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J U L Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Here we are at the end of July and the pink-hued Hotbuys! This is our 7th HBs Review^ I love the advertising for this month, that pink totally draws me in and makes everything look amazing - I'm sold already! I'd say this is a pretty great month considering there's a large portion of swimwear and I think the pieces are current and trendy and will hopefully last a while =)

Tall Strap Sandals - While I'm not always an advocate for flat shoes and sandals, I do quite like these - and it's all the cool wrapped strapping that really sells them for me! I think the design is very flattering and I think they look really nice on the foot. And the neutral colour is great, they'll be as versatile as a pair of sandals can be^ Evil Panda 17SD's
Kate Spade Inspired Bag - This is just the cutest! I bought this without even checking the price, that was how much I wanted it! The flamingo design is beautiful and unique and it's been graphically done very nicely. The bag itself id also very nice, the detailing on the strap and metalwork is just amazing, I'm so impressed by this piece =D Pretty 'N Love 19SD's
Ruffle Bikini Top - And the start of the swimwear, this is a peachy-ish coloured top, but actually with the addition of the ruffles around the arms, it doesn't look too much like a bikini top at all, which I see as a big plus point^ It could work out well as a top with the right pieces paired with it. Pretty 'N Love 14SD's
Ruffle Bikini Bottoms - And the bottoms to match - they definitely look like bikini bottoms, can't sell them any other way! So these aren't a piece for me, but they do look very cute, the ruffled chiffon around the waist is great and looks very well designed. The piece makes a good set and something very cute for the beach, and it does look very nice on my doll, but swimwear just isn't for me! Pretty 'N Love 13SD's
Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress - This is amazing! It's a quirky and cute piece that is super memorable. I love the under-sea style printing to the design and the bright colours pop and catch your attention. It has a great minimal shape with a midi length and a nice V, while I don't always go for sheer, I'm very excited about this piece =D Evil Panda 22SD's
Rust Anis Earrings - What cute earrings! These are super cool, I love the combination of a floral design on the earring, with a hoop and a big tassel, they look awesome =D And in bright red too - these will certainly stand out in any outfit. They are quite big when worn, so that might put some people off of these, but I still think they look pretty good^ Fallen Angel 13SD's
Polka Dot Bikini Top - This next bikini top is of a more structured simple design to the first. I love the red and white polka dots, they definitely make it an appealing piece and I think this one would work well as a bra for layering with sheer items because of the design. It's a cute piece, but just not so much something I would get the wear out of. Bizou 12SD's
Polka Dot Bikini Bottoms - The same goes for the bottoms, super cute but just not something I wear very much. I do love the high-waisted style with high cute legs, it's very flattering and looks really good on - also love the little golden clasp detail around the belting. They've been designed very nicely and the set looks good =) Bizou 11SD's
Red Straw Hat - This handheld design for the hat is totally different and new and it really draws attention. I like the ombre colouring to the piece, the red looks great with the natural straw and I love the raw edging. Being only handheld does limit it a little in terms of styling into looks, but I think it will make a good challenge^ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Burberry Inspired Red Dress - Alike the earlier dress, this is another sheer piece, and another one that I love! The pink hint is great, and I love a good spotted piece! The length of the skirting and the sleeves are great and I'm super excited to work with this piece and see how it fits into my styling =D Velvet Orchid 25SD's

Millaxx wears the Kate Spade Inspired Bag beautifully in this summer styling! I love the pink against the red of this skirt, it's a great one for summer and I love the smart white shirt and heels - the pink and flamingoes really stand out against it =)
Next up is miver wearing the Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress making it look super wearable and super cool! It's layered up really nicely, the pieces beneath work well in it's favour and it looks very much like an every day dress. Loving these floral platforms with the look too, they're perfect^
Lastly, tolady wears the Rust Anis Earrings in this dressed up styling with a focus on red, for which the earrings are perfect! The beret is perfect to show off the earrings and their style works well with the chiffon top and detailed folded bag. Super cute!

