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J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 8 | Hotbuys Review

Welcome to our first monthly Hotbuys Review, January 2018! It's quite odd doing something different with the Hotbuys when I'm so used to doing the We Wear Hotbuys posts that have been around on the blog for so long, but it's nice to have something fresh too, don't you think?! I've quite enjoyed putting this post together and I hope you enjoy reading it! It's also odd seeing a HB being released and not having to buy it after buying every HB for such a length of time =)
These January 2018 HB offerings were based on summer pieces, more suited to those in the southern hemisphere, but that doesn't put us northerners off as I'm always someone who thinks about pieces as how I can wear them in summer months too. The pieces seem beach focused, including swimwear and a fair number of accessories with a couple of pairs of sunglasses on offer too.

Zimmerman Inspired Peach Swimsuit - This is a sweet swimsuit! I love the ruffles and adorable delicate details of the laser cut patter and the frill on the hems. I also like the halterneck style of the straps. The colour looks great in the advert, but it's quite close to my own dolls skin tone, so this may be an issue when styling and not looking too naked^ Pretty 'N Love 22SD's
Wooden Heel Buckle Sandals - These are quite a minimal sandal, but I like the wooden style to them, and the tan colour of the straps, the shoes work as a whole and I think they're flattering on the doll. Not sure I love the medium heel height yet but I think it's workable. Bizou 16SD's
Pompom Oxidised Earrings - The earrings come as two individual ones, again a bonus, and they are a very bright piece of jewellery! I quite like the geometric shapes to them however they do come up naturally very large on the doll. I know you can choose to resize yourself, but it means I'm less likely to wear them, and being an earring already, that gives them a lower chance of being worn in the first place! Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Karen Walker Inspired Sunglasses - These are a classic style of sunglasses in a traditional tortoiseshell frame and shape for popular sunglasses. They are quite large in size, which is one of the features that makes them unappealing to me. I also feel like we've had a fair share of sunglasses, and for an accessory that I wear quite irregularly, and mostly just in the summer months, I don't think they're worth a purchase from me. It Girls 17SD's
Polka Dot Frill Top - This top is part of a co-ord, with the skirt coming a little later. The whole design and vibe of this piece really reminds me of the older Stardoll clothing from several years ago, it just has that feel with the design and fit on the body. While I think it does look very nice on my doll, I think the style might come across a little dated, and for my own style, I don't see it being hugely versatile unfortunately! RIO 21SD's
Cute Boater Hat - It's a cute hat, and the style fits with the theme. I think it's been done well and I like the design, especially the ribbon detailing, but it's just not the piece for me at all! It does have a reasonable size and fit on the head, but it's one that needs the hairstyle thought about carefully to fit perfectly, I think some of you guys will do well with this one =) It Girls 16SD's
See By Chloe Inspired Wedges - I really love the look of these, and as soon as a saw them on my doll I knew that was it for me and I needed them! I'm not generally a big fan of platform or wedge shoes, but I'll certainly make an exception for a great pair. I love the white and black on the sole, and I think the muted-ness to the straw platform really helps give them a nice appeal, these seem like a keeper! RIO 16SD's
Polka Dot Button Skirt - This is the matching bottom for the Polka Dot Frill Top, they make a sweet set. First impression of this piece aren't too overwhelming, I like the length, but I don't feel like it stands out in terms of style. While I think it will look quite nice in the right look, I don't think it's one that has a wide range of versatility, and it's a very seasonal piece too. RIO 20SD's
Square White Glasses - I think these look pretty cool and are a solid retro piece, I really like the look of them on my doll and they will suit all skin tones and face shapes too! I definitely think they stand out in the crowd of current sunglasses in the Plaza, so hold your attention well. I like the white, the thick frame does make them a little difficult to make them blend in well with looks, but they're definitely a good piece! Original Future 15SD's
Leather Tassel Beach Tote - My first thoughts about this piece were how large it was! It is one huge tote! Last year we had several straw based bags so this one is added to a hefty collection, but it stands out with the size and also the very cute pom-poms at the edges, I really like those^ The tassels don't look too leather, but I do like how they look and their peachy coloured tone. I'm excited to work with this bag =) Pretty 'N Love 23SD's

'Top Picks' are my top 2 pieces from this month's HBs, this time round it's the straw-based pieces winning out, the See By Chloe Inspired Wedges and the Leather Tassel Beach Tote, for my style they seem the most versatile pieces from the collection and while the shoes will be great in Spring and Summer I think the tote should be a pretty good piece through to the Autumn as well - be sure to comment and let us know what your 'Top Picks' from this months HBs are!

