Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 H O T B U Y R E V I E W

Happy New Years Eve! Tonight is a bit of a special HotBuys post as we decided to do a round-up of our favourite HotBuys of 2016 seeing as 2016 was the first full year of doing the We Wear Hotbuys posts, can you believe it?! That's a whole lot of HBs to look through and a whole lot of different styles and trends and items - so we've each put together a little composition of what we liked, hope you guys enjoy =D

Overall, I think 2016 has been a good year for HotBuys^ I didn't enter the year with the mindset that everything would be great, I think we all know there can be great hits and gems but also some big misses that really get forgotten about, and that definitely applied for this year and I know will also apply for 2017. There are certainly pieces I don't wear and have sold but there are some fabulous items which now hold a dear place in my wardrobe (and sometimes my heart) and I wouldn't be able to do without - I'm sure some of you know the ones I'm meaning as my doll wears them at least a few times a week. I look forward to exploring these pieces more in the next year and getting a whole new dose of HotBuys =D


It’s hard to compose a final opinion of this year’s HotBuys. There has been lots of hits, but certainly lot of misses too! Though the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about what Stardoll offered us this year is the very noticeable increase in the prices - I’ve been moaning about this to Kirsten and Mollie for quite a while, so lets not rant about it now! When I picked my favourite items, I first thought it would be difficult, but it turned out that it was easy. My words above summarise the 2016 year for me HotBuys-wise: lots of lovable big earrings and sunglasses, and lots of printing details, that butterfly coat has a special place in my closet, I really do love it, and I declare it my favourite HotBuy of the year!


In true 2016 spirit, I struggled to pick my HotBuys highlights out of my wardrobe! Many have fallen to the wayside because they're not my taste or there was another piece that does it better. That being said, there are a handful of pieces that I have accepted into the inner circle of my wardrobe, mostly for their versatility and their ability to complement some of the trendier, noisier, flash-in-the-pan-ier pieces that I’ve accumulated over time. So there are my favourites of 2016 in HotBuys – it’s been a tumultuous year, but if we can count anything for 2017, it’s Stardoll releasing a Hot Buy or two to lift the spirits (though perhaps not on the scheduled day!)


Hope you guys enjoyed this special post for tonight and I hope you have a great celebration with your friends and family, all the best for 2017^


New years eve feature is here - this time an awesome styled winter look from marina495^ I love the combination of the checks, most prominently in the black and white skirt, but also in the red on the long sleeved shirt, they're subtle but definitely there and I really love them! They look especially good broken up a little with this velvet cami, totally perfect for the style^ The accessories are great, basic black heels but the fur stole giving a wintery touch, but totally loving the bag choice - the purple isn't a conventional choice, but it gets a big thumbs up =D

Bag It Up Challenge #105

Ahh the final challenge post of 2016! Have no fear though, plenty of posts still to come in 2017 for this challenge and hopefully I'll complete it within the year =D Yet another duo post today, and it's the first of two posts on backpacks. First on the left is the Evil Panda Red Studded Backpack which came out in 2015, and I think this piece is one I've maybe dabbled with once or twice, but it's definitely bright and decorated, which are two things which are not my forte^ I am very surprised with my look, both that I put it together and that I really like it - it's not my typical style and I know it's not hugely creative or anything, but it's very different for my doll, I'm a little impressed^ I think it's the perfect look for the bag going with the white and perspex and the little red additions were a must =D Secondly is another piece on the red colour scheme, but a little darker, the Burgundy Fringe Backpack from Nelly which was released pretty recently. This look also surprised me, but it was more that I decided to include this shawl piece, the Tartan Wool Coat from Bizou. I think it's a great fit with the bag but it was a piece I was quite determined to get rid of and definitely regretted buying, what a change of mind, eh?! The fringing works well together, and for the rest of the pieces I kept to similar tones, I'm quite happy with this second quite different style for me =) You'll also notice I chose lip colours for each of the looks - those two get my thumbs up as well =D

Friday, 30 December 2016


Not been hugely impressed by recent releases and so this is a bit of a last minute post without any review to do^ I've been prepping a few challenge looks and I tried to get this jacket, the Suede Over Shoulder Biker from It Girls into at least one when I gave up, however I reminded myself that other than styling for the release, I've never actually worn it! For me I think it's that the colour isn't quite black, it's a little faded, and the shape seems quite stiff and those factors have most likely put me off - well here's two new looks for you^
I styled two winter daytime looks with this jacket, and I'm pleased with them both - I'll tentatively say I'd try and wear this jacket again following this little success for it! I went with skirts in both styles and I love the outcome with them, I'm sure it will work well with jeans and trousers too, that will be for next time^ Polos worked in both looks again, totally unintentional, but I like them with this jacket style as the collar draws a lot of attention to the neckline. Happy with my accessorising too, gold and black in the first look, which I think works alright, but the silver in the second is definitely better with the silver zip of the jacket.

