Sunday, 12 July 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 15

Another pair of earrings styled up for this Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this week the Bondi Gold Earrings from Riviera, I'm not sure when these came out, but I've had them for quite some time and they're not available in the Plaza. They're a pretty nice and versatile pair actually, but I've never worn them before. The hoop is in a brown tone while there are gold details at the base which make them a pair I should be reaching for more often! I stuck with the brown tones for my eyeshadow and really loved layering different shades with pales, warmer tones and even some burgundy in there too - I really love the outcome, I think it really manages to stand out when viewing the doll in full =) For the looks, I actually struggled a bit, I knew I wanted to focus on brown tones, but a lot of the time pieces just weren't working out too well together. I did get the first look with browns and I really like it, but the pale polo really was needed against the other tones. These trousers are a great fit, I love them so much and I think they're super cute with this over the shoulder tartan cardigan, I love it with the earrings a lot^ The pale polo and shoes brighten the look, and I was able to add a little extra gold with the belt. Tried so many bags and couldn't pick the perfect one, so I'm still on the hunt for it to really complete this styling. The second look is on the paler side, and took a long time to settle on, but actually I really love this styling =D I love the matchy vibes of the dress and coat, I think they're a really nice fit together alongside the shoes. The gold touches in the accessories are really what ties the earrings in to the outfit and I think it's such a perfect combination for them, there's not an individual piece of gold that's too big or too bright, they're just great pieces together working nicely - love it!

Friday, 10 July 2020

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We're at week 13 of the VINYL window releases, and I do think this week has been more successful than the June releases, I'm quite relieved about that! The styles are all different and much more fresh than what we've been getting, so this is a big step up, even if a lot of the pieces are still a little questionable to me^ These pieces have also been popular among you guys, so many dolls styling up these items. First up we have anaritamiranda styling the Chain Pants (18SD's) and the The Perfect Handbag (19SD's) which I think is a cute combination. The black jacket and shoes really highlight those black details on the bag, while the beige of the trousers really complements the print colours. I like the pairing of these booties with the cuffed hem of the trousers, I think it really looks great =)
Next up is isajapa wearing the Romantic Flower Earrings (11SD's) in this cute dark and pink styling! The pinks really appeal to me, I think they look great on this dark base, but also the pastel pink shirt, it's so pretty in there too^ I love the oversizing of the blazer in the look, it's a fun contrast to the femininity of the pink and of the floral design of the earrings, and they really pop against the dark tones in the clothing =D
And thirdly we have prinsestkm1 wearing the The Smallest Yellow Bag (12SD's), again with an oversized jacket - I really didn't mean to pick three looks with similar/the same jacket, it seems a super popular choice for the pieces this week! Anyway, love the layering of items, the colours are great, I love this yellow with the green, it's so standout^
Now for my stylings - I didn't buy a lot, just a few pieces to try out but I'm a little tempted to go back and get those Yellow Thigh High Boots! I stuck with the accessories for my purchases, first up the Chain Coin Necklace (10SD's) which I think is such a nice pre-layered piece that will work for so many people. I picked a V-neck to let it be shown off, and this neutral look with gold highlights is such a classic 'me' and perfect for Summer weather, so cute and versatile^ Second up the Romantic Flower Earrings (11SD's) which I styled incredibly simply, but only because they are perfect with the style of this white dress, such a pretty and feminine combination! I styled up some matching shoes and added a little edgy with the sunglasses. I think a belt would be great in this look but I don't have the perfect one in my wardrobe. And finally the The Perfect Handbag (19SD's) which actually I ended up styling in three looks and had to choose which to include! It was such an easy piece to style, which I'm glad about because it wasn't a cheap piece to purchase. I went for a burgundy base, the gold details and the print really pop with this. I also had to add some black for highlighting those details of the bag, I think the jacket and boots balance perfectly with the burgundy. It's definitely more of an Autumn/Winter look than a Summer one for sure =D