Absolutely adore this styling of the Pompom Oxidised Earrings from frankieiz12 - the look is perfect to really make the earrings stand out and call the shots in the styling! They're such a perfect match for these over knee boots and I love the bold combination with the neon yellow/green tone of the top, it works surprisingly well! The blazer is a great piece to round up the outfit =)
And then a cool styling from mel0407 wearing the Square White Glasses in this look and I love them in it =) I think the glasses look great with the dolls features, and this hair is a particularly good one really framing the face and highlighting the piece. I like the bright white against the neat blue of the shirt, I think it works very nicely =D

And lastly my own stylings of the HBs! I bought 5 of the 10 pieces and have styled 4 in these looks, I think they seem great summer pieces^ First up, the Zimmerman Inspired Peach Swimsuit and Wooden Heel Buckle Sandals, and while the sandals look good with my dolls skin tone, the swimsuit definitely does not, it's that shade just a little too close to looking nude on her! I love the laser-cut pattern and the frills on it and I really tried to make it work, but I don't think it's a winner for my doll! So I paired it with jeans and a coat, which hides most of it, but the look does show off the shoes - which I think are a really classy version of a sandal, and I'm pleased I got them! In the second look I'm wearing the very re-sized Leather Tassel Beach Tote, and I kept this look pretty simple and a little beach-ready^ I love the tone of this dress with the bag, I think the two are a great match, and I didn't have the perfect jacket to go with both so went without! And in the final styling, the See By Chloe Inspired Wedges in my favourite styling of the three! For me it's all about the white straps on these and this mini dress is just perfect to highlight them and show them off with a lot of leg! I think it's a great match, if I do say so myself^ I love this bag with the look because it's a good fit for the shoes with the black handle detailing with the soles of the shoes, and then the straw body of each piece fitting together nicely =D

Pink panther

Incredibly ready for the spring and summer with this bright and bold styling for today's feature from miver! I love that the Elle blazer still has some life in it, and it's a perfect match for these ankle socks, they're a good pairing to make a look stand out. I also love seeing this leopard print midi being styled, and while this styling is non-traditional for it, it looks good! I'm also loving the use of the yellow shows and the floral pin on the blazer, they stand out while the glitzy bag is the perfect complementing accessory - as is the doggy^^

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


I talked about this Fendi Jade Jacket in my review and I'm still undecided on if I will make the purchase or not, but this outfit from Funopler definitely works in its favour! I love that the jacket is completely on it's own, there's no other major clothing pieces taking your attention and it totally works! I like the addition of the 'polo', the shimmering blue green tone is just perfect for the jacket - as is the tone of the bag which is used in this stylish way on the belt, it looks so perfect, I love it for selling this jacket well! The boots are also looking pretty cool, the ties are definitely attention catching^

Seeing Double

My original name for this post was 'New Moon, Who Dis?' but I've probably busted my pun quota for this month already. 

Whenever Ink'd has a release, I'm rarely interested in the designs as tattoos - I think they always make better embellishments for clothing.  This moon is a prime example - it's a pretty cute design, but on skin? I think this'd look closer to a healing bruise...

 Sized up and strategically placed on a shirt however? Fabulous. Throw on some basics with a sporty edge and you're basically insta-ready.

 So why two looks? Firstly, I liked both approaches - you can wear an embellishment as a little patch or as a full on print. Secondly, I know that I have expensive taste, so my first look is an attempt to style a slightly more accessible, cheaper look that hopefully has the same impact.  