I also love this hair with the jacket style, I think the two are complimentary to each other - it's actually probably one of the more versatile long styles that I've tried recently and I think I'm gonna stick with it for a bit and see how I get on with it in the new year, what do you guys thing?


Super stylish and just a little retro today from natusia_182 styling this Gucci Oversized Cardigan =) I adore the cardi paired with these resized white trousers into a cool culotte style, they work well and the combination works well, those colours were made for each other^ The black trim on the cardi provides a good accent colour for the look which has been used with both the boots and bag, and I think they're both perfect fits, especially the extras added to those boots in the golden bands and the little floral motif which fits well with the flowers on the cardi. Hair and beauty choices totally spot on =D

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #104

Another challenge post tonight! Another bag I bought in the Plaza but have never worn or only styled once or twice, which I'm very much questioning as there's totally nothing negative about this piece^ This is the Heavy Metal Tote from the Melbourne Minimalism Tribute that we had a few years ago. The piece is just black and white in the cool bucket-bag style that I quite like but never use enough, and a long hanging strap too - why have I never used it?! I think the size is maybe a little large for typical bags so maybe that's why I seem to have avoided it, although it was easy enough to put together this look for it, all in black and white and fitting in with its colours perfectly! The white handle on the bag really pops against the black, so I liked choosing another creative white piece to include, like this dalmatian print^


What a perfect look for this cold winter today from leiona_-! I love the oversized feeling to all of the pieces involved in the styling, especially this huge furry coat in a beautiful brown tone - perfect for the season and I'm surprised I haven't seen more of pieces like this recently. The other tones fit nicely with this piece, I love the use of the cropped loose trousers showing that little bit of ankle. The lace under the hem of the jumper is sweet and breaks up the colour just a little^

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #103

And another duo for the challenge, this time the last of my Royalty pieces and a piece that fits perfectly in with the style^ So on the left we have the Royalty Grande Prada Inspired Bag which I think is hugely popular, but I've really only worn a couple of times which was mostly at the release itself. I adore this styling I've put together with the gold and navy, I think the tones fit well with the nude of the bag and the gold especially compliments it. This is totally one of my favourite looks of the challenge so far! And secondly the Ashley Bag, and I got mine in Callie's Picks so it's reasonably abundant in the Bazaar if you're looking for it =D Stuck with a classic theme of all black, and it was super easy to put together a look that worked nicely but also showcased the bag too. Love the furry vest combined with the bag, and the boots, I think those are a bit of an essential. Also added a little accessory in the silver chain necklace, which ties with the bag nicely and those tiny silver accents^

High neck, long length

Looking cool and well dressed today in this look from Heneda! The white base of blazer, polo and trousers is great for showing off this Young Hollywood Teal Asymmetrical Vest from the latest release, and the shapes really fit together nicely giving a great outline overall. I particularly like the use of the darker tied jacket around the waist, the colour tone fits perfectly with the teal and it really changes the style up to be just a tad more street^ Accessories spot on being all shiney and shimmery =D

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I N S P I R E D B Y D O L C E & G A B B A N A | Tribute Review

