Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #36

Challenge post tonight, this time featuring the Beach Bag from It Girls. This is something I bought a very long time ago in the Bazaar and I think apart from maybe once, it's been tucked away in my closet since then! I really do like this one, I always look at it and go, 'yeah, I'll style that soon' and the soon never comes^ I stuck with similar and pale shades for it and I think it works well for it. Especially loving the inclusion of these PPQ shades =D

Brown tones

This look from Wercia9669 really stood out to me - I'm so happy to see someone else liking the Rodarte Inspired Pleather Coat from the latest Runway collection. This look is good for it, with the brown lace-up knee highs and a surprising good fit of that navy polo. Lets also mention that beauty look - these earrings are great and the bold lip and smokey eye stand out so well =D

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Flowers and more flowers!

Hi everyone! Stardoll gave us this gorgeous D&G inspired dress, and i wanted to give it a try!!
Turtleneck- PPQ
Top- Callie's Picks
Blouse- Voile
Dress- Easter Edition
Shoes- Perfect Day

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Embellished Olive Coat

Apologies I couldn't post this yesterday, but here is our last Hotbuy of March - like seriously, it's the end of March already?! This is the Embellished Olive Coat from It Girls and it costs 24SD's. Sure a little on the more expensive side, but I really think it's worth it for the great design it has^
I'm looking forward to styling this again already! Our poll:


What a great office smart look from aby400 today! I never really think of pinstrips but the skirt looks awesome here and with the shirt. The red accessories are totally fabulous and stand out - this is such a great look for these LE flats too, plus they tie in nicely with the belt and glasses. Also lets focus on that hair, what a fantastic style for this outfit =D

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Our regular Callie's Picks release was given to us last week - and it sure had some great items! It's themed on 'Spring Essentials' and although it seems more like a summer advert, it sure does catch my eye with the bright tones and blue skies!
I do feel like they jumped ahead a little with the brights on the ad, because they're the only true brights in the whole collection - it doesn't bother me much, but definitely doesn't meet my expectations of some bright pieces to match those we've seen on the homepage.
I'll start with the accessories. Nothing caught my eye as a must have, really. I do quite like the Green Oversized Bag which we know from PPQ, and also the PPQ SS13 Sunglasses which I had to check I owned before accidentally re-purchased! I'd rather they were a suite piece than a Beauty Parlor piece, but that's just a small issue. In thinking of current trends, I think the Teal Plastic Tote could be a good purchase too. A pair of yellow shoes are always something I keep an eye out for because you really never know when they will come in handy - so I was happy to purchase the Snake Print Heels, even moreso because they're just 65SC's^
Clothing pleased me so much more - and not just the bright Sunny Smile Sweater and the Market Fresh Shift Dress! I love these two pieces, the sweater is something I always sway on, but I'm happy to have it again to give it another go, while the dress is something I've always admired and am now delighted to own =) There are a few classic loves available, namely in the Oversized Chambray Shirt and the Wide Arm Trench. I'm still thinking about the both of them, I'm not sure I like them enough to purchase but I'd quite like the challenge of them - help me decide!!! Another great piece included in this release is the Taupe Slouchy Sweater, a piece I always love getting out of my wardrobe to style, so it's good that it's available again. In terms of bottomhalves available in this release there were a couple of pairs of jeans, but I really wasn't feeling them. It's good that the Elle Spring Denim Shorts are here again, they've got a nice shape and I think they could be styled well into many looks. Then also I have to mention the Inspired By Chloe Skirt - I do think we might have had this before in a Callie's Picks release (or am I wrong?), but it's still a good item! It's definitely got the whole retro vibe going on, which totally works out, but I think it could be modern too - I'd love to see some of you give it a go =D
Pricing ranges between 8 and 22SD's, with most items below 18 which I think is pretty great! The accessories are also appropriately priced. There are several coin items too, also great. And as well there are a few SS/Royalty only pieces, but that's what we've come to expect with these releases so it doesn't bother me about the store at all.
Just a quick few Styled Outfits from me giving my own input on styling the Sunny Smile Sweater and the Market Fresh Shift Dress - the second look I particularly like with all that white pairing and then some darker, but with yellow, sandals^
And a couple of features with the Market Fresh Shift Dress in different styles. The first is ROYALTI_Anna going with classic white and black paired with the fruity colour. I love this shirt beneath the dress, it completely works for both the pieces. Also nice detailing in the earrings^
And secondly fame.lady.gaga. going for a skirted look with the dress, which works for it too. The fruits also work well with the mustard sweater, going for a warmer look rather than a summer style.

