Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Navy Blue Baloon

DO you Like it?

Top -Riviera
Belt-Wild Candy
Bag-Pet a Porter
Shoes- It Girl & Bizou

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Patel Flower

Do you like it?
Blazer- Stardoll
Top- Pretty n' Love
Pencil Skirt- Pretty n' Love
Bow Belt- Voile
Dazzling Clutch- Decades
Platform- Pretty n' Love

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Green accents

Hey guys I'm Kaszmir13
 I do green and white outfit.

Do You like it ?? 

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Khol Takeover #1 - Monochrome

Hey Guys! It's Khol here - aka Hollyoaksrocks* 
This week I will be taking over from Kirsten as she is super busy with exams (Good luck Kirsten!)

So as you may have all noticed by now, Monochrome is a major trend this season, I really love this trend as it's very versatile and wearable.

With designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Alexander Wang all showing off this trend in their collections, It has grown to be one of the biggest trends of the year.

I've picked out some of my favourite mono items on stardoll;

Killah Alya dress - 18sd
Diesel Basten tank top - 13sd
Archive Racer pants - prices may vary
Antidote Houndstooth high waisted pants - 65sd
RIO Britney striped top - 50sc
Velvet Orchid Grey tile dress - 140sc
It Girls Tutti walking heels - 75sc
Pretty n Love Silver shimmer heels - 5sd

They look so cute with neon accessories too! I really recommend you all try it out!
Let me know if you do :)

Khol X

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Reminder =)

That I'm still selling my Celine tees and polka dot jeans even though I'm having a big clearout sale - you can request in my GB, 12 SD's each =)

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Oh Hotbuys

Not too late on this weeks Hotbuys! (Just like 5 days=/ Haha) Just popping this up quickly before I head out for a hour, me and a friend have been trying to meet up and go for walks around the nearby parks during this revision time to clear our heads and discuss our predictions for exam questions!
Anyway, so this weeks Hotbuys were a bit of a disappointment for me:
I mean no offence to the Stardoll design team when I say this, but these were a bit of a joke(no pun intended!) for Hotbuys! They aren't particularly trendy or in fashion right now, and I don't think they've been done particularly well. The presentation of them is nice with the hands, although I feel the upper hand(with the blue earrings) doesn't look quite right shading wise, the thenar eminence(just getting some revision in here! It's the fleshy muscle at the base of the thumb=D) is just too brightly highlighted for the position to look right.
The items all cost 12 - 14 SD's, which for what they are is extortionate! I'd pay at most 8 for the gold bangle, but that's the only item I'd even consider buying. 14 for a ring is just too much - I can guess a lot of people will agree with me!

So I don't really have anything else to say about them/show a look because I'm not buying them!

Have any of you guys bought them and styled them in a nice way?

Love K xxx

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Erm .. WHAT!!!

I've just logged into Stardoll after my study session to be greeted with this message:
Like, erm .... WHAT!?!? I have no idea what it even means "methods to stimulate activity", like what even is that, and "autoclick"? I have never heard of autoclick until they mentioned it! 

I am a bit dubious of the message, mainly because they always address it, like "Dear User" or "Dear sparklewand12"
I am going to email them about it and include the image with the message and see what they mean by it.
I will keep you updated with what they say!

Have any of you guys had something like this before? 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Quick post

Very much deep in revision, 1 week and 2 days I'll be all yours =)
In the meantime, check out my sale room, there are like 140 items there, including some rares like the Ripped Denim Hotpants and the white and black Silk Shirts, along with LE and Tribute items =) Sorry for the ridic self promotion!!!

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Denim dungarees

A cute blue denim based look from the always stylish --kayley, I love this look pairing the denim blue dungarees with a stylish print shirt underneath. It's really kept simple with the oversized blue coat and basic pointed stilettos. A fab look! 

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Friday, 19 April 2013

LE Decor

So earlier today a new LE Decor was released, pretty much everyone was expecting it, and expecting how not so good it was - it's been out almost 12 hours and only a small handful of items have sold out. I don't expect much will sell out - with the high prices for the not so high quality items. It's a shame really, but to me LE Decor has never been particularly amazing. Anyway, so the store looks like this:
I can't really say what the theme is, I don't really think it has one as there's quite a mix of things there.
The prices vary from 15 to 125, and in my opinion the items at the upper end of the scale aren't really worth it.
I bought 6 items and then 2 of the interiors, which was probably about what I thought I would buy after seeing the spoilers last night. My favourite purchase is the Lights Decorated Mirror which cost 76 SD's, I don't find this unreasonable as I really like the mirror, I can see it looking nice in several different rooms and I'm looking forward to completing a room styling including it.
 I also chose 2 interiors, the yellow and the pink - I'm currently using the pink one, but I think I need to do some shuffling of my suite - it's in one of the rooms unlocked when you're a SS and I don't like using those as I like access to all my decorated rooms when I'm a non-SS.

Anyway, it was pretty short a review - what did you guys think of the new decor?

Love K xxx

Hotbuys - Coachella Style

This weeks Hotbuys were based on Coachella - which is an American music festival, and in recent years has become a bit of a fashion central, I hear more about what people are wearing that any of the music or performances!
I think out of all the Hotbuys so far, these are one of the sets that I really have no liking for - I haven't bought any of the items and I don't intend to.
I do often quite like festival styles that we see featured in our magazines, but this selection of items doesn't really represent any of the styles that I like or would wear.

As I haven't bought any, I can't show you a styled outfit, and I have yet to find anyone wearing the items unfortunately =/ Makes this a bit of a boring post, but it's good to have a record that these were this weeks Hotbuys and not too many people liked them!

