Saturday, 14 December 2019

Hello Stranger

It's been a hot minute hasn't it? 

I suppose I should explain my unceremonious absence, but I'll keep it to a short sweet summary: severe burn-out, chronic illness and a general election that fell out of the sky (unfortunately, running elections is my job). I've been MIA in my real life let alone my virtual one!

Nonetheless, I am making a tentative return ahead of Christmas, and I must say I'm fairly impressed with all the seasonal releases that have dropped while I was lying face down in a dark cave.

I dropped in momentarily one weekend only to discover that Subcouture was happening - this yellow coat is my favourite piece from that whole collection. It's very me, right down to the dressing-gown vibes. 

It's not hugely versatile - the shade is very particular and skews a bit puke-yellow when paired with some other colours. The dusky pink, slightly taupe-y accents are a good place to start for building the rest of the look around this statement. I played with a few proper pinks and burgundies before settling on a lighter pinkish beige which is the base of the LE jumper that I'm wearing here as a skirt. The bold pattern then informed the choice of purse, with an interesting graphic animal print strap. By this point, there's a punky vibe starting to push through, so the shredded knit jumper, boots and mismatched earrings all follow suit. That's all styling is...finding the piece, finding the complimentary element, then letting that lead you through the rest of the plot.

Ingredients | You Will Need

Yellow Fringe Coat | Subcouture
Black Rebel Top | Velvet Orchid
Cozy Pattern Sweater | Limited Edition
HotBuys Olive Earrings | Velvet Orchid
Square Brooch Earring | Epiphany
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Dion Lee Leather Bag Black | Antidote
Jeweled Lock Boots | Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Tribute

Saturday, 7 December 2019

T I N G E L I N G C O U T U R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

The spooky season brought us a brand new release of Tingeling Couture (and is halloween themed, but it isn't included in the store name this time) - generally not so much my thing but there were a couple of great pieces that caught my eye and I knew I had to have. I spotted on of them be worn by Elrry, and that is the High Waist Skirt - isn't this look fantastic?! I love the flowing blouse paired with the skirt, the colours are a perfect fit together and the styles blend well, particularly with the inclusion of the nude bustier, it's a super fun style addition. Love the vintage style shoes and bag, the colours stand out nicely against the skirt, and the beauty styling is super glamorous^
And then for my stylings, I actually found the High Waist Skirt a little tricky as I found a lot of pieces that looked good with the skirt, but just not all in one look - I think I'm happy with my styling here, but I think there's room for improvement! I love these sleeves with the skirt, they definitely add a nice amount of detail with the slit in the skirt. I don't normally like boots like these which don't cover the whole leg in the skirt split, but I kind of think this works out ok, I can see it working nicely in RL and I like the bold colour contrast a lot. This bag is my favourite part of the look, the colour is spot on with the skirt and I can't wait to pair it again! And then I also loved the Snake Bag with it's cool designer vibe to it - also those colours are beautiful, I think they're great for my style ideas these days. The colour scheme follows on nicely from the first look but features more dark tones - I liked this beige sweater with the bag colours and these green boots kind of got picked by default but actually I think they do work out ok in the styling! All the black makes it a winter-appropriate styling, and works well with the black base to the bag - I'm super pleased with this one =D

Friday, 6 December 2019

M S W | Styled Outfits

I'm really not into the whole MSW on Stardoll, it's just not my thing - but it usually comes with a couple of Plaza releases and this time that included 4 floors of clothing. I picked up a couple of pieces from all of the releases and today am belatedly styling them, I think these looks are a little festive for the upcoming season^
First up the Satin Red Trousers which really are very festive with their bold colour. I love the fit o these on the doll, the high waist is perfect and the leg is the perfect loose-ness. I styled them up very boldly with more red, I really like the outcome! I kept a little down to earth with the black accessories and the jacket, but this little red bag made the perfect finishing touch. For the second look, the Sequin Blue Skirt, which was somewhat a more challenging piece to work with! I tried a few different things before landing with this 'smart' styling, I really like the bright blue against the more muted coat, I think it makes the sequins more wearable for sure. The rest of the look is minimal with a white shirt and matching navy heels, but I think it's effective for a more daring style of skirt^ And finally the Black Feather Heels which were in the second release of pieces, which was a lot more wearable than the first. I very much wanted to pair these with a knee or midi length piece because those feathers need shown off for sure! I balanced the black with the shirt and accessories, but made my 'bold' choice with the white skirt, but I love it, such a perfect outfit =D

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Folded lengths

I absolutely adored this cool minimal styling from --Kayley recently - these colours are perfect together and perfect for current trends! I love the layering of the maxi grey dress, something I've always struggled to make look good, with this navy top, the colours look great together, and the folded back styling of the top is perfect against the leg split in the dress, totally genius^ The white trousers make it a more seasonally-appropriate look and I love that addition. The bag is minimal but stands out and I love the shoe choice, something a little different with the printing, the kitten heel is great!