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

L E W I S H L I S T | Styled Outfits

Way back in December I posted a mini 'What's In My Closet' series based on the LE pieces that I had, and the LE pieces that I wanted to change in my wardrobe, concluding with sharing the pieces I wanted to sell from my collection and those that I wanted to add to my collection - this produced a small 'LE wishlist' for myself, alongside the pieces I have in my album wishlist on Stardoll. I managed to pick up quite a few items in the other week while everyone was gifted a week of free SS - that meant a crazy increase in the amount of pieces being sold in the Bazaar, and for some great prices to get things sold! Today I'm sharing my looks with the 3 pieces that I bought that week =)
First up the Armani Inspired Embroidered Jacket from the 37th LE collection which came out in October 2018. I spotted this a few times in the Bazaar for 150-200SD, but got super lucky and picked it up for just 70SD, which I think is a good bargain! I knew I wanted to style it as on the mannequin in the store with these matching trousers which I love so much, they're so perfect together^ The black base is perfect to highlight the design details on the jacket, it's such a simple thing yet so effective for it. And of course adding my favourite sunglasses combination, a classic to finish off the styling! Next we have the LE Rodarte Inspired Pants from the 29th LE collection, these came out in August 2016. A friend spotted these in my album wishlist and offered to sell them to me - I've never seen these in the Bazaar so I took up the offer right away =) The colour and texture of these is stunning, it's something totally different that we don't have a lot of in the Plaza, it does work well with quite a few different tones, browns and creams in particular which is the direction I took. I really liked this coat with them, I think it will make a perfect Autumnal combination. The cream shirt and heels lighten the style a little, and I love this furry stole, the colour is again pretty perfect in here! And lastly, the LE Elegant Over the Shoulders Jacket from the 30th LE Collection from November 2016 - I also picked this up in the Bazaar, it was a little of a splurge at 222SD, however I've never seen it in the Bazaar for less than 600SD so I really jumped at the chance to have this! This piece is such a versatile one that I really felt overwhelmed by choice when choosing what to pair with it, too much looked good - which is a nice problem to have^ I decided on this yellow skirt, I think yellow and black is such a stand out combination and I love wearing it - I also have the perfect accessories for clothing combinations like this, so I think it will always work out well!
I really love this trio of stylings with my new pieces and I'm so excited to have them in my collection and to style them up some more =D

Monday, 6 July 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | July 2009

This month another step back to the 2009 HB's - which I really remember as being not that long ago, can't believe 11 years! Looking now, we wouldn't be too impressed if this was the July 2020 HB's but back them I remember thinking they were so cool - everyone had the Record Necklace (from Bizou if anyone is wanting to search the Bazaar!), and the animal print vibes to the Tiger Bodysuit (RIO) and Jumpsuit (Fudge) were also a hit. At some point I think I had most of the accessories and also the 80s Dress (Bizou) but now I'm down to one piece - the Plastic Purse which for whatever reason I just can't let go of! I really never style this, so now is the opportunity for it to shine:
I'll start by saying what a struggle this was - I sat down to style these looks at least 3 different times before actually coming up with some looks, and I think they really aren't perfect for this bag. They need a little work, this bag needs a lot of thought for styling, so I do see why it's not styled much and why I haven't worn it very much in the last 11 years. First up I tried with some purple, I don't have anything that's a perfect match to the colour of the bag, these pastel trousers aren't too bad I don't think. I didn't want to go overboard with more purple, so I used the black trimming on the bag to add black to the look - I like the use of the sheeny shoes, I think they look great against the bag with the more matte-style clothing pieces in the look^ Second up I decided to try and make this jacket work, I think the sequin detailing on the pockets and cuffs looks great and I think it does work nicely with the bag. I kept black trousers to really have focus on the details, but added some purple in the top and shoes - I don't think it's quite right yet for the bag, but it's not too bad!

I'd love to see some of you guys give this bag a go and let me know how your stylings get on =D

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 14

Next up for post number 14 of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge, this week styling the Anna Sui Blue Kobal Earrings which came out in the 2018 summer tributes - I've had these two years and never worn them! I do think it's due to being in the beauty parlor rather than in the suite though. And I've had a hair change, back to blonde for the Summer months which I love, and I think blonde is very complementary for these blue earrings, I'm loving the pairing =) Just had to choose matching blue eyeshadow for this one, I had a perfect bold blue to pair and I love it! I kept a white base on the shadow which I think helps strengthen the blue colour. Thus of course the outfits had to also be blue and I think these earrings actually work out pretty great =D First up I was really excited to use these trousers, I knew they would be a great colour fit before even trying them, and I'm glad it worked out. I love wearing these for their fit and colour, so I'm glad to use them. I kept the earrings standing out with the use of a white shirt and balanced that with the shoes. Then added more blue in the bag, this one works well with the colours and the white text on the strap is great against the white shirt. I think this is a super cute look^ And secondly more blue! This dress has a great fit in terms of colour, but I was so worried about what else I would wear with it - it's not the easiest piece to style, but I'm so glad I stuck with it because I love the outcome =) I simply added in the accessories department - the earrings have some silver in them also so I focused there for the colour and I think it's worked nicely, the shoes have thin straps so don't overwhelm and the clutch is a nice small size. I found this freebie necklace in my wardrobe, and it actually suits the look pretty well with the style and colour combination, so I'm glad I hadn't already deleted it! I'm overall really pleased with these looks, I'll need to remember to consider these earrings again in the future^

