Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Casual golds

Todays feature may look fairly simple, but I love this outfit from l-lana. The gold details definitely standing out and catching my eye against the jeans/shirt/polo combination. The detailing is minimal but works well in combination. The shoes are the focal point I'd think, and they look great combined with the bag of similar colours. Also love seeing the necklace with the polo - it works and is a good style combination I enjoy seeing =)

Monday, 8 February 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #24

Starting the week with another challenge post, this time featuring the SubCouture Glam Bag. This is from SubCouture (surprise, surprise) and originally cost 15SD's, although now you'll have to search for it in the Bazaar. So I've had this bag for over a year now, and I've never worn it, I don't know if it's the style (it can't be, because I love the bucket-bag look) or if there's too much sparkle, but at least I'm putting it to use now! Typical me going with an all-black look for this one, but it does make the shine stand out =)

Blushing browns

Such a great outfit from heneda in this post! It's a fab way to wear Bizou's Missoni Inspired Dress, and I think it's a great match for it with these brown trousers. The colours are complimentary and the shapes look good. I like seeing the blush-shade cardigan ontop, and the polo beneath keeps the whole look having a trendy feel - I think those pointed shoes only add to it as well =D 


Velvet Turtleneck – Callie's Picks
Wide Legs Jeans – Pretty n' Love
White Boxy Blazer – Melbourne Minimalism
Peekaboo Monster Tote – Fendi Tribute
Belt – Bonjour Bizou
Kendall Slides – Young Hollywood

Sunday, 7 February 2016


A bit of a last minute post this one - I'd been leaving today open for a store release from last week, but there really wasn't anything for me to write about disappointingly! And so a Styled Outfit post instead, featuring Nelly's Cowl Neck Dress which costs 17SDs.
I really have grown to this dress in the past month. I didn't purchase it initially, but I think I saw some great looks and decided it was worth having. And I've tried to show with my looks that it's not just a dress and can easily be worn with different trousers too. Stuck with classic colours in my first look and the grey of the dress is so versatile in this way, so it's a good staple piece you could add to your wardrobe. My second look took a step outside my favourite style-zone using these Hotbuy trousers (it's actually called a jumpsuit ... but it's totally a pair of trousers =P) and again I think the dress colour is very complimentary to them and suits the vibe they add to this outfit. My final look is my favourite - just wearing it as a dress! I put a sweater on to jazz it up (just a tad!), but it looks fine without it, but I love the brighter feel the white blazer adds. Had to choose some stand out shoes for this one, and they really work =D

Meshed rips

Really loved this holed look today from emipaula! This combines a meshed skirt (seeing so many good looks with this, might need to find myself one in the bazaar!) with a ripped sweater. And I think the sweater is worn particularly well with the white underneath - the style of sweater is something I'd avoid, but this outfit might make me change my mine. Accessories are perfect, love both the use of the shoes and bag =D