Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Heart of Glass

I'm having a throwback! For a while, I couldn't do a look without using this gift-o-meter skirt or without using a tattoo as a little detail, so today I'm doing both.

This heart tattoo is a new favourite and it works perfectly as a little stitched detail for a shirt. Human anatomy might be a little gross, but I've always found it fascinating, especially in conjunction with flowers. They have a lot in common, and you see them crop up together all the time in fashion. 
I've paired this combo with leather and a utility belt - while my doll may wear her heart on her sleeve (or indeed chest...) she's anything but vulnerable...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Clean T Shirt | Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Tribute
Roses Skirt | Special Offer (Gift-o-Meter)
Balenciaga Inspired Pleated Skirt | Runway
Faux Leather Cap | Original Future
Heart Tattoo | Ink'd
Adventure Belt | Callie's Picks
Throw On Jacket | Vinyl
Alexandre Vauthier Inspired Metallic Boots | Limited Edition
Transparent Backpack | Velvet Orchid

Monday, 24 June 2019


I think I spotted someone styling this Marc Jacobs MJ Inspired Star Blouse a little while back and wrote down that I needed to style it as I really haven't thought about this piece since purchasing it back in 2017! I really don't see anyone wearing it often, but it's a pretty cute piece and fun to wear, but I'm not sure how much wear I will get from it in the future so it may pop up in my Bazaar soon.
These stylings were fun to put together, but a little tough at times with the different tones in the shirt. First up some grey trousers, I really like the neutral-ness of these with the shirt, but I added some super fun accessories with the belt and the bag, they're definitely bold choices to wear with a print but I think they work out very nicely. Shoes were a challenge with this look as I really didn't want something that would draw any attention away from the shirt plus accessories combination, so these white super high sandals are a nice touch. Secondly, because of the hint of blue in the shirt, I used my favourite navy trousers and I really love the look of this pairing! I stuck with blue accessories for the glasses and bag and went silver on the shoes and I think this works out a nice balance between the two tones in the look - the shirt stands out particularly well in this one and I think it's all down to the big colour contrast^ And finally choosing a skirt, white looks great with this shirt so there were many options to choose from so I went for something ready for Summer. Accessories were minimal choices, but I like the tiny touches of silver in the shoes and gold in the bag to work with the colours on the shirt - it's definitely a nice look this one =D

Real in red

Today wearing a selection of the pieces I love to see styled but rarely do - a look from sarah_1980 all in the red tones! I need to wear these trousers more, they are fantastic, and they look awesome with this fun pink bag - also loving the pale pink shoes, those are fabulous with the striped trousers. I love the slight colour clash with the red bubble coat, it really looks awesome^ The white shirt cuffs are a nice touch. And I love the matching beauty look, the eye shadow is stunning!

