Tuesday, 19 June 2018


I picked up these Subcouture Metallic Block Coloured Boots in the Bazaar quite some months ago because I'm loving metallics and I think these have such a cool and different design - I've been wanting to style them for a while and now have gotten around to it, but boy did I underestimate these! I found it pretty tricky! Going by the colours I thought I'd have a whole host of choices to pair them with, but getting the right shapes of clothing was more difficult than I imagined. However I managed to work 3 outfits with them, and I think I'd still be willing to try a few more pieces with them.
First up, pink! I love the pink at the top of the boots, and this metallic skirt was a given, luckily it fits quite well with them. I kept pretty minimal with the shirt and bag, but choosing a bag was a difficult task because there were almost too many options which would have worked! Second up a dress - I think this is my favourite combination! This piece is longer, so stops at the red/bronze metallic block, highlighting more of the earthy tones in the green and blue, which is why I opted for a pop of colour in the bag which I'm so pleased about! The sunglasses are actually two pairs and I really liked this orangey contrast for the blue - I really like this combination for my doll, it's something different but still fitting for my style =D And lastly some trousers, these were definitely the hardest item to get right because so many pairs didn't work, were too long so covered the shoes or were too narrow and didn't work out - I've paired up two pairs and I think it manages fine. I stuck with all white because I was a little at a loss of what to do, but picked out this black bag which highlights the bows on the shoes a little more.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, but wondering if there's a better angle for these shoes - please comment and let me know what you think and if you have these boots, what you've tried with them =D

White neutral stripe

Light and perfect for summer in colour and texture with this look today from Mery.-! These silky swishy trousers are an absolute favourite of mine and I think they have ended up layering really nicely with this long split shirt, the colours have just the right amount of contrast and the overall shape of the two pieces works. The accessorising is beautiful, love this pink bag and the minty sunglasses along with the gold bangles on the wrists - a great summer styling!

Work of Art

There were so many good bags in the LE release, but I haven't seen this one around so much. It's a shame because the palette and shape is great, not to mention I love Rubens...As soon as I saw it, I knew I had the perfect dress for it.

 I'm not sure what the dress is based on but it gives some seriously dramatic, chiaroscuro vibes. 

I will admit that I was also watching the football at the same time as putting this look together and that may have contributed to the tonally dissonant sporty jacket. But hey, it's blue to match...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Jeff Koons Inspired LV Bag | Limited Edition
Renaissance Print Dress | Folk
Stardoll Polo | Callie's Picks
Knee High Pointy Suede Boots | Royalty