Grey tie trio

We recently got the results of the Museum Mile contest in the form of a new release, and this feature is of, probably, the most popular piece of the collection - the JoeJerez18 Sweatshirt, which comes in a male and female form, what a great bonus! So here we have stylings from kikiwe1 going for a summer-ish style with a white skirt, sneakers and accessories, then France25 with a darker look in both the trousers, collared shirt and beauty and finally neudelya on the casual end of the scale with jeans and sneaker, plus cute accessorising with the iPod^

Monday, 28 March 2016


As promised a few features ago, some stylings with the Net Victorian Blouse from Velvet Orchid. It costs 14SD's so I think I must have purchased mine in a sale at some point because my tag has a lesser amount - however I've still not worn it (this seems to be the story with a lot of my clothes)! But voila, me wearing it^^
I wanted to include a skirt, and I had a good 'un but couldn't decide on any of the rest of the look so settled for these trouser-themed looks. White was an obvious choice to me, so it gets a lot of inclusion here - and this oversized blazer, again, was a great fit! I went 'wild' and chose a printed trouser but I think the whole combination works well with the trainers. Added a splash of colour with this LE piece, something else I'm glad to get a wear of, and went for a loose feel in the overall look with the DKNY trousers. This is a good transition look between seasons I think! And finally fell a little more into the darker category, choosing black slacks and a black vest (I still wear this too much^) I put a small black vest beneath the netting, which worked out nicely, and added silver in my accessories to make this a much more dressed up look compared to the super casual style of the first one.

So what do you guys think? Of both the blouse itself, and how I've put it together! Let me know in comments!

Beauty Snaps

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #35

Post number 35 - I really need to get a move on with these, I keep checking and I always still have like over 100 bags to get through! This is the Soft Pleather Tote from Fever (This collection is sellable so you should be able to search it in the Bazaar^). It came out last summer, and I think I've put it into styled looks a few times here and there, but I liked giving it a focus in a look. Couldn't resist going for white clothing with it, but playing it up a little with this LE jacket, a piece I'm contemplating selling, sure it works here but is it as versatile as some other pieces? I'm not sure!

Green shades

Stylish in both green and sneakers in this look from bloom_xx_layla! It's a minimal look with just this dress, but the small details help it look good on its own accord. And the accessories of course with a very street-esque style to them. The belt and sunglasses adds a glamour factor in opposition to the casual sneakers and cap - it's a style that works so well here =D

Saturday, 26 March 2016

P R E T T Y N L O V E | Styled Outfits

Last week we got our latest drop of Pretty 'N Love - now I was pretty excited for this because I thought the spoilers looked pretty good and I would end up buying quite a bit, but when I got to the store I was sadly disappointed =( What did you guys think? I came across a few glitchy items and really wasn't finding a lot of it worked out for me when I put it on my doll. One piece I do really love is the Dusky Grey Silk Shirt. The colour is versatile and the shape is very wearable. We probably have other fairly similar pieces to it on Stardoll from past releases, but I'm very much drawn to this one. Plus I don't own any grey collared shirts, a perfect excuse to make a purchase!
I really enjoyed styling this one and found it easy to match with blacks, whites and other greys. But it also works with colour, blue is just one example of that in my second look - I also love this combination with the trainers, I feel like they change the style feels from the shirt quite a lot^

Let me know what you guys thought of this release and of my looks in the comments below!

Olive nude

Minimal earthy toned look today from Uplooad. I love this jacket, and particularly with this olive coloured dress - the two are a great match! Accessories are also great, the sandals are a great fit for both the clothing colours and I like seeing this fairly unique bag being used. Plus sunnies on the bag instead of the head is a good style call too^

Friday, 25 March 2016

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Rich Stripe Sweater

The penultimate Hotbuy for March - and they've just released the image for April, they look amazing, I'm excited already! This is the Rich Stripe Sweater from Original Future costing 15SD. I love this piece for winter-styled looks, but it would have been a little more useful to have at the start of the season rather than the end - nevermind =D Our outfits:
I feel we've all kind of gone for a similar colour scheme, but I really love this whole set of looks for the sweater, it shows it can be worn in a few different ways! So our poll:

Garden of Delights

Hullo - long time no post!

Sometimes the weirdest things can re-invigorate you when you're not feeling very inspired. For me, it's always a good bouquet of flowers - especially in Spring! (Somewhere Miranda Priestly is reminding me how ground-breaking I am.)

The new Voile release gave us some truly beautiful floral gowns (bury me in Valentino I swear), but for some reason I fixated on this tie and came out with something much more masculine instead. 

