Sunday, 17 June 2018

R I V I E R A | Release Review

A true summer release - Riviera! This one typically just comes out in the summer season and is filled with coastal-style pieces, be it for town or beach. The advertising looks great - I love the models and the clothes look fresh and bright^
Highlights This store is as I expected with light fabrics, bright colours and beach-style pieces giving us a swimwear and cover-up update. I love that there are two completely different guys looks as well, and not just something bland, there's colours and prints!
Accessories There's a pretty good choice here, with a lot of headwear on top of the usual bags and shoes. The Raffia Visor Hat is stunning, the design is minimal but good and I love the slanted styling of it. Visors are very popular on the site, so the Dior Inspired Visor Sunglasses Yellow and Blue will go down well, or are they sunglasses? I'm confused by them, but I still think they will be liked! While I don't love any of the shoes for myself, I like the range of sandal styles available with straps and espadrilles on offer though, some good colours, especially the Slingback Sandal Paula Mermaid Aquas, the blue is super pretty and contrasts well against the black and studded straps. There are two bags in the store, I love the Straw Net Beach Bag though, it's so different to the usual straw bags, with it's short handle and long length, plus the design looks amazing, it could easily be a Tribute or Designer piece!
Clothing The clothes are quite a mixed bag I'd say, maybe a little too beachy for my style as I don't often wear swimwear pieces - but I do think the Flower Onepiece Swimsuit is cool, love the blue pattern and the cut to be more skirt-like on the bottom is cute. The co-ord of the Printed Crop Top and Printed Flared Pants is great, the colour is what attracts me but they're pretty solid summer pieces, which would have been good in spring too I think. The Top is definitely more versatile but I think the trousers deserve a chance! My favourite piece however is the Santorini Dress - I love the length, the split in the leg, the colour, texture and those pom-poms! It looks amazing on the doll and is a flattering piece, it gets the thumbs up from me =D 
Prices The release ranges from 11 to 18SD's, which is pretty normal. There are a few pieces in SC's, but nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits Really feeling summery in these looks! First up the Santorini Dress minimally with neutral heels and some pom-pom earrings to fit the style - this dress does it all, it doesn't need much added to look good =) Secondly the Straw Net Beach Bag which I love even more having it in my suite and trying with different pieces, for me white was the obvious choice to let the colour of the straw stand out, and I think this smarter style works really well with the bag, especially the cut of these trousers. And finally the Printed Crop Top, contrasting with these bold trousers - I tried on so many skirts and trousers to find something and I did struggle, particularly with needing a high waist, but I think this works out quite nicely. And with the pink shoes as well!

Features These pieces seem to be the favourites! BeySashaFierce is wearing the Printed Crop Top with these dark floral trousers and I think the pinks match perfectly! Love the addition of the pink sunglasses, and I think the white heels and bag are great against the contrast of the rest of the colours =)

And Marta32222 wears the matching Printed Flared Pants, layering them so they come across as a skirt, which is a fab idea^ I love the contrast with the blue, it's individual, stands out and works nicely, especially those mules, a great choice =D

Suit up

Definitely not a shorts person, but these LE shorts came in such pretty colour that I couldn't resist. I always feel so naked when my doll has shorts, they are so short! And you know I like to cover my legs with midi lenght. ;) The challenge was to find a bag, and as you can see, I didn't find any. Stardoll should develop some kind of skin coloured thighs, so you could wear bags "behind" the legs with shorts and miniskirts.


At the time, I said I didn't like this Bizou Mustard Treger Dress very much, but everyone is proving me wrong, including this awesome styling by amaia_estebanez! It looks amazing here, especially paired with a navy base, the colour tones are so complementary^ I especially love the use of this jacket, it has navy tones but also metallic bronze touches which are the perfect accent in the look, as well as the neckpiece. The accessories are spot on and fitting with the look - love it =D