Friday, 29 November 2019

R O Y A L T Y | Styled Outfits

The last Royalty store release was a pretty good one, with a floor of new fun designer-styled pieces to enjoy for the Autumn/Winter season! I didn't feel like there was quite enough for me to write a whole review about, so I've styled up my purchases for you today. I really liked the silky and flowing styles in this release, so while I haven't bought them, the Neon Collar Skirt and Green Satin Dress are pretty cool pieces, and the colours also make them really stand out. And the Star Shoes Pink are pretty fabulous, they will really be quite perfect for holiday party stylings =)
First up I've paired the Pink Turtleneck and the White Handbag which are both very versatile pieces, they will work with so many different colours too, but I really love them with these smart white trousers. The bag still manages to pop out even with more white, which I love. Kept accessories minimal, but totally loving these black and pink shoes with the look^ For the second style I've gone with the Wool Coat, not so versatile being a pink and green combination, but I think it works and I adore the design of this piece with the belting and the open neckline, it works really nicely. I've added even more pink which I totally love, and with the blue lining to the coat in the backpiece, I decided to continue that with the polo and the bag - it's pretty cute^ I'd love to work some green with this next time though =D And for the final styling, the Fendi Inspired Bag which I just love so much! It's got a base of black which will work in many looks, but has white and orange highlights which open up so many options for it^ This look was the easiest to put together and I think it works out very nicely balancing all of the colours from the bag. I'm excited to wear this one again!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | November 2018

I have to say, I think November 2018 might have been one of the most successful Hotbuys months of all time - well, for me at least, what about you guys? These pieces are classics, I bought almost everything, and they're some of the pieces I reach to the most in my wardrobe - they've really been completely worth the SD's! As I wear the pieces a lot, it's hard to pick out the lesser-worn items to style up again, so I'll pick what I haven't worn in a little while and today will style the Throw On Blazer and the Monile Bag:
These two looks, unintentionally, fit together quite nicely with their pink hues - I'm pretty happy with the outcome of these looks for Autumnal stylings. First with the jacket, I stuck with neutral beige tones, I love keeping with the whole colour for the clothes, it's a trend I'm all over! I layered up further with a polo beneath the sweater and I really like this look, the colour matches well with the accessories. In the second look I was looking for something more gold themed, but then this velvet suit caught my eye, the stripe colours work out very nicely with the bag! I kept with the layering theme, this brown polo works great with the colours in the suit. I added a little gold in the necklace and I think this works nicely with the bag. And kept the shoes in line with the long trousers being in a metallic pink, I really like that a lot^ I'm super pleased with these stylings, I'd wear either of these again =D

Monday, 25 November 2019

B A S I C S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This recent-ish Basics release really was a great one with some fantastic clothing pieces themed on neutral tones with blues thrown in, really versatile items to add to our wardrobes! First up an amazing feature from isajapa styling up the Long Coat Beige - the design of which is just stunning! I love the dark colours paired in this look, the black trouser style is great with the coat, and the layering of the red velvet jacket and the white shirt tucked into the trousers with the chunky belt is super cool. The jewelled accessories are also fab, the little brooch detail is a perfect addition for this style =)
I really went a little overboard with this release and bought a lot of stuff! It's great that it's all in SC's because there are so many options for all of the pieces and they've super stylish in their own rights too. First up the lightest of looks, with the Satin Skirt Beige which I really like for both the texture and midi-split leg style. The colours all look great, but I particularly like this beige for my doll. I styled it up super minimally with a cream sweater and matching booties, and I think it's such a cute pairing, great for Autumnal vibes^ Also accessorised with a necklace, I really like that little aspect in here. Tried out a lot of bags but nothing was perfect, so that will be my next style-task! Secondly pairing the Knitted Sweater Black and Long Coat Dark Teal - I love black and navy together, I know it's not for everyone, but I really like how it looks and I love the outcome of this outfit! I think the amounts of each colour balance well, with the black clothing beneath the jacket, then the addition of the black bag and sunglasses playing off the size of the coat and these shiny navy booties - they're really my favourite part to the look =D And for the final look, the Satin Shirt Black, also styled up with blue, just a different tone this time. I like the style of the shirt and the trousers together, I've added more black with the jacket, bag and earrings, which again balance around the trousers nicely. Added a blue bag this time, and I think it also works out well, the colour is a little clashy with the blue, but the size is perfect and I quite like the slight off-ness to it!

