Friday, 30 November 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Thirty Nine

Day Thirty Nine Featured Item: Draped Blouse
Love this blouse, it has great shape and colours =)
1. Draped Blouse, LE
2. Basic White Long Skirt, BASICS
3. Black Bag, LE 
4. White Bow Heels, Sonia Rykiel
Not really up to posting much today, so a really basic look. Had sedation to get my wisdom tooth out and got my filling replaced, so my face is really sore! Not really supposed to be using my computer, I'm meant to be "resting", but I'm pretty bored!

P.S. Look forward to a super long post tomorrow about that fab new store we have been gifted!

Outfit Number 5

Hat Bizou
Sweatshirt LE
Scarf Fudge
Skirt Givenchy
Clutch Archive
Pumps Decade Of The Teens

Thursday, 29 November 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Thirty Eight

Day Thirty Eight Featured Item: Stargazing Skull Tee
I bought this item in the 3 for 2 offers last weekend, and was looking forward to styling it. It's not my usual style, but it's always worth trying something new =)

1. Modern Moto Jacket, Elle
2. Stargazing Skull Tee, Fallen Angel
3. LE Logo Black Thin Belt, LE
4. Barely Mint Trousers, Voile
5. Studded Stilettos, Velvet Orchard
I tried to style in quite an un-typical way for the shirt, normally you'd expect dark colours and wanting it to really be the wow-factor of the look, but I've chosen something fairly simple for it, I didn't want it to be a full black outfit, so really lightened it up with the trousers.
Overall although the item isn't a stand out piece, I still think it looks good with the outfit =)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just a quick little paragraph

Just want to keep you updated on my plans! As you have seen I've been incorporating RL fashion into the blog a little more recently, as I feel I want the blog to feature a good balance of Stardoll and Real Life. I used to do this a bit, but I seem to have stopped! 
So far we have the Designer Focus posts which I hope will be a success, and I'm going to introduce Model Cards to the blog soon - if you used to read my blog Stardoll Model News, then you'll have a vague idea what it will be about, but it'll be a little different =)

White all round!

As you may have noticed, my current colour of choice is white! It features in almost every outfit I've worn this winter so far, and I just can't stop with this addiction! So my main feature for this post are some my favourite white tops of my closet =) 
1. Pune Blouse, Film Theory
2. Cavallerizza White Shirt, Pet-a-Porter
3. Mongolia Collar Shirt, Miss Grant
4. White Tie Shirt, Pet-a-Porter
5. Basic White Frilled Shirt, BASICS
6. White Dotted Bow-Neck Blouse, MSW
So my top 6 winter tops are selected in the middle, and you can see my top 6 RL shirts on the surround, and I think their abundance in the Fall/Winter 2012 collections just amplifies why I'm in such a white mood recently!
The majority of these shirts are still available in the Star Plaza in the indicated stores above, so why not try them out in the dressing room, and work on some runway inspired outfits =D

That's all for now,
Love K xxx

63 Day Challenge: Day Thirty Seven

Just noticed we're over half way through the 63 day challenge - I can't believe Christmas is so close!

Day Thirty Seven Featured Item: High Slit Skirt
I love this super high fashion YSL piece, and I'm glad I've finally gotten to style it!
1. Mongolia Collar Shirt, Miss Grant
2. LE Logo Black Thin Belt, LE
3. High Slit Skirt, Yves Saint Laurent
4. Silver Shimmer Heels, Pretty 'n Love
I love this classy style, I think it suits my doll quite well with this hairstyle. I went for something very simple, my aim was for wintery and wearing something warm, but I don't think I quite ended up with that! Oh well, I'm happy with the outcome anyway. This is the second time I've incorporated this shirt into a look, I can see if featuring in many posts to come!

Designer Focus - Holly Fulton

Back when I wrote for several different blogs, I used to write a segment called Designer Focus, and I've decided that I'll bring that back right here on the lookbook! It wont be a regular thing, just when I feel like it, but I hope it will widen your insight into the real life fashion world, and help you discover designers you may not have known about before! 

Holly Fulton
Holly is a designer close to my own heart as she's Scottish like me - what's not to love! So it felt right to choose to feature her for my first Designer Focus post here =)
She studied firstly in Edinburgh then down in London, and after working with the Lanvin accessories team she set up her own line and hasn't looked back since. In 2010 she won the Elle Style Award for new designer, and it seems like her place in fashion was sealed from there.
Her designs have always had a very art-deco feel about them, and she has managed to keep to that throughout all of her collections so far, yet makes each collection individual, unique and fresh.

Fall 2010
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Spring 12 
Fall 2012 
Spring 2013
 These are just some of my favourite pieces from her collections.
We have seen several of her pieces gracing the Star Plaza, the most recent being in the Bizou store =)

That's all for now!
Love K xxx

As this is the first post of Designer Focus, I'd like some feedback on what you thought, too long? Too short? Too many pictures? Not enough writing? Or anything else you want to see in these posts(not designer suggestions though!) - just comment!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Outfit Number 4

Cardigan Versus
Bustier Sonia Rykiel
Belt Riviera
Trousers Special Offer
Clutch Young Hollywood
Heels Riviera

63 Day Challenge: Day Thirty Six

Day Thirty Six Featured Item: Basic Cobalt Skinny Jeans
These jeans really brighten up your day with their brightness - I think it's a nice challenge to work with them =)
1. Sleeve Blazer, It Girls
2. White Paillette Top, LE
3. Basic Cobalt Skinny Jeans, BASICS
4. GD Shag Purse, Dolce and Gabbana
5. Contrast Heel Boot, Elle
I went for something pretty simple, stylish and very office-chic today, not entirely sure why, but hey can't control all the functions of my brain! Haha =) I wanted to play off the blue and went for a blue jacket rather than my usual black, and kept everything else really simple. I felt this the perfect opportunity to also use my new LE top, which I love! 

