Monday, 17 February 2020

R O Y A L T Y | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I always love a new Royalty release, there's always quite a few special bits and pieces in this store. This time I didn't quite feel like writing a review, but still wanted to show off some features and my stylings from my top picks from this new collection. First up the features, and a couple wearing the Graphic Print Top, this look is from Mh91 going very sleek pairing it in a covered black and white look. I love the silky skirt with the top, the black and white chunky belting is a great split between the two pieces and the trim of the top is perfect ontop of the skirt. Also love the long boots, the leather is super shiny, matches with the bag and really stands out to catch your eye - love it^
Next up also in the Graphic Print Top is rob_sef7 showing it can be a versatile look. This is also layered but in a different way, I think it looks great with the net dress on top of it. And the same thick belt design is there in this look too, the corset style is very nice here. I like using the navy of these trousers as something a little different, and the accessories are perfectly fitting to all of the clothes, great choices!
And then we have two looks from Mia1435, both are great and I couldn't just choose one to feature, so first up with the Hero Shoulder Woven shirt, which is looking very smart and also very cool with these pleat front white trousers. I am also loving the matching shoes, these look great, and also the little touch of the blue nail polish, that's fab^ Love the bet and bag choice, the gold trim on these really pops out while the pieces are still very fitting to the overall style.
And in the second look styling the Silk Dress Champagne and making the piece somewhat more casual pairing it with jeans - the light wash makes them work well colour-wise. I also love the casual vibes from this checked coat, perfect with the jeans and the checks really add to the look and don't pull from the dress. Adore the shoe and jewellery choice in this look, really the perfect finishing touch =D
And now for my stylings - I actually bought quite a few pieces, so I'm saving up my shoe-stylings for another post, this time, the clothing! First up the Green Animal Pants, which I wasn't sure about at first, but when making my final decision on purchases I decided to give them a go to try out something different. I kept it very basic with all black, the green of the trousers really pops this way and I really like it! I added green in the bag too and more white with the glasses which I really quite like to try and lighten the look. I'm quite happy that I got these in the end! Next up the Hero Shoulder Woven which I liked for the pearl-esque details on the shoulders and so I continued that in the rest of the look with these pearl jeans and the bag. I really like how this looks, I don't wear denim a lot but this is a pair I can work with! I even added earrings, and I'm happy with the completed styling^ And finally the Graphic Print Top which I bought after seeing the above stylings, they really made it seem the coolest piece to have! Another super simple look, choosing black for the clothes which lets the grey of the top pop out. I was pretty different in my accessories choices with this pearl bag, silver shoes and the plastic-based sunglasses and earrings, but I think it all works really nicely together =)

Sunday, 16 February 2020

B I Z O U | Styled Outfits

We got a brand new Spring collection in the Bizou store with a variety of some of the popular trends of the season to choose from. For me it's a bit of a mixed bag, some hits and some misses, but I managed to pick up a few very nice pieces that will be perfect for Spring stylings. First up the Blazer Dress which I really love the colour combination of, the nude base with the black half belt really is something very nice to see. I styled it up as a blazer, it works well as either outerwear or a dress. I kept very minimal, choosing a black base to fit with the belting. Love these nude heels with the coat, they're a really very nice pairing that I will repeat for sure, then rounded off with a bag to fit both colours - love this for a Winter styling with light tones for sure! Then we have the Open Everyday Heel which are just such a fun unique pair of booties. Love both the colour and the open front design, I can see it working with so many different stylings. I went with a printed skirt and they really balance in the look with the beige sweater but also manage to stand out. I can't wait to wear these with more fun prints^ And finally the More Flowers Dress which really is the epitome of Spring styling with light tones and a floral print. I love the long sleeves, the mini length and the tied belting. I really didn't add much to the dress, just matching pink boots, bag and sunglasses as I didn't want to cover it up with any outerwear, but it will work with a range of coats and jackets too. I'm excited to style this through the Spring/Summer season!

