Friday, 26 August 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #72

I've been feeling so inspired for this challenge lately, but just not had the time to post so regularly, maybe I'll make this more of an 8AM slot so I can post 3 or 4 times a week, because I think I have some awesome outfits planned, just like this one! This is the Hotbuys Vinyl Handbag from RIO which came out in April 2015 costing 14SD. It's definitely a highlight of the Hotbuys handbags because it's perfectly Dior^ And I think the colouring is awesome, the green works so well and I love getting to fit it into a look! I definitely let the white and green shine with my look by choosing all black, and it's a look I'm very happy with for this piece, kinda on the high-fashion side of things with these ruffled trousers which suit the velvet onepiece a lot! If my dolly were real, she'd wear combinations like this a lot^ Let me know what you think in comments =D

Slouched stripes

Cute and casual in this style today from Meeermer =) I love the use of the simple striped sleeveless shirt in this look, it really stands out with the cropped structured trousers and the slouched slung jacket, that is one piece I love seeing worn^ The accessories are awesome, the shoes are a minimal but fitting choice but I love the busy neckwear to the stripes and the bag stands out perfectly =D

Thursday, 25 August 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Dolce Gabbana Inspired Shorts

Getting close to the end of the August Hotbuys now with this next release today! These are the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Shorts from Bizou costing 18SD's, which I think is about right for them =) I love the exotic style print and the colours involved, it's very pretty and they're definitely something different to include in your wardrobe =D
Haha, typical all going for white, but it's a fab colour for these shorts to let the printing shine out like it deserves - I only wish we had had these at the start of the summer so we could have gotten a lot of use out of them this year! And our poll:


A whole lot of shine with those metallics from Marta-43 today! I love this thoughtful metallic combination of clothing, some might think it's too much, but I really like it in this one, it's not too over the top and too garish or anything, it's pretty stylish in my opinion^ The trousers have a great fit on the doll, and now I kinda want them, but the tone works perfectly with the other pieces in the look and is particularly complementary to the jacket and the necklace, great styling =D


Items used:
Floral Print Midi Skirt - Trails
Louisa T-Shirt - Pals
Faux Fox Vest - Tingeling
Gucci Inspired Tiger Belt - Runway
Baguette Handbag - Fendi
KimK Grammy Heels - YH
Tortoiseshell Earrings - Couture Tribute
Black Gem Earrings - Hot Hot Buys