Sunday, 24 November 2019

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

It's Subcouture weekend! I love these releases, as there's the special quality that they're limited, but there's a little time to really think about the pieces which you want or not. I like the effect of the minimal style of the advertising, it draws me in for sure^
Highlights The release has two floors with 9 outfits in total, including one for the guys. There is a more street-style and casual vibe to the pieces which I like for the current season and trends. I also like the more muted colour scheme with the flashes of colour, I think it makes for an effective collection.
Accessories There are just bags and shoes for accessories, I don't mind so much as I like the choice that we have with these. There are 3 bags to pick from, I'm really leaning towards the shoulder bags, the Green Leather Bag which is a structured box bag in an army green colour and the Metallic Shoulder Bag which is black with two bag parts to it with some really nice intricate details - both look good on the doll and are great for the Autumn season, plus aren't really things we've had something like before. In terms of shoes there is a focus on boots, with 4 pairs available, I totally love the Flower Boots, these are right up my street with the neutral base and the bold red/orange flower print, perfect to stand out in outfits! And there are also a pair of trainers, the Yellow Sneakers which are in the popular chunky bold colour style, as a fan of yellow these naturally catch my eye with the bright yellow and red sections to them, they look pretty good^
Clothing The winners of the clothing in this release are really the bottomhalf pieces, great options from the trousers and skirts this time! The Melange Trousers are a great pair of trendy trousers, the fit is current with a loose style, and the colour is great for the upcoming Winter. Midi skirts are still going strong with the Pleated Skirt in a fabulous yellow and the Asymmetrical Pleated Skirt which has a flared style to it with a nice panelled section in blue - I really love both pieces, they'll be great for fun Winter stylings! I like the idea of a navy knitted midi dress, but the large open sections of the Cut Out Bodycon Dress are offputting, which is a little of a shame. I'm a little on the fence about the Yellow Fringe Coat, I do love yellow, and the overcoat style is really great and fits the doll very nicely but I'm just not 100% convinced about something with it, just not sure what - I need convincing! And of course the advertising for the store completely sold me on the Oversized Pullover, really love the colour for something a little different to what we're used to, and love the chunky knitted style to the piece. While it's a sweater and layers nicely, it also works well as a dress, so there's a few options for it too^
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 36SD's which is pretty average for Subcouture. The release is limited in terms of this weekend only, until midnight on Monday 25th. There are some SS-only items in this release, but the majority is available for everyone.
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few pieces from the release and I look forward to wearing everything! First up the Flower Boots styled super minimally with beige so the colour really pops out, I love that - but there are also plenty of other options for them! I matched my bag to them too, love bringing this piece out again for sure, it works really nicely =) Second up pairing the Melange Trousers and the Yellow Sneakers, these trousers are very versatile there are so many dressed up or down options for them. I picked out my colours based on the trainers, with yellow and red there are plenty of options for accessories, I couldn't resist choosing some of my favourites^ And finally the Oversized Pullover and the Metallic Shoulder Bag in what I think is my favourite look of this set. I layered up the sweater with a navy dress, because navy is such a dreamy combination with this sweater. And also navy boots, love getting to wear these too! I like the bag with this sweater for the jewels on it, they're a pretty good colour fit with that of the sweater - I'll definitely repeat this combination =D
Features And a couple of features, first up ajenkam styling the Oversized Pullover - wearing it over trousers was my next outfit choice for this one^ The black makes a big contrast, but I think it works well and the accessories are very nicely chosen with the gold detail on the boots and the design on the bag breaking up the colour a bit - totally love it!
And then we have Lawliet. wearing the Puff Jacket and maybe convincing me I should try this out! I like the mixing of the textures, the velvet-style to the jacket looks great against the leather of the trousers and boots, and the shirt hems add a softer touch overall. Love the sleek accessorising here =)