Saturday, 16 June 2018

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Release Review

Last week a great drop of pretty summer pieces came to the Plaza in the form of Pretty 'N Love! There's always great things in these releases and with pink being so popular right now I'm excited to see what's inside^ Love the beach-style advertising too =D
Highlights So cute and so pink - just as expected! The store is of the usual size for release with an appropriate number of pieces. And there are a couple of male items in the mix as well to consider.
Accessories The regular number of accessories, but I'm quite pleased with what's on offer, mostly in the shoe category but there are some cute other pieces too, like the Round Frame Pink Sunglasses which have a unique design and stand out style. I loved both the Pearl Embellished Satin Sandals and the Flower Heel Sandals - both perfect for summer stylings with light colours and cool designs, the combination of white and a square tow on the second pair really remind me of late '90's/early '00's styles, I'm sure the Olson twins had something similar in one of their movies and I therefore also wanted something similar, mine were lilac, but these white ones would have been fabulous^ They both look great on the doll as well =)
Clothing All about the pink - as you can expect with this store^ Florals are still going strong with this season too which reflects in the pieces - the Melody Crochet Shorts and matching Cropped Crochet Top are the sweetest vintage styles and the Printed Bikini Top and High Rise Printed Bikine Briefs are modern poolside floral choices! I really loved the Jacquard Mini Skirt at first site, the heart printing is adorable, I love the mint and pink colours and the contrasted belt, in fact it fits perfectly with the Royalty Gucci Inspired Hearts Jacket, a perfect set =) Keeping with the printed theme, also quite fancy buying the Embroidered Silk Organza Coat, it really looks like a dressing gown, but the more I look at it I'm tempted to try it for street style and non-poolside stylings, what do you guys think about it? The Embroidered Cotton Lace Trousers are another tempting piece, they have light embroidery and a free feel with their loose fit and chiffon material, however the colour isn't quite right against my dolls tanned skin. And the more minimal pieces - the Lace Stretch Satin Chemise didn't catch my eye right away, but isn't it a great vintage style? Looks like the older Stardoll designs that are pretty popular! And also the One Shoulder Ribbed Top, this is a great basic from this store, it's got good fit on the doll a nice design and a perfect tone for many outfits, love this one!
Prices The release ranged from 12 to 18SD's which is pretty standard. There are a few SC pieces in the accessories, and nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only =)
Styled Outfits I've been getting more into wearing pinks so I had fun with this one! First up the Jacquard Mini Skirt and Round Frame Pink Sunglasses styled in a naturally pink look - still love this chunky sweater with everything and I think the tone works perfectly with these new pieces, and of course my favourite pink belt. Mixed things up with these minty/turquoise heels and I think they're a great pop with the hearts on the skirt! Next the Pearl Embellished Satin Sandals which you just see peaking out from these wide trousers. I picked neutral and light pinks for this one as these shoes have a slightly darker pink tone, while it works, they are a little too covered to show off, but I've been wearing them with some ankle grazers all week so they're getting some limelight there^ And lastly the One Shoulder Ribbed Top and Flower Heel Sandals in what I think it my favourite look of the set - love these bold trousers with the more minimal pieces, and there's still pinks in the printing so it works out. I picked a black bag to go more with the trousers but the cutout design prevent it being too dark, I just love it! 
Features Of course a few features! Millaxx is making use of both the Round Frame Pink Sunglasses handily hanging from the neckline of this light blouse, and the Flower Heel Sandals showing them off with some leg! The metallic pink skirt is a great combining piece and I love the delicate accessorising with the jewellery =D
And secondly RiManiKordenty choosing an opposite style, and wearing the Embroidered Cotton Lace Trousers and I love the layering with the red to really make them stand out, that's such a great idea! The sweater is a fun piece with the print, I don't think it draws attention from the trousers at all and I love the pop of blue in the quilted bag =D

Hungry like the Wolf

I was fairly please with the Limited Edition drop this season - as a devoted follower of Schiaparelli, I was pleased to see so much of it...

After that misleading preamble, I can say that this look does not include any Schiaparelli, but this Gucci-inspired wolf jumper instead. 

Menswear jumpers are the best - they have the most interesting prints and, if you can get the sizing right, they layer fantastically. I've layered this one over another jumper to get the overly long sleeves effect and to try and disguise where I've resized. It works really well if you squint and/or are cross-eyed.

I've gone for a favourite, violent combo of mine: bruised-black-n-blue, with a nice punch of blood red. I think it's nicely at odds with the smart cut of the trousers and tie/shirt business. The overall effect I hope is ever so slightly unsettling. Like she might suddenly leap across the boardroom table to put you in your place...

I was going to wear some round-toe boots with it because I'm a little sick of the pointed stiletto, but it seemed much more apt to use shoes that you could skewer yourself on.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Wolf Sweater | Limited Edition
Lion Sweatshirt | Mr.
Red Plastic Coat | Je T'aime Pretty 'n' Love
Boxy Denim Blouse | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim | Dior Couture Tribute
Red Silk Tie | Voile
Ribcage Computer Case | Mr.
Embellished Slingback Pump | Subcouture

Beauty Snaps

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Beauty Snaps


Not kidding when I say I can't get over lilac! Now wearing it with red. It just works with so many colour that I'm amazed! I'm also into it in real life, bought the cutest shirt with lilac stripes few days ago. I almost went with red heels too with this look, but then decided the red would have been too overpowering.