I decided to style up two different pieces, firstly the Tall Strap Sandals which I haven't seen anyone go for yet but I loved working with and found them pretty easy to match with fun things like this skirt and keeping the rest of the outfit neutral. Then I styled the Burberry Inspired Red Dress which was much more challenging although may have been down to only having a short time as it was the last HB this month. I spent probably almost an hour working on this, and struggled to come up with a lot of options, but I really really love this one, the layering has worked out perfectly and I think the dress is still highlighted well in the outfit =D

Little leopard

I love this tiny hint of leopard printing in today's feature from leiona_-! It's the perfect amount of the print and it's layered so perfectly, from the tied and tucked belting, the beige collared shirt underneath and the loose white trousers, they're all so good together =D The trench is the perfect size, fit and colour for all of this too, I just love it^ And the pop of red in the accessories, super stylish and an attractive finish to the styling!

Peaches & Green

Do you ever miss the bulk of a Limited Collection and get so frustrated you just impulse-buy whatever is left? I feel you if you do. I waited patiently and just couldn't click fast enough. So I bought this obscenely expensive green, sheer dress in a complete sulk. 

Of course that means that I now own an expensive, green, sheer dress. And I might as well do something with it. 

After playing with it for a bit, I don't completely hate it, although it is a bit ungainly. The skirt is quite long which makes it hard to layer, and the green is a much warmer shade that I'm used to styling. That said, it looks lovely with this peach shade and was the perfect vehicle for me to crack out this loved, but under-utilised backpack. 

I'm not sure how often I'll go back to this piece, but I am pretty pleased with this look, so on the balance of things, I guess that's a success.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Off White Inspired Lace Dress | Limited Edition
Peach Blazer Vest | Bonjour Bizou
Peach Leather Skirt | Fendi Tribute
Alexandre Vauthier Inspired Metallic Boots | Limited Edition
Mint Leather Belt | Bonjour Bizou
Jeff Koons Inspired LV Backpack | Limited Edition

Monday, 30 July 2018

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

Our latest Callie's Picks drop, issue number 94 entitled Summer Breeze but I think it really should be called Tributes Revisited because essentially that's what this release is, bringing back some of the Tribute pieces we've had over the past several years - maybe it's just a coincidence that this came out just after I started posting my Tributes Revisited series!
Anyway, there's a bunch of great pieces in this release from some fab stores that we've had, even some super old items too, and some pieces that I get great wear out of quite regularly - particularly the Chunky Chain Heels in black and gold, those are one of the best pairs of heeled sandals I have!  And also the Black Fendi Belt, it's such a classic and basic piece to have in your belt collection =) So today I'm styling up the Red Snow Skirt, originally an Anna Sui piece which I used to own but then sold at some point in the past several years, and also the The Lipstick Dress originally from a more recent release of Saint Laurent.
All about the reds! These two pieces make a great pairing I think - I love the red pops and I think they work well dressed down and up. The lengths are great for summer and I think they make some fun looks highlighting light and dark in the stylings. I also think this ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for both of these looks, it all just fits right =D

White lace

Light in lace for summer today from Dashety, keeping cool in these white hued pieces^ These trousers are a must with the belt, I just think they look better together, and the lace bodysuit is a fabulous addition to the outfit working well with the texture of the trousers. The lace adds a lighter feel to the look and I really like it^ The accessories are great additions, love these neutral white heels with a slight detail and this long chain bag, they add nice touches =)

Sunday, 29 July 2018

2012 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

S U M M E R 2 0 1 2
And the third instalment of Tributes Revisited, back to the summer of 2012 which was the first year I wrote Tribute Reviews, albeit not quite to the same extent that I do nowadays, they were quite a lot more brief in 2012! There were 6 releases that year: Chanel, Anna Sui, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Frankie Morello and Dolce&Gabbana. They were a pretty good in terms of a range of styles and it's fun to get new things. For me this isn't a season I remember so much, so this was a good chance for me to reignite interest in some of the great pieces that we got! A lot of these pieces have been re-released in Callie's Picks too so there are many you can get now for good prices in the Bazaar =)