Ingredients / You Will Need
Look 1
Moon Tattoo | Ink'd Loose Fit Crewneck Tshirt | Vinyl 
Levis Inspired Vintage Belted Denim | Vinyl 
 Satin Bomber Jacket | Wild Candy
Light Pink Glasses | Bonjour Bizou
Urbanista Headphones | Free Gift
Crocco Crossbody | Pretty 'n' Love 
White Chelsea Boots | Basics
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

Look 2
Moon Tattoo | Ink'd  
White Plain Crew Neck Tee | Vinyl
Cream Coat | Hot Hot Buys 
Levis Inspired Vintage Belted Denim | Vinyl
Parisian Barett Hat | Bonjour Bizou 
McQueen Skull Scarf | Museum Mile
Sport Bag | Film Theory Classics 
Aquazzura Inspired Dreamy Velvet Boots | Tributes Gallery

Monday, 29 January 2018

S W E E T S U I T E S | Release Review

Last week we got ourselves a brand new release of Sweet Suites, which I think is really exciting because these releases usually have some fantastic pieces of Decor that work well with my interiors style for my suite - lets get on and see what there is!
Highlights The release is the usual size of 1 floor, and it's a pretty complete design packed with a lot of different pieces. While there are several styles there I think they all fit together really nicely - and the overall style is super current which I think people will really love! The interior is also quite amazing, the room is perfectly designed in terms of shape and I love everything, from the ceiling, the windows, views, walls and flooring!
Furniture There's a reasonable balance between furniture pieces and decor, which is good. There is mostly seating, with seating the popular choice with the Comfy Pillow Armchair (which is pretty much a dupe of the Fashion Furniture Tartan Armchair - interestingly, looking at that collection there is more than this similarity between it and our new one! Check it out here^) and the Seashell Armchair which I think looks great against the window frames. Also in seating is the Vintage Footstool which is more like a little benchseat, and I really like the colour of the cushion in it. Then there are two tables, the main one being the Livingroom Safari Table which almost has a pink quality to the top which I really like^ And then there's the Vintage Coffee Table which I like for the gold feet on the legs!
Decor There's quite a few more decor pieces in the release, and they split quite well into a couple of different categories, excluding two pieces, the Black Kale which is a great looking plant with a fab green tone, and also the Velvet Flap Over Bag which in Decor stores is pretty popular in releases over the last few years. This piece is cool, the brown colour is current as is the velvet, it's pretty great^
     Lighting You can get both a ceiling lamp and side pieces in this release. The Sicilian Crystal Ship Chandelier is a ceiling lamp and has such a delicate design, it looks incredible but certainly requires a certain taste to pull off well! Then there is the Electric Black Lamp, a wall piece, which I really like the look of, especially against the brickwork. And lastly the Industrial Side Table Lamp which I didn't really notice at first, but did once I was looking through the smaller pieces to include in my styling - I like how this one looks, even though it has 'industrial' in the name it sure does look like a delicate lamp!
     Textiles The Modern Vintage Rug is a stand out piece in the collection with it's colourful design and cool geometric printing which I just love. The pink and yellow tones together look great and I think will provide a lot of options for interior design. Then there are two cushions, the Brown Leather Pillow is a great addition to our pillow collection, I love how this one sits and I think it's a great texture to have on sofas. And lastly there is the Golden Sofa Pillow, again a great shape and also in a great colour, gold works well in a lot of designs and the printing on this one is super pretty =)
     Artwork And lastly the arty pieces of the release of which there are a good mix. I absolutely love the Mirror Mirror On The Floor, having it propped up against the wall is a style I adore, so this is a great addition! Plus the frame is beautiful and golden^ The Fashionista BW Frame is also styled propped up in the store, but would work on the wall too - it's got a minimal design and the muted colours look great and make it a good piece for pairing with others. There are two table-top pieces, the Hand Ornament, a modern design in a fabulous red colour which I think a lot of people will really love, and then the Low Poly Unicorn which is a more classic design and in a neutral tone, which I really love.
Prices The prices in this release range from 10 to 42SD, with only the interior at the top end of the scale and no individual item priced more than 17SD's, which I think it pretty great. And nothing is SS or Royalty only, again a great thing =)
Styled Suite You might have seen my My Suite Sunday yesterday, well this is a little peak at the second half of the room I mentioned there and I had great fun working some of these pieces into my design, I think they fit perfectly with my intended vibe! I absolutely love the Brown Leather Pillow on this sofa I've picked out, it's absolutely perfect for the colour and style. I love the Fashionista BW Frame with the Low Poly Unicorn on the floor against the Livingroom Safari Table - this is a big leap for me, delving into the world of coffee tables in front of sofas, and so far ... it's not been too scary and I'm happy with how it looks!

