Monday, 31 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #18

Close to the end - going to round this challenge off at 20!
The piece for post #18 is the Glam 'R Us Gold Mean Necklace which is no longer in the Plaza so it'll have to be a Bazaar search for it, however Mawi does have some fairly similar, although slightly chunkier, pieces available =)
I really enjoyed putting these looks together, and found it really wasn't a difficult necklace to style! Had to include a classic all white look, it's not my favourite of the 3, but I think it works and I accessorised in matching gold with the VOILE Studio Box Clutch. My second and third looks are my more favoured ones. I love that I was able to use the Cute Cutout Romper from RIO and I think this is a really cute summer look - one of my favourites from this summer season I think! My final look dabbled in menswear again, using the Independence Shirt again,this time with these freebie blue trousers and a blazer (Killah). It definitely was a surprise that this pretty feminine necklace worked well with menswear, but hey, that's what experimenting is all about^

What do you guys think of the looks, and for the fun of it here's a poll for you to vote on your top choice:


Mia1435 stuns again with this very chic streetstyle look. I love this sweater but this is the first time I've seen it styled like this - loving it even more! The lace insert skirt is a perfect addition for it and the white really brightens the look with the grey and the silver of the heels (perfect choice). It's also good seeing these earrings used, they are great with this overall combination!

Feather lover

Hello everyone!

Last days have been a bit busy but here I'm with another outfit, inspired by my look last Saturday, check it out:

Gold Studded Headband - Jet Set
Peacock Feather Coat - Fallen Angel
Drapped Tessel Dress - Jet Set
All Over Sequins Clutch - Couture Tribute
Stacked Leather Bracelets - Jet Set
Black Satin Stiletto Boots - Inspired by Balmain


Sunday, 30 August 2015

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Sequin Bikini Top & Briefs

Combining these two Hotbuys as it seems a little silly to me to sell them as separates! However I do think it's easier to style the top alone, oh well, nevermind =D So the Sequin Top and Sequin Briefs are available individually from Original Future for 9SD's each.
And the poll:

Faux fur

Riiott is looking great today! I love this styling of the LE Pearled Swing Skirt (now sold out) and it looks great with a white overlay and the patterned stockings - a definite win combination^ Accessories are great, but I love that the look has been finished off with so much faux fur! The jacket is a great piece on it's own, but here it's got some shoulder pads and a fabulous hood going on too, what a grouping =D

Saturday, 29 August 2015

H A U T E C O U T U R E | From The Last Decade

The Stardoll Lookbook's own contribution to this event. A brief look back over the last decade at some of the Haute Couture that we've seen - enjoy!


And Today I Wore

Dress = Valentino by myself; Hair = Isabella8103

Lace ensemble

This super pretty lace ensemble from miss.privacy really stood out to me this week! This Flowing Lace Skirt (Pretty 'n Love, a StarBazaar find I'm afraid!) is one of my favourite skirts and pairing it with another lace item, the Lace Collared Blouse (Balmain, again it'll be the Bazaar for it), was a great idea, the use of the Skirt Inspired By Alexander Wang (recently a Callie's Picks release) gives the outfit a perfect break. The shoes are nice, as is the bird tattoo, and the other accessories have been chosen well - using the new Tarot Tin Box and a pair of mirrored sunglasses =)

The Stardoll Lookbook

8:30pm tonight - be there or be square!

Something to look out for ...



1. LE Plush Merino Cardigan.
2. PPQ Sleeveless White Turtleneck.
3. LE Sonia Culottes.
4. Fallen Angel Dior Inspired Belt.
5.Original Future Hotbuys Sequin Cross Body.
6. Mr. Monster Backpack.
7. Bizou Minimalist Alexander Heels.

Friday, 28 August 2015

WIN 500SD's + A GRAPHIC! And the winner is ....

Yep - win 500SD's and a graphic! All you have to do is LIKE AND SHARE our FACEBOOK PAGE and one lucky winner will receive the prize! Winner will be announced on 28th August at 10pm UK time =D