Of course our first release was Chanel, a firm favourite - I know because I wrote that I spent a lot of money in my review, haha! I really still quite like this one, there's fun pieces which are also wearable and still look good in today's trends and there was a great range in the store. I've gone through quite a lot of pieces from this release over the years with changing tastes and I'm sure this will still be the case in the future. There's been a lot of these pieces released in CP so I'm sure many of you have some of these items tucked away in your wardrobes already - I think maybe I need to look for more in the Bazaar to give a try to^ I love the Sea Foam pieces for sure, they're definitely lasting in terms of colour, style and design =D

This was really our first look into a designer which had a single focus - shoes! I loved this collection when it was released, some really fun pieces and I'm wishing I still had more of them^ Shoes can add great things to a minimal outfit, they can really pop and add all the detail that you need - I am truly loving the Flower Shop Bow Heels for the frilling bow and the perspex panel over the toes, plus the colour is a beautiful one for summer^ The store had some great floral pieces and I'm still on the search to find the white floral pair, those will make my summer stylings for sure!

D O L C E & G A B B A N A
And our very first Dolce & Gabbana release, it sure is a memorable one particularly with that cool supermarket-based interior. This one focused on jewels and gems, particularly with the set of playsuits which took the focus of one floor of the store - I like the clothing though, there's some quite wearable pieces in there that work out really nicely and some I'm sure we've forgotten a little^ The accessories are quite great in this release, such a variety to work with and some memorable styles.
And someone else very much enjoying the clothing still too, Funopler wearing the Blush Lace DG Top, it's a cute summer piece with a crop and a sweet detailed V and in a great colour, it's pretty nice I'm wishing I had one to style too^ This looks fantastic with this Chanel dress worn as a skirt, the colours are a perfect match and I'm such a fan of all the pink in the accessories too!

Furred edges

This sure is one stylish look from supah_dupah this weekend! I love the almost furred edging that the look had to it, it looks cool and soft yet stylish all at the same time =) The skirting combination is a classic and a good one, but this time it's layered with a fuzzy dress underneath which gives a great edging to the look. The sheer tops are layered super nicely too, the stars shine through a nice amount. And I adore the furry shoulders, they pop with the blue and it looks fabulous^ The rest of the accessories are good too, loving the studs on the shoes and the femininity in the bag and the edginess in the earrings =)

Saturday, 28 July 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | July 2017

And finally for the Hotbuys Revisited posts, looking back to last July - which I'd actually sat was pretty successful and a good set of HB's! I still own 9/10 of these items and there's some pieces that I'm always reaching for - like the Romantic Frill Summer Dress and the Oversized Blush Aviator Glasses! And those bags have been pretty popular with a lot of people styling them over the past year. Today I've decided to go with some of my least styled pieces, the Faux Crocco Clogs and the Floral Kimono Dress:  
Boy do I love these outfits! I think they're pretty current and make good use of some pieces in cool combinations. I love all the brown tones with the shoes, they highlight the dark colour of them and let them pop out, and they're great with this bag, it's a pairing I will definitely be using again for sure =D And then the dress in a light summer look - I didn't add too much to it, but I love these pastel accessories, the shoes have a nice detailing to the bottom half of the look, and this bag is very sweet and perfect with the flower blossoms of the dress^

Summer Rain

The weather in the UK has finally broken! There's a lovely breeze and some rain at last, thank goodness.

I've cracked out my favourite coat and new yellow waterproofish trousers so I'm well prepared. Also - this white shirt is fantastic. It's so clean and fresh. The perfect cleanser after such an oppressive summer. Although it's for a masculine frame, under a coat, you'd never know. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Multipocket White Shirt | Inspired by Louis Vuitton Tribute
LV Inspired PVC Jeans | Inspired by Louid Vuitton Tribute
Jacket 2 | Bonjour Bizou
Belt Bag | The JetSet
Pure White Loafers | Melbourne Minimalism Tribute
Florist Flower Twig 2 | 9to5