Look out for an LE Decor post soon =)

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beauty sales

I completely forgot about the 50% off sale in the beauty stores at the plaza until like right now! And I'm glad I remembered, because I've embraced lipstick, I've been (well, my doll has been) wearing lipstick for like a week - not the same colour, I've been wearing different ones, but with this sale, it's the opportunity to pick up some more colours to try out!
You could also maybe pick up a new hairstyle, or maybe some designer perfume (I would, but I bought it all when it came out - regretting it now!!!)? Or maybe you want to give some jewellery pieces a try? You will probably find something for yourself, as there is something for everyone, and you might find that you've been thinking about an item, but put off buying due to the price - well now if the chance!

I'll be buying more lipstick, but let me know what you guys are thinking of buying!

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Something to look out for ...

A brand new Stardoll magazine! I'm sure we all love the opportunity to apply for modelling so our dolls can be featured (I know I do!)
It's called Bazaar, and is run by preinss
There did used to be another Harper's Bazaar magazine on Stardoll but I do believe that closed down (please correct me if I'm wrong, if it's still around, I wanna check it out!), but I don't think there should be any confusion between the two.
Anyway, they've already released a "Coming Soon" image and a spoiler, so it looks promising that the first release will be in the next few months.
They're both super nice images, I love the Coming Soon one though, the deep colours are perfect, plus those cuffs are super! 

They are currently looking for models (both exclusive(i.e. you need to pay) and free), along with writers and media partners - so what are you waiting for?!?! Head on over and follow now!

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about the lack of posts - studying is a little behind schedule, will try and fit a few features in tonight =)
And maybe a little contest/raffle to make it up to you!

Love K xxx

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kociara Tribute Volume 5

So just a few days ago, as part of Unique Fashion Week (something which I meant to publicise about but I forgot - sorry!) Kociara074 released his 5th Tribute set of StarDesign clothes!
There are 13 pieces in total that you can get your hands on. I chose the APC jersey and the Michael Kors giraffe pants - and I am in love with both of them! 
 I also really like the RL versions and I think Sebastian has done a great job recreating them in the design studio. The APC sweater also comes in skirt form in RL which I think is so cute, it's not greatly versatile, but it just looks so wearable!
I haven't worn either of my fab new items yet, but I'll style them here for you so you can see how they work with other items before making your purchases =)
 APC Jersey
1. YSL Ruffle Buds Skirt, Pet-a-Porter Open Black Cape, LE Pink Purple Spike Sandals
2. Junior Gaultier Black Skinny Jeans, Killah Mc Ginley Jacket, Nelly Black Round Toed Pumps

Michael Kors Giraffe Jeans
3. Pet-a-Porter White Tie Shirt, Bizou Hot Buys Purse, YH Katy Golden Heel Shoes
4. Basic Orange Frilled Shirt, PnL Silver Shimmer Heels, YSL Camel Clutch

So please show kociara074 your support and visit and buy the collection today!

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kenzo Suit

Finally getting around to my Kenzo Suit styled outfit post - wrote about this suit almost 4 weeks ago! Ridiculous I know! Anway as a re-cap, it's by the wonderful xxemowaxx (I'm not even sure if it's still for sale =/), and here is how I featured it back then:
But I promised a real proper styled outfit post, so here it is!
Suit Jacket
1. DKNY Wide Leg Trouser, Basics White Tube Top, DKNY Orange Purse, Nicholas Kirkwood Flower Shop Bow Heels.
2. Voile Nude Strapless Slip, YSL Camel Clutch, Special Offer Casablanca Heels. 
I chose two different looks to style the jacket in, if I had a job in the fashion world, I'd wear the first to some sort of daytime fashion event, and the second would be an average day in the office sort of outfit.

Suit Trousers
3. PnL Ocean Lace Blouse, It Girls Bow Bag, Sonia Rykiel White Bow Heels
4. Miss Sixty Asha Shirt, Killah Boxy Blazer, Sonia Rykiel Black Platforms
I guess these two looks are reasonable similar with their white tops, but with the first I chose all white and with the second I chose to add a dark blazer and heels. I'd wear number 3 to a daytime Kenzo event and number 4 to an evening Kenzo event or a meeting, I feel the style of shirt gives it that much more formal feel to it.

So that's all for now, hope you enjoyed my stylings!

Please let me know what you think in the comments below - if I take the time out of my revision schedule to style an outfit and write a post about it, you could take just a minute or two after reading the post to leave a comment!

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3 more new partners!

Sorry that all the posts seem to be about partners, but I like keeping you updated on who we're connected with!
Firstly we have SDL, which is Aislin's blog:
It's pretty much a gossip blog, but is venturing into the fashion side a lot more with a fashion week in the works. I also love the new feature, The Stardoll Dish, where Aislin makes videos discussing different things on the Stardoll and blogging world, this is something I enjoy watching as it really makes a difference hearing about the things going on rather than reading them!
Next we have TTT, run by Kim and Khol:
They are a large blog with over 1000 followers (=O) and have a whole variety of posting topics, fashion, issues, reviews - it's a great all round blog, they also have a fashion weekend in the works which is going to be in July, you can apply to show your collection there, so head over to the blog to apply!
And finally we have a brand new blog by Ravessa:
The owner is new to the blogging world, and only started her blog a few weeks ago - it's good to support new start ups =)
So far she has posted her own looks and fashion trend posts - the geometric one is pretty good, and she definitely took time over it, so it will be good to see more like it.

Remember to check out our Partners page to find out how to become a partner and see who else is partnered with us!

P.S. Please vote on our partner poll on the left sidebar!

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