Stardoll brought us our next Tribute store for this season, Dolce & Gabbana! This is another one which we've had a few times before, and while I've never been the biggest fan I always seem to come away with at least a few pieces to work with, lets see how this release gets on^
Highlights This tribute came with the usual two floors of items for this season, and there are 5 looks per floor, including one set of clothes for the guys, and it's not just something quite plain either, I'd say this is alright^ The green is definitely eye catching alike the Balmain release, I like the feel of this one with the bananas on the trees and the coconut drinks in the back!
Accessories There is a pretty reasonable range of accessories on offer in this Dolce&Gabbana release. Three pairs of shoes to choose between, the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Lace Booties, Straw Heels and Marching Heels. They offer a good variety between them with colour and style, plus they're all pretty detailed, especially the heel portion in both the Straw Heels and Marching Heels, which is great and really makes them worth the money and earn the position in a Tribute store. There are two bags available, the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Gelateria Handbag and Drum Handbag. The detail on these is great, I love the little extras, especially the frill along the top of the first and the sweet pompoms on the second =) Then there are several extras, including the extravagant Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Pineapple Sunglasses in gold, the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Brooch and the Hoop Earrings which look pretty awesome and very wearable!
Clothing There is a huge focus on feminine pieces, with most clothes skirts or dresses. There is one non-skirted option and that is the casual pair of Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Embroidered Jeans which I love and I'm so glad they were included as I think they're super versatile and I think they're the piece most people will gravitate to if they're not so for the grandiose style of the rest of the store. There's also the Clean T-Shirt to pair with them, and it's pretty much just a white tee, versatile but maybe pricey for something I'm sure could be cheaper from another store or even it may be something a lot of people already have. Then onto the skirts and dresses^ There are a couple of more minimal pieces available which I'll quickly discuss first, the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Lace Dress and then the pairing of the Double Breasted Vest and Midi Skirt which are all in black, but I think they're sleek pieces which would work well for anyone with any different style idea - I particularly love the collar and sleeves on the dress, so pretty! The rest of the clothing on the first floor of the store has more of a nod towards yellow and golden tones. There is one dress, the casual and quirky Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Pomadoro Dress, I really quite like the classical tomato print design on the front, and I've actually seen a few people wearing it really well but I'm just not so sure how good it would work for me in my closet. Then there are two sets of tops+skirts, the Pasta Blouse and Skirt which have a great feminine style with the full skirt, and then the slightly more historical-themed Embroidered Vest and Band Skirt with contrasting black design and waistbelt. The second floor has focus on the more dramatically designed pieces from the collection. Your eye really is caught by the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Glitter Coat which is navy and purple in colour and covered in sequins, which I just love! The shimmery effect is translated really well and I think this is a great piece in the store. The Hotpants playsuit also really stands out with the golden laden embroidered shorts. I love the design of the piece, but as a playsuit I'm not sure how much I'd wear it myself, definitely worth some investigations as use as either a top or bottoms by using other pieces. Lastly two skirts and jacket-styled tops. The sweet floral Mini Skirt and Piano Skirt, then the colourful military style Jacket and darker Opulent Jacket - for me, these pieces aren't so versatile and they're not really things I would be looking to add to my wardrobe, but I'm sure some of you guys feel different. I definitely think I could give the jackets a try though if I see a couple of great stylings =)
Prices The store ranges from 9 to 35SD's, which is right on track with these other Tributes this season. And there are no SS/Royalty only items, which is a great bonus^ I'm pretty happy with the prices of everything, I think everything has the right price for what it is =D
Styled Outfits This release I ended up purchasing 4 items, and maybe I'll be brave and choose a few more later before the store leaves, but I styled them all into 3 looks below =) I did quite surprise myself with how I put them together, not what I was envisaging when I made my purchases but I'm happy nonetheless. First up the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Embroidered Jeans in a very casual styling with this standout red jacket. I wanted to choose my clothing from the colours in the jean embroidery, and this red fitted perfectly. Love using these long sleeves, the navy polo totally works well and I added glamour with the gold necklace but kept it down to earth with these white trainers^ Secondly the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Straw Heels and Brooch. The golden tone of the shoes leads easily to similar colours for an outfit, I'm quite surprised that this sweater and skirt worked together and with the shoes, but I really like trying this something different on my doll. Like the black polo and accessories to break up the colour a little, but the Brooch fit nicely with the colour theme and on the bag =D Lastly the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Glitter Coat, which was the purchase I was a little unsure about because will I really get the wear out of it? I'm not sure, but I've worn it for now and I like it^ Stuck with darker tones and love using these violet trousers, they complement the colours in the piece perfectly!
Features I've seen a really good array of pieces from the store being worn so far, so there's a really good range of features to show you today^ First up is leiona_- going with the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Pasta Blouse and Double Breasted Vest underneath to combat the sheer blouse. I think they pair together well, and both look good with this shape of skirt chosen, super smart but also stylish =D
Secondly, going sparkly is miss.privacy combining the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Glitter Coat with a great texture contrast in these velvet trousers! The colours are perfection for each other, so these get a big thumbs up from me =) The white shirt and shoes stand out quite nicely, adding a smart element to the style and I think it does actually work quite well with the much darker tones!
A second look with the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Glitter Coat but also including the Embroidered Jeans and Drum Handbag comes from missiwantitall =) I like this casual version of a styling of the coat, I think it works out well and really shows the versatility the pieces does have. Also loving the use of the golden shoes in this style, they fit perfectly =D
And finally a look from miver combining the Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Straw Heels and Brooch but in a much sleeker look that I put together^ Both pieces stand out very nicely against the black, and I think they work particularly well with the use of the sheer tights and sleeves which doesn't overwhelm the look in terms of darkness, very sweet!

