Wednesday, 9 August 2017

V I L L A | Release Review

I'm super happy with the large amount of decor releases we've had recently and here's another that's been added, a new floor of VILLA, and just from the minimal but summer-resort-ready homepage advert, I'm completely sold already =D
Highlights It's amazing that this is another store that I've never reviewed or written about before on the blog because a couple of the previous releases are quite the thing too, so go check them out as well! But I love the style continuation from the homepage ad, it sells the store well which is all I can ask from them^ There's quite the Scandi feel to this release alike others in the past, but I still like it, and the overall styles seem versatile - a good release I'd say =D
Furniture There is a reasonable amount of large furniture pieces, with an emphasis on seats and tables. The Pale Pink Lounge Sofa is the first piece to grab my attention, it's got a cool relaxed seat style, it's pretty large so makes a good room focal point piece, and the colour is down right awesome =) And if you want just a little less pink there's the Feather Armchair in a stylish pink and green combination which I think will work perfectly in just the right interior setting ... I just haven't found it yet! And even more pink, although combined with red, is the Woven Armchair, I like the quirkiness to it, but I'm not so sure it would fit in my suite. And if pink isn't for you, then there are a couple of other options, like the paired Round Dining Table and Windsor Chair, which although dark, I think look good in this store setting. Then there is also the Coffee Table Set which is in a pale green tone, one I think which is pretty versatile and I like the Scandi feel of, and there's also the Round Marble Side Tables which I just love for the gold and marble, I'm just yet to find the best place for them in my suite^
Decor Upon first look, the shop seems really busy with trinkets and decor pieces, but I think that's all down to the Whimsicle Crewelwork Rug with a navy base and a beautiful pattern design of bright colours and cool combinations - I think it looks amazing and could really transform any suite room, it just needs the right interior and decor choices! There are two plant options, both pretty good, the Zig Zag Rope Vase, which has a great green piece in an intricate and modern vase, and the Glass Vases which are more delicate coming with just a few stems of plants - I like them both, they're both easy to include in a room design! The Zig Zag Rope Vase also comes with a matching Zig Zag Rope Pouf which I love and think the design would look awesome as other decor items! I like the style and the colour means it's pretty easy to get into room designs as well. The Yellow Grey Cushions are a nice set, maybe not ideal with the pink, but any cushions are good cushions in my book and you never know when you're going to need a yellow one^ And then there's also the Set Of Vintage Frames with colourful artwork in a very popular RL style right now, I like these a lot, I just need to find the right spot in my suite for them =)
Prices This release ranges from 8 to 30SD's however most items are under 20SD's and well priced. Just one piece is SS only but there's still plenty to get from the store that's available to everyone.
Styled Suite I decided it was about time to spruce up one of my suite rooms and used this opportunity to make good use of some of these items. I'm not typically a table person, but I decided to give the Round Dining Table a go, although to easy myself in I sized it down a little so I think it suits the lower chair quite nicely. I also used some of the decor pieces here, the tabletop Decor Set and also the Glass Vases. Then some more tables actually with the Coffee Table Set at the other side of the room - these still need a little something more added around them, but I'm happy so far. I actually found it really easy to get some of the artwork I already had in storage to fit with these pieces and I'm very pleased about that. Hopefully I'll buy more items from this release soon for more suite room makeovers =D
Feature And just one quick feature today coming from yiyine1998 who firstly makes use of the interior then adds to it with a lot of pieces from the store - it's a great interpretation of the style! I am particularly loving the pink and brown cushion combination on the Pale Pink Lounge Sofa, what a match! And also the use of some bright yellow flowers on the Round Marble Side Tables, I love that and it really highlights the gold of the table legs. Pretty awesome overall =D

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