Saturday, 22 July 2017

Peace in pastels

Light and bright and breezy, the perfect summer styling combination today from ajenkam =) I firstly loved the minimal decor of this room, it's perfect to show off a cool styling like this one^ The look is a perfect advert for the recent Riviera release, with both the Pink Woven Platforms and Sea Peace Dress styled making them look all very stylish, especially the shoes with the glittered ankles, I just think that is perfect creativity! The blue under the dress is also great and really brings out the colour in the 'peace' sign. And the little bit of Fendi there too, love it^^

Bag It Up Challenge #169

I decided to tackle this bag next for the challenge, the Faux Snakeskin Tassel Bag from Bizou, a piece which has been super popular but I've just really struggled with styling. I think it might be the print itself, and I never quite know what to pair with it that puts me off - it is a great piece though, love the cross body style, the shape and the design, so it's time to bite the bullet! I'm not sure what I was going for with this look, a combination of really smart casual?! It seems a bit of a random put together, but I loved the bag with these wide-leg trousers, the wide-leg is a great summer style and the black really let the print on the bag stand out. Also loving these pointed loafers and necklace with the bag. Just the jacket that I'm maybe not 100% about? I do quite like it but I think there could have been a better choice - but maybe something I'll experiment with =D

Friday, 21 July 2017

I N S P I R E D B Y G U C C I | Tribute Review

This week brought us our second Tribute of the season - Gucci! I think I was expecting Gucci this season, but not the collection that we got! I have to say, I don't really like the homepage advert. I don't see a good link between it and the store and I don't think it advertises the brand or fashions well at all, which is quite disappointing.
Highlights I'll start by saying that I really did try - but I struggle to like this collection at all. I like a good range of pieces in a collection as much as anyone, but this is just a bit too 'mmmyeah' for me. It's really quite a disappointment to me =/ There are two floors of pieces and quite a few male pieces, which is a good step and I think a lot of people will be pleased with this. And a side note, I do think the interior looks lovely, if only the collection had been more in line with it!
Accessories It's a small yet creative selection of accessories with this store, they're very much stand out pieces and seem to be made to be worn as the focal point. Upon initial inspections, I find it hard to see things that would easily slip into my own style - a common theme with my thoughts on this release. There are three bags, all on a red theme, and the red tone is a super pretty one, not too bright but at the same time not too dull - it's just right^ They range in size too, going from smallest to largest with the Gucci Inspired Red Belt Bag, Loved Bamboo Handbag and Gucci Inspired Oversized Belt Bag. They are all pretty nice and probably are the most wearable items of the collection, so far I've just bought one piece, but I'm definitely considering both others =) And then with shoes, also three pairs but all pretty different from each other. In terms of high fashion, they all meet the criteria, but the Satin Dragon Boots come out on top, although they definitely require a certain finesse of styling! The Snake Kitten Heel Boots are somewhat of an edgier choice in darker colours - I like the style, but they don't suit my doll sadly. The final pair is pretty cute, and the pair which I bought, the Retro Block Heels which are in a super pretty pink and red combination with pearl decorations. I really like the block heel on them and this is one piece I'm excited to style. There are a few other items included in the accessories, something different in the Gucci Catwalk Inspired Crystal Lips and also glittering are the Gucci Inspired Crystal Glasses.
Clothing The pieces of clothing sure do meet an artistic flair and fashionable theme, if not so much meeting wearability^ I'm not seeing a clear theme throughout the pieces, but maybe it's my minimal taste that isn't used to all the colour and patterns. It's also quite a small selection of clothing for a Tribute release, with just 9 pieces. There is some focus on pinks, with bows prominent on the Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Blouse and Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Gown and I like their combination with sheer polka dots. The dress has a pretty flowing feel and is definitely the more feminine of the pieces. Also in pink is the Blind For Love Dress, which I am actually pretty tempted by - the colour is good and I like the midi length and the fitted style, I just don't think the top part suits my doll all that well, but that's probably something that I can work around. There are 2 other dresses, the artistic designed Gucci Inspired Embroidered Gown which sure needs a special occasion, then the slightly more casual but rather bright Angry Cat Poncho which sure is something. I think I would like it more if it was a cute fitted sweater, maybe even a cropped piece, but I just can't bring myself to buy it as it is! And there are a couple of skirts which are both quite nice, but I don't think are me at all, the Pleated Rose Skirt which is just to the knee in length and has somewhat of a more traditional pattern. I like the colouring of it but I can't see myself getting enough wear out of it. Then there's the Wild Cat Midi Skirt, again not really me, but I'm really considering buying it after seeing the features below =D
Prices The store ranges from 5 to 38SD's, with the items available for everyone. I don't think the prices are too outrageous on the whole, but the accessories do seem pretty pricey for what they are which was a little of a disappointment.
Styled Outfits I made pretty minimal purchases from this collection, so far though I think I'm happy with my choices - although for only 3 items a cost of over 60SD's is a little high considering two pieces were accessories! First the Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Blouse which I paired with more dots in this perfectly matching pair of trousers, and I also continued with the pink in this furry jacket and belt. A pink bag would have been nice too, but my choice would have taken the attention away from the blouse! Secondly the Retro Block Heels in a typical red and pink styling to match. I was glad for another opportunity to wear these trousers, I think the colour is a good fit for the heels and I couldn't help but choose pink to finish the look, this biker jacket really adds to the smart touch that the outfit has and I really like it on my doll. The last look is with the Loved Bamboo Handbag which I wasn't sure so much how to style and I definitely decided to take some chances over what pieces to use. I stayed a little more minimal and used the navy portion of the bag to choose my skirt and kinda took it from there with more minimal clothing to let the colours pop a little - I quite like it, whether it works well or not is another questions!
Features I didn't find so many features for this post either - I think overall it's just not such a popular collection however these stylings are still amazing! First up a couple of looks with the Wild Cat Midi Skirt. This one is from aby400 in somewhat of a wintery styling pairing the skirt with this grey overcoat which matches the print pretty well actually. I like the little silver additions of the accessories too, they work well for the skirt =)
And then also pandaribbon in an autumn styling with all those reds and browns making the skirt pop with its paler tones. I love the pairing with this sweatshirt, the bear head looks awesome with the printing on the skirt, maybe somewhat of a risk but I think it works well especially with the other components. The red pops perfectly and highlights the reds on the skirt, I love the stripes used under the sweater, a great idea!
Then Isabella8103 is looking quite awesome and rainbow-styled in the Gucci Inspired Cat Knit, the male version of the Angry Cat Poncho! This is a great look for the piece, and the billowing bright skirt really does a favour for the rainbow stripes on the sweater. Love the orange bag with yellow keychain/earring keeping it bright, but the more muted coat really does a good job for the styling =)