Airy biker

This is such a great look from Claudentia! Completely a feminine biker style based around this jacket! The skirting is super beautiful, the shape is stunning and the printing is just right, not too much or little. The polka blouse is a cute touch and definitely adds to the look, especially with the tiny pop of red in the added straps, they're perfect with this bag which I am totally loving paired with this jacket - I wanna make use of that combination for sure =D

Friday, 27 July 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y B A L E N C I A G A | Tribute Review

So exciting to get Balenciaga in our StarPlaza as our next Tribute this season! I think it's a well-requested brand to have and it's always fun to have a new brand in Tributes. The advertising is super fun, the yellow and orange are bold and attractive and the models show off a range of styles - I am excited!
Highlights The release is two floors packed with pieces and a range of styles against a colourful and fun interior. There are 3 individual male looks available too which I think will keep a lot of people happy^
Accessories There are a number of pairs of shoes split well across categories - the Balenciaga Inspired Pantashoes Pink and Beige are a popular style which has been presented before in limited stores, so I think these will go down well, I like the colours of them and think they work well with a range of styles. The other boots are also pretty cool, the Balenciaga Inspired Platform Boots look amazing, super retro with their platform square toe and tan colour, but they're a little chunky for me, but I adore the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral - a pointed toe in the sock-boot style in great colours, the blues and greens are perfect =D There are heels of course, the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Red and Black in patent and with silver stud details and a pointed toe, they're super cool! They remind me of the macthing Valentino shoes which came out many years ago that I wear a lot still^ And the classic trainers, the Balenciaga Inspired TripleS Sneakers which I think it's great coming in both the Mens and Womans style. There are also quite a few bags, but a few stand out to me as being perfect for my style - first the Balenciaga Inspired Orange Shoulder Bag, what's not to love, it's orange! I wear a lot of orange accessories and find these easy to style, so this is a perfect addition to my collection. And then the Brown Chain Bag which I love the structured shape to it, I think it's an interesting concept to add to a look and I'm excited to see how it fits into stylings =) There are not so many other accessories but the Balenciaga Inspired Large Earrings are super cool, love the red and the circular design, they look fantastic!
Clothing And clothing, so so much clothing^ It's a right mix of styles but I think it's one that works for the store and that people are happy with. While I'm not so much a fan of the neon bright pieces, there are enough florals and printings to keep me going for a while! The pieces are fun and all individual and different to what we've had before. In dresses are the Balenciaga Inspired Kimono Dress in a bright green, a colour I'm loving thanks to a recent HB skirt, and the Pleated Money Dress which is in lighter calmer tones. The styles are totally different, with the first being more trendy and edgy with the slit and high polo neck, and the second being more feminine with a loose airy shape. I'm simply in love with the Floral Pleated Asymetrical Skirt - it's just so beautiful! The blue and yellow colours are fab and the fit of the skirt is stunning, a perfect piece for autumn. And of course lastly the Floral Print Crepe Blouse, in matching print with the Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral. Such a cute piece for spring and summer, I like the sleeves and the blouson body and the neck tie hanging loose, so sweet^ The outerwear has proven very popular in this release, so so many people wearing these pieces, we'll be all set for autumn stylings with these! The Oversized Checked Coat is definitely a standout with not only it's size but the red gingham print which is pretty 'in' right now - this has such a great shape, I love the cape style and the tying at the neckline is super cool. The sit is good so you can really show off your outfit beneath too. The Vintage Biker Jacket and Balenciaga Inspired Denim Jacket are super popular too, they have a cropped fit and wide neckline, just how a lot of people like and which I think makes them pretty wearable particularly in spring and autumn. Lastly, the Balenciaga Inspired Leather Jacket Man has grown in popularity since the release and now, I've