UPDATE: And the winner is .... Irina Sedgwick (FB)!
Congratulations =D

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This weeks Callie's Picks release was all about Chanel - which I don't think anyone will be complaining about, these pieces have great style! The homepage ad is cute and quite vibrant so it really stands out off the page. Lets take a look inside:
We really did get two packed floors this week - I'm not sure if I've just not paid enough attention previously, but I feel like there are a lot more items this time! The items are primarily for girls, however a male look is included although it doesn't seem particularly special to me compared to a lot of the other items!
I thoroughly enjoyed going through the store and trying everything on because although a lot are from the tribute stores we've had, there are plenty of items I passed on the first time around. In the end I didn't purchase many items because I didn't feel like I'd wear them, but there are some classic pieces like the CC Jacket and the CC Skirt and lets not forget about shoes, like the Coco Pumps and the CC Shoes. I also love the jewellery and small accessories included with this collection - the Chanel Chain Necklace has been included, now it is 30SD's which is very pricey, however it was 24 in the Chanel store when I originally bought it (you can check out my stylings of it as part of my latest challenge here!).
The prices of the whole collection range from 4 to 45SD's with most items around the 20SD mark. Now I do agree that this is fairly expensive, however a lot of items are from the Chanel Tribute store and in the Plaza would typically be slightly more expensive. But I do think I was considerate of prices before making my purchases from this release. I only purchased the Audrey Dress and the Dotted Trousers, both of which I've styled below: 
My two looks for the Audrey Dress focus on black and white, going with a classic like the RIO Sharp Cape Blazer in the first and accessorising with the VOILE Spikes Necklace, and secondly went for this Chanel white blazer to keep the look light. I also think this dress would suit quite a few tops and could act as a skirt with many of them.
I really really love these Dotted Trousers, they've been on my wishlist for a little while so I'm very pleased these were included in the release even though they're not very 'Chanel' to me. I went for 4 looks purely because I couldn't decide on what to show. I've picked a variety of tops, both shirts and tees, but I feel the trousers look best with these white/grey/black colours. These have so much potential and I really can't wait to wear them in many looks^

Overall I'm super happy with this release, but what about you guys?


A cute Parisian styled look from _Jubbs_ in todays feature post! I loved the combination of this trench coat with the spotted sweater and mens oversized white shirt. The red beret is also just super cute^^ The jeans are nice, I'm surprised by the large rolled cuffs working well. And the accessories are simple yet work just fine. Plus that hairstyle is perfect for the beret! Overall a very nice look =)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Sequin Shorts

Just about there with the August Hotbuys! This time the Sequin Shorts from Original Future costing 15SD's - again a print I really like, so lets see how they shaped up!
Just two again for this piece, think the August Hotbuys have definitely been less popular, and so now for the poll:


These leopard boots stood out to me immediately in this look from amphirite. They work perfectly with the brown trench coat from SAP, and I really think those LE Lacquered Brassai Trousers are a very surprising match! The crop top and the bag also work well with the look, as does the choice of hairstyle =)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


This look amazed me, at first I was like 'I love that denim and shirt combination', then I realised that MothBoy had styled the 9 to 5 Paper Dress ... it's made of paper! Who knew paper could look this great =D I love it combined with the long sleeved white shirt and the simple white oxford shoes are very effective, as is the addition of the leather clutch. The hair is also fab, love this messy styled bob a lot, and its shade of blonde^

Nighty Dull

Grey Tyle Dress - Velvet Orchid
Modern Panel Pants - Original Future
Metal Pucci Belt - Royalty
Biker Short Sand - Underneath Stardoll
Killah Spiked Bangle - Killah
Iron Claw - Fallen Angel
HotBuys See Through Purse - Hot Buys
Hung Up Blazer - Callie's Picks
Catellation Open Toe - Royalty


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Summer Playsuit

The latest Hotbuys release is the Summer Playsuit from It Girls costing 18SD's - I definitely love the print on this one, so lets see how we've styled it!
Two totally different looks for this piece, but it's giving me many more ideas for stylings! And now the poll:

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 24 August 2015

F A L L E N A N G E L | Release Review

At the end of last week the Plaza was filled with a new Fallen Angel release. Now I wasn't greatly impressed by the homepage ad, to me it just doesn't sell it well! I quite like the pictures in the background, but it was meant to be the clothes that it was selling =/
So we had a whole rack of clothing and I definitely think the homepage ad undersells the collection! There are both mens and womens clothing available, albeit just a couple of pieces for the guys, but at least it's something. I'm typically not a huge fan of Fallen Angel, but every collection generally has a couple of gems hidden in there.
This time for me the accessories aren't really doing it - the Tarot Tin Box clutch is very sweet, and only 85SC's, but the shoes and other bag don't seem to be particularly great. I'm sure some people have purchased them, but I can't see myself wearing them.
Clothing is alright really - a lot of mesh and sheer pieces,but also some quite 'light' pieces for a Fallen Angel collection, like the Swarming Dress for example. As someone who doesn't wear revealing pieces, something like the Caught In A Web Dress really puts me on the fence because I do like the style of mesh, it's just not all that wearable - I have put a look together below, although I think it'll be a common wear to make this piece work in most wardrobes^ The clothes for the bottom half are a little disappointing for me, and I think other items might have fitted into this release a little better, but oh well! Finally on the tops, the clear winner of the collection was the Structured Bustier. It's pretty versatile and although at first glance I was a little wary, I was so glad I bought it!
I've styled 2 outfits below with the clothing items I bought as mentioned - the Structured Bustier in particular has so many looks and I am very much excited to get more use out of it and style it in a more feminine manner =D

So what do you guys think of this store? And of the looks? I particularly love the first, but give me your thoughts in comments!


