Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sports Luxe X Futuristic

I love todays look from Kociara074, it's a fresh mix of sports luxe and futuristic style. I've seen this sweater used a lot around Stardoll recently, and I think this look is definitely one of the top ones! The cap also adds a sports feel and looks fab  with the plaited hairstyle (which I am currently also wearing). Then the futuristic vibe is brought into the look with the clear skirt and the silver accessories. These pieces all look great on their own, but also paired together. I especially love the use of the Royalty store heels!

What do you guys think of this look?

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Partner Updates

I've been updating the Partners page today and yesterday, so our partners current headers are all shown (some were older versions) and links have been double checked for your ease of browsing! I've also added a new partner bringing out total to 14! This new partner is BEAUTY Magazine =)
BEAUTY is run by Tolia, whose current Stardoll account is J.ordan (has been at KatyaCharm and --Kayley in the past) and is no stranger to the magazine world! He first did PBE which had several issues, and then last year made an amazing magazine called BEAUTY(yes same name, but now a new blog), you can find the first issue here. Since then, we haven't seen any of his graphics, but the ones in the magazine were stunning, so I know we're in for a treat with this new magazine! Please check it out and follow at the link above the logo and you can also apply for different modelling positions{there is a small charge for modelling}. Here are some of my favourite pages from the issue that was released last year:

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cuff your jeans!

It's been such a long time since I've written an article which isn't a styled outfit/feature/what I wore, and I'm getting fed up with that! So here's an article - Cuff your jeans!

I have seen jeans being 'cuffed' so much more recently, and it's everywhere - on my street(I have some incredibly fashionable Chinese and Japanese neighbours, and boy do they know style!), in town, in the magazines and on the blogs. I even use this trend myself! (Not for the stylish purposes, well partly for that, but because for some reason I have really short legs! I'm not short in general, I'm 5'7", but my legs are on the short side and I find even the 30" leg in Topshop that little bit long for me!) 
{All RL photos = pinterest.com}
Anyway, with all this inspiration, I think this trend is easy to work with on Stardoll, Killah currently has pairs for us girls, and Mr has some pairs for you guys - it's a trend for everyone =)
These are my two pairs in my Stardoll wardrobe, they're both also boyfriend styled which is a popular shape of jeans. I'd love some cuffed skinnies, but right now I'm happy with these two pairs =) Most of the looks above have worn very cute and appropriate court shoes with their jeans, this is a combination I love and I think it really works with most sorts of jeans. As it's summer now I try to dress my doll in much more summer based clothing, so I'm attempting to veer away from jeans - this trend will be seen on my doll come September I think!

Do you guys like this trend? Do you wear it on your doll? Let me know below!

Friday, 21 June 2013

HotBuys Summer Retro: Re-Release Review

This morning the Hot Buys Summer Retro store was released, when the spoilers came out yesterday, there were definitely mixed emotions and opinions about this, so this post here has my opinions and thoughts on the collection and the situation as a whole.
So two floors of previous summer themed Hotbuys have been re-released in a new store, the fact that it is called "Summer" kinda implies to me that there might be more to come at different times of the year, so Autumn and Winter ones. Here are the outfits that have been included:
I think this is a really good selection of items, there's something for everyone and they are from a variety of Hotbuy collections. Prices range from 8 to 27SD's and most items cost more than they originally did, I can't remember all of them, but I know the pink shorts previously cost 7SD but are now 13SD - however since then general pricing has gone up and that price is kinda average for shorts. Overall I think prices are fine, but personally I wouldn't pay 25 or 27 for the items priced at those amounts, like the dresses on the first floor or the watermelon playsuit, I think 20 would be the most reasonable amount for them - however they're not items I've considered buying as they're not really my style.
The items I was most looking forward to were the sunhat and the minnie body - they are pieces I've had my eye on for a while, and I've only ever seen the minnie body at around 3/400SD's, which is extortionate, I would never pay that price for a Hotbuy - it's not a limited piece as LE or Antidote are, there's nothing particularly special about it in that sense, so it's really not worth that much. I had been willing to pay up to 50 for it, so its price of 17SD's in the store is welcoming.
I bought several items from the store, and it was about 60 or 70SD's which does seem quite a lot, but considering how much one might have had to pay for all the items in the Bazaar, it's not really too much.
As per when Stardoll release old items, there is a bit of an uproar, in my opinion mainly from those who paid a lot for the items in the Bazaar - I guess this kinda annoys me when they make a scene about how unfair it is on them, and saying it's lazy of Stardoll to do this and to me it just comes across as a bit rude. They chose to spend the SD's on the items, and with the Archive store releasing all sorts from the past, it should be in everyones mind that 'rarer' items or Hotbuys could be released. I don't think it's justified that people are angry with Stardoll for re-releasing these items when it was their own choice to spend, often hundreds, of SD's on these items. I also gather that people have complained that these are too expensive - again a completely unnecessary argument.
Finally here are my stylings with my two most anticipated items from this store:
I'm really fond of both of them, and I'm really glad Stardoll made this store of re-releases so I could make these looks =)

Give me your thoughts in comments!

