Friday, 27 February 2015

A Flash of Print

Hot Buys Coat & Tee · It Girls | Trousers · OTTO | Clutch · JETSET | Belt · GIVENCHY Tribute | Sandals ·  YH

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I'll Shine Like a Pearl

I'm into pearls at the moment, and I've already made few looks with my pearl earrings & ring. Usually I put the earrings on after I've finished the outfit, If I feel like there's room for pearls. This time I've kept the pearls on, and make outfit that will look good with them. Simple yet effective! 

Items used: 
Hollywood Boulevard Shirt - It Girls
Couture Beaded Skirt - Perfect Day
Chloe Cannes Sandals - Young Hollywood
Pearl Earrings - Glamrus
Pearl Ring - Epiphany 

Title of this post is from the song called "Hanging on" by Rebecca Ferguson. Addicted with her songs ;) 

X Awards! *Reminder*

So those of you who aren't Stardoll Facebook users might have missed out on this one - the X Awards, hosted by the one and only Jack! Nominations were announced a little while ago and you can vote for the winner in each of the categories. I'm so overjoyed that the blog has gotten a nomination, and if you want, I'd love to have your support =D Click on the image below to vote!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Cotton candy lip

Yet another amazing look from Miver - isn't this just someone who works it well ALL THE TIME?!?! Simply adore this basic outfit. Those wide leg trousers are spot on trend and they look great with the casual grey tee (love seeing formal and casual mixed perfectly like this!). Accessories are well chosen with that white Chanel bag, and the silver wrap on the head is great, who knew it would look so good?!?! And the cotton candy lip colour is to die for, it's perfection with this outfit! 

P.S. Also love the interior design of this suite room!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LE Styled Outfits

So I ended up buying 7 pieces of the collection, less than I assumed I would, and I'm very much looking forward to putting together looks with everything! I'm only going to style a couple of the pieces due to my busy RL schedule right now, but if anyone has a special request for me to style an item I bought but haven't shown, feel free to comment!
So firstly the Sonia Culottes. I was on the fence with them, but after Jack sent me his stylings it pushed me into buying them a little bit! But I did have a great time coming up with two looks for you, and I was dubious at how it would be to find tops which would work, but I was able to pull about 7 or 8 from my closet which worked immediately, so no bother there! I didn't intend to go with two full black looks, but they both just stood out as good stylings of the Culottes so I wasn't going to delete one, haha! I also found myself looking to stick to the whole minimalism theme of the collection when I put them together.
And now the Camel Wool Coat, another piece I thought looked naturally good with black! However I did veer away from that, albeit not far, to white for my other two looks with this coat! I can't get over how great those DKNY trousers look with it, or that turtle-neck knitted sweater (HotBuys, although Nelly had a similar version)! I also went for a turtle-neck shirt in my 'black' look, I've been seeing these worn more in RL and found myself needing to give this one a go, in fact it's been chilling in my storage! I also wore a new pair of tights - managed to snap up this pair of 3rd Season LE ones in the Bazaar today for under 150SD's, what a find!