Ingredients / You Will Need:
Clean Cut Shirt | Cheap Monday
Kim Draped Moto | Young Hollywood
Sharp Tuxedo Blazer | Limited Edition
Rose Print Tie | Voile
Couture Black Trouser | Dior Couture Tribute
Dior Inspired Heels | Museum Mile
Pastelle Pink Handbag | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses | The Jetset


My look today is around this amazing Stella Mccartney blouse, which is a very different piece that i wanted for a long time!! It's not that easy to find something to go with it but it's not impossible!!
Body - Antidote
Blouse - Archive
Pants - Callie's Picks
Purse - Callie's Picks
Shoes - PPQ

Suite Style

It's been a little while since we've had a suite - but here is a little corner of pasifa's today! I loved this minimal decorated corner of her suite, it's almost like a little capsule there and it really pulled my attention! There's lots of new pieces being used but I also love the perspex additions and seeing small glamours like the marble styled light - this looks awesome and a suite I wanna be in =)

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #34

Finally another challenge post! This is the Big Clutch from the 400 Million Members campaign. I think it's a pretty popular piece actually, I see it styled quite a lot but after making my looks back then I just popped it away and never really pulled it out much! I like the contrast of it's red colour against the creams, but I also love the muted tone of it too, I think it's a great piece *note to self, wear it!* =D

Beauty Snaps

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

E P I P H A N Y | Styled Outfits / / Styled Beauty

Brand new jewellery last week in an Epiphany release in an 'Inspired By' collection. It's been a while since we've had jewellery, and being inspired, I was super excited to check this out! There are a lot of great and individual and standout pieces there - some of them really aren't things I could easily work into looks, so for the time being I just purchased a few things and decided to do a Styled Outfit/My Beauty Look for my favourite piece, the Dior Inspired Two Tone Shades.
I saw some earthy tones in the colour of these shades so followed that up with my eye makeup. I went with both a Moss Green Liner and Shadestick and added a splash of variety with the Nude Liner just in the corner. And of course kept it glam with some Mascara. For my look I wanted to use inspiration from these tones too, but I also knew I wanted some sort of white to keep the look fairly minimal and give a focus to the shades. Surprisingly, this HB Cardigan was the first thing that stood out in my mind to match - and then this outfit was born! It's actually had quite a bit of attention on my doll, so I think this is one of my best looks in a while =D

Let me know what you think of all the components in the comments! And also check out another of my stylings from this release over on TTT =D

Lace and glimmer

Bianca.Vos has done it again with another stunning look! I love seeing this dress being styled, it's a piece I pull out every so often so it feels some love, but it's getting alllll the love here^ It looks so good with the lace detailing of the skirt beneath, a great addition to the piece, as well as the sparling gems around the neckline - a theme continued in the beauty look! Glamorous and glitter through and through =D

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Embellished Sheer Tunic

Getting lots of Hotbuys these past few days! This one is the Embellished Sheer Tunic from Fallen Angel and it costs 19SD's, and boy it sure is sheer! I'm always wary about how best to go about sheer items, so having not long to style this one stressed me out when all the other looks wear it so well - take a look:
So many looks to vote for on this one, and here was me thinking it wouldn't be too popular a piece!

Netted denim

This look from neudelya is super stylish and summery, just what I'm dreaming of! In her last feature, I think she had on the same skirt but this is a totally different styling and feel for the piece. I simply adore the combination of this denim vest and the Net Victorian Blouse - a piece I've been hanging onto for a while and this outfit has convinced me to finally get to my styled outfits next week! The heels are fabulous for the only accessory. I can't stop thinking about this one!

Monday, 21 March 2016


Last week I featured Heneda wearing this Patched YSL Inspired Jeans Coat from the latest Saint Laurent release and it prompted me to make some looks! Alike the last time I did this, I still prefer my inspiration, but I think I've given this coat a fair shot! I tried to get as many different bottomhalves in as I could - so I've gone with matchy jeans, formal flares and a skirt, and I have to say I'm impressed that they all work fairly nicely with the piece =) I don't even think I have a favourite because I love aspects of them all. I was unsure originally about the long sleeves in the first look but I think the shade is perfect to tie the two denims together. The bright blue shoes in my second look really stand out but keep the vague colour scheme going - this is definitely a minimal style for the coat. And with the skirt I kept it all white, and I think that works best with the black netting. Trainers also work nicely with the coat it turns out - definitely a combination I'd wear again!

