Monday, 11 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Faux Mink Hoop Earrings

The next Hotbuy is here - and there's quite a few coming this week! These are the Faux Mink Hoop Earrings from It Girls and they are priced at 10SD's, which I think is reasonable. These are another pair of earrings that come as two individual ones, which works well. The size sure is large, I was expecting these earrings a little smaller and a little less furry, but it makes for an interesting angle for styling =D
So cute, I love all of our looks, and I really wasn't sure how these earrings would go once on the doll, but I think they're a success! My only negative is that they're a Beauty Parlor piece and it means I might forget about them, but hopefully they will make a good impression! And remember to vote in the poll as usual:

Gingham speckle

Such a party-season style with this feature today coming to you from GirlEwelina! I really like seeing this skirt worn on other people - it doesn't work for my doll, but it does seem to for everyone else, and this slightly casual-party styling looks great =) I absolutely love the glittered layered maxi paired with the gingham blouse, they work together nicely and it's a surprisingly good fit =) The accessories are also fitting, love the big buckled belt and the delicate little bag^

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #226

Good evening, happy Sunday =D Today's challenge bag is the Nelly Small Chain Crossover which I got back in the Spring of 2016 and I've really never worn it, and I can tell you exactly why for once^ It's the super long chain! The bag sits really low below the hip, and I know that's why I don't like it, I would just rather that naturally it sat a little higher up - sure I can resize, but it's nice to wear things as they are sometimes. I do like the colours though, I like gold and the design is really nice, just a shorter chain would work better for me! As I said back in my review, it does look a little YSL-like, so that is still a factor to consider. I enjoyed styling it mostly because I was excited to wear these trousers and I really like them paired with this bag. I was super simple (i.e I was being a little lazy) with the rest of the look and chose black with some gold heels, but concluding, it works well for the piece and I do think the bag stands out in the look =D

Pink 'n white

x Couture easter bunny ears
x Royalty: Draped beads neckpiece
x Subcouture: Oh my what frills top
x Mr: Rick Owens inspired long white t-shirt
x LE: Hedi sparkle socks
x Mortal Kiss: Silver point heels


Ankles tied

Smart-style prepared for winter in this styling from 3melekbir_arada - this sort of style is completely on trend right now amongst the fashion bloggers and influencers that I follow, I love that it's transitioned so well into Stardoll! I love seeing these trousers worn, it reminds me to wear mine more too^ They look perfect with these white booties, it's great for winter and works really nicely with the chunky knit and fitted blazer on the top half. I love the accessories, the leather-style beret looks fab with the belt and bag =)

Buckle Up

I've been meaning to change my look for days on end, but I'm so fond of this one, I just can't bring myself to try something new yet!

To highlight the play of soft knit, warm fur and shiny leather, I've kept the colours neutral and the accessories minimal. The zip and buckle details also toughen up the feminine silhouette. Finish with a red lip and we're ready for a stroll in the cold.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater | Pretty 'n' Love
Leather Full Zip Dress | Fallen Angel
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt | Evil Panda
French Barret | Pearls
Marimekko Inspired Bag | Vinyl
One Shoulder Faux Fur | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Soft Beige Thigh Highs | Inspired by Balmain Tribute

Saturday, 9 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Prada Inspired Feather Heels

Our next Hotbuy has been released! These are the Prada Inspired Feather Heels from RIO and costing 16SD's. These are definitely an individually designed pair of shoes and they definitely have a lot of unique features to them making them stand out in the Plaza. I really like the emerald green colour and the straps across the feet, I think they're great and stand out, and also the cool texturing to the heel, it's super stand out for the piece =D
There's a clear theme going on with our stylings of these, black is an awesome colour to pair these shoes with^ No complaints from me, if the shoe fits, as the saying goes! I've seen a few other members wear these today too, and there are so many awesome options for them, so they are reasonably versatile, even if it doesn't look like it from our stylings^ And vote in the poll too please:

Great grey

A cute casual look today from millaxx - isn't it just the cosiest look for a cold winters day?! I love the combination of neutral colours, and the basic pieces which make up the base of the look work well together but also highlight the features of this look, like using a fringed shawl which is something I'd ordinarily look past. The shoes and hat look great in the outfit, and I love the warm socks on the ankles, it works out nicely. The look has been glammed up with the earrings and mini-backpack which look fab =)