Wearing LE

Wearing: Leopard Crossbody Satchel, 55 SD's
I love this very simple look with the focus all on the satchel! The colour choices of purple and red were perfect, they give a very royal sense to the outfit, and makes it look very prim and proper - especially with the addition of the fur collar!

Wearing: Limited Edition Sweatshirt, 55 SD's
This outfit is very casual and bright, and I really like it. I think with the sweatshirt being grey, it attracts people to want to make a darker look with it, using blacks and dark colours, but it looks fab with the yellow! A great combination =)

Wearing: LE Varsity Jacket, 100 SD's
Ripped Miniskirt, 65 SD's
Steampunk Platforms, 40 SD's
This is a great example of a look using more than one piece from the collection without going overboard with lots of patterns or anything. It's such a simple look that it works wonderfully, and although it's not her usual style, Christina looks amazing wearing it =)

LE: Collection 15

So just a couple of hours back the 15th LE collection was released - I quickly checked the store, and sure enough, you have to be SS to buy, so I caved in and bought the Holiday Pass (trust me, I'll probably regret it later!). So firstly lets take a look at the store:
I think the collection seems very fresh and quite vibrant, quite tropical really - I did kinda hope for something wintery, but you can't always get what you want! Anyway, I do quite like the collection - I mean not everything is for me, not everything is my style or my taste, but that doesn't mean it isn't a nice collection =)
As well as the clothes, I do quite like the interiors that you can buy, I think they're well designed and thought out, they are all linked, but each has a different feel to them - I am yet to buy one, but I might do later on.
So at first I just bought 4 items, however I just had a little dip in composure and spent another handful of SD's! I am happy with all of the items, some of them I wasn't 100% about, but I'm sure I'll wear them at some point or another =) So I've kinda combined by purchases and my styled outfits into one[click to enlarge!]:
1. Cat Ears Sparkle Tiara, 65 SD's
2. Silver Leopard Romper, 95 SD's
3. White Paillette Top, 80 SD's
4. Caribbean Seas Tote, 45 SD's
5. Sparkle Pleat Skirt, 85 SD's
6. Limited Edition Sweatshirt, 55 SD's
7. LE Logo Red Belt, 30 SD's
8. LE Collectible Perfume, 50 SD's
I really enjoyed styling all of the pieces I've bought from the LE store, enjoyment styling outfits seems to have gone out the window recently when I've been posting, I think it was just the excitement at LE that brought it back! I'm also glad I managed to come up with different styles for the items, it shows that you don't need to be full on into the whole LE look to get a nice outfit with the pieces.

The next post will feature some of you users wearing the new LE pieces, I already have a couple of looks snapped, but I'm on the lookout for some more too - don't hesitate to comment!

Miss Grant

So finally getting round to posting about the latest Harrods store, Miss Grant. [I also want to get this out of the way before I post about the new LE!] I hadn't heard of the brand before as it's not really a British thing, but it was a decent discovery.
So overall it does look ok, I think the items are quite varied in style and the age aimed at though, so as a whole the collection doesn't really have a link. But this does make it good for me as I can choose the less child-like pieces!
Prices range from 9 SD's for a headband or earmuffs, to 29 SD's for a coat - not too bad really, as expected accessories are cheaper while main pieces of the collection are more pricey. The middle priced items are the best in my opinion, I was happy to spend the money on the items I bought.
From L-R:
Mongolia Collar Shirt, 19 SD's
Black Frilled Jacket, 25 SD's
Gold Party Jacket, 26 SD's
Black Lady Skirt, 17 SD's
I chose the more simple pieces from the collection, ones which I feel easy to combine with other items and which would easily become 'classics'.
You'll have already seen me style two of the items:

From these two looks you can see that the pieces are easy to combine, and show a versatility in the styles they can be used in.

Unfortunately I'm a bit tight for time right now - I'm heading off to a tutorial soon and I need to finish my analysis of the article I'm meant to be reading! But don't worry, I'll be back this afternoon with a post on the new LE! [which I had to break my promise to myself and buy SS for =S]

Monday, 26 November 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Thirty Five

 Day Thirty Five Featured Item: Sheer Maxi Skirt
Have always loved this skirt, and am amazed I haven't featured it yet this winter!
1. Necklace, Bizou
2. Basic White Frilled Shirt, Basics
3. Black Pantyhose, Fallen Angel
4. Sheer Maxi Skirt, Mortal Kiss
5. Designed By sparklewand12, Star Design Fashion 
I went for something quite contrasting, so the typical black and white. I added a simple necklace, and choose basic ankle boots - they weren't to be the focal point with this look. Really not feeling it today, hopefully my look will be better tomorrow!

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