Tuesday, 20 August 2019

A Little Rusty

Since I made a dedication to wear more colour a year or so ago, I find orange is one of the easiest to wear. It's zingy and invigorating and goes with so many other colours. I love this Pearls suit-jacket - i reminds me of a fabulous suit by Vivienne Westwood.

Of course it's also the iconic autumnal colour especially when paired with brown and other warm tones. This coat is a favourite of mine, not least because I have a version of it IRL and it literally goes with everything. This look is also a demonstration of a perennial fave of mine, layered outerwear. It might still be warm out, but my doll's going to sweat it out!

By the way - I had these earrings in the beauty parlour and I always despaired because I forget to use them all the time. Turns out you can buy them from the plaza catalogue to wear in your suite which is just perfect. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Plaid Blazer Orange W | Pearls
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Short Sleeve Shirt | Antidote
Off Shoulder Asymmetrical Shirt | Antidote
HotBuys Wool Trench Coat | Bonjour Bizou
Orange High Waist Pant | Vinyl
Contrasting Earrings | Epiphany
Copenhagen Clutch | Windows on the World
Low Rise Sneakers | Nelly.com

Sunday, 18 August 2019

V O I L E | Release Review

We recently got a brand new Voile release in the Plaza, I'm certainly happy with this as usually I can pick up a couple of really nice pieces, either accessories or clothing^ The advertising is getting super lazy, it's the same as last time and tells us nothing of the release.
Highlights The release is the usual size of two floors, and it has 9 looks. I'm really loving the minimal monochrome vibes running throughout the collection, with a couple of flashes of colour - I think it's really effective for the collection and makes these good and easy pieces to work with. 
Accessories It's a fairly small collection of accessories, but they're pretty strong. There are two pairs of shoes, the Silk Voile Heels in Black and White, although the White looks very silvery, which I like. These are pretty shiny, have a pointed tow and have 3 ankle straps - a pretty solid shoes choice. Then there are also 2 bags, the Three Edge Purse White which is a trend piece, while I don't like the writing on it, I do like the triangular shape, so will definitely be making use of resizing this, and then also the Golden Handle Handbag which is a fun drop-style bag with a cool structured gold handle, that really drew me in, I'm a sucker for a gold accessory!
Clothing The clothing is all very 'VOILE' and pretty fancy and elegant, which is fun to have pieces for. The theme very much sticks to black and white, so these are versatile items which should work out well in a lot of different looks. There's definitely some cool shapes and designs in there that make the pieces step away from minimal design. In terms of dresses, I love the white pieces the best, the Sheer Flowy White Dress looks super cool with the sheer panelling on the front and in the sleeve design, but I don't love it on my doll, so I look forward to seeing others wear this. What I do love and love on my doll is the Soft Lines Long Dress, it's super pretty, I love the neckline and the long sleeves plus the gathering of one side leading into the long flowing navy portion, that's such an eye catching interesting feature which makes it stand out in the crowd. Next onto the skirts, it's all about longer lengths which I'm all for, the High Waist Silk PennSkirt is such a trend piece, I'm sure you've all seen people all over the place in these silk midi skirts, so I'm delighted to have this neutral one for my doll. It's super flattering on and the design is definitely smart rather than being thrown together. I'm also really liking the High Waist Black Skirt, this one is super pleated and super high waisted, I love that there's no waistband, that really makes it an attractive piece. And lastly talking about some shirts - these really are a focal point of the collection as they're all pretty extra! There are 2 in white, the Oversized Tulle and Silk Top which has super blouson tulle sleeves and a cool gathered design down the front, and then the Sheer Seashell Top which is sheer all over with a loose design and great detail around the neckline - I think these will both be super fun pieces to work with. And then there is also the Oversized Silk Puff top, which I just think looks so beautiful with the taupe toned silk sleeve design. It's a cropped piece with a bralette on the bottom and a flowing blouson sleeve design ontop, totally different to pieces we've had before, it will definitely bring attention to a styling!
Prices This release ranged from 11 to 33SD's which seems about right, with only a couple of pieces at the top of the range. None of the pieces are limited to SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits I was in my element with all of these black and white pieces added to my wardrobe! First up the High Waist Silk PennSkirt which is super sleek, I styled it all white, but it will look great with every colour of the rainbow - the knotted shirt adds a little interest and I added some stylish mules - I also used the Three Edge Purse White which works better re-angled for my way of styling. Secondly the Golden Handle Handbag, super easy to style with some of my favourite pieces with golden details. This bag can definitely be dressed up or down, I particularly love it with these boots! And finally the Sheer Seashell Top which I definitely needed to spend a little more time with, but got there in the end. I played with adding a whole layer beneath or just the bralette, and in the end I think the bralette looked better. I love the flow of the piece with the design of these trousers, they're super complementary pieces to each other^ 
Features Now for the features, the first one is from ajenkam styling the Oversized Silk Puff in this cool edgy styling. I love the layering with the sheer black polo, the styles are really perfect together. The texture of the silk looks great with the leather trousers, the pieces work together really well and I like the strength added in the chunky belts^
Next up we have NukaCola styling the Soft Lines Long Dress and the Silk Voile Heels White in this stunning style. I simply adore the use of these smart navy trousers beneath the dress, it balances the colour of the dress and makes such a smart styling. The shiny accessories are pretty perfect to really pop in the look =)
And the final feature from --kayley wearing the High Waist Mermaid Skirt which looks stunning paired with an equally voluminous shirt! The muted tones of the colours work together well for these pieces, I like the oversizing of the whole styling, which is continued in the bag too, then played against with the delicate heels and the fun earrings. Also loving the beauty look here, the dark lip is perfect! 
That slinky dress is becoming one of my all-time favourite dresses in Stardoll! I love to combine it with different tops – this time with something from the new Runway. It's a perfect match with its shiny material and poisonous green colour!

