Thursday, 19 October 2017

Spicy mustard

Today's look is a total fall classic with mustardy colours. The star of the look is this oversized sweater. It's a too bit baggy, but tucked into jeans like this makes it perfectly slouchy. Also with this look I am bringing back the Hot Buys High Neck Designer Shirt, which is my absolute favourite new classic.

My look:
Detail Earring / Nelly // Hot Buys High Neck Designer Shirt / Pretty n Love // Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater / Vinyl // Tanned Thin Belt / Pretty n Love // Bianca Gold Neckscarf / Decades // Lady D Bag / It Girls // Strand of Pearls / Sweet Suites // Hot Buys Hoop on Hoop Earrings right / Pretty n Love // Simple White Denim / It Girls // Architect Nude Shoes / 9to5


So this blazer, the Royalty Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer and other similar pieces have been all the rage for the past few months now both in RL trends and on Stardoll, I think it's quite possible that everyone has one! So so so many people have been styling these types of blazer and I've featured quite a few and had to skip over some because I could probably fill a good few weeks with purely checked blazer features! Finally it's my turn to style this one, and actually it's been on my list to style really since shortly after it's release - initially I was unsure how I'd get on with it, but putting together these stylings was easy and quick, it's a clear winner!
I went with both a light and dark styling, and think there's plenty of opportunity to come to test this piece out with a range of colours and vibes, for right now these looks are spot on for me^ I also enjoyed putting together a makeup look for these looks, I based it more on the darker styling, choosing burgundies and greys with a little bit of a dull lilac and I think this is such a cute combination. For the light look I love this split white skirt with the blazer, the two pieces fit perfectly and I love the way the skirt texture sits, I think it looks great with the blazer. A white shirt was an easy choice, I like this Hotbuys one with the gold pin adding some detail. I picked white accessories and think they look good, completely loving this Dior bag with this look and in general right now, I'd wear this again with the blazer =) And then my second look is of a darker nature, and the dark colours really highlight the darker tones of the blazer. Bringing out one of my favourite trends from last year, pairing culottes with boots, I still love it and I love it with this blazer. It's a pretty simple look really, but totally loving the deep purple tones with the blazer print, and it's worth more exploration!


A cool and modern vibe in this feature from nicki_-_-minaj today =D I really liked the use of this unusual dotted blazer, the yellow definitely stands out and draws you into the look - and this office-wear-chic definitely works out nicely! The layered shirts look great and are fitting with some current trends, this one has been put together really nicely, I like the longer chiffon hem and the use of the tied golden accent belt, which fits in nicely with the bag and it's golden handle plus the earrings. The trousers are fabulous with their zipped hem which helps highlight the pointed toe boots, it's all great =D

Bag It Up Challenge #206

This look is looking almost a little too wintery for October, whoops^ Anyways, this next bag for the challenge is the Fringe Bag from the Ralph Lauren section of Nelly which I bought rather a long time ago and have never worn and following this styling I know I won't again so it'll be going to the Bazaar! I went with an all-black look for this one as I was a little stumped as to how to make it look special in an outfit. I like the dress length with the bag, but it's not hugely unique. While I think it's nice enough I don't think the look makes the bag the focal point and I think that the bag itself maybe wasn't made with it being a focal point in mind ... just not my style this time!

Earth Laughs in Flowers

I know it's not very season appropriate, but I was feeling rather floral and this headdress is just so pleasingly dramatic!

Seeing as it's October, I'm feeling a bit Hallowe'en-y too, hence all the skulls. I was going to use the Tingeling Hallowe'en Couture skull bag, but I wanted to keep up with all the pops of pink. Instead I've hobbled my own creation together by floating suite items on top of my doll in what I hope is an attractive arrangement. It's nice to make yourself a bag that no one else has got, especially when you struggle to accessorise as much as I do!

Ingredients / You Will Need
High Neck Designer Shirt | Pretty 'N' Love
Bustier Gotham Dress | Evil Panda
Peony Hair Garland | Pretty 'N' Love Decor
Skull Brooch | Mr.
Chrome Band Belt | Pretty 'N' Love
Rosa PVC Stilettos | Riviera
Crossbody PVC Purse | Hot Buys Weekly
Pink Metal Skull | Limited Edition Decor
Diamond Eye Earring | Subcouture
Florist Leaf Twig, Florist Flower Twig 2, Florist Rose 3,  Florist Rose 6 | 9 to 5

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

M R | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

At the end of last week our latest Plaza release was 2 new floors of Mr. so while this doesn't hugely impress me one piece in particular stood out to me, and I think it stood out to everyone else too! The Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt is an oversized navy sweatshirt with standout grey and white stripes around the bottom and sleeves and some very cool fringing elements to the sleeves - a lot of things which are stylish right now and I can see, despite the price, which it's been purchased by so many people! I think this is definitely an interesting addition to my wardrobe =)
Features So many people have been styling this sweater, but these 3 looks in particular caught my eye. First up AvrilkaTH13 has gone in a lighter direction, choosing velvet pink boots, which I think is a lovely surprise pairing, and keeping up the femininity with the frilled collar which looks pretty awesome. The necklace is another great addition and it breaks up the heavy block of navy in the style. This bag is a perfect one for the sweater^ Secondly hankipankidoni going darker, choosing a pair of loose leg trousers, I like the navy against the black and the tags on the trousers match the sweater really nicely. And no scrimping on the frills here either, using them on the socks this time which looks nice with these pointed shoes. Really like the hat and earrings with this one too^ And thirdly tolady, again wearing the sweater as a dress but choosing black thigh-high boots in a more classic styling for this piece. The black colour is continued in the cross-body bag, the style of which I think is perfect for this sweater, and also in the hat, a popular style addition these days! I like the touch of the single earring too, the little bit of red looks nice against the colours of the look =D
Styled Outfit Now I don't think I've styled this sweater nearly as well as any of these features above, but I gave it a good go, it's just a style I'm not 100% comfortable with in putting together! I went mostly with white pieces so the stripes on the sweater would stand out and with my first look that's the skinny trousers I picked. I did go for some blue accessories, but I don't know if these work out as well as the white pieces in my second look - I absolutely love these boots with the sweater which you'll have recently seen in my Plaza Picks post! These with the sweater is a combination I'd go for again. I struggled a little with white bags, nothing I had was quite what I had in mind but I think this one does the job for now =)

Layered legs

Autumnal grunge perfection with today's feature coming to you from OMGitsSoph =) I'm really liking the use of these VINYL Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denim jeans, this look and quite a few others really are selling them to me despite my initial doubts about them! The fishnet tights underneath look good and make the look more cold-weather suitable, along with the pointed boots, these are a fab addition! The belt on the jeans ties in really nicely with all those belts layered across the top-half making a cool unique piece for the outfit. The jacket and tight topknot finish off the look really well!

Black, Silver & Snake Print

This Gucci skirt is so cute, sometimes I wish it was a bit longer, but it works really well with high boots like this as it is. These boots are quite exotic for me, so shiny! What do you think of them? Have you managed to style them? I'd really like too see more stylings with them!