What do you guys think of the coat? And also of my looks, do you have a favourite? Let me know in comments!

Leather greys

Another quite street-style look today, this time from Markhinos., styling those loose airy PPQ trousers like this is pretty good and they suit it too! I love seeing this LE grey polo getting an airing and it looks good with both the trousers and this leather jacket - a piece which wouldn't work for me but looks awesome here in this styling. Plus I love seeing these trainers get a great styling!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fashion Week


We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Dove Charm Purse

The second Hotbuy of the weekend - this is the Dove Charm Purse from Bizou and it costs 13SD's, which is about average for an item like this. I have to admit it's not my favourite from this month, it just seems a little large and clunky when I put it on my doll - I'll get over it for a look though!
Have to say my mind has definitely turned in favour of this bag, now that I've looked at it all day. There's definitely a place for it, just need to get the right combinations! So our poll, and also featuring our newest guest:

Sheer checks

Today a bright white street look from 3melekbir_arada! What stood out to me was the sheer checkered trousers, I think they're kinda great^ They've been styled in a good way with white so their not revealing or anything and it's perfect for them. Also love the addition of this barcode styled tee. The accessorising is great with boots and this perspex bag. Plus, who doesn't love a look glammed up with a coat like this?!

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

{^Click to enlarge!}
I've been getting so much more into interior design recently and I've been testing out different things with my suite and wanted to give a little update^ So this is my main suite room, and I actually styled it back in September when a new Minimalism floor came out - but I've given it more of a makeover this week, and we can't call it our wardrobe room anymore because the wardrobe has gone! I still kept the base of my design but re-chose my furniture and artistic decor. Instead of the golden-y hue sort of colours I was going with before I've now gone for more blacks and whites and greys, with small accents of colour with the plants and some of the paintings (that's a Missoni Home woven styled painting on the shelf^). I really finished it off later in the week with the three StarDesign interior pieces by StarMYCLA - she has 8 of these cool monochrome geometric StarDesign pieces and I think they're pretty amazing, I've seen them in quite a few suites too so I know they will only grow in popularity! They were exactly what I was needing to finish off this part of the room and they are the perfect style that I was looking for - I have another one waiting to fit into another room too^
Yeah, so haven't my interior skills started improving so much? I definitely think so, and I'm itching to get around the rest of my suite =D

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Introduction! The new girl in town!

 Hi everyone!! I'm Bianca.VoS the newest Guest Writer on Stardoll Lookbook!! I am on Stardoll for about five years, with that being said i have to admit my style has changed a lot since i started, now i describe myself as a mix between Naomi Campbell and Rupaul!!
It's an honor to be part of this blog, with all these incredible stylists!!
PPQ Sunglasses
Original Future Sweatshirt
Young Hollywood Jacket 
Bizou Plaid shirt
Killah Pants
LE bag
PPQ Shoes

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Embroidered Boot Cuts

It's a little Hotbuys weekend again, the first being these Embroidered Boot Cuts which I've fallen for totally! They are from RIO and cost 18SD's, which I think is an amazing price for an amazing piece. They've been designed well and have a modern pattern that I think most of us will like, plus they fit the doll well and I think the shape is super flattering^
I'm not so sure quite how versatile these trousers are in the wider scheme of things, but they certainly do go with a variety of colours and pieces as we've shown! Now time for our poll:

Retro fur mix

More from Mia1435 already, but she knocks it out the park with every look, this retro-esque look is no exception! This look combines a fur-sleeved jacket with a fringed fur dress and they make a great match for each other. The black additions bring the vibe into a different zone with the skirt, shirt, accessories and the lip colour - I think that shade is awesome! The collar, earrings and headband are a fab combination and work so well with the clothing, who would have thought?! Great job =D

Friday, 18 March 2016

M M F A S H I O N | Styled Outfits

At the start of the week we got a new floor of MM Fashion into out Plaza. I'm not a huge fan of most of the pieces, however I did end up purchasing two items and wanted to style them for you anyway. The High Waist Wide Pants seem like a bit of a classic, and although they're something I own more than a few pairs of, I couldn't resist and had to have these too - oops!
I also really liked the Dark Blue Sheer Skirt. Now I don't really see the sheer aspect to it, so I'm not sure what that's about, but I wanted it regardless^ I really liked the idea of this Chanel sweater with it, but I'm not happy with my styling - it's still missing a little something, so I'm sure this is a combination which will pop up again!
I also quite like the Chain Buckle Bag, but I'm going to put some thought into that one before I make a purchase because I do have quite a few bags already *cough, more than 100, cough*^