Saturday, 19 April 2014

P-jewelled (ya know, like Bejewelled?)

zep-emo styling that PPQ(I tried to make a pun with this in the title, I think I failed, ha!) Jumpsuit/leotard to perfection! It's a piece I love so much because of the jewelled details, but gosh is it a hard to style piece - the main reason I didn't buy it! But this great look almost makes me wanna change my mind! It's styled with a sheer nude skirt to match the base colour of the piece, and paired with simple yet effective accessories - a great combination with a difficult piece, definitely providing me with some inspiration =)

Wear My Closet Challenge #63

For someone who has the biggest phobia of yoghurt (don't even ask!) - it's surprising that I've found I LOVE frozen yoghurt, got a tub of Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt from Waitrose when I was in last week, not even ashamed to say I finished the whole thing in 24 hours!
Just Bobby Tee, Just Cavalli
Mint Miniskirt, DVF

North Shore Surf Bag, LE
HotBuys Jewel Sandals, It Girls

LE Suites

Along with clothes from the new LE release, we also got a couple of new interiors (as we usually do, I just never talk about them!) - I bought both and look forward to using them in my suite, just when I have time! But some members who have had time to style them with their interior design flair have done great jobs with this particular interior:
I love the styles that these 3 have gone for, they're very simple and minimalistic, but give enough to fill the room and provide interesting viewing! And these have definitely given me a little inspiration and motivation to get on with mine - I am dreadful at interior design as we all know, so anything like this is great in my books =)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #62

I made a revelation yesterday, it's too personal to share, but it made me happy =)
Ocean Lace Blouse, Pretty 'n Love
Graphic Streamer Skirt, LE

Multi Strap Platforms, Yves Saint Laurent

#3 - Love Was Just A Glance Away

Song Inspiration:


What I'm wearing:

Decades - Classic Flapper Dress
Over The Shoulder Gem Cardi - Millionaire Mansion
Red Shiny Pleather Clutch - Callie's Picks
Red Tipped Tie Stilettos - Callie's Picks
Rhinestone Necklace - Decor Shop
Diamond Drop Earrings - Film Theory Classics

Until next time, 

Tress Up - Review!

Stardoll has just presented us with a brand new Tress Up collection - I'm quite happy with the pretty regular releases for these as generally the team actually do pretty well with the designs and filling a space in the Stardoll hair department!
So we have two floors, with prices ranging from 11 to 20SD's, which personally I don't find too bad, they're about the same as past collections have been. The one thing I think some people may complain about is no SC hairstyle, but that's life, we all get it by now - you pay the membership or for SD's and you get the perks!
I had originally picked out numerous ones to buy and when I saw the 200SD total, I redid a bit of my thinking and ended up only buying 6 after making some, what I hope to be, wise decisions!
Personally I'm a pretty good fan of this collection, I feel like they fit the niche with a couple of the styles, for example the Nina Hair (shown in top image below) - I think that's gonna be a popular one, a lot of people look for a short style that looks great and I think this one provides just that! But I do like several others and a couple of the ones I bought are shown below =)
So what did you guys think of the release? Get anything good/that you were looking for? =D

Thursday, 17 April 2014

LE Hibiscus Flounce Dress - Wearing it well

Just a little feature of 2 different yet stunning looks of dolls wearing the LE Hibiscus Flounce Dress from the new collection, which cost quite a large 200SD's. This is a piece I bought, and I do really love it - still no idea how to wear it though, but these two do! We have Pau.Cam.Arena, styling it with a pretty white cape so the dress is still quite visible and choosing gold styled accessories to work with the chain around the skirts of the dress (plus that pink on the lips, LOVE!) and then we have LadyPopscarllat who has styled it with a white sweater, choosing to go with it as a more skirted piece than a dress, the gold necklace is a cute accent and the rest of the accessories are on a nude tone. 
Overall both of these outfits really show the good qualities of this dress and show two totally different ways it could be styled!

Moschino x McDonald's

Hello everyone,

All fashionistas are crazy about new Moschino's collection inspired by the famous fast food, so do I.
The Moschino tank which I combined with the sweatshirt was designed by talented midnightmonkey6. Do you like this idea? Would you buy it?

Moschino inspired tankmidnightmonkey6
Red sweatshirt -  SD
White Tailored Overcoat - tingeling
Silver Tail Heels - Mortal Kiss

Have a lovely day!