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T R I B U T E S G A L L E R Y | Tribute Review

Our next Tribute has been released, and it's not so much a Tribute as it is Tributes - the Tributes Gallery is the newest store and seems like a collection store that reminds me of the Couture Tribute that we had a few years ago! The homepage advert is cute, and fitting for the store, it works out really nicely =)
Highlights So there's not a whole lot to this store - it's just one floor with a small release although at first glance it certainly does look trendy. I like the overall look of the store with the marble and stone set-up to show off the pieces. It definitely has the light bright feel that shoe stores generally have to show off the items well and I think it does still work out in this store =)
Accessories So there's not a whole lot of content to this review as accessories, more specifically shoes, are the only piece in the store! Overall there's a great range of pieces in a variety of colours and by a nice range of designers. I get the feeling that the designs are a little more aimed at the upcoming autumn season, which I quite like as it gives us a chance to figure out what pieces you like and will want to wear next season.
So first up there are a couple of guys pairs of shoes, the Guiseppe Zanotti Inspired Gold Zipper Sneakers and Christian Louboutin Inspired Embellished Sneakers which is a nice inclusion, maybe it's because I'm not a guy, but I don't find them hugely appealing in terms of being special, but they sure are wearable!
Then there are 10 pairs of shoes for girls covering a lot of styles as I mentioned before. There are two pairs of boots, with one being super popular from the get-go, the Aquazzura Inspired Dreamy Velvet Boots which really are dreamy as the name suggests^ I adore the pastel pink tone, it's perfect for shoes and it's perfect for them and their style, these are the piece I am most excited about! But also in boots are the Guiseppe Zanotti Inspired Velvet Lace Up Booties which seem a good winter pair with their black body and burgundy ribbons, for me they'd be better if they weren't open toed. Then the rest of the heels which are from 4 different designer brands. So there's just one additional pair from Guiseppe Zanotti, the Inspired Faux Fur Heels which are in a pretty nude tone and are designed pretty well actually. I like them, but I'm still unsure if I'd actually wear them - I haven't spotted anyone with these yet, have you guys? And then some more Aquazzura with the Inspired Party Platforms and Powder Puff Heels. Both of these look great I think, the colours are pretty fab and on trend. I'm not a huge platform fan, but the design of these looks cool and they seem to be a nice pair of shoes, again though I haven't seen anyone wear these. The Powder Puff Heels are a total winner I think, that colour is to die for and the pompom is just the cutest^ I also love the delicate nature of the heel itself. And the third brand that I've already mentioned in the male shoes, Christian Louboutin with the Inspired Criss Cross Platforms and Inspired Harler Heels, now the Platforms are totally not for me but on the other hand the Inspired Harler Heels are looking awesome! That cobalt blue is fantastic and I love the velvet texture of them and their pointed toe along with the thick ankle strap, these ones get a firm thumbs up from me =) And the final designer, a more delicate one that fewer people will have heard of I think, Sophie Webster with three pairs, the Inspired Rose Gold Heels, Inspired Purple Butterfly Sandals and Inspired Butterfly Sandals. They're certainly not minimal shoes, they all have quite bit going on in terms of design and colours, which I think makes them a little less versatile. The Butterfly Sandals in black are the most minimal, and the design could easily be covered up, but I don't think it makes the shoes a worthwhile purchase. I think what puts me off the other two pairs is the straps around the feet with a lot of details and additions, so if I were to wear them with a shorter dress or skirt I do think it wouldn't do anything good for my leg length! The colours are very pretty though, and I think if you can work them into a look well, they'd be perfect for spring =)
Prices These shoes certainly don't come cheap - the prices range from 18 to 25 SD's with nothing limited to SS or Royalty members. But as soon as you buy 3 pairs, that's already around 60SD's gone! So it's quick to add up in cost, but shoes can be pretty good for cost-per-wear and they'll be worth it if you know you'll get 4 or 5 good combinations with them!
Styled Outfits So I bought 3 pairs and I'm pretty content with my purchases, I think the only pair I'd go back for are the Faux Fur Heels I just need someone to wear them to convince me! First up the Christian Louboutin Inspired Harler Heels which I knew I wanted to wear with these trousers immediately. Blue shoes are ones which I do wear a reasonable amount of, so for me these are pretty good. It's a simple look and I think the shoes do get a fair amount of limelight with them - I really wanna get them with a skirt or dress next, I think they'd still look great! Secondly the Aquazzura Inspired Powder Puff Heels, which I didn't mean to cover up so much in my styling, but these trousers, again a big floral print, just go nicely with the tone of the shoes! This was a simple one to finish off, as I love this rusted red tone with pinks so a top was easy and I like the addition of the burgundy bag to add to the darker tones. And finally the Aquazzura Inspired Dreamy Velvet Boots which probably make my least favourite outfit, but at least I gave the combination a go - I liked the idea of the light mini-floral with the boots but I'm not sure I executed it as well as it could have been!
Features And now just a couple of features, I have to say it was tricky finding people wearing the pieces at all, let alone finding ones I wanted to feature but I think these two looks are stunning and perfect for selling the pieces to other viewers! First up Marta-43 going with the Aquazzura Inspired Dreamy Velvet Boots, a much better look that my own, and pairing them with not only more pink (perfection) but also a host of colours focusing on green, it's a surprise but it looks great I think, especially the skirting, the little pink works really well and I love the slight fringing at the hem!
And then Marbum wearing the Sophie Webster Inspired Purple Butterfly Sandals and I think this is a great way to convince people like me that they're actually a pretty decent piece! All those purples look good together, and the brighter top really is an eye catching piece so you'll look longer at the outfit. The skirt tones are good for the shoes with the grey in there too, plus that bag, a perfect match^ I like the darker blazer with the look as it really tones down what could have been a little too much purple-y colours =)

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