Sunday, 23 June 2019

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Friday brought us our new release of Antidote - it was very much anticipated as Stardoll kinda told us it would come out at a certain time and it didn't appear until 5 hours later! However I do think it was worth the wait, for me, it's one of the best Antidote collections there has been and it sure seems others think so too as many pieces sold out super quick!
Highlights The store has 2 floors filled with 11 looks for the girls and 2 for the guys, with an eye catching mix of colours and designs. The store is a similar size to our last release, and slightly larger than some others in the past few years. Overall, I'm hugely impressed with this release, it's got some perfect styles to find my taste and I really think they've thought well about what to include this time around =) 
Accessories The release has a good mix of accessory pieces to choose from. Shoe-wise there are both trainers and sandals and they're all super versatile pieces - all really great for this Summer season. The Balenciaga Inspired Sneakers Women sold out in minutes. It's a popular style, and in just white, they're really an easy shoe to style in many ways. For me it's all about the sandals though, it was love at first sight with the Sphere Heel Mules, which have delicate white strapping across the foot then the coolest heel design of orange and lilac perspex spheres on the heels, it's so quirky, cute and current, they look amazing! And also the Strappy Leather Sandals, which are the black alternative. These have more a more detailed design, and also feature a wooden sphere on a navy heel -  that's what I love about these the most, that's such a cool colour design combination^
The release has 3 bags, they're all pretty current in style and design. I go on about orange all the time, so I was immediately adding the Jacquemus Inspired Bag to my shopping cart - what a stunning piece! I like the small size, hand held style and the cute little detail added in the strap. Then there is the Jacquemus Inspired Mini Rafia which is the dream Summer bag for many I'm sure! I love a straw bag and this one calls all the shots with the fringed detail. I also love that this is pretty dinky, the small size really does make it easier to wear. And there are a few extras to choose from too, like the Biege Cap and the cool mismatched pair of Jacquemus Inspired Earrings - those are definitely fun and seem very popular so far!
Clothing So much clothing! There does seem to be a divide between minimal styles and 'other' or the slightly more out there pieces, like the Moss Dress in a bright pink and mini length, and the Iridescent Coat which has such funky colours and is in a nicely wearable open style. The minimal pieces are much more 'me' and generally are much more versatile to style. Starting with dresses, there are a few to choose from. The White Button Up Shirt and the Shirt Dress fall into the same category, both are white toned, while the first is more a box fit with short sleeves and the second has some very cool tailoring. I really fell for the Orange Organza Dress, it's a stunning mix of colours in a beautiful fit, sadly the colours don't work well worn on my doll, but I can still dream and lust over it^ There are quite a few jackets in the collection and naturally I'm attracted to the white pieces - the Structured Jacket White which has an overall square shape but is then fitted slim at the waist, then the White Suit Jacket which has a looser fit on the body. Some will say these are almost identical, but I love the different features each of them has. Contrasting, there is also the Structured Jeans Jacket in black washed denim, it's super oversized in the body and sleeves and has a long length, so could look great as a dress on it's own too.
There are a few tops to mention, firstly the Structured T Shirt which sold out super fast! This is a simple white tee but with a cropped design and classic large t-shirt sleeves which go to around the elbow - I kind of regret not getting this as I had the chance, but it didn't look so good on the app as it does on the doll! The shirt I did pick up however was the Structured Pink Shirt and I really love it =D It's an oversized piece which is very long, but I love that it's only done up half way at the top, a V hem instead of a V neck as such - it's really quite attractive and I'm excited to play with this one in stylings. And I was kind of saving the best until last ... the trousers! I bought all of the Structured White Pants, Structured Pants Beige and Structured Pants Pink because I really would have been having major regrets only buying one or two. These have such a beautiful fit on the doll, they're high waisted with a slight crop on the length, and I love the straight leg design rather than being skinny or fitted snugly, plus there's a pretty pleating down the front too, I mean just such a stunning trouser design and the fact that there's multiple colours in a bonus for me. These really will be such easy to style pieces and I'm so stoked about them =)
Prices This release ranges from 18 to 105SD's, but really there are only a few pieces near the top end. As it is Antidote, it is SS-limited, and it is also limited in the number of items of each piece - while I can't speak for all the pieces, the pieces I bought seem to be limited to 500 or 600 each.
Features We plan to do a separate styling post, so now moving onto the features! The first one is from leiona_- wearing both the Structured Jeans Jacket and the Jacquemus Inspired Mini Rafia which look fab together. I love the cream silk trousers, they make a great contrast for the style of the dark denim, but are also very nicely themed with the bag. I love the earrings as the accessory for this look, really stand out!
Marta32222 is going pretty glam with the Structured T Shirt, I love this twist to a casual piece. The skirting is cool with the print and I think the chain jewellery ties the pieces together pretty well. I really love this as inspiration for combining two completely different styles and really looking awesome with it!
This next look is from Mayly1968, also using the Structured T Shirt but pairing it with the Structured White Pants for a perfect pair! This is my sort of look, especially with the very cool blue-hued sunglasses added, it really is for me^ The heels look great and I think the pieces really speak for themselves.
Then we have ohmonica styling the Structured Pink Shirt and the Jacquemus Inspired Bag together - a completely awesome colour combination^ The white skirt makes a good balance for them, and the floral sock boots are pretty good, they're perfect with the bag while the pinks still work out together. Also loving the slicked back hairstyling =)
The penultimate feature, Pinki60er wearing the Dress Blazer Onepiece in a very cool layered look. The look really stood out with the use of neon, that base really highlights the dress design. I also love the shirt layered too, it adds a lighter touch and breaks up the colour of the dress and the socks, plus it helps highlight the design of the socks which is pretty fun too^
And the final feature, turkiye wearing many pieces - the Biege CapWhite Suit Jacket, White Belt Bag, and the Balenciaga Inspired Sneakers Women! The pieces go well together, and the hat is such a great accessory to pair with these tan Gucci trousers, I really love that balance with the white. The other accessories are perfect too, I love all of the different bag pieces used and the golden DKNY jewellery is a fab finishing touch =)

Brown and Navy

Brown and navy is such a good colour combination. It reminds me of summer - the sea and sandy beaches! This skirt is so beautiful and it works really nicely with a turtleneck top. I think it's the fact that the skirt shows a lot of skin, so covered up top part fits it well! 

Be blazer

Just had to feature this weekend styling from jjgangstevenjj with this very cool blazer! I love this jacket, first up it's navy which is just great to wear, and it has such a unique shape - I also love that not many people style it, so that makes this look stand out even more. The colour is perfect with these trousers and the pinstripes really add to the look. I go on about silver a lot, so these accessories are completely my thing, love the belt combination in particular^ Of course I also talk about orange too, so this bag is a great little addition!

Saturday, 22 June 2019


As always I rushed to buy the thigns I wanted from Antidote and somehow ended up with this coat? Don't actually recall deciding that I actually wanted to buy it, but hey, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. 

This coat actually has some interesting colours to play with, and a texture that I've used time and time again, so it's not actually a world away from my usual style. You can play up the lilac, the pale green, the warm yellow, the pale blue... it's all there. And when you layer it on other colours, you get a whole new set of tones - magic!

I've kept the dress underneath simple so that the coat does the majority of the talking, picking up some yellow elements and adding the fringe skirt to make the dress more midi than mini. A find a midi length is much more versatile if you want to wear a sportier shoe, whereas a mini skirt can end up making your legs look like golf clubs. 

I'm also pleased to be able to use this Limited Edition satchel that I've been hoarding for about ten years. The shade of green is a bit....off (decidedly not neon despite the label), but it works so well with this coat and my trusty multicoloured glass earrings. 

Not sure what occasion this look is designed for, but wherever my doll goes, she'll be followed by the sound of plastic creaking and fringe swishing.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Iridescent Coat | Antidote
Mustard Colourblock Dress | Windows on the World
Fringe Skirt | Antidote
Triple Drop Earrings | MSW
Neon Green Carry All | Limited Edition
Balenciaga Inspired TripleS Sneakers | Subcouture

Dark Summer

I think what really drew me to love this look from --kayley was the use of the May HB Triangular Sunglasses because they look awesome in this styling! I've really not seen people make use of these and this outfit is a perfect choice for them. The green trousers (a new HB this month) are layered well with this overcoat, it is quite a dark combination, so it won't be for everyone this season, but it's a pairing that works. I like the striped crop top, it pops well and sits nicely with everything else. Adoring all of the accessories really, from these solid black boots to the cool LE bag front and centre back to the sunglasses - a great job =D