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

Friday brought us our latest Young Hollywood release themed on the Teen Choice Awards 2016, a good idea I thought! I really love the logo of this one, the diamond shape is different and the blue toned palm trees are cool and current, so a great choice there! Let's take a look at the store:
So we got two floors this time, a total of 11 celebrity looks to choose from from the recent Teen Choice Awards! I really did find it a little difficult to get quite excited by this release - for me nothing stands out hugely as an amazing piece, everything is just a bit 'ok'.
I'll start off with the accessories, which are really fairly minimal with just one bag, the Madisyn Shipman Circle Bag available, but it's not something which seems to have been all that popular. There were 4 pairs of shoes, which is great and the designs are all pretty classic, that's one thing I'm pretty happy with. There's a good range of colours between the 4, whether you want minimal in the Black Teen Choice SS16 Heels or Silver Teen Choice SS16 Heels or you'd rather the more colourful pairs in the Peach Teen Choice SS16 Heels or the red Sarah Hyland High Heels. I really think these are good choices, so this aspect of the release gets one big tick mark from me =)
And then the clothing. It's primarily dresses and one-pieces although there are a couple of trouser/short sets available too. Now I quite like the Maia Mitchell Leather Pants with their decent shape and good all-round general fit and look on the doll, but I'm not so big on either the Madison Shipman Leather Shorts or Jessica Alba Teen Choice Pants. They just don't seem like they quite fit with this collection or in a Young Hollywood store ... if you get what I mean?! And I'm not sure I want to even mention their tophalf components ... they're just not so good in my eyes, the Maia Mitchell Sequin Bomber for example just doesn't seem to fit with this collection, it doesn't have the classic bomber-jacket shape, and I don't see it as a flattering piece on the doll. It's a shame, because the RL version looks quite pretty on and in the look, I would have said it had potential, but I'm not so sure with this Stardoll version =/
So of the rest there are 5 dresses and 2 jumpsuits - I'll start quickly with the jumpsuits, I think both are actually not that bad, but there are definitely things I'd want improved about them before spending that sort of money on them. For one, I think the SD version of the Maddie Ziegler Satin Jumpsuit looks much better than the RL version, however it seemed to come across a little young and child-like on my doll, was that just me?! I like the fit and the print is ok, but it just doesn't suit me sadly! Then there's the Jessie Case Blue Lace Jumpsuit, which has tons of pieces left in the Plaza. I like the whole concept of this one, I think just when it's been put into the Stardoll world it hasn't come out too well. The design looks a little flat and undetailed, and it isn't so flattering on the body either. For me, this one would maybe work out better as a top and shorts and then if you want to wear it as a jumpsuit then you have the choice - the colour is the one plus point, I think the blue is gorgeous! And so now those 5 dresses. There's a pretty good mix in terms of designs and colours and prints available, and they're all suited to summer with their short lengths. I think the overall style of the pieces and the choice is really good, but I just don't think that they're so much the pieces for me or that would get huge amounts of wear. Questioning the versatility of a piece is a must when it has those sorts of price tags attached! I'll start with what I do love though, and that is the Brie Bella Summer Dress! It's in my favourite colour and I love the lace embroidery detailing, very pretty and summery and overall a great style. The shape is also good and I find it super flattering on my doll - you can check out my styling of it here =) Also in white is the Tallia Storm White Dress, despite the colour, it's not really a piece I like much, and I definitely wouldn't wear it. The printing pattern on it is a really nice addition, but the cutout shapes are all a bit too much I think and don't make it such an appealing piece - if it were a skirt on its own I would have definitely snapped it up immediately though! Lastly on the same colour scheme is the silvery Ashley Benson Silver Chain Dress, I really can't fault this piece, it fits well and the colour and styling are good, but it costs 115SD's and I don't really think it justifies that amount of money unfortunately, in fact if it was in Voile and cost maybe 25SD's, then I'd probably buy it, just not at the price it's at. And then there's the two blue tones on opposite ends of the colour, the Sarah Hyland Teen Choice Dress has the 'bright' factor with it's vibrant blue and red pattern, I have no problem with the colour, it's just the wide open neck shape that I'm not a fan of, it's not a style that I'd want to promote via my doll. And then the Meredith Foster Baby Blue Dress is the paler option of blue, I really like the colour and I do think it has a great shape, it just didn't look so great on my doll, I think my skin tone wasn't ideally suited to it. It is a pretty dress though, but just maybe a bit minimal for the cost again.
Prices for this release range between 40 and 115SD's. I do think some thinks are a little pricey for what they are and their design, but I was happy with the prices of the things I purchased - as I write this review on Sunday there are still plenty of options left in the store too, so there's still time to make purchases if you've been unsure about items.
A quick few styled outfits next, I loved these shoes as soon as I had seen them, and I really loved putting these outfits together =) Firstly on the left are the Peach Teen Choice SS16 Heels and I paired them in a fairly summery style and loved the combination of them with these printed trousers, the pink in them helps the shoes stand out but I also used the orange for the bag. Then added minimal on the top half with this crop made a little individual with this sheer paneling, totally all for this idea^^ And secondly the Sarah Hyland High Heels and I really let them stand out in the look by choosing white and a shorter dress so the legs would get a little more attention. Love the white combination I chose and added a little sheer neckline too to the dress, and which ties these two looks together really nicely!
And a couple of features - it was a little tricky to find a lot, because I think most people weren't quite so bothered with this release as much as previous ones. So this is Bay_Watch11 going with Maia Mitchell Leather Pants in a summer look with a twist. They work well with the yellow top and orange lip, as well as these laced heels, I think it's a good selling-look for this piece =)
Now this was the look that finally sold me on the Brie Bella Summer Dress - styled by Beauty..Ann! I just think it looks great with the orange everything and it really just highlighted the dress to me, which also works very well with those Dior heels. So that was me sold on it, but what about you guys?
And lastly Jesika_Stem going with the Meredith Foster Baby Blue Dress. I love the styling with the white fur and then use of other blue accessories, I think this bag is the perfect match for the dress, this combination is a winning one =D