Friday, 14 February 2020

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since our last LE release, and last weekend was time for another one! I love the colour tones in the advertising, they're very current yet also a retro one, but I don't like the turn to just a background advert - I like seeing the clothing or some of the collection featured!
Highlights So it's a very dressy collection, and gown heavy. It's themed on a recent awards red carpet - this sort of style isn't so much my thing for my doll as I find it trickier to wear, but there sure is a range of colours and styles available to choose from. And there are a couple of guys outfits too.
Accessories There's a pretty good collection of accessories in this release - it's a little short on bags, with just the Fringe Clutch. It's a nice enough piece, and it works well for the overall theming of the store. I like the silvery/pink hue and the fringe detail is quite pretty. But plenty to choose from in shoes and jewellery! There are 5 pairs on offer, with a focus on dressy style - think heels^ There are also one pair of boots, the High Thigh Boots which were at the top of my list and I'm so glad I was able to get a pair! They're in a versatile cream satin which is just a dream. They also fit perfectly on the leg, and have a pointed toe - they're ticking all the boxes =D The Silver A Heels are delicate sandals, the straps are lined with diamantes and there are hanging pearl details at the ankles which are super stylish. The Purple Velvet Heels really caught my eye, as this dark shade is something I'm missing in my wardrobe and have been searching for on occasion, and also the GG Heels, I love the croc texture to these and the metallic sheen the the cool mix of orange and green tones - it makes them something really unique! There are 4 pairs of earrings, which is quite a lot for one release. There are two golden based pairs, the Shell Circle Earrings which are a little similar to some pairs we've had before, and also the Flower Loops, which I picked up, I like the thin gold drop hoop with the yellow floral design, it will be fun in Spring/Summer stylings. The Chain Glitter Earrings have also proven popular, I've seen a lot of people styling these up!
Clothing For me the accessories are better than the clothes - they're wearable items, while the clothes are very much for the red carpet. So this section will be a little short as actually, I haven't bought any of the clothes (yet). I like that it's not quite all gowns though, with trouser based sets to choose from too like the Snake Blazer and Trousers in a bold green then pink with the Jumpsuit Gloves and Cover, or you can go for black with the Oversized Blazer and the High Waisted Flarred Suit Pant which I think is my favourite of the 3 as it's the most wearable. There are just 2 of the dresses which I really like - my reason for not purchasing is the price, both are over 150SD's and gowns are a style I know I don't wear more than a few times, so I can't really justify the price. Firstly the Layered Dress, which is the tan toned chiffon piece, while it's quite sheer, I just love the design and would totally work past the sheer for it, I like the ruffling at the collar and on the sleeve cuffs - also loving that it's long sleeved - I think it just looks fab on my doll^ And then my favourite piece, the Warrior Dress which is the yellow pleated piece, it's just dreamy and if it were cheaper I'd buy it in a flash! I love the voluminous style to the sleeves with the rounding from the shoulders paired with the slim style of the skirting. The design on the chest is also beautiful. I also think it looks great on my doll!
Prices This release ranges from 29 to 210SD's, with most pieces on the higher side of things which is down to it being a gown-based release. As it's LE, it is limited to SS and Royalty members, and there are a limited number of each item.
Styled Outfits First up the High Thigh Boots, I styled these a few times before deciding on this look as a lot of the longer coats I was choosing covered them up too much - this look shows them off^ The tone of colour is perfect with the light tweed of this set, I think it's super cute and something really simple yet with a fancy and elegant design. Next up the GG Heels - I love this look so much, it's such a fun one with simple pieces! I knew I wanted to wear these trousers with the heels, but choosing the rest of the outfit was tough as I wanted to stay away from black piece, you can see I failed at that, but actually it worked out for the better as I'm so delighted to style up this bag! I'll totally wear this outfit again =D And lastly the Purple Velvet Heels, which I knew I wanted to pair with this bag, the colours are a great match together. To avoid being too purple right off the bat with them, I decided to go for pink, I think it works out well, but I think the shoes will be better in another styling. I love the outcome of the look though, I think it does work out and looks pretty decent =)
Features And now for the features, just a couple to share, but they're fabulous! Firstly ohmonica styling the Move Please Dress. I love it layered up like this, worn more as a jacket, it works so nicely. And the cool floaty design of the skirting is a great style contrast, the white base also makes the orange stand out even more. Love the floral booties, they're a great balance. Also loving the white fishnets, those are a super cool addition^
Next up Opioides styles the Chain Glitter Earrings and the Snake Belt, accessories can go such a long way! I'm loving this skirting idea so much, the pink is super pretty and the belting addition as an applique design looks amazing, so creative^ The long sweater makes a cool layer and I like the masculinity of the blazer. The glitter pieces stand out so much and balance the look well, those heels are perfect!
Sterlina2010 is draped in this LE collection, wearing the Silver Snake Skirt, Long Sleeve Bead Top, High Thigh Boots, Shell Circle Earrings and the Golden Sparks Hat - wow that's a lot! But it really works well together. The accessories added further really are perfect too, I love the use of this draping LE bag from an older collection, I'm really regretting selling it because it's perfect with these boots. And I love the golden necklace additions, they fill the neckline beautifully!
And the final feature, from Lawliet. who is also wearing the Long Sleeve Bead Top and the High Thigh Boots but in a totally different style. I love the top paired with this base layer, the bead design is great with the circle pattern. The lace jumpsuit on top is a cool idea to pull everything together, for sure a great surprise, but I love it! Also loving the belt bag and hat additions to the look =D

