Friday, 22 June 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Striped Tie Waist Skirt

A smart summer skirt this week for these stylings - the Striped Tie Waist Skirt from PEARLS which came out just at the end of last summer so this is our first summer season with it. And this is an SC piece so very easily affordable for everyone to enjoy, hooray! I haven't styled this one since last year, but seeing one or two people styling it this season definitely pushed me to choose it for this post.
Collared smarting shirts and skirts
The colours of the skirt make it a classic workwear sort of piece, a good shirt is a must and my wardrobe is full of them! It's also full of some fabulous matching shoes all with a little something special! White shirt+pointed white heels; match-y blue shirt+origami blue striped shoes!
Blue pairing tones
There are many great blue tones available to buy, and many of them work well with this skirt! I like both the striped and the minimal styles, but a dark navy is great for a pop too^ And also many great handbag choices, whether clutch or handheld. Couldn't resist a matching bow shoe for the belted tie of the skirt with this one =)
Summer pieces call for camisoles
And casual! This skirt works well casual too, and with trainers, white is such a versatile colour and makes a good base for these light summer camisole choices. These work tucked and untucked and make a good minimalist style. The skirt still stands out, the volume is fantastic with these pieces!

Fur hood

This LE look is looking chic^ TYLERCON has done a great job with this look, turning this vest (which I'm really not a fan of) into something super stylish! It looks great layered with the white fitted pieces, the trousers especially. I'm loving the use of the fur as a shawl, it suits the style and colours of the outfit very nicely. Also the bag, it's a perfect fit for it and it adds such a delicate touch =D

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lilac smoke

A fantastic summer styling wearing so many of my favourite trends today from MeLolitka! I love this lilac paillette style skirt, it's got such a great look to it and attracts your eye to any outfit it's in^ Especially loving it combined with this yellow bag, the colours look fantastic together, a perfect fit. I'm also loving the use of this blouse, it's one of my favourites to style - it's perfect for summer with it's loose fit but it's also a unique one because I think people often forget about how good it is =D Also that smokey eye?! Stunning!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

P L A Z A P I C K S | S U N G L A S S E S

It's that time again - Plaza Picks! This month, choosing sunglasses came as a theme pretty quickly, it's summer after all, and I'm loving putting different pairs on my doll! Would you believe that in the section in the Plaza there are over 200 pieces to choose from, that's kinda crazy and unexpected =D So I've picked out my top 15 pairs and they've kinda split nicely in 6 different categories - and there's something for everyone, so many great pairs in the Plaza are in SC's, so buying new sunglasses just for one season doesn't have to break the bank^ There really is so much choice in so many styles so I think even just from these 15 picks you're likely to find something that works for you!

Suite Style

More of a suite, this time from Dina_da_Dino with this extensive room! It's super long but I really wanted to show you the whole thing, and actually the concrete style vibe is continued throughout the rest of the suite rooms so I suggest you go check them out too^ I loved this one for the wood and concrete combination but also the use of bold contrasting pieces like the bronzed table and the soft feel in the orange rug, it's such an unexpected choice but one that looks good. And also the pastel print fitted with the coral-style turquoise bowl, I think that part alone looks fantastic!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


I picked up these Subcouture Metallic Block Coloured Boots in the Bazaar quite some months ago because I'm loving metallics and I think these have such a cool and different design - I've been wanting to style them for a while and now have gotten around to it, but boy did I underestimate these! I found it pretty tricky! Going by the colours I thought I'd have a whole host of choices to pair them with, but getting the right shapes of clothing was more difficult than I imagined. However I managed to work 3 outfits with them, and I think I'd still be willing to try a few more pieces with them.
First up, pink! I love the pink at the top of the boots, and this metallic skirt was a given, luckily it fits quite well with them. I kept pretty minimal with the shirt and bag, but choosing a bag was a difficult task because there were almost too many options which would have worked! Second up a dress - I think this is my favourite combination! This piece is longer, so stops at the red/bronze metallic block, highlighting more of the earthy tones in the green and blue, which is why I opted for a pop of colour in the bag which I'm so pleased about! The sunglasses are actually two pairs and I really liked this orangey contrast for the blue - I really like this combination for my doll, it's something different but still fitting for my style =D And lastly some trousers, these were definitely the hardest item to get right because so many pairs didn't work, were too long so covered the shoes or were too narrow and didn't work out - I've paired up two pairs and I think it manages fine. I stuck with all white because I was a little at a loss of what to do, but picked out this black bag which highlights the bows on the shoes a little more.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, but wondering if there's a better angle for these shoes - please comment and let me know what you think and if you have these boots, what you've tried with them =D

White neutral stripe

Light and perfect for summer in colour and texture with this look today from Mery.-! These silky swishy trousers are an absolute favourite of mine and I think they have ended up layering really nicely with this long split shirt, the colours have just the right amount of contrast and the overall shape of the two pieces works. The accessorising is beautiful, love this pink bag and the minty sunglasses along with the gold bangles on the wrists - a great summer styling!