Beige babe

Oh I just love today's styling from rob_sef7 so much, what's not to love about fun ruffles and a great colour contrasting look?!?! So much love for the combination of this skirt and the top, the buttons are a perfect beige for the skirt and I love the bit accentuated sleeves. The layering of a polo and gloves really looks great and makes a good base for the skirt to pop off of. Adore the matching heels and the use of the golden earrings, those are fabulous, as is the dinky dotted bag, such a cute choice for the look^

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Marni and Me

Oooh I love this T-shirt - so far I've managed to style it a myriad of ways and I'm still not bored. 

This shade of yellow is really exquisite and a very sophisticated take on sunshine-y, summer-y tones. It just so happens to match this (difficult to style) Limited Edition dress so that's a win!

Be prepared to see this t-shirt over and over and over and over and over...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Marni Inspired Tshirt | Subcouture
Jaquemus Inspired Yellow Dress | Limited Edition
Gold Loop Earrings | Subcouture
Piercing Handbag | Limited Edition
HotBuys Cult Gaia Inspired Sandals | It Girls

Friday, 16 August 2019


Time for a traditional Styled Outfits post, and this time I'm focussing on the Cropped Silk Blouse from our latest LE collection - this piece has completely sold out, but I think I've only seen it styled once or twice. I knew I really liked the neutral vibes from when I saw it, hence buying it, but I didn't really think beyond that and styling it. I will say it was a little tricky, but once I tried it with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, I did find there were quite a few options to choose from, although I'm sure they won't be to everyones tastes.
First up something which is my favourite slightly different look, pairing the top with a darker skirting, which really brings out the print of the blouse. I like the loose feel of the tulle paired with the blouson style sleeves of the top. Stuck neutral with the boots, but kept accessorising to a minimum as it was super tricky to find the perfect bag for this combination of clothing! For the second look I knew these trousers would work well, but I'm regretting my belt choice - I think it should either have been something thinner or no belt. I do like the darker bag though, I love the print on it with the blouse, and I really like these boots with the styling. I think it works, but needs better accessory choices! And finally for a matching skirt, this gold tone works well with the blouse, and I really like the vibe of this printed clutch in the look which introduced black for the rest of the accessories. The belting and shoes are quite dark, but I'm quite happy with how it looks, and I really like these shoes, another piece you don't see worn often^

What do you guys think of this blouse, have you challenged yourself to style it if you have it?

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

P L A Z A P I C K S | S U M M E R T R I B U T E S

I've don this with the past few Tribute seasons, but this months Plaza Picks is choosing my top 10 from the Summer 2019 Tributes! I picked something from all 5 stand alone Tribute stores, and there were a few pieces to just miss the cut, it was quite tricky to make it just 10. I feel like my choices are quite obvious ones based on what I've said about the stores and my stylings so far, but for me these are the best pieces and some of the most versatile that this season has to offer =) Let me know what you think of my choices, and what your choices would be in the comments! I will just leave a quick comment to say there are no plans to include a Jeremy Scott Review post because the release really wasn't my thing at all, for me it wasn't worth a post for the one piece I liked.
**Click here for all the pieces in your dressing room**

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

What's on the Menu?


Legs are on the menu. They just go on forever.

This mad, swishy, dramatic crop-top-silken-bedsheet-combo is a complete gift. Just look at all that volume. It tucks into these freebie trousers as if it were made that way and that just makes my day. 

I really love a look where you can roll out of bed and literally take it with you...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Oversized Silk Puff | Voile
Safiyaa Inspired Pants | Special Offer (Eid Gift-o-Meter)
Crystallised Daisy Earrings | Subcouture
Fringed Beaded Purse | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Lace Ankle Boots | Fallen Angel