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Casual tan

Such a great mix of smart and casual in today's look from dm2udm2u, I love it! For me it was all about the light wash of the jeans, it's not one that I wear, but it sure looks amazing in this colour combination with all of the browns. The checked coat is great to tie in the browns with the blue, it's perfect with both the jeans and this polo. Loving the accessories, especially the ribbed socks with these heels, such a sweet pairing and perfect for both winter and this jean hem length^

Monday, 3 February 2020

N E L L Y | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We've had a couple of Nelly releases recently, and this post is for the first of those. Normally I get on pretty well with the Nelly, I always find quite a few pieces I like, but with this round of releases I've been pretty disappointed and not a lot has caught my eye. I did pick out a couple of pieces from the first release, and you guys seem to have liked this one better too. First up features, this look is from isajapa styling the Green V Neck Top which is looking super sleek and beautiful. I love it with the cropped culottes, a perfect style pairing, and the accessories are super classy, I'm particularly loving these nude shoes, they look awesome =D
And then we have RiManiKordenty wearing the Croc Tshirt styled up as a very cool set of a cropped top and mini skirt, how cool is that?! The coat is a great layering piece on top, the colour fits well with the tones of the croc and the shape is very nice for the styling. The accessories are pretty cool too, love the dinky bag and the strapped heels are very fitting!
Finally for my stylings. I picked up two pieces, the Green V Neck Top and the Suit Pant Flarred. First up the Top, I had a look in mind when buying this, but I struggled to find the perfect skirt to suit it - in the end I went for something quite different and vibrant, this skirt is pretty fun! The colours aren't quite the right match, but I don't think it's too noticeable with the beige coat and accessories. I think this Top has a lot of potential, I just need to search for the perfect piece to pair with it! And then for the Pants, I really love the colour, shape and fit of these, they're very 'me' overall so I'm sure it's no surprise that I bought these. I kept super simple with cream tones, I really love the chunkiness of the sweater with the oversizing of the blazer. I stuck with basic accessories, but I think these trousers have so many options to style them with, I'm excited to work with them more^

Friday, 31 January 2020

J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

I have to say, this month has been incredibly disappointing for Hotbuys - initially Stardoll didn't release anything, but said they were still happening, then 3 pieces were released but only available to those topping up ... eventually the rest were presented in a StarPlaza Window for us, but I really think charging real money for HB's is a major down-turning point for HB's, I'm sure the opposite of what staff were hoping. But let's get on and check out the pieces this month!

