Monday, 20 October 2014

Winter is coming

--Kayley is super ready for winter with this amazing look - the coat made completely from a whole host of different pieces, including stoles, belts and skirts! Plus that emerald bag is amazing - it's made from 2 different ones. I need this sort of creativity in my life!!! Pretty please Stardoll make us some great coats and jackets just like this^^

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Perched on top

I meant to post this last weekend, but it must have slipped my radar when I was checking out my saved files, sorry! Anyway it's yet another look from the ever stylish Marbum - this look has such a great autumn feel to it, and I love the jacket combined with that wonderful hair and the pair of sunglasses perched on top - a fab look overall! Plus I also wanted to show a little of her suite, which as usual, looks amazing - I need her to seriously come and do my whole suite for me! Haha =D 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Social Media

This is just a very quick post to notify you about the blogs presence on Social Media, more particularly, Facebook! I really should have posted months ago when I set up the page ... but here it is now!

Feel free to add me as a friend on your Stardoll Facebook accounts and please please please "Like" the blog page and make sure to share our updates to try and gain a wider audience for the blog through your Stardoll friends =D

Was it really that long ago? | N E L L Y S T Y L E D O U T F I T S

Ok, so turns out the Nelly that I said I'd do a Styled Outfits post for came out like a month ago ... how did that happen?!?! I could have sworn it was just a few weeks ago! Oh well, all the Nelly pieces are still available, so I guess it's better late than never, so here is my Styled Outfits post =D
The Nelly pieces that I included in my looks are:
NLY Cardigan - 22SD

I love the cardi rather a lot, especially the colour, which I think will look fab in these colder months, and I tried to style it in both a more dressed up and a dressed down look. The striped dress looks good with it, which was a bit of a random pairing when I was looking through my clothes, but it works, and I also love it with little ankle boots! Despite the cardi being quite close to navy, I do think it works very well with black, so there's no worries about it matching well to a lot of pieces in your closet!
Then I styled the Tres En Vogue sweater, a piece which I haven't gotten around to styling until now. The shape is a little tricky, and it did take some trial and error to find good bottom halves to work with it, but I think both the trousers and skirt look pretty good with it! The Nelly ankle boots were a must for me with this sweater, no idea why, but they do look quite nice and they are super versatile and will work with most styles.
I lastly styled the shorts - only one look here because I'm just not very good at wearing shorts, they're not really one of my favourite items of clothing to be honest. Anyway, I ended up going for a more transitional look from summer into autumn because autumn here is far too cold for shorts, they look great with a simple white shirt and one of my favourite jackets (the Medley Jacket, it's 50% off and last chance to buy right now!!!) - I accessorised simply with just a black pair of courts, with these shorts I think simplicity really is the best look for them!

I do seem to have based ALL of the looks on black, which really is just a coincidence, I do try to get variety! Anyway, let me know what you think - and if you have any ideas for clothing items you might want me to give a go at styling, just let me know!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Styling Shoes Challenge #4 | Grunge Stilettos

Sorry it's been a while since the last post of this, but I've been very very busy with my RL! Anyway, on with my looks for this pair of shoes =)
Ages ago when I put these shoes out to style for this challenge, I was really excited for them, but styling these looks over the weekend was pretty tricky, and I'm not even sure I like them! However I'll publish this anyway in case some of you guys have great stylings with the shoes!

They look good as a stand out coloured piece, so my looks have really focused on simple colours - although I experimented with the pink there a little, in my mind it worked, in reality? Not so much! But oh well, I gave it a shot! I think they do look great in the second two looks though, the grey just seems to work nicely with them though, and they also look good with either a dress or trousers.

I don't really have much else to say - but maybe if you've styled them, you could show me in the comments? =D xx