Fa La La La La

I hope you're all having a lovely festive season, whatever holiday you celebrate! 
Before the hangover clears and you start realising just how much glitter you'll still be cleaning when next Christmas comes around, I thought I'd sneak in with a festive look.

I don't really do glitter, for the reason listed above, but I absolutely love cracking out the golds and mustard yellows, not to mention some ridiculously impractical sleeves.  

Ingredients / You Will Need
Burberry Layered Cocktail Dress | Limited Edition
Perfectly Tailored LE Dress | Limited Edition
Roll Neck Jumper | Fallen Angel 
MJ Leather Bag | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Lace Socks | Fallen Angel
Flashback Shoes | Nelly.com
Dorothy Choo Inspired Heels | Inspired by Jimmy Choo Tribute
Coin Earrings | PPQ of Mayfair  

Ties and drapes

Such a cool creative look today from one of the rulers of creative-ness, ThePerpetua! The clothing provides a pretty minimal look with these black cropped trousers and the white batwing top, but the additions turn them into something so different! Love the use of the green ties, the colour stands out nicely and as one you don't see often, really catches your attention. I also love the bows at the wrists, they totally make this look like a real top with adorable sleeves^ Also love those shoes, Stardoll take note =D

Monday, 26 December 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #102

Next up in the challenge are two of the delicate styled Royalty pieces which both came out in the latest release in September^ I think they're good pieces together and I'm glad I picked this duo today. First up the Gucci Inspired Flower Handbag and I did initially want to go for pinks and greens but nothing I had was in the right tone, so I settled with a classic tone that lets the pink and red flowers stand out quite nicely against the neutral nude tone. Secondly the Royalty Stella McCartney Inspired Bag and I went with muted pink for the dress - love the complimentation of the colours here. Chose a little faux fur to peak out the side in the hand, a style I like using, and like the glam of the shoes I picked, love this look a lot and I'd definitely wear it again! Also loving this hairstyle I think it suits my doll well and it works with a lot of different stylings =D

Glitter and glimmer

Super sparkly and glittery today in this party-ready feature from Mia1435 =D I love this cami top, and it looks particularly good layered with the lace beneath it, that's definitely a style that could be super versatile. Definitely creative to pair it with this lace skirt, it's a hard one to style itself, but I think it looks great with the shine^ Accessories totally spot on for the style, especially the matching shimmery shoes =D