Sunshine state

Exactly what we need for the summer with this look from FunOpler today! These loose wide-leg trousers are a great current shape, and I think they look great being yellow^ I like the use of the matching bralette but also the mesh shirt to give a more covered up look. The colours are complementary and attractive - you sure don't pass by it when you see it! The sash belt is a great addition and I love the matching bag with gold details. Also that yellow eyeshadow - it's awesome =D

Thursday, 20 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Carry All Straw Bag

It's been a few days now but here is our latest Hotbuy - the Carry All Straw Bag =) It's from RIO and costs 26SD's - back to the pricing complaints! It is expensive for a bag, but I'm not sure we should expect reasonably priced HBs anymore ... although it is a HUGE bag, the size is definitely something and a lot of people will find it to be either a hit or miss for stylings! I quite like it, it's unlike anything we've had in the Plaza and I think it's been designed pretty well.
I really enjoyed styling this piece, even though it has a large size, I found it easy to dress pieces around it and the size wasn't an inconvenience at all, which is great and shows hopefully a good future for this piece - I'm quite happy to have it now, whereas before it was released I was maybe a little unsure! And be sure to vote in the poll:


Super cute and feeling the modern retro style today in this feature from parisgeller! These plaid trousers are pretty nice on their own, but they've really been modernised and made into a much more stylish piece with the addition of a second pair of trousers - it works a treat =D Also loving the knitted polo paired with the plaid, all in for the trend. The DIY-style jacket works well, and I also am loving the accessories, they're all really spot on - especially the lip colour!

Bag It Up Challenge #168

And a little follow-up from this weeks Fendi review - another look which could easily have been included but became a challenge post instead, featuring the Floral Backpack. Love all the colours on this piece, they open up a lot of options for pairing clothes and other accessories with - from brights to neutrals to darks, I think it's great! I went with the brights and chose these fab orange trousers which really let the bag stand out against the great colour. I continued with the bright orange with the sunglasses which sure to add a flash of heat to the outfit! I really like this look for the bag, but I think there are so many different options you could go with - pastels are my next choice =D

