Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hotbuys Vinyl Handbag | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

I fell in love with the Hotbuys Vinyl Handbag as soon as I'd seen it! I haven't had a chance to style mine, but some other fab dolls have!
Green has been a common theme with it, but Marbum has made the bag stand out on it's own with a monochrome outfit but sporing some fab green-feels with her eye makeup! Green is not my usual colour, but this bag and these looks really change everything for me =D

T R E S S U P | Release Review

New Tress Up came to the Plaza yesterday, although I was too busy to come online, I've checked it out this morning to give the new styles a go on my doll! I love the homepage ad and I think it really sells some of the styles, particularly the Sienna Up Do =D
The celebrity theme for the floors is great, and I think a lot of people really love this as their hair styles have shown popular in StarDesign. From the spoilers and the advert I saw a lot of pieces and was like 'Oooh, I love that! That would be perfect with XYZ style of clothing/piece of clothing!' However when I tried things on I wasn't getting the same vibe =( Pieces just weren't sitting right on my head and some of them just seemed a little big for my features, not sure if anyone else feels like this? So I was disappointed to find that the Sienna Up Do didn't work for me at all!
I felt prices were a little more on the expensive side with this release, ranging from 18 to 28SD's with most at 20-22SD's, if you run on a budget I don't think this is the ideal release really! I mean I get it, they're celebrity styles so they come with a price, it's just not an accessible price for everyone. There are also some beards with the collection for the guys or gals who wants them, I personally amn't a fan, just don't like the look of them!
Anyway, I did end up getting one style that worked for me and I think I could wear throughout the summer with some cute looks^ 

I think these two look great in their chosen styles, plus those colours look great not only with the hair but also with their skin tones, perfect styling I'd say!

Opinions on this release? Love it or not? Discuss in the comments =)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Going basic(s).

Scarf - Apr├Ęs Ski / Glasses - Bonjour Bizou / Cardigan - Basics / Shirt - Film Theory / Bag - Subcouture / Romper - Basics / Shoes - Rio

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hot Red

This blazer is one of my favorite blazers in Stardoll. I wore it in my first post here, and now I'm wearing it again. 

Items used:
Basic T-Shirt - (not any brand)
Hot Red Skirt - Archive
Everyday Long Blazer - It Girls
Stripe Bow Purse - Special Offer
Rosie Killer Stilettos - Young Hollywood
Valli Veranda Glasses - LE

Monday, 20 April 2015

You'll find me in the shallows.

Glasses - Royalty / Top - It Girls / Blazer - It Girls / Trousers - Facebook / Bag - Fashion Inc. / Shoes - PPQ