Saturday, 16 July 2016

TSL | 5 T H B I R T H D A Y B A S H // I N V I T E

You are all invited to our 5th Birthday Bash on the 16th July, 7PM (UK time) - celebrating the founding of The Stardoll Lookbook in July 2011^

Looks should be fitting to summer partywear - think light, bright and airy, they also must be in graphic form. To submit your look, send by the 15th of July (a PNG file) to either:

 - my mail on Stardoll (sparklewand12
 - Facebook (to the private messages HERE)

The show will go on on Facebook, with the main event a special collaboration with TREND Magazine

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bright and light

Such a great summer style from MeLolitka today! I love this look for the summer season a lot with it's light and airy feel from the colours and fabrics chosen. This blouse is one I love seeing and it works well with this striped skirt, I'm wishing I'd been able to buy it now! The accessorising is fairly simple with matching platforms and bag, and the golden chains at the neck at a small detail which works very nicely. Also love the hair choice for the look, a perfect match =D

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

 Tribute season is here with some amazing stores! My favorite has to be Marc Jacobs because of all that black!! I'm very happy about all the different pieces we are getting from this tributes! Really diverse and fun to work with lots of combinations and styles!! 
Black Bratz Hat - Bratz
Half Shade Glasses - Limited Edition
Black Turtleneck Sweater - MR
Just Oversized Coat - Marc Jacobs Tribute
Vintage Galliano Inspired Blazer - John Galliano Tribute
Limited Belt - Limited Edition
Vintage Galliano Inspired Trousers - John Galliano Tribute
Small Mini Leather Bag - Marc Jacobs Tribute
Choo Style Silver Heels - Windows on the world

I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Tribute Review // Bag It Up Challenge #58

