Sunday, 24 June 2018

B A S I C S D E C O R | Suite Style / / Styled Suite

A few weeks back now we got some new BASICS Decor in the Plaza - a whole host of pieces from furniture to small decorative items and in a range of colours! I don't really think it justifies a whole review but I wanted to show how I styled things up in my suite. First up though, a feature! Tolady has gone to town with the release in this suite room and has focussed on the green pieces from the release - I'm particularly loving the Coffee Table Lime Punch with the bold leg colour, it pops so well in the whole room and of course the Chaise Lounge Sofa Charcoal looks like a great centre-piece =D
In my suite I've focused on the pink pieces from the release and took the opportunity to re-style on of my older suite rooms - I'm still loving this Seine view! I chose a lot of the smaller pieces to work with as the bigger furniture items would've crowded the view a little. I love the pale wooden base to the Tripod Lamp Blooming Dahlia, it's such a refreshing tone and works well with quite a few of the wooden pieces I already had, I think it's great with this chair! And of course the Shaggy Round Rug Blooming Dahlia, it's a great floor piece and I love layering it with similar textures which I think works well for my overall room design =D


Was browsing my beauty parlour to find the perfect earrings for this look, and on one of the last pages I saw these sunglasses, called the "Vamp Sunglasses" from PPQ. I love them! I should browse my beauty parlour more often I reckon! So that is where the title of this post comes from. Vamp is "a woman who is conscious of and makes use of being attractive to men in order to get what she wants." This gorgeous dress is definitely something a vamp could wear. :P 

Dark summer

Black can look good in summer too! Millaxx has seen to that well with this outfit =) There's such a mixed casual yet dressed up vibe to this look, I love the sleeveless top with deep V and peplum detail, so many styles meshed into the one with it. And I think it looks great paired with these kinda-sheer-leg trousers, they're great! I don't think I've seen them before but they look so good in their shape and fit on the doll, thumbs up from me! Love the classy heels and the use of accessories, everything looks great together especially the clutch and earrings =D

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Limited Edition SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

And now styling up the recent LE release! And instead of just me styling it, I thought we'd do a We Style It instead to bring a host of different styles to the pieces. I picked out 5 pieces to style up between the 3 of us and I think we've come up with some interesting and great combinations =)

So many great handbags to choose from, we've gone with the Jeff Koons Inspired LV Handbag, I love the blue colour to the base and think it's pretty current. We've all just about gone in completely different directions, with a range of blues and colour pops and shoes from classic heels, to trainers to quirky boots. I found the bag worked well with a lot of different pairs of trousers and skirts, I think it's a versatile piece for summer stylings!

P I N K S H O R T S / / G R E E N S H O R T S
Next up we styled up the shorts, with myself and Miloshki going with the Pink and AudreyHepburn. going for the Green identical pair! There are many great matching pieces that these shorts go well with, especially boots^ Great oversized sweaters and jackets for these and they're good for summer to get the legs out. Socks and trainers add such a cute vibe too =) 

We all agreed that this Graphic Skirt was a little harder to work with than expected - it's a cute piece, geared towards autumnal and maybe spring stylings with the colour scheme of it. The colours are great and do open up for a range of pairings and accessories. We've all picked different colours and prints yet they all work out well with the skirt. While I've gone light on the tophalf, dressing for summer, the other stylings make good use of outerwear.

Next up one of the belts, the Brown Croco Belt and I love our looks for this! It's so easy to style it up in different looks and we've really shown that with these stylings. It looks great with coats, so I think it will be perfect in autumn and winter too. Love the knotted style, I think it adds well to looks and the colour is one that works with a range of tones =)

And lastly 2 looks with the Ruffled Red Blouse which is a super smart piece with a lot of detailing and therefore opportunity to show it off. I also love the sheer and slightly blouson-style sleeves, I think they look great and I love that it's long sleeved. Clearly we're fans of high-waists with them and I think that helps show off the ruffling^

A Midsummer Day's Dream

Stardoll kindly dropped a flower crown into our suites for free, so I thought I'd go and frolic in a field...

The only thing missing from this look is a pair of goggles for the hayfever.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Flower Crown Midsummer 2018 | Special Offer
Olivia Styled Shirt | Young Hollywood
Cropped Jeans | The JetSet
Satin Bomber Jacket | Wild Candy
Embroidery Caftan Belt | Bonjour Bizou
Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag | Inspired by Off White Tribute
9to5 Florist Leaf Twig | 9to5
Boutonniere Rose | Voile
Pastel Low Sneakers | Original Future

Beauty Snaps

Friday, 22 June 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Striped Tie Waist Skirt

A smart summer skirt this week for these stylings - the Striped Tie Waist Skirt from PEARLS which came out just at the end of last summer so this is our first summer season with it. And this is an SC piece so very easily affordable for everyone to enjoy, hooray! I haven't styled this one since last year, but seeing one or two people styling it this season definitely pushed me to choose it for this post.
Collared smarting shirts and skirts
The colours of the skirt make it a classic workwear sort of piece, a good shirt is a must and my wardrobe is full of them! It's also full of some fabulous matching shoes all with a little something special! White shirt+pointed white heels; match-y blue shirt+origami blue striped shoes!
Blue pairing tones
There are many great blue tones available to buy, and many of them work well with this skirt! I like both the striped and the minimal styles, but a dark navy is great for a pop too^ And also many great handbag choices, whether clutch or handheld. Couldn't resist a matching bow shoe for the belted tie of the skirt with this one =)
Summer pieces call for camisoles
And casual! This skirt works well casual too, and with trainers, white is such a versatile colour and makes a good base for these light summer camisole choices. These work tucked and untucked and make a good minimalist style. The skirt still stands out, the volume is fantastic with these pieces!

Fur hood

This LE look is looking chic^ TYLERCON has done a great job with this look, turning this vest (which I'm really not a fan of) into something super stylish! It looks great layered with the white fitted pieces, the trousers especially. I'm loving the use of the fur as a shawl, it suits the style and colours of the outfit very nicely. Also the bag, it's a perfect fit for it and it adds such a delicate touch =D