Features And now a couple of features both enjoying the new interior and making it look stunning! First up we have tolady's suite, keeping the main area of the room clear and using a lot of the pieces around the perimeter, I like the Mirror Mirror On The Floor at the left, the plants used with it look really nice and it adds a touch of glamour to some of the other minimal aspects. I'm really liking the Electric Black Lamp on the back wall too, it stands out really nicely and I like the artwork it's highlighting =D
And then nicki_-_-minaj, doing the opposite and filling the middle of the room with city-chic brightness. This yellow sofa is great, and the colour is fantastic against the brickwork and black frames of the window. The Industrial Heaters are seen in the back, and the Big Pile Of Fashion Magazines is used nicely amongst others and is tucked in with the Black Kale - in fact loving all the plants used in this styling =D

Smart sash

All the cool vibes today with these slashed jeans and all the black from Elrry in this feature! I love the effort gone into the layers under the jeans to show throw the slashes, I like the extra rips and the pattern on the tights and the long tails of the blazer. The blazer looks great, it's such a smart piece and the deep V right to the jeans looks fab! Even more layering with the slouched jacket, it looks good there and I think it's a good completing of the clothing. The accessories are also great, love the bag slung around the body and the chunky boots along with the beret and sunglasses, it's been finished off really nicely =)

Sunday, 28 January 2018

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

{Click to view full size^}
I've been meaning to work on my lower Millionaire Mansion Suite for a couple of months, and after the recent Decor releases in the Plaza and a little searching of Pinterest, I felt like I had a good idea of what I wanted to create in the space! I ended up splitting the room in two with one of the BASICS room dividers and this is the result in the left side of the room! The other side is needing a little more work, the basics are there but I'm in need of details so that will come soon^ If any of you knew what I had before, this isn't too drastic of a change, I've got the same wall decor pieces in place, this time I've gone with a black frame window feature over the white I usually do, and made some sort of wall design with these block pieces so it's like wood along the bottom with a grey paint on top, I love the subtle colour difference, then the huge contrast with the black floorboards which I just adore! I was worried I wouldn't be able to style the boards well, but I'm incredibly pleased with how they look! I already had this furry chair in the room, and I like it with the gold artwork above it, so kept that feature, I did add the new Winter Peak Wooden Curved Floor Lamp and I like how it looks in that corner. I was looking for seating for the other side of the room and ended up buying 3 sofas, this one looked perfect here, so it immediately was out of the running for the other side! The yellow tone is amazing with the dark floor and I think it just works so well with the artwork too. Made use of the Sweet Suites Black Kale (review coming tomorrow!), and I love it combined with the tones of the artwork and also the little side-table, I have said before about my lack of ability with tables, so I'm pleased with this one and it's placing in the room. I am just so pleased with the outcome of this room!

Checker board

So many checks, and I love it in this styling from tolady! This look uses a classic black and white combination, but the use of the checks is certainly far from classic, they look amazing =) I never thought of these white shorts as a style contender but this look proves me wrong and they look great, they're perfect with these boots and the colour of the boots is just what the shorts need^ The checkered sweater comes with the shirt underneath and these long tails are awesome with the shorts, I love the checkered combination with the boots! The bag fits quite nicely and I like the colour added to the outfit =D

Saturday, 27 January 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | January 2017