Love K xxx

And Today I Wore

I know I've worn this before, but I really wanted to wear it again - I love the summery feel this look has to it, and it makes me feel quite girly and young! I love the denim dress, I think this is one of my favourite Hotbuys from the weekly Hotbuys releases - and I think it looks awesome paired with white! This cardi works perfectly with it, and to mix it up I wore these Nelly white platforms rather than white courts. I love love love this outfit a lot, and can see it being my go-to combination for this summer!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tress Up Release: Review

Tress Up was released not even an hour ago and I'm already doing a review - must be a record for me! We all knew this was coming, and I think the spoilers were welcomed from everyone, and those who weren't so happy with the LE sure were with this selection of hairs for us =)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Closed the blog there for a wee half hour to give it a little rejig and refresh - I edited the header a little (I like it a lot more now!) and sorted out a newer layout, which I also prefer to the old one, I was just getting a bit tired of it, it wasn't really exciting me about the blog, and if it doesn't excite the owner, there's no chance it will excite readers! I like this little refresh and I hope you guys do too! And I made a little update banner out of my last graphic, I think it's kinda cute ^^
Love K xxx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

And Today I Wore

I know LE is just out, but everyone will be styling their LE - I'll wear this today and style my LE later in hope that this outfit will stand out against the LE ones! 
I've added this 'Feline' to my StarDesign tiny collection (SD removed the jeans style, so bye bye polka dot jeans unfortunately!) with the Celine one, I've done the text fairly similar, but different enough for it to be different - if that makes any sense!
I ended up pairing it with my YH maxi and chose to feature pink a little more with the Hotbuys bag - this is a piece I love, and really need to wear more =) I added my regular white heels, these work perfectly, but pretty much any heel would with this outfit!

Summertime Release - LE

Today we welcomed a new LE release into our plaza at around 3pm - here's my review, thoughts and purchases =)
Versace was the main influence over the 3 floors of clothing and accessories in this resort styled collection (although it was based on the SS13 Versace collection in RL):
When the spoilers came out yesterday, people pretty much were saying that it's another terrible LE collection, about how they don't make things "high-fashion" like they used to, how Stardoll should spend more time making the collection or give the collection better graphics - I have never, and will never, make a judgement like this based off of the spoilers, never. And in some ways, it's not a nice attitude to have towards Stardoll and their staff - in the end, you don't have to be on the site, they're not making you stay! In my opinion, the collection looks much better in the store than it did in the spoilers - part of it comes from being put together in outfits and being surrounded by other LE outfits, in spoilers we see the pieces on their own and not on a mannequin. I picked out maybe 3 or 4 pieces that I definitely wanted to get from the spoilers - the striped trousers and the nude heels were my main wants, they're simple pieces and are versatile. 
So as soon as the collection was released I gave each room a 'once over' and roughly analysed the different items and what I might like and what I would actually wear. Then I went back through each room trying each  piece on and making a decision - I ended up buying 8 or 9 pieces and then two interiors(the one by the pool and the one with the window with curtains either side). In my opinion a lot of people will be regretting saying it was a horrible collection when they saw the spoilers - because there was a clamour to get the collection and people were pretty excited once it was out, after an hour or two the first pieces started selling out, and now there are over 15 items sold out. How limited was the collection? In my opinion, pretty limited, but not too much, of the items I bought, there were between 1000 and 1200 pieces of each, considering how many people there are on Stardoll, that's not very much, however considering the early collections, there were only a few hundred of each piece.
The real pieces{pinterest.com and style.com}:
I do think Stardoll chose some good pieces from the collection to include in this bout of LE, but there are others I would have liked too - but hey, you can't have everything! And I am happy with what was included.
Just a brief glimpse as the items I purchased from the collection:
Later in the week I might do another LE based post, maybe more about the items I bought, maybe a styled outfit, or maybe a 'Wearing LE' post, I'm yet to decide!

