Saturday, 16 July 2016

TSL | 5 T H B I R T H D A Y B A S H // I N V I T E

You are all invited to our 5th Birthday Bash on the 16th July, 7PM (UK time) - celebrating the founding of The Stardoll Lookbook in July 2011^

Looks should be fitting to summer partywear - think light, bright and airy, they also must be in graphic form. To submit your look, send by the 15th of July (a PNG file) to either:

 - my mail on Stardoll (sparklewand12
 - Facebook (to the private messages HERE)

The show will go on on Facebook, with the main event a special collaboration with TREND Magazine

Monday, 2 May 2016

My Beauty Look 8

It's been a while since I've posted about makeup, but I've decided to share this look today^ I've been enjoying playing with blue and green shades and really quite liked this eyeshadow combination I put together =D

All the fur

Featuring all the fur and confetti in this look by GlossyMiss1! I really liked the combination of the confetti coat and the over shoulder fur, the colours are a great match and they really amp up the 70's vibe that I get from the whole look! The red bandeau is a nice contrast with the rest of the colours being kept a neutral white or black - the Chanel bag totally works in this instance^ 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Wearing | MAY

How in the world is it May already, it's so close to the summer months and it's barely been spring yet! So this is my little spring tribute, all about those pastels which are perfect for the season. And actually, searching through my closet, I found a lot of pastel pieces that I'd really forgotten about since last summer or spring so I'm glad to get some of those out again =D I'm having a particular 'love' moment for these Linen Boater Trousers (It Girls) and this Striped Sateen Jumpsuit (Bizou)^

Slouchy red

A lovely bright flash of red today from nikiwi2468! It's a simple look but it's been put together very nicely. I love this slouchy sweater and I think it suits a polo beneath it very well too. Simple black trousers work against the other styles and colours, as do the black accessories. The bag looks great tucked just over the shoulder and under the coat - a great piece that I love seeing worn in so many different outfit styles =D

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #43

A double feature for this Saturday challenge post! These bags are from Voile, and although the store pages aren't visible, you can still find them via the search in the catalogue =) This is the Loure Purse firstly, then followed by the Musette Purse both in pretty light spring looks! I stuck with similar tones in the bags for the clothing, but I do particularly like the contrast of the dark wedges in the first look with the pale mint of the bag. And also, two different lip colours which I liked experimenting with again - I think makeup is very timed for me, I like to do it for a few weeks and have changes then I give it a break and stick with something simple^