Todays look is another from Tattoon who I spotted styling this LE Plush Merino Cardigan from the latest release (I missed out on this one with my lack of SS!) and I really love how it's styled with those Miu Miu styled trousers and the choice of red accessories also really works! The Fendi keychain is a cute addition, and I like the fact that nails have been remembered too^

Shades of White

Bottega is wearing  BunnyHop Twill Jacket from BunnyHop, White Mini from Velvet Orchid, High Slit Skirt from YSL, Nelly Hair Piece by Nelly.com, Biker Short Sand from Underneath Stardoll, Strapped Purse from Callie's Picks and Black Strappy Stilettos from LE

Have a nice day, 


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #17

Back onto the necklaces now - this time the Tutti Frutti Double Claw Set Pearl Necklace (that sure is a mouthful!) from Mawi costing 6SD's. It's still available in the Plaza too through the link above =)
I feel like it's been a while since I've gone pink so I really tried to get a few little splashes in there somehow! The first look is my go-to white dress, though this time I've gone for chunkier shoes because the necklace does seem a little chunkier itself. The second and third looks are my favourites - I love it paired with this silver-quality sweater and it's the perfect piece for this Melbourne Minimalism top with the pink inserts. Black trousers seemed a must in both looks, but I think the Riviera pink tipped shoes are great^
What do you think of this piece and the looks? Let me know in comments!

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

It Girls White Turtleneck Top, Blue Jeans, Melbourne Minimalism White Loafers, PPQ of Mayfair Long Collared Shirt, Givenchy Ivory Lockdown Handbag

White glittered

Juliette116 has been blowing it out of the water with looks recently, and this one is no exception! I love a good combination of whites, and these necklaces are a great addition along with the Snake Clutch. I also adore this makeup look, some amazing eye and lipcolours working on there and those eyebrows are totally awesome!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Leopard Sole Heels

The next Hotbuy has been released, this time the Leopard Sole Heels from Fallen Angel costing 12SD's:
And we're also welcoming new Guest Writer - Bottego/Tania with this We Wear Hotbuys post, so be sure to look out her name in the poll to recognise her doll!

Chicky Fresh + Introduction

Hello everyone! 
My name is Tânia aka Bottega and I'm a new guest writer here on The Stardoll Lookbook. I'm 21 years old, I live in the Netherlands and Fashion is one of my biggest obsessions.

Style for me is a way to express yourself so it always depends on my mood, though most of the time I go for the casual, street alike look, as you will might see from my upcoming outfits. I use everything as inspiration and can spend ages trying out clothes on my doll until I figure out what I want to wear and what looks just right.

Here's my outfit for today, I hope you like it:

Bottega is wearing Sleek Summer Shades by Fever, Notion Blazer by Nelly.com, Tartan Crossover Top by Archive, DKNY short shorts by DKNY, Killah Spiked Bangle by Killah, See All Caryall by Antidote and Silver Shoes by Rio

See you next time and have a good weekend, 



Spotted manson41 wearing this look and wanted to feature as it really helps me see these knitted poncho style items in a much more modern way! I think it looks great paired with the denim shirt and its rolled sleeves. The hat matches well with the shirt, and the rest of the black clothing and accessories work magically well with the knitwear - overall great combination =D

Thursday, 20 August 2015

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Printed Gown

Todays release is the Printed Gown from RIO which costs a slightly staggering 27SD's! It's definitely a little pricier and won't be to everyone's budget, however two of us have given it a go anyway:
And the poll, as per usual, it will close in a couple of days =)

Beige perfection

This is a great look from ROYALTI_Anna in todays feature post =) I love this coat and incredibly sad that I'm not royalty to buy it from Callie's Picks, but oh well! Anyway, this is such a great styling of it and it pairs with those PPQ Wide White Trousers perfectly. Love the rest of the brown/beige tones of the look, and that hairstyle is amazing!!! It fits so well - such a great job =D