seen more and more people wearing this one. It fits the female doll pretty well too and has an edgy oversized style to it. While on the top of menswear, the shirts fit the female doll pretty well too - I'm quite liking the look of the Balenciaga Inspired Yellow Shirt and Oversized Beige Tshirt. And finally, the more minimal of pieces, these are lasting and will see us through many years. First up the bottomhalves, which is the Balenciaga Inspired Green Skirt which has a cord texture, is fitted well at the waist and hips and has a great hem design falling at the midi length. The colour is stunning, a perfect muted green and I think it looks absolutely fantastic on! The tops are also pretty great, the Tucked In Stripe Shirt is a great smart basic, the blue tone is lovely and I love the shape with the half tuck and the long sleeves and slightly wider collar. And also the pairing of the Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Top and Vest - I love a sweet cardigan and this set is just adorable. It's something very wearable and isn't initially obvious that it's a Tribute design, which I really like about it =)
Prices I spent a fortune on this release, because I think I bought about 75% of the store, oops! But the pieces individually range from 19 to 38SD's with most pieces in the 20's, which is why it adds up quickly. Nothing is SS or Royalty only limited which is fab^
Styled Outfits What I've done with my stylings is tried to style up the pieces that weren't styled in the features below to try and cover more of the items in this release =) First up the Oversized Checked Coat which I just couldn't help but pair with more gingham, I do think it works out though! The colour contrast is just right with the trousers and I think the shoes add a nice touch^ Secondly the Balenciaga Inspired Knitwear Vest and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral. I liked the darkness of these trousers to let the paler colours pop, and paired up a pale bag which I really like with both the Balenciaga pieces - I think I could have given the polo a miss, not sure I like the white under the Vest so much. And lastly the look I've been wearing all week with the Balenciaga Inspired Green Skirt and Brown Chain Bag, I love these together and it makes a good autumn look. The colours went perfectly with my favourite sweater and I think these boots are perfect with the skirt too and really pop with the metallic sheen!
Features And probably the bit you have all been waiting for, or that you skipped down to see, the features^ First up cinderela23barb wearing the Tucked In Stripe Shirt and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Black looking oh so chic and work-wear ready, which is exactly what I envisaged for this shirt. I love the navy of the skirt, it looks fab with the shirt and the black accessories fit very nicely =)
Next up we have France25 looking very rock chick in the Balenciaga Inspired Leather Jacket Man - see how cool it looks on the female doll?! I looks great with the black and white base of this outfit, love the contrast with the airy trousers. The red accessories pop well, especially loving that necklace choice!
Third on the list - Marta-43 going for all the florals, wearing the Balenciaga Inspired Kimono Dress, Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral and the Balenciaga Inspired Orange Shoulder Bag - it's definitely not too much on the print front! I love the layering with the fun pink printing under the dress, I think it's a cool quirky fit that makes an individual style! Also loving that tassel earring in the look =D
A look after my own heart, Mery.- wearing the Floral Pleated Asymetrical Skirt in this minimal styling. I love it layered with this beige trench and the colours are perfect with the pastel blue shirt and the yellow shoulder bag. The accessories based on brown look great with the styling and the coral lip is super lovely^
Street-style ready in Mh91's look with the Balenciaga Inspired Denim Jacket which I think looks super cool paired with the black and white checkered pattern on these trousers. Denim and red is a great combination which is shown off well here, the stripe on the trousers start that off but the accessories are a perfect finishing touch =)
And last but not least RiManiKordenty wearing the Vintage Biker Jacket and Balenciaga Inspired Knife Booties Floral and it was this use of this silky blue dress that caught my eye, it's so beautiful with both of these pieces, such a cool styling - I wanna copy it right now, haha^ It's great for spring and summer and the pops of white in the accessories add a bright touch and are totally my thing! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Floral leopard