Monday, 18 June 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Last week ended with a brand new LE release! It's not been too long since our last one but I was excited to see what Stardoll was bringing us, especially because the snakeskin-style logo we were spoiled with before the release looks pretty cool =D
Highlights I'm not so up on the latest trends right now, but I don't feel like the release is following a certain theme as such, there's just a lot of cool pieces ... ! And also quite a few guys looks, 3 outfits to choose from which is great for the male dolls out there! I quite like the overall show of the store, I think it works and I'm excited to check everything out =)
Accessories Many accessories in this release, although not so much on the jewellery front, just the Long Stone Shape Earrings, which were so much longer than I expected after purchasing them in the app! But I do really like them for their green colouring to the stones. And also the Bvlgari Inspired Diamond Necklace and the very sweet Crab Brooch. I wasn't so impressed with the shoe offerings this time, I don't think they're hugely wearable pieces and they don't have the versatility factor that I look for, but the style does come in a range of colours, so that is one plus. On the other hand, the bags win out completely! There are 5 pieces, firstly the Snakeskin Jewelled Bag which I love so much, it's based on a Miu Miu design, which I also love and I think the colour and design are just fab^ So excited to style this! The other 4 bags are akin to the LV artist bags that have cropped up within the past year or so - the Jeff Koons Inspired LV Bag (Reubens), Clutch Bag (Fragonard), Handbag (Monet) and Backpack (DaVinci) - what a choice and what a collection! I think these are quite welcomed in the Plaza, totally different to what we've had and they're pretty current. I'm very much leaning towards the baby blue detailing on the Monet as being my favourite one. Lastly there are a couple of belts, knotted styles which have been super popular in the past and I love these in brown tones - the Faux Fur Belt and the Brown Croco Belt.
Clothing So much clothing! There's a lot in this store, so it's unlikely that everything will get a mention but I'll try to cover a good range of things. There's a huge focus on dresses and skirts, everything is about getting the legs out for summer, which I really see throughout, even though none of these pieces are your typical summer brights. There are 5 dresses, all still available by the way, but not with the cheapest of price tags. The pinks are highlighted on the first floor with the Schiaparelli Inspired Striped Dress, Heart Shaped Pink Dress and Floral Appliqued Dress Gown - while I love the skirting on the Schiaparelli, there's a sheer factor to it and a lot of '1-wear' vibes coming from it, it's so pretty but with a price of over 150, it's not worth it sadly, and I kinda feel the same about the Floral Gown, it looks so beautiful, I love shape, design, colours and fit on the doll, but it's not something you could wear everyday, if it was half price, sure I'd consider it, but right now it's a no for me - which I do find disappointing! The other dress I'm considering is the Snake Fringe Dress. With it's black base it seems more an autumn/winter piece, but I love the hemming and the overall fit, plus the design, it looks edgy and something a little different for me. There are a couple of co-ords in the store, a must in recent releases, the Art Deco Corset Shirt and Suede Miniskirt of which I went for the Shirt because it's pink and a little fun for me to play with, I'd love the see someone really working the Skirt, because I'd have no clue where to start! And then the Fringe Pink Jacket and Pink Shorts which are just to die for, I love them! The colour is perfect and the style is just the sweetest, completely what I've been wanting to try for a while now - both pieces fit well and will also look good individually. And if you're wanting to go with the shorts-suit combination without being too matchy you can go for the Green Shorts with Multicolour Snakeskin Jacket which are a similar pairing but a little less on the feminine side. There are quite a few other jackets/outerwear pieces as well, but to be honest none of them really catch my eye and I don't think they are styled with a focus on the jackets on the store mannequins which totally can help sell a piece if you get it right! There are two final pieces which I love, which were styled together but I wouldn't wear them like that myself, the Ruffled Red Blouse which has a burgundy colour and a really cool voluminous ruffle on the front with sheer sleeves, and the Graphic Skirt which is a knee-length loose skirt in really pretty and natural tones, it's really quite different which I think is what makes it stand out to me as a pretty piece. I do feel like this collection seems smaller than previous ones ... although I still feel like I spent a lot of money!
Prices As it's LE, the pieces are all SS only. The prices range from 30 to 195SD's, with quite a few pieces over the 100SD mark which is likely why there are quite a few of them still remaining in the store. I don't think the range is higher than usual, but I think the spread of prices across the range is geared a little to the expensive side compared to previous releases.
Features Saving my stylings for something special next weekend - onto the features! First up a couple of looks with the male Gucci Inspired Denim Jacket, which works well on the female dolls too. Bloom_xx_layla has gone for a feminine vintage-based look with this sweet dress layered with a white shirt. The dress fits perfectly with the colour of the printing on the jacket, and also with the darker tone in the Jeff Koons Inspired LV Backpack which works well, I like the use of it without it taking the focus of the styling. Accessories are totally spot on, love the glasses and earrings^

Also with the Gucci Inspired Denim Jacket is RiManiKordenty going for double denim with a skirt, the two denims are matched really well and the sporty-casual styling works nicely. The white shirt pops and I love the addition of colour in the bag and socks, such a fun styling =)
Next up is Evathia going down the accessories route with the Brown Croco Belt and Skull Dice Necklace. The belt is great with this blazer (it makes me glad I bought it^) and I think it's a combination that will work with lots of different styles, including with this sheer floral dress, the contrast is great!
Isabella8103 has gone with the Multicolour Snakeskin Jacket pairing it with a sweet feathered skirt which I love! It's a great addition to the jacket without pulling attention, and the turban fits perfectly with the red belting and pocket detail, plus with the lip colour, it's stunning! The bag is also a cute choice, it fits well =)
The Jeff Koon Inspired LV Clutch Bag looks awesome in this styling from ManiakPupili - the colours are just so perfect with the handheld jacket, like you couldn't have asked for a better piece! And they really pop out against the pastel pink trousers. Love the neutralness of the black polo and the gold and pink in the rest of the accessories - the bag stands out just as it should =D
And the final outfit feature, melisStar wearing the Long Stone Shape EarringsGraphic Skirt and Faux Fur Belt and they all look pretty good together^ I really like this mint top with the skirt, it's a good summer based choice, while the browns add an autumnal feel to make this a good summer to autumn look!
And finally a little something different, regnlee has styled up the LE Barn Interior and I think it looks fabulous! The furniture is all very fitting, there's a boho artsy vibe, I love the chiffon bedding and the candles and the vase of grasses - a super nice room to stay in^