And now looking back a year to the 2017 Hotbuys! I think this months Hotbuys had such a cool vibe about them, like there was just something about that slicked back red hair and the fabrics and styles chosen for the pieces - I don't think I'm quite cool enough but I really liked buying from this selection of HBs! I've sold a couple and pieces, and recently styled up the Red Metallic Bag in the Bag It Up Challenge, and the Vintage Stone Washed Denim sure get their fair share of stylings, so for this post I've gone with the Velvet Ballet Top, which I don't mind at all, and the Graffiti Skirt, which I have been really wanting to style for a few months now so this is the perfect opportunity!
I enjoyed working with these pieces, and didn't find it too tricky to come up with a look for each of them. With the Velvet Ballet Top, I think I have worn it maybe once or twice over the year before now - I like this look, I think it works nicely for the top, but I don't think it's the absolute perfect way to wear it. I think a skirt would look good with this piece, feminine style for something with 'ballet' in the name; but I'm not unhappy with my look, love the burgundy against the pinky tone of the top. The neckline is pretty open, so I'm not sure about that aspect of attempting to include it in an everyday wardrobe. I absolutely adore my styling with the Graffiti Skirt - totally not what I was imagining for this piece, but I love how it's ended up =) I feel like my first styling was very dark, and this is the complete opposite, I think this means there is a lot of versatility with this piece, hopefully I'll style it up again soon! The white tights and shirt really make the graffiti printing stand out from the denim and I think it looks pretty great!

Embracing the Darkness

It's been a long time since my doll has been brunette - I don't think I've ever been so dark in my time as a guest writer. So naturally, I need an outfit to embrace the sultriness that this beautiful duskalina wig gives off.

I'm also tying it in with my two pence on the Off White Tribute - what a surprise! My favourite piece is these leather trousers. Anything slouchy has so much more attitude when it's made in leather - very devil-may-care. You could easily style them with a casual approach, but as per usual, I decided to contrast my informal bottom half with a more structured top half. I was tempted to leave off a jacket, but this one picks up the slight purple tinge to the leather and I think it highlights the layered asymmetry in the jacket underneath. Top it off with some simple accessories and this look is ready for  some serious brooding.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Slouchy Leather Pants | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Pinstriped Jacket Dress | Limited Edition
Patchwork Sheen Jacket | Callie's Picks
Supersize Hoop Earring Right | Subcouture
Dior Inspired Belt | Fallen Angel
Heeled Loafer | Voile
Armani Style Resort Purse | Runway

Twinning grey

I spotted these two looks right at the same time and knew they'd make a great paired feature, both working with the Tributes Gallery Celine Inspired Shoulder Bag, the first from lawliet. and the second from beringelalara! The bag really stands out in both looks, even though the tones could be ones where grey just slips into the background. I love the bag against the zebra printing of the shirt in lawliet.'s look, it's a great contrast, and the black jeans make a good base for both the pieces. Loving the furry scarf too, it's a great match for the bag in the look. beringelalara has gone with a grey base with this look, but I love the bag against the tweed trousers, I think it looks awesome, and reminds me I should wear these trousers too^ I don't think the checks of the blazer is too much either, I think it works! And both looks have gone for pointed white shoes, a winner with this bag obviously, and dangling earrings - they work out really nicely with their respective outfits and definitely stand out =D

Friday, 26 January 2018


This old style classic dress has been completely spruced up and modernised in today's feature from rob_sef7 and I think it's awesome =D The dress looks good layered with a polo for the clothing, and the glasses and beret, and the black makes a good base for the cool additions. These sock-shoes are a perfect style, and look so good with the little of the checked tights that you see, and the pink on the socks is perfect for the pink bag on the belt. I love the belting combination, it's creative, cool and stylish and makes the outfit really stand out! The two bags are complementary to each other and share the limelight equally, I love the little keychains added and the two belts used, they look perfect together!