This printed dress completely caught my eye in this styling by sena_1964! It's such a pretty piece, combining great current colours and great patterns, I love the combination of the leopard print on the lower skirting and the floral printing in the middle portion, I think they look great together^ The rest of the additions are fitting, with a neutral brown jacket and shoes. The neckscarf catches my eye, love the emerald green against the rest of the tones =)

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Autumn biker

Another look preemptive of our Balenciaga Review - leiona_- looking super cool and autumnal biker chic^ I love the pairing of the beige boots with the beige knitted sweater, they're so cute together and balance out the outfit with the darker jacket. The light colour also highlights the light tones in the jacket making it come across paler than it is. The gingham is the cutest addition, I love how it looks and it suits the pieces so well - also loving the straw bag, the colouring fits perfectly. And the jewellery and glasses, the delicate golds are beautiful!

Carrot Top

I've jumped the gun again - this time for the Louis Vuitton tribute - only because I want to stake my claim on this shirt / trousers combo. 

I knew from the minute I saw this shirt that it'd be perfect with these Young Hollywood trousers. The over-size of the trousers and shirt cinched up and pleated looks very luxe and extravagant, even if the fabrics and colours are more playful than sophisticated. 

I've gone for pattern-play, so the overall palette is very minimal. I want all that orange to do the talking seeing as it's essentially the same shade as my wig. If that wasn't a sign to buy this shirt, I don't know what is!

Ingredients |  You Will Need
LV Inspired Orange Graphic Top | Inspired by Louis Vuitton Tribute
Balmain Inspired Checked Pants | Young Hollywood
Black Crystal Necklace | The JetSet
Laptop Case | Mr.
Plaid Silk Socks | Bonjour Bizou
Farida Kitten Heels Gray | Windows on the World

Monday, 23 July 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Dark & Rose Slip-On Heels

In keeping with the Tribute theme this month, I'm styling up 6 looks with these Herve Leger Dark & Rose Slip-On Heels - these are one of the pieces I've loved wearing from the first set of Tributes and they're the only pieces I still have from Herve Leger. The style is super current being a mule and the colours are very pretty and wearable =)
Day and night choices
The deep burgundy colour is a great one and has a lot of versatility with shade and tone, they look great in both light and dark clothing pairings and they suit day to night stylings well. I love the necklines of these short pieces, which elongate the legs and show off the shoes. Plus who doesn't love some matching accessories?! So many bag choices to go with these one^
Day and night choices
Of course the dark shoes do this style well too, and short pieces also look fantastic. Darker tones to the dresses fit nicely and the colour detailings pop off the page. Tights also work out with these shoes, this dress is perfect for that with the matching white sleeve design. Again, colour popping accessories against these shoes!
Cool and casual as a cucumber
Not only do these pieces look good dressed up, but they work in casual stylings too. Both tones work exceptionally well with lilacs, you can never have too much! The midi lengths are great to still attract some attention to the shoes. I picked out some of my favourite handbags and these two are perfect matches for each pair of shoes, it's an equal share of the limelight for accessories in these stylings =D

Baby browns

Such a cute outfit today, and quite ready for autumn, from Mh91! I think the pieces are adorable, love the polka dot skirt, it's a fun piece I love wearing, and the cool top which I've never seen before. The design on the front is clever but I love the sleeves with their blouson from the elbow to the wrist, it looks great in this outfit. The belt is also a perfect addition. The tights look good even with sandals and I think the bag is a perfect choice. The earrings and sunglasses add some celebrity glamour =D

Sunday, 22 July 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y A L E X A N D E R W A N G | Tribute Review