Suite Style

So many good interiors lately, sharing this amazing spring-esque room from tlen today! I love that the decor makes use of a standard Stardoll room, with the light wooden floor and the teal wall, it's been styled up so well =) Love the wooden stair with the black accent which fits well with the fireplace insert. The gold is continued throughout the room, from the fireplace to the seating area, the textiles and the lighting. There's not so much an obvious colour scheme, but everything seems to work together very nicely, I'm particularly liking those pink chairs^

Sunday, 17 June 2018

R I V I E R A | Release Review

A true summer release - Riviera! This one typically just comes out in the summer season and is filled with coastal-style pieces, be it for town or beach. The advertising looks great - I love the models and the clothes look fresh and bright^
Highlights This store is as I expected with light fabrics, bright colours and beach-style pieces giving us a swimwear and cover-up update. I love that there are two completely different guys looks as well, and not just something bland, there's colours and prints!
Accessories There's a pretty good choice here, with a lot of headwear on top of the usual bags and shoes. The Raffia Visor Hat is stunning, the design is minimal but good and I love the slanted styling of it. Visors are very popular on the site, so the Dior Inspired Visor Sunglasses Yellow and Blue will go down well, or are they sunglasses? I'm confused by them, but I still think they will be liked! While I don't love any of the shoes for myself, I like the range of sandal styles available with straps and espadrilles on offer though, some good colours, especially the Slingback Sandal Paula Mermaid Aquas, the blue is super pretty and contrasts well against the black and studded straps. There are two bags in the store, I love the Straw Net Beach Bag though, it's so different to the usual straw bags, with it's short handle and long length, plus the design looks amazing, it could easily be a Tribute or Designer piece!
Clothing The clothes are quite a mixed bag I'd say, maybe a little too beachy for my style as I don't often wear swimwear pieces - but I do think the Flower Onepiece Swimsuit is cool, love the blue pattern and the cut to be more skirt-like on the bottom is cute. The co-ord of the Printed Crop Top and Printed Flared Pants is great, the colour is what attracts me but they're pretty solid summer pieces, which would have been good in spring too I think. The Top is definitely more versatile but I think the trousers deserve a chance! My favourite piece however is the Santorini Dress - I love the length, the split in the leg, the colour, texture and those pom-poms! It looks amazing on the doll and is a flattering piece, it gets the thumbs up from me =D 
Prices The release ranges from 11 to 18SD's, which is pretty normal. There are a few pieces in SC's, but nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits Really feeling summery in these looks! First up the Santorini Dress minimally with neutral heels and some pom-pom earrings to fit the style - this dress does it all, it doesn't need much added to look good =) Secondly the Straw Net Beach Bag which I love even more having it in my suite and trying with different pieces, for me white was the obvious choice to let the colour of the straw stand out, and I think this smarter style works really well with the bag, especially the cut of these trousers. And finally the Printed Crop Top, contrasting with these bold trousers - I tried on so many skirts and trousers to find something and I did struggle, particularly with needing a high waist, but I think this works out quite nicely. And with the pink shoes as well!

Features These pieces seem to be the favourites! BeySashaFierce is wearing the Printed Crop Top with these dark floral trousers and I think the pinks match perfectly! Love the addition of the pink sunglasses, and I think the white heels and bag are great against the contrast of the rest of the colours =)

And Marta32222 wears the matching Printed Flared Pants, layering them so they come across as a skirt, which is a fab idea^ I love the contrast with the blue, it's individual, stands out and works nicely, especially those mules, a great choice =D

Suit up

Definitely not a shorts person, but these LE shorts came in such pretty colour that I couldn't resist. I always feel so naked when my doll has shorts, they are so short! And you know I like to cover my legs with midi lenght. ;) The challenge was to find a bag, and as you can see, I didn't find any. Stardoll should develop some kind of skin coloured thighs, so you could wear bags "behind" the legs with shorts and miniskirts.


At the time, I said I didn't like this Bizou Mustard Treger Dress very much, but everyone is proving me wrong, including this awesome styling by amaia_estebanez! It looks amazing here, especially paired with a navy base, the colour tones are so complementary^ I especially love the use of this jacket, it has navy tones but also metallic bronze touches which are the perfect accent in the look, as well as the neckpiece. The accessories are spot on and fitting with the look - love it =D