Sunday, 25 December 2016

C H R I S T M A S G I F T - O - M E T E R | Styled Outfits

Merry christmas guys!!! Today I thought it would be very appropriate to style the pieces from our special Christmas Gift-O-Meter, it's been out for a while already, and you still have plenty of time left to make your purchases from the Plaza count towards the items^ With the new Tributes and special releases like Antidote and YH, I found it was quite easy to fill up the meter to 300SD's in a reasonably quick time. I do have all of the items but I've picked out 6 to style into looks, and I have to say, I'm super happy with the outcome =D
First up a whole lot of patterns, and not necessarily from the Gift-O-Meter pieces! First up the burgundy Loose Velvet Top paired with these almost-perfectly matching printed trousers. I quite like contrast between the dark browny green colour against the red, I think it works and I'm glad I added the silver bag because I definitely think the dark look needs something a little shiney^ Next up the Camo Faux Coat, which I didn't really think would work for me, but I was surprised once I'd put this look together that I quite like it! It's perfect with these similar tones and I love the style contrast between the silky slinky dress and the casual-ness of the coat. Totally works out, and is definitely something I'd wear again. Lastly in the above picture are the Plexi Nude Heels, a style I think is pretty popular right now, so I quite like that these were free and it's a style we can all try out. For me I found it tricky to make sure they were the piece in the look that stood out, especially being transparent, but I think the trousers definitely help bring attention to the lower half of the outfit. An easy combination I think, but overall pretty effective I think =D
And then 3 more minimal stylings, and unintentionally they are quite focussed on black pieces, not that I mind, but some of you might find it a little repetitive^ Firstly the Love More Tshirt Dress, and I'm really still on the fence about this one. I'm not sure if it's the style and shape or the colour of it which puts me off a little, but I quite like it in this layered styling with the polo beneath and the furry vest ontop, I think it works, but I've definitely seen better stylings in some of your suites^ Secondly the Satin Off Shoulder Mini Dress, and this one I do love the shape, but I went a little different and chose to pair it with these sheer striped trousers instead of tights, and it's a combination I'm quite enjoying! I accessorised with gold, it's a good look for this bag, and the heels fit nicely. And lastly the Fade Out Black Denims, which are in a very popular design and I've seen so many people wearing these already. It definitely gives a chance to wear the style to those of us who missed the LE pairs. I like the faded black colour, it's definitely interesting to play around with for stylings and I'm really happy with this look, love the overcoat and choosing silver for the trainers and the top (another Gift-O-Meter item from a while back).
It's definitely hard for me to choose a favourite from these looks and between these pieces, I think this year we got a great offering here^

Let me know what you guys think of these looks and the Gift-O-Meter itself, and I hope everyone has had and is having a great Christmas =D

Velvet colours

I love these trousers, and they rarely get a good airing, so I love seeing them in this look from Zsazsa_Loo! Love the colour combination of the maroon and the green, it surprisingly looks pretty great although I definitely don't have the confidence to pull it off! I also loved the texture use of the jacket, I think it's a great fit for the trousers and they definitely contrast against the delicate lace of the top. Hair and beauty are also perfect for the outfit =D

