Saturday, 25 October 2014

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Monday saw a new injection of clothing and accessories into It Girls, it's been a while since we've had one there, so it was most welcome from me! I love the homepage advert, I think it shows off the key pieces released but in a minimalistic way - it just makes me wanna buy them and wear my hair and makeup like that! 
So here's the floor of pieces - there's a nice mix of items there, although I do think some pieces don't fit into the collection as well as others do. The collection has some clear winners, namely the Beckham Faux Fur Coat (It's SS only unfortunately, but it's worth the price!) and the Deep V Wrap Dress. Prices are a little high for the store and some of the designs I think, ranging from 7 to 26, with all clothing above the teens in SD's and only two accessory pieces in coins (and I'm not a fan of these two pairs of shoes really.) In the end I bought 4 items and even then it still came to over 60SD's which I was a little shocked about - and that wasn't even including the  26SD Beckham Faux Fur Coat which I am looking forward to buying if I renew my membership!
Overall I'd say most of the collection is versatile enough for everyone to make some good looks with and to slip it seamlessly into your current wardrobes =)
Hopefully Styled Outfits will come soon, but I'm very busy and tired so we'll have to see =)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Winter is coming

--Kayley is super ready for winter with this amazing look - the coat made completely from a whole host of different pieces, including stoles, belts and skirts! Plus that emerald bag is amazing - it's made from 2 different ones. I need this sort of creativity in my life!!! Pretty please Stardoll make us some great coats and jackets just like this^^

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Perched on top

I meant to post this last weekend, but it must have slipped my radar when I was checking out my saved files, sorry! Anyway it's yet another look from the ever stylish Marbum - this look has such a great autumn feel to it, and I love the jacket combined with that wonderful hair and the pair of sunglasses perched on top - a fab look overall! Plus I also wanted to show a little of her suite, which as usual, looks amazing - I need her to seriously come and do my whole suite for me! Haha =D 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Social Media

This is just a very quick post to notify you about the blogs presence on Social Media, more particularly, Facebook! I really should have posted months ago when I set up the page ... but here it is now!

Feel free to add me as a friend on your Stardoll Facebook accounts and please please please "Like" the blog page and make sure to share our updates to try and gain a wider audience for the blog through your Stardoll friends =D

Was it really that long ago? | N E L L Y S T Y L E D O U T F I T S

Ok, so turns out the Nelly that I said I'd do a Styled Outfits post for came out like a month ago ... how did that happen?!?! I could have sworn it was just a few weeks ago! Oh well, all the Nelly pieces are still available, so I guess it's better late than never, so here is my Styled Outfits post =D
The Nelly pieces that I included in my looks are:
NLY Cardigan - 22SD

I love the cardi rather a lot, especially the colour, which I think will look fab in these colder months, and I tried to style it in both a more dressed up and a dressed down look. The striped dress looks good with it, which was a bit of a random pairing when I was looking through my clothes, but it works, and I also love it with little ankle boots! Despite the cardi being quite close to navy, I do think it works very well with black, so there's no worries about it matching well to a lot of pieces in your closet!
Then I styled the Tres En Vogue sweater, a piece which I haven't gotten around to styling until now. The shape is a little tricky, and it did take some trial and error to find good bottom halves to work with it, but I think both the trousers and skirt look pretty good with it! The Nelly ankle boots were a must for me with this sweater, no idea why, but they do look quite nice and they are super versatile and will work with most styles.
I lastly styled the shorts - only one look here because I'm just not very good at wearing shorts, they're not really one of my favourite items of clothing to be honest. Anyway, I ended up going for a more transitional look from summer into autumn because autumn here is far too cold for shorts, they look great with a simple white shirt and one of my favourite jackets (the Medley Jacket, it's 50% off and last chance to buy right now!!!) - I accessorised simply with just a black pair of courts, with these shorts I think simplicity really is the best look for them!

I do seem to have based ALL of the looks on black, which really is just a coincidence, I do try to get variety! Anyway, let me know what you think - and if you have any ideas for clothing items you might want me to give a go at styling, just let me know!