Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Minty fresh

Such a simple look that stood out to me from ajenkam this weekend. I like the loose fit of the shirt over the knee-length skirt, and that Chanel blazer just adds to this combination! I wish I hadn't sold mine now. The flat loafers are fab and definitely add a touch a glamour with their gold trim. Plus that mint bag - it's perfect!!!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Baby blues

I know I've already posted a few looks from the new Fever release - but I couldn't resist adding Mery.-'s to the collection! This styling of the Sheer Tartan Skirt is great, and I think it really twists my arm into buying it^ It looks fab with the other blue pieces, like this cardigan, and the white top (rather than the matching Tartan Crop Top) really breaks up the blue and helps the print from the skirt really appear as a prominent feature of the look! And pink lips = love!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Chiffon Blouse

A second Hotbuy already! This time the Chiffon Blouse from Pretty 'n Love, which costs 14/15SD's. This shirt is not quite how I expected it to be, so lets see how out stylings came along:
And here's the poll - it'll close at 10PM on the 7th of July =D


Kaulitz_girl has such a pretty look this weekend! the jacket (partially below) is a pretty hard to style piece, but has been solved simply by this great black tunic to make the pieces look like something totally new! The very simple accessories also work well, and the makeup is perfect for the look. It's not something which matches perfectly, but it definitely stands out and really draws me to the eyes!

Fever Styled Outfits

So todays post is my Fever styled outfits, as promised! I had a lot of fun making these because I think the pieces are very versatile and you could come up with so many different pieces to wear with them - a whole weekend worth of fun, haha! I've bought a few more pieces now, but I've chosen the two pieces which stood out to me most from the collection:
I was very much feeling the off the shoulder tops with the Pretty Lace Shorts! I honestly thought I had a PPQ pair just like these, but I guess I sold them so I'm pleased that I got this pair. Finding great shoes was pretty challenging and I don't think any of these pairs are right with the shorts, but with the time I had I think I chose ones that kinda just did their job. My favourite? That's a tough question, but probably the 3rd most likely because it's boiling and I just wanna wear this!
Inspiration dropped a little with these looks including the Paperbag Waist Trousers - the first look felt alright when I made it, but once I'd got it open in photoshop .. totally not feeling it. Although I love the deep red/maroon of the shoes and the bag with the trousers, but I feel like I've made this combination with dusky pink trousers before! I like the second look more, the whites just look good with these and I stuck with the typical pinks for the accessories. Overall ... myeah, I prefer Miloshki's look that I featured in the review, look at hers and not mine, haha!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Gold Stiletto Sandals

Hey hey, new segment! This is the brand new Hotbuys segment that I think I mentioned a wee while ago - and is basically gonna involve myself and the present Guest Writers at the time having a go at styling the latest Hotbuy, and you can even vote for your favourite in a poll at the end! And you may have noticed the Hotbuys picture in the sidebar to the right - that gets updated when new monthly Hotbuys are shown, and it also links straight to the original page on Stardoll so click it and bam, you're in the StarBlog looking at the original post and can check out release dates and such =D
Today is the first July Hotbuy, and these are the Hotbuys Gold Stiletto Sandals from RIO costing 12/13SD's. White and gold? What's not to love - so take a look at how we got on with these shoes:
You can vote for your favourite in the poll below - it will be open until the 6th of July at 10PM (UK time). There isn't a prize, but it will be great to see what the viewers like between the 3 of our looks!