Thursday, 25 January 2018


This post is called 'jacket-seller' because it's what totally made my mind up on this jacket, and I'm gonna buy it, thanks leiona_-! This citrus Dior skirt has been a popular choice lately, this is the first time I've seen it paired like this and it's adorable^ Plus the belt is a perfect addition, it suits the jacket so well! I'm loving the accessories, especially the drop earrings they really do stand out in the look which is helped by the cropped hair. And that lip colour, it almost looks like a metallic pink, I love it!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Bag It Up Challenge | R O U N D U P

So it's been a whole month since I finished the Bag It Up Challenge and I've had time to reflect on it and the looks I put together for this Round Up post! I thought it was a really great challenge for me and it opened my eyes to the bags I have an how I've worn them in the past, and it showed me I have some clear favourites that got a lot of wear, some hidden gems, and some pieces that just aren't for me - which are now/have been in my Bazaar to go to a better home^ The challenge not only highlighted what some of my current favourite bags are but also brought my some great outfit combinations that I'm in love with now!

 Challenge Post: 130 | 116 | 223
Challenge Post: 220 | 86

On my first look for my top outfits, I managed to pick out 12, which I think is a pretty good cull considering how long this challenge was! But I got it down to my 5 top looks from the challenge and I'm really loving all of these, I'm stoked to wear them again - and I'm also impressed that each look has individual items from the others, I'm a bit of a serial repeater, especially with these coats and jackets that are in the looks! Pinky tones, and colours in that range are clearly favourites, and I'm just loving that, and I do like some quirky colours too, like the yellow and the peach which can be trickier to wear so I'm glad that shows in my top picks. I'm also glad that I really haven't got any all-white or all-black outfits there and that I've really stepped out of a comfort zone for my styling during this challenge!


Again I've gone with my top 5 bags but could have picked a few more^ With duo and trio stylings I had more than 250 bags, and have added more to the collection during then with HBs and since then too, but I think this has shown me I can work quite well with a much smaller collection of bags than I have - so while I don't have a ton more to immediately sell or clear out, I think I will go through my wardrobe soon to have second decisions about some pieces! And with these picks I made an effort to choose pieces which weren't my favourite pieces before the challenge, because I definitely have a few of those!!! These are pieces which have left my wardrobe so many times since their first stylings to be worn in a multitude of looks and I'm so glad to have 'found' them as such =D

Warm toes

A cute winter styling from ffggpoderosa wearing a fabulous woollen sock and silver sandal combination =D It was the warm socks with one of my favourite pairs of silver shoes that caught my eye about this outfit, it's super cute. It's a bit of an unsuspecting choice for the look but it works^ I like these mom-jean style denims, they almost have a shimmer to them which makes them work well with the silver. The knitwear is perfectly oversized and still looks good, plus I love the up-do showing off the polo neck of the sweater. Cute and cosy =)

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Blues and beige

A popular choice of these awesome trousers with matching stripes from rosaray today =) I loved using this trouser and stripe combination in my Fendi Tops styling, and this blazer in the stripes looks awesome too! I love the deep-V meeting right with the trousers, it looks good and this is a great styling showing off both pieces without a jacket or overcoat. The belt is perfect, the colour is a good match and the style is just right. I like the use of the black in the shoes and gloves and I think the brown leather bag looks good with both clothing items^

Plastic Wrapped

These boots are a little bit of deja vu, no? I originally bought a similar pair from Stardoll Feat. and didn't really no what to do with them. Yet somehow, I still bought these and still don't really know what to do with them. No time like the present to remedy that. 

I won't be beaten by two pieces of expensive clingfilm.

If I get stuck in a rut when trying to make an outfit around one particular piece, I usually do one of two things - I either search for the thing that is the most obviously different (if it's black choose something white, if it's fluffy pick something smooth etc) OR I try to find everything I own that is similar. 
In this case, I've gone for the latter and tried to pick out as many things that are clearish plastic as possible. When working with transparency, layering is your friend as it creates visual interest, especially if your doll is as glow-in-the-dark-pale as mine. The red as an underlayer also picks up the way that transparent plastic transforms colour. 

