Sunday, 28 May 2017

Burgundry flare

A little more wintery today but rather sultry at the same time with this styling from yulissahermosa! I always love these trousers, and they're a pretty big hit in this look - they suit the black well which lets the tone stand out, but I love the open neck style of the blazer and the square cut shoulders are a super style addition. Also loving this belt! So many people have been wearing it well recently and this look is added to that collection, the flowing flare style is cool and it fits perfectly with the whole look^ Plus can't ignore that makeup look - amazing lip colour, fab eye makeup and some great jewellery =D

Metallic Creepers | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I spotted this awesome styling by Sharik. recently styling the PopShop Metallic Creepers - these were a piece I wasn't convinced that worked for me at all, even though they were fab and silver and metallic ... so I tried them on after this look and I think I've changed my mind^ I really liked the casual styling to Sharik.'s outfit, the culottes fit well but the washed denim of the coat also looks surprisingly good. I love that it's mostly a minimal styling, with a simple black shoulder bag and light mesh socks used - those socks are pretty fab though! For my styling I was pretty determined the make use of this silver-shimmered jacket even though it's more of a winter piece. It was then a bit of a toss up as to what to add to the two pieces, and this simple black look was what came out - I definitely think crops work well with these shoes to show them off, and that detailing, they really are an intricately designed pair of shoes that should have some limelight!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Balenciaga Inspired Raffia

More HB accessories and the start of a little Hotbuy flurry until the end of the month^ This is the Balenciaga Inspired Raffia from Bizou costing 16SD's. I think it's a suitable summer piece with the basket weave style and I quite like the vibe that the dark handle brings to the lighter colour of the body of the bag. It's definitely quite a nice piece, and pretty versatile, I think it will work well for a lot of people =)
I think we've successfully shown reasonable versatility with our looks for this bag. I think some great wedges with a straw style heel would be perfect, I have a pair in mind but I don't think they exist on Stardoll sadly^ Anyway, plenty of clothing choices to go for with this piece and it's worth a go if you're even just contemplating buying it! And vote in the poll as usual:

Beauty Snaps

Eat your Greens

It was my birthday last week! My fellow Lookbook blogger AudreyHepburn. gave me this gorgeous green Folk dress as a lovely surprise birthday gift, to go with the horrendous cold I got from my colleagues at work!

I didn't  want to just wear it as a dress so I tried to do something that I hope is a little bit more interesting. Me-and-my-Turtleneck should be the name of autobiography at this point, but I really wanted something prim and structured to pull together all the drapey, loose elements in the rest of the outfit.

This is also one of those looks where I've basically thrown everything at it to see what sticks: one bold colour, sheer trousers, over-long sleeves, fringe, white booties....just call me fashion soup. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Silk Draped Dress | Folk
Green Oversized Coat | It Girls
Roll Neck Jumper | Fallen Angel
Transparent Pushkin Pants | Bonjour Bizou
Asymmetrical Ruffled Mesh Overshirt | Antidote
Fringe Shawl | Folk
Half Shade Glasses | Limited Edition
Grr Backpack | Subcouture
White Chelsea Boots | Basics
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

Friday, 26 May 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #149

Another challenge post today - unfortunately not enough time for me to review today's Antidote release for this post, but it'll be coming soon! This is the Valentino Inspired Handbag from It Girls which is a pretty cute piece and perfect for spring in that light green tone^ It's not really a tricky piece to style, it has an easy shape and colouring and suits a lot of different styles. I've worn it quite a few times as well, and alike this look, it's been an easy-wear. I let the lighter green stand out pairing it with creams and this darker green jacket, a pairing I really like and want to wear again, and kept the rest of the accessories minimal with just these perspex heels - pretty casual overall!

Beauty Snaps

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #148

Something sweet and fun today with feminine pink styling this next bag for the challenge - the SS16 White Backpack from PPQ which is a handheld piece in a sports-luxe style. Despite it's easy looks and reasonable colour and size, I find this one tricky to style because of the low hanging straps - if the skirt or trousers are too cropped they don't look quite right around the ankles, however these pink jeans are a good fit! The pink definitely lets the bright white shine around it, and I continued that flow in other pieces of the look, I think the 9 to 5 Lab Coat skater-skirted style works really nicely here =)