The end of the week surprised us with the third Tribute release of the season, and the second this week! This time Inspired By Fendi - something we got pretty much two years ago to the day^ It's  all bright and jazzy and really attracts attention, so lets get on and take a look:
So we got three floors full of the accessory-based Tribute, which is great, I feel like it gives us so much more to choose from and hopefully find something that fits each of our own styles well! Compared to the last Fendi collection, this one is hugely more focused on bags - last time there was a range of accessories and quite a few pairs of shoes (which I love and still wear). There are a small handful of accessories this time but they're definitely just a small addition to the store.
So I'll start with those accessories - keychains have been hugely popular on Stardoll and that has been reflected in the release. There's a good range available in completely different styles which I really like to see. I'm a huge fan of the more floral based pieces, the Handbag Mirror Charm and the Flowerland Key Charm myself^
There's a few other accessory pieces too, namely the Karlito Black Shawl and Fendi Tribute Shawl - there were scarves last time too, but I actually think I much prefer these pieces. There's also sunglasses, although not my style, they look pretty cool with their pink styled lenses - the Purple Cat Shades and the Zebra Style Sunglasses.
So now onto the big drop, the handbags!! There is a huge selection to choose from with most colours available and prints and patterns and styles and minimal vs bright and obvious, I think there's something for everyone =D It's hard to know where to start with this collection, but I think I'll go for the printed pieces - these ones are pretty bold in their colours and designs, prime examples would be the Flowerland Inspired Big Tote, Striped Fendi Tribute Handbag and the Sunset Fendi Inspired Handbag. They each really have focal points to their respective prints. The styles are all pretty tote-like, I quite like this for these large prints, I think it works out well for them. The latter two also have hanging straps, I really quite like this style and I think it gives them a little boost^ Colour-wise, they all seem quite blue and red-y, is that just me? I quite like it, but maybe a variation would have worked too. There are also a couple of other more minimally printed pieces, so these are the Fendi And The Ocean Handbag, the Fendi Baguette Handbag Tribute and the Faux Snake Leather Clutch. Each of these are pretty different bags, and I like different aspects of them - the strap on the first, the colours on the second and the texture of the third. If you're on a budget, it would be very difficult to choose just a few pieces when there's great aspects to everything! Then there's the more minimal pieces, which really focus on just the one colour in their design, and within that I think there really are three categories of bags. The black pieces - the Silver Studded Handbag, By The Way Mini Bag and Classic Baguette Fendi Tribute, the bright choices - the Oversized Fendi Blue Bag, Stitched Fendi Handbag and Canary Fendi Inspired Mini, then lastly the muted tones - the Burgundy Leather Handbag and Flowerland Strapped Bag. That's a whole host to choose from! Of the black pieces, I do love the studs and frill pattern, but I think my favourite would be the By The Way Mini Bag with its pretty flowers and red and pink design. The Oversized Fendi Blue Bag is pretty huge, like really really huge, so for me it's not something I'd go for right now, but I have chosen the two other bright pieces and have styled them below! The muted tones pieces are both beautiful and I adore the colour schemes for them, the straps are also very cool and although they add pattern and complexity, it doesn't take away from the nice minimal style and design. The shape of these is also a classic, which is good for the store I think.
The prices for this release range between 14 and 40SD's, and I have to say quite a few of the bags are above that 30SD mark. I do think it is a pretty expensive shop, to purchase most things would come at quite a cost. I've only bought two bags so far and that was already over 50SD's so I think it's one of these stores that really needs a thinking cap on when deciding what you want to purchase and what you think you can go without!
I've also incorporated my Bag It Up Challenge #58 into this post styling the two pieces I bought! Firstly the Stitched Fendi Handbag in it's pretty red colour, I love the pop it adds to this look but I also loved the complimentary nature of the purple-y tones in the jacket and shoes. For me this look was necessary to let the bag shine! Then secondly the Canary Fendi Inspired Mini, which isn't really all that 'mini'^ I love the pairing of the yellow with this orange/yellow toned cardigan, I like that match and then kept it simple with jeans and a shirt - but this bag would also look good dressed up too, so I look forward to that opportunity =)
And then some features! A lot of people seem to love this collection and I've been really enjoying seeing which pieces people have been picking out - it's great to see that it's been a huge range =) First we have Isabella8103 who has gone quite all out with this one, choosing the Zebra Style Sunglasses, Flowerland Fendi Inspired Belt and Sunset Fendi Inspired Handbag. There's a whole lot going on with this look, but I quite like this all-or-nothing approach to it, especially the use of the purples in the shirt, skirt and shoes^
Another colourful look from Mia1435, this time styling the Playfull Fendi Tribute Bag, and also including some flats from the last Fendi store^ It's pretty minimal in terms of adding things but the bag has a lot going on so choosing out the pink in the hair and shoes, and the yellow in the top works well for it and is very complimentary. I also want to point out the eyeliner - kinda great =D
This next look is from miver styling the 2Jours Small Leather Tote. This piece is most alike the last release I think. She's stuck with the pick accents from the bag with the shirt and lip colour, which I really like, and the look lets the tan colouring of the bag standout with the black base for the clothing - love it!
And lastly something along the more simple lines of things with ThePerpetua, who has chosen the The White Karlito Bag. This is definitely on the more minimal side of the collection but is nevertheless super stylish. It's perfect with this white and black styled look and I think overall it stands out very nicely in the whole look. Plus, this is making me want to purchase that Voile outerwear ... !


Out of the three new tributes, Marc Jacobs is my least favorite, BUT it's still good! Well done Stardoll! Because of Fendi and Galliano, haven't paid much attention to Marc Jacobs because it's so dark, and I wanna wear colors in summer! I think I'll come back to this in autumn though! This oufit contains only 4 items, which is quite little for me, I tend to add accessories here and there and layer tops etc. But these pieces look stunning and don't need much with them! 

Items used:
Sheer Blouse - Marc Jacobs
Sheer Pants - Marc Jacobs
Emerald Maxi Cardigan - Bizou
Green Mini Leather Bag - Marc Jacobs

Primary Education

So many tributes, so little time...

This Marc Jacobs coat and Fendi bag are my favourites of the three so far, though I change my mind virtually every time I look in my wardrobe.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Just Oversized Coat | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Independence Shirt | Mr.
DIY Ripped Jeans | Callie's Picks
Playful Fendi Tribute Bag | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Half Shade Glasses | Limited Edition
Black Plimpsolls | Stardesign Fashion