Friday, 3 July 2020

June I T G I R L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

And now summarising our June IT GIRLS:Recoloured releases - and actually I think the last 4 weeks of them have been pretty decent! There's been some direction away from the neon and into more wearable colours which works pretty well for me at least^ For me the accessories have been such winners of these releases, they've really picked some great pieces to include, and I guess some of you guys think so too as they're also included in the features. First up is dm2udm2u wearing the Musubi Mini Tote Cream which looks great in this neutral look, so my thing! The bag looks great with these printed trousers, such a great pairing^ And of course I love the use of these nude heels too, a perfect choice. The white shirt adds a smart vibe with the silver jewellery and belt add such a different, almost western-style touch - I love the combination =)
And then we have minaj131 styling the Strap Brown Bra and the Manolo Blahnik Inspired Pumps Gold in this stunning styling! I love the layering of the top and the dress in this styling, the top really adds much needed shaping and detail to the piece and works so well with those huge sleeves! The golden accessories are perfect for the colours, I love the mix of the jewellery, bag and of course the shoes - they are so right in this look, exactly how they should be worn =D
I bought so much from the June It Girls releases, it was a bit ridiculous actually, and it's mostly multiple colours of one piece, haha! It would be super boring for you to see me style all 4 colours of multiple bags, so I've kept it down to 3 stylings for this post. First up the Fendi Inspired Purses Silver Orange - these came in some really nice neutral options too, but the orange really stood out to me as a fun accessory, so I styled it up with more orange! I kept the rest of the clothing neutral, and the focus is for sure all on the bag. I added a little orange in the shoes and I think this is a really nice minimal orange option (if there is such a thing!) and works well to balance the colour. Next both the Manolo Blahnik Inspired Pumps Black and the Musubi Mini Tote Black styled in a dressy look, a combination of smart and going out with the fun leopard print in silver. I love using this top to highlight silver in accessories and I think it's the perfect balance for the shoes. The rest of the look is neutral in black, but I think it works well to still highlight the pieces. I think the bag could definitely be in a look to highlight it even more, but it works perfectly well here with the shoes^ And finally, my favourite look of the trio, styling the JW Inspired Bag Puce which at first I thought would be perfect with some burgundy trousers and then I stumbled across this skirt in my wardrobe and it's a match made in heaven! I tried a lot of options for tops and other accessories, but as soon as I thought about highlighting the lighter colour in the check, I was too far gone with pink! I think the pink looks so great =D It's definitely a different choice, and I know not everyone will like it, but the colour combination of the dark with the pink is just dreamy^ This belt was a good colour fit as an accessory and finished off with some golden earrings with a similar design to the gold hardware on the bag. I think this will make a great Autumn outfit - if only I could wear it permanently from now through them =)

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Now time to look at the 5th It Girls:Recoloured release that we got in May week - another set of recoloured pieces, but this time we have a lot of choice for each item and there's a bit of a better mix of bright neons and calmer neutrals, which I really appreciate. In addition to the two floors, there were a couple more items on the third floor of It Girls with this release. For me I lean more to the neutral pieces of clothing, but the accessories are what really stood out to me and I bought quite a few of! But first, the features - you guys also really liked this release it seems. First up we have LadyMK2000 wearing the Plush Sky Jacket Green, which although is really not my style, looks awesome here! The greens work together very nicely, the different tones are complementary to each other and I like the mix with a fun print and texture added to more neutral pieces like the trousers. I really like the accessories in this one^
Also in green is anaritamiranda styling the Balenciaga Inspired Ruffle Top Forest Green which looks great against these white trousers, the tuck of the sweater is total perfection with the belting design here! This is more more style of wearing green, it really makes green a workable colour. The accessories are stylish and fitting, the shoes look great and the bag adds some fun colour =)
Next up is LadyStez who is choosing the Balenciaga Inspired Ruffle Top White and also the Dior Heels White for the styling. The sweater is looking super smart with this split leg skirt, the neutral tones to the snake print really work well with that. The shoes are a good addition, and the design around the calf is still on show with the split of the skirt. The rest of the accessories are also super cute with the look, definitely some of my favourites!
And finally also in white, but the Can I Reach Now White sweater is the_chuba, also including the Angharadbbz Gucci Inspired Mules in the look. The look is casual with the use of the jeans, and I like that the raw hem of the sweater is really highlighted with the dark denim. The shoes add a cute dark touch while the pink in the bag gives some femininity - super cute^
I bought quite a few pieces to style up, and while I didn't buy any clothes on my first visit, I'm sure I will purchase some at some point in time. First up the McQueen Inspired Body Jewelry which was originally in silver and I always thought, 'if this was gold I'd wear it more', and my thoughts have been answered with this piece! These trousers are great with a black polo and this piece, the print works so well with the design on the necklace. I kept black and gold in the accessories, but light with this tan overcoat, it's a cute style for Winter for sure =) Next up the Angharadbbz Gucci Inspired Mules, I love the originals of these, so I'm quite happy to have them in another colour and the silver hardware detail gives good options for looks with silver highlights too which is the direction I took. The neutral black clothing let the shoes and the silver additions stand out - I'm particularly loving my addition of these earrings^ And lastly the Dior Heels Red which are super fun! I love the patent style to these, they really shine and stand out, even with more red in the look with this skirt - I'm totally gonna repeat this styling for sure^ The black keeps the look neutral so the focus is all about the red, I love it and think it will be great for Autumnal stylings =)

