Monday, 5 December 2016

P P Q | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Again the PPQ came out a while ago, but I've been debating with myself on whether to post about it or not, because I think the general feeling from everyone is that the release wasn't all that good, and I do fairly agree with that. It seemed a huge mix of pieces and not at all like the sleek and very formed collections we've had in the past, which is a shame because generally I love PPQ! So I did find a few features and I did buy a few pieces so my post is style based over writing a review =D
Features I think these guys did a great job with the collection, really working things into their own style and seeing the good in the release^ First up marina495 with the Checked Wool Coat, and I really think this styling totally sells the coat 100% whereas the store doesn't at all! It looks great with the black ribbed dress and boots and the dark colour lets the pinks from the coat stand out perfectly. Also love the denim shirt used and the accessorising with the bag and the sweet earrings^
And then MeLolitka with the Tulip Sweater really making the most of that stand out colour in this rocker-esque look! The colour goes great with all the leather, especially the furry additions to the jacket and the silver embellishments on the skirt. Love the pairing of the blue socks and strappy sandals, quite perfect with this piece and style =D
Styled Outfits I purchased three items in the end, probably the most minimal from the store. First up is the Tulip Sweater and initially I really liked the shape but now I'm more of a fan of the colour, and this look is very much not what I had in mind for the piece but I'm quite happy with it anyway. The white really lets the blue stand out but the silver definitely ties the two together, I like this necklace filling some of the space over the blue without obscuring it much. Secondly the Cut Out Knit Sweater, which upon styling I realised isn't quite black nor navy, it's a slightly awkward in between colour so I don't think it entirely suits an all black look like what I've gone for, I do however love the cut outs paired with the shape of this jacket, I think they're a good fit and just need a little work to look great! And then my favourite look is the final one using the Suede Mesh Boots. Now I totally don't need another pair of boots but these have a cool slouched style and a cool heel too, I couldn't resist^ I went all black but I made use of a range of materials and textures, love having the looser skirt and the knitted sweater paired with the fringing, I think it helps make the look stand out. Also loved adding this bag to the outfit too which I haven't worn since styling it back at the start of my current challenge =)

Golden tan

Looking fantastic in this sleek velvety style today is marta-43! I love seeing someone use this Stardoll Feat. High Waisted Skirt, it looks great in this styling and hopefully it sells the piece to those of you who were a little unsure whether or not to purchase. I love it paired with this long styled coat, the open slits are very complimentary to each other and to the doll itself^ Love the accessories too, golden shoes to match the skirt and then filling in the neckline with this draped scarf and an over shoulder bag - thumbs up^

Bag It Up Challenge #98

A challenge post for this morning and going full winter style with this piece! This is the Faux Fox Trim Tote from Apres Ski, and actually I was absolutely convinced I'd done a 'Styled Outfit' post about this piece before, I can almost visualise it in my head too, but I can't for the life of me find the post on the blog ... so maybe I didn't?! I did feature an awesome look with it though here =) Anyway I went quite wintery choosing tights for this style and these dark PPQ boots (more on those tonight^) but kept the clothing light. I like the grey with the blue but at the same time, also the contrast with the black. Would have loved some outerwear but nothing was quite right for the styling, so instead I put a little focus onto some makeup and chose a blue/white/grey eye shadow combination!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Valentino Inspired Cape

Next HB of the weekend already! This is the Valentino Inspired Cape in the Pretty 'N Love store costing 30SD's. I'm very on the fence about capes as it is, I just can never envisage them in a lot of different outfits on my doll - I just think they're not my style so much! This one is quite fitting for winter, with a warmer looking style and polo neck, which I do like. And the colour is a super pretty neutral shade too, which is also good - lets see how we've gotten on =)
I think we've given a really good range of examples for you guys here in terms of how to wear it and then different styles once we've worn it, hopefully some of you guys might get some inspiration! And vote in the poll too^

Snake nudes

Cool and glamorous today from Anisa123! I love the warmth this look exudes from using this comfy nude sweater and the shearling jacket, a great combination that I wish I could replicate =D Both pieces suit the smartness and colour of the trousers and I love that the accessories stick on the colour theme but really stand out in their own right as pieces. The snake print clutch is perfect with the clothing and the snake necklace ties everything together nicely. Plus love the sunglasses, totally spot on with the style =D

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Nude Boots

A surprise first HB of December! This was initially scheduled for the 13th along with another piece, but we got it yesterday instead, not that I'm complaining =D These are the Nude Boots, from Pretty 'N Love and costing a slightly eye watering 23SD's (for boots?! A bit ridiculous!!). I really liked these boots in the spoilers, they're very 'me' and I love that style right now with the chunky wooden heel, I really hope the price doesn't put people off because I think they are a great piece!
I do think they are a versatile pair of boots, but we've gone all out on the nude and neutral tones for our stylings, haha! Although they do look good with both skirts and jeans, so I think this will certainly give them a good point in terms of selling, plus they really do look awesome with white! And remember to vote in the poll as always: