Sunday, 29 December 2019

2 0 1 9 S T Y L E R O U N D U P

Wow, another year has come to an end, where did all that time go?! Today I'm looking back at my favourite stylings of 2019 - what a year of styles! I tried out new things, found some new favourite pieces and styles, and made a few mistakes - but that's the fun of fashion!
I think this set of stylings confirms a few things to me - I'm a total repeater, once I love something specific I naturally gravitate towards it, whether it's a style, colour, or particular item. It also tells me I love a neutral tone and can make it work all year round. Plus where I once focussed my hair styling on blonde looks, I've been a brunette more this year! I'm thinking of going back to the blonde for January though^

Let me know your favourites of this year - whether it be one of my looks, your favourite trend or a piece to wear!

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

L E W O O L C O A T | Styled Outfits

Our recent LE release brought us this brand new coat, the LE Wool Coat, and after styling it up I fully agree that it is fabulous! Right now, I have no buyers regrets about this one^ I held off styling it in my review post because I knew there would be plenty of options for it, and I'm glad I did, in fact I think I could have easily put together twice as many looks for this post!
First up some smart white trousers, I really love the loose fit style of this pair and I think they work well with the coat. I paired them up with some grey knitwear (I'm all about the monochrome style), and liked using the black lining of the coat for the accessories. I'm especially loving these Black Loosefit LE Boots in the styling too. Next up I tried a little more casual with jeans, this pair are an almost exact colour-match for the jeans, so I'm delighted to have kept them in my wardrobe. I also chose to add white in this look, this ruffled blouse really adds some more feminine detail to the masculine shape of the shoulders, and I adore the use of these cowboy boots, it's super fun! And finally pairing a skirt - I tried out a few dress options, nothing quite worked out better than this skirt though, and I love getting to use it again^ The light base of the skirt gives a brighter look, but the grey in the print ties it nicely to the coat. I kept the top and boots fitting in with the skirt base and then added more red with the sunglasses.
I really love this set of looks, and whilst it was expensive, I really am pleased with buying this coat =D

Sweater style

It's definitely sweater weather at the moment, and I love midnightmonkey6's look embracing that - and looking very stylish at the same time! This recent sweater dress is a pretty fabulous one, the colour is stunning and eye catching for sure. I love the leather trousers added, and the split hems look great. The floral booties and the extra pieces added at the sweater hem look great, the colours fit perfectly with the sweater and they keep the look looking light. The bag and sunglasses are excellent finishing touches =)

Monday, 23 December 2019

Silver sultress

Making silver look perfect for an everyday style today from turkiye, it's super cool! I love the white base, especially this skirt, it's a great piece to wear and as you can see here it can be used in a few different ways, I like the balance of the long side of the hem with the draping of the silver dress on top. The sheen of the silver is eye catching and I like the ties and shape to the piece, they balance out well. Love the accessories, so good to see these sunglasses be worn and look amazing!

Sunday, 22 December 2019

A P R E S S K I | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We got a new release of Apres Ski this weekend to keep us warm during this cold weather! As with most releases of this store, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but there are a few cute pieces that are worth checking out. Millaxx styles up the Striped Get Relaxed Dress in a very stylish way. The boots and gloves are perfect for winter, but I love the cool addition of the tulle necktie, it's very snazzy^ I also love the use of the Prada-esque bag, it looks great with the dress colours. I'm also loving the gold earrings used, I'm definitely loving a mixed metals look much more this season =)
I bought a couple of sweaters from the store, first up the Because I Ski That's Why sweater, mostly because it's an SC piece so worth giving a go. The yellow colour is great and super stand out, I don't normally go for a V-neck, but decided to give it a go as it could make some fun layering which is what I've gone with in this look. I tried out a skirt, while I think it looks ok, it's not quite perfect, but it has the colour scheme I was aiming for, I really love that^ And I'm really liking these accessories with the sweater, the colours are very complementary of each other. And secondly the Fringe Turtle Neck which I just love! The colour and the style are just great, I'm excited to add this detailed chunky knit to my collection. I love this colour of blue with white, so I went that direction and I thought it would be super fun to wear this knitwear with a skirt, I really love the outcome =) Also loving the slouchy boots in the look and the accessories to finish of the styling, really one of my current favourite winter stylings!

Spotted burgundy

Frankieiz12 is making these boots look incredibly cool with this outfit - so jealous of that ability^ I really liked the pairing of the two casual street sweaters/tops with the smarter style of the white skirt, I think it all comes together really nicely. I especially like the balance of the half tuck and the small slit in the skirt. The reds look great against all of the black and whites, so much love for the lip clutch and these sunglasses - awesome street style =D

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

I N S P I R E D B Y R I C K O W E N S | TRIBUTE Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Our next Tribute of the season is Rick Owens - this isn't a brand or designer that I really follow, but from what I've seen in the past, I know this isn't my sort of thing, and the lack of review of this Tribute release confirms that this time around too. So just a brief post on this Tribute store, the styles are quite individual, and not so every-day wearable, which is my problem, but a couple of you guys have worked the pieces very nicely into wearable stylings! First up nly-nilay wearing the RO Geo Shimmer Jacket which is probably one of the most versatile pieces of the collection with more muted colours to it. I like the sleek black pieces underneath the jacket, the split skirt looks great. The accessories are minimal but still stand out, love the use of these new boots and also these golden triangle earrings, those are fab^
And then we have waiting styling the RO Messy Inside Blouse, which actually has a very nice colour to it^ The blouse is a little shapeless on it's own, so this look adds shape with this chunky belt, I love making the black work with the layered polo beneath and the leather gloves. This skirt is such a cute touch with the colourful hearts too, super cute!
I did make one purchase from the store, the RO Mummy Top which I thought could make some nice festive season looks. The colour is pretty nude, while it has a metallic touch it's not gold or silver which did make it a little challenging when starting out my stylings. First up something neutral with these black trousers, I liked the V of the waistline with the horizontal wrapping of the top. I leaned a little more towards silver with the accessories, I really like this bag with the look, the colours fit with the styling and the design is a current popular one. For the second styling something more fun with these snake-printed trousers - beyond that it gets a little boring with beige boots and a green bag, but I struggled to find the perfect accessories to finish this styling off the best way. It's not quite jazzy enough for the festive looks I was imagining, but I think there's potential there =)

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Silence is Golden

And so is the piping on my jacket. 

Millennial pink is such an easy go-to. It goes with basically everything - so much so I basically consider it a neutral. This Gucci tribute jacket is a fun one - it makes me feel like a ringleader except instead of a circus, it's a rowdy office Christmas party...

Ingredients | You Will Need

RTW SS 2020 Blazer | Inspired by Gucci Tribute
Beige Sweater | It Girls
Fringe Floral Skirt | Windows on the World 
Gold Filigree Skirt | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Lanvin Inspired Palm Earrings | Limited Edition
Inspired by Chanel Purse | Callie's Picks
Gold Boots | Original Future

Monday, 16 December 2019

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

It feels like it's been a while since our last Limited Edition release, but here is one right in time for Christmas! The advertising is pretty eye catching with the space theme, however with no models on show there's a mysterious vibe over what the collection will be like - let's get right on into it!
Highlights Ok, so overall the release isn't one of my top LE releases, it's not entirely my style, but there's a couple of things that catch my eye for sure! It's a two floor release with 11 looks for girls and 1 for the guys, so it's pretty much fitting with past releases.
Accessories From first glances, the accessories are pretty strong in this release - plenty of options and styles to choose from. There are an amazing 7 pairs of shoes in this release - with 5 being boots, perfect for the season, and 2 being heels. It was the Orange Toe High Heels which caught my eye first, we all know I love orange, and this little detail of the tip of the pointed toe being orange just looks super cool! I like the colour combination of these overall, the tan base of the shoes looks great and the style of the shoe is super sleek. Most of the boots are very edgy with a bit of a punk twist, not so much my style, but I do really love the Black Loosefit LE Boots a lot, and as soon as I started styling them I knew they were a perfect new boot for this season for my doll^ There's a lot of this pair left in stock too if you want to give them a chance!
There are 5 bags in the collection, and all of them are pretty good and offer something completely different in terms of style and colour. I really fell for the Croc Inspired Handbag, for both the colour and design, it's very much a perfect Spring piece, I love the fresh colour and the style is one that's kinda everywhere in RL, so I'm happy to have one for my doll. And then my biggest regret - not buying the LE Spiked Army Cross Body, I decided too late that I liked it XD Oh well, never mind =( It's a really nice piece in navy with a dark gold hardware detail - it was the spikes that put me off initially, but I quite like them now. I also liked the length of the crossbody strap, it's very nice and easy for styling. In terms of other pieces there are some jewellery items, with an emphasis on chunky gold with the Mega Chunky Chains BP and the LE Golden Chunky Chains BP. What puts me off with these is they are BP only, so are pieces I'd likely forget about styling!
Clothing The clothing is quite a mixed bag, there's a lot of pieces that really aren't my style, so it may be a little brief here. There's quite a bit of neon and bold colours and leather, which aren't always my first choice, so the first floor of pieces doesn't appeal to me much - apart from the LE Oversized Shirt Jacket and paired Pleated Suit Pants (which I literally thought was another midi skirt until right now!), which are in a soft grey fabric. I love the oversizing and longer lengths of both pieces, and they both seem like they work well together and separately. For my style, the second floor is where it's at, there's such a great mix of fabrics and fun styles. Another grey/silver co-ord stands out, the Ruffled Pleated LE Lame Blouse and Pants - the Blouse is such a cool piece, love the very regal-esque design to the collar and the blouson sleeves, it's pretty fantastic^ While on the topic of tops, I also very much love the Tucked In Feather Top, isn't it so fun?! I love the pink base to it along with the whole host of details it has, from the feathers and dots to the amazing orange and pink trim around the edges, I'm super excited to style it!
The floral look very much draws in attention on the second floor, the Oh My Flowers Coat, Tights and Facemask, it's certainly a daring style, and not many will go for the complete look I'm sure - I like the print itself, but would rather it on some more wearable pieces. Another piece I like the idea of is the Oversized LE Belt Sweater, I really like the muted green tone to the print and the retro design to the pattern. It just seems like an easy to wear item. Also like the Super High Satin Pants, with their own belt on the piece, they have a great fit and a nice overall style, but I passed on them as I have a lot of similar pairs that already fulfil my black trouser needs^ The final piece to mention is the LE Wool Coat, definitely a big name piece of the release, it's not cheap, but it sure is very fitting for the trends and the season, and looks pretty great. A winter staple for sure, I like the large square shoulders and the hands tucked in design - plus it's definitely looking very versatile, so hopefully very much worth the cost!
Prices This release ranges from 18 to 160SD's with really only a couple of pieces near the upper end of the range. All of the pieces are SS limited as is the norm with LE releases, and the pieces are of course also limited in number - however there are still many items left in store!
Styled Outfits I think I did pretty good with my purchases, I didn't go too overboard on this one. I'm saving the LE Wool Coat for a styling post on it's own, so focusing on some of the other pieces for this post. First up the Tucked In Feather Top which I styled very simply and quite similarly to the store display, choosing black trousers which allow a tuck of the blouse very nicely. I love this shoe choice, the sheeny pale pink looks great against the blouse^ I couldn't find the perfect bag for my styling, so that is my next mission! Secondly the Black Loosefit LE Boots which I've discovered have endless styling possibilities - I've gone with a paired skirt and top this time, with a basic colour palate. The lack of shine in the clothing works in the boots advantage and I think their sheen really pops out there =) And finally the Orange Toe High Heels - I knew immediately I wanted to wear them with these Gucci trousers, so I saved those especially for this look^ I've gone a little office-wear for this styling, but I don't mind so much because the shoe and trouser combination is everything. The rest of the look is minimal and I don't add any further colours to the look. Love this nude blouse and clutch against the orange, for sure one of my favourite outfits of the season =D
Features There are so many features to share today, firstly a couple with the LE Wool Coat, this look is from CoolRachael and also uses the Super High Satin Pants. I love the boho vibes to the outfit with the outline tee and the cool hat, yet it's still kept glamorous with the jewelled earrings and the LE Charm Belt. A great city styling for Winter =)
Also with the LE Wool Coat is Opioides who also includes the LE Extra Belt and the Two Striped LE Heels in the styling. I love the layering of the dress and trousers together with this coat, the colours look great together and the sheen on the dress definitely catches the eye^
The next look from Jacquemus also uses the LE Extra Belt and pairs it with the LE Oversized Shirt Jacket and Pleated Suit Pants, choosing to tuck the jacket into the bottoms, this is super cool^ I love the layering of the orange polo under the jacket, it adds a fun touch against the black used from the trainers and the bag. This is the epitome of sports luxe styling for sure =D
Next up is FunOpler wearing the Ruffled Pleated LE Lame Blouse, it looks just as cool as I'd imagine it to, and I think it looks amazing with this leopard-style printed skirt. I especially love the snake-print belt bag positioning, totally great with the prints and colours going on. And love the snazzy earrings, totally a perfect fit with the top!
And for the final styling, Monia96XD wearing the Oversized LE Belt Sweater. A buckled belt has been added, and I think the extra thickness of it works well, and the buckles make a perfect tie in for these boots. The piece looks great styled as a dress here, the tights look good with it. I love the rest of the accessories too, especially seeing this furry stole piece getting some use^

Sunday, 15 December 2019

I N S P I R E D B Y G U C C I | Tribute Review

And here it is, the first stand alone Tribute store of the season - Gucci! I'm pretty happy because Gucci is for sure one of the brands that I really like, and I've gotten some fab pieces from the Gucci stores in the Plaza in the past. Love the advertising, the pink hue draws me in immediately!
Highlights The release is just one floor, with 6 female looks and 1 male, which seems a little small for a Tribute. The pieces do seem to fit together very nicely, and bold colours link the collection very nicely - overall it's a pretty good release, but not the best we've had from Gucci.
Accessories The store has a pretty good mix of accessories to choose from, with shoes, bags, jewellery and more! Whilst I really quite love the idea of the RTW SS 2020 Suede Shoes Green and Blue, I know I won't get a lot of wear of them - I love the idea of suede boots though, super retro and definitely styles that will work well for some people. I do quite like the other pairs of shoes, the RTW SS 2020 Ankle Boots are really cute in white, and I like the strap and gold detailing across the foot, and also the RTW SS 2020 Black Sandals which are a super smart court shoe, love the chain and gold detailing along with the small chunky heel.
There are 3 bags in the store, so far I've not bought any, but I do have my eye on the RTW SS 2020 Spiked Handbag, it's got a very cool geometric shaping to it, which we don't have a lot of, and while from afar the spikes don't look so much like spikes, they do give a good detail to the piece. I love all the options of sunglasses in the store, you can get the RTW SS 2020 Glasses in Black, Beige or Orange, but the major problem is that they're beauty parlor only items, which personally I don't like, as I'll forget about them quite quickly when looking for pieces to include in looks (I go for suite jewellery almost 100% of the time), so that's a little disappointing to see there's not a suite option for them. There are also some gloves and hats available, great for those who like that sort of thing, but the last piece to mention is the RTW SS 2020 Big Earring (which can be bought in multiple for those who like a matching pair), I really like this piece, gold is my favourite for jewellery and I think this is a beautiful simplistic design that will work with a lot of outfits. Again the only issue is that it's also beauty parlor only.
Clothing Now onto the clothing, where your eyes are really drawn all over the store by the colours, which is great! I love trousers a lot, there are plenty of options in the release and with matching pieces too. The RTW SS 2020 Green Pants are paired with the Green Jacket, in this pairing I definitely just like the Pants, they're high waisted and straight legged and look super smart. For my style the pairing of the RTW SS 2020 Orange Whool Pants and Coat is much better, I love these Pants so much, they're again high waisted but have a rolled hem which looks so good^ The Coat has a military style, I really like all the buttons, the large collar and the jewelled bug on the shoulder. The final pair of trousers are the RTW SS 2020 Suit Pants, which don't come with a matching jacket, but they're pretty good, I like the loose and masculine style. The navy colour is fab and very wearable, and I like the little detail of the tag on the hem of one leg, they definitely do well to stand out - and there's a male version of these too!
There is also a skirted co-ord to be had, the RTW SS 2020 Sheer Pink Shirt and Flowy Skirt, I adore this set so much, the pink is just beautiful^ The Skirt has such a great slender fit on the doll, it looks fantastic on - I'm determined to make these pieces work well for me despite them being sheer! I also very much like the second skirt in the release, the RTW SS 2020 Sheer Skirt because lilac is fab =) It's another sheer piece, but is more loose than the Pink option, it comes to just below the knee and has a little split up one leg. I've seen a few people wear this already, it seems a popular choice. The RTW SS 2020 Blazer is a super cool piece, I love this dusted pink shade and who can resist a gold trim?! It's an open style oversized blazer, and is another piece I've seen a lot of people wear. The final piece to mention is the RTW SS 2020 Sleek Black Dress - now I haven't bought this yet, and I haven't seen anyone wear this yet, but something is really attracting me to the style. It's a complete maxi and covers you from neck to ankles. I love the ruffle bow detailing down from the neck, it looks very stylish. But I don't think it offers many options for versatility, which is why I think not many people have chosen this yet - it will be all about the accessories with this one!
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 29SD's, which is pretty much on par with previous Tribute releases. No pieces are SS or Royalty limited, the only limit is the time the store will be available in the Plaza, which should be around a month.
Styled Outfits I had a lot of fun with these pieces, I think they'll do well in my wardrobe! First up the RTW SS 2020 Suit Pants which I really love a lot - I styled them up minimally with navy and black, because I can't get enough of this combination this season. I love that the little patch on the hem of the trousers really pops in this look. Next up the RTW SS 2020 Green Pants which are subtle-y a little festive^ I love this neutral combination for them, it's something that makes colours like green work out really nicely in stylings. The long length makes them look such a smart piece, and I've continued that with the coat. Choosing gold for accessories, I love this combination, it works very well with the green =) And finally the RTW SS 2020 Flowy Skirt, which I've layered up with bicycle shorts and long boots to beat the sheer fabric of the piece, it works but I think there's some more creative ways to play with this piece. I just had to do an all pink styling, and I think it works out nicely, love this sweater with the skirt and I think the look fits in nicely with this whole set of stylings =)
Features And for a few super cool features now, this first one is from filipa-ferraz styling the RTW SS 2020 Sheer Pink Shirt in a very cool street-styling. The fishnet tights look very cool under the long length of the shirt. Love the white and silver accessories, especially these boots, they are fabulous^ The tattoo's work well in this styling, I think they really bring something to the look and work well with the sheer fabric of the piece =)
And then we have Mia1435 wearing the RTW SS 2020 Sheer Skirt, also in street-style but bringing in some Asian vibes with this setting^ I love the additional sheer added with this top, the fabric and styling fits well with the skirt. The polka dots are a very cool addition to the look, they follow through the whole styling perfectly, so much love for the combination, plus the mint green of the bag!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Hello Stranger

It's been a hot minute hasn't it? 

I suppose I should explain my unceremonious absence, but I'll keep it to a short sweet summary: severe burn-out, chronic illness and a general election that fell out of the sky (unfortunately, running elections is my job). I've been MIA in my real life let alone my virtual one!

Nonetheless, I am making a tentative return ahead of Christmas, and I must say I'm fairly impressed with all the seasonal releases that have dropped while I was lying face down in a dark cave.

I dropped in momentarily one weekend only to discover that Subcouture was happening - this yellow coat is my favourite piece from that whole collection. It's very me, right down to the dressing-gown vibes. 

It's not hugely versatile - the shade is very particular and skews a bit puke-yellow when paired with some other colours. The dusky pink, slightly taupe-y accents are a good place to start for building the rest of the look around this statement. I played with a few proper pinks and burgundies before settling on a lighter pinkish beige which is the base of the LE jumper that I'm wearing here as a skirt. The bold pattern then informed the choice of purse, with an interesting graphic animal print strap. By this point, there's a punky vibe starting to push through, so the shredded knit jumper, boots and mismatched earrings all follow suit. That's all styling is...finding the piece, finding the complimentary element, then letting that lead you through the rest of the plot.

Ingredients | You Will Need

Yellow Fringe Coat | Subcouture
Black Rebel Top | Velvet Orchid
Cozy Pattern Sweater | Limited Edition
HotBuys Olive Earrings | Velvet Orchid
Square Brooch Earring | Epiphany
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Dion Lee Leather Bag Black | Antidote
Jeweled Lock Boots | Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Tribute

Friday, 13 December 2019

M U S E U M M I L E K A R L L A G E R F E L D T R I B U T E | Styled Outfits

Opening up the Tribute Season, alike last time, is a Museum Mile release, inspired by Karl Lagerfeld designs over the years, which I think is a very nice and fitting touch. Overall though, the styles aren't so much my thing. There is a pretty iconic piece included however, the Hulahoop Bag, which looks super fun, I can see some amazing looks with it coming out, particularly for the Spring and Summer. I just made one purchase from the store, the Ready To Wear Stripes 1981 pair of wide leg trousers in black and white stripes with almost a silvery touch to them - I thought they could make some cool holiday looks this season^
Black and white were the obvious choices for these trousers - I did try out some silver pieces, but nothing was quite perfect, so I'm on the hunt for more silver pieces to pair with these! Love this black blouse, the cool oversizing of the shoulders is a great detail to add. I kept simple with the rest of the black accessories, although added something super fun with this bag, it's got silver vibes to it, so I think it's a pretty great fit for these trousers! Then with my white look I've brought out this fabulous faux fur coat from last Winter that I wore literally all the time^ It's a great piece for these trousers too^ Again super simple with accessories in white and made good use of the Novemer HB's too with the bag, sunglasses and boots =D

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

I T G I R L S | Release Review

It Girls is definitely one of my favourite stores in the Plaza, so I'm super excited to have new pieces to try out. The advertising is looking super Autumnal in colours and I love the styles and vibes shown, I have high hopes this time =D
Highlights The store is the usual size of release with one floor, and I love the style vibe of this one! The pieces fit together really nicely and the colours are great for the current season, I'm definitely happy with this release^
Accessories There is a small range of accessories, and they're pretty neutral and versatile pieces, particularly the boots. The Trendy Leather Boots are very much what they say on the tin, they're a total trend piece, but one I think a lot of people will really love for this Winter season. And then there's also the Thigh High Leather Boots, which are more my thing, also in black but with a chunky heel and an almost pointed toe. Sadly no bags in this release though.
Clothing The clothing is where the release really shines, it covers so many aspects of current popular styles, which is great! There's patterns, colours and neutrals, which covers a lot of peoples preferences. The winner of the printed pieces is for sure the Stylish It Girls Straight Jacket which is a boxy oversized piece with a nude and black checked print, perfect colours for Autumn and Winter and the fit makes it a good layering piece - this will also work well for both smart and casual stylings. There are four neutral light coloured pieces to pick from, and I think they're all pretty good ones. The It Girls LBD 2 is a cute smart dress, love the long sleeves and the high neckline along with the short hem length, this one will be cool to dress up with lots of accessory choice. I also really like the It Girls Off White Sweat, it has a cute tucked waistline and nice loose sleeves, however I already have a very similar piece from Nelly that came out earlier this year. Now the pieces I did pick up were the High Collar Ruffled Shirt, which is such a pretty piece and the ruffle detail really is stunning, and also the Cozy Trendy Ribbed Sweater which is the epitome of Winter comfort as a chunky knit with big sleeves, plus it has great button details at the shoulders which gives it a little something different. As for the darker pieces, there's a good mix of styles and textures there, but two pieces really caught my eye. First the Papercut Trendy Pants which have a super smart fit on the leg, but then have a paper bag style waist cinched with a matching belt - just a really versatile pair of trousers! And then also the Chocolatey Pleated Skirt, I know there's a lot of these, and in similar colours, around, but this one is great too^ Love the midi length, it has a good fit and look on the doll, plus the colour is beautiful, this is gonna look fab with so many pairs of boots =D
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 18SD's which is great, nothing is too pricey. There are no SC pieces this time, and there are also no SS or Royalty-only limited items.
Styled Outfits I had a lot of fun with these pieces, and the looks came together so quickly, so I think I will have no trouble with the items in the future. First the Papercut Trendy Pants which I made work with some of my favourite brown pieces, I'm loving this colour pairing at the moment, and I think the darker buttons on the shirt, despite being small, really help tie the pieces together. I think this is such a wearable look^ Next up the Cozy Trendy Ribbed Sweater which just looked good with everything I paired it with, so that's great for future stylings - I went for something fun with this leopard print skirt as I've not worn it in a while, I think it looks really nice balancing out the chunky knit against the slim fitting silk skirt. And of course boots to complete the look for the season! And finally styling the Chocolatey Pleated Skirt which I really just love despite having similar pieces - it just looks great on the doll, I have no regrets buying it =D Paired up with more brown tones and I love the final outcome of the outfit, this oversized chunky sweater is great and the half tuck detail is very flattering with the skirt.
Features And for the features next, firewalkwithliz styles the Stylish It Girls Straight Jacket in this neutrals focused styling. The long socks and little bit of leg showing looks super cute with the piece, I really like the style here. The bow shoes are a great touch to add to that vibe and I love the shine of the classic Chanel bag =)
Secondly Tara_1994 wears the Velvet Onesdie Bow Top which looks super cool paired with this velvet skirt^ I really like all of the layering and additions here, like the double bag use and the texture of the socks and the floraled neck scarf. The red lip gives a perfect balance for the look, it's attractive for sure!
And lastly dm2udm2u wears the Oversized Bow Jacket in a classy styling where all the focus is on that huge neck bow! The white tights and shoes are perfect with this piece, absolutely great against the white bow, it makes such a smart style. Love the accessories too, the hat, glasses, earrings and large Gucci bag are really excellent finishing touches, I particularly love the bag in the look =D

Sunday, 8 December 2019

V O I L E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's cool to start the Winter party season with some new Voile, there's always something special included which will be cool for all those fancy looks we love to share over this season^ This time there's some cool sparkly pieces and also some great pink and purple hues to pick from - I'm particularly loving the look of the Dramatic Purple Sheer Dress with it's voluminous sleeves and intricate sparkling pattern. First up a styling, anaritamiranda looks very cool in the Gold Detailed Top which really pops against the smart white trousers. I like the balance of the deep V of the top with the wide legs of the trousers. The belt is a great central point and the lace bra is a fitting touch. I like how trendy the look is made with the hat and the dinky Chanel bag with the detail on the top really being central to the overall styling =)
I also picked up the Gold Detailed Top because the pattern is just stunning! I like the navy of the trim, so I continued with that in these trousers, I like the slim fit of them against the loose sleeves of the top. The black in the print design is great for pairing accessories into the look, so I added black there all with gold details which I really like the look of, I'm totally gonna wear these boots and the trousers again together =D And then I couldn't resist the matching Gold Detailed Flare Pants too^ It was all about that gold belt detail! I think they look classy with the navy polo and that really makes the belt pop even more. I stuck with gold for the accessories and I love sparkly clutch with all the sparkle detail on the trousers. I think there are a lot of options for these trousers, they'll be super fun for looks over Christmas!

Saturday, 7 December 2019

T I N G E L I N G C O U T U R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

The spooky season brought us a brand new release of Tingeling Couture (and is halloween themed, but it isn't included in the store name this time) - generally not so much my thing but there were a couple of great pieces that caught my eye and I knew I had to have. I spotted on of them be worn by Elrry, and that is the High Waist Skirt - isn't this look fantastic?! I love the flowing blouse paired with the skirt, the colours are a perfect fit together and the styles blend well, particularly with the inclusion of the nude bustier, it's a super fun style addition. Love the vintage style shoes and bag, the colours stand out nicely against the skirt, and the beauty styling is super glamorous^
And then for my stylings, I actually found the High Waist Skirt a little tricky as I found a lot of pieces that looked good with the skirt, but just not all in one look - I think I'm happy with my styling here, but I think there's room for improvement! I love these sleeves with the skirt, they definitely add a nice amount of detail with the slit in the skirt. I don't normally like boots like these which don't cover the whole leg in the skirt split, but I kind of think this works out ok, I can see it working nicely in RL and I like the bold colour contrast a lot. This bag is my favourite part of the look, the colour is spot on with the skirt and I can't wait to pair it again! And then I also loved the Snake Bag with it's cool designer vibe to it - also those colours are beautiful, I think they're great for my style ideas these days. The colour scheme follows on nicely from the first look but features more dark tones - I liked this beige sweater with the bag colours and these green boots kind of got picked by default but actually I think they do work out ok in the styling! All the black makes it a winter-appropriate styling, and works well with the black base to the bag - I'm super pleased with this one =D

Friday, 6 December 2019

M S W | Styled Outfits

I'm really not into the whole MSW on Stardoll, it's just not my thing - but it usually comes with a couple of Plaza releases and this time that included 4 floors of clothing. I picked up a couple of pieces from all of the releases and today am belatedly styling them, I think these looks are a little festive for the upcoming season^
First up the Satin Red Trousers which really are very festive with their bold colour. I love the fit o these on the doll, the high waist is perfect and the leg is the perfect loose-ness. I styled them up very boldly with more red, I really like the outcome! I kept a little down to earth with the black accessories and the jacket, but this little red bag made the perfect finishing touch. For the second look, the Sequin Blue Skirt, which was somewhat a more challenging piece to work with! I tried a few different things before landing with this 'smart' styling, I really like the bright blue against the more muted coat, I think it makes the sequins more wearable for sure. The rest of the look is minimal with a white shirt and matching navy heels, but I think it's effective for a more daring style of skirt^ And finally the Black Feather Heels which were in the second release of pieces, which was a lot more wearable than the first. I very much wanted to pair these with a knee or midi length piece because those feathers need shown off for sure! I balanced the black with the shirt and accessories, but made my 'bold' choice with the white skirt, but I love it, such a perfect outfit =D