So the first three pieces were available on the offer, luckily I'm not really loving any of them so I'm not overly mad about this, but would have still liked to try the Bag (name/store unknown) anyway as I really quite like the idea of the pink and green colour combination. I do quite like that the store front offered to us is pretty muted, the black and white tones are all ones which will work in a lot of different styles. 
The Circle Bodysuit (Vinyl, 28SD's) is pretty cool, I like the polo style and the really sharp style of the shoulders, but the pattern design is maybe a little too cool for me, I've not seen this worn at all, and I think I'd need a little inspiration to go for this one especially at the higher price point. I also quite like the cool floaty vibes of the Transparent Skirt (Voile, 28SD's), love the colour and pattern so much, but trying it on in the Plaza is a little disappointing as it doesn't fit the doll right at all, so I'm passing on this one. Thinking about accessories both the M Necklace Gold (Pearls, 16SD's) and the Platform Heel Black (Vinyl, 15SD's) are all over you guys, these are for sure the most popular pieces of the release! They seem to work in a lot of different styles and with a lot of other pieces, so at least something good has come out of this year! My love is for another accessory, the Brooch Heels (Pearls, 16SD's), these are pretty similar to a pair from Subcouture last year so I know it's a style I get on well with. Love the matte design with the chunky strap!

Looking incredibly chic in this first look, Olfaktoria styling up both the M Necklace Gold and the Furry Handbag, but as a cute shoulder fur rather than a bag - that works out pretty nicely! It balances with the gloved well and the stripe works well with the amazing gown. The strapless style really lets the necklace be shown off in the look and I think overall all of the accessories have been perfectly picked!
Next up is Andre1396 also wearing the M Necklace Gold in a little more casual of a styling, it works in a lot of different styles for sure! This dress looks great layered with the sheer top, the necklace is a great topping to that against the casual style of the trainers. Also loving the use of this LV bag, it looks fab here^
And lastly, Jacquemus wearing the Platform Heel Black in a perfect dark Winter styling. The boots really stand out in the look, the slim style of the trousers and the rolled hem really work for that. Then the coat length helps add to this, and I like the balance of the structured shoulders with the chunky platforms. Also loving the strap design on the cross body bag, it adds such a great detailing to the outfit!

I just picked up one piece this time, which I think might be a first? Anyway, I really love the Brooch Heels a lot! The style of them is super pretty and I like the brooch design on them. I styled them up two ways but I think they're pretty versatile so there are a lot more options for them. First up super fitting with an all black style which lets the brooch pop in the look. I kept the standout details minimal, with small gold earrings and the small amount of gold on the bag - in fact I love the combination of the shoes with this bag, can't wait to repeat! For the second look I went on the other end of the colour scale choosing light tones, I think this beige actually works out great with the black! I added other black accessories and that balances out the dark colour really nicely. Each of the accessories also has other gold details on them, so I think they're great choices to pair with the shoes. I love this look a lot - it took a while for me to change out of it! So whilst I only bought one piece from the January HBs, I'm pretty happy with it =)

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | January 2019

Before we check out the January 2020 Hotbuys, it's time to look back at the January 2019 Hotbuys! This was a summery mix of pieces with some super cool styles included - I really loved this set last year, and it was something fresh to start the year with. I bought quite a lot of the pieces and haven't sold any in the Bazaar just yet. My most worn piece is the Cache Leather Bag which is the pretty chain white bag, it's such an easy one to slip into so many different styles. The Marni Inspired Pumps are a close second, I just find it so easy to wear white shoes! I definitely haven't worn the rest of the pieces as much as I could have, so today I'm styling up the Leather Coat and the Printed Skirt:
I'm so happy I gave these pieces a fresh chance, I love these looks! They work well together and they're definitely something light and fresh for the Winter season. For the first look I took on the pink-hue of the coat into the rest of the look and kept with something quite feminine, the pleating in this skirting is just so pretty and I think the colour works out perfectly. The boots are also a perfect match here, and the lighter blouse highlights the patterning on the coat. All white for the second styling, pairing this folding design of the skirt with a similar idea in the blouse, I really like that balance in the look and I don't so much mind the overall oversizing in this styling. I kept the accessories white too and I think the plain-ness of the base really lets the subtle pattern design on the skirt stand out. These looks have definitely made me think more about these two pieces!

Monday, 27 January 2020

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

We got a brand new The JetSet release recently - an SS exclusive store which is one that always has some great stylish pieces. The advertising doesn't give anything away, but I like the Rome-vibes, so lets get on and check out the pieces!
Highlights The release is the usual one-floor and it's pretty stuffed, with 7 looks for females and 1 for guys. It's all pretty elegant, I really like this smart style - and there's a lot of colour too, smart doesn't have to be plain in colour! I think this is a very nice release =)
Accessories There is a small collection of accessories with a range of items. In the shoes I really like the look of the Sunny Pumps, a classic black patent heel with a slight pointed toe - a great basic style that will look awesome on everyone. There are 2 bags in the release, I really like the Scarf Bag. It's a super cute small piece with a croc design and a very nice stylish scarf handle - the black and gold chain print is a popular one in RL and it suits the colour of the bag. I love orange so this one is totally up my street! There's a couple of other pieces, the one that catches my eye are the Chain Earrings, with two golden hoops with a tortoiseshell hope in between, these look really great and very trendy, they're great on the doll too.
Clothing I love all of these midi/ankle lengths in the store, they're so attractive, at least to me anyway! There are two dresses, the Lace Orange Dress and Blue Satin Dress which I really like the look of for smart pieces - they're not dresses I see myself getting a lot of wear out of though. But love the lace sheer sleeving on the Orange piece, super pretty^ The Sequin Skirt in a dramatic red is a similar skirting style to the dresses, I like the design of the sequins here, it looks super fun for dressing up and would be cute in a Valentine's look if that's your thing. And in the same length are a pair of trousers, the Checked Trousers which I love! I have quite a few checked trousers, so it's a style I know I can wear. These are a culotte style, but aren't too wide fitting, I like the slighter slimmer fit, and the length really is very nice, great for layering with boots =) It also has a matching Checked Jacket, I'm not such a fan, it's a cropped length and quite a boxed cut. Lastly there are a couple of shirts to mention, both with bow detailing, the Photo Shirt, which is a black and white cropped piece that I'm not a fan of because the print looks very busy, but then the White Bow Blouse which I do really like. It's got quite an oversizing on the body, the bow really adds volume, but it's cropped to allow for a good tucked look^
Prices The release ranges from 7 to 26SD's, with just a couple of pieces at the higher end of the scale, so pretty reasonable prices. As it's The JetSet, the release is limited to SS (and Royalty) members only.
Styled Outfits I picked up a couple of pieces, and I'm pretty happy with everything I got. First up the Checked Trousers, which I styled exactly as I'd imagined, with slouched boots, these make a great pairing! I kept the rest of the look simple with black, and added a fun bag, this one is a great colour match to the trousers while still being a fun piece. Such an easy item to work with! Second up the Blue Shirt which is a super smart piece. I was a little doubtful about this once I started to find pieces to pair with it, it was a little tricky, but navy works nicely. I kept it very simple again, shoes to match trousers and bag to match the shirt - I really like the clutch in this look, so I'll definitely pair it with the shirt again! And finally pairing the Scarf Bag and Chain Earrings and I really couldn't resist going all out with a colour matched look - this pairing of HB's really is quite perfect for this set of accessories! I added the black belt to tie in a little more with both the bag and earrings, and overall I'm very happy with this orange styling!