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Last week brought another Callie's Picks release, themed on vacations this time which is definitely seasonally appropriate. I don't see anything special in the homepage advert, somehow these Callie's Picks ones are always a little lacking in that aspect, but at least I'm going into it with a blank slate of opinion about the release =D
Highlights This release was actually pretty big for Callie's Picks, with two quite packed floors filled with summery styles for us to chose from. At first glance I'm seeing lots of old Hotbuys and older Tribute pieces, so I think it will be easy for people to find items they might have been looking for here =)
Accessories There are actually quite a lot of accessory pieces with this release, which is a nice surprise. In shoes there are a whopping 7 pairs on offer! There are 3 pairs which are from previous Tribute stores which I already own, but would highly recommend - the Dark Slip On Heels are in the popular mule style and I have really enjoyed wearing them, they are versatile and are great Spring through Autumn shoes. Then also from Fendi the Black Orange Heels and Nude Peach Heels which I love the style of and it's nice to see two colour choices on offer. They are versatile shoes which work well with both dresses and skirts and trousers. There's also an old Hotbuy, the Tan Cork Wedges which are a great summer staple - I like the tan leather in summer and they make a good shoe for a light outfit. The rest of the shoe offerings are also wedge/platform styles, although I don't find myself quite so enamoured by them, the Soil Heels are a good deal being quite a desired piece and in SC's, and if you're looking for a little inspiration I styled some looks a few months back for the spring^ There are 4 bags all from previous Tribute releases and some of which I think have been in Callie's Picks releases in the past - not everything tempts me this time but I am thinking about the Tomato Lemon Clutch, a small piece with a perspex material and bright coloured keychains, and then also the Round Bolt Purse - you can't get me away from white and gold for too long and I like the over shoulder design of this piece. There's just a couple of other pieces in the accessories category, the most notable addition being the Tahitian Pearl Choker.
Clothing There's such a mix of clothing pieces in this release, almost too many random pieces with little link or theme which is a little of a let down for me. One positive is that there are a lot of older pieces there so newer members will be quite happy to get some of them. The white pieces in this release definitely stood out, it's great for light bright summer stylings - and there were quite a few pieces that I used to own and then sold, like the Thespian Chic Blouse and the White Out Shirt. But I also like the look of the Pure White Skirt and also the Chiffon Long Cardigan which I think is a fab beach-style piece. Not so many dresses in this release, but the pretty green Woven Halter dress does look quite good and I'm a little tempted by it - the shape is flattering and I think it could make a nice summer styling with just the right accessories =) The separate tops and bottoms definitely include some fantastic picks, I'm really liking the bright colours of the Tangerine Tie Blouse and Ruffle Crop Top, which I already had, but this is a bargain if you're wanting it - I find it easy to style and it's a great fun piece to try out! The Fantasy Print Skirt is a cute piece, and the colours are pretty great, combined with the right other pieces, it could stand out really nicely for summer despite the slightly darker tone. But if you're not wanting something quite so printed, then the Navy Miniskirt is a good direction to go in - it's got a good fit and is a nice basic to have in your wardrobe.
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 30SD's and there are quite a few pieces available in SC's. Plus there are no SS or Royalty only pieces. I think things are pretty well priced and there are some great bargains to be had!
Styled Outfits Despite only buying a few pieces, I had a lot of fun and chances to be creative with the white pieces! They are easy to fit into my wardrobe and I'm happy with what I bought =) First up the White Out Shirt and Pure White Skirt, the shirt of which I owned the first time it came out and then sold it. I stumbled upon placing them together and really liked how it worked in this smart-ish summer dress styling. I was easy to find some accessories to match, it definitely needed the belt to make sure shape was achieved, but I like the use of orange. My second look also uses the Pure White Skirt and I really like this one, having the long cami over the top is great for summer and I love the looser feel to the outfit compared to the first one. I made use of the black lines on the top for the accessories and I love the smarter feel that they add to the outfit. And lastly the Thespian Chic Blouse, another piece I owned the first time around but sold! I wanted to give it another chance with this release and I'm glad I did as it makes a nice change to the usual white blouse I wear =P I like the sleeve length and style and think they will look pretty in a lot of different looks. Decided to add these Fendi Culottes and I'm really pleased with the pairing and also the accessorising I did - shoes, bag, belts and a necklace, that's a lot for me - but I love the combination and really like this style on me! Overall I don't think I could be happier with the outcome of these styles, they just feel super summery and very 'current me' which is all I could have hoped for - very pleased with this release =D
Features I didn't see a huge number of people wearing this release really, but luckily I did see one really good one! Polinapolinka is wearing the Net Dress, a piece I considered but passed over as I don't think it's for my doll, but it sure is for this one! I love how it's been combined into the style and used more as an extra and not the main clothing item. It looks great with the white trousers beneath and the tee-sheer-sleeve combination on top. I'm also super impressed with the belt styling, it looks great with the meshed dress =D