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

What Do I Want To Change In My Closet? | L E

It's time for part three of this little series - I've shown you what I have in terms of both accessories and clothing, and now I'm focusing on the change, covering the pieces I want to sell and then some of the pieces I'd quite like to add to my collection from over the 41 LE collections that we've had!

First up, what's heading to my bazaar? I actually found this quite an easy task, sure I worry that I might regret selling some pieces, but I think on the most part once they're gone I will forget about them and will move on to another piece. For accessories, I'm parting with quite a few different categories, and really these are more the 'trend' pieces rather than the classics. The one that I think is the hardest is the Piercing Handbag (second bag in 'Accessories'; Mar. 2017, 31st LE Collection) in the beautiful pale pink, I wanted this for a long time then was able to get it in the Bazaar, but I just have never been able to style it how I wanted, it's just never quite worked out, and I'm a little disappointed with that! I don't think there's as much clothing here as I thought there would be, maybe there will be a second step in the clearout! I'm selling quite a few dresses, which clears my collection of unworn pieces a lot, and I've also managed to pick out 2 pairs of trousers, so 1/4 of the black trouser collection is moving on, which is a good start, but I need to work on that some more! For me I don't think any of these pieces are really a 'surprise' that I want to part with - come and check out my bazaar if you want to pick up any of these pieces =D

And now what I think is the fun part, what are the pieces I'm hoping to pick up in the Bazaar myself. I'm doing it in collection order, and where I know the name, it will also be included. Here on The Stardoll Lookbook I have posted about most LE releases from the 14th collection onwards, you can check out the earlier releases *HERE* at Underneath Stardoll. I'm pleasantly surprised by the small number of pieces that are on my mental 'LE Wishlist', hopefully not to expensive to fulfil^

2nd LE Collection
I've had my eye on this bag for a little while this year, I like the tote style and the quilted design. Also love the knotted handles and the combination of the black and the dark denim. I think it could make some cool looks - it would be awesome if we could 'try before you buy', especially with this piece^ It's pretty old, so I'm guessing this will be a tricky one to find!

4th LE Collection
When I re-discovered these boots this year I was drooling, are they not so beautiful?! I love the slim fit they have, but there's a little looseness in the leg. And the toe shape is just stunning, the perfect style for me at the moment. Also loving the dotted metallic design, perfect for the Winter season I think! And this bag is super pretty - it also comes in a pink design, but I like the green as it's something I've not get anything else like. I also like the small size to it, and the looped handle, the length of the handle really sits very nicely - I've got my fingers crossed for this one!

Quilted Velvet Purse | Dolce Vida Woven Bag | Rich Burgundy Satin Heels
So despite buying a lot from this collection, there are still a few pieces I want to add to my collection from it. These bag pieces weren't so much my style at the time of release, but now I'm loving the vibes of both of them. I'm really lacking in velvet pieces, and this burgundy colour is beautiful, along with the intricate quilting design. And the second piece is just full of details, love all of the floral and lace style appliques and I really like the bucket style with the short handles. I just missed out on these burgundy heels when the store was released in the Plaza, I probably could have looked for them, but they've been a little more buried at the back of my mind - I think I'll focus on them for a little now that I've refreshed my wishlist as such!

LE Elegant Over The Shoulders Jacket
I think this jacket might be on everyone's wishlist! It's a great piece, and there's really nothing else quite like it. I love an over-shoulder piece, and I'm lacking one in black. This one is such a smart piece, I really think there will be no regrets with it and it will fulfil all of my black over-shoulder jacket wishes^

Armani Inspired Embroidered Jacket
And a jacket that's a little more fun! This piece has a classic fit, and it has a very nice overall shape to be flattering on the doll. I like the mid-fasten of the piece while having a deep V neckline and the bottom not joined. It's all about the cool print for sure though, I think it looks really great, and the black on the cream base looks very classy. I think it does manage to have some versatility to it and I'd really love to add this to my wardrobe to work with it.