Saturday, 24 December 2016

I N S P I R E D B Y B A L M A I N | Tribute Review

Happy Christmas Eve! Last week was our second Tribute instalment for this season, and it was Balmain - a store we have had previously in the Plaza. I definitely picked up some great items before and so I'm looking forward to doing so again with this release! The homepage advert is pretty sleek and stylish, and the green definitely has an eye catching quality =)
Highlights The release has the usual two floors, and alike the Tribute last week, it is quite a small collection. The green rainforest style background is quite attractive I think and really draws attention to the store overall, it's a good selling point I think. There are also two male outfits included, which is great and a lot more than they've been getting recently!
Accessories The collection is quite minimal on the accessory front this time, with just two pairs of shoes, two necklaces and a belt - which is definitely a little disappointing I think, especially as none of the pieces really stand out or have a wow-factor about them. The shoes are both wedge styles, the dusty pink Balmain Inspired Suede Wedges which I like for their colour, then the modern styled Balmain Inspired Plexi Wedges with their clear plastic sole. They're alright pairs of shoes, but neither really leap out to me from the store. I did buy both of the necklaces, they seem like decent versatile pieces to wear and they're both in gold, which we all know is one of my favourite colours so these pieces are perfect! There's the chunkier Balmain Inspired Gold Necklace which is definitely more rock-chick, while the Balmain Inspired Choker with its amazing blue dyed gem is more delicate and dressy, I think this is the piece that will surprise me the most!
Clothing There are a lot of brights featured in this collection, and quite a few patterns too - honestly most of the pieces really aren't me at all, so I found it hard to get excited about this release as there wasn't much for me to buy, I'm sure a lot of you feel differently though =) Lots of orange on the first floor, and I like that it comes in both plain with the Balmain Inspired Orange Skirt and then also print with the Balmain Inspired High Waisted Pants which I think looks nice although not too versatile. Also on the first floor in the same sort of colour range is the Balmain Inspired Beaded Shift Dress, which I like the patterning of, but not so much the sheer quality of the piece. The second floor has a much darker feel to the colour theme with quite a few jewel tones which I really like about it. Love the jade coloured Balmain Ruffled Mini Skirt, the raspberry Balmain Inspired Slit Pants, which also has a matching top with the Balmain Inspired Singoalla Top, and then there's also the navy glittered Balmain Inspired Gown which is definitely showcased nicely on that floor of the store. There are a few tops to pair with all those bottomhalves I mentioned, and they're all pretty unique to each other - the emerald printed Balmain Inspired Snake Bolero, then the very distinctive Balmain Inspired Cut Out Body and lastly the most minimal of the pieces, the Balmain Inspired Corset Blouse. One piece here that did catch my eye was the Balmain Turquoise Beaded Jacket, one of the menswear pieces. The overshoulder style is still super popular for both guys and girls and this is quite a unique style and definitely worth consideration because I think it's definitely got the potential for versatility and trendiness^ I do feel the pieces are to quite a particular taste that definitely won't be for everyone, but I think if you think creatively about the items then there definitely could be some good choices in the mix for you =)
Prices This release ranged between 13 and 35SD's with just a couple of pieces marked as SS only, so overall I'd say that's pretty good for a Tribute release, even though I don't find myself making a lot of purchases, those prices wouldn't put me off buying anything I liked.
Styled Outfits So I haven't made a lot of purchases from the store yet, just a few of the smaller items which I've styled into these three looks. Firstly the Balmain Inspired Singoalla Top and Balmain Inspired Gold Necklace. I love the raspberry colour paired with these trousers, I know I've worn them a lot recently, but they're such a great fit with this top! Liked including these black and gold heels to match with the necklace, think I'm just missing a jacket or bag really^ Secondly the Balmain Inspired Suede Wedges in this all pink styling, which I love! This jumpsuit was a fab christmas present from Lauri (AudreyHepburn.) and I knew immediately I had to wear it with these wedges, it's an easy combination that I love already! The rest of the pink works well and I think overall this is a great styling for the shoes! And lastly I've styled the Balmain Inspired Choker, and I've stuck with the minimal aspect of it in my look, but putting a little retro twist with the loose boots paired with the drop-waist frilled skirt. Also loved adding the fur ontop. The bag had to be blue and this little clutch I got for free years ago is a perfect fit in the blue colour. It's really hard to choose a favourite of the three stylings when I really like different aspects of each one!
Features Saw some super cool bright stylings with this collection using a range of the pieces. First is Mia1435 with the Balmain Inspired High Waisted Pants. I love the red colour of them paired with the pink of the fur stole, a fab standout combination which works well with the base colour of black in the top and bag. Dark makeup look is super fitting too^
And then from ManiakPupili wearing the Balmain Turquoise Beaded Jacket in this classic fitting style. It fits perfectly with this warm polo knit and the white trousers give a bright light feel to the overall styling. The blue accessories are spot on, both the bag and the awesome modern-designed sunglasses are perfect matches for the embellishments on the jacket =)
And lastly millaxx going with the Balmain Inspired Orange Skirt in this sweet party-ready look =) Including the orange behind to make it a full skirt is great and to me, really completes the piece. The contrast with the black velvet is effective in helping the look stand out. Also love the golden drop earrings, perfect with the hair and beauty and clothing choices =D

Suite Style

It's been a little while since our last suite feature, but this one is a pretty awesome comeback, and it's from Mery.-! The room is fab overall but the Christmas corner really stood out to me as a perfect way to have decorations in a minimal manner, the tree is a classic and fits the room theme and the basic boxes fit in nicely and fill the space without being detractive^ The room has a perfect office style and I love the design and layout of the desk space, the pictures and trinkets chosen are sweet and perfect, especially with the green and floral hints - I'm wishing I was sitting at that desk right now instead of my own!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #101

It's been ages since the last challenge post, but I'm hoping to roll out a few more before 2016 ends^ I know this bag, the Pastel Box Bag from Pretty 'N Love, was styled pretty recently as part of the We Wear Hotbuys posts, but I couldn't stop thinking of this combination and I knew it just had to be done to give you guys the chance to buy the piece before it leaves the Plaza! I love the versatility that the neutral colour offers and I've played on both darker and lighter tones of it in the look. Loved adding this striped sweater as a little offset, and I think it works well. Overall I adore this winter styling =D