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the effect, even if it makes me feel sweaty just looking at it...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Chanel Inspired Clear Boots | Limited Edition
Sheer Overlay Jacket Dress | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Vinyl Bouquet Coat | Rio
Burgundy Top by Marley | Pals
Mr Sunglasses | Mr.
Black Crystal Necklace | The Jetset
Braided Chain Bag | Nelly.com

Monday, 22 January 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y O F F - W H I T E | Tribute Review

I really thought Tribute season was over, but here we are with another one, Off-White! It's a brand whose name pops up all the time, especially over the past year or so, but it's not a brand I've made myself hugely familiar with - but with most members, this one seems to have gone down really well! The advert is striking and really catches your eye from the start =)
Highlights This release has two floors with 9 looks, although a little repetition between the looks, but a fair mix of styles and designs. There's quite a feminine touch, which I find myself pleasantly surprised at with florals and pinks, and quite a few white pieces which definitely should be versatile. Overall I think it's a pretty decent offering =)
Accessories It's a very small collection of accessories in this release. There's just one pair of shoes, the Off White Inspired Silk Heels, which have an interesting design. I like the base shoe of the shoes, I think they look nice and have a good colour, then there is a plastic-style topper to them, which is what puts me off of them as I don't think it looks all too great. I haven't seen anyone use these yet, so I think others may feel the same. There is also just one bag, the Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag, which is a stylish belt-bag piece. I like the design of the bag, however it sits very low on the hips, which is a factor in why I haven't purchased it yet. The Off White Inspired Sunglasses hang around the neck, again, I haven't seen anyone wear these, and honestly I don't like them. The one accessory piece I do like, is the Off White Inspired Double Belt, I think it looks great - I like the design and I like the colours of it, orange is a colour I wear a lot in accessories, so this fits quite nicely for me =)
Clothing The pieces fit together as a collection really well, that definitely impresses me!
     Dresses There are 3 dresses to be had and they're all pretty individual. The Off White Inspired Tuille Circle Dress is very ball-gown-esque with a corset bodice and a very wide skirt, and while the style isn't one I'd wear I really like the colour of it. Then there is the Organza Bodycon Dress, a fitted midi piece which looks pretty cool with tuille down it's single sleeve. I like the ruching on the body of the dress and the overall shape is quite nice =) Then there is my favourite dress, the Off White Inspired Rose Dress which is another midi piece but has such a great print, I love the violet vibe to the base and the floral printing is just beautiful. The style is great and I think it will be perfect through the Spring and Summer and I really think it's perfect for me^
     Outerwear There are two blazers with this collection, both similar and different at the same time. First the Raw Hem Leather Blazer which is an all black leather piece, double breasted, classic fit, and it looks pretty good on the doll. I have nothing against the piece, but I know it's not something I would wear much if I bought it. And then the Floral Blazer, also double breasted but has a slight asymmetrical shape with the hem. The printing is the same floral one as on the Off White Inspired Rose Dress and I think it looks just as good on a blazer! It's got a slight oversized shape, but it still looks very nice on the doll.
     Tophalves In terms of tops and shirts there are a few odder pieces in this category, with 5 pieces in total. The two more quirky pieces are the Off White Inspired Super Cropped Tee and the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar - they're pieces that I don't find wearable for myself, but I know others will really love them. Then there are two cropped tops, the Off Shoulder Jersey Top a minimal black piece which is a little swimwear-like, then the better piece, the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt which is quite a smart style with very nice long sleeves and large split cuffs. The final piece is the one I have bought, the Off White Inspired Ruffle Top, which is off the shoulder and pushed up sleeves, it reminds me of older styles we've had in the Plaza and it's a fabulous summer styled piece^
     Bottomhalves And the final category of bottomhalves, with 4 pieces in mixed styles. First up the Off White Inspired Cut Shorts, which I'm not too fond of, they match the Raw Hem Leather Blazer well. If these were full length trousers, I think the design would be really nice. Then there are the Slouchy Leather Pants, which I didn't really think about much at first, but now upon second look I think they're quite nice, I love slouched pieces and these fit firmly in that category. The leg is also pretty cool in terms of design and fit, so I think these are a pretty good piece. Then my two favourite pieces, the Wide Floral Pants fitting the Blazer and Dress. These have a great fit and design, it's a shape that's been used plenty before and it's one that works well; these look great on and I'm excited to work with them. And lastly the Pink Is Pink Silk Pants, and although they sit low on the hips, I really like them, the colour is fab and the fit is really nice on the doll. I like the ankle length and loose-ness, it's quite perfect for what I'm feeling right now!
