Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #2

Number 2 and a double feature from It Girls^ These are two adorable bags with a cute floral theme, much more suited to summer or spring looks which is what I've gone for. On the left is the Bow Bag, which 6SD's. I feel like I've made half hearted attempts with this before, but it is a pretty versatile bag as it's easy to style behind jeans as I've gone with. It's also a super detailed bag with a lot of nice jewels when you look up close =D On the left is the Prato In Fiore Shoulder Bag costing 95SC's, a bargain really! I've been desperately trying to use this bag and so I'm glad I got it checked off first, and I love it with this denim look, which I will try more of for sure!

Suite Style

Such a great combination of suite and a look from dkny4435 today! The suite room looks awesome and makes perfect use of that Young Hollywood garden interior (it's something I've never bothered trying to work with!) with this minimal and scandinavian-styled interior design. The woods, whites and concrete are a good combination together and with the original interior - it's exactly what I'd want in my suite, need to get working on that! Also loved the outfit making use of the MSW Lace Peplum Top, but choosing to avoid the lace aspect and focus on it's other details, such a great idea^ =D

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled Outfits

Friday brought us a whole new Young Hollywood collection, two floors full! Now I didn't know about it until I saw it when I got home Friday evening so I had missed a lot and didn't really have a good amount of time to have a good look and think of what I wanted to say for a review - so I'm styling one of the pieces I bought. I did also purchase the Gaga White Evening Gown, but it does very much speak for itself, plus I also wore it in my MAWI post last week^ So I'm styling the Jourdan Embellished Skirt, I love this piece and was glad it was still available to purchase. It feels season appropriate with the colours of the embellishments and I was super excited to style it as soon as I purchased it =) 
This skirt looks good in other ways but I just went all black - tops, boots and jackets, totally unintentional but helps make the skirt stand out with the pretty flowers. A navy top could work too but the one I have has other embellishments and it was a bit too much^
I couldn't post without some great features of other items from the store as well:
Firstly Marbum, wearing mostly items - I think the Gigi Suede Vest and the Gigi White Purse look particularly good. In fact this look made me buy the bag^ This older YH skirt is a perfect match for the look too, great great combination!
Now Mia1435, always looking fabulous and totally selling the Emma Blue Pants and the Emma Blue Heels! They look surprisingly awesome with the green, so it's also a fabulous look with the blazer. The beauty look is also amazing^
Lastly xCookie, also wearing the Gigi White Purse but additionally the Gigi White Capris. This look makes them look pretty different to the store, I think I like them more now! The red was a great choice to make the look standout to me =)


A very nice, smart look from tigre89 today. I've been loving long boots recently, so this fits perfectly in with that category. The dress is great too, which has been made from several white pieces with the grey one layered ontop, a great creation and unique use for this piece. Accessories and makeup also chosen well, good work^

Monday, 23 November 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #1

All ready for #1, and ended up choosing something simple to start off with. This is the White Large Clutch from Nelly, and is actually something I've styled specifically before. Kept colours simple with black and white, but this is a piece that you could go for a statement colour with, I'm feeling blue maybe^

Suite Style

It's been a while since I've shown a suite, but fearstar's was too good to pass up =) It's all Chanel here, and I love it^ The minimalism is perfect, giving a good basis to show off good outfits on, but it has enough details to make it stand out and look good amongst the other suites I see - great work!