Pink party

A beautiful dressed up style in this feature from singiel - and what a great combination of pieces it is! The pink kimono style top has always been a fabulous piece but it's definitely one that has been tricky to style, but I think this look wins hands down! The colour is a perfect match for the pooled gown, the pieces fit together so seamlessly you'd think they were made for each other^ Love the meshed top added to give a winter feel. Accessories great too, the darker bag fits with the floral design on the top, and the earrings add just a touch of glam =)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | One Of A Kind Earring

I can't believe the final HB of 2016 is here! It seems very early in the month but these last days will no doubt be filled with plenty of other special things^ This is the One Of A Kind Earring from Original Future costing 15SD's, and I think it's a pretty good fit for this months pieces, especially the Lilac Tassel Bracelet! It has an almost glittered effect on the fringing, and I love the golden detail at the top, I'm pretty happy with this piece, so lets see our looks:
We've each taken a different direction with this one, and varied between using just the one earring (as it's sold) or going with two, there's definitely plenty of options there for this HB for you to choose between =D Vote in the poll too:

Glitter foot

This winter casual look is great from maria_lh combining a lot of recent pieces to the Plaza! I love the combination of this LE Sherling Jacket and this Stardoll Feat. High Waisted Skirt, they're a good fit together and I love the effect of the bare legs against the warmer clothing on the top half. The shirt and polo are a good fit under the jacket, the colours match in well and don't detract attention from anywhere else. Love the yellow Gucci bag, but love those glittery boots even more - aren't they just so awesome?!?! What a perfect pair of shoes to finish off this styling, I love it^^

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


A classic Styled Outfit post today, this time picking a winter choice from the recent-ish It Girls release, the Faux Fur Oversized Moto Jacket which is in the style of the popular and trendy shearling jackets that we're seeing all over the place in RL right now! I was really looking forward to getting to this piece because I really thought it would be pretty versatile, but upon styling I found it wasn't quite as versatile as I'd hoped, and all of my outfits definitely follow a 'typical me' theme, but I really like these different stylings for it all the same^
First up a warm look with this polo knitwear, the oversized-ness of the jacket is perfect for pieces like this and I know others will match just as well as this one. I went with a neutral pale pink for the trousers, but there were so many of this shape and design in my closet that worked well, so I think it's an easy task choosing some great trousers for it! Secondly was my most different outfit, if you can even call it that, and I resized these fab TRAILS striped Super Wide Leg Pants into a cool pair of culottes, and I'm so glad I did because this is my favourite of the three outfits! The style was also perfect to show off these boots too, they fit really nicely with the jacket colouring and style. A spot on look if I do say so myself^ And lastly I liked using these darker Brown Suede Effect Pants also from TRAILS (plus they're in coins, a good bargain!) and I think the colour helps make the jacket stand out that bit better. Overall I think this is a great winter piece, and I hope I can work it into a few spring looks too - I also hope to see more people wearing it on their dolls =D


A bit of a sporty black street style in todays feature, from MeLolitka! I really liked this styling for the Nelly Embroidered Duster Coat, and it works well with the stripes incorporated elsewhere in the look especially in the white colour, it really stands out nicely at the waist and on the circular clutch bag. Also think this is a great styling for these boots, they're super sporty but also stylish being from LE and I think they fit in here perfectly, I really haven't seen anyone else giving them a go! 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Chloe Inspired Velvet Platforms

Another HB today, and can you believe it's the penultimate one?! Just one more left for the rest of 2016, that's crazy! These are the Chloe Inspired Velvet Platforms from Bizou costing 28SD's, let's just not even discuss that price^ I really like the navy colour, I think it helps make the piece stand out against other platform styles that we've had and I do quite like the idea of platforms as a party pair of shoes!
I was definitely surprised that this was a quick and easy styling for me, I was expecting at least a bit of a challenge but I enjoyed styling them into a look =D And vote in the poll too:

Bright winter

A bright light look today for a little winter-break from Marta-43! It's great to see the MM Fashion Roksanda Inspired Midi Dress getting an outing, even if it is winter and the piece is the ideal summer dress^ I love it paired with this frill sleeved top, the colours are very complimentary and it brings a new playful side to the style of the dress. I also like the belt inclusion as it really emphasises a top and skirt portion of the piece. Love the orange accessories too, totally spot on for the style =D