Monday, 29 June 2020

June V I N Y L | Styled By Me / / Styled By You

Wow, so it's the end of June already - and we're 12 weeks into VINYL releases as Plaza windows. I kept up with posting weekly for these releases until week 7 and then it just got very uninspiring for me - however 5 weeks later I think I've purchased enough pieces to style up for a post! And I also found some features for the releases too, there are definitely pieces which have been more popular than others in the last 5 weeks =)
First up with the features, two looks with the I See Turtleneck and this one is coming from MeLolitka - I love the all-white vibes to the styling, it's so fresh and crisp and I think these shorts are adorable plus perfect for summer styling. The white really brings out the sheen and shimmer in the top, it's super highlighted in the look^ And the accessories are fab, I love the pearls and the iridescent sheen on the shoes =D
Secondly, also wearing the I See Turtleneck is ajenkam, this time infusing colour and the top still looks awesome - it's a very versatile piece for sure! I think it looks great layered with a thicker jacket, and the jacket doesn't cover it up too much either, you can still see that sheen^ The striped trousers look super cool and stand out in the styling, and the red works surprisingly well with the teal tone, love it =)
Thirdly we have millaxx who is wearing the Animal Print Pants which I was quite unsure about at first, however this look may have totally converted me in their favour! The pale colours make these a perfect summer trouser and the blue tones are highlighted with this blazer included in the styling. I love the white accessories keeping it light and super trendy with the style of all the pieces^
Next we have Miss.Privacy who styles the Orange Waist Belt, showing even the accessories can stand out on their own^ I was put off but the chunky style of the belt, but I think layered up under this blazer is a perfect way to combat this. I love the clothing colours for the belt, they're complementary but totally let the orange stand out, especially the white. Also loving that earring, a perfect accessory combination =D
And lastly we have GirlEwelina wearing the Folder Handbag which does well to stand out against a mostly dark styling. I was a little confused with the style of this bag, then I saw the RL version and got it, haha! I think it looks great here, especially paired with the cool layering of pieces on the top half, the printed body looks awesome with the belting design on top and I think it's an excellent style to pair the bag with. Also loving the pink hair, it's such a fun addition!
And now for my own stylings! I'm accumulated quite a few pieces from the past 5 weeks and styled them up into four looks today. First up the Baby Handbag and Baby Blue Heels in such a sweet and light Summer outfit, I love it! I love white with baby blue tones and this outfit came together so quickly, love the slight crop to the trousers so the shoe details could still be shown off, and the blue cardi is a sweet and feminine addition with the over the shoulder style. I'd totally wear an outfit like this in RL^ And then we have the Pattern Denim Pants with the Black Wood Boots in this very un-Summer styling, it will be perfect come Autumn^ The design of these trousers just really caught my eye as something totally different, and among some not-so-great Plaza releases, they really stood out as something special. The fit is pretty nice on the doll, I did a little size adjusting so the length was better for me, and they work well like that, and the dye colour is super pretty - I focused on that for my paired pieces, and this top and bag combination is spot on for that! I will say it was tricky to pick something else, or anything else that wasn't black to work with these trousers. The boots are pretty nice too, and with this length of the trouser the square toe and heel design of these really gets some spotlight too =D
For the third look I'm wearing the Seventeen Sunglasses and the White Flarred Skirt, again in a Summery and beige style, typical me for sure =) It's a little basic, but I think it works out - I tried so many different shirt combinations with this skirt and found it hard to get something I really liked a lot, so I think there's some more playing around with this piece to do. I like highlighting the frill-style to the waist of the skirt, and I think this belt bag is a good way to do that. The sunglasses are super versatile, they'll work pretty well in a wide range of looks! And lastly styling the I See Turtleneck which I was so unsure about at first, but I took a chance and love the outcome! For me the layering with a top underneath is a perfect way to style this piece, I tried a few options but just adore this pink one^ The rest of the outfit came together very naturally and the balance between whites and pinks is good to allow the shimmer of the shirt to really take focus in the styling. I love this as a little something different for me, and I already have another idea for styling this shirt!