Love x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hello... Goodbye

Hello everyone as you see in the title yep it's time for me to say goodbye to the Lookbook, I enjoyed every post and all the feedback I got from you amazing followers of this blog so here is my last outfit today (16/06/2013)
Dotted Bow Scarf - Antidote
Black sheer Lace Blouse - Bonjour Bizou 
Tank Black - Make your Mark (Disney)
Hotbuys Chainlink Belt - Rio
Shiny Pencil Skirt - Velvet Orchid 
Wallet - Stardoll Academy 
Silver Detailed Heels - Pretty n Love
So thank you Kirsten for this amazing experience and Thank you all for reading and commenting and rating my outfit so for one last time don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the Blog :)
Hilmy | emmahunt4
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

And Today I Wore

This is the look I sported today - I saw these V waisted trousers on a doll yesterday(sorry, can't remember who!) and wondered why I'd never spotted them before, so I headed to Decades and bought myself a pair(50% off right now =D). I found it a bit challenging finding the right top to go with them, I didn't want to choose a white one, but finding one that tucked in nicely to show off the waist shape was pretty tricky! I don't normally show off midriff in my looks, but this really was the best top for the look, and it is quite a small section of skin, so I really had to make an exception. I chose my current favourite bag combination of the two Hotbuys ones, and then chose one of the pairs of shoes from the same collection (see my review here) - I haven't styled these shoes yet as I found them a bit odd and really not my style, but I clearly knew way back then that I'd want to wear them like this and cleverly bought them ... or was just being crazy and bought all the Hotbuys from that collection! 
I also tried out a new hair style with this look, it's designed by vmp2000, so check out her bazaar for this one and many more =) I'm not sure if I'll keep my hair like this, or if I'll change it, but it's getting me more used to a darker colour!

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Colour combinations

This stylish casual look comes from -Carolla-. I love the styling of these wash jeans, I find them quite hard to style because I find they're shape a bit odd, but I love this styling! They've been paired with a heart bustier and a fabulous, almost cobalt, jacket - a colour which is very 'in' right now and I absolutely love. Accessories really make this outfit in my opinion, the round glasses on the head, the gold necklace and then the tangerine clutch and heels. The tangerine colour really pops with this look and I love it, it's also a colour combination I would never have worn, I'm mentally working out which cobalt and tangerine pieces I can pair from my wardrobe!
Overall, a fab casual yet trendy outfit =)

Love K xxx

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Primary colours

I adore this primary colour based outfit by A.n.k.s.a, it suits her facial features really well and is styled greatly! 
She chose to offset the focal primary colours with the rest of the outfit being white, this worked perfectly and the sunnies and heels chosen were a good match. The bag is a great choice also, focussing on the colours again, although the tones aren't quite the same it still works out well due to it's slight distance from the other colours.
My favourite part? Going for red lips - this beauty choice was perfect and it works well with her pale skin and the white base of the outfit!

Great job!

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I think summer is here...

Hello everyone, you know its summer when stardoll plan to release a summer LE collection and I also have my outfit today so here it is (14/06/2013)
White Knot Shirt - Denim & Supply Ralph Laurent 
Sand Play Overalls - Bonjour Bizou 
Fitting Pink Purse - Rio
Lace Up Sneakers - Archive
So I hope you like this outfit, don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the Blog :)
Hilmy | emmahunt4 
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Girly mix

This wonderful look is from the ever creative PolinaPolinka, I love the combination of pinks and purples making a stylish yet very girly outfit. I've worn this dress a few times and found it hard to style nicely with a selection of accessories, this whole combination is perfect for the dress. The accessories pick out the coloured dots of the dress well and are focussed on purple with a few splashes of oranges and teals thrown in there too! 
My favourite part? I love the purple lipstick, such a feat to rock purple lips! I also love how much the LE necklace works with the rest of the outfit, I bought one a while back and am yet to work it nicely into a look.

Fabulous outfit =D

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Smart yet Casual...

Hello everyone its me again and here I am today with my outfit  for today (13/06/2013)
Kajal Dress - Miss Sixty
Blowing Black Trousers - Gucci Tribute
Flapper Bangles - Decades 
Jackie Handbag - Windows on The World
Gladiator Sandal - Archive
I hope you like this outfit so don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow the blog
Hilmy | emmahunt4  
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Have a listen

This one seems to have missed out on being added to my iPod, I'm so disappointed in myself, I did wonder why I hadn't heard it in so long!
I don't know about you guys but I love ABBA, I always have, and this song is so catchy!

If you're in the UK you can watch Agnetha: Abba and After on BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 18th June =)

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And Today I Wore

I bought this skirt recently(not included in the last Haul post) and decided to style it. I know someone wore this skirt recently (I think xxemowaxx maybe?) and it looked ahhhh-mazing, so I wanted to style it as great but differently and to keep it in my style. I wouldn't say I styled it as greatly, but I definitely incorporated it into my style. I chose to wear a long sleeved white top with it and my trademark white shoes, then I accessorised with a belt. I don't wear belts too often, but I felt this skirt needed something, and this is the one I chose - it's from Sonia Rykiel and I got it in the bazaar a few weeks ago for a great price. I really think it works well here =)

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