Finally here at our second Tribute release of the season - Alexander Wang! I feel like this is a store a lot of people have been wanting for a while and I think it's been quite requested! I was super exited as there are some fabulous Wang pieces to be had, so lets see what's on offer =)
Highlights So I won't lie, I was a little disappointed with this release as it's quite the opposite from my preferred style - it's very street-based. And it might just be me but there's a lot of similarity throughout some of the pieces. There are 3 male looks though, so that's a bonus^
Accessories The accessories are quite mixed, but there are some great pieces in there. In the shoes I love the Alexander Wang High Sandals in the baby blue with the perspex and the strap up the leg which remind me of the Dior style from several years back, these ones look fab! Also chose the Silver Button Mules, despite being flat because I think they could layer well with heels to make something interesting. In terms of boots, the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots have been incredibly popular, they're a pretty decent wardrobe staple to have and I love the patent sheen. I also quite like the Alexander Wang Stripe Knee Boots, they're a little different and I don't like how they look on the foot specifically but overall they're not too bag. There are a number of bags available and I like the range of styles there are. The Attica Fanny Pack is the obvious most popular piece, these shoulder-slung styles of bags are what everyone wants! I however am really loving the Net Bag in baby blue, which is a layered piece of two bags together, and the Roxy Bucket Tote which is bold in red which has great studding and chain detailing, it brings a great pop of colour to a look. I'm also a little tempted by the Diamond Thank You Bag - I've not seen anyone wear this yet but I think the design is nice, I like the small handheld style and of course it's silver^ And that's it for accessories - no jewellery included.
Clothing It's a very street based, as it's not my thing I'm finding it hard to look at it neutrally! There are a couple of dresses, the Alexander Wang Inspired Mini Dress in a wrapped grey style with a structured neckline and shoulders which is actually looking quite alright, and the Alexander Wang Cutout Leather Dress which I do like the look of, but it's just a little too cutout and revealing, I haven't seen anyone wear this piece. There are quite a few tops on offer, one is much more of a bra than a top, and three are very close in style, the Studded Crop Top Woman, Alexander Wang Inspired  Studded Top and Alexander Wang Warrior Top - the last of the them is the better of the choices but still they're not hugely wearable pieces. The most wearable is the Pinstripe Hybrid Shirt Bodysuit, it's a pretty unique piece, I like the colours and the stripes with the cami, but I'm not sure how much use I'd get from it. Leather is the main theme in the outerwear, the Wang Inspired Leather Trench which I think is super cool yet not for me, and the Wang Inspired Jeans Leather Jacket which has an oversized style to it. There are so many bottomhalves in this store - I'm a little annoyed at this as I always want more of these pieces and now we have them they're like the opposite of my style. Quite a few short pieces, the Deconstructed Trench Skirt is the best of this bunch, style-wise pairing with the Wang Inspired Leather Trench. Then 4 pairs of trousers, all black and grey based, for me it's the shapes and fits on the doll which don't work out well - otherwise I'd definitely be wearing the Wang Inspired Studded Jeans!
Prices This collection ranges 16 to 38SD's and nothing is SS or Royalty only with the only limit in that the store will be gone by the end of the summer.
Styled Outfits I liked putting the pieces into outfits, and actually I found it pretty easy for them to fit with my current favourite trends and pieces. First up the Alexander Wang Inspired Mini Dress which I've styled in somewhat of an autumn/winter look with the dark boots and coat, but I really like it. Loving this snakeskin-style bag, the colour works perfectly with the dress =) Secondly the Alexander Wang High Sandals and Net Bag paired in blue - both pieces are light and really are highlighted against this darker blue dress, I think the styles all fit together very nicely and this is a great summer look! Lastly I've styled the Roxy Bucket Tote and Silver Button Mules, I'm not huge on flat shoes but once I tried them on in the Plaza I thought they'd be an easy one to layer, and I was right! They have paired with this pair of heels so well and it looks reasonable seamless^ This opens up many options for the shoes and I love them in this feminine style with the pinks and the floral trousers, really do love this look!
Features And the looks from you guys! First up frankieiz12 wearing the Studded Crop Top Woman and the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots. I love the use of the orange pop in the clutch and the lipstick against the pieces, and particularly like the layering of the long sleeved body underneath the Crop, it looks so good! The skirt is a good length for the boot height too^
Funopler chooses the Alexander Wang Warrior Top with this cool silver-based styling - it has layered very well with the black sparkly piece beneath and the pattern of the piece isn't lost. These trousers are fabulous in the styling and overall the look has been accessorised very fittingly with black and silver =)
Next up is MissDark1990 wearing the Attica Fanny Pack which has cooly been styled with the addition of extra chains, and also the Wang Inspired High Leather Boots. The navy skirt adds a little difference to the look which makes it pop agains the black -based stylings. Also loving the cropped hairstyle and deep purple lip in the beauty style!
And lastly tolady looking a little more casual in the Wang Inspired Jeans Leather Jacket and the Leather Jeans Hybrid - I like them with the trainers, and the light colour of these adds at least some lightness to the outfit. Particularly love the use of this black leather bag, it fits very well with the styling, I think it's just right^