that bag - I didn't want it before, and now I really do^

And time for my looks, first up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots, which I've not seen anyone else style yet, I love the retro vibes they have to the style. I love this blue overcoat with the colour of the printing on the boots, it's a great match. To keep the focus on that I've gone super simple with white pieces for the rest of the look. I think these boots will also look great with some sweet Spring/Summer dresses^ Next up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots, these are so easy to style, they'll work very well with many styles and pieces, I kept it fun with some leopard print. This a look typical for me, and I'm sure these will work well with everyones 'typical' look. I think these will work very nicely in Autumn/Winter stylings. And finally the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck which I just love so much! There are so many colours in the blouse to choose to accent in a look, I went with these burgundy trousers which I think are a great fit with the colour and cut of the blouse. The green on this bag isn't too bad a fit with that on the blouse, I love it against the red and it works with the black and gold details too. Love this set of stylings so much =D

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 4

Onto the fourth piece of jewellery this weekend for the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time I thought I would choose something super fun and different, the HotBuys Faux Mink Hoop Earrings from It Girls which came out a couple of years ago. They're a piece I've only worn once since their release, but actually they've made some nice looks and are totally worth a chance!
I love this shade of green a lot, but there's not a lot of pieces which match to it exactly, so I've kind of put them all into the first style, haha^ These Gucci trousers are fabulous with these earrings, and they're a smart style so I kept that with the overcoat and the shirt, I think it helps not bring too much attention to them and keep it more spread to include the earrings too. Kept with the green in the matching square-toe heels, and the Dior bag, I love this and it works well with the black and white pieces too. For the second look I was a little more experimental, and limited the green added and I quite like it. It's a lighter style, I really liked the colour of this blazer against the green, I think the two complement each other very nicely. Stuck with white clothing for the base to keep it simple, as I did with the bag too. Then I thought these were a great boot to tie the colours together with the mixed yellow and green colours. It's something quite different, and I'm sure won't be to everyone's tastes, but I think it works out well for me =) The makeup is maybe a little simple, but I had fun layering some different shades, a white base with a little grey and some green on top - it came out quite fresh really^

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Suite Style

This looks like the cosiest beach-side room to be isolated in for sure in Leuce's suite! I love the interior for starters, the orange-hued sky looks beautiful and the flowing sea is super calming. The black wooden floor really calls me, and I love the contrast between the sky and the dark and golden wall colours chose, the geometric print is striking and I don't think it's too busy or crowded at all^ The use of marble and green tones along with gold details looks amazing and works so well with the base of the room and the original interior - love the armchair and the dresser a lot. The decor pieces added look amazing, there's a little something to see in all corners of the room =D

Friday, 27 March 2020

E P I P H A N Y | Styled Outfit

We got a brand new drop of Epiphany into the Plaza this last week (or was it the week before?! Everything is blending into one! There's a big focus on the headbands in this release, which aren't so much my thing to style, but I look forward seeing you guys wearing them. But I did find one piece that I thought looked great, and fitting with my current Wear Dem Jewels Challenge, the Shell Earrings:
I love blue tones with silver jewellery, which took my focus for the makeup look. I layered with a light grey as a base, then added different blue shadows and liner on top - it makes a really cool smokey eye with a difference! With the blue makeup I knew I wanted to continue that in my outfit, so I kept it pretty simple with a navy base and then this light blazer with silver accessories to pair with the earrings. They've got such a pretty style, which I think works well with the brunette hairstyle - they're also very elegant and I think would work really well with a pretty gown or dress^