Prices The prices range from 12 to 38SD's, with just a couple of pieces at the upper end of the range. I think this pricing fits with other Tributes and the pieces are priced well for what they are. And as with the previous Tributes, nothing is SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits I didn't mean for my looks to be so pink, but that seems to have been what has happened - I like them nonetheless! I did mostly go for the pink and flowery pieces of the collection but I'm pleased with the outcome of these stylings =) First up the Off White Inspired Rose Dress which I found myself falling in love with even more once I'd put it on, I think it works so well in my wardrobe! It's a great fit with this pink overcoat, and I think it will work very nicely with many others, and also with layering pieces underneath. I picked purple for my accessories and I think my choices work so well with the dress! In the second look I've worn the Wide Floral Pants, which I was adamant that I wanted to wear with this cardigan, I don't think it's the best choice, and actually I found it difficult to pair with other pieces and accessories - it's not a bad look, but it's also not the best. And for my final look, the Pink Is Pink Silk Pants which I had so much fun with! The bright colour won't be for everyone, and it won't fit all styles, but I had fun with them, I think they're a good spring piece - and also a good piece with this pink fur! Love the combination and found it so easy to pair with some fab accessories too =)
Features I think it might be possible that everyone has bought from this release, I've seen so many outfits wearing these new pieces! There is no particular order to these features, it's just alphabetical^ First up is FedericoMosi wearing the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar, Off White Inspired Double Belt and the Wide Floral Pants. The first thing that caught my eye was the muted lilac heels, they are so amazing with these trousers, just the perfect tone and a total surprise^ The top half of the look is kept white to brighten things up, this blazer has a fantastic shape and I love the lace cami too, a great styling =)
Secondly we have France25 wearing the Off White Inspired Ruffle Collar resized and shaped, the Dove Grey Tuille Top, and the Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag. The layering in this look is so cool, I love the dark pink dress piece hidden away at the back, it makes a good base for the white and grey and then also the bright pink in the bag. The tuille looks fab and fits in very nicely, but it's the collar piece that totally stands out and steals the show!
This one has a little more minimal usage of the pieces, but it shows they can be super versatile - it's from Hard_Rock-Metal and uses the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt. I think it just looks like such a cool-girl outfit^ The shirt is a great style fit with the smart trousers, and I love the creativity in the addition of this artsy corset piece, I think it really draws your eye in to the styling =)
This feature also uses the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt but layers it with the Off White Inspired Ruffle Top, which I think is the cutest, and is from lacky_girl..! This look really stood out to me because of the green camouflage print skirt, I think it's such a great idea and it really pops with all the white! Love the boots, they work with every piece in the outfit, and the sunglasses are so cute and fitting^ 
A third, and final, styling with the Pop The Collar Cropped White Shirt (but it really shows it's versatility!) from leiona_- this time =) It looks so smart layered with the black leather crop, and it really stands out against the denim use - which although not from this release, I love this pairing, so creative! The black accessories stand out against the white really nicely, and I quite like the use of this Balenciaga design piece on top =)
Maniakpupili is styling the Off White Inspired Super Cropped Tee and Off White Inspired Double Belt in this cool casual look - and is another one that uses this lace cami, I think it's a winning piece to pair with this collection! I love the loose fit style of the trousers with these pieces, I think it works really well, and suits the belting style greatly. While this tee isn't for me, I think it's a great one in this outfit!
And back to a girlier style with the Off White Inspired Rose Dress and Slouchy Leather Pants in this feature from Marta-43 =) I love the combination of these two pieces and the additions and accessories work so well with them! The sleeves look cool, and just like they were made to be there. The pink accessories are perfect, love the bag and shoes, as well as the trim on the hat - what a great choice^
And our final feature, millaxx wearing the Dove Grey Tuille Top in this minimal but classy styling^ It looks great with the white jeans, the colours are perfect together, and I don't think the tuille seems too sheer at all. The shoes are a sweet classic addition, and I like the edginess of the choker. The hair and minimal makeup